Lionel MESSI and Angel DI MARIA score in Europe


Both Lionel MESSI and Angel DI MARIA found the back of the net in the Champions League.

Two of Argentina’s three attacking players who started against Ecuador were on the scoresheet in Europe this week, with Lionel MESSI scoring for FC Barcelona and Angel DI MARIA for PSG. MESSI scored and assisted in Barcelona’s 3-1 win against Greek club Olympiacos. MESSI’s goal was his 100th in Europe, making him the first non-European player to reach that milestone. On top of la pulga’s free kick, he also had a lovely assist minutes later following a typical Lionel MESSI dribble inside the area before passing it to Lucas DIGNE who scored.

Lionel Messi's 100 goals in Europe. Via
Lionel Messi’s 100 goals in Europe. Via

For Angel DI MARIA, it was a different kind of goal. A strike similar to the one he scored in the 2008 Summer Olympic games in Beijing against Nigeria which won Argentina their second consecutive gold medal. A chip over the goalkeeper for Angel in PSG’s 4-0 win against Belgium club Anderlecht.

The goals by Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria


  1. Sampaoli with new list. Kranevitter and Perotti are the new names.
    Still both Biglia and Banega. Lanzini should take place of the second.

  2. Who does he think he is?

    When people show no interest in football players he recommends, he say to the people, “You are not Argentina fan” or “You don’t know anything about Argentina football”.

    I regret to say that the person’s attitude and comment always show a certain narrowness of mind.

    Don’t behave like an agent of Argentine football players here and don’t pretend like a Mundo spokesperson to other Mundo members.

    Mundo members can criticize any players if they don’t play well just like you criticize Lionel Messi for everything.

    I think I have reached the limits of my patience about that man.

    • I understand. Sorry for that feeling you having but sometimes we being negative without any proper information and baseless fact. Obviously everyone will support the team if they are world champion but fan needs when is not winning or struggling. This is when team needs fan more than anything.

    • eun,

      so scarry you have reached limits of patience. Really, so scarry 🙂 Bad news for you: must prepare for more of my comments. Everything is ok.

      And besides: I never said “You are not Argentina fan” or “You don’t know anything about Argentina football” for reason someone show no interest in player I recommends. That is lie and I think you know that. I said people are ignorants when reject local league players just because they are local league players, or rejest unfamiliar players just because they are unknown players. Yes, that is ignorance and arrogance and such people know not much about Argentina potentiall and depth indeed.

      But if you want to post here like this:

      “Piccolo thats your whore mother nickname Psychopath? I will laugh hard if Argentina won’t qualify with these mediocre nobodies, these idiot fans deserve it. Dybala and Icardi on the bench and Rigoni or Benedetto playing, Monthy Python. Karma is a bitch. Since Maradona cheatings”

      you should not really pretend for Argentina fan. I never said and the more thought I will laugh for Argentina defeat just because they use any player I don’t like. Person who say such things apparently is here only for his personal wars. If you want to defend such attitude you could do harm to yourself.

  3. Some of the questions we need answered:

    1) Back 3 or back 4?
    -If back 3 we need more pace amongst the central defenders: Rojo, Mammana? Who is getting dropped then? Mascherano and especially Otamendi are hard to drop.
    -If back 4, who are the fullbacks? Mercado? Bustos? Acuña?
    2) Who is our starting number 9? Icardi? Benedetto? Aguero?
    3) Who is partnering Biglia in the middle of the park? Enzo Perez? Banega? Paredes?
    4) Who will the source of creativity in the team apart from Messi?
    5) Will Dybala play alongside Messsi or Di Maria is a better option in the middle? Fideo has a good game closer to Messi vs Ecuador.

    • 1) Mercado has been solid whenever called upon, I don’t know how well Acuna played the position and lets see what Sampoali does with Rojo once available.

      2) I prefer Icardi obviously but very curious to see how Kun does in the new system……i’m still hoping to see him play for ARG as he has done for ManCity.

      3) I see Biglia along side Banega and Paredes.

      4) Dybala and Di Maria on a good day.

      5) The services of Messi/Dybala are desperately needed, we don’t want to see that partnership wasted.

      442, Icardi and Dybala ahead of Messi who is still attacking but slightly behind the two OR Him and Dybala switching ………if the kid can only play one position then why Not let Messi be ahead of him who can play any attacking position?!

      • acuna & rojo are left back options. Mercado is right back . while Mercado is definitely solid & a sure starter , in WC with 8 matches – he is highly prone to miss matches due to red/yellow card. So we need a back up there in squad.. someone like bustos. Not sure if zabaleta can fit in now as a sub.

