Gonzalo “Pity” MARTINEZ of River Plate joins MLS club Atlanta United


Gonzalo “Pity” MARTINEZ of River Plate has joined Atlanta United.

Per a report by TNT Sport, the transfer is done. Atlanta United will pay his release clause of $17.2 million with River Plate getting 80% of the transfer and the remaining 20% going towards MARTI EZ and his manager. TNT are also stating that the move will be on January 1 with everything being agreed upon yesterday.



  1. I was so much looking forward to watching the BOSS play against Inter and later RM and now he’s out of commission for 3-4 weeks. We have seen it so many times, his brilliance on the pitch and nothing lasts forever and we should be thankful for what we’ve been witnessing for the past 10 years and should appreciate it to the fullest.
    I personally believe he will be back playing for his beloved ARGENTINA when the qualifiers start just like I knew he was coming back after the last Copa debacle.

    • 100% agree. I did not able to sleep last night , was very keen to see against inter & RM specifically inter because messi need to reduced goal gap between him & Ronaldo.

      • That gap is in place between the two with Messi being ahead of that pathetic rapist and not the other way around, in fact there should have never been a discussion of who is best when it was never a competition.

  2. If you have time watch Alan Shearer’s analysis of Lamela’s performance against West Ham in last night episode of MOTD.
    Hope he keeps up and no injuries.

  3. @EnganChe, @Mamoun

    we have so many promising CBs in young generations:

    vintage 94-96

    German Conti (Benfica)
    Tomas Cardona (Godoy Cruz)
    Jorge Figal (Independiente)
    Alexander Barboza (Defensa)
    Lucas Martinez Quarta (River)
    Emanuel Mammana (Zenit)
    Alan Franco (Independiente)
    Juan Komar (Talleres)

    vintage 97-

    Marcos Senesi (San Lorenzo)
    Lisandro Martinez (Defensa)
    Cristian Romero (Genoa)
    Juan Foyth (Tottenham)
    Leo Balerdi (Boca)

    just yesterday Cardona, Barboza, Martinez, Romero, Balerdi had very good games. Martinez and Balerdi were best in their teams.

  4. A bitter sweet day. Messi injury ruins the day.
    First times 3 Argentines have scored on the same day in the premier league.
    Sala with a hattrick for Nantes.

  5. Lamela and lanzini , these 2 r techniclly gud. But problem is they cant continue 5 or 6 matches continuously. Thy r injury pron players. In the midst of a big tournmnt it defenetely a headache for coaches. A team need 100% fit players.
    A good coach never takes a playr without total fitness..arg blessed with lots of gud talents. Lamela got lots of opportunities earlier. Lamela should care his fitness for long time.if he proves his fitness level thr is no problm including him..
    Fitness and foam is very imp. In National level gmes.if thy can keep thr fitness for a long time thy will get chances sure..

  6. Alternative Argentina XI

    Lamela—————-Mac Allister————–Vargas

    • alternative:


      Montiel………………………………Angileri (Lisandro Martinez)


      • J correa and benedetto?
        Benedetto he played 4 matches for argentina , what he did? He barely had a touch on the ball.

        Except vargas and lamela no one looks good it looks like C or D grade teame.
        Argentina has a lot better alternatives than this.

        • Let’s start with base question what do you know about the players. You even didn’t heard some of the names let alone to watch them in full game. You shoul share opinion about things you have base knowledge while players from local league are total enigma for you. So, once again you fooled yourself.

          Another arrogant/ignorant statement.

          How dare you say a word about players you never ever watched, idiot. You are talking about C,D grades while you barely know something about A,B grade players. All your knowledge is just top of ice-berg.

          Before last friendlies Saravia could be for you such C,D grade player…

  7. Against Brazil we 🇦🇷 had problem hold on to the ball, we need player with good technical skills I think Lamela will be a good addition although he need to work harder defensively. What do you guys think?

    • Defence ■
      Pezzela + Otamendi + Funes mori
      Saravia + Tagliafico
      We also got – kannemann,Bustos,

      MIDFIELD ■
      Need R.Pereyra to play in his clubs position..
      Same goes for E.lamela
      Paredes Battaglia Ascacibar Lanzini Locelso Palacios Lamela R.Pereyra will be our core

      No 10— Dybala / De Paul [if messi Does not plays]
      No 9- Icardi/ Lautaro/ Simeone (main trio)
      In attack we have A.Correa/J.Correa/Pavon/vargas

      Acuna & Salvio(multipurpose player)

  8. Good day for Argentines except messi……really impressed by perreyra again….lamela was awsm too…lamela should be call up….dybala is not doing great for NT …may be he should learn from lamela some mental points….lamela over dybala for NT

    • Kid’s a beast and has been so since last season, he needs to be called. Heck if was playing for Barca or Boca or ever Independiante, he’d already be competing with Tagliafico.

  9. What’s wrong with “farmer’s” league?
    Most of the great Argentina players were a product of “farmer’s” league. Weren’t they?
    What makes you think that “Farmer’s” league will stop producing great players?
    I, for myself, a proud farmer. and looking to pick Mexican mango next month, actually I got few orders, already.
    in June 2019, We will pick Papaya in Brazil, and Fill the Copa with Acai berrys mixed with cashew nuts.

    • I heard the word farmer league when EPL flopped Dimaria become highest assist/chance creater. Look any small league can produce world class players, messi and Aguero were Argentina league player before moved to Spain. A player real improvement came in top league and most importantly UCL tournament. I read a article Champion best XI produce world champion for a national team that’s why I want maximum player if not every player from top league for Argentina NT

    • Yes, debut and at once against Ronaldo. Was decent. The generation of defenders from Sudamericano and WC 2017 looks good: Montiel, Foyth, Romero, Lisandro Martinez, Senesi.

      • Excellent debut game against a high profile juventus team , initially I afraid after yellow card but Romero did well . I have a high hope on senesi , very good ball playing defender who had overtaken Romero during U-20 WC.

          • Add to that two great going forward Defensa boys Lisandro Martinez (his driblings and passes are outstanding) and Barboza. Lisandro was also in the same U-20 team that Montiel, Foyth, Romero, Senesi. He shined yesterday against Talleres with his driblings.

          • Barboza needs to be called up ASAP, the kid’s been lighting up the primera for 2 seasons now, how much more does he need to do to get noticed?
            Licha Martinez is freakishly good both as a LB and a CB, but unlike Barboza he hasn’t been playing for that long so I’ll wait to see whether he continues his form throughout the season before I call for his call up.
            Barboza (defensa), Angeleri & Abicasis (Godoy) and Dominguez (Velez) must be called up immediately IMO.

  10. ………………..Kun…………Lautaro……………..


    • Against weak teams this could work, but against stronger opponents we need a proper DM like Battaglia or Ascacibar since Messi does not defend and Paredes is more of a playmaker.

    • No need to give up now on players that were good so far (Palacios, Pity) and on players that disappointed only one time (Lo Celso against Brazil). Wheter they will enough good to play in Copa time will tell but now we need to start with them still. I suppose Lautaro will start against Mexico. Lo Celso,Palacios, Pity too. Maybe Pavon as well. We need a bit of continuity.

    • Well balanced team. With Pereyra and Lamela on the flanks, we will have 4 defenders , Paredes and these two wingers doing the defensive duties whenever the opposition is attack us! Lamela and Pereyra are well used to tracking back and helping the defense, especially Lamela. Pochettino has made him a complete midfield player. He can create, cross, attack ,score , track back and defend. I am also very excited to see more of Saravia. After quite a while , we have a coach working on a solid back line!! Thank you Scaloni!!!

