World Cup countdown: 50 days, Argentina moment number 50


We are just 50 days until the start of the FIFA World Cup and we will be counting down the Argentina moments, beginning with Sergio ROMERO!

Argentina’s starting goalkeeper for the past two FIFA World Cup’s has played a total of 93 matches for his country but match number 50 for him was very special. It came on July 1, 2014 at the FIFA World Cup where Argentina defeated Switzerland 1-0 in extra time courtesy of a goal from Angel DI MARIA. A tight affair, Alejandro SABELLA’s men had much of the ball but were unable to do anything up until Rodrigo PALACIO won the ball, passed it to MESSI who went on a mazy run who then slotted it over to DI MARIA to score the winner. The entire bench went out to celebrate with the rest of the players as the team held on for the 1-0 win on their way to the final.

Sergio Romero: Argentina International Caps – Senior Level

# Opponent Competition Date Result
1 Paraguay 2010 World Cup Qualifiers September 9, 2009 Final 1-0 Paraguay
2 Peru 2010 World Cup Qualifiers October 10, 2009 Final 2-1 Argentina
3 Uruguay 2010 World Cup Qualifiers October 14, 2009 Final 1-0 Argentina
4 Spain Friendly November 14, 2009 Final 2-1 Spain
5 Germany Friendly March 3, 2010 Final 1-0 Argentina
6 Nigeria 2010 FIFA World Cup June 12, 2010 Final 1-0 Argentina
7 South Korea 2010 FIFA World Cup June 17, 2010 Final 4-1 Argentina
8 Greece 2010 FIFA World Cup June 22, 2010 Final 2-0 Argentina
9 Mexico 2010 FIFA World Cup June 23, 2010 Final 3-1 Argentina
10 Germany 2010 FIFA World Cup July 3, 2010 Final 4-0 Germany
11 Republic of Ireland Friendly August 11, 2010 Final 1-0 Argentina
12 Spain Friendly September 7, 2010 Final 4-1 Argentina
13 Japan Friendly October 8, 2010 Final 1-0 Japan
14 Brazil Friendly November 17, 2010 Final 1-0 Argentina
15 Portugal Friendly February 9, 2011 Final 2-1 Argentina
16 Albania Friendly June 20, 2011 Final 4-0 Argentina
17 Bolivia 2011 Copa America July 1, 2011 Final 1-1 Draw
18 Colombia 2011 Copa America July 6, 2011 Final 0-0 Draw
19 Costa Rica 2011 Copa America July 11, 2011 Final 3-0 Argentina
20 Uruguay 2011 Copa America July 16, 2011 Final 2-2 (5-4 P) Uruguay
21 Venezuela Friendly August 29, 2011 Final 1-0 Argentina
22 Nigeria Friendly September 6, 2011 Final 3-1 Argentina
23 Bolivia 2014 World Cup Qualifiers November 11, 2011 Final 1-1 Draw
24 Colombia 2014 World Cup Qualifiers November 15, 2011 Final 2-1 Argentina
25 Switzerland Friendly February 28, 2012 Final 3-1 Argentina
26 Ecuador 2014 World Cup Qualifiers June 2, 2012 Final 4-0 Argentina
27 Brazil Friendly June 9, 2012 Final 4-3 Argentina
28 Germany Friendly August 15, 2012 Final 3-1 Argentina
29 Paraguay 2014 World Cup Qualifiers September 7, 2012 Final 3-1 Argentina
30 Peru 2014 World Cup Qualifiers September 11, 2012 Final 1-1 Draw
31 Uruguay 2014 World Cup Qualifiers October 12, 2012 Final 3-0 Argentina
32 Chile 2014 World Cup Qualifiers October 16, 2012 Final 2-1 Argentina
33 Saudi Arabia Friendly November 14, 2012 Final 0-0 Draw
34 Sweden Friendly February 6, 2013 Final 3-2 Argentina
35 Venezuela 2014 World Cup Qualifiers March 22, 2013 Final 3-0 Argentina
36 Bolivia 2014 World Cup Qualifiers March 26, 2013 Final 1-1 Draw
37 Colombia 2014 World Cup Qualifiers June 7, 2013 Final 0-0 Draw
38 Ecuador 2014 World Cup Qualifiers June 11, 2013 Final 1-1 Draw
39 Paraguay 2014 World Cup Qualifiers September 10, 2013 Final 5-2 Argentina