        • Sampaoli should try other right backs as well. Just watch Moscow-Sevilla CL game earlier this week. Mercado was the worst player on the pitch and his defending was terrible. Of course, we should not judge on one game but his performance was downright bad. We should really use the upcoming 3 or 4 friendlies to test other players. Come May we should only play with the starting line-up to get the tactics right for June and hopefully July too.

          • do we have such a proven Rightback now to experiment ? I feel we are already late & should now stick to current playing teams. Tweaks should be minor.

    • 1. Back 3, because we don’t have any fullback – right or leftside. Of course in a back 3 you need pace, also remember, we play a highline which needs pace. Mercado-Otamendi-Rojo is my backline.

      2. ICARDI period.

      3. Perez and Paredes for me. Biglia has no business in an attacking team. If Augusto finds his form, then obviously Augusto-Paredes.

      4. Wingers. Our midfielders has no creativity, so it has to be wingers. We have loads of them.

      5. Oh yes, Dybala will play and with Messi. You just don’t own a Ferrari and not drive that. He can play if you play 3-4-1-2, which I think we should play. Like this –


      5. If you trust Di Maria and Banega for anything, you are in trouble. You shouldn’t trust them for running errands, let alone winning football matches.


      • I’m curious to see whether Sampaoli will experiment in the friendlies or will leave things intact…I doubt that Biglia will be dropped, something about him that all our recent coaches like, the dirty work he does perhaps? As long as he has a more attacking presence alongside him it’s not the end of the world.

      • dybala now can only be a super sub for messi . no time to reengineer so much. Also our best chance is keeping messi as upfront as possible. Also we need a hardtackler like Biglia in midfield. Hoping Augusto & Rojo gets back to fitness & form . Problem is ACL injuries typically cripple players & they lose confidence.

      • istiaque:
        “If you trust Di Maria and Banega for anything, you are in trouble. You shouldn’t trust them for running errands, let alone winning football matches”

        simply brilliant and and very funny but so true.

        for me and only because it seems d/m worked in the middle with messi id give him another go in that position but not out wide he simply cant cross these days, as for banega no more chances for him, he has has so many chances and the n/t simply cant afford to have him playing once in every 5 matches like he should and no one knows what game that would be-oh and i am a big fan of banega but time is up for him, he simply does not have the will or desire to be a winner for the n/t(add pastore to that list as well)

    • Key is now not to keep changing players. There needs to be consistency in team core fabric & at best only minor tweaks. No more experimentation pls. Based on players called , this is my 23 for Russia 2018
      4-4-2 ( 3-4-3 , we are simply exposed in defense due to lack of pace. No time to change fundamental weakeness )
      Icardi – Messi
      Acuna – Di Maria – Biglia – Salvio
      Rojo(if fit) – Otamendi – Mascherano – Mercado
      GK – Ruilli , Gauzman
      Midfielders – Enzo ( or Augusto if fit ) , Banega ( or Lanzini ) , Rigoni
      Defense – Mammana , Pezzella ,Bustos
      Forwards – Dybala , Aguero ( or Higuaín ) , Papu Gomez , Joaquin Correa

        • rojo on left ( if match fit & in form ) & Mercado on right are definitely not makeshift just bcos they don’t compare with marcelo, alves or alex sandro on skills. They are proper fullbacks & i think that’s our best bet in current options. Also Acuna & Salvio on wings should give attacking option while defense of four will help against counters & give some more defensive stability.

          • I’m sorry, I disagree, especially Rojo, he has mostly played as a centre-back during his club career, that where he excels and plays to his strength. Mercado does better as a fullback but again he performs even better as a centre-back. Those two should be utilized in their best positions

        • i agree with EnganChe and add to it if rojo gets back to form to be able to be selected then he should be picked as a c.b only as apart from w.c 14 rojo really suxs as a fullback.

          • Good point Engan che & Pablo. i agree rojo has had some great performance under mourinho last year as CB. but my point for rojo as LB is bcos :
            1) he is a proper LB & the fastest we have currently
            2) his performances as LB has also been good in past. lets not forget he was one of the most successful LBs in WC2014.
            3) currently do we have a good option as LB . Acuna is bigger makeshift LB compared to Rojo. Acuna plays in midfield for sporting & will do better in left wing for us rather than a full back
            4) the 3 defense theory is definitely risky for us & we will need 4 defenders in WC. Even sampaoli has shifted from 3 to 4 in defense in last 2 games. this means we will need a LB & RB for sure in playing 11.
            5) trying someone new now from Argentine league & expecting them to settle into team is just not practical.
            6) also with otamendi , masherano , mussachio , Fazio, munes furi ( if he recovers ) , i think we are decent in CB department.
            Same with Mercado – i don’t see a good option currently

