Breaking News: Manuel Lanzini out of World Cup for Argentina


Breaking news coming out of Barcelona as Manuel Lanzini is out of the World Cup for Argentina.

The West Ham United player has suffered a terrible ACL injury and is out of the team. A replacement is expected to be named. Per the names that were cut from the preliminary list of 35 players, there would be the options (midfielders and wingers):

Enzo PEREZ, Pablo PEREZ, Leandro PAREDES, Guido PIZARRO, Rodrigo BATTAGLIA and Diego PEROTTI.

However, the other names which were also cut were:


We will keep you updated on the news.


  1. Banega is in doubt..and he would not able 100%fit for the world choice is paredes for banega and perotti for lanzini..and perotti a far far better than Di Maria..

  2. My team atm:

    Ansaldi – Fazio – Otamendi – Tagliafico

    Mascherano/Banega/Pizarro (yes, call Pizarro if Banega is injured) – Lo Celso

    Dybala – Messi – Pavon


    This should be it.

  3. I voted for Paredes.
    Really don’t know many players, except for Perotti and Joaquin Correa.
    But I looked on whoscored and besides playing on the countries’ club (Zenit) he also have the second best score on the squad (like Lanzini have at West Ham). When playing on St. Petersburg, he also must have many supporters lol.

    Anyway, Perotti is my second candidate, I have seen him playing with AS Roma at CL and I think he is pretty good.

  4. really gutted with lazinis injury, but it better to loose him now than during important stage, where it is now difficult to integrate any possible replacement, I hope the coach makes the right choice… perotti and paredes are good replacement, but perotti on his day is a beast, so I want perotti.

  5. Very sad and irritating news! I feel sorry about Manu and i am mad because we lost a very good and efficient player. He may be injury prone but he was one of our key players contributing highly in our attack and he was also tracking back helping in defence!
    Have a good and speedy recovery Manu!

    Personally i would like to see Perotti as his replacement.

  6. Argentina roommates list:










    Mercado/reemplazante de Lanzini

    Di Maria/Lo Celso

    Banega dormirá solo

  7. Screw it just call up Ezequiel Barco. At least we know his match fit. I know it won’t happen but it would be good like for like replacement…Barco is probably actually more dynamic.

  8. Talk amongst the press n Pundits covering the Barcelona training camp is
    It will be one among this 3.:

    Enzo Perez, Leandro Paredes or Guido Pizarro.

    In that case i vote for Paredes. No brainer.

      • Enzo is good.. and knows team very well…so can merge into the camp easiest…

        But still i think, we need a more proper CDM..

    • Enzo Perez doesn’t have many minutes in club this season, so it’ll be a risk playing him. And he’s already 32.

      Anyway, what’s good is that he’s a senior player and had some caps with NT. Still voted for Paredes or Perotti. Think Paredes scored on one of the friendship games before.

  9. It’s a blessing in the disguise to get Lanzini injured now, I always thought he’s a GLASS MAN, Better now than when competition starts. We have lots of options, get us a healthy, strong, fighter and fast player than relying on a fragile player whose credit is having a membership in the notorious “Friends Club”.

    • What the hell is your “Friends Club” !
      I agree Lanzini is an injury prone.. that’s the reason i was also against counting him as a starter… We have good replacement..

      But how is he a member of your supposed Club?
      If he was in it, how will you explain him getting just 4 caps for the NT? Despite played decently well for years.. ?

      • @campeones18 Please just ignore this idiot and his “friends club” rhetoric. Every post is the same shit .. Apparently everyone is part of the friends club now (Lo Celso, Lanzini, Banega, Pavón, Messi, Luis Suarez, Messi’s neighbor, Dani Alves) 🤣🤣

        Some of you guys are ridiculous. Just shut up and support the team regardless of who was selected ✌🏾

  10. If Sampoli calls Icardi, that would be amazing.. of course, Icardi is not the type Sampoli needed. His playing style is different, that’s the only reason Pipita edges him out…
    But still in bad situations when we terribly need 1 or 2 those cases there is no point in sticking with Style n philosophy… Icardi would be the best bet for that moments..

    If Icardi is in (highly unlikely)
    It would be an amazing prospect, with
    Aguero,Higuain n Him fighting for No 9…
    Pavon,Salvio,Meza,Lo Celso,Dimaria,Dybala all fighting for the 2 spots next to messi…

    • Icardi is out of the question, if Dybala is questionable to have a playing time in any game, you think Icardi will be given a chance to paly?

