Sergio AGUERO, Angel DI MARIA expected to make Argentina return next month


According to a report, Sergio AGUERO and Angel DI MARIA are both expected to return to the Argentina team.

While rumors last week had AGUERO out of Argentina’s friendly matches as well as the Copa America, a new report has both him and Angel DI MARIA included in the team. Per TyC Sports, Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI will be travelling to Europe next week where he will speak with a few players, one based in Manchester and the other in Paris.

SCALONI is expected to speak with both players as well as captain Lionel MESSI as the three are now likely to feature in next month’s friendly matches. Sergio AGUERO has been in great form this season and particularly since the start of 2019 where he has scored three hat tricks.

Angel DI MARIA impressed in PSG’s 2-0 win against Manchester United in the Champions League where he assisted both goals.

The last time we saw either of those two players in an Argentina shirt was against France at the 2018 FIFA World Cup where both Sergio AGUERO and Angel DI MARIA scored.


  1. Lots of credits to Scaloni who so far has managed to keep a balance in that squad. With a few additions such as Messi, Di Maria & Aguero the team could gain in depth and quality.

  2. Di Maria and Kun can change the match with few actions but to support that, you need others to run double. Just have a look at the workload of Manchester wingers and PSG strikers. Sane, Bernardo Silva, Sterling, Cavani and Mbappe run like 10km per game in sprint. If you put together Messi, Aguero and Di Maria, who are going to run? We all know that the current and probably next generation is not as talented as Messi’s one for some positions, but in football you got to have warriors and fresh legs, just a matter of balance. Look at the French national team in 2016 vs that of 2018, there is a difference of 13 players between those 2 competitions even though France finished 2nd in 2016 and most of the new players are younger. Look at Spain between 2010 and 2014, almost unchanged and we know how they finished.

  3. I would recommend Juan Foyth to play as DM with the role of destroyer alongside paredes and Messi as AMF with creative burden. Front three should be aguero, Di Maria and Icardi/Dybala depending on situation…

  4. Foyth is no doubt good ball playing defender ,but he needs to improve his defensive part like 1 vs 1 ,clean tackling ,ball recovery and positioning
    I have observed that he is very much error prone

  5. Juan Foyth

    In the first half he got out of trouble on a couple of occasions with real skill, but did lose the ball on another, presenting Pulisic with a chance which Lloris saved. Apart from that one moment was probably the calmest player on the pitch and considering he was thrown into this game he was incredibly assured in everything he did and dominated Pulisic. 9

    • Godin11: i rate foyth very highly, yes he is still learning but seems to have all the tools necessary to be a big player, he looks so cool, calm,composed and a very good passing range with the ball thanks to starting life as a youth player as a cent mid before moving to the back.

      • 100 percent mate agree with you
        By the way this is not my writings
        It’s from football-London
        Not only Arg fans rate him
        that highly but also other
        Football pundits.

        • Godin11: i look forward to watching foyth’s progress as he has a big future ahead of him i believe.
          as a spurs fan i have read many good things about him, the spurs fans rate him very highly as do i from all ive seen from him so far.
          his last start for the n.t earned him a motm performance and that is great for us and the n.t

          • My friend
            I’m west ham fan you know
            we don’t like
            Spurs but for me is different
            Cose you have few Argentina players
            And Argentina manager. that makes
            Me follow spurs a lot since
            Pochettino came . As football fan
            Argentina NT. Come first for me
            and west ham is my local team originally
            I used support fiorentina but time gone I lost interest of Italian football
            But still I have soft heart for them.
            But I don’t follow Italian football at all.anymore for me EPl and champions league.

          • Godin11: im hearing you brother-the n/t is always top of my list but
            ive been spurs for a long time since the great ardiles and villa joined them many years ago.
            w.ham…sigh lol ive some good friends who support them and the banter between us is always entertaining.
            poch is definatly a very astute coach who players seem to want to die for him, hes a great leader/boss.
            I wish poch could take over part time the n/t u-20 or some thing close as what makes poch so good is his bond with his players and I don’t see that happening if he was to take another job or the n/t job as those bonds don’t happen over night, this would be a good way to form them moving up the ranks to hopefully one day take over the n.t one day.

    • Disagree, I thought Tagliafico was quite solid and made a series of good runs and passes however he was partially culpable for the 2nd goal as he should’ve covered his side of the field better but to be honest it was a collective defensive mistake.

      • Tagliafico is preety average nothing special there are hundreds of Tagliafico playing football around the world.Making runs on the pitch without good sense of the game .Do not know how to get best out of himself.

        • Yea, reminds me of Zabaleta. Nothing really outstanding in terms of skills. Zabaleta however was able to cover his limited ability with his determination. I remember in WC 2014, dude still run alot in extra time.

