Marcos Rojo: “I’ll try to leave Manchester United” as he wants to play for Argentina


Marcos Rojo has stated that he is willing to leave Manchester United if he doesn’t get playing time to get selected for Argentina.

The Argentina and Manchester United defender has come out and stated his intentions on wanting to play for the national team. Speaking with TyC Sports, Rojo commented on his situation with his club as well as Lionel Messi’s comments from the Copa America.

“Scaloni told me that he was happy because I played during pre-season, he saw me doing well and that’s why I was called-up but I have to play. I know that to be in the Argentina national team, you have to continue to play for your club and when you play, you have to do well.

“It costs to leave a club so big but I think of my career and of wanting to be in the Argentina national team. I’ll continue to fight until January and if I’m not picked, I will try to leave (Manchester United) because the World Cup qualifiers are coming as well as the Copa America and I don’t want to watch that again from home.”

Rojo defended Lionel Messi in regards to the comments he made at the Copa America.

“Messi dropped some big bombs. I know that he gets hot about it because he would always show it in the matches but he never let it show. He’s good as a leader, be it on or off the pitch, he showed it.”


  1. Yep we are improving bit by bit. I liked what i saw. Of course we have a long way to go. But the idea of hardworking play has resulted in a few moments of the tango we pride ourselves in.
    Some mundo members are a disgrace though. I honestly feel like they are fans of a few players rather than being fans of Argentina. Some lame people are saying Lautaro because of this one game is a washout. Really !
    Thats were IQ levels are now. What is your basis on which you are claiming this. Only a person who has no interest in NT but are fans of a few players here and there can be so desperate to put a new talented guy down like this. Apparently some wannabe thinks Tagli is useless. Well, no player in this world is perfect ! NO ONE ! Not even the GODS ! All we need are players ready to give it their all. As long as that culture is established we will easily incorporate new players into that environment.
    I worship the last generation and am proud of them. It is as bad as to criticize them after all they have done as it is for any of us to nitpick this young group. Get behind the Tango ! Or get out !

  2. A very good performance.Lautaro Martinez was not good but that is ok.We should give J.Correa another chance he is very talented.Our goalie is good too better than Armani.I like Tagliafico’s never give up attitude but he needs to play with smile on his face.

  3. Assuming that against Mexico this will be different team anyway:




      • Mrinal: no disrespect to you bro
        Sorry to say but you f…king deluded.
        Scaloni and his coaching staff is getting
        Right this is only beginning the nt had Proper plan had fight spirit
        Don’t you see how good Quarta was
        Dominguez palacios montiel alexis MacAllister l Martinez are all under 24
        Plus they play first time together and they all Look good . The biggest thing scaloni
        Brought is he get ride the cawrdnes
        Of playing double 5 and make de pual Paredes and lo celso hard working midfielder. I doubt any Argentina manager Will try that .. well credit to him and his Coaching staff .

        • “Don’t you see how good Quarta was” But you didnt see how bad our core team Tagliafico, Correa, Paredes, Lautaro , lo celso was! Even a talent like lo celso is underformimg under scaloni. We didnt create any clear chance except that Dyaba shot. Same story again overcrowding and physical play in midfield and no build up play in final third, no wing play . If you really expect this version of argentina will compete in any major tournament then you can see who is deluded. Dont forget this is not the best midfield of even bad version of chile.

          • Chile was playing rugby game
            They were very physical and the
            Boys showed they can play the
            Dirty side of the game .
            At times arg play nice touches
            Good movement but you will never
            Say anything good from nt unless
            It’s from certain players likes rojo di Maria Aguero messi .. plus you expect the nt. Play like man city that isn’t possible for The nt whom only train together few days once every month..

  4. Tagliafico is totally useless..he got no skills, can’t handle the opponent’s pressure very well, he is short, he is weak so he tries to makes up for those weaknesses with his reckless challenges.