      • I don’t think he will get chance. Because of his playing style..
        But i was imagining the prospects he would have brought in to the team..

  11. Sad news Lanzini get well soon but the best replacement for Lanzini is Angel Correa.He should be called.He has what we needs.This injury gonna to cost us some creativity in midfield but Messi is there.Sampoli please call Angle Correa for that role.I think he never gets tired of playing and he plays whole ninety minute with same intensity.

  12. Get Paredes in! Have Pavon take his spot, and have it look a little something like this!
    Di Maria-Messi-Pavon
    Or, instead of Pavon, it could be Meza too, in order to have more creativity in the midfield. Either way, this shouldn’t be seen as the end.
    Maybe this is blessing in disguise. Dybala will maybe finally be considered, and we all know what he’s capable of. Like it or not, the success in this World Cup wil all Be dependent on Messi anyway so there is still a chance, that has not changed! Vamos Argentina!!!

    • Nahh…. he loses the ball far to often for Atlético and it would be like having another Di Maria, another headless chicken going loose. I was glad when he wasn’t called up and it should remain so. There aren’t other options, but we’ll see who. This could be Meza’s, Dybala, or Pavon’s time to shine!

  13. Some joker is Blaming Lanzini’s injury on Sampoli & on the mythical fck Jokers created called “Friends club”.
    Joker wants every player Sampoli had chosen to be dropped. Because the Joker fears ” they are messi’s friends”..

    Joker thinks Messi is a ‘Brazil Agent’ 😂, messi has no interest to win this cup, & so Messi chooses players just to spoil Argentina’s chances.. only one who wants Argentina to win the cup is that joker, according to the same joker..
    So obviously Joker has every right to get angry on messi & his friends. So Joker is wishing Messi’s friends, like Aguero–who is a sub standard player, according to the same joker– to be get injured.

    Argentina has highest number of attacking youngsters.. that is not a reason enough for the joker to be coming out of his mythical fck called “Friends Club”…

    So now the Joker is blaming Messi, because Lanzini was chosen by Sampoli because he is the closest friend of Leo Messi… Both of them played together for a decade in same team…

    Welcome to The Mad World of our Joker.

  14. Either Salvio or Pavon could take his place. If lanzini was deployed to the right attacking role why not Pavon? After all, Pavon assists against Nigeria & Russia came from the right side. As for replacement, Enzo seems majoritys’ choice, yet we don’t know about Sampa. Perhaps we can kindly request Roy to offer a poll????

  15. We need DM with abundance of wingers and dubious health of Biglia or CF taking into account injury prone Aguero and poor Higuain.

  16. Replacement is up to Sampaoli…but…!
    Considering lack of defensive strength in midfield it is Enzo/Paredes/Battaglia.
    Considering Lanzini is injured and chance of getting Dimaria injured is high… Perotti will be the real addition.
    Considering Higuain will choke many times and possibility of getting Aguero injured is high….it is lautaro/Icardi.

    • Agree

      We need DM with abundance of wingers and dubious health of Biglia or CF taking into account injury prone Aguero and poor Higuain.

  17. Lamela is last man who I would take here. THe guy ducky-style always makes him too unnatural in movement to be crack in winger or side midfielder position. He is losing too much energy for shoulder to shoulder driblings with defenders while not enough fast to leave the defender behind. His dragging dribling is rarely going to gain important space. As for such tall player he is too slow with the ball because of his lame dribling.

    I prefer even Di Maria over him LOL

  18. I think biglia is still not fit so we need another dm to replace him.then we become more balanced.

    • If sampoli thinks Biglia isn’t fit, i don’t think he would have waited this long.. must have been out with romero..
      He will be fine.

  19. Coach commited big mistake when calling injured players like Lanzini …Bilgia..Augero…
    so now he will feel sorry about this .
    hoping no more players leaving
    Parades or Peroti is the right replacement

  20. What’s new, we said that several times that Lanzini is injury prone, another glass man. Sampaoli made a big mistake by calling him. Expect Diva to get injured in Iceland game as well, and Aguero will follow him.
    It’s very predictable, and the coach should have taken all healthy young folks to the world cup. Even Biglia is hiding these days, so I’m assuming if we play him, he will get injured since he’s not fully recovered. Mascherano is too old to play key role too, so I don’t see him handle all tackles and might get injured too.