          Tagliafico was nowhere near that in 2018 WC.

  6. Its a request from my side to everyone that lets not poke each other and accept diverse opinion because everyone can have their own freedom of expression ,let’s not make this beautiful source as poking or battle ground ,let us freely express our opinion
    And gonzalo and el prince pls stop figting and poking each other
    Let us mind our own business , don’t go personal , express your opinions peacefully

    • Some people hate on him here but he’s been pretty good in the Champion’s League, and for what it’s worth, even made it to the best CL XI according to

        • Foyth loses ball easily ,its not his fault though (playing a different position and that too for the first time in UCL)
          Bdw Ajax are playing wonderful football ,I will be happy if either caseres ,almendra or ascacibar joins Ajax

          • Mrinal1235:
            to be fair hes still a boy and only his 2nd start at this level and got better and better as the match rolled on
            Juan Foyth
            In the first half he got out of trouble on a couple of occasions with real skill, but did lose the ball on another, presenting Pulisic with a chance which Lloris saved. Apart from that one moment was probably the calmest player on the pitch and considering he was thrown into this game he was incredibly assured in everything he did and dominated Pulisic. 9
            another site:
            DF Juan Foyth, 8 — Making only his second Champions League appearance, the 21-year-old was confident in possession and set up a snapshot for Christian Eriksen after escaping from behind Dortmund’s defence. He lost the ball carelessly to Pulisic just outside his own box on one occasion but redeemed himself by getting a touch on Zagadou’s header, slowing it down for Lloris

          • Pablo.d
            Foyth he is proper baller
            This boy will be world class
            No doubt I saw him enough
            He so comfortable with the ball
            Here is the rate spurs players
            For any reporters still needing ratings: Lloris 7; Aurier 7.5, Foyth 8, Sanchez 7, Alderweireld 7, Vertonghen 8; Winks 8, Sissoko 8; Eriksen 7.5, Son 7.5, Moura 6.
            He has more rating than
            Alderweireld and sanchez

  7. 26th minute comment:
    Foyth is fine. Poch trying to use him to bang long passes and be a playmaker to stretch BVB, and not just kick balls 30m into stands under pressure. BVB have caught onto this and shutting down both him and alderweirld from doing this. He’s not a DM and so he got caught out in that situation. If you judge him as a CB he’s doing quite well so far. Whenever the Belgian left CB is getting dragged out he is sliding well to cover both right CB and central CB.

      • He’s doing similar role of Marquinhos with PSG, besides, similar system, a team can switch from 3421 to 4231 or 442. I like this football practiced by Pochettino and Tuchel.

      • Interesting question. It is my opinion that true ball playing center backs are even more of a rarity than a pass playing destroyer, even though our situation in the national team might make us think midfielders are a rarity. With that in mind, I wouldn’t hinder and confuse the progress of Foyth by trying to re-position him yet again on a permanent basis, given that he already started as a midfielder in his career and has slowly started working his way to the back as part of his development. Instead I would consider being a bit more patient with our deep midfield situation given there is a crop of players who have a chance of coming through in the Primera.

        Also in terms of Copa squad construction, the Marquinos example is a great parallel as pointed out. First, we would not want Parades and Foyth playing alongside each other, as both are similar ‘intensity’ players. What we need next to Parades is more of an elevated Battaglia type, but consider Foyth as a potential DM injury substitute rather. Consider this: if your non starter CB’s are Foyth and Funes Mori for example, you can theoretically cover three or four injury spots with two bodies. This becomes a huge premium when selecting reserve players. This is also why I think under-appreciated players like Mercado and Acuna are also pretty much guarantees in the 23.

  8. Foyth just did some big mistake that could cost his team a goal.

    And I just found out that he is another Argentina player who have Polish roots.

  9. el principe

    only one your statement is enough to understand what kind of man you are. What kind of rogue:

    “READ THIS: In WC 2014, Outlaw said that he does NOT care whether Argentina lost as long as “his players” played the game”.

    I don’t think is here anyone who could say something like that and everyone who knows me a bit is sure I could not write something like that. The only thing your mean, deceitful slander like that may be unpunished is fact that old Mundo archive was deleted. Unfortunately. I’m often claiming for prove for accusations people have against me, because I have some rules of being minimum honest.
    But you was one of admins of this site. So maybe old Mundo archive is somwhere there. Please bring my comment where I was saying that.

    “he was banned in 2014 for being a troll”

    Yes, to be harsh critic of Higuain and Di Maria was like trolling in that time. Very unpopular. You mentioned some less important players I liked but why you still can’t admit that my persistent critic of Higuain, yet since beginning of 2014 as unreliable player WC was turned to make sense.