40 Peru 2014 World Cup Qualifiers October 11, 2013 Final 3-1 Argentina
41 Uruguay 2014 World Cup Qualifiers October 15, 2013 Final 3-2 Uruguay
42 Ecuador Friendly November 15, 2013 Final 0-0 Draw
43 Bosnia-Herzegovina Friendly November 18, 2013 Final 2-0 Argentina
44 Romania Friendly March 5, 2014 Final 0-0 Draw
45 Trinidad and Tobago Friendly June 4, 2014 Final 3-0 Argentina
46 Slovenia Friendly June 7, 2014 Final 3-0 Argentina
47 Bosnia-Herzegovina 2014 FIFA World Cup June 15, 2014 Final 2-1 Argentina
48 Iran 2014 FIFA World Cup June 21, 2014 Final 1-0 Argentina
49 Nigeria 2014 FIFA World Cup June 25, 2014 Final 3-2 Argentina
50 Switzerland 2014 FIFA World Cup July 1, 2014 Final 1-0 Argentina
51 Belgium 2014 FIFA World Cup July 5, 2014 Final 1-0 Argentina
52 Netherlands 2014 FIFA World Cup July 9, 2014 Final 0-0 (4-2 P) Argentina
53 Germany 2014 FIFA World Cup July 13, 2014 Final 1-0 Germany
54 Germany Friendly September 3, 2014 Final 4-2 Argentina
55 Brazil Friendly October 11, 2014 Final 2-0 Brazil
56 Croatia Friendly November 12, 2014 Final 2-1 Argentina
57 Ecuador Friendly March 31, 2015 Final 2-1 Argentina
58 Bolivia Friendly June 6, 2015 Final 5-0 Argentina
59 Paraguay 2015 Copa America June 13, 2015 Final 2-2 Draw
60 Uruguay 2015 Copa America June 16, 2015 Final 1-0 Argentina
61 Jamaica 2015 Copa America June 20, 2015 Final 1-0 Argentina
62 Colombia 2015 Copa America June 27, 2015 Final 0-0 (5-4 P) Argentina
63 Paraguay 2015 Copa America June 30, 2015 Final 6-1 Argentina
64 Chile 2015 Copa America July 4, 2015 Final 0-0 (4-1 P) Chile
65 Bolivia Friendly September 4, 2015 Final 7-0 Argentina
66 Ecuador 2018 World Cup Qualifiers October 8, 2015 Final 2-0 Ecuador
67 Paraguay 2018 World Cup Qualifiers October 13, 2015 Final 0-0 Draw
68 Brazil 2018 World Cup Qualifiers November 13, 2015 Final 1-1 Draw
69 Colombia 2018 World Cup Qualifiers November 17, 2015 Final 1-0 Argentina
70 Chile 2018 World Cup Qualifiers March 24, 2016 Final 2-1 Argentina
71 Bolivia 2018 World Cup Qualifiers March 29, 2016 Final 2-0 Argentina
72 Honduras Friendly May 27, 2016 Final 1-0 Argentina
73 Chile 2016 Copa America June 6, 2016 Final 2-1 Argentina
74 Panama 2016 Copa America June 10, 2016 Final 5-0 Argentina
75 Bolivia 2016 Copa America June 14, 2016 Final 3-0 Argentina
76 Venezuela 2016 Copa America June 18, 2016 Final 4-1 Argentina
77 United States 2016 Copa America June 21, 2016 Final 4-0 Argentina
78 Chile 2016 Copa America June 26, 2016 Final 0-0 (4-2 P) Chile
79 Uruguay 2018 World Cup Qualifiers September 1, 2016 Final 1-0 Argentina
80 Venezuela 2018 World Cup Qualifiers September 6, 2016 Final 2-2 Draw
81 Peru 2018 World Cup Qualifiers October 6, 2016 Final 2-2 Draw
82 Paraguay 2018 World Cup Qualifiers October 11, 2016 Final 1-0 Paraguay
83 Brazil 2018 World Cup Qualifiers November 10, 2016 Final 3-0 Brazil
84 Colombia 2018 World Cup Qualifiers November 15, 2016 Final 3-0 Argentina
85 Chile 2018 World Cup Qualifiers March 23, 2017 Final 1-0 Argentina
86 Bolivia 2018 World Cup Qualifiers March 28, 2017 Final 2-0 Bolivia
87 Brazil Friendly June 9, 2017 Final 1-0 Argentina
88 Uruguay 2018 World Cup Qualifiers August 31, 2017 Final 0-0 Draw
89 Venezuela 2018 World Cup Qualifiers September 5, 2017 Final 1-1 Draw
90 Peru 2018 World Cup Qualifiers October 5, 2017 Final 0-0 Draw
91 Ecuador 2018 World Cup Qualifiers October 10, 2017 Final 3-1 Argentina
92 Russia Friendly November 11, 2017 Final 1-0 Argentina
93 Spain Friendly Match 27, 2018 Final 6-1 Spain

