My thoughts on Argentina, the Copa America, winning, losing on Low Limit Futbal


It’s not often I’ll post something that isn’t through text but I was on the Low Limit Futbal podcast with my good friends Roberto ROJAS and Joe UCCELLO a few days ago where I discussed Argentina.

For those who would like to hear my thoughts on the current team, the players, Lionel SCALONI, this year’s Copa America as well as next year’s, Lionel MESSI and more, do give it a listen.


  1. Aguero/L. Martinez

    De paul-Locelso-Messi




    ☝️As always it don’t look bad on paper. The players r good too. Not world beaters in all positions. But it doesn’t matter if they play with grit and heart.

    Realistically speaking a Semifinal position would be considered a decent result. Considering our current situation. Still it gonna hurt if we don’t win.

    • On paper, we should have beaten Brazil in 2004 and 2007 finals but we didnt. Losing the first one on shootout. On paper, Spain, Germany and Brazil should have progressed further than QF in WC 2018 but no, they didnt put better performance than Argentina. Argentina was the only team that troubled France and almost force the game into ET.

      At KO stage, one off form performance mean you’re out, just like what happen to Barca in second leg recently. Argentina has been in 28 Copa finals out of 41 Copa which mean the odd will always there for Argentina and Uruguay. We didnt put great performance in 2015, needed a shootout along the way but still somehow reached the final.

      Argentina beat Chile in qualifier, beat Chile at Copa group stage, yet they won the 2 finals without scoring a goal… and that’s football. Better team dont always win. In 2015 , we drew Colombia 0-0 then won 6-1 and then lost to Chile after 0-0. Uruguay needed a shootout against Argentina in 2011 and they went on to win the tournament. People who thinks Argentina has no chance simply assuming other team will play better in all games, but it wont happen cause they’ll also put some bad performance along the way.

    • It was only a matter of time. This time it’s Becoz of his own antiques. An unlucky player. He was a sure shot member in the 23.

      Hope he comes back and carry on scoring for us in the next Copa and the qualifiers. We r gonna need it. But first let him move on to a better club. Enough with the Inter. He should play in the CL.

  2. IMO when we play a striker, there would be a tendency to push Lo Celso back since he is also an exceptional ball winner. If Lanzini also plays then Lo Celsos freedom is curbed further. Both Correas position is threatened. J Correa is in the form of his life and inspite of all weaknesses I admire Angel Correas work rate. Playing Paredes again upsets the heart of the midfield from a defensive point of view.

  3. I sometimes feel that we would work best without an out and Out striker to enable our midfield to have the right blend of attack and defense. Messi up front with Lo Celso just behind. J Correa and Angel Correa on the flank with J Correa having less defensive responsibility than Angel. And Palacios and Guido providing cover to our defence with Palacios also supporting the forward play. Saravia, Otam, Pezella and Tagi to be our back four.

  4. Being an Argentina fan since childhood, I would say the current generation or the generation after messi/ maria/ is far too mediocrore. Everybody here seems get too excited even if a average player like paredes/ beneditto complete a simple pass or tap in to score a goal. That tells the vulnerability of this generation.Some people suggest to pick players from local league but never think logically how far argentina league lagging behind compared to european leagues. The truth is that if there is any potential youngster playing well in any established leagues anywhere in the world, he will surely get scouted and signed by an european team given that the ever increasing financial power and competetiveness among top european leagues. But where does all those so called ” superstar players ” stand for? Okay just take a look. If beneditto had been a quality player, he would have suruly been playing in a top league rigt now or long ago.In contrast he is still playing in boca at 28/29 age. If pavon/ vargas/ meza/ guido/ pity/ were that good, they would have been already signed by big teams and would have become an important players for that team by now. We keep telling they are young. But truth is these players are not that young- pavon 23, meza 26,pity 23 and so on. Most of the real talents can be judged at around their 20s. Look at the mbappe, dembele, pulisic, vinicus, de beck, le ligt, de jong, sane, hudsin odoi, all bloomed at their 20s. Look our great players. Messi, aimar, riquelme, ayala, higuain they all become important players for their teams around their 20s. So it basically very simple…if you have talents u will be niticed sooner than later and most probably around your 20s. It did not simply happen with this generation. Obviously some players playing for european teams. But how many of them are starting or how many of them belong to a top class teams like barca or city??? Very few……..

