Ezequiel GARAY to World Cup, MASCHERANO could be left out


Ezequiel GARAY could go to the World Cup while veteran Javier MASCHERANO might be left out of the squad.

Ever since Ezequiel GARAY stated that he has not turned his back on the Argentina National Team, there have been rumors that coach Jorge SAMPAOLI could call him up for the World Cup. Per a report by TyC Sports, SAMPAOLI will look at the possibility of calling-up the Valencia man for the World Cup.

One person who might not make the Argentina squad for the World Cup is that of Javier MASCHERANO. With three FIFA World Cup tournaments under his belt, MASCHERANO’s last performance for his country against Spain could see him miss out on a spot. Once more, TyC reported that Jorge SAMPAOLI could not guarantee Javier a spot in the World Cup because of his less than impressive display versus Spain.


  1. It doesn’t matter hugely if Masche and Higuain are there, but to depend on them for much is mere foolishness. In the case of Masche, he has heart and knowledge but no physical ability left. In the case of Higuain he has no heart, knowledge or physical ability. And he has psychological block.
    DiMaria is a good sub
    Aguero is a good sub
    Biglia is a good sub but can not make a penalty kick.
    Rojo and Funes Mori you need one but not two, both as subs.

        • There will be 3 CF.
          So your question can be “what if Higuain keep on missing chances..and Aguero tears muscle..?” More realistic…:)

          Who will be the third CF..? Martinez?

          • I think it will be realistic to take aguero,icardi and martinez as cf for the world cup. Martinez will be a good x factor.

  2. Obviously Garay has his added value in the defense. But as said by the others here, the midfield has actually more problems to fix:

    – Currently, we don’t have any DM available: Maschereno getting old, Biglia’s natural position is CM, similar to Cambiasso. Some people mentioned Battaglia but he is more a box to box player. Kranevitter is still average, Pizarro on the bench with his club since several months.

    – Too many “static” and slow players: Biglia, Maschereno, Lo Celso, Kranevitter and Banega for example.

    Without a true DM, you need to use a 3-men midfield to compensate. Besides, you need to have 2 box to box players, just like Liverpool.

    – With Lo Celso as the regista like Hendersson, protected by Acuna(similar to Milner) and Enzo Perez or eventually Battaglia(similar to Chamberlain). Eventually Salvio too if he recovers in time.

    – so either Enzo Perez-Lo Celso-Acuna or Salvio-Biglia-Battaglia.

    • Locelso is incredible mobile and from the last batch of call-ups the one who put the most hustle and leadership. Everything else I agree with you. We either play with a physical and athletic destroyer or we flood the mid with box to box players where everyone defends and everyone attacks. LoCelso, Lanzini, E.Perez, Acuña, Perotti, Dimaria, etc all fit that role. Banega, Masch, Biglia are not athletic enough.

    • Lo Celso static? Sorry, I think you are wrong…Ascacibar is probably our best pure destroyer type of DM but probably too young and green for a starting spot in the WC squad.

    • @Canadian royal

      You’re making some good points my friend but I have to respectfully disagree with some of em.

      Argentina has infact a bunch of good DMs, it’s a matter of calling them up.
      Battaglia comes to mind first, he’s not a box to box player (although he can play as one) but rather a skilled/athletic DM than can contribute to an attack, hence I understand why he seems liks a b-2-b to you.
      Recently he’s shown to be remarkably apt at playing RB, which is something Argentina could always use.
      Ascacibar is potentially the best DM Argentina has. Yes he’s young but his time in Germany has shown that he adapts remarkably quickly. For example when he first started with Stuttgard he got carded more than a half dozen times in the span of 9 or 10 games, but then the next 12 or so games he got carded only 3 times, demonstrating how quickly he adjusted his defensive game. I believe he has the maturity to not only play at the WC but actually shine there as well.
      Guido Pizarro is the 3rd option, while a CM by trade his size and athleticism makes him an apt DM and he demonstrated that against Barca and Bayern. The fact that he isn’t a starter shouldn’t be much of an issue if he’s shown that he can hold his own against the best in europe.

      I also have to disagree with you regarding Celso. I don’t view him as a regista (Paredes is) but rather an attack minded CM, I know I’m being pedantic with these terms but football is becoming more and more specialized. Celso is also very athletic and mobile.
      Honestly after the game against RM, I thought he was too green to be included in the squad but his performances against Italy and Spain (1st half) showed that when used properly (as opposed to a holding midfielder in PSG) he can more than hold his own against top teams.

