Giovani Lo Celso out injured for Tottenham until end of October


Argentina and Tottenham midfielder Giovani Lo Celso has been ruled out with an injury until the end of October.

Tottenham have confirmed through their website that Lo Celso would resume training at the end of next month. The report states that Lo Celso suffered a hip injury during Argentina’s 0-0 draw against Chile and that’s the reason he left the squad.


  1. “Kidulthood predicted that Mexico will humiliate us. How about that?”
    Plus he said I hope rojo doesn’t play
    Cos Argentina will get crash by Mexico
    So people don’t blame rojo
    That is hilarious… I can’t stop laughing.

    I swear this make me laugh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Our Possession was 37%, Passes completed 385. Shots taken 17 on target 7…. That is some good attacking display from Argentina….
    Palacios Paredes Dominguez De Paul….. Was amazing on midfield…..scaloni should try inverted wingers… Mac Allister or De Paul on LW… Messi on RW…. and i hope No more dimaria …. Unnecessary dribbling cant pass properly….

  3. …and Mexico thought they would just steam-roll ARGENTINA LOL.
    I saw something tonight that made me happier than the 4 goals, THE HUSTLE OF THE PLAYERS, to defend, to take the ball back, to tackle, to run their opponent down……..etc

    I wonder what ESPN will say about the game since they been sucking on Mexico’s nuts for months.
    hey Tata, one loss down and MANY to come πŸ˜‰

  4. Mac Allister wasn’t convincing today. I wished it was Zaracho starting instead of him. And Dybala keeps getting free passes, while he continues to underperform.
    I would like to see this same group of players get another shot in the next friendlies.

  5. Superb game today but Mexico, especially Herving Lozano, were just cutting through us with pace during second half. We had good moments in second half but we didn’t make good use of corners towards the end of the game. Although, we won and that is the important part. Looking forward to a good qualifiers for 2022.

  6. Honestly I have started to believe in Scaloni now..
    reason why:
    1. His player selection is awesome, one of the best after Tata martino. Par with Sabella.
    2. His defending technique is really european, did you guys noticed always our players were pressing when they lost the ball, and they were pressing with 2 players. sometimes 3. That’s a change!! No argentine coach implemented this, even not sabella or Basile. Last was Bielsa.
    3. In MF, he is creating pool of talents…If anyone is injured, we have lotsof back ups.
    De paul,Paredes,Palacios,Lo celso, Lanzini,Mc allister, Zaracho, Perreyra.
    Rememer in WC , we lost lanzini, and suddenly we lost our main MF.
    Who came as a back up? Shit Enzo perez

    4. In attack- we always have talents.
    Honestly I was not very happy in first 15-20 minutes. But I think it was his technique.
    Playing according to strength of the opponents is what we were missing in long time.

  7. Good game tonight. I was happy to see Quarta, Palacios, and Dominguez did well with the pressing. Montiel was okay, probably our best option for now but I think it’s still up for grab. And I really don’t know why Argentine coaches insists on Acuna. I don’t think he’s good enough for a team like Argentina.

  8. River boys make Argentina proud
    Quarta definitely starter so montiel
    Palacios well done
    Dominguez paredes de paul
    Lion heart l Martinez.. captaino taglifiaco.
    I can fault anyone ever rojo
    Big news is leo balerdi and gaich
    Made thier debut… it’s brave coaching
    Give youngsters game..

  9. This is what I typed less than 2 hours before the game started in response to all the negativity and defeatist thoughts:

    “Dfox1942 September 10, 2019 at 8:09 pm
    Some of you act as if ARGENTINA lost already!!! You kidding me!

    HAVE A LITTLE FAITH, geeeeez.


    I am not to say I told you so and all that bullshit that goes around here!
    ‘ WE KNOCKED TAT ON HIS ASS, just like i hoped when this friendly was first announced’
    Mexico: there is no substitute for CLASS, LEARN IT, BELIEVE IT AND SUCK IT.
    Good one, lets move on to bigger and better things ladies and gentlemen.

  10. Paredes offers more than what meets to the eyes. He is way better than Busquet who is inconsistent. Paredes is very consistent player. Paredes knows his weaknesses and makes up with his calculated risk taking behaviour.He is best CDM for Argsntina

  11. 1 minute silence for those pundits,
    who use to say——
    this generation has no talent,
    they are mediocre,
    they are not playing in big European club & UCL,
    this couch has no quality,
    Blaa Bla Bla…..
    Hey… Morons now you have to eat your own shit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  12. A great victory that can boost everyone’s confidence – Scaloni, fans, Lautaro, etc.

    Scaloni’s team is so efficient and I believe he found the pillars of his system – Lautaro, DePaul and Tagliafico – who are hardworking players and always get things done. I like that too.

    Palacios impresses me every time he plays. Glad to see he comes back with his talents. I think he must go to Europe ASAP.

  13. Those a touched to the old guards
    Will look for every little excuse
    To attack the new generation and
    Scaloni.. if Mexico beat us tonight
    This place will be toxic even though
    Is friendly match they will make big deal
    like Arg nt lost final again.

    The reality is this new set up is in process.
    It will take few more games before
    The team gel together.. personally I will
    Wait till November games before I say
    Where the nt is.

    I can see some people in here have agenda
    To justify their loved one was the best
    Generation ever Argentina nt had ..

    Well they must wait for 10 years before
    They say that because the old guard
    Were together nearly 10 years.

  14. That’s the bed news for me as Tottenham and Albiceleste fans, I was also hope he is getting the chance in Tottenham starting 11 from next match but now my hope has gone and have to wait until the end of October to see his playing again, what a shame. Juan Foyth already in injury list now Lo Celso Come to join him in that list, I hope Poch still giving chance to Lamla and Gazza get some minutes in UCL or League Cup.
    Vamos Argentina and COYS