Daniel ANGELICI wants Marcelo GALLARDO of River Plate to coach Argentina


AFA vice president and Boca Juniors president Daniel ANGELICI has stated that he wants River Plate coach Marcelo GALLARDO to manage the Argentina National Team while admitting that it was a mistake to select Jorge SAMPAOLI.

With all the rumors circulating as to who will coach Argentina, one thing has been made clear. Claudio TAPIA wants current Atlanta United man Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO to spearhead the National Team while Daniel ANGELICI wants Marcelo GALLARDO. However, a decision will be made in December, that much both men can agree on.

Speaking with Tribuna PICANTE, here’s what the Boca president had to say:

“I have no candidate but GALLARDO is a very good coach who has won a lot of important things. I would go find him. We don’t have to rush with the coach of the Argentina National Team. It will surely be decided in December.”

And finally, in regards to former Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI, ANGELICI said this:

“I was wrong with SAMPAOLI but I was very convinced.”


  1. I just hope we better start a comprehensive project with a proper coach. If it is Scaloni then its okay, Just knock the INTERIM. AFA is wasting time in taking decisions, Well we never know whats happening there. they have to take decisions based on the Economic conditions too. Tata may check all the available boxes. Even if we fans may not like it.

  2. It is disappointing that at this stage they are still debating a new coach. This direction will mean that Copa 19 is abandoned. Why? After the world cup there are 5 international breaks before copa. Each break is about 10 days and you can squeeze in 2 games each. Basically you get 10 games and 50 training days. Ignoring travel and rest days you probably get 30 days to form a team for Copa right now.

    Now if you change a coach in January you are basically saying that Copa preparation will be 4 games and 15 training days at most. That is ridiculously FOOLISH if anyone anywhere, and I don’t care who it is, thinks that a new coach and a new system can be installed in 15 playing sessions! The only way it works is if the new coach maintains Scaloni’s methods exactly. But in that case, why even replace him!!!

    The only possible argument you can make is that Scaloni is untested in tournament strategy so you bring someone who is theoretically better. But is that a risk even worth taking if you end up unbalancing all the work you did for 6 months?

    If AFA want to get rid of Scaloni the ideal time is after Copa, for WC qualifiers where anyone new will get a much longer 18 games to get their system installed instead of 4 games. These incompetents have left this for too late as usual.

  3. Pablo: Great to hear from you as always amigo and apart of the the things we agree about our beloved team we have one more thing in common: If i remember correctly, you have said in one of your posts that you were 7 years old when Argentina won the wc in 78 while i was 7 when we won in 86! All the best to you amigo as well and i hope one day we cheer together in a stadium for our beloved team!

    Ebo, how can i forget wcs 90 and 94 as you correctly have stated and to add on it i remind you the way both Germany and Brazil won in wcs 54 and 02 respectively as they were always fifa’s favourite boys.

    Cox4, first of all i love Argentina nt the most but i also love football argentino hence all the argentine clubs and river plate of course! As you have said in one of your posts replying to me, argentina fans are superb and have many things in common with Greek fans such as passion and for me argentina fans are the best fans in the world. I don’t know if you guys know the song “despacito” which i don’t really like this kind of music but i was thrilled when i heard san lorenzo fans making this song a fantadtic chant for their team with their own lyrics! Man, being in the same stadium chanting with argentines for argentina must be amazing!!

    • Yes. in fact i had been some years before in Greece and i saw 2 games there in Toumba stadium.

      it was very similar with Argentina. at least this games i watched.

      As about despacito song yes i know it and i don t like it too.
      the original song i mean.
      about San lorenzo fans yes they make it chant but i am not so exited. they had made in past other much better than despacito.

    • Waveride:
      like wise and agreed good sir,
      yes you are correct in the 7’s and yes i hope one day we can catch up and yell and scream in support at the n/t team some where in this world, ive only seen the n/t play live once but it was a super special day indeed.

  4. To me scolani is full time manager of arg
    The way he is talking his press conference
    He doesn’t sounds like temporary one
    Scolani said he spoke to di maria and banega
    Explain them that he is trying new players
    And see how they develop he said again
    He called same players because he wants see them more.
    My logic tells me that isn’t the man who is going to stay
    Short time … I’m positive about Argentina
    I believe thing will get better I genuinely believe
    Arg will win cope America.. thier lucky will come.
    In the back yard of brazil…

    • if it is true then AFA should find one coach for U20 team quick
      because in January exist the u20 world cup qualifications.

      i believe AFA truly trying to find one coach in place of Scaloni till january because
      they are not saying anything about our u20 team.

      anyway. time will show us what will happened.

      to be honest i am not convinced yet about Scaloni.
      he is looking like doing good job till now
      but he have coach team only in 2 friendly games.
      it is not enough for me to convince me.