    Other than a few good passes, tremendous hardwork and of course the “playing for Ajax” card, I don’t see anything special about him.

    I would start Lisandro Martinez, Acuna, even Medina over him.

  5. A plethora of options in the midfield department. The area which was heavily criticized under the previous regimes. Always comfortable with the ball, good movement, lots of intensity, slick passing, ability to take on players and more importanlty the work rate when possession is lost. Carrying on the good work from the Copa. No more one dimensional midfield. The ones who came on as subs carried on from where the starters left: no drop in rhythm and intensity(for me). And Manu Lanzini didn’t even play. So guessing he and Gaich upfront will get their chances on tuesday.
    And unlucky Martinez Quarta!

    • Last generation had good midfielders too,coaches just used macherano and wasted our chances. Really don’t understand the love behind macherano. Never saw him created a single chance.guess why he was in center back for barca.
      We had banega,pastore and instead coaches played biglia and macherano

      • Never a fan of Mascherano in midfield. A complete waste of space there. Should have been used as a centre half since his Barca days. Under Sabella, with the defensive counter attacking style, it was okay; but since Tata and the rest, in a possession based system, the inadequacy was there to see.
        Banega and Pastore were given ample oppurtunities by Tata, they didn’t take it or Tata failed them.

  6. the team have the bright future, Scaloni by gradually success in bringing the new generations to step up . Defense and mid field are improving a lot with flows and more dynamic with a glimpse of Tango style. Good work Scaloni and teams for selecting and trying to give a chance to young bloods. The journey is still long but there is a light. Keep moving forward

  7. Argentina passed the test without Messi: despite the 0-0, the National Team was more than Chile, had mobility, dynamics and situations to win it. The negative: Lo Celso got sore after Aránguiz’s ironing. Now Mexico is coming, on Tuesda

    from ole which usually so critical to the nt.
    So I don’t know which match undisputed watched.

  8. Chile was playing dirty the whole match……
    Correa and Lautaro was not up to the mark…. Especially Correa….
    First half chemistry was better second when new players came there was a fall in Chemistry and Buildup and it was understand able… As they are new players….. Was expecting better but it wasn’t bad…. Otamendi was more comfortable with Lucas Martinez…

  9. If your are convinced by this pathetic performance, you don’t know any thing about football. Chile was clearly the better team. They had more clear chances than Argentina. I don’t get the hype behind these Youngers from local leagues, they all looked like the average players. Stop hyping this kids..

  10. Take out points :
    1. Creativity came back in midfield after decade.
    2. Defence was good,montiel was excellent.
    Now we have 4 good fullbacks,that’s also after long time.
    3. Paredes was shaky couple of times,excellent most of the time.He needs to be consistent.
    3. Attacking was our strong point all the time,suddenly it’s no more.
    Other than lautaro,everybody is average.
    Hopefully messi,aguero will solve it.

  11. Lautaro disappoints, Corerra Flopped, offensively Argentina struggled. Alario isn’t NT material, Marchesin performed very good, Dybala outstanding don’t know why scaloni not willing to play him full 90min, result could have been different then and that’s why i don’t like zero tactical knowledge coach scaloni. Lo celso, parades decent De Paul become consistent performer for Argentina, Back 4 did good job still montiel could have done better. Palacios creating so many chances when comes into the pitch, if Aguero played Argentina easily scored a goal.

  12. The midfield is awesome. After Basile,scaloni is able to collect some good midfielders,de Paul,lo celso,paredes,palacios. Lanzini,zaracho was on bench.
    No more macherano and biglia..that’s a great relief.
    Hope messi,aguero will be back with lot more goals.

  13. No goals but almost all the players we saw today are NT material we should continue to work with.

    Martinez Quarta seems to be right choice for CB.

    Even in the second half with almost whole team of names that never played together before we has something more to offer than CHile. At least potentiall is there.