    I was banned, yes. But when I asked Roy some time later why I was banned he couldn’t say the reason. If it was for my players ratinngs after one of the game this is in fact laughable because whenever you look for player ratings you see how crazy things people can do on that and (no one never was banned) while my intention was just to make the best player IMO looking outstanding.

    “Stop blaming me a fan of any generation. I am a fan of Argentina. Unlike you… mr Outlaw”.

    So why you emerge always when the generation has come back and disappear when they are failing? So was during last WC. You were not really much active here till the moment before Nigeria game when it was going the old guard will back. Everyone may check that. Suddenly you started post 10 comments per hour. Coincidence? Then, after lost to France total disappearance. So was after Copas. So who is hiding actually.

    Whent it comes to my behaviour during last WC:

    “In WC 2018, we could have lost in the group stage easily but the we bounced back by beating Nigeria 2-1 where all the regular players played. We celebrated. Outlaw? As usual, he disappeared and he waited until Argentina lost until he appeared again”

    Lie: I didn’t disappeared after win over Nigeria (as if the win was sad for me). Everone may check. I disappeared before the game because of my boycott. I posted here before the game long post about why I’m refusing support old guard being completely convinced that leads to nowhere and we will go nowhere far. I even promised: if this team will lead at least quarter final I will eat my own shit and never ever post here anymore. But if this team will fail I expect the same for old guard promotors. Did I was wrong? Did I was wrong about Higuain?

    People may refuse supporting some things when they are strongly convinced there is some gigantic mistake underlying and all that goes to nowhere. People may protest and boycott rule of their own country because they see someone try to decept them. Messi may refuse play in NT for some time because he need to see some positive coupd’etat. So was with me. That comment was expression of my indignation for something without sense.

    • el principe. Being old Mundo admin, maybe you have in potence to revive that old Mundo archive to bring comment prove for that your lie.

      Talking about players I promoted: well, no one is infallible. Just before WC you were talking arrogantly how this Pity Martinez (you have special problem with him just because it is my old name) is mediocree. Now he is best player of South America. So your intuition is far from perfect.

    • And one more thing: who is more reliable as fan: the one who is commenting here all year round watching Argentina football also at his grassroots or someone who comment once a year and only if THAT generation is around. (BTW I’m 34 yo and adulthood too)

    • Outlaw, after WC 2014, I posted something here (at the time you were still banned) that I am kinda retired from this site. I am too old and too busy for this crap.

      I only consider being active here for 2 reasons: if it can be back like in WC 2014 where it was healthy and a lot of “colorful comments” and during the World Cup. Other than that, I am done. I am too lazy to write any comments on any rubbish that think all of our youngsters are as talented as Mbappe. Here people don’t know to distinguish a $200 million dollars rated player and a $2 million dollars rated local player. And that is the color of this site now.

      My presence and disappearance here has nothing to do with Di Maria performance last night or Argentina loss to France,

        • I agree, Disclosing past actions/comments of mundo members in this way is just wrong, We are here one family of fans who are looking for the best of Argentina NT. Let us stay from any personal attacks.

    • And you know what, el principe,
      you are man of the past. Like old man only idealizing past times without real knowledge about present positives. You don’t want to see Argentina have a future that’s why you have problem with those who are looking for youth generations in local league or anywhere. Looking for talents is always full of optimism no matter how good they are. This is attitude of someone optimistic. I want to see Argentina have good future. I’m man looking ahead while you just stick to the one generation trying to deny we a have future beyond the well known generation and trying to take away the pleasure others. You looks to me as someone who really supported Argentina NT but now you have not time to be timely and follow current state of Argentina talent so it’s better for you to just try deny there’s any talent the more you are entangled long time in some personal animosity with biggest Argentina talents follower I am.

      • To me, it looks like you are so busy looking for future talents that you are blind of the skillful players of today. “You can’t see the forest for the trees.”

        • Who are the players of today? The players of today are Lo Celso, Icardi,De Paul, Lautaro, Tagliafico, Pezzella, Pity, Palacios. They deserves their 1st tournament. Di Maria had 3 Copa, 3 WCs

          • So what if ADM has this and that number of copas and WCs? What kind of relevance has that kind of statistics other than that he for sure has more experience of large tournaments than Pity or Palacios. But of course, in your eyes, being youth seems to be more important than having experience.