    2ND PROBLEM is overrated crap that argentina keep succesfully produclng for over a decade now. Pastore…..lamela….dybala……icardi….otamendi….. Paredes……they are nothing but average players.

    We keep blaming coaches why new players were not introduced in last 7 or 8 years. I also used to be think like that. But after watching new generation players Now I know why they did not introduce new blood simple because they were not up to the standard. No matter how much we blame messi and his generation, the truth is still there is no better winger in argentina than di maria, no better striker than aguero.

    3RD PROBLEM. Coach and management. It looks like all these coaches are mentally retarded to some extent. As I told we did not produce a plethora of quality players in last decade but it does not mean we did not hav any. We had a number of quality players that gone unnoticed. For example, nobody in this forum talk about pappu gomez, no story has written on him….but this guy is a real quality player..but coach, management and most importantly my all friends here in this forum ignore him……they are more talkative and concern about de paul/ pereyra/ paredes/ dybala/ joquin correa. These players are good but not great. It does not matter whom u are playing depaul/ pereyra/ paredes/ correa/ icardi they wont bring succes or anything special for the team bcz at the end of the day they are average. And thats the problem of argentina. Too many average players.

    At LAST SOME POSITIVES, there are definitely some players that have the potentially to be special.
    1. Lo celco ( already showing)
    2. Pedro de la vega ( could be the next big thing in argentine football)
    3. Saravia ( underrated …can improve himself by playing in a good club)
    4. Foyth ( should try him as a defencive midfielder…..would be way better than biglia, guido, marcone, paredes…..has skills)
    5. Pavon( I know I already talked about him in my post but this guy definitely have potential… Great pace….that argentina is missing lately. somehow stuck at boca. Needs to move on. I hope a move for him would help a lot to rediscover himself significantly.
    6. Exequiel palacios( looks already matured…again needs to play in a euripean team to develop)


    I know people will react to my post. But that just my opinion and I am confident about what I wrote here

    • Otamendi is not crap he is decent player if used good like pep did last season.
      De Paul is not average I think you haven’t watched him playing for average side Udinese still heart of that team.
      Papu Gomez was one of top 3 players for me in serieA this season but his playing position is the problem but I would like him in NT for Copa

    • You and me are on the same page. Lets face the truth. But hard working by average players may culminate results………….Win or Loose “Argentina”

    • Partly agree! local league is not that good ,it is true but still have some talent players who can be sucessful in europe later. the problem is after messi,aguero,di maria,higuain ,argentina didnt show us a good formation to bring in suitable tactics for suitable players. for example ,you use wingers and offensive RB,LB but with out a tall central forward .

      actually local league has some good young players such as lisandro martinez , julian alverez ,lucas robertone ,joaquin pereyra ,maxi lovera, alexis mcallister,bebelo reynoso. But you just know how to use them.

      yes the average standard of these players are below par comparing with brazil ,england ,holland ,germany ,belguim or spain

  5. the following players are physically pretty weak:
    DYBALA, angel correa, roberto pereyra, lautaro martinez ,tagliafico ,lanzini ,paredes ,pity martinez

    the following players are lack of speed and running ability







  6. If we have J.Correa and De Paul in our squad then we do not need Di maria.I would take any of them in Left wing.Di maria should be in right midfield or be dropped.Dybla should be dropped too he has no physicality and a weak player who can not go shoulder to shoulder against defendrs.
    I do not understand why there is no Ansaldi in squad.Why every coach liles Tagliafico,his fake movements and fake runs does nothing good for the team,he needs to develop proper understanding of game on other hand Ansaldi is genius we need some intelligent players like Ansaldi Lanzini and De paul with physicality.
    Ansaldi has everything we should use him otherwise another wasted talent to be added to the list for an average player.

