Sergio AGUERO scores for Manchester City in win against Liverpool


Sergio AGUERO scored Manchester City’s opening goal in their 2-1 win against Liverpool.

Last season’s league winners were up against the league leaders in what was described as a must win for Pep GUARDIOLA’s men. Liverpool came very close to opening the scoring but the first goal of the match was that of Sergio AGUERO’s.

The Argentine received the ball in the penalty area, span around and rocketed a shot from a very tight angle to give City the lead.

AGUERO’s goal was his 250th career league goal.


  1. Juventus are close to signing Cristian Romero for 20 million. He will remain in Genoa till end of season on loan. Romero was Juve’s second choice behind French teenager Tobido, who chose to join Barcelona.
    Maxi Romero could return to Argentina on loan from PSV as PSV have relegated him to their reserve team for the rest of the season. The coach feels he is not technically good enough to play in the Dutch league right now. Ironically, the world youth cup will be held in Nederland in June this year. Hopefully he can show his capabilities starring for Argentina.
    Dortmund have Almada on their shortlist as one of the players to replace Pulisic.
    Boca Juniors have beaten Colo Colo to the signature of Angel Gonzalez of Godoy Cruz.

  2. 37 – Most goals in Premier League matches between ‘big six’ clubs since the start of the 2011-12 season:

    37 Sergio Aguero
    21 Harry Kane
    20 Wayne Rooney
    18 Robin van Persie
    17 Eden Hazard


  3. I personally don’t mind giving Kun one last chance, he was in good shape in WC2018 but Sampaoli did not utilize him properly. However the likes of Di Maria, Banega and even Romero should not be called up anymore. Just my opinion.

    • Aguero is a game changer yes, but Banega was also a game changer too in the WC.
      We finally started scoring goals once he was introduced and actually threatened in the midfield.
      Enzo and Masche were the ones who were just dreadful, but Banega I believe deserves on more chance.

      Romero is the best Argentine keeper right now, it’ll be the World Cup all over again if he doesn’t come, us conceding easily over and over again.

      Aguero deserves a chance. So does Banega. Messi is a MUST.

      • With that in mind:
        Possible line-up’s for Copa America in one of two formations, 4-4-2 or 4-3-3. Beginning as a 4-4-2 and shifting to 3-4-3 midfield diamond in possession.

        It would look more like this in a 4-3-3, and still shifting to a 3-4-3 midfield diamond when in possession. Would work well against a team that plays 4-4-2, such as Uruguay, because there will always be at least one or two guys free.

        – Since always at least 2 guys are marking Messi, there will always be a “free man” for us.
        Doesn’t matter either in a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3, the team will regardless shift into a 3-4-3 midfield diamond when in possession. When defending, they’ll return in a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3.
        – Width will always be kept with one winger and one fullback in both formations.
        – One destroyer (Paredes), one controller (Banega) and one creative attacker (Lanzini), with Messi at the head of the midfield with complete freedom to expose gaps = Midfield dominance.
        Midfield Dominance = goals, not simply keeping possession for possession sake, passing back and forth from CB’s and DM.

        • Amigo, Paredes is anything but a destroyer 🙂 The fact that he plays in defensive midfield does not mean he’s particularly good at disrupting the opposition attacks. His strengths are passing and ball control. He’s a playmaker, just sitting deep in midfield.

      • Banega is the embodiment of inconsistency, hit or miss, never know what you are getting from him. Romero is also error prone, vs Brazil a better keeper would have saved it. I don’t think he’s irreplaceable. He is a great penalty stopper, I’ll give him that, but that’s about it. Messi is Messi, I won’t even discuss that.

    • Honestly I wouldn’t mind having Kun, Banega, Romero and even Maria on the team but not as starters but rather as subs to provide support and experience for the next gen. Maybe having the messi gen as support will remove the massive weight from their shoulders and allow them to perform.

      • Mamoun, imagine a situation in which Cervi, De Paul, Lamela, Pity and Vargas are all called up and part of the squad for Copa America and all are vying for left hand side spot. Where does Di Maria fit in that scenario, even from the bench?

        Banega as a sub is a possibility but what if Lanzini recovers well in time for Copa, wouldn’t he be a better asset?

        —————Paredes————–Lo Celso————–
        Messi———Kun/Icardi/Lautaro——-Cervi/De Paul/Pity

        • ………………..Benitez
          ………Lo Celso…………….Palacios

        • EnganChe I see and feel your concern but Dimaria’s spot (LF/ LAM) in particular has not been claimed yet.
          All the ones you’ve listed have potential but lets not forget that Lamela plays mainly on the right and is sadly very unreliable when it comes to fitness while De Paul is highly versatile and Dimaria’s position isn’t his only option. That leaves Pity, Cervi and Vargas and out of those 3 Pity is clearly the lead, afterall he’s SA player of the year and performed wonderfully against Colombia a while back. Cervi is hella talented but he’s lost his form and position with Benfica but to be honest I would like to see him go back to his original position as a b-2-b midfielder during his Rosario days.
          Vargas had a breakout season last year but then dropped off badly and has only recently started to pick up pace again so he’s not a prime option.

          The team thus far looks like this:





          LF, DM (after Battaglia’s injury) and GK spots are open.

          In the DM spot there is the possibility of Ascacibar but let’s not forget that Caseres will likely get a call because he was injured last time around. I personally want to see Nico Dominguez be given a try because he seems to offer things that neither caseres nor Ascacibar have.
          It’s also entirely possible that the spot will be given to another b-2- b instead of a DM player like Palacios as we saw against Colombia.