          • He was experienced yet on 2015 Copa, on 2016 Cope even more. And the more on WC 2018. While the results are dropping. I don’t know why some people can’t see the peak of this generation was in 2014. I don’t want Di Maria because it is more likely he will play even below the WC 2018 level than better than that. We may got the experience taking on Copa Romero, Otamendi, Messi, even Aguero. That is enough

  10. Argentina was producing top quality young players like Messi, Higuain, Mascherano, Aquero, Di Maria, Gago, Zabaleta, Lavezzi, Garay, Banega etc in the last decade. And Before the Messi ”generation” young players like Aimar, Riquelme, Cambiasso, Zanetti, Lucho, Saviola, Samuel, Ayala etc. were emerging from Argentina youth system. Who from this new generation is creating any buzz around the world of football? Be honest with yourself, in terms of producing top quality world class young players, Argentina have been regressing.

    If Tapia want success he should focus on the new U20 and Olympics teams, if they do well at the upcoming u20 world cup and later on at the Olympics then these guys should be promoted to the senior team. The current players who are being presented as the future is far from top quality product. I’m still waiting on Kranevitter and Vietto to be the next big thing in Argentinean football. Guys like Lo Celso will fade away like many other recent young Argentina talent.

    You’re not going to win any major tournament with mid-table and regulating team squad members. And most of the guys being hype here are in this category. Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and Peru are all better than Argentina without several of the Messi generation players. Struggling against Mexico C, Guatemala, Iraq and got outplayed by both Brazil and Colombia is not a good look going into the Copa America.

    Losing the 2014 World Cup final doesn’t mean Argentina was a bad team. Germany had that extra within their squad which was enough to tilt the world cup title in their favor. Before the 2014 World Cup final there were four possible winners; Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Spain, three of the four teams made the semis except Spain who was replace by Holland. Anyone of the final top four teams on the day could have won the world cup in 2014, and Germany did, not because Messi and his team mates were ”bad” or that they played ”horrible.” In sports their have to be a winner and a loser. Messi and his team mates were not guaranteed a spot in the 2014 world cup final which was one of the hardest path to the final. 1994, 1998, 2002 and 2006 were easier path to a world cup final for Argentina compare to 2014 where they had to play four teams (including Germany in the final) that were in the top FIFA ranking.

    The Premier hype here is still unbelievable. I mean, the worst teams in Spain top flight would wipe the floor with the best in the Primiera.

    The worst teams in the UCL, I.e. Club Brugge, Red Star Belgrade, Plzen, AEK and Young Boys are way better teams than the 2019 Copa America participating teams like Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador. How in the world can anyone with a right mind say that the Copa America is ”better” tournament than the UCL? I mean, even the quality of the 2018 world cup was underwhelming.

    It’s like here people think with a small mind, they hype up mediocre players as saviors, most of whom haven’t even participate in a major club or international tournament. In tournaments like the U20’s and OLympics we have seen these guys performed miserable yet they will bring winning formula to the senior team. At club level these same young players are constantly fighting to stay in top flight football with their clubs and at the same time getting hammered by 4-6 goals week in and week out, but I’m sure this is the winning mentality for future Copa America and the world cup winning team.

    Here, Nacho Fernandez, Meza, Pavon, Cervi etc. are better than Di Maria. Yea, let’s compare a guy like Di Maria who won the Olympics, U20, UCL, UCL final MoTm award, world cup finalist, Copa finalist, La Liga Champion, top assist maker across Europe to some random names.

    Argentina had the best forwards at the world cup in 2010, 2014 and 2018 but what the winners of those tournaments had were a combination of a strong midfield and defense something Argentina lack for many cycle and only came close in 2014.

    The fact is Giroud failed to get a single shot on target in 6 games leading up to the 2018 world cup final. Would Argentina fans have been patient with Giroud performance on the pitch if he was playing for your team? I doubt it, after just two games you guys would have wanted Giroud on the bench or out of the team all together. After Losing the 2016 Euros on home soil in what was arguably a straightforward win for France, Deschamp would not be in a job for the 2018 world cup if he was the manager of Argentina, the fans and media would demand is resignation immediately.

  11. Guys foyth is playing the role of a dm today , isn’t it something to get excited ?pochetino decided to start him today against Dortmund and that too in UCL ,let’s pray that he succeeds since we don’t have good dm for now

  12. One other thing, I rarely post here because I have my life. I am super busy. Unlike Mr Outlaw who has at least 50 out of 100 comments in each page every single day with all his shitty comments. I rarely come here, today I got a bit free time and I saw my name being attacked.

  13. Well since someone name Outlaw (aka Gonzalo) is attacking me, so let me reveal who he is… His original ID here was Outlaw and he was banned in 2014 for being a troll.

    Yes this guy is a troll, he is NOT an Argentina fan. He just follows local league and like to see all the new youngsters. He does not care whether Argentina win or not, he just wants to see his youngsters or the local heroes to perform.