      My personal choice would be Icardi along side Kun. With Lamela providing killer crosses , Kun as a second striker and Messi supplying immaculate passes and through balls, Icardi finally will get his due service in the box. I would bring in Ascaibar or Battaglia when we are defending a league in the last quarter of the match!! I am more worried about Pezzella. In mere 4 matches he has already proved what a big blunder it was to not take him to the world cup. He gives us a peace of mind and sense of security. God forbid, if he gets injured just before the Copa or the World cup then we will again have to go back to the Fazio’s and Rojo’s!!! We need to find a proper backup for Pezzella.

    • With all respect to you and to other members who comment on lineup(s), I don’t think it’s wise to include any player from the seniors who has not been called back to the NT. until the end of year.
      Our project here is to find the young talent that will form the core of the team and then, only then, see which players from the seniors we need to call back.
      Not saying Messi or Aguero or Di Maria or Banega..etc is not welcomed back, but I think the best approach would be to find new players who will be able to play as a team first.
      I know maybe your line up is related to COPA19, but I think it is still early to make that call.

      • 100% agree Ebo

        We should not still form our fav line ups out of those not called up players ignoring the project Scaloni already has under way especially if some of them didn’t deserved to be dropped. Need Continuity and stability.

        • I take Saravia as an example, most were rushing to include Mercado as the only option for a RB, I was thinking the same, too. But He popped up, and showed promising talent to be a descent RB. So why not give Scaloni the space to gather more talent.

          • Yes, I have also few players I would like to see in NT like J.Correa, Montiel, Nico Dominguez, Barboza, Vargas, Andrada, Alexis Macallister but as a whole I accept the current Scaloni call ups and keep some humbleness even If I could swap A.Correa for J.Correa or Vargas for Salvio.

            Currently We should choose among the already called up

          • I, i i i i i i surreal if vs Mexico wont improve our attacking game we squander half year with this Scaloni project, because our next coach will call in every older players except the underperformers (every AMs, wingers and strikers period)

  11. 20 year old Romero(defender) starting against Juventus today….it will be very difficult to contain ronaldo & co.
    Anyway lets see how he performs

    • But finally he is emerging. Romero is Foyth level of talent. Also the same age. On Sudamericano 2017 our pair of CBs in U-20 team. Plus Montiel on right side and Valenzuela from MLS on left

        • Maybe. Personally have some doubts about that after his previous NT spells but I’m open to every young player and it’s always good to see our young forces getting stronger and stronger. Watching Tottenham today I like what I see from him on the right side. But before Lamela I would like to see Pavon getting the RW chance for the Mexico friendlies. If he will not deliver we may go for someone new like Lamela.

          I just want to see Scaloni (unlike Sampaoli) being more consequent and giving few starts to new players. Pavon is already in NT so in pecking order ahead of Lamela. We’ll see what happens.

          • I i i, who the fuck cares about you you you? Only the NT matters, Lamela can perform against quality sides, sometimes makes the difference on the highest levels, except the other names, their whole career show it. (De Paul, Cervi, Salvio, Gonzalo Martinez, Pereyra etc.) Angel Correa too, Pavon is too young to judge.

          • Csabalala

            “Only the NT matters”

            So why you are talking still about this or that player being too weak for NT because of playing in small club? You are easily getting tangled up in your own argements so that you contradict yourself.

            Look, you’ve said “Only the NT matters”. DOuble standards or unaware self-contradictions

            and few posts below wrote that Pity is wasted just because he is going to MLS.

            Oh poor Csabalala you are so poor. I have not to do much because you are like constant self-contradiction. Like being reitarating suicidal.

            So far Neither Correa (also not against Brazil) nor Lamela didn’t convinced in NT. So far.

          • @Mrinal

            I think, I have opinions. You, on the other hand you are absolutely sure about your statementes. Totall arrogant. Like it this statement:

            “It can be your opinion correa will show you that you are wrong as it happens always with you”.

            But things are not simple. Correa didn’t shined against Brazil. Maybe in future.

          • Only NT matters yes, not psyhopath Gonzalos false opinions, I I I I I always I I I I,, who the fuck cares which players you like, if these players are nowhere near that level we need…NT matters only…not your sick mind and your mental healt

          • To say “I think, I suppose, IMO” it’s still better than sound like if you could have crystal ball what is Mrinal, Csabalala and Romance specific trait.