          The GK post seems to be wide open! There is Armani who has the nod for now but Gazzaniga made a good case for himself as did Rulli (especially with his excellent distribution) and let’s not forget that Romero is always a reliable option and is likely to be there even if he won’t start.
          Like most of you my first option is Walter Benitez who has the 2nd best GK stats after Alisson in all top 5 leagues but for some odd reason Scaloni hasn’t called him up yet.

    • I would take Banega and aguero
      Cose those two never had proper chance
      In the Nt.
      Only lanzini if he is not available
      Banega much better than palacios
      At the moment
      Aguero is much better than icardi
      And l Martinez
      But as I said side before is better
      To move forward and stick with the
      New generation.

  4. “According to newspaper Clarin, the Nerazzurri put forward a similar proposal, but would be prepared to leave him on loan at Boca until January 2020.

    On the other hand, Napoli would let the 18-year-old remain only until June.

    However, Sportitalia insist the player has chosen Napoli and reiterated his decision in a meeting with Boca Juniors.

    Both clubs are believed to be offering around €13m, whereas his release clause is €17.5m.”

    Almendra to Napoli then?

  5. Fernandhino 33.
    Kompany 32.
    Aguero 30.
    Saved city against liverpool.
    Combination of experinced and young energetic players always works. All the bunch of man city’s young squad were thrashed by some PL teams.

    • We are yet to have a good dm in copa ,ascacibar and caseres are good but not experienced enough to take on skillful players for the moment ,parades is a liability as DM (he is a gift as cm because of passing and playmaking skills) ,so now the question is who will get the role of dm ?We don’t have dm’s like torera ,casemiro ,fernandinho

      • Is Torreira that much better than Ascacibar? I don’t think so. He’s only 22. A bit more experienced and probably a better passer but overall Ascacibar not far behind Torreira. Ascacibar makes up with his intensity and dynamism. Casemiro and Fernandinho, yes, those are ahead.

        • If Ascacibar was as good as Torreira, he’d be a wanted man, but he isn’t.
          Not because he hasn’t been discovered, it’s just he’s not that big of a deal.
          He’s an average DM at best, nothing special about him that’ll change our team.

        • Torrera is definitely better than ascacibar at the moment ,he is considered as one of best signing of pl this season along with shaqiri and Allison ,he has performed well apart from 1-2 games ,that doesn’t mean ascacibar is bad either

      • The answer to that question, “who will get the roll of DM?” is no one specifically.
        Rather, a double pivot, following what clubs like PSG do when they don’t have an actual pivot to guide the team. Have instead a double pivot.

        In PSG, it’s Verratti and Rabiot the double pivot since Thiago Motta is gone. And neither are natural #5’s.

        Same can be done with el albiceleste.
        Placing the burden to begin all the attacks, break down attacks, and stop other 3-man midfield is too much to ask of say Paredes, Ascacibar, Caseres, Kranevitter, etc, and too risky as they’ll be overrun.
        Have a double pivot to boss around possession, giving more freedom to our fullbacks to push up in attack without suffering greatly in defense.

        It could therefor be a double pivot of Paredes and Caseres, our two best passers.
        With two attack minded pivots, that would reduce the need for Messi to drop as often since possession will be safe in their care.
        Messi can be the second striker next to Aguero and connect with the midfield, while wingers say Lanzini and Dybala keep width, and giving them freedom to support the midfield when they see necessary. The full back on their flank would then have to push up to mantain the width.

        Long story short,
        – Possession secured
        – 5 attacking, 5 defending always
        – Messi freedom with less creative burden.
        – Width always mainted by wingers or fullbacks.
        – MAD playing together.

  6. I think thr is lots of opportunities waisted by our beloved coaches.Our team needed good new approach and fresh tactics to win something..

  7. Very disappointed bcz arg
    Couldnt capitalize aguros wonderful striking abilities..we missed lots of our big talented plyrs ability to convert thr club foam to Nt.

    • Actually for Argentina its other way around Aguero couldnt capitalize the chances he got while Higuain was clearly better than him during that time(may be injuries played a part) after 2016 copa america both were poor for argentina although Aguero regained his form for seleccion at the end of 2017.

  8. If we don’t take ageuro in copa because of ego problem then we will definitely pay for this bdw those who compare overrated lautaro with ageuro are living in fool’s paradise ,he still has more pace than 21 year old lautaro even after being 31

      • Our first two strikers should be Icardi and Aguero if 3rd one is needed then lautaro vs Simeone depending on from and tactics

    • True, its physical condition and playing form that really matter. There are players who still physically strong in their mid 30’s like Zidane in 2006 WC, Zanetti was 35 when he won treble and Klose was actually 36 in 2014 WC.

      Aguero only started in 2 games in recent WC and still scored twice and won penalty which Messi failed to convert. Hell, he scored against France with his first chance and almost helped to setup Argentina for equalizer.

      I’d take Messi, Aguero, Icardi, Dybala and Lautaro for Copa. Although Simeone probably will somehow make it.

      Aguero is actually 30 not 31.

  9. REPOST:

    Dear Mundo Friends, please vote for the Coach, 23 squad, and Starting 11

    With the help of Ebo, Gonzalo, Godin, Mrinal, and Cox, we’ve completed the full list (if i missed player, ill add him and i’ll happily change my name to “dumbass” for a week lol) Please don’t try to game the survey, let it run its natural course.

    Heres the link but I excluded the full URL since it will have to be approved by admin and that can take 1 or 2 days so im avoiding


    (This is last time ill post for additional votes. Ill summarize the stats shortly after)

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