    In 2014, I think it was after the game of Bosnia or Nigeria, where we won, at the time, there was a poll of the players rating for the fans. There this Outlaw guy (Gonzalo) would give 1 or 2 rating (out of 10) to all players including the players who was the man of the match. Right after that, he was banned.

    He re-appeared here again being “Gonzalo” a couple of years ago, trying to sound like an expert here where all he gave was mostly not really good reports. All he did pretty much just telling us all the youngsters who gets promoted to the senior team and made debut with any local team.

    Most members here are new. I am sure very few of you were here before 2010 or 2011 or something. So if you are new comers here and never watch local futbol, you would think that Outlaw is an expert here who truly love Argentina. No man… believe me. I will prove it to you:
    1. In WC 2014, we had some of our greatest memories in Argentina futbol history. We celebrated each victory. At the time, this forum was very healthy, but this Outlaw guy just gave a rating of 1 or 2 to every player he hated until he got banned.
    2. He always promoted either local players or mediocre players in Europe such as Jose Sosa, Nico Gaitan, or Facundo Roncaglia, or Maxi Meza (and manyyyy more) to start. He is promoting the mediocre players until now… Each season, he has his own mediocre players to promote.
    3. READ THIS: In WC 2014, Outlaw said that he does NOT care whether Argentina lost as long as “his players” played the game.
    3. In 2017, we had a win now or go home game at Ecuador where Messi had a hattrick in a famous 3-1 victory. Most of us celebrated, but this Outlaw got so unhappy that he said that the team relied too heavily on Messi and will not win anything. So he is saying that Messi should not have a hattrick for us or else it would be relying too heavy on him? That’s funny.
    4. In WC 2018, we could have lost in the group stage easily but the we bounced back by beating Nigeria 2-1 where all the regular players played. We celebrated. Outlaw? As usual, he disappeared and he waited until Argentina lost until he appeared again. He disappeared for 2 reasons. One because he got so upset that his players of Meza and company got benched and two because Sampaoli was back to the original first team that consisted of all players he hated and those players won us the heroic game.

    Now this Outlaw guy blames me for being like Kidulthood and only a fan of senior players. OK, first of all. I have nothing to do with Kid. He has his opinion, I have my own opinion. Second of all, everyone who has been here for many yearrrrss, know that I am a huge fan of Argentina TEAM, not any players. In WC 2014 I was with all of you until the end. In WC 2018, I was one of the most actives members here trying to rally the team where most fans already lost hoped.

    If people notice, I NEVER care who started the game as long as we won.
    I supported Sampaoli’s decision when he went with all weird starting 11 against Croatia.
    I supported Sampaoli’s decision when he went with the senior players.
    I supported Scaloni when he chose to play all new comers up until now.

    I don’t care. I just want to see Argentina win. The last trophy I saw was 1986. I cried in 1990 when we lost to Brehme’s controversial PK. I witnessed how the young Bati and Redondo and Goyco won us the the Copa America. I cried anytime Argentina lost. I even got ill in WC 2014 and lost appetite when we lost to Germany in the final.

    Am I a fan of senior player only? Well do NOT BLAME ME if Di Maria, Messi, and Aguero play as well as they do now. I have nothing to do with them. Do NOT BLAME ME if Scaloni decides to call them back again. I have nothing to do with Scaloni’s decision.

    Guess what? Whether or not Scaloni call those three players back or call all youngsters, I do NOT CARE honestly. All I want is just to feel what I felt in 1986. Period.

    Stop blaming me a fan of any generation. I am a fan of Argentina. Unlike you… mr Outlaw.

    Other people here, open your eyes, and start noticing… if Argentina won with any of veteran players scoring the goals/assisting, try to be aware, what will Outlaw say? He will either keep saying bad things or completely disappear. His hate to certain players is worse than how much MU fans hated Di Maria yesterday.

    This Outlaw guy will keep promoting new players even 10 years from now, he will keep promoting new players. He does not care if Argentina won. He said it in 2014, he just wants his players to perform.

    • Well written el_principe. Everyone here should support Argentina regardless of the age of the player or the club they play for. I find it quite disrespectful how some guys here are spewing shite over our veteran players only because they are over 30 of age. Regardless of how well they are playing or which form they are showing. This Godin11 guy is one of the worst, either he is a troll or an imbecille.

    • I am here since 2010. I was a graduate student back then. Now a full time job and married 😀

      All of the early members are gone. I can vouch for el principe. He is a great fan and it is because of people like him Sebastian Garcia’s small blog ‘vamos Argentina’ became Mundo albiceleste.

