Argentina Copa America team announced, AGUERO, DYBALA included


Argentina’s Copa America squad has been announced.

Sergio AGUERO and Paulp DYBALA make the squad while Mauro ICARDI misses out. Here’s the squad.


Milton CASCO

Marcos ACUNA
Giovani LO CELSO
Rodrigo DE PAUL

Lionel MESSI


  1. I like this 23… would’ve like to see Lanzini and/or Lamela added for vet presence in mid attack & a youngster 3rd Goalie to get feet wet with national team … only true CDM is Guido which is prfct bc all other can play CM.
    I def like Palacio, DePaul, Pereya & what Saravia brought to the table at 4, AcuΓ±a now can play more mid & Casco is in good form … I’m hoping Fideo comes off the bench as a spark mostly bc he won’t last the entire tournament anyway…
    i’d like to see this 11
    Saravia… Ota… Pezz… Tags
    Pereya/Paredes… Guido… AcuΓ±a/DePaul
    Messi….. Kun

  2. Yes… Finally, Argentina’s Copa America squad has been announced. Hopefully, they (the squad and the management) will bring the happiness for themselves, the people of Argentina, and of course, for us, the fans of Argentina National Football Team. Hopefully…

    So, I wanna write out about my dream team.. The formation, the first eleven, and the subs..

    Formation : 4 – 3 – 3
    GK : Armani, Subs : Marchesin and Andrada
    RB : Saravia, Subs : Casco
    RCB : Pezzella, Subs : Foyth
    LCB : Otamendi, Subs : Funes Mori
    LB : Tagliafico, Subs : Acuna
    RCM : Paredes, Subs : Palacios
    DM : Guido, Subs : Pereyra
    LCM : Lo Celso, Subs : De Paul
    RCF : Messi, Subs : Dybala
    ST : Aguero, Subs : Lautaro
    LCF : Di Maria, Subs : Suarez
    Hopefully, they will know each others, they will do a great defend, they will do a great attack, and they will do a great balance from defend to attack and from attack to defend…. Hopefully, they will do a great game and get the trophy…..

    Vamos Argentina! Go Tango! Be the winner! Be the champion!
    God bless everyone…..

    Just support Argentina National Football Team, no matter what……..

  3. Given the selections, the best possible lineup honestly is (barring injuries of course)..

    ………Armani (Scaloni choice) ……
    Saravia…..Pezz….Otam…. Nico…….
    Pereyra………Guido………De Paul
    ………………..Lo Celso……………

    Oddly enough, I could see Lautaro starting. Something special about this guy. It was evident in that game he played with Messi. Their linkup seemed natural and pure.

    I could easily see Palacio starting instead of De Paul. The coaches clearly like Palacio for some reason.

    Last but not least, keep Di Maria on the bench – highly doubt that will happen but he’s better served as a spark plug. Way too selfish for my liking especially when he plays for the NT

  4. Lo celso will be a big flop mark my word…he only can score his passing controlling ability is very poor..lanzini and banega must needed..Argentina will be miss icardi..

    • “he only can score his passing controlling ability is very poor..” What? He is much better in these areas than Reus LOL, he can give such through balls Reus only dream for, and his ball controll, close controll and dribbling is much better too, Reus is only speed bro with average technical ability, tipical german player

    • Damn, didn’t think midfielders that “only score” is bad thing lol. And you’re talking bullshit when you say his passing is poor.

    • Jesus he is the only in form player after Messi! You are insanely stupid! Can you even call yourself a fan? All your brain can do is talk nonsense!

  5. Bro 1: Yeah bro i need a back up rb
    Bro 2: Christian ansaldi, great and versatile
    Bro 1: no i prefer casco, and bro i need a striker, not a first choice.
    Bro 2: Sebastiam Druissi, will be great for him to get some experience hes our future
    Bro 1: naahