Javier ZANETTI: “If Argentina need me… I’ll help as much as I can”


One of Argentina’s most capped players of all time Javier ZANETTI has come out and given his support for his country.

The Argentina National Team and the AFA are, to put it lightly, a mess. Three different coaches in a year, a severe lack of planning across all age groups and a lack of resources (among other things) have left the federation in shambles.

However, the Inter legend has come stated that should his country and his team need him, he is there to help. Speaking to TyC Sports, here’s what ZANETTI had to say:

“I have always said that if the National Team needs me, I am fully available for my country and above all my National Team. I’ll defend it and help out as much as I can.”

ZANETTI also spoke about the World Cup and Lionel MESSI:

“It wasn’t a good World Cup and that’s normal because of how things have been the last four years. The changing of coaches, of managers. Qualifying for the World Cup in the last match. They didn’t get there with a calm head in order to be able to have a lot of time to work.

“Leo (MESSI) continues to be the best in the world. It wasn’t a good World Cup for Argentina as a team and if the team doesn’t do well, it’s complicated for Leo. But we have to take into account what he means for the world.”

Jose PEKERMAN’s name has been in the running as possibly taking over as director of football (who would oversee all age groups) but certainly having someone of ZANETTI’s stature can only help with everything.


  1. For next Copa I’d keep the following if good seasons

    Mercado otamendi Rojo
    Banega di Maria and Agüero

    Every1 else by bye

    We look at age but nowadays fitness of ppl like Ronaldo di Maria is next level

    If they perform well pick them

  2. I am not sure about his added value now despite my total respect for him as a player. We need more someone who has long term plan for the youth development and who can help to rebuild the national team. Pekerman should be the best candidate for the director role. Maybe more hands on at the beginning to do the coach job and then appoints the right coach later on to lead the group.

    There is a huge amount of work waiting for the new coach, especially in defense. The 2 only players who have level are Romero and Otamendi, both more than 30. For Romero still OK but Otamendi quite unlikely still here in 4 years. Besides, his performance really below expectations. Against France, when we had only 2 minutes left, he was pissed off and kicked off the ball far away because the referee considered a fault by him on Mbappe. How can a leader do this kind of stupid thing in that critical moment? Romero is the only reliable option but he cannot spend his entire career on the bench. At some points he will lose his level. Mercado is average even though he may deliver surprise from time to time but he is over 30 too. Rojo is a fighter like Mercado but no football IQ. People may now understand why Fazio only got his 1st cap only after 30. Tagliafico I don’t know, he seems to be totally lost in Sampaoli’s system. It’s unfair to judge him on this WC. Against Croatia he need to play as stopper 1st time in his life. Against France, with no support from his midfielders, he need to face Mbappe by himself and was too much for him. Is that his real level? I am afraid that yes. For sure he is one of those who ran the most but very inefficient and got burnt by the end. I hope he may join a good club and work with a good coach who believes in him. But from what I saw from him, he really need to improve.

    So in summary not even 1 player is a bit more outstanding in defense. It will be a long long way to go.

    • That’s a fair analysis on our mediocre defense.

      Whilst you can say Pep has improved Otamendi, Nico is not a defensive leader. He needs a cooler and wiser head alongside. He has that at City.

  3. Pekerman should come to the team. Of course not as manager. It will be great for the team in long term. Especially when our future is in big risk with scarcity of young talents.

  4. Zanetti is one of the most respected former Argentine players and he can contribute a lot to the reconstruction of the NEW Argentina team. Whatever role he gets I’ve a full support for him and I hope he will repeat his hard work on the pitch out of it now. Since hiring Pekerman by the AFA as manager is rumored nowadays and Pekerman didn’t have good relationship with the likes of Zanetti in the past, Can they work together now?

    BTW, here is a list of the world’s most expensive youngsters. Looking at this list will tell you how Argentina football declined over the years. If this same article was written in early 2000s I’m sure that one-third of it would’ve been Argentines. I know youngsters from France, Germany, Brazil, and Spain are more publicized nowadays than the Argentines but the truth is that Argentina football is in a COMPLETE mess.


  5. People are still posting fantasy lineups.

    Please be patient , we are moving in right direction. I respect Sabella and if he is given a chance, we will win next Copa. If we make Pekerman director , we will win something probably in next 2 world cups

    • Hi
      Afs technicl team must focus on the foam and developmnts of certain players.bcz they r key players for arg.in Coming years. I just said bcz kranvtr occampus benetez r very good players.but after entering europ thy rlooking ordinary players.if afa team can motivate these very bright prospects it will be very valuabl for args progress..

  6. Nicolas Gonzales scored twice for Stuttgart in friendly match. Conti, salvio, cervi scored for benfica. Inter loss friendly against sion where Laurato Martinez start.