    • partly agree with you. joaquin correa is different from de paul and di maria. at the same time de paul is not di maria type rather look like right foot dybala type .I must say de paul is not that useful because he can only play on the left and dont have the speed for defense. He cant be attacking MF nor striker.

      tagliafico is overrestimated !

      the following players are physically pretty weak:
      DYBALA, angel correa, roberto pereyra, lautaro martinez ,tagliafico ,lanzini ,paredes ,pity martinez

      the following players are lack of speed and running ability







    • IMO, It should be between Dimaria or Dybala as Messi’s Sub…! Only one of them should be selected. Currently, I prefer Dimaria. They can be utilized in an emergency situation as well.

      • Lanzini should be included. He can be utilized as number 10, LF and CM. I will opt, Dimaria and Lanzini for the Copa. Dybala out for Copa.

  7. I must say sadly Brazil is far more stronger than Argentina nowadays. The problems are
    1,scaloni doesn’t have experience and tactics
    2, players such as Dybala ,Icardi ,Tagliafico, Saravia, GK are overrestimated.
    3,player’s running ability are weak .too slow and physically too weak

    • Yea, Germany and Spain also much stronger than Argentina before WC 2018, on paper.

      Did they progress further than Argentina? haha

      You’re still piss that two time serie A top scorer stealing your wife?

  8. So 21 names are confirmed, Dybala and F.Mori is going to be selected now remaining two will be 3rd GK Rulli vs musso/maschin and Icardi vs Suarez

  9. Fell bad for messi, icardi isn’t going to be selected because of his poor from but media specially madrid blaming messi for this undoubtedly Icardi is going to be the hottest transfer this summer, hope icardi picked ahead of Suarez

  10. tomorrow we will know for sure.
    13.30 Argentina time.
    From what I have followed no rumored list has ever turned out to be 100% right.
    Hope for the best.

  11. Lisandro Martinez new highlights vid:
    sadly he is too short, 177-178, but Ayala was 178, Heinze 178, Gabriel Milito 179 so maybe he still can play CB, the best argentine passer CB since Gabriel Milito, has to play there, as LB he is not that special. Foyth and Lisandro Martinez the two best ball playing defenders ARG has…in the future.

      • Midfielders
        Paulo Dybala y Rodrigo De Paul, que se suman a Leandro Paredes, Giovani Lo Celso, Exequiel Palacios, Guido Rodríguez, Roberto Pereyra y Angel Di María plus a tbd

        Armani Andrada and a TBD

        Defense has not been decided yet but looks like Funes Mori for Kannemann.
        Forwards not yet decided but it looks like Messi Aguero Lautaro Correa Suarez

        • Rumored squad

          Funes Mori

          Lo Celso
          Di Maria
          De Paul


          • Third GK should be Rulli for his Penalty stopping ability and he is in form. Musso deserved to start together with Andrada.
            3 GK should be Andrada, Musso & Rulli.

          • Messi as attacking midfielder sounds more real. Dybala must play close to the box. Allegri pulled him far out and he was shit the entire season. As a second striker, La Joya is a true gem.

          • Dybala won’t get minutes as forward. Messi, Aguero, Lautaro will be the first three choices. Correa, Saurez\Icardi will be the next choices.

            Maybe Scaloni planning a 4-2-3-1 formation in which Dybala to be used as RW/RAM and Messi at the center. It may not work. I would prefer Dimaria there.

  12. If J.Correa will not be called up it’s De Paul who should take the left wing. Not Di Maria or any other.
    BTW I do not believe Scaloni will use Di Maria on the right side.

      • in 4-4-2 i can imagine De Paul/Di Maria-Guido-Palacios-Lo Celso or even Angel Correa on the other wing (most hardworker winger we have, defensively the best, always pressure) and Lo Celso in the middle with a DM.

