Monaco eyeing Marcelo GALLARDO as JARDIM replacement


Following Arsene WENGER’s announcement that he is leaving Arsenal at the end of the season, it appears as though Monaco’s current coach Leonardo JARDIM is among front runners to replace him next season.

Various reports are now suggesting that the club are looking at former cult hero Marcelo GALLARDO of River Plate as the potential candidate to fill in the vacant position, should JARDIM take up the offer to go North London.

GALLARDO has long hinted his desire to manage in Europe once his chapter with River comes to an end despite just signing a four year extension deal last December. Monaco could be a perfect destinaiton for him considering three memorable years at the club as a player.

He arrived at Monaco in 1999 and was a huge success in his first year at the club. The team won the Ligue 1 title and GALLARDO was also named as French league’s Player of the Year. He also won the Trophée des Champions the following season and the Coupe de la Ligue in 2003.

It remains to be seen if GALLARDO will finally make the move to Europe.


  1. Mo.salah now 2 ND favorite for balon d or behind cr7 and Messi is 3rd Messi has no chance of balon d or if he can’t win the world Messi needs to perform in wc and Argentina have to win it otherwise he will be again defeated by cr7 or even salah in balon d or

    • How Mohd Salah became the second favorite? Did he win premier league? Did he win champions league? Did he win any other cup?
      If Bayern wins the champions league who will be favorite?

      • Nobody remembers how did you perform in first 2 quarters of the season… If you perform good at the end that all what matters… Remember Ronaldo being awarded Ballondor after the re-vote conducted for scoring 2 goals against Sweden in a world cup playoff game when both teams were unable to qualify to the World cup directly?

  2. Gallardo is the most overated coach in superliga. The Libertadores win has kept him going. He’s been at River for a good time now, but River have no identity, there’s no style they play with. His player signings have been abysmal and has taken the club a few steps backward. You can’t name a youngster, who’s made a name for himself during his reign, which is sad, cos even through troubled waters, River kept producing a real talent or 2.
    On the other hand, look at how quikly Coudet has stamped his class all over Racing.
    And Heinze too, though the results haven’t very favourable too. If Heinze stays at Velez for as long as atleast Gallardo has at River, he would create a great team. The guy has a big heart and a personality, even though he plays the Bielsa way, he adds steel instead of nervousness and hopelessness you would associate with Bielsa, Sampaoli etc., when things don’t go ur way.

    • Thanks for the insight. I didn’t know Heinze adopted the Bielsa way. More coaches working on possession football will help in the future.

    • “You can’t name a youngster, who’s made a name for himself during his reign, which is sad, cos even through troubled waters, River kept producing a real talent or 2”.

      Agree, only Palacios is doing something good recently under Gallardo.

    • What are you guys smoking? Lucas Alario, Driussi, Kranevitter, Mammana, R. Funes Mori, Pezzella, Eder Balanta, Gonzalo Martinez, Palacios, Saracchi, Montiel, Lucas Martinez Quarta, (indirectly Giovanni Simeone, Lucas Boye, Guido Rodriguez and so on, all took their first steps under Gallardo), from the 20 biggest sales of the last years in Primera at least 10 are Gallardo’s. Absolute bullshit.

      • I thought about River thesedays. Go and see Gallardo’s current teams. He can’t introduce effectively young players from youth academy. Maybe to some extent Montiel. Palaccios who is outstanding talent should be long time ago near there (He is playing finally more recently). Most Argentina clubs are way ahead River in this point. Far behind especially Velez, Defensa, Argentinos, Rosario Central and also Estudiantes, Racing, Newell’s, Lanus and other teams. Boca nothing special (Pavon, Maroni and my favourite Almendra) but still better than River.

        • Alario was bought from Colon, and he played a big part in winning the Copa for River. I agree Druissi flourished, but none of the others mentioned @csaba. Anyways, the records speak for themselves.
          @ Gonzalo, you are spot on about Palacios, he was introduced recently, cos Ghallardo bad results going for him. Infact, I strongly believed one or if not both of Nacho Fernandez and Pity Martinez would be in the NT set-up, but sadly the team lacked direction and continuity and as a result both of them never flourished. On the other hand, Holan and Independiente flourished and it benefitted the NT too.

          • Yup, Independiente is now team more contributed to NT than River or Boca. Pity and Nacho should be in NT.

  3. How did you analyze Perroti’s game yesterday against Liverpool guys… Once Dimaria plays his quota of 45 minutes in the WC he will go for honeymoon with Aguero after that Perroti will replace him so he is very very vital for us…

    Fazio reminded me of his Tottenham days where he got booted out because of his slow and sloppyness… Lets us all pray that Garay wanting to come back are not just false rumours . This is the weakest Argentine team going to the WC in past 20 years!!

    • Jerome Boateng got booted out from Man City and he then went on to win the UCL and World Cup with Bayern Munich and Germany. So what if Fazio didn’t succeed at Tottenham? What have Tottenham succeed at anyways? Spurs Can’t even win a title in over 50 years. EPL fanboys always think if you don’t make it in their league that makes you a bad player.

    • Perotti is an excellent player, great with the ball, excellent passer, versatile and hard working and if it were up to me (and it ain’t) he’d start ahead of Maria with Angel coming in as a late sub to add pace to the game.
      Fazio another superb player and Argentina is lucky to have him but he’s the type of player that benefits from a deep 4 man backline not the suicidal Bielsa-esque 3 man high backline like the one the potto employs and the one that Roma employ(ed) in yesterday’s game.

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