Copa Libertadores – The season is starting again


A few days before the start of the World Cup, RIVER PLATE faced LIBERTAD (Paraguay) in the first leg of the Copa Libertadores’ Quarterfinals.

Tonight, after more than a month, they will meet again and they’ll try and book a place into the semifinals.

That 2-2 result in Buenos Aires seems to be pre-historic! Nobody remember who scored or who played that night!

That’s football in this part of the World. The International calendar should be simply called: European calendar.

For those who don’t know, the Copa Libertadores is the Southamerican equivalent of the Champions League. But unfortunatelly, it lacks on interest and number of sponsor in an incredible way. It used to be much more prestigious than what it is today. All those classic encounters between top teams from Argentina, Brazil or Uruguay seem to be in the past and those teams are missing some of their historic identity, but still, every team in South America would kill to win it!

This little article comes as an introduction for those of you who never heard of it and also as a place for those who are really interested in it to discuss and exchange your opinions through your comments.

Any RIVER PLATE fans around?

Anybody watching the game tonight?

I’ve got to go to the theatre tonight. So I’ll be missing the match (which will be on TV). I’ll look forward to talk about it with you anyway.