Sudamericano Sub 20 Ecuador 2017


Today is the beginning of a dream for these Argentina Under-20 players.  Argentina opens up their tournament today vs Peru.  Argentina is the current holding champion as they won the same tournament back in Uruguay 2015.  A lot of our greatest players and legends took part in this tournament including: MESSI, MARADONA, ZABALETA, LAVEZZI, JUAN PABLO SORIN, RIQUELME, and even RAMON DIAZ!

Our possible starting lineup for tonight is:

Argentina: Ramiro Macagno; Nahuel Molina, Juan Foyht, Cristian Romero, Milton Valenzuela; Santiago Ascacibar, Pedro Ojeda; Brian Mansilla, Ezequiel Barco, Lucas Rodríguez; Lautaro Martínez. COACH: Claudio Ubeda

Claudio Ubeda will play a 4-2-3-1 formation with Santiago ASCACIBAR as captain and Ezequiel BARCO as the playmaker.  This tournament will definitely be important for us once again where a lot of scouts will be watching the up and coming players.


I’ve posted here the first round group matches and TV channels.

Here’s the tournament’s calendar:

Group Matches:
18/01/2017 Riobamba Group A Colombia – Paraguay
Riobamba Group A Ecuador – Brasil

 19/01/2017 Ibarra Group B Uruguay – Venezuela

Ibarra Grupo B Argentina – Perú

20/01/2017 Riobamba Group A: Brasil – Chile
Riobamba Grupo A: Ecuador – Colombia

21/01/2017 Ibarra Group B Perú – Bolivia
Ibarra Grupo B Argentina – Uruguay

22/01/2017 Ambato Group A Brasil – Paraguay
Ambato Grupo A Ecuador – Chile

23/01/2017 Ibarra Group B Perú – Venezuela
Ibarra Grupo B Argentina – Bolivia

24/01/2017 Riobamba Group A Paraguay – Chile
Riobamba Grupo A Colombia – Brasil

25/01/2017 Ibarra Group B Venezuela – Bolivia
Ibarra Grupo B Uruguay – Perú

26/01/2017 Riobamba Group A Colombia – Chile
Riobamba Grupo A Ecuador – Paraguay

27/01/2017 Ibarra Group B Uruguay – Bolivia
Ibarra Group B Argentina – Venezuela

Argentina: TyC Sports.
Perú: Panamericana Televisión (Canal: 5) y TyC Sports
Bolivia: Tyc Sports y Tigo Sports.
Brasil: SportTV 2 y SporTV 3.
Chile: CDF HD y TyC Sports.
Colombia: Cadena Caracol TV y TyC Sports.
Costa Rica: TyC Sports.
Ecuador: Ecuador TV y TyC Sports.
El Salvador: TyC Sports.
Paraguay: Tigo Sports Paraguay y TyC Sports.
Guatemala: TyC Sports.
Honduras: TyC Sports.
México: Univisión, Televisa Deportes TDN y TyC Sports.
Nicaragua: TyC Sports.
Panamá: TyC Sports.
Puerto Rico: TyC Sports.
Uruguay: VTV URuguay y TyC Sports.
Venezuela: TyC Sports


  1. In exactly 9 hours time , argentina u20 will be playing against the uruguayan team. Let’s hope we go one better and win this. Vamos Argentina !

  2. Sampaoli daily speaks about Lionel and his talent but he could have done a favour for Messi by just taking over the coach job for NT when offered… Lionel was so interested in having him then… alas now we have a clown and AFA backs that clown of a coach no matter what rubbish he says and does… hey AFA they themselves are trash… trash can.
    Who can save Argentina and Lionel?

    • The only moment that i missed Tevez was when Higuein failed to convert the golden ball of Kroos. Am 10000% certain that Tevez w’d never miss such balls. He has a real hard balls of Maradona and could ve won the hero claim even as a sub in zat final.

  3. Yes, Gonzalo, I was just gonna say, red card notwithstanding, Romero was excellent in possession and with his passing, a tiny bit like Bonucci or Pique.

  4. But Cristian Romero who got red is crucial CB IMO. I saw him many times in Primera and even Copa Sudamericana and he is most promising Argentina CB in this category despite to be often too bold. I don’t know we have good sub instead.

    • Yes I absolutely agree to that enganche. Practically tore Peru’s left/central side of defense with his trickery. Only down side now is the unavailability of our best central defender ( Romero ) for our nxt crucial game

    • I think barco and conechny are quite impressive. Also we played quite well in the second half and were more integrated to each other. Finishing was our only downside. Ascacibar is such a matured player. He’ll definitely take over as our primary defensive midfielder very very soon

        • True I can imagine if barco played on a good pitch. Could do wonders with his excellent ball control and footballing intelligence. Also, our det pieces are horrendous !

    • Yea, lets act like Higuain does not have one of the best goal per game ratio for Argentina. Get over the world cup already, it was a mistake pass by Kroos, if he (Kross) didn’t make that back pass then Argentina wouldn’t have had that chance.

        • I mean, against Chile in 2016, Higuain alone made that chance happen for Argentina, other than that the team created no clear cut chance for over 120 minutes..

          • it does not matter how the games were panning out as hig missed 4 chances, not 1 or 2 or 3 but 4 in 3 finals-simply a choker and i dont care what his games to goal ratio is/was as when we needed him the most…guess what-choked.
            as you would say…end of story…

  5. Second half much better as far. But what is best strength of Barco – dribbling- is almost impossible with this lawn.

  6. I don’t know what’s worse: the way Argentina is playing or green condition. Hard to watch. No connection between players.

  7. To be honest I have no idea what the team can do. Of course there are names like Ascacibar and Barco, which are among most promising players not only in South America, and there are few others already noticed, but no one knows what the team will reach. They may win the Sudamericano and lost the group stage as well. As it was in previous U-20 team that won Sudamericano and didn’t pass through group stage in World Cup. No doubt the coaching factor must be critical here. Is this team a real TEAM?

  8. other news.
    “Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino: Argentinians care more about Pep Guardiola’s future than my progress”

    an interesting read but we have to remember this is the same media that takes pride is trying to destroy messi and the same media that should be shouting for players heads to be removed from the n/t but do nothing.
    it seems even our own media want us to fail and enjoy it when we do.

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