It was a special World Cup not only for the fans but more specifically for the players. In this case, Sergio ROMERO. Chiquito ROMERO was under fire and seen as the weak link by much of the Argentina fan base but he proved his doubters wrong coming up with key moments for his country in the tournament. A few excellent saves in the opening match against Bosnia and Herzegovina was followed by an even better performance against Iran in the second group stage match. His stand out performance no doubt came in the semi-finals against the Netherlands where ROMERO made two saves in the penalty shootout as the Albiceleste defeated the Netherlands to reach the final in Rio.

No doubt an unforgettable moment from all Argentina fans around the world and match number 50 for ROMERO against Switzerland will not be one easily forgotten.

Tune in tomorrow for Argentina moment number 49!


  1. Forget Heguin and icardi..we can go with …..


    • Becaccee and aimar both will go to Russia.this all are false rumor.nobody can know what messi and sampaoli discussed behind the closed obviously it will be a fake report

      • I am not in agreement with the report. However this type of reports only come out when there is an atmosphere of disbelief/confusion within. True or false the whole saga of AFA and the national team is a circus currently. As a long suffering fan of Argentina this sort of reports doesn’t really helps 50 days before a Major Tournament.

        Besides, my support for blue and white will always be there as it is for last 25 years.

  2. Icardi was interviewed by argentina journalist, and one of the questions he was asked was this.
    It seemed like many of the senior figures in the squad wanted Higuain back and so it was. How do you feel about that? Is it natural because of the relationships between those players?
    icardi was diplomatic in his answer but this reveals the reason failures like higuain and di maria etc are in the team.

    • If you think this confirms anything you need some education in media.

      This is a leading question to make people like you think a rumor is real and generate buzz around it. It’s the equivalent of me asking you ‘since you’ve quit being an alcoholic how are you enjoying life?’. Any answer to deny you had a drinking problem effectively confirms the rumor, a diplomatic answer continues to leave the rumor open. Either way the journalist wins and people talk about their story, like you just did.

      Messi’s friends rumor is used constantly by media and the ask leading questionswith it. It’s not true!!

      Why do you think the team stopped talking to the media? The players could never win in the media, no controversy, no story then no one reads their stories because they are boring, and they make no money

        • Media’s survival depends on over cooked fabrications that can easily be swallowed by Mafflards also fiberrtigibbets who could only take gossip than witnessing events or backing up their allegations with evidences.

          The “Begging to Quetion fallacy” or leading questions also presumptious, would easily be consumed and distributed by few irrational peoples or equally by peoples who have a hidden ulterior motives.

          Messi is a decent human being and am glad that he refused to dawn grade himself to the level that the Mefia dawns itself to make money. Let them talk as you are walking the talk in the pitch.

          • As much as I love Messi and Mascherano I can’t deny their influence in the players selection. When Sampaoli started with team it was a question of Messi-Dybala-Icardi. The trio was tried in only 2 games and it was enough to bring back Higuain who hasn’t scored for Agentina since Peru in Lima. If you look at DiMaria, I can’t believe why he always starts, players like Banega why he is always in the team? Why we always bring back underperformed players, low level players? while we give very little opportunity to those who just integrated the team? Is Benega better than Paredes, Lanzini or E. Perez? Why Garay is not in the team? Otamendi aside who is better than Garay in the team?…. I have been following the team for quite some time and I can tell that it is very bizarre what is happening…

          • Yes. Lot of media created controversy. All this friends theory is garbage. We rant about the golden generation failure to win a cup as though Argentina won all world cups & Copa from post 90 to 2011. Simple thing to acknowledge is it’s the golden generation that has got to 3 finals & put us back to being a football superpower. There is definitely merit in points like we need Young blood ( lanzini , lo celso etc) & the fact that higuain chokes in crucial knockout matches . But to say that Messi is self destructing bcos of friend club is illogical. We are simply suffering due to AFA policies & the coach rotation drama. No team would have survived this circus

        • Di Maria and Higuain failures? Never seems to amaze me. I wonder what Icardi have ever won in his playing career? Sorry, Icardi is champion at nothing, so what makes him a success and not Di Maria and Higuain? So are you trying to say Messi is a failure too? Di Maria have won more titles than what Icardi will ever accomplish in his entire playing career even if he play until he is 100 years old.