            We have here to share opinions not arrogant statements like the guys above.

            I’m not prophet but still a lot of players I’m talking about as possible NT call ups are sooner or later emerging in NT, European clubs are at least being somwhere around.

          • “I’m not prophet but still a lot of players I’m talking about as possible NT call ups are sooner or later emerging in NT, European clubs are at least being somwhere around.”

            again I I I I I, not hard to propagate every young player who plays good regularly (3-4 matches is enough for you) in Primera or in small clubs, this is not your merit, scouts pay attantion every argentina player so the best will bought, and your hit ratio still very low in these circumstances.

          • “scouts pay attantion every argentina player so the best will bought”

            I hope the scouts have wider horizons than you.

            Just one case: Somehow the scouts didn’t picked Saravia before Scaloni did that. They are (Valencia) just now following Scaloni (and also my once mentioned name of Saravia). So, as you see, scouts are not scanning all players so perfectly.

            I prefer looking and watching for myself than by Talents Hunter or Whoscored.

          • Because Saravia didnt show anything so far worth attention. now wow he played a good match vs Neymar so they start to look Saravia again maybe we was wrong before that, but very likely will realize only one good match player, if he not replicate this performance.

          • Gonzalo, agreed, I also want to see more of De Paul, Pavon, Pereyra, Correa but rather than calling Salvio I would call Lamela who can play in more positions than Salvio.

          • EnganChe

            I think the same. There’s some pecking order forst of all. Not a big fan of Lamela but I prefer him over Salvio too.

          • “Because Saravia didnt show anything so far worth attention”

            What?! Where he didn’t show? He never watched him neither in Belgrano nor Racing so stop talking nonsense without minimal knowlegde about his career previous to last match. The fact is your scouts tottally overlooked him. Even Martino had his on long Olimpic Games list but not your scouts.

          • “De Paul, Pavon, Pereyra, Correa deserves more minutes”
            Yaa you are right, continuity is important too but since the next two match is against same opponent (actually that was stupid from Afa’s part) the players can be split into two for these matches

  12. i hoped he joined an epl side.he is the kind of player who could’ve shined in epl.hope the mls move is stepping stone for bigger things in future.afterall i guess mls is also growing and getting bigger

    • MLS is growing and getting bigger no doubt. So many our talented players is going there. For the reason I hope Almiron will go from Atlanta to Arsenal and pave the new route to Europe for our players, via USA.

      • Another slight concern in Pity’s move to mls is that the coach who comes in december(if it happens) will overlook him.
        I would love him to stay in River Plate than move to MLS.

        • If Pity will do well against Mexico the new coach (I doubt there will be other than Scaloni) will not him overlook. His NT future depends a lot on thr upcoming friendlies

  13. Scaloni is still raw as a coach just like Foyth, if Foyth can be the no1 defender in future but at moment F.mori is above him. Same for scaloni who can become bigger than simeone or pep in future but at moment scaloni is learning progress if scaloni remain Argentina coach then a Disaster is waiting looking at the team performance against both Colombia and Brazil. Scaloni isn’t tactically superior neither Argentina squad depth is like real Madrid, it will not be tolerable if Gareca pure completely outshine Argentina, if messi comes then somehow Argentina can be saved but Argentina need a tactically superior manager not learning in progress, let scaloni achieve with u20 and senior level in club first

  14. If Pity Martinez were more consistent in the earlier stages of his career, then perhaps he would have moved to Europe some time ago. After all, is he less talented than the likes of Cervi or De Paul who play in Europe? I don’t think so but this performances a few years ago could have been better.

    • He should have been called up after winnning Copa Argentina with Huracan. He was not rather better than today maybe under less pressure. The consistence always was his main problem. Recently better with that. Still has some low games but if he is on fire you can hardly find 1-2 so much impressive players in Argentina. Personally I appreciate him more than Cervi and at least on the De Paul level.