  14. This team will not be easily beat through the middle of the pitch (without making mental mistakes). Scaloni is building it to make solid in the middle. It could leave them open on the wings but that is the risk they are choosing (cannot cover everything). Hence you do not see tagliafico advance often, and every time the chileans hit its long behind montiel (and in copa it was behind the right backs).

    the downside is the forwards come deep often in the middle zone leaving not enough goal scoring threats in box. 3rd man, 4th man runs, 1-2 plays, dribbles, shots from periphery of box are their best options to score. you can see some of that build up chemistry developing.

    its not a all out offensive team. so there may not be many goals for now. but I’m fine with that for now. it is being built middle to front.

  15. J Correa must improve his offball play……this guy just do jogging without the ball same as dybala……if he wants to be a regular member of the team then he must press the defenders just like lautaro.
    When 30+ year old aguero and Messi can do pressing then why can’t he?

  16. I like what I saw in first half. Group of even payers: you never know whch one will dribble, which one will pass, shoot and so on. We are more unpredictable.

    De Paul has problems with good cross but I like his grit. Correa should play more on left wing. Lo Celso is doing his normal good job.

    Chile hardly created the single opportunity.

    This team has potentiall.

  17. Rojo is not reckless fault vs France happened outside of penalty box but it was carried inside the penalty box whereas Pezella was made complete fool by Gabriel Jesus in Brazil’s second goal.Pezella is a fool and some are calling him leader lol.They must be school children i think

  18. 1.”BEAST at CB for United”

    It’s a myth.
    I don’t know but by “Beast CB” you meant two footed tackling and lunges/career ending tackles which went punished thanks to the world class incompetent premier league referees and getting bullied by the likes of Lukaku and even physically less imposing players??

    2, “6”2, 190 lbs, fast, can tackle, dribble, and pass really well…all good qualities for CDM.”

    It’s nothing but a playstation pipedream. If it was another era, it would have been possible.

  19. Unlike Romero and Lamela , at least he is willing to prioritize his career over money!! Lamela needs to do the same, sometimes you have to take a step back for the greater good!!

    Rojo has the knack of performing extremely well out of nowhere, but that doesn’t mean we pick him ahead of better and upcoming young players. He has to prove his mettle at club football and only then Scaloni should have given him a call, but who knows he could be Scaloni’s one of the favorite players. Don’t forget He was selected for the World cup after spending entire season playing with reserves. He couldn’t even make the Man Utd’s bench on regular basis!!

    We need at least 4 to 5 CBs fighting for the 2 spot and we should welcome any new player being tried there. However, Some of you are being unfair to Pezzella. He is easily our best defender and a leader at the back!!

  20. Dear Rojo, most united fans wouldn’t bat an eye if you left.

    Rojo was a BEAST at CB for United few years ago but became horrible after injury and disappeared. I think this guy can be good. call me crazy but id love to see him at CDM. Gonzalo made a good point about teams never placing him there which means hell most likely suck but i love his athleticism and physique. The guy is 6”2, 190 lbs, fast, can tackle, dribble, and pass really well…all good qualities for CDM.

    For CB, he does scare me after the france game. The guy is reckless. Hopefully he makes a come back, still has 3-4 years left.

    • Let’s be honest, Rojo was the one covering for tagliafico’s and Mascherano mistakes against France … he is our fastest defender, by far and yes he is a lil hot-headed but I think he is our second best LB currently.
      Remember! his worst moment shouldn’t have Ever happened!!! It was in the final against Chile in ‘16 when he received a red card and the truth to that is Marcos never touched Vidal. No VAR and a horrible decision by a Brazilian referee …

      • Tagliafico is totally useless..he got no skills, can’t handle the opponent’s pressure very well, he is short, he is weak so he tries to makes up for those weaknesses with his reckless challenges.

        Other than a few good passes, tremendous hardwork and of course the “playing for Ajax” card, I don’t see anything special about him.

        I would start Lisandro Martinez, Acuna, even Medina over him.