      The mundo I loved, died long time ago.

    • That was a spicy read. You have an elephants memory btw, i cant even remember a stupid post i made last week, let alone 4 years ago!

      Id welcome posters like you that are craving “colorful and positive” commentary again. Please continue posting, my friend.

    • el I have been following this site for long time . I have always found you to be one of the most rational and balanced Argentine fan. Lets forget what some are saying. Without all of you guys mundo wouldn’t be the same .

  14. Di Maria is worst player on messi
    Generation in terms the caps and
    Minutes he played and the contribution
    He gave to the Nt. I don’t give f…
    How good he plays for psg
    We know when he plays for Nt.
    He become clueless and frustrating

    • hombre, thats harsh. We sorely missed ADM the WC14 final…he was the only other creative outlet besides Messi and we suffered with his absence. I get that he is frustrating to watch (i’ve felt it too, believe me) but the guy, whether you like it or not, is big game player and steps up time and time again. From scoring against France and Belgium, or assisting, to demolishing Chile in Copa. Try not to be so harsh, there are positive things to say about ADM.

    • Godin11: i agree he is nothing but clueless and frustrating these days and the odd goal once in a while is no where near enough of a return and no reason to keep him in the team at all, he simply offers stuff all at n/t level these days to justify him a place.

      • It’s funny because our biases see different things. Take PSG vs UNITED yesterday.

        1st half – god awful, good tackles but lost possession (frustrating)
        2nd half – brilliant. great tackles, 2 assists almost 3, key creator, kept the ball moving.

        When we all assess his contribution for the NT, some see the 1st half only, others see the 2nd, and some other people take the average of the whole match. i tend to gravitate towards the latter 2 and ignore the the 1st half.

        On the flipside, others may focus only on the 1st half and ignore the quality of the 2nd or average. Again, sometimes we tend to focus on things that will reinforce our darn biases.

        • Choripan: i know what you are saying amigo-agreed
          no matter what we all have times with the “rose tinted glasses” on but other times “the dark shades” lol

          for me his main job is creating chances for others to score and of course when he can score but since the end of the 14 world cup he really has done some thing close to zero for us, for me he once was a key player to the entire team and the way we played (yes i was a big fan of him pre 14) but today i see a player who runs about but very little actually comes from his work-the odd goals but far far to much frustration with his decision making and appalling crossing for us the fans to watch.

  15. I just wonder why some well known people cannot to be Argentina supporters without that 87-88 generation players. The so called supporters are back just because there are strong expectations of old guard players coming back.

    It’s the same old things. They are just starting again stir up hype we know very well. Do you really think Di Maria can add something still? Does his PSG performances may convince me? Really? He is still the same. On Copa America the level will be higher than in French league or even against MU.
    That South American rivalry is still more ferocious. Teams like Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay are really familiar with Messi, Aguero, Di Maria. They know how to play for goalless draw. They know how to make a game area enough tight to make player like Di Maria looking headless chicken fool. There will tight, strait games against such teams where Di Maria will score another record of losts. Copa America is not French league.

    When I can still understand to some degree claiming for Aguero because of his long maintaned period without injury and decent, in comprison to others, WC performance I cannot get people miss Di Maria. The guy was so horrible during WC and that goal against France (yes, with some dose of luck) looked to me more like his honorable farewell to NT. Beyond the goal he was poor.

    Now I have one request to people like KidultHood and el principe which exist here only when old guard players are with NT: be so honest and have the guts to be here after our last Copa match and respond if Di Maria or Aguero will give us another bitter end.

    Be here till the end and not hide. And please do not look then for evasive explanations of defeat kinda: it’s just all because of structural AFA fall. Or the more absurdal attempts to point out at youth teams as the one to blame for senior NT results as if that beloved Di Maria had not nothing in common with defeat. For me calling up players like Di Maria might be ‘error fundamentalis’ of Copa team. Please do not talk that it’s not worth of spending time to be Argentina supporter thesedays as if it was question of money making are simple decision instead of deep feelings to white and blue jersey… Do not chant “vamos Colombia”.

    • I am laughing you think level of copa america is higher than Champions league . In chapions league there are 8-10 superstrong teams but in international tournament you can win it by just parking the bus just like france did in world cup but in champions leauge you have to play really tactical football.
      In last 20 matches.
      Dimaria 9 goals 11 assists.
      A correa 5 goals 4 assists.
      J correa 2 goals 2 assists(Useless as a second striker always fails to deliver end product)
      C pavon 4 goals 3 assists
      Pity martinez 8 goals 6 assists (in local league)
      Franco cervi 2 goals 2 assists.
      De paul not fast enough to play on the wing.
      The truth is argentina lacks pacy and skillfull wingers and even fullbacks. So you should not have problem in including dimaria in 23.

