RONALDINHO: “I hope Argentina make the World Cup”


It seems like everybody and their grandmother’s are talking about Argentina, including the great RONALDINHO who has now commented on the team.

Argentina possibly missing out on the 2018 World Cup has the footballing world talking. Including two Brazilian players, who have come out and commented on the situation. Brazilian and football legend RONALDINHO has came out supporting the Argentina National Team. Speaking with, RONALDINHO had this to say:

RONALDINHO compares Argentina to Brazil:

“What’s going on with Argentina? I had a similar thing happen to me before the 2002 World Cup. We had a lot of difficulties qualifying and after that we won the title. Football is like this. Maybe that can happen to them.

The legend also spoke with Fox Sports Argentina where he simply said:

“I hope Argentina make the World Cup”

One person who is currently in the Brazil squad, MIRANDA, also commented on the situation. Brazil play their final World Cup Qualifying match at home to Chile and there has been speculation and fear from many that Brazil would throw the match or make it easy for Chile to win or draw. Brazil have never lost a World Cup Qualifier at home. With that said, MIRANDA had this to say about the entire situation:

MIRANDA on Argentina situation:

“Our goal is to play well and win the matches. A World Cup without Argentina, Germany or Brazil loses its charm. Our obligation is to play football and win. When we were playing badly, no one helped us. We conquered everything through our own merit. If they qualify, it’ll be because they earned it.”


  1. I am not a fan of Sampaoli. But I think he is possibly the best coach for the Argentina NT.

    The AFA is miserably poor, the key players are physically slow and don’t have football intelligence, the young players are below average and the football-crazy fans are unhelpful and stupid. Despite all these problems, Sampaoli chose the Argentina National Team over big clubs in Europe. He must be a patriot or dreamer.

    It is not difficult to understand why Sampaoli called up Icardi even if he is injured. Perhaps, the manger wants Icardi and Dybala to get trained with Messi for the future.

    Some comments on Mundo are not worth reading and it makes me sad. All they do is saying stupid things and they never learn from anything like brainless players.

    German football is strong because Germans are hard-working and keep a cool head.

    I hope Argentina will qualify for WC tomorrow. Good Luck to the NT.

    • The argentina doctors knew that he had an injury, when he was with inter nobody spotted the injury and that was why he was called up

  2. Confirmed lineup against Ecuador :

    Sergio Romero; Gabriel Mercado, Federico Fazio, Nicolás Otamendi; Emiliano Rigoni, Lucas Biglia, Javier Mascherano, Angel Di María; Lionel Messi, Alejandro Gómez; and Darío Benedetto.

    We’re going with a 3-4-2-1 lineup. Im pretty excited with this lineup to be honest.

  3. Iceland qualified for the World Cup for the first time in history. In 1994 Argentina was in group with Nigeria (WC newcomer), 1998 with Japan and Jamaica (WC newcomers), 2006 with Ivory Coast (WC newcomer), 2014 with Bosnia and Herzogovina (WC newcomer), 2018 it’s Iceland’s turn. Our WC group will be:


    Iceland (WC newcomer)

    Nigeria (they were in the same group with Argentina 4 times in the past 5 WCs)

    – (I don’t know the 4th team, you can pick one) 😀

    So we are in Russia let’s enjoy watching Argentina.

    • Biggest shock and sign for me was Croatia away win over Ukraine and Ireland away win over Wales. Wales never thought they will be beaten and look what happened. They wanted more than anything and self belief. Come on Argentina…you can do it too.

  4. Nothing will actually change if our midfield plays like last 3 matches, or last 3 years.

    When The gap between midfield and the forward line is as big as Mia Khalifa’s vagina, that midfield doesn’t create any fucking chances.

    I’m too fucking afraid to even watch tomorrow’s match. I think I will just see the results after the match ends.

    Goodluck everyone.

  5. Argentina failed to qualify in my eyes when they had their last chance beating Peru at home. This upcoming game is challenged by recent history trends, situational factors of extreme pressure, altitude obstacle, clueless coaching personnel and shitty line up. We failed to beat Ecuador home early in our campaign so what makes us beating them on their soil when they have nothing to lose?

    Perhaps Di maria is the hero, pastore, or even Gago.

    • We still have hope because the team that beat us and the team they have now is huge difference between back than and now. Back than we were clueless but i would not say now we are clueless. We are not playing bad it just luck ain’t doin any favours for us. Yes all odd against us and height factor(in mind). But i simply think and so other people said here and some great ex coach & players stated that aswell “Quito ain’t Bolivia”. If Brazil could beat inform Ecuadorian team with 0-3,Colombia 0-2,Peru 1-2 than why couldn’t we do same with a whole new team they have now. They missing their top 3 attacking players and 1 huge experience players in defence. Their most capped player is only the GK. It’s only we playing at altitude it’s them playing aswell. Perhaps i hope our player at least think doesn’t like that,it will be game end if they think we cannot qualify anymore. I hope they believe they can do that. It is not impossible. It has been done before and it has done already this campaign for 3 times against their best squad.

  6. I can’t sit still, my mind keeps going back and forth, driving me insane!!! It’s agonizing to say the least.
    We waited 3 and almost half years to get back to the biggest sporting stage in the world was hard enough and then this damn anguish, not right.