  15. Pity is one of the top5 players in arg. No doubt about his talent. As always brz got freedom not facing our current foam players like pity and palacios.
    I think simioni is little better than icardi against brz.bcz icardi need more crosses.he is a player who doesnt hold ball more.
    In that match we lacks better crossers. Our midfldrs always tends to play straight not good in airball and crosses.
    Players like acuna and cervi will be better when type of plaryr like icardi ready to strike in front of post.
    After crespo we missed such a classical no.9. NOW its over we got similar type of plyr like icardi.when dmaria on the wings we lacks such a tipical No.9. Now dmaria gone we got a true No.9 I told bcz of dmarias ability to cross more balls in pen. Area .our old strikers are not pure no.9 in my opinion.they r failing to convert such crosses. Thy cant reach for that crosses….

  16. I wonder why tapia mentioned those players names.
    Pezzela saravia battaglia paredes ascaciber and bustos.
    When i made deep analysis I found out .
    He realised they made big mistake not to take.
    Some those players to the world cup especially likes.
    Pezzela battaglia paredes cos those could have done better than .
    Some players who played same position as them during the wc.
    That is the reason i lost respect some of the old guards..
    They over stayed which means they limited any chance .
    That any young player could come throught.

    • Reports also indicate that Tagliafico and Celso are being watched by Barca but to be totally honest I really don’t want to see any of our boys go to Barcelona and rot on the bench, even though I think Barca could use Celso because he’d be a great replacement for Rakatic, especially in the long run. Still I’d prefer to see Celso go to Arsenal and work with Emery again.

    • I know saravia has impressed everyone and rightly so.
      Personally even more impressed with gonzalo montiel.
      Cos he can play anywhere cross the back he is versatile.
      I would love see him playing for Valencia.

  17. Roberto Carlos sorry Marcos Rojo in contention of being in the Man United squad after the “WC heroics”. Maybe he’ll start or come as a substitute or he won’t even make the squad or get injured again. But he has travelled along with the team to London. If he does well(highly unlikely/impossible) we’ll hear his name along with the Aguero-Higuain-Mascherano bandwagon. If Aguero scores a goal or more and if Higuain outshines Icardi/Lautaro then it will be the usual outcry.

    When Scaloni tried a realistic approach against a superior well drilled side with his inexperienced new squad , some here criticized him ignoring the fact about the time he got and international football. It is ironic that the same will be of huge praise when Mourinho parks the bus and play antifootball and man marks Hazard with his expensively assembled squad and gets something out of the game. He’ll be dubbed a “tactical genius”. The same goes to Simeone and other pragmatic club coaches. Even Guardiola played a defensive game , albeit not parking the bus against Liverpool. Aguero was nowhere to be seen. Guardiola knew that he could not go toe-to-toe with Liverpool as his side got mauled each time in the past. So he made a wise decision and changed his usual philosophy for that game. As a result he restricted Liverpool attack and got a point(maybe could have had more). He learned the lesson from the past and did’nt repeat it. If we look at Argentina’s preformances and results against Brazil in recent times, they were awful. We went toe-to-toe with them and got thrashed each time(forget the Bauza game, I don’t know what that was- filled with defensive minded players yet got slaughtered. No defending was there). So Scaloni’s approach this time was the right one eventhough we didn’t get a result.

    And finally saw some here slating Pochettino. Saying he’s crap. Oh dear..Appalling! I wonder whether they’re even football fans.

    • “If we look at Argentina’s preformances and results against Brazil in recent times, they were awful” What, why are you lying? Last friendlies 1:0, 4:3, 0:2 (with Messi penalty miss) 1:0 with possession football, not fear to attack unlike with Scaloni who failed even with coward anti-football, the gap never was so big in the last freindlies, never.