      • My friend, no one is convinced yet, but WE like what we see. like you said it was only 2 games, but We have to give him at least 3 more matches against stronger teams. ATM, we do not have other options.

        • I find it interesting that Scaloni is making sound decisions and he’s supported by the public but he was also Bat-Shit-Crazy-Bald-Fraud Sampa’s assistant at Sevilla for 16-17 and the WC. I’m guessing Scaloni and Sampa disagreed a lot because they to have strikingly different visions. I swear, Sampa was paid off by the Brazilians…

    • Godin11: i like your thoughts and i also will be most annoyed if the afa hood winks scolani , i really like what he/they are doing with the n/t so far but as always when any thing involves the afa take nothing for granted as common and sense seem to be on different paths.

  5. what happened Angelici ?
    now you remember us and our coach?

    after your shitty team lost in your chicken house you remember to open “in luck” this subject?

    keep your mouth closed about River plate and our coach or our fans
    (which you was singing with Bosteros we die in august)

    and if you want a coach put Guillermo Barros Schelotto better.

    No Angelici.
    not me and not any other fan of River plate we forget you pig.

    i don t want to see you and i don t want to hear you.
    especially YOU to speak about anything about River.

    if you want to find better coach than Sampaoli for our national team then keep your opinion
    and just let Tapia find the new coach.
    you are useless.

    • @cox4 mate I’m joking with you I know you care about Argentina
      Like most of us in here … i liked your team river plate started to follow
      To see how good coach Gallardo is and I liked him like many people here.

      • ok. sorry. i misunderstand you my friend.

        to be completely honest with you in future i want to see too Gallardo to the national team.

        i explode before because i know the true reasons of this “sudden”
        Angelici “interest”.
        he had other clever things in his brain.

        last month Di Onofrio and Gallardo speak with Tapia and they kindly reject
        the offer FOR NOW.
        they said that for this season Gallardo is not leaving River plate.


        so this kind of statements is happening for other reasons.
        Angelici using the national team to try destroy the balance inside River.
        because we are going very well this period.

        this type of things is happening in Argentina superliga.

        anyway my friend. enough with Angelici subject.


  6. Can i ask something??
    What is the freaking point of leaving someone (Scaloni) to start working with the team and especially to start a rebuilding phase if they are planning to change him especially at a time when he wil finally start putting things together??? The only rational reason that i can figure out is only and only if the coach that will take over will be based on Scalloni’s starting project, giving us continuity! Otherwise it is pure insanity, starting from scratch all the time! These people who are running the future of our beloved team are a real menace for our team, they even don’t hesitate to talk in public for future coaching candidates when Scalloni is trying to start something from scratch! This is even worse for the harmony and continuity of our team than speaking about Messi. Proven coach? Who the fuck is a proven coach for Argentina? Seriously??

    Gonzalo and ebo both said something, that they are getting paranoidal and i would like to reply to both of them regsrding on this: Guys, i am supporting our beloved team for two decades and a half and i can say that i also have the same feeling for all of these years now as these people in afa along with fifa seniors did their best for ruining our chances of winning something since 1993.

    Besides Ghostdeini has said it all in just one sentence: We are our own worst enemy.

    • Great recapitulation.

      That that you have asked in first paragraph is question I would like to send to AFA

      • @ebo to be honest.. scolani doesn’t look like than man
        Who is in temporary contract. the way he is talking
        It sounds to me full time manager.. read his full conference
        Post .. I may be wrong but to me scolani is manager of arg.

        • It makes since to keep him. if we get another coach then it’s going to 3 different coaches in one year. I think all we need is time.

    • FIFA always works against Argentina, remember 1990 final giving Germany an imaginary penalty last 6 minutes? and how they worked behind the scenes to disqualify us in 1994, the only Argentine player who won FIFA best was Missi, even when we have many other talented players. They even sometimes go out of their way not to give it to him. FIFA seniors are disgrace, do you remember when they wanted to take over AFA few years ago, citing corruption? while they are the most corrupt.

    • waveride : agreed and as you said exactly what is the point of the Afa and the scaloni role if they have no real plans? for him to actually do that role. I hope he gats a fair chance as so far I actually like what im seeing from sc and the coaches.
      as always only time will tell what is happening but with the afa…sigh…

      all the best amigo!!

    • Even when they banned Messi four games at the end of the qualifiers, FIFA intervened and issued the ban when the incident was not initially reported by the Brazilian referee.

  7. Diego Maradona: “[Lionel] Scaloni is a good guy but he couldn’t direct traffic. How can we give him the Argentina job! Are we all crazy? ”

    Now I really start to think Scaloni is right man

  8. Atletico interested with Palacios. The transfer clause for him is 15 mln. It should be easily 30 mln… he is better than Pavon….