    It’s very important to select the roster and smart coach will consider all factors, not just who knows who, this is a friend of that, and he’s a buddy of them, etc.

    Welcome to: Club De Amigos !

    • Lol. Club the amigos is a myth. Sampoali took Dimaria, Mesa, Locelso, Acuña, Salvio, Pavon.. especially Pavon who are all more than capable to play Lamzinis position. Even Ansaldi can shoe in on the right mid.

      Its a huge loss, Lanzini was exellent for our needs.. but its not a tactical emergency.

      Not to mention we have Perotti, Lamela, Centurion and many others salivating at a spot. If he called Lavezzi you would have a valid arguement.. but he hasnt.

      • Lamela? you can’t be serious. You replace a glass man with man of ash? Not sure you know the players’ fitness capacity. I knew Lanzini will get injured, and I can assure you that Diva Maria will get sent home after 20 min of play time. It’s no brainer !
        Messi selects the players for Barca despite all their stubborn admin staff, you think it’s difficult for him to pick players for his national team where he’s the captain and the focal point? Sorry for your innocence.

        • Lanzini is made of glass. Lameka is of ash.
          Aguero will get injury in first match.
          Di Maria will break him leg…

          Tou are amazing dude.
          Why can’t you go & try. You would be an asset to any team. After all without fun, what is a World Cup camp…
          You please go to Barcelona.. take your boys as well & replace all those 3rd class Argentina players..

        • LOL, Argentina is rather the team of rookies, 15 of 23 are WC debutants, very high number, higher than Germany, Spain, Brazil…club of amigos would be Garay, Zabaleta, Gago, Enzo Perez, Pastore, Lavezzi, Tevez and the others

    • This kind of garbage about Messi’s friends being called up has got to STOP…everyone who was called came to the team on merit…there too much pessimism about your comments…by your logic Sampa should have called players from Argentina

  21. Infact there is no direct replacement for lanzini.either go with perrotti lamela type who can contribute in attack or add a CM to balance the side..with mache biglia banega lo celso and meza pavon i would basically go with a proper midfielder. Then its paredes vs battaglia…to add a bit variety and muscle my pick is battaglia a type of player missing in the list may be useful against powerful teams who play more physically….

    • my suggestion is to Pastor what a fantastic midfield maestro. he could be pair with di maria, lo celso. his vision and passing is so vital

  22. So disappointing… Lanzini is an irreplacable starter, Meza is his substitute, but I dont think he is in the same level as Lanzini.

    The only good news is we can still get a replacement now.

    Of course i also hope that Dybala can fill in Lanzini’s position even though Sampaoli always thinks that he is not compatible with Messi as they have similar playing style.

  23. If Enzo Perez is called up Argentina will be going to the 2018 world cup with basically the same midfield from 2014. No need to have all three of Masche, Biglia and Enzo in Russia, it’s that simple. All three are good players but limited at this stage of their careers, so why do we need all three of them in Russia? Lanzini added attacking fluidity and unpredictability to the 2018 world cup roster so his replacement need to do the same. In 2014 Argentina was too defensive, 2018 need to be more adventurous in attack. It’s either Perotti or Lamela for me. I doubt any of Biglia or Masche or Enzo would score a goal at the world cup at any stage of the competition. I watched Perotti came on for Roma against Liverpool at Anfield when his team back was against the wall in front of a partisan crowd and he completely change the game on its head. Lamela was great away to Juventus, he pressed all game, initiate several goal scoring attacks and help is team out defensively when needed to. If I’m not mistaken Lamela scored against Germany several years ago.

    • Most probably perotti or paredes will be selected.I don’t know about both never seen them play enough.I saw some minutes when perotti played against Nigeria.he was ok .didn’t look like a special player.I believe we need a cm more than a winger.that’s why I prefer paredes here.lets see who sampa chooses.

  24. So sad to hear this. Get well soon Manu.

    I would like Paredes to replace him so that he can play the role Meza was doing in the last couple of training. (Alternative to Lo Celso)

    That can free up Meza from CM role and he can take either wing to replace Lanzini.

  25. This is so sad…i was really hoping to see him at worldcup….i can think of Lamela as his replacement…..or perotti although am not sure he can play on rightside

  26. Is it crazy to slot Dybala into his role? I know it is not his native position but he is creative and talented enough to do the job.