      • Colombia 0-0 Argentina
        Brazil 1-0 Argentina
        Ring a bell?

        If these teams are so hard to break down, what makes you even think Pity Martinez, Icardi, and Cervi can do the job?
        They couldn’t do it in a friendly, but they’ll somehow do it in a major competition?

        The Copa America level is higher?! LOL

        When you don’t like someone, you’ll literally say anything against them.
        Di Maria I said shouldn’t be at the Copa America, but he keeps proving me wrong time and time again.
        Aguero is probably one of the best strikers in the world right now.
        Messi is the best, simple!

        Other countries would kill to have what we have, but yet we think they are not good enough?

        Give those front three a decent midfield and defense, and they’ll make a mediocre team a team to be feared.

        • “Colombia 0-0 Argentina
          Brazil 1-0 Argentina”

          Don’t even try manipulate the context. They were playing together their 1-2 game. So if you expect wonders without giving them more time together you know nothing about football.

          • Oh yea!

            Because their displays against Guatemala, Iraq were also very convincing.
            Don’t forget about Mexico!
            The same Mexico who only won 6 out of their 16 matches all last year. Losing an incredible 5 out of their 6 games after the world cup, without a stable manager.

            They have had plenty of games to see what they are capable of, which is not much.

            Haven’t you realized all the friendly wins we’ve had:
            – Guatemala
            – Iraq
            – Mexico
            All three of them will NOT be at the Copa America?
            Meanwhile, Brazil and Colombia, the teams we WILL play against, 1D1L.
            The future looks bright!

            We NEED that front three to command respect, the whole world knows it! Accept it!
            Pity who? Probably will fail at Atlanta without Tata Martino.
            Cervi who?
            Simeone who? Etc.

            We need Messi, Aguero, and Di Maria.
            If not, we’ll be lucky to get to the QF, but according to some that is success now! LOL!
            After two back to back finals, a QF would be successful? LOL

          • “Because their displays against Guatemala, Iraq were also very convincing.
            Don’t forget about Mexico!”

            Hey man, note the teams against Guatemala/Colombia and Mexico. That were different teams. Due to Copa Libertadores finals, experiments and injuries against Mexico weren’t not several players that have played against Guatemala or Colombia.

            Each of the game had another debuts and there was no even opportunity to continue with the same line ups.

            Still they have played some good minutes in their first matches together. Especially against Colombia.

        • Actually The younger generation played their best game against Columbia. and they played better than the cafeteros
          Against Brazil were up to the task considering the opponent.

          Not saying they are sufficient to go through COPA, But they were good under the circumstances

      • You think Champions League level is higher than Copa America?! Totall bullshit from you. Our superstars shined in Copa or in qualifiers as in CL.

        “in international tournament you can win it by just parking the bus just like france did in world cup”

        This is really laughable!

        And your rank of our wingers goals in completely irrelevant to NT level. Di Maria is player of double standard performances. Shine in club and mostly disastrous in NT.
        You speak as if you are following Argentina 1-2 years back only. We’ve been here before: Di Maria and few others always were shining before NT tournaments. Then disappointments came.

        • Completely illogical ” Di Maria and few others always were shining before NT tournaments. Then disappointments came.” Can you tell me why this happened because we had very medicore midfielders and defenders what do you expect forward to drop deep and collect ball from Goalkeeper still played 3 finals.
          Young players what pavon, meza, tagliafico, armani,icardi did with their chances they play worst football for NT.

      • Mrinal, comparing champions league with copa america is like comparing oranges with apples due to various reasons. First of all, players in a club have more chemistry between them than the ones playing for their country simply because due to lack of playing together and this goes especially for Argentina national team because the best Argentines are not playing in an Argentine club but are seperated to numerous different clubs in Europe.

        Secondly the way of play in south America is way too hard in comparison to Europe, as a simple foul in south America could be a red card in Europe instead. Therefore the players have to deal with much more tenacity and have to withstand very tough challenges in comparison to Europe. Moreover, it is not only Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay but very tough teams to beat as well such as Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Peru which are able to beat or take a draw from any European team.

        Finally, in south american games and especially the qualifiers there are venues such as “La Paz” in Bolivia, Quito in Ecuador and others where the conditions are very difficult for the players to deal with due to the high altitude. For example, put the French national team against Bolivia in La Paz and a possible humiliation for them is quite likely to happen.

        Never underestimate the conditions of play in south america.

      • UCL is certainly the pinnacle of world futtie. It’s not as great, significant, passionate, or exciting as the world cup but the talent surpases everyting.