  9. AFA should give Scaloni – Aimar – Samuel trio a fair chance. Selection decisions are now better than in past decade.

    • To be honest I’m pleased with team selection and performance from scaloni still believe a proven coach is needed, gleaming can go in both right or wrong ways, For me Simeone is the best to coach Argentina followed by Mourinho and Gallardo

  10. I was big fan of Gallardo as player, don’t know much on his coaching and his tactical system but seems to be very closed to that of Scaloni: both play very compact with a 3 men midfield and in attack either 1 playmaker+1 winger or 2 playmakers behind the fwd. So there won’t be any significant change and I am not sure if any added value

  11. Gallardo will not be the coach for River next season for sure either Argentina NT or moved to Europe as next manager

  12. Saw some of de Paul matches. His long range shooting skill is amazing. Brings a new dimension to the team . Also reliable in penalties. Must against Brazil friendly.

  13. Am I getting paranoid or what? I think Someone is working behind the scene to disrupt our rebuilding project!
    They talk about Messi this Messi that, now they talk about this coach and that coach.

    • Blame Argentina media they re big time
      F…d up they re number one enemy
      For Argentinean football i don’t know
      Who is paying them but it’s obvious
      They have agenda.

    • Let’s take the situation of suspended T-shirt with No.10 in NT. WHat for they do that? It’s not NBA to restrict numbers of legends. Why we can’t play with No.10 if Messi is not there? Why Lo Lelso can’t wear it? Why Aguero could wear it some time ago and none of current players can’t.

      By this AFA want to send the message to Messi: we are waiting for you, it’s all about you. Suspending the number they want to force that come back. It’s all still really too much Messicentric.

      • I don’t think leaving No.10 out will make Messi change his mind, plus I think it’s not fair to the new players. Telling them none of you is worth to wear that number, because Messi might come back one day. It was a nice politically correct /technically incorrect gesture from Scaloni towards Messi for the past 2 games, and it should be over .

        • No disrespect to anyone i said before
          It’s better for messi and Argentina
          Go saperate ways… i know messi
          Is insane but all Argentinean trying
          To take advantage from him.
          The man deserve peace..do you guys
          Think messi like. this madness like leaving n 10 for him I’m sure he doesn’t like all That buls…t

          • Messi is a cash cow, not just for the AFA, but for the media,too. Any news about Messi will spread like fire. I know many people all over the world making money on youtube talking Bull shit about Messi this Messi that, most topics are fabricated just bait and click, I even seen a youtube in Arabic that says Messi protesting Ronaldo’s latest red card, Messi donates to Israel, Messi ….. all kind of shit. there is an article I read : Life as Leonel Messi. it will make you feel really sorry for the guy and never want to be him.

      • because none of the current players deserve no 10 jesersy because argentina no 10 jersey is very heavy.
        no one is even close to messi because watching messi’s game is wet dream of orgasmic proportion.

        • But they don’t need to be close to Messi to deserve to wear the number. Player in kind of Lo Celso – why not? It’s not about any comparison or competition with Messi. Football is team play and at the end of the day ’10’ is just one of 11 numbers.

          “argentina no 10 jersey is very heavy”

          It’s one side of the coin. I remember when AGuero was taking No.10 during Messi injury. People were talking rather: it’s good, it will boost his confidence.

          So getting No.10 may have both positive and negative impact. As well as completely neutral.

        • So, if We should reserve the no.10 for some one who is close to Messi’s potential, then no one will wear it in hundred years maybe. I am sure Messi does not like that, all it does just build more pressure on him and on the players when he comes back.

      • You have to understand that it takes a lot of pressure off of the coach and players when Messi isn’t there … the have an excuse if things don’t go well. It’s a nothing to lose mentality or is against the world. Less pressure =better performance … #10 jersey would put unrealistic expectations on a Palacios, loCelso etc…

      • Sorry to disagre. But it seems every former player who is talking about Messi, they are right. Whenever there is something wrong in Argentina team Messi is to blame. Even if he is not playing for NT.

        Most of the people here in this forum seems convinced that Messi should go. It seems:
        *He is giving all – thats not true, drop him.
        *He was sad cause we lost – thats not true, he acts like that.
        *Moron Sampa played Di Maria – thats not trur Messi wanted him in 11.
        *Sampa dropped Aguero in the semi – ooohhhooo thats not true at all, Messi made the first 11 list.
        *All the coaches choose miss master Higuen – oh thats because he is Messi’s friend.
        *We lost to France – thats because Messi is not a such leader.
        *We lost 3 finals – so its enough now Messi should leave.

        It seems if Messi retires then we’ll have a great NT again. We cant have a team with him, around him. We are not like Barcelona, we are Argentina, thats all – isnt it guys????

