Cesar Luis MENOTTI talks about Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGUERO, Argentina coach


Cesar Luis MENOTTI came out and spoke about Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGUERO and Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI.

The current general manager of the Argentina national teams and World Cup winning coach hinted that he wouldn’t want MESSI to play against Venezuela. Speaking to Radio Gol, here’s what MENOTTI had to say:

“It scares me that MESSI plays. I see him emotionally fatigued between the Champions League and the national team. I see him very tired. He has a lot of obligations and with a lot of emotional baggage, a lot of responsibilities at his feet.”

In regards to the current Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI, MENOTTI said that

“I’m not the one who signed SCALONI. I have an excellent relationship with him, he’s someone who’s very anxious, but I didn’t bring him in. He’s evolving and he knows it. We have been very up front with him and I’m here to help.

“He signed a contract and when the Copa America is over, a decision will be made.”

About the players which were called-up for the matches against Venezuela and Morocco, MENOTTI mentioned Sergio AGUERO’s absence.

“The responsibility to decides who gets selected is that of the coach, I have the responsibility of debating, teaching and learning. When he showed me the list, I told him it looks good. AGUERO now is doing brilliantly but five months ago he was on the bench.”


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  2. Everything Menotti said is wrong and represents the issues we have with AFA as a whole

    1. I hate the comment that “I did not select Scaloni”. What does that mean? You can avoid responsibility? You knew that Scaloni is the coach when you accepted. You could have said NO. But he chose to take the job, get paid at age of 80 and also not take any responsibility.

    2. Aguero was in bench 5 months back? Who cares. He is not now. This team was not selected 5 months back.

    3. Messi fatigued? How does he know? If this was not an international break, I am sure Messi would be playing somewhere in Spain and smiling and scoring goals. Lets the doctors decide. He is unnecessarily putting pressure.

    Overall you see there is nothing constructive from him. He is like a journalist, who can have opinion and criticize but has no responsibilities.

  3. I have high respect for Menotti but I think his philosophy is in contradiction with modern football. He’s been disconnected for so many years and not sure about his input. When he said he didn’t sign Scaloni it means if shit happens not his fault. I find that not so class. Honestly I think Pekerman is a better guy for this position. He knows well all those young coaches who were his players in U20. 80s yo is a retiring age.

  4. “I have not signed scaloni but he is doing great job”
    “Aguero is brilliant job but 5 months ago he was on the bench ”
    Even medical science say after 80 only 30% of your brain cells are dead, what is the meaning of appointing 80 year old who is unaware of mordern football.

  5. Here’s a post I’ve been meaning to make for a bit. Now that games are coming up on Friday I decided to do it. We have talked about how Argentina midfield has a stronger identity now.

    Here is a link to an album: imgur.com/a/aKs8VL4
    (have to copy link into browser since I cannot post link directly here)
    to images that show some basic ideas that Lionel Scaloni’s Argentina look to implement in the middle. The focus is not so much on formation but on areas of transition and press in the middle areas. I have chosen examples from Colombia, Brazil, Mexico I and II games as these were the toughest opponents so far. Examples are a pair of two images – the press and the subsequent release. Note the time on the clock.

    Colombia Ex 1: Here they identify and attack the weak link in the middle, #8 Gustavo Cuellar when he faces his own goal. Note the 5v3 advantage it creates.
    pic: Example 1 press
    At the end of a 10 second midfield battle this creates, Battaglia wins the ball to send the right winger Meza clear directly down the channel. This is an example of the midfield win-and-release-immediately strategy they employ. We see the 4-3-3 breakaway it results in.
    pic: Example 1 release

    Colombia Ex 2: Formationally the shape has moved to a back 3 in this example but it is not important here. Here the press is implemented towards the sidelines but again in the middle areas. All the escape routes are covered and there is a 4v3 man advantage.
    pic: Example 2 press
    The ball is won from this advantage and Dybala immediately releases Icardi through
    pic: Example 2 release