    • Lanzini runs. Dybala doesnt. Dybala is a luxury player like Kun or Messi. If you stick him in, we need to sacrifice another midfielder to cover defensively, use only 3 at the back, or drop a forward for him (kun)

      • ^ Agreed but he is not going to be starting there or getting many minutes there (from the looks of it). Getting him on the field at all will be a plus. Very creative player, and one that opposing teams will be forced to give a lot of attention to.

    • The problem is None of these new entrants won’t start.. so unless there is an injury during campaign, chances of them coming to sub biglia or mashe is less.. since we hv banega..

      We lost an attacking starter, who scores goal.. as a substitute from bench an attacking replacement would be better.. attackers will be more useful

  27. I am truly sad to hear this because it’s a huge blow, however in all honesty I’m not the least bit surprised considering Manu’s injury history, infact I was certain that he wouldn’t be able to go more than 3 games without sustaining an injury, very much in the kun, gago list of insurance black list.
    I wish him a good (if not quick) recovery because with his skill he could be a vital player for the national team in the future.
    Now who to replace him, well the closest like of like player that I can think of is Lamela. A.Correa would also be a good choice considering his tenacity, form, skill and versatility.
    In my opinion though there are plenty of options who can play in Manu’s assumed RW position including Salvio, Meza and Pavon so I say dispense with the like for like replacement and go for a central midfielder like Paredes, Enzo or Battaglia, because that’s an area that is sorely lacking.

  28. I hope you make a healthy recovery Manuel.

    I think Paredes should replace him.

    I wouldn’t mind Sampaoli dropping Di Maria and Aguero just because these guys always seem to get injured at vital times of a tournament and replacing them with more robust players like Papu/Perotti and Icardi.

  29. He is old but he practiced hard achieve physically finest form in WC. Salute to lanzini who showed his heart and eagerness. Argentina only need this type of guys. In Argentina this time policy is very simple. Whoever in this team don’t try practice hardest to achieve physically and mentally strongest. Then he should be immediately sent to home to take enough rest with thier wife and children. We can never afford a single player in WC who doesn’t have passion and enthusiasm in practice session. It came by own Mentality.
    So do or die.

  30. I think it’s between Enzo, Paredes, Battaglia. Still suppose Battaglia is best choice. He is best defensively while may be also back up for RB (played few games on RB in Sporting) if Salvio shifted on RM instead of Lanzini.

    My second choice is Paredes – he is still enigma to some extend but whatever he may give us I’m sure he will not be worse than Biglia and Banega.

  31. hopefully the quota of bad luck ends with this & it’s only good fortune now. Romero, lanzini , cancelled friendly… quite a bit of non field action. In a way it’s ok bcos lanzini is always injury prone. & salvio / meza / diMaria all can play right midfield. I think sampaoli will go for enzo perez. Always has delivered in national jersey

  32. Wow, wow, wow…😔 Please bring in Perotti or Lamela. I feel Perotti will get the nod because he was omitted at the last minute. Perotti has been playing at high level this season in Europe. This is a no brainier. With Lanzini out, Argentina also have one less great pk taker. Pk shootout is a reality at the World Cup hence the reason Perotti should get the nod. Papu Gomes put himself out of contention. Enzo Perez is a limited player, we already have few on them on the current team.

  33. My second choice personally have selected Battalgia and played lo celco up front he is very dangerous as he has been involved in recent psg and Argentina goals…..he is better Dan lanzini also

  34. Now I feel …..SALVIO will take place of lanzini instead of playing rb…..who is as good as lanzini……sampaoli trusts salvio a lot……he is good in pressing too and fighting attitude……great crosses too and skills better Dan lanzini though lanzini better scorer… …no other better attacking options than Salvio……

    • We can’t afford someone who won’t contribute goals.. our mid n defence is not that balanced that we can rely just messi n No 9 for goals…
      Need someone who shoots well. Pavon or meza or Lo Celso.. all ok…

      But yes, against Very tough teams, Playing Salvio & RB on right side will be a good option…

    • I really hope so.. I’m hoping he doesn’t add baenga in the 11 now.. that would completely ruin my Friday… kidhult I am sure you will comment because of banega comment, but I am not a fan.. great player, but too inconsistent and I feel like he’s missing a certain

      Lanzini was def a starter, so let’s see what sampi does

    • Don’t take it like that. Of course it is bad. A talented player is gone. And in last days of preparation…
      But at least it is now, not on June 14 or the worst, after 15…

      New player have 7 days time ahead of Iceland match.. 12 days to Croatia match. 17 to Nigeria one. 20+ days with team for Knockouts, where he will be used for the first time, probably, if used.