  7. AFA is in no hurry to appoint a manager for the national team. There will be a Executive Committee meeting within AFA on 31st July where sampaoli’s cycle will be evaluated along with mistakes which was committed during the last decade. Only after that they will begin their pursuit for the new Coach of the NT who will build the team keeping future in mind. It has also been rumored that few body members of AFA thinks that Messi needs a break from the NT so they will propose to not to summon messi for at least a year till a proper team is formed and messi can be just a part of the team(seems a realistic thought). Also its being proposed to not to call many players like Aguero, Rojo, Higuin, Fazio, Bangea, Dimaria, Romero any further for the NT.

    It sounds that AFA wants to move forward with only messi from the current cycle only after forming a proper team in which messi can be a good part. They are trying to get things in order but since its AFA thus it can’t be trusted until it really starts happening.

    • First an analysis, then a strategy before a plan is started. Draft profiles for the people needed and then start looking. Sounds very wise for a change.

      Let an interim manager handle the september friendlies.

      • Iterim Manager might be chaotic. After the board meeting a month ( which we actually have) is enough to get a new coach and the footballing body back to its structure. And the media and AFA should understand that immediate results is not possible. Should wait till 2022 at least if not 2026.

  8. Zanetti cannot be the manager for us, he doesnt have any experience as a coach, but he can be director of football or some other top management post as he is the VP for Inter.

    • This team could have easily won the cup, it took France 4 goals to beat Argentina , they were scared shitless. Both teams that beat Argentina went to the final. The problem was the coach, ridiculous injuries that came out of nowhere to Romero and Lanzini, and afa. How can you give someone $20 million for losing and getting fired, you give someone $20 million for winning. How is a coach supposed to make the correct football decisions when if he gets it right, he loses out on $20 million. it causes chaos and confusion, and that’s what happened. All his decisions where wrong, because it was being rewarded with $20 million.

      When he put Fazio in to mark mpappe, it was the most bizarre illogical decision he made all World Cup. They conceded 3 goals with that move, 2 were directly the result of fazios slow speed, the first he was to slow to cut down mpappe and Armani should have had that ridiculous easy shot, the second, mpappe just ran around Fazio like a pylon and I don’t know what Armani was doing so high out of the net. Stay and cover the low post and give time for the defense to recover. If he stayed in his net, it would have been an easy save. He got desperate and ran out leaving the whole net empty. Caballero would have stopped those shots, crazy. He should have been given an other shot at redemption. If rojo stayed in the game, he would have easily closed down mpappe and Argentina would have won 3-2.

      The team conceded 9 goals in 4 games. That’s because sampoali has no clue on what he’s doing, he’s confused, to sabotage the team and get fired and make $20 million and fuck them, or do I win the World Cup and get $50,000. Tough decision. If he was going to get $20 million for winning, then every decision would have been with winning in mind, what’s best for the team.

      When he lost the team, he probably said you know what, these guys are all millionaires. I’ll put fazio in weaken the defense and lose. Every single decision was wrong, dybala on the bench, locelso on the bench, biglia on the bench, mascherano running wild all over the pitch, dimaria not marking his man, sabotaging goals, messi all alone, he should bulk up, what is he on a diet, you need upper body strength to keep those giants off you, awful goaltending, no forgiveness or chance of redemption given, you make one mistake and you never play again, instead of learning you get punished more than you should.

      In football, it’s a game that rewards all that is good, and punishes all that is bad. And everything in between. But it stays on the field, you don’t add extra punishment to a guy by making him miss the rest of the cup, or taking him out like rojo.

      You forgive and you learn and you give chances to redeem. You don’t take it away, like dimarias selfish glory seeking move at the end of the France match when he came flying in like a lunatic and took the chance , an easy header in an open net away from fazio.

      That summed up the entire tournament, greed and selfishness, lack of forgiveness, judgments, arrogance, pride, screwing over good people like dybala, leaving icardi out because apparently they can’t forgive something that has nothing to do with them, dropping Romero likes he’s trash even though he said he’ll be ready to play, you could have given him the spot as 3rd keeper until he’s fit, he deserved to be at the cup after all he’s done.

      Those things are punished in football, but sacrifice, love, friendship, brotherhood, forgiveness, rewarding what’s good, not rewarding losing and bad decisions , hard work, giving it all, passing, shooting, loving your team mates, the game, God, your opponents. This is a game of God, pure and simple. Everything that is good is rewarded on the field, everything bad is punished. Love God first and foremost, love one another and you’ll be a genius at the game.

      • You are just digging up more pain.
        all you said is true,sadly
        Sampaoli gave that match away, with his tactics he made Argentina look so weak but made France look too strong, when in fact they are not.