    Mexico I Ex 3: Here the Mexican player is caught facing his own goal and ball running in the wrong direction. The press is immediately engaged and the midfielders immediately trap him in a 4v1 in a similar zone as before.
    pic: Example 3 press
    Once the ball is won the forward line is released with Lautaro and Dybala running with danger.
    link: Example 3 release

    Mexico II Ex 4: Here they sit in a compact 3-5-2 shape. Once Meza does the job of picking the runner the Mexican player is trapped in the 3v1 with no room to escape in the midfield.
    pic: Example 4 press
    Once the ball is won by Acuna the forward line is free to be released. We see the quick 4-3-3 transition and Ascacibar immediately releases an air ball to Icardi.
    pic: Example 4 release

    In all these examples we see the quick midfield hunt and the willingness to push the ball forward immediately. There is no indication of digesting the ball slowly and “building possession”.

    What about the Brazil game? The big difference in all the other midfields versus the Brazilian one is simple. Arthur. He has the ability the squeak out of the tightest pressure resulting in nullifying such a midfield press strategy. To appreciate a strategy we have to recognize its wins as well as loses. So in next example we see how this fails against Arthur and creates a chance for the opponent.

    Brazil Ex 5: Arthur receives ball in middle of pitch in a position that Argentina like to attack, him facing his own goal. He draws a 4v1 and it looks like the advantage is with us.
    pic: Example 5 press

    But he is able to break out and release the ball to Felipe Luis. This move has drawn in 5 players and Felipe Luis has a chance to play a direct ball forward along the ground to Firminho and Coutinho for them to run at the defense.
    pic: Example 5 fail

    While this weakness might appear problematic it is not a major concern because the back line depth is never too high and it is almost always compact enough to prevent mismatches. That is for another post though. In cases where they cannot win in the middle the back up strategy is almost always to stretch the field incredibly wide. This is a highlight of Sampaoli era football but with some more compactness in the back. Here is an example from the Brazilian game of a 4-2-4 type shape showing the use of width where they abandon the middle recognizing the stalemate there. If there is interest i will make a post highlighting how this width is used.
    pic: example 6

  6. From the tone of his speaking, i don’t think Scaloni will be our Coach after the Copa unless we wont the reach the Final at least.

  7. Now a days all players are physically mentally fatigue … Not only Messi but all players..and about Messi he is not getting fatigue 1 or 2 yr ago but he was fatigue when he was debut for Barcelona so from that day to present days Messi got fatigue and he played tirelessly for both Argentina and Barcelona.. so for my perspective is menotti’s comment on that point is irrelevant

    • “Nothing special in Palacios”

      Yeah, this is so true. We need Tagliafico to be replaced with Ansaldi and Palacios to be replaced with Sebastian Veron then everything will be OK and we are ready to win the next Copa and 2022 WC.

      Thank you for your great insights, Kavindrs!

        • “we live in a world where mediocrity is often rewarded”
          That means Ansaldi should play for a top team like Barca or Real Madrid…Lol
          When will you stop your hate on Argentina future stars and promoting old players whose time in football pitches is almost over?

          Ansaldimania at its peak! Hahaha

          • Palacios and.Tagliafico are rewarded in this team. Pure average player.Tagliafico has played 12+ games even vs mediocre team and has no goal no assist i am anxious about his football IQ
            Raise your bar from this mediocrity dadir 10 or next trophy you will get in 2093

        • @Dadir10 hey you little minion even isolated messi is better than your useless players like palacios , pavon, pity martinez, icardi combined.
          Stan you know nothing about football just pretend to be the grandfather here.
          You are only good at throwing some unfunny jokes , you should work in some b grade circus what are you doing here.I have never taken the name of ansaldi still
          Ansalsi has scored once and assisted twice , what Tagliafico has done for NT in 12 matches nothing again you will eat your own shit with illogical comment.

  8. lets see how Scaloni optimized Messi in this upcoming matches; not just build a team for Messi but build a team with Messi. We still need the Menotti opinion as he was a master of strategy and good motivator.

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