          Why take this guy serious, he was quiet for weeks after Icardi flopped against both Uruguay and Venezuela. Icardi has no skill, all he does is tapin hence the reason he couldn’t do anything in the qualifiers.

          • So until Icardi/any other young player wins something the unfit & underperforming players shall be continued in the starting eleven;

            Thank God!! Sampaoli is not thinking that way & giving chances for young players

        • guled and Gromoso: you are absolutely correct and that isn’t a new discovery, even retired Argentina legends figured this one out and called the NT friends club.

          Di Maria with his awful run and stupid passes has no business in the team. Aguero and Higuain: enough has been said about them. Biglia and mascherano belong to the museum. Rojo and banega belong to the 24 7 bar.

          Not sure Sampaoli will last after this world cup, and we all know what the next coach will bring: all players that are asked by both media and fans will join the team. I have more hope next world cup in Qatar after the mafia resign.

  3. 50 days to go…to fast and to soon but at least we are not Italy and chile hahahahah as we are their at the w.c18 and that means we have a chance.

    • We are talking about friends club. I have no idea what is right. But I think lavezzi is such a player who is loved by all. And he is very close to both messy and masche I. But right now he is nowhere near the national team. I think lavezzi has more influence on this team than biglia, but before the last friendlies biglia preferred higuain as main striker . Biglia has been playing for a long time, but I think we have better blockers than biglia in the form of battaglia and ascacibar. Biglia is not an inevitable part of this team, he won’t be missed if he remains unfit for the world cup, and he is far inferior to a player of fernandinho’s class, still he is claiming higuain to be our main striker, I am puzzled about what to believe.what you say guys?

  4. Guys there is report that Huigain gained more weight than last season and Juventus fans are very furious with Huigain. They are planning to sell him to lower level la liga team and will probably buy Icardi to help them in champion league. So do you still want Huigain in argentina team?

      • that higuain was different.he was lean fast efficient in front of goal but after that miss in wc final he got mentally disturbed and never recovered from he is fat slow age cathing up and mentally not that strong plus too much critisicm piling on pressure

        • It wasnt so much the miss, he had back surgery, he lost his speed after it and was never the same. The miss pressure surely doesnt help his cause. He is still a good forward and should be on the bench, especially with Kun hurt. For me Icardi, Higuain and Lautauro should all be called. Drop kun, he was the best one but I doubt he will recover form in time.

          • If neymar can be trusted so we should trust aguero he is as important as neymar for us.i don’t have faith in Messi in knockouts.I doubt whether he can score or perform in quarters or semis or final messi needs aguero to ease his works in pairs

        • True. When it mattered the most, most of them were were injured. Di maria injured, Augero injured and Hugain is alway injured in big games. So only Messi left and Sabella f by putting augero instead of levazzi.

  5. I like the current Barca system and Messi’s position in it, kind of right forward/9-half, slightly behind Suarez who plays in a the left forward position and supported by 4 midfielders. The 2 fullbacks help to provide solutions to Messi when it is saturated in the middle. Kind of 2-6-1-1 when Barca has the ball. His style is always straight forward and risk taking, it’s against his nature if he drops too deep. His impact will be limited as well if he plays as striker or right winger. Really 9-half is the best position for him.

    Pavon is the good fit in Suarez’s position. That need to be someone very active, right-footed cutting from the left, able to look for space and break the lines by dribble and swap position with Messi. Aguero can do the job too if he is fully recovered.

    For the fullbacks, I want to see Acuna-Bustos(with Tagliafico-Salvio as subs). They may not have Alba’s creativity but they have their own quality. Acuna and Bustos are both good in crossing, besides Acuna is an excellent in dribbling.