          • “our full backs cant attack”

            You were crashed by several members explanations few days ago when accused Saravia for not attacking against Brazil. The explanations were obvious for anyone. THe situation when you must stop Neymar is not even demanding explanation for anyone who knows something about football. That doesen’t apply to you. Stop this provocations because everyone who have watched the game was completely satisfiad with our fullbacks and what you are doing now is pure trolling.

    • First, who has have ever called for Masch and Higuain again? Please go ahead, give me 1 shred of proof to support this lie. You are obviously using their names as an easy target to support your narrative, nothing else.

      Here let me make it clear for you – not all senior players are “created equal”.

      Most here that are calling the senior players want Aguero, Messi, Otamendi, and Romero. Some are calling for Di Maria, and less Banega. Again, NO ONE IS CALLING FOR MASCHE and HIGUAIN – NO ONE. I repeat because it still hasn’t sunk in – NO ONE IS CALLING FOR MASCHE and HIGUAIN – NO ONE.

      (For all those that repeating this sentiment, can you do everyone a favor and be honest and not include Masche and Higuain ever again)

      I personally really want Aguero (Aguero, Lautaro, Icardi). He’s the best striker we have at the moment and if you’re unable to see it, then we are going to have agree to disagree. The guy was one our best players at the WC and we may even won against France if he started. He’s also inFORM, fully fit, and seems to have corrected his knee problem.

      Now for Scaloni. The main issue with the brazil game isn’t the defensive strategy. It was the defensive strategy coupled with a toothless attack. Our players looked lost, so much backwards passing, missed passes, turnovers, no 1-2s, no service to strikers, no creativity, and poor poor possession. Simeone is super defensive coach but at least Atleti counter great and are threatening. The brazilian goalie barely had any threat. So again, the problem isn’t that Scaloni was defensive, the problem is that we were clueless offensively.

      • Locelso could have scored. Icardi was left with space inside the box by Lautaro, he then had a good run on the play which led to a corner and an injury. Paredes could have scored if he was a millimeter more in tune, same with Dybalas free kick. I would not say we where offensively toothless. Yes, the team was not perfect, but this is the first time playing together for mang of these players. Creative futbol takes time to develop, and it wont until they stop trying out so many players and settle on the 11 starters for continuity.

        Scaloni is doing a fine job, he solidified the team defensively, and is working us forward from there. Patience..

        • You’re right, perhaps toothless was incorrect because we did had multiple opportunities. But i wouldn’t say the opportunities are necessarily a good or decent display of offensive tactics. i hope Scaloni proves me wrong but i have not seen anything offensively to get excited about. time will tell…

    • “If he does well(highly unlikely/impossible) we’ll hear his name along with the Aguero-Higuain-Mascherano bandwagon. If Aguero scores a goal or more and if Higuain outshines Icardi/Lautaro then it will be the usual outcry.”

      Mascherano and biglia retired
      Higuain has no chances of coming back
      no one called for them.

      Pure mockery to support your narrative/extreme solutions

  18. Defensa – Talleres 2:0

    in the duel of two most youngster teams in Superliga. Winger Gaston Togni and our former U-20 Lisandro Martinez played great game. The second keeps outstanding form no matter which positon he play: RCB, LCB, LB. Barboza and Miranda also standout.

    On the opponent side 4 players is worth following IMO: Herrera already in NT. Juan Ramirez and especially two: Leonardo Godoy, Tomas Pochettino. The second is CM so much similar to Lo Celso. RB Leonardo Godoy is on Valencia radar.

    • Lisandro Martinez must surely be in the NT set up soon. Can play CB and LB, offers many option. Don’t understand why still use Acuna as LB as if we had no other options. Angeleri is there too.
      But now, I am really worried about Nicolas Gonzalez development at Stuttgart.