    • 1. Back 4 for sure, Argentina’s defenders lack the speed to make a 3-4-3 system work.
      In the back 4 I would like to see:


      Garay isn’t coming back to the NT sadly so Pazzella is the next best thing because he’s fantastic in the air (like otamendi) and is skilled withe ball.
      Tagliafico IMO is still the best LB Argentina has, he’s not Marcelo when going forward but he’s a hell of a lot better at defending plus he can comfortably switch from LB to CB.
      Using Acuna as a LB is just silly IMO, because he’s a creative midfielder and putting him in defense nullifies his game.

      2. For me it’s NONE!! Messi would be the only 9 on the team.

      3. We don’t know for sure whether Biglia will be there, Enzo perez did really well against Ecuador.
      For me personally I would go for this midfield:

      —–Gonzalo pity——Nacho———Lanzini———-Acuna——–

      All 4 of these guys are considerably creative in their own right, which should answer Q4.

      5. Based on what we’ve seen thus far, the answer is most certainly Maria.

      With all that answered, let me show you all my hypothetical lineup:






      I chose the 4-1-4-1 system because I think it’s ideal both defensively and in bringing out the best out of messi while forcing the rest of the team to take creative duties.

      I like Romero a hell of alot but he’s distribution is horrible and costly and it’s unlikely to get any better since he gets no playing time so I would prefer Guzman or rulli who are both better with the ball and both better at distributing it.

      Paredes or Enzo are acting essentially as liberos, with me preferring paredes initially because of his accurate long balls, which would serve the team very well during counters when the midfield 4 are on the attack.

      Selecting the midfield 4 wasn’t easy but I wanted a group of players who would collectively act as a box to box unit of 4 players.
      Gonzalo pity is a superb player who is quite versatile and plays along side nacho at river, which is a huge advantage, not to mention the fact that he’s superb with the ball and most importantly hella fast and energetic, which is essential when we need him to attack and track back at a moment’s notice.
      I won’t say much about Nacho that hasn’t already been said, the guy is the type of box to box midfielder that Argentina is missing.
      Lanzini is an easy choice, sure he’s an attacking midfielder by trade but he’s shown at westham that with his creativity, energy and versatility he can play anywhere on the field i.e. another potentially box to box gem.
      Acuna on the left side is self explanatory although I could just as easily go for Pablo piatti if I thought it was possible.

      Messi being a CF might seem out of place because we all know Lio isn’t the type of player that just sits and waits for the ball but with this system Argentina will be defending with 9 players and attacking with 5 (especially on the counter). Also for the teams that park the bus messi’s off the ball movement can unsettle any defense thus allowing the midfield 4 to exploit narrow spaces or make long shots (lanzini and pity are both good at those).

      Incase Argentina is down and is in need of a goal then I take out one of the fullbacks and paredes/perez and switch to this:






      Maria here acts as a supersub, which is where I think he belongs, running tired defenses to the ground and providing space for messi and icardi.

      • Mamoun, I like your line up most. All the players you mentioned are worth to watch. Nacho and Pity just shined in Copa Argentina. As you’ve said important thing is all your midfield is full of versatile players.





        ……… ..Messi..Icardi/Benedetto

        alternative midfield:


        • I think time for experimentation is over. Nacho , Pity, Battaglia & maybe Tagliafco all are good players. But maybe post WC2018. Its time to consolidate & build chemistry with existing set of players.
          BTW isn’t Pity more of left attacking player.

          • Not all, but atleast 1/2. Especially Nacho. who has played only few minutes vs Singapour.

            Pity is more left but he may play RM equally good.

          • With all due respect amit but existing players aren’t good enough to make it past the first round, even with Messi’s magic.

            Banega and Biglia aren’t good enough and the midfield is in a dire need of change.
            Nacho and Pity are fantastic players that know each other well,lazini also must be tried. Other midfield/winger hybrids like Piatti (left) and Fede Cartabia (right) should also be considered.

          • there is too much of criticism on biglia which i don’t think is fair. you just cant have evyone in midfield to be creative & there needs someone to do the dirty tackling job. Biglia has been effective there. Its the 2nd CM who needs to step up on creating opportunities. maybe between lanzini & banega or nacho ( not seen him much .. so don’t know really )

        • Thanks Gonzalo I like your line as well but I would pick Pity over Rigoni any day of the week.
          Pity has played LM, RM and CAM and he’s done well in all positions but I still think RM is where he shines the most.