    When Busquets was injured, they used Rakitic-Paulinho in the middle and Iniesta and Coutinho on each side. Samp should inspire from that as we don’t know when Biglia can recover. Enzo Perez is similar to Paulinho in his playing style. I’d like Paredes for replacing Rakitic, Lo Celso in Iniesta’s role and Meza/Di Maria/Lanzini for replacing Coutinho. Paredes, Enzo and Lo Celso can defend decently, playing 3 CM can compensate the lack of DM.

    That will be a very balanced team which may give the best of Messi.

    • Argentina is not going to win the world cup by trying to replicate Barcelona playing style and tactics. As far as things stand right now, there is nothing special or tactical in the way Barcelona is playing right now. Enough with the Argentina need to do whatever Barcelona is doing in order for Messi and the national team to be successful. Let’s see, three consecutive UCL quarterfinal exit for Barcelona in the last five season, this is not what Argentina need right now. Moreover, Barcelona season has much more to do with Messi form than anything else. Sampaoli need to set up a ARGENTINA playing system that will be suitable for Messi and all the other 22 players instead of trying to copy and paste Barcelona current fail system. Did Barcelona win the 2017/2018 UCL with the ideas you are suggesting?

      • Barca do not have midfield. Iniesta is 100 years old, Busquest is injured. Hence no creativity. Rakitic is not barca quality. Rakitic is so poor in quality that if you watch Barca match, he usually play behind busquets and hide there instead of creating any chances. In Roma match, Messi looked tired, hence Barca collapsed. Their coach is mid table coach who do not like to give chance to any one. I think Sampoali with this barca squad, would probaly win UCL but not this barca coach. I have never seen bad coach like him. Even Tata was decent and would never blow that lead against Roma. Tata was unfairly criticized by barca media whereas now they are licking Valverde’s a** even though we all know Messi solely won them La liga.

      • Kid and arg2018: For your information, it’s not only Barca playing in this way but also Spain and Real.

        It’s funny to talk with people who don’t really understand the tactics but only see if this or that player can dribble or do a pass or score. They just don’t understand the tactics is about placement.

    • Actually this current Barca is worse than Argentina’s current squad to be honest. This Barca rely on Messi so much that even Argentina’s rely seems ordinary. They have Paulinho(i dont know why the bought him), Gomes and Denis Suarez in midfield. Luis Suarez is competing with Huigain in gaining more weight. Take Messi out of that team, Barca would no where win any trophies. I also think after the last contract with bumper 50 mil euros salary, Messi is trying to say F*** barca, i am taking my money home and you can buy 100 paulinho, i dont give a flying f***. If Sampoali provide decent platform for Messi to play, I see Argentina challenging any team except Brazil because Brazil will attack regardless of us having Messi.

    • we all see how good barca formation works agianst chelsea and cant win by this tactics .in chelsea game they got lucky and messi played allright.but eventually teams will figure out and will dominate you.argentina should have their own strategy and club and international football is different anyways.

  6. Sampaoli has called up 104 players in the last 10 months. Everyone is coming up with their own teams and theories on Messi and friends. Folks who talk about Messi picking the team, yes he wanted 104 players in the last 10 odd matches.


    – Lack of midfield talent and not Higuain/Dybala/Icardi – Any progress in mdifield from 2014 – None.
    – Defense slow and lack of choices – Worse from 2014
    – Lack of good options in right/left back – Same as 2014

    The only person that folks blame here is Higuain. Yes he missed 3 chances, but how many were created from good play from midfield. Everyone felt Dybala and Icardi will solve the issues. Did it happen – NO. When you do not have good attacking midfield options, no matter who you play upfront, the result will be the same. I consider Batistuta as the best striker Argentina has produced and in 2002 you know what happened in the world cup. Midfield did not create any chances. We scored 2 goals, one from a corner kick and the second from Crespo through a scrappy play. Any striker selected with the current midfield will be under immense stress because we lack wide options and a good midfielder who can transition from Defense to attack.

    Just chill out and support whatever team is selected. If you are an Argentine supporter don’t have expectations and just cheer the team. In the last 35 years I have been following Argentine football this will probably be the worst team to be fielded in a world cup. Limited talent with an average coach, injured players and few players who are not first choice at club level

  7. Honest advice to Sampoali, Build team around Messi and makes him the focal point of attack; playing in closer to goal. No more dropping deep, building the play etc. Messi is still the most efficient striker in the world and we should utilize that trait of his. No more Huigain, Augero or others to lead the attack.

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