Players react to the Copa America, Venezuela


Lionel MESSI, Nicolas OTAMENDI, Sergio AGUERO and Erik LAMELA all spoke about the Copa America and the match against Venezuela coming up. Here’s what they had to say:

Lionel MESSI:
“Now begins another Copa, with difficult teams to come. Like I’ve said before, hopefully this Copa will be ours. Now we have to think about Venezuela.”

“We reached the goal we wanted which was winning the three matches in the group stages. Venezuela or Mexico, regardless it’s going to be difficult but we have to continue believing in ourselves to keep growing.”

Sergio AGUERO:
“I feel comfortable playing behind HIGUAIN. Venezuela’s going to be difficult, we can’t relax. But we know that the objective is to reach the final. We have a great team and we can win the title. But nothing’s done. We have to focus on Venezuela.”

“We close the door on a great group stage and nowe we have to continue like this, we have three finals coming up.”


  1. I strongly believe our midfielders needs to do something out of daily routine like taking on opposition suddenly, a good defence splitting pass from deep,late run in the box and alot urgency and mobility will improve us way more what we are now. Plus always thinking a forward pass when it’s 0-0 score board rather than passing to CB. I hardly see those things from our DM. I don’t know why they are so restricted. Yes it’s good to be discipline but it’s better to do unusual when score is 0-0.

  2. I feel the key for us is not the forward line, teams fear us and will park crowding the box and looking to counter a highline.. This is where Masch is so vital stopping counters.. And why I feel we played best when we had 4 good possesion players in midfield with skill, no more double DM please! We need only one destroyer with our defensive minded wingbacks. And we need players like Lamela who hustle and can hold the ball.

      • Biglia is not 100%, no way he starts against Venezuela after just playing 45 minutes thus for in the tournament. Argentina will have the same line up that played against Chile except for Messi starting instead of Gaitan and Lamela coming in for the injured Di Maria.

        So basically we will have this lineup;


        Mercado——-Otamendi———-Funes Mori——–Rojo





  3. I think the formation that we have is almost correct..cannot use both aguero and higuain just will not work..and always trying to find messi is also not correct..this will slow things…i liked Banaga this time..his diagonal passes was spot on..

    I think finally we have good defense on the ground and bench strength..Rojo position can only be fulfilled by ansaldi..and no one else..

    • Masche and Biglia with a GOOD Banega is ideal for quarter finals. Our DM needs to do basic which is pass it quick and wide and cover the flanks and space. It is 95% Masche-Biglia going to start. Plus i am really confused about MUNDO not liking Biglia suddenly. It is coach job to instruct the player hold the ball for long or one touch only. Biglia is good passer and hustler too. I still remember his youth teams performance was marvellous and used to cover whole ground. He can play as deep playmaker too but i feel his play is restricted in NT.

      BAD news is Mexican PRICK referee who told Messi to take some kick because it’s America is going to handle the match. That guy is prick!

  4. As I said before. We can’t win without dimaria and Higuain is poor for us
    We should get to the final probably vs chile
    Sadly we will not be scoring so we lose or penalty shoot out

  5. their is no reason who should not be winning this copa at all, best players we have and the best player in the planet. as ive said before its ours to lose 100%

  6. Since the 1993 Copa win, we have already reached in 5 finals (including a WC) & lost all of them!

    Our objective is to win the title, dear Aguero.

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