        • It’s as if Sampaoli had been bribed. And even after that, we looked capable of equalizing and winning that match, had it gone into extra-time. I also think AFA should take caution before signing humongous contracts like the one with Sampaoli. He acted like a con-man, if he did that intentionally, surely he will get punished either in this world or the next (Spiritual realm).

      • I don’t agree with one thing. It is not Caballero but Guzman that was supposed to be given chance.
        Armani got into NT because of media attention

      • You spoke my mind..The day when I heard Romero wanted to stay in the squad , I felt this is a blunder, given the fact that other 3 GKs had almost zero experience with NT.What Sampaoli did with him is unacceptable. Still many are trashing the old generation while its the tactics that cost them the match. Our offense was given the unthinkable task to score 5 goals which I believe even any of the best team of the history would have struggled in a WC match. However I console myself thinking that even if we had won that match, our players wouldn’t be able cope up with such madness of Sampaoli in the remaining matches. We would have gone out either way..

      • Yes, I feel sorry for Armani, he should have played right from the Iceland match…Caballero should never have played the world cup after the 6-1 loss to Spain, where 5 goals were scored by Spain with him as the GK…it’s enough to shatter someone’s confidence before the WC…and I heard that in the pre world cup friendlies , Caballero made similar blunders like he did against Croatia, but luckily for him, that time opponents did not score from there.. Armani made his debut for the NT in do-die encounters , where a single mistake could cost the wc ..its never easy adjusting to that sort of pressure…he should be given more chances as 2nd GK in the team,although Sergio Romero, if fit, is the automatic choice as no.1 GK for the copa america 2019..

  9. Great news for us! But anyone pls tell me that how good he can be as a coach without any previous experience?? So far I know, he is the sporting director of Intar.

  10. El capitano is back ! Wonderful ! AFA needs to welcome Zanetti offer, he is the right choice to take in charge and rebuild the team. With Pekerman as the director, Zanetti as a manager and Tapia as a boss it will be a true reformation and bright start again. Most important is to bring a person which are keen to build a good team and have a vision with Albiceleste footbal style.

  11. Class personified best describes Mr. Zanetti, great player and even a better human being. I like how former ARGENTINA players are closing ranks and coming to aide of their NT in the time of need, Carlitos voicing his support for his NT and for MESSI and urging him not to retire. Without mentioning any names, some here taking Cheap Shots at Messi and how he booted Tevez aside and off the team, what say you now and not that it wasn’t obvious before but some don’t know the obvious even if it pokes them in the eye.

  12. Who ever become coach no more old guards please, only call up old guards before copa if needed, build a team that can be best for 2022

  13. I believe not the formation or the kind of football have been our downfall but the ingridients we use are not the right one.
    high line with slow defenders.
    possession football with players not great on the ball and no midfield.
    unbalanced teams in every formation.
    high line defense with pacy defenders and pitbulls in midfield can work.
    possession football with great technical players especially in midfield and a lot of movements it can work.
    our coaches have been using the almost the exact players playing defensive, counter, possessive, attacking football.
    We must analyze the players first and then determine what are our strengths and then decide a formation on their strengths and find a way to cover their weaknesses.

  14. Let’s analyze Pekerman.
    2004 Olympics team members at the world cup 2006:
    Lux,Ayala, Colloccini, Heinze, mascherano, Tevez, Lucho Gonzalez, Saviola
    8 of 18 players.
    Kily Gonzalez was used by Pekerman against Brazil in 2005 and then he faded away being a sub at Inter.
    Andres Dallessandro had a good first season at Wolfburg and then faded away and got loaned out to Portsmouth in January of 2006.
    Rosales also flopped at Ajax.
    Delgado faded in Mexico.
    Figueroa got his chance at Confederation Cup and didn’t impress as did Delgado, Mariano Gonzalez.
    The others are not noteworthy besides Clemente.
    Pekerman didn’t destroy the team.
    He took over and later changed Sorin for Kily, kept the same midfield of Lucho and Mascherano just changed Riquelme for Dallesandro and also didn’t play with wingers meaning Rosales and Delgado were not used.

    2005 Confederation cup
    He gave some players a chance to impress him:
    players who made the world cup:
    Franco, Sorin, Cambiasso, Heinze, Tevez, Riquelme, Saviola, Aimar, Lux, Militio, Coloccini, Maxi
    12 out of 23
    He rested Ayala, Crespo
    He tried Galletti, Maxi, Santana, Delgado, Bernardi, Gonzalo rodriguez (got injured before the World Cup), Demichelis, Figuaroa
    Also Zanetti and Samuel.
    A totally young team.