  19. Mrinal

    “Pity marteniz is now finished”

    Someone asked you wheter you have crystal ball…

    good to see another arrogant statement from you. We’ll see how future will tell for that and how will you react if this or other your predictios will turned out to be wrong. Most probably you are so brave in statements because of 2 things:

    1. simple stupidity
    2. lack of identity on this site. Simply if things will goes wrong for you – you will go to another account. Finally this “Mrinal’ is also recent member…

    “Pity marteniz is now finished”

  20. Can anyone explain Marcelo Gallardo as a coach? It is highly likely that he will turn out to be the coach for NT.
    Jose Pekerman maybe just waiting for a call but AFA isn’t interested by the sound of it.
    My opinion ‘Lionel Pablo Walter Deigo’ aren’t doing bad to get replaced. Continue with them but also rope in a former foward to get a point across on the attack front. We need to sharpen our attacking skills. Why not Claudio Lopez? Gabriel B. would be apt but his presence might derail the other coaches like Scaloni Aimar, Samuel, Placente.

    • All I can think of him as 3 in one.
      Simeone,Pep, and mourinho combined. his style has a little of everyone of those 3, being closest to ‘El Cholo”
      He is known to pick players who exactly fit his tactics. offensive, yet with defensive awareness. Very demanding in physical attributes of a player.
      I think he is the closest to “Argentine style of play” if there is a specific one. Which is total war, or ‘win at all costs’

    • Can you please stop this farmer thing? whatever you mean by this is unsure but sounds horrible. Have respect.
      without Farmers you ain’t gonna eat.
      You ain’t even kicked a ball to make such comments on a league which gave birth to an world famous Albiceleste and some of the best players ever.

      • I want every Argentina player play in top club playing XI in top league which is obviously not possible but if someone moved from Argentina heavyweight River to farmer MLS, what should I say?

        • Romance

          what about Saravia playing such a good game against Brazil. You’ve said every over 23 player who plays still in local league is farmer… What’s wrong with your categories?

  21. Bad move for Pity and it’s unfortunate because he’s way too talented to go to the MLS but money talks…sigh. In regards to his NT status, well if he continues to play the way he did in the first 2 friendlies then he should continue to be called up because at the end of the day it’s his performance for the NT that really counts and if his form somehow drops then there are the likes of DePaul, Cervi, A.Correa, Ocampos and even Pavon and lanzini who can possibly take his place, so no need to start worrying about it now.

  22. He is not that young and MLS is not followed that much by European clubs. If he makes such a move then he may probably never go to Europe. Personally I never seen a MLS player joins a top European club. Lanzini was lucky to find West Ham after his Qatar experience, he was very young too. Honestly I think he has level for a top club in Serie A or Ligue 1, probably a decent team in Premier League or Liga like Man United and Valencia.

  23. For a move to happen 3 sides are needed. The player, team which sells and team which buys.
    Money rules the world. It‘s simple this was the best offer for River and for Pity. If you asked him he would choose Real, Barcelona or whatever team but there was no offer that all 3 sides agreed so this happened. He has waited until now and no move happened. He is 25 and wants to earn money. A footballers career is short. Is it a good move for our team? No but lets wait and see.

    • i would hate to know that was the best offer because then perhaps we are overestimating him. i would easily think he can get into a mid-high table spanish/italian team.

  24. This is crazy. These guys think they will get better in MLS? I am not a fan of players going to European teams and not playing either, but playing against bad players is just the same.

    Their best move is to stay in Primera and play regular minutes. This shit has Tata written all over it. Tata is smart enough to steal young Argentina talent and teams in la Primera would sell their own mother if the price is right. The ones that lose here are the fans, and the quality of play in the NT for years to come….how is Barcos doing for those of you that don’t see this? Oh yeah, he is no where near the NT. Dumb player to accept this.

  25. Why so much negative about pitty
    I don’t doubt soon he will move Europe
    I don’t care which club he plays as long
    He performe the NT regular…
    Sorry to say it there re so much haters
    In this mundo I really doubt they re arg supporters.

    • if you want to convince yourself that this move is wonderful for Martinez then you are free
      to convince yourself.

      just don t accuse people because they don t agree with you.

      everybody love Argentina.
      please my friend don t be like some other guys here that they are “opinion police” of the website.

      i would never write to you this if was other person but i write you friendly this post because
      i have put you in high place of respect from the members here.