    • last world cup argentina failed because of midfield and defense. Not because of messi, aguero or Maria… recent time with young blood, argentina failing in attack which is obvious. So there is no wrong to call trio Messi, Aguero, Maria. Not only because of their previous record but for their recent performances which are above than any other argentine forward..We can keep other three young attackers in squad as replacement or starter. Keeping Trio out of squad is like similar suicide as eliminating requelme from squad.

      • “last world cup argentina failed because of midfield and defense. Not because of messi, aguero or Maria”

        So, for example, Di Maria’s crossing was good you suggest? No, Di Maria’s crossing was disastrous as in 80% of his NT games. Did his runs were good during WC. No, it was simply poor. How we may step ahead with this team having such poor crosser as Di Maria, and please do not talk about his yesterday’s crosses. Apparently NT and club are 2 different dimensions for him. Our strikers are scoring very little header goals. Di Maria is main reason.

        • Watch final qualifier games against ecuador dimaria delivered couple of breathtaking crosses it was not his fault if benedetto misses it due to his bad positioning.

          • And everyone knows he give the one good game after many others shitty one. It’s just Di Maria. Once for 10 games is not enough.

        • this is one of the biggest problems we are having is wingers who simple cant cross, where are they these days? its seems to be a lost art for our n/t.
          its very hard for the strikers to score when their is some thing close to zero service for them.

  16. Messi,Di-Maria & Aguero is fine line with some young mixture in attack. I really don’t want Scaloni touch midfield or defense. I am against calling up mercado with my both hands up. Otamendi with Pazzella is fair pair. No disrespect but Mercado calling is waste of time and also waste of a possible potential find.

  17. What was really interesting for that Manchester-PSG is the tactics used by Tuchel, they didn’t play spectacular football but efficient and fast transition. Besides, this psg is able to play in 4231, 442 and 3421 within the same match without any problem. The central backs can initiate attacks with long pass, the midfielders can defend and create, wingers can press high enough to avoid the opponent fullbacks from attacking. That’s what I want to see with the NT, play simple and fast with players agile enough to play in different systems and can cover different position.

    • yeah, i really liked seeing the 1-2’s and players constantly supporting the player with the ball. At all times, players would have 1 – 3 options to pass too. We played similar under Tata but i haven’t seen that since unfortunately.

    • I don’t blame the coach on this one mate. He can’t do shit if players don’t step up their game.

      There’s a not a single Argentine winger who is performing better than an old and useless Di Maria. Since the end of the world cup Pavon has regressed and soon might be benched by the Boca coach.

      These three are still the three top performing Argentine forwards in the world, which makes it impossible to not call them, especially when there’s absolutely no one even close.

      • in my opinion Pavon has always been a Jesus Navas type of player so never had big hopes. When Calleri was hyped up I said his ceiling is Luciaono Figuaroa.We need a winger but I also think Di Maria is not the answer , although I hope I am wrong.
        Sometimes role players do better than stars for a team though. I am sceptic of those 3 playing together again for many reasons. Nobody can deny Aguero, Messi, Di maria talent. Do they make a balanced and better team playing together is another questions, a question that up till now has been NEGATIVE. Time and people change so I hope this time is different, dont back on it though.

        • Lamela > too injured to be considered future
          Lanzini > Same
          Pity Martinez > Will see. Plays in USA.
          All the others still their mother’s womb : Let them start playing professional football first.
          Icardi > He thinks he can fuck everything like he fucks Wanda. World isn’t a place like that.
          Lautaro > He’s the GUY. And I am counting my days when Icardi gets out of Inter. He needs to be the mAin man.

          As I said, our wing is going to be average for some time.

  18. All three of them:
    – Aguero
    – Di Maria
    – Messi
    Are on FIRE!!!!

    All three of them should be considered for the Copa America this summer.
    Di Maria just needs to start on the right flank like he does for PSG to get the full potential out of him.
    Just when he was switched from the left flank to the right against France, and was giving Lucas Hernandez trouble, beating him on every 1v1 until the final whistle, the same can be done again.

    Messi and Aguero should have freedom as they do in their respective clubs.
    Complete midfield dominance.

    The formation can look something as such:
    Lo Celso-Paredes-Lanzini
    Di Maria-Messi-Aguero

  19. What happened to this site? There used to be some credible journalism here. Now a trash article is published saying Aguero won’t be called up for Benedetto to “whip up” frenzy and Roy you call it “rumors”. Well its nonsense BS, etc. Two days later we hear the same guy is being called up.
    The first article is written to create conttoversy. Basic trash mag, rag mag, strategy to gain interest. We are now doing it on Mundo. New lows achieved daily….How low does it go?

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