  13. Off the topic of the current players, but has anyone heard/seen a attacking midfielder by the name of Emiliano Buendía??
    I heard of him for the first time yesterday and I must’ve spent about a half hour just watching his highlights. Pretty impressive from what I saw (of course they are only highlights) the staff and coaches had nothing but great things to say about him.
    Hopefully he has a bright future.
    It just goes to show how MUCH argentine talent is out there, and you don’t hear/see them all. Unfortunate

  14. Taking Armani ,Andrada and masherin will be suicidal
    We should take caballero as third choice who can subbed 2-3 minutes before penalty shootout or simply make rulli as no1 for copa since he has re-gained his form

  15. Realistically taking Palacios will not start for left wing. He may be starter on more central position bur he is not winger.

  16. I agree with Roy, Winning Copa in Brazilian soil would be beyond amazing!! I also agree that Messi is aiming for 2022. He has been able to perform at the top level season after season because of his supreme fitness and if he can make it to the 2022 world cup even as fit as Masch was in the last WC , that will be enough to make a significant impact.

    Choripan’s formation does look like the best starting XI we could field. My substitutes would be Depaul for Palacios, versatile Lamela or Correa for Dimaria, Icardi for Aguero. But it all depends on the situation of the game. If we are defending a lead then I would obviously go with players like Pereyra or Acuña or even Mori or Foyth as a defensive mid. I also feel like since we lack good midfield players on the right flank, Lamela has to be picked and if he manages to perform good in the Champions league final then he will be picked.

    ADM has been scoring a lot of goals lately so I would like Dimaria to focus on attack and mostly on scoring as relying on him to play as a pure midfield player would only result in disappointment. He is more of a forward than a midfielder now and we need to make best use of it. Messi, Aguero and Dimaria should take charge of attack and rest of the players will have work very hard to compensate for these 3. Loceslo will be key, beside creating chances and scoring, he will have to defend and defend good. Our defense lacks good backup and if any of the back four get suspended then we will be in deep trouble. I am not a big fan of Armani but seems like he will be our starting GK and I pray he doesn’t disappoints!!

  17. 18 confirmed Argentina squad: Armani, Andrada, Otamendi, Pazella, Tagliafico, Acuna, Marcado, Saravia, Lo Celso, Paredes, Palacios, De Paul, Dimaria, Pereyra, Messi, Lautaro, Aguero, Correra

  18. Roy, I really like your interview, you knowledge for the game, and the way that you approach the team’s situation. I think that you miss a very important concern of the team is the number 5. We always have a history of great number 5 with Redondo who revolutionized the post, but now we don’t have any player that can serve as the backbone of the team. Ascacibar which is for me the best we have is not even in the 40. What do you think if we try Foyth (which I love) as a number 5?

  19. Building a world beating side is an evolutionary process. I am a great admirer of Gonzalo not just for his knowledge but also for his understanding. Being an Albeceleste fan since 1979 when Diego and Ramon Diaz were running circles around the opposition in Tokyo I can say that our U23 talent is by far the best in the world. Don’t take Argentina lightly this Copa. They just need to get the combination right. The players are all there. We can get to the right combination tomorrow or in a couple of years. No one can say. Did you know that we were 8 minutes from elimination in the qualifiers of WC’86 when I think it was Giusti who got us a goal against Peru that send us to the final at Mexico

  20. Nice podcast. i really hate that there is possibility that COPA is a practice run. What morons in AFA. Also cant stand the wasted time after world cup. Constant player testing and rotation. I’m sure it was a dream for many fans but what a fucking waste of time. All in all, we’ve wasted all this time because as of today, were still starting from scratch. No 23, no starting 11, no chemistry, no style. FUCK THIS. Woosah.

    Here’s my pick. Messi and ADM link up on right. Tagliafico to run his ass off down the wing. Palacios and Guido on defensive duties. :

    Aguero – Messi

    Palacios – Lo Celso – Guido – Di Maria

    Tagliafico – Otamendi – Pezzella – Saravia

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