      I like your midfield line up of Enzo Perez-Lo Celso-Acuna but I would sub Enzo or Celso with a DM like Battaglia because the former 2 are very similar type players and a DM is needed to stay behind when Perez, Celso and Acuna decide to maraud forward.
      My midfield would consist of:



      and Paredes can be thrown in at latter stages of the game for more defensive cover leading to the line up looking like this:



      • You may probably be right on Battaglia but I still prefer to see him in a more advanced position. His power and his high pressing and his capacity to break the lines can bring a lot of added value to the team.

        Really you don’t think of Lo Celso as a regista? I like the player but I don’t think he is too slow to play in an advanced position, like playmaker. He need to play deep.

        • Well a ‘regista’ is an Italian term that describes a deep-lying playmaker, a position that was created specifically for Andre Pirlo. Regista’s a players who generally stay closer to their own side of the field but at the same time playmake using incisive deep and long passing.
          Aside from Pirlo, guys like Javi Alonzo, Gago, Banega (in his early Boca days) and Leandro Paredes are perfect examples of registas and I personally don’t see Celso as being one, but then again 2 people can watch a football match and come out with 2 very different conclusions.

  3. Mascherano adds more value to the team than what his performance on the pitch suggests. he should be in the 23 as a second option DM and a fourth option CB.

    • But i think No new player should be added ahead of world cup

      Good midfielder are there but they can’t getting gelled together

      Bataglia Ascacibar are good options
      Not sure they will be called…

      Against a very good side we need Messi ..without messi no one can help the team to win …

      And news is messi is not very much in comfort with injuries
      Hope he plays less with Barca..
      The early rumour of icardis exclusion is bad …
      Bcoz higuain is very bad in front of goal…

      Romero Bustos Otamendi Fazio tagliafico lanzini e.perez locelso perotti messi Aguero/dybala/lautaro martinez

      Sub Acuna ( I want Acuna as starter )
      Paredes mascherano lamela ..icardi Meza p.perez paredes Cabellero Rojo Mercado dimaria

  4. • if mascherano is not taken to the world cup,then higuan will also not go to the world cup,why? Because if sampaoli leave mascherano at home because he’s not the player he was,which is actually normal after he’s long career,than it tells me that sampaoli can see what we see as and we see what he see.

    • but for me,i will take mascherano to the world cup,because he can help off the pitch which Argentina will definitely need,so mascherano is not that waist full after all I gues.

    • if mascherano can’t bring he’s game to the pitch than let him help off the pitch.

  5. Mascherano should be only picked if there is a free spot and not by taking somebody else’s and I don’t see that happening.

    Why bother come here if you think ARGENTINA is doomed??

    • dfox: agreed as always,
      masc should be picked on form only and not take a place just for the sake on it. if he is believed to be so “influential” off the field then make him a member of staff and that would mean he is their but atm he does not deserve even a bench place on currant form-a great player but his time is up sadly.

  6. Sampoli should choose Ansaldi and Garay.Then our defence problem would be solved.Ansaldi is very good in long passing,crossing,take ons,tackling.He woyld be way better than Mercado or Bustos at right back although he play there occasionally He is quite fast enough to provide fludity and also has good understanding of game.Garay have to prove himself.

  7. Masche is not the same player as 4 years ago. Thank you for your efforts and hope to see you as coach someday.

    There has been a lot of praise for Battaglia on this forum. I had only seen him in Sporting Lisbon summaries but yesterday I saw the full match against Atletico Madrid. His performance was rather underwhelming. Just like Angel Correa he was unremarkable. Acuna came on as a sub in the 44th minute and delivered some good crosses,but he did not stand out either.

    A dismal week for Argentine players. Juventus and Sevilla lost to teams without Argentine players. Otamendi was terrible against Liverpool. Messi was the only one who performed well.

    It won’t be easy for Sampa to pick the right squad. He should look beyond the players he picked for Italy and Spain matches. Garay is a good start, Ansaldi is maybe a possibility, Pezzela should be reconsidered etc.

    • Of course we should not judge players on one game, but this week gave hardly any signals of hope.