        Though i dont see a single player in the world better than Messi. I have no problem with n.10. Anyone can were that but let them earn that, let them understand – if you were n10 then you have extra responsibilit, you will be blamed for everything like Messi… 😀

        • “if you were n10 then you have extra responsibility, you will be blamed for everything like Messi…”

          This gave me a laugh,possible though

        • To blame Messi for everything is absurd – but only straight and predictable result of absurd we were building for years: Messi fetish.

  14. Pedro De La Vega from Lanus got already his consolation after his club defeat to River (1:5). He is called up by Aimar to U-20 team.

  15. A coach needs to have a vision. With the golden generation departing, we will have many new and young players getting their opportunity. We need to have a proper transition of the exiting seniors and for copa I would do a mix of senior and juniors and build the best team to win the tournament.

  16. I just realized final of Copa Libertadores is in the end of November (River there?) and the new coach to be appointed November/December. Conicidence?

    I think it will be between Scaloni/Gallardo.

    • I think Tata may somehow squeeze in, His contract is finishing in December. So. One good news i am waiting for is his renewal for Atlanta FC.

      • Agree, he might squeeze in, I thought about that too, when they said they will appoint a coach in December and Tata’s contract expires around that time. But I think Scaloni should be given more time. If they don’t want scaloni to continue or maybe he does not want to, I will go with Gallardo over Tata.

          • I really would stay away from those money hungry coaches, If they are not passionate enough to coach their NT in time of need, they can go to hell. If we can entice them to come along, so we can entice Gallardo

          • “I am just thinking that he does not want the job” – it seems to me like that or just AFA tell him he will not got the job no matter of results

          • Its really funny when i see people are calling for SCALONI, he just played 2 matches. Against the super weak Guatemala and Colombia – where we didnt win, we didnt lost though. Yeah people will say – he is organised, team playing as a team, he called a lot of new players, he has the guts to drop all oldies etc.

            But most importantly he is yet to prove himself. Let him earn the place for long time if he deserves. He got the chance, so let him prove. Gallardo is doing good with Boca. Where Scaloni was part of Sampa team. His tactics didnt do any good with Sampa and others. Even with Sampa against Brazil and Russia before WC, we were not looking that bad. But later it proved we were the worst.

            So let him prove and earn his place.

          • Maybe you have a point that he did not prove himself, But I think he did not drop all the older squad, I think most (of the ones he called, not many of them though) refused the call up, not because they don’t care, I think they just want to have a project started and give chance to younger generation, After the failure of last world cup, I don’t think any of them has the desire to be in the NT that fast. ATM, who is available to coach the NT? none. Why not give him the chance so we can see what he got until the end of the year? I don’t see a problem in that. Pep Guardiola was no body before he became the coach of Barca in 2008.

    • Scaloni will not be the coach… I think we already know that… our superstars really don’t respect this “situation” enough to even come back to NT. Yet I think Scaloni has a change with our youth teams and work his way up the latter.

      • “our superstars really don’t respect this “situation” enough to even come back to NT”

        thr more he should stay

  17. Marcello Gallardo is my favourite
    I like the way he does his business.
    But I’m more than happy scolani
    To continue and be successful manager
    For Arg years to come… changing is not
    Good especially national teams especially
    Argentina.. right now Arg need stability.
    I have feeling afa playing smart waiting
    Game wants to see how scaloni handle
    The things if he got it right definitely
    They will make him permanent manager.

    • Exactly, when we had a coach for 2 cycles of WC?
      The Media and the fans usually grill everyone and they depart. Impatience is destructive.

  18. He is a perfect choice for us. He may take his time, but can lead us for long time, may be years. Realistically one of the best option out there. Tapia is too concerned about Tata, But Angellici is more into Gallardo i guess.

      • I also thought like that before, But he gradually given chances to everyone, younger ones too, He is definitely a good option as per me. But if the coach decides to have a particular player then be it. Well at this point i m not very optimistic about the Older ones. We have already seen what they can bring to the table under various coaches for nearly 10 years that’s a long playing time. Each have played so many matches. I respects them but i think its time to move on for us.

      • That was true some time ago when almost whole River team was made of oldies. Now it’s a bit better: Pity Martienz, Palacios, Montiel, Nacho Fernandez (Martinez Quarta) are either young or not old. And there are young foreigners Quintero and Borre.

        Still he is getting critic from River fans for not being able to promote new youngsters from River Academy. Palacios is the last. He is trying something with Cristian Fereira and Gallardo jr. but still it seems there is some hiatus between Palacios and the youngsters to come.

  19. I would Always Prefer Marcello Gallardo as the Coach instead of Simione/Pochhetino/ Martino. Although it is evident that Gallardo does not have a working relationship with Tapia and Angellecci. If they can overcome it for national interest nothing better than that.

    However, I will still stick to my earlier prediction that Scaloni stays till Copa and after another catastrophe with all the old guards in copa (I think they all will be gone finally for good after copa except messi) new coach ( if they get someone decent or again someone interim ) will take charge.

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