    • Tell me about this. I can’t concentrate on anything. Just want to finish the game. To heck with it. I still believe we will qualify. Yes scared but i am hopeful

  7. Hello Guys , I am a Argentina fan from INDIA.I was there at the stadium when Argentina with Leo messi and all played a International friendly with venezuela and otamendi scores the winner.What a day that was. Now the Fifa under 17 world cup is going on in my city (Kolkata, India) and my favorite argentina is not here. Its a bad sign .The wheel will turn surely on 11th. No matter who are playing or with which formation , just need a bit of luck .We are capable of beating Ecuador at any condition.Vamos ..

  8. ———S.romero ———-
    Mercado –Otamendi –fazio

    ——-Biglia -Masche ——-

    ———Benedetto ———

  9. As per Olé, the probable line-up, 3-4-2-1 again: Romero; Mercado, Fazio, Otamendi; Salvio(or Rigoni), Biglia, Mascherano, Acuña; Messi, Papu Gomez; Benedetto.

    Take it with a grain of salt, knowing Sampaoli, it is likely to change again…

    • Yeah just saw that too in ole. I think he could play Di-Maria with Messi in position of Dybala he tried before. Given the fact he play good in height it could come handy.



      Salvio -Biglia/Enzo-Masche-Acuna


      Bene(He is most like to start)

      Giving Enzo to license arrive late in Ecuador box if necessary. And Messi and Di-Maria to shot from distance. Just a thought.

      • To be perfectly honest I feel a bit jaded at this point to speculate about who should or should not start, what formation is better, etc, etc. I just want us to get 3 points and qualify.

  10. Sampaoli could have drop Di Maria in any other game, but rumor to drop him against Ecuador at height? Sampaoli is not a stable coach imo, and his back and forth pacing on the touch line does not give confidence to anyone. The players need leadership on the pitch and off the pitch, not some guy doing yoga exercise lesson on the touch line. lol

    • Yes I agree. Sampaoli and Simone are same in emotional stability ranking. We don’t need an extremely passive reactive like tata nor over dramatic like Sampaoli because that won’t help with palyer focus on approaching the game.

    • I have feeling Brazil will beat Chile definitely,Colombia will beat Peru unless Garcia thinking of draw but worried about Paraguay because i feel they will beat Venezuela. Venezuela won’t play with heart i feel. So far about our match i had feeling we might win 0-3 but as time passing the goal margin is shrinking :))
      I have to see the first XI to make any comments. Apparently it will be 3-4-2-1. Sampaoli anticipating it will be a open game so he might play 2 proper DM. So Masche and Biglia!!! If that is true than we need another creative player except Messi and we better score in 35 minutes

      • MMH: Venezuela won’t play with heart? So how comes they tied three straight games against Uruguay, Colombia and Argentina despite having zero chance of making the world cup? Paraguay will struggle to beat Venezuela, and I see Venezuela pulling off a draw (or a win) just like in their three previous games.

  11. It seems sampaoli is in so much tension that he may start Gago if possible. …

    Changing so many is not good sign. ..In fact specially when the changes are not Dybala or Icardi ….

    Is this the same Sampaoli we saw as chile coach? ??

    Hope we win strongly. .

    Vamos argentinos
    I am still waiting and keep believe in Sampaoli. ….

  12. The worst Argentina game I have ever watched was vs Sweden back in 2002. For me, that game was even worse the last three finals put together. You know what I am talking about; that team and all those talents from Cavallero to Batistuta eliminated by Sweden. I can’t believe that untill now. Till now I see before my eyes how Pablo Aimar’s face expression was when the ref blew the final whistle. I hope this this game vs Ecuador will never be the same. With all my respect to Mradona, as a football legend, I hope Messi will show him that he is superior to him. VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!

  13. Is that me or anyone else is thinking that Sampaoli dropping Di-Maria on wrong match. Because he always play well in height. Masche in midfield doesn’t look bad for me because the way we played against Peru. If we keep possession like we did against Peru than Fazio won’t be bad in defence. Just praying for an early goal doesn’t matter who start or score. According to Ole there will be 1 European,2 from South and rest are local for Ecuador. Come on Argentina we should beat them man.

  14. This is Brazil’s probable lineup:

    Ederson; Dani Alves, Miranda, Marquinhos, Alex Sandro; Casemiro, Paulinho; Renato Augusto; Philippe Coutinho, Gabriel Jesus and Neymar.

    • You guys are here talking about the Brazil vs Chile game while the Paraguay vs Venezuela and Peru vs Colombia games are way more crucial in terms of our progression. These are the games we need to follow closely because I don’t see Chile beating Brazil on their home turf. Chile will have to score at least three goals to beat Brazil away and that is highly unlikely to happen. Arturo Vidal will miss the game for Chile due to suspension.

  15. Addidas who had come out with a design for Argentina’s 2018 world cup have apparently stopped work on that project after the Peru match and instead would wait for the Argentina to qualify.
    While the hosts Russia are sweating on Argentina to qualify becos they know the World Cup would lose its charm without Messi, But UEFA want just that to happen, they have been fed up by Messi’s dominance in Europe, and want more European players to dominate and win the Balon D’OR. The reason is marketing ofcourse, and through these guys European leagues and products they market will reach the nooks and corners of the world and they have already set the motion with the hyping up of Mbappe, Pogba, Hazard etc. There is a feeling Messi would be dead and buried as a player if doesn’t make the world cup, and hence UEFA is praying for Argentina to miss the World Cup.

  16. Well said Miranda. Bytheway Miranda don’t let those Chilean past you. Beat them with at least 3-0 scoreline. Remember they beat you guys 2-0 earlier at their home and was dancing like monkey. How could you forget this? Please tell Neymar to call Messi 😉
    (You guys ignore it. My open letter to Miranda)

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