      So it’s better than a Team with 22 men, no?

      • Yeah, whoever comes, have a week to get adjusted with the team. But its tough for the manager and others around the team to gel with a new comer as he was likely to be a starter, that also within a short period of time. Whatever, hope for the best. 🙂

  35. What a miss! Second most important player in the squad . Manu is a natural goalscorer and good at free kicks. Only person other than Messi who I trusted to score.
    I have a feeling that we will win the next world cup but my hopes are slim for this world cup.

    • He is not that special.a probable wc winning side can’t be too dependent on a single player not named Messi.his long shots will be missed but Messi dybala aguero all can shoot from distance.

      • “He is not that special”


        I think you know very little about Manu. I’ve bee a regular follower of West Ham United for the past two and half years and I can say Lanzini is a complete midfielder who has vision, excellent passing skills, excellent driblling skills, very good at pressing, can score outside the box with his powerful shots.

        His injury is a real blow!

        Watch this video and then have your say!

    • I’m also sad about what happened to him. But calling him the second most talented is an exaggeration. Pavon is a better player than him. In all aspects. Lo Celso as well..

  36. IMHO Sampoli should not declare replacement now.
    He should invite 4_5 players.. Paredes,Enzo,Pablo,Perotti, Centurion & may b even Lamela..
    Let them compete for the position.. or can keep as reserves till June 15.

      • Yes for the 6 days, i think having some reserves in training ground is better than having none. Imagine if this has happened on June 14?
        Replacement would have to be airlifted from some resorts with his spouse n kids.
        Team should take precautions.

  37. Lanzini is one of my favorite players who is a box to box midfielder with great creative.. totally ruined my Friday.. the only thing I can say is I hope he recovers soon and well.. in regards to who sampi can bring.. I’m hoping for paredes, battaglia, or perroti… enzo also not a bad pick..

  38. Really sad news for the team. But I cant understand why Sampolli is not using Diaballa along with Messi. Look at Brazil team, you can see all good players in first 11. so many bull shits happen in Argentina team which is why they fall behind in each WC. Nevertheless, good luck to Messi and Argentina team.

  39. I am pissed, sad, mad and disappointed for Lanzini, he seems to be made of glass.
    Before Sampaoli announced the final list I asked what if someone gets injured 2days before the World cup and we have to call a replacement. Camp started 15th of May and now it’s 8th of June almost a month the replacement is out of the team or on vacation.
    Why not select 27-28 players and make them fight until 4th june?
    a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder, a winger and a striker.
    what was the purpose of 35? i still haven’t understood this especially when you can still call players out of that list.
    We need Paredes! we have enough wingers and side midfielders: Pavon, Di maria, Acuna, Salvio, Meza, and even Lo Celso.

  40. I would look at either Correa, Centurion ( I like his nasty attitude), or even Lucas Ocampos. I know he doesn’t get much play on Mundo but he is a very versatile player. Maybe, just maybe, we can slide Dybala or Pavon in Lanzini’s spot.

  41. with just 8 days left it is big problem for sampaoli to change his plans. Lanzini suppose to be starter.
    for replacement we need at this point somebody that knows the team and can fast find chemistry with the others. for that reason i think Enzo Perez is one very good option.

  42. This is a sad sad news… Get well soon Lanzini.

    This week was so so bad for us..
    I hope from now it will be all good.. at least we can hope this didn’t happen during the group stage…
    Now time for Pavon, Meza to show their might… Sampoli must try our star Dybala as well in more important role now… may be this is a god send opportunity for that. Who knows!!

    I hope Sampoli will take Paredes or Enzo … Sampoli can start Lo Celso also in the plaze of Lanzini.

  43. Oh No!! What bad luck but better now than during the world cup. He seems to be Gago 2 very good player minus the fitness. Hope Sampaoli will go with a defensive mid now. We already have Meza to replace Lanzini . Enzo perez should be selected!!

  44. Really sad news…I think his possible replacement would have been Ricky Centurion but he is also recovering from acute appendicitis surgery–he has been given 10 days to rest and recover–another potential replacement is Perotti…will wait and see…really sad…he was my kind of guy.

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