      • You’re correct about not judging a player based on one game. Battaglia was ok against Atletico but nothing spectacular yet against Barcelona he was excellent and throughout the season for sporting he’s been consistently on top of his game.
        I personally never said that Battaglia was world class, but he’s tall, athletic, skillful with the ball, forward thinking and versatile and as such he suits Sampa’s high energy game.
        As for Acuna, remember that Acuna is not a left back, he’s a midfielder by trade and must play there if we want to see the best out of him.

  8. I think masherano should included in the sheep of wc.cause he has enough capability to play DM as well as CB.if he included then argentina have strong bench.

  9. Looks like everyone in mundo has no hope from this Argentina.everybody predicting a disaster wc campaign from them and every body here thinks sampaoli is a bad manager and technician and will loose against Croatia or Nigeria in group stages also.i have to say Argentina fans are so pessimistic.

  10. 🙏we are not finished
    If BARCA can play beautifull football with MESSI and withput MESSI they just play schit. Sampaoli can Win WorlD CUP

    Important 23+options
    AGUERO injury prone

    DIMARIA injury prone


    Biglia, Huguain are waste No pace and cant press 90MIN

  11. HELL YES!!!

    Some might forget and I stress SOME but Masch has served and represented his country well and made us spectators whether true Argentinians or ARGENTINA diehards very proud to have such a player play for our beloved team.

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE brother but we all get old, not as fast, strong, focused or determined to achieve greatness….that is life!
    WE desperately want to win and I will speak for myself and I was thinking about this just few hours ago……I said wow, it feels like it was just the other day when 2014 WC started and how excited, scared, anxious, fearful and happy to have the tournament get underway.
    Four years have passed, a lot has changed in my personal life, most noticeably, the passing of my only brother which forced me to look at life very differently but my love for the Albicelete never wavered and never will.

    LETS GO ARGENTINA, bring it home for GOD sake, its time…its time.

    • Bring it home? who’s gonna bring it? Aguero, Di Maria, Higuaín, Rojo and Biglia will bring it home for you? The team is in a complete mess in every area and needs several years to be built again.

      • You have got to believe.

        Let me ask you this, who expected Chile to win Copa America?? You? Me?, the Media? Nobody did. Who would have thought that they would come out and beat out Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and hell even Colombia and then Again the following year!!

        Like I said before, i’d rather ARG lose prior to the WC as they did last week when there is time to do something about it than during the tournament

        • …and they were trash in the 2014 qualifiers, barely making it to the world cup after changing managers 3 times before Sam got them there.

          7-1 Germany trashing the High and Mighty Brazil who everybody picked to win the WC, did you guess that, or Spain being out after three games, or the Dutch not making it to the WC, or the sorry pathetic GOT WHAT THEY DESERVED Chileans crashing out of the Qualifiers after all the help they got…….Nothing is etched in stone.

          • You are right because we are not chile or Brazil fans so we can’t estimate the potential of these teams because we are not fully aware of each player capacity and fitness level at the time simply because we don’t keep a close eye on each starter or sub in their teams….we are not their true fans. Only true loyal fans know the warning signs or the potential of the team’s roster as the case when evaluating Argentina 2 months from now heading to the the most competitive stage of the game. I can tell you that the combination of coaching tactics, team dynamics, and player selection will not surpass our last world cup outcome sadly. The team cohesion doesn’t exist and it turned to be more of a cult or friends club than a strong team based on capability or merit. If injured Aguero has a reserved first class seat in final roster, what does that indicate? Messi and his buddies stopped Icardi from even proving himself and denying the most talented and exciting player-dybala for no reason other than jealousy.

            I repeat: di maria, aguero, Higuain, biglia, rojo, and banega will bring you home the world cup in your dream. Wake up buddy the game is changing every day and teams adapt to more complex systems now….having best player in the world along with bunch of losers won’t bring miracles. We will even struggle to win our game against Nigeria in group stage, it’s that bad.

        • Well said
          Nd even BRAZIL NT in 2002 WC qualifiers suffered alot. And not favourited by medias. But they won WORLD CUP in 2002

      • 100% right! we r finished and this WC will be a disaster. but from there things look better. maybe 2022 we will have a good Team again.

      • • I disagree with you on rojo,yes he’s not on form same for dimaria, but they still have the ability to change a game.

        • as for aguero,higuan and biglia,i don’t know because they have gut many chances to prove them self.

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