    • back 3 is more suitable for argentina than back 4 … many of them saying back 4 is must… we are not going to play like sebbella in 2014 to use rojo as a left back and marcado as a right back… sampolli loves to attack.. he attacked real madrid…. marcado and rojo dead in attack… sampolli never used(marcado) as a wing back in sevilla mariano played that roll he used marcado as RCB…. they played rb and lb some time.. so they can be good in RCB AND LCB roll… they can close the wingbacks and do well in the crosses… then we have advantage one player in attack… if we play back 3.. if we want to attack with back 4 we have two cb so… it will be difficult… just watch… argentina vs brazil .. what happend when we use back 4… and.. marcado and gomez… nothing offers in attack and defence also.. back 3 is must…. we have the players to play back 3…. marcado/mamana mascherano/mussachio otamendi/rojo

      they have the pace to close down the sudden threat from the wings.. and good in ball passing.. hardly loose the ball… so back 3 is the sampoli choice…

      but we defend with back 5 thats the sampolli idea.. wing back do the job… acuna…diamaria and salvio acosta will help the back 3…

      and no 9: i dont think icardi is constant…. we have to use auguero team like germany spain france… who are good with ball.. ability wise he can help in that match.. against brazil, italy, belgium, use icardi and beneddetto… because auguro similar to higuain.. he never going to win the ball in the air.. its too difficult… icardi and beneddetto can do that job…. against spain , germany we have to defend because we are not better with the ball.. so aguero.. pace and tricary… will help.. and samppoli style we have to see how aguero will do..

      so the answer is constant no 9 is not possible… we have to use match wise… that will surprise… the opponent..

      biglia at the moment defending wise grater than parades… if parades will read the game well..and do some dirty works.. he will take a place from biglia.. and it will happen soon… i hope so

      another midfield… if small teams we have to use good ball playing cm…like banega but i would like lanzini instead of banega… and tough teams… we have to use one aggression type of midfielder like enzo perez and agusto fernandez.. if any body better then they will play another spot..

      4) we have to develp as a team if we want goal from another one… parades lanzini is my hope… and sampolli will do…

      5) if dybala wants to play he has to defend well… and need more matches together… dimaria fits easily.. he can help wingbacks… he played that role in real madrid.. not a wingback… but left attacking midfielder… dybala plays attack wise we are better… dimaria plays messi has free roll… and dimaria defends well.. dybala plays… messi need to be drop deep some time… if dimaria or gomez plays…. messi has to work in the attack only….

      but big head ache have to fix the team… hope sampolli will come up with better idea…. in the next friendlies…

      foyth can be one of them if we use back three hope pochetino develps him like deli alli and hary kane…. mache have the pace and mussachio mamana… otamedi has decent pace.. we can …if sevilla and chille can play with back 3 why not we

    • One player who showed great promise in a position where Argentina dosent have a strong player . But somewhere he faded out. Hope he slowly rebuild for future. He is still young .

  4. Rigoni with hat-trick.

    Just in a while the same people that were saying Rigoni is shit (after game vs Peru) will praise him as if they were always his fans.

    • I’m more interested in how Paredes and Mammana are doing. We need a deep-lying playmaker and fast defender. Paredes with an assist and second best player it seems in this game.

    • Please collect every Paredes mistake vs Rosenborg as you did plenty of times in the past, and from Lautaro Martinez the Argentine nemesis too, thank you!

      • 1. I understand that you are one of those who said Rigoni is shit?

        2. None of Paredes, Rigoni is not definitely right player for NT yet. Judge over the two is still ahead of us. But unlike you I do not judge any player after one game in NT. I’m open to any player. Paredes as well. Would be glad to see him really usefull for NT despite my previous opinions. Any Problem?

        3. The more Martinez prove not much as far. But as always you want to make winner of player that was not here and there (as with Di Maria absence in finals or Aguero). You don’t understand logical thinking: you can’t prove a thing only on base of assumption.
        What is nemesis?

        I doubt any member here takes you seriously after your many posts like this one:
        “Piccolo thats your whore mother nickname Psychopath? I will laugh hard if Argentina won’t qualify with these mediocre nobodies, these idiot fans deserve it. Dybala and Icardi on the bench and Rigoni or Benedetto playing, Monthy Python. Karma is a bitch. Since Maradona cheatings”.

        Enough said that you were always criticizing strongly Icardi and Dybala moreover. Stop pretend for Argentina fan. Your personal wars are distasteful

  5. everything good from rigoni apart from the final pass… one goal…. they are developing well… parades kranevitter mamana drussi and rigoni.. they are the future for argentina…

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