      • “if you want to convince yourself that this move is wonderful”

        In fact no one try to convince anyone this move is wonderful. This is probably not good move but reactions of some people are as always rush, extreme and far to be sensfull when they are talking about already lost career.
        His biggest chance are upcoming NT friendlies and not any club move.

        “We can stop talking about Pity from now. He is wasted”.

        Pure Idiotism

        • “We can stop talking about Pity from now. He is wasted”.
          I don’t think this is a valid prediction.
          As godin11 says, He might still be good for the NT. but I still think that he should have stayed at river for at least another year.

          • ” If they (Pity, Palacios) stay little bit longer playing together in the same club better for everyone!”

            Yes, it could be best for NT to see them both one year longer in River but not much hopes for that. That was expected at least one of the two will leave River soon. Now Pity hope is NT performances. I he will deliver there He will stay there no matter which club join.

    • Pity ain’t a spring chicken. If he were 19, id agree that mls isn’t that bad, just a stepping stone. But at 25 and with his talent, he should be further developing in the best leagues.

      • You know my friend, Martinez and Palacios are good for River Plate, and they are good for the NT. I know Palacios is younger than Martinez 5 years, If they stay little bit longer playing together in the same club better for everyone! for them, for the club and for the NT.

        • exactly this is what i am thinking my friend.

          at least he could finish the season in River and after go to Europe.
          only in Europe is step forward.

          as i said.
          what a waste.

  26. Well, I’ve always said that Argentine young players needs career counseling as a part of tyeir academy training to stop them making idiotic career moves.

    Go ahead and lecture me on how football doesn’t revolve around big European leagues lol.

    • Champions league is the NBA of football.
      Playing in teams that are regulars in that competition would be great. At this moment we dont have many. I hope the number of our players will grow.
      Doesnt mean we must discard other leagues completely though.
      Team football first and formost.

    • Sadly, most of the Primera players are under bad outdated agents, who have links only at a mediocre level in Europe. That’s why we see (past 15 years), most going to mediocre clubs in Europe and either flop or lose their way out.

  27. one more very good talented and skillful player that he has no brain unfortunately
    and risk his career with danger to waste it.

    i am sad for you Pity.
    if you believe that your leave from River and your going to Atlanta this is move forward for yourself and your career then you are more stupid than i thought.

    what a waste.

  28. Still would like to see him more in Europe or continuing in River team (more motivation for me to watch River than Atlanta). But perspective to see Barco on one flank and Pity on the other is a bit of consolation.
    Wheter he will go to Europe it depends on his NT performances.
    If he will continue good the offers from Europe shall come.

    • Don’t forget about Gonzalez Pirez of Atlanta. Along with Andrada, Tagliafico, Pezzella he made our defensive line great during U-20 WC 2011.

        • Gonzalez Pirez didn’t faded byt playing in MLS has not the prestige. If he will left still might hear about them. Taglia, Gonzalez Pirez, Galeano – all in their first Europeans trials.

      • Lol , what happened to argentine wonderkid ezequiel barco , he is not even starting for atlanta, he should leave atlanta asap.
        Pity marteniz is now finished, earlier he got offer from sporting cp he should have joined but argentine youngesters are becoming greedy.

      • “wasted career”???

        Another guy with crystall ball? That doesn’t mean wasted career in NT. Many examples: Renato Augusto (China), Basanta (Mexico). Miguel Almiron, after span in Atlanta, is again on European clubs radar.

        Anyway all that go far beyod your imagination so much limited with big clubs dreams.

        “you were sure Meza wil play in a good european club?”

        Bring my words

        Sure? I’m not arrogant to be sure of future like you predecting some teams and players being crashed.

      • “another wasted career”

        and I know you would like willingly announce any our youngster career wasted. As our court troll you are waiting for such things happen. But ATM reality is different as he just actually began his NT career and is going to be called up by Scaloi in November.

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