    Pekerman mistakes:
    -Relying on Riquleme like we rely on Messi now.
    -His substitution against Croatia was a mistake that was repeated against England and than later the famous sub against Germany.
    -Playing Riquelme against the Netherlands. he gave in to Riquelme who hadn’t scored yet and wanted to play so he was tired against Mexico.
    – Trying to protect a lead by going defensive, did it against Croatia, England, Even against Ivory coast where we let them into the match, against Germany.
    Almost always backfired.
    – Sometimes prefering Cambiasso who was slow instead of Lucho ,Maxi Lucho worked better with Mascherano and they together covered well for Riquelme who also was slow, Cambiasso made us slower.
    – Not giving extended time for Aimar to play with Riquelme or if subbing Riquelme sub him with Aimar.
    – babysitting messi – criminally underused.
    – giving in to pressure of the press and us dumb fans who wanted Tevez instead of Saviola, tevez and Crespo didnt have chemistry.
    – putting in Cruz
    – Heinze clumsy
    – right back position was not stable burdisso, scaloni, coloccini
    He should have called up Zanetti and maybe Samuel.

  15. Argentina could be France 2.0 maybe better than France
    Argentina must give the offensive players all freedoms they need like France do

    Argentina should play 4-2-3-1

    Bustos/Gomez —otamendi—-mammana—- taglafico
    Ascacibar——Battaglia/lo celso——
    Messi—-dybala—-Lanzini/Pavón ——

    Ascacibar is our Kanté and battaglia our Pogba
    And this attack would be better than France but I don’t know if icardi is hard working like giroud also giroud win almost every aerial duel

    And the captain should be like in Brazil in every match a other so that every player take and learn responsibility

    • good lord Battaglia is NOT our pogba. Battaglia is a destroyer, “gets the job done” type. Hes not known for quality passing or dribbling but he is good at tackling and disrupting advancing plays. .

  16. Argentina have played many different formations imaginable.
    4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 3-4-3, 3-3-3-1, 2-3-3-2, 4-4-2, etc.
    And they mostly all failed.

    The one that seemed to work very well tho, under Bauza and even Sampaoli was 4-2-3-1.
    I believe that should be the formation on paper, then forming to a 3-1-2-1-3

    So it would start as such (with players I believe should be starting for Argentina) :

    But would form into something like this, with one of either Tagliafico or Perruzzi coming into the midfield to accompany Banega and Messi with Lanzini keeping the width:

    – OR

    Something Guardiola used to do but with Dani Alves pushing up as a RF, but starting as a 4-3-3: so it would start as such:
    Dani Alves-Pique-Puyol-Abidal
    – and switch to this:
    Dani Alves-Pedro-Villa

    He has also done this system with Bayern Munich, with Lahm pushing up to play in the midfield:
    Götze-Lewandowski-Douglas Costa

    – Argentina should attempt to do the same! And when we have to defend, either Tagliafico or Perruzzi simply fall back to their position as does Banega next to Paredes. Also, Lanzini can also fall back to defend in a 4-3-3 with Dybala, Messi and Aguero ready for a counter (MouthWatering!!)
    – Have Dybala drop back instead and help with build-up while Messi stays up in the wing ready to attack, as he hasn’t shown he operates best in that area.
    – If Messi drops back, Paredes pushes up as CM, Banega drops as DM, Tagliafico goes back to defense, and Perruzzi pushes up to RF to compensate for Messi. Like wise with Lanzini dropping back to build, with Perruzzi falling back and Tagliafico pushing up to compensate for Lanzini.

    I’m no expert nor do I pretend to be, simply this is what I believe Argentina should attempt. This imo should be what Argentina should look like for the Copa America 2019. Players like Aguero, Otamendi, Banega even could be replaced after the tournament respectively, but this is how Argentina should look IMO.

    • 4 2 3 1 is a new variation of 4 4 2, Argentina was always good at 4 4 2 with quick transformation to 4 2 3 1 or 4 2 2 1 1 , basic aspect of this is the 4 back line never has to press that high, which Sampa overlooked.
      this formation will always push numbers in the box and draw the opponent center backs to the middle which creates spaces on the flanks.

      • Honestly, even 4-1-4-1 could work as well IMO. 4-4-2 is too defensive for my liking, not much attacking. The only way a 4-4-2 could work is if Messi and Dybala are the two up to create dangerous attacks on their own against a whole opposing defense.

        As Guardiola has done with Bayern Munich and Manchester City, the fullbacks take up the midfield as inverted fullbacks.
        Meaning, it’ll start something like this:

        – Which would switch to this:


        The inverted fullbacks stopping and counter in the middle, with Lanzini and Pavon providing width, with Aguero keeping the center backs occupied, leaving the midfield to both Messi and Dybala?
        What more could you ask for?

        Like I said no before, either a 4-2-3-1 transitioning to a 3-1-2-1-3 or a 4-1-4-1 switching to a 2-3-2-3. Not very original as it’s something Guardiola has invented (although he claims not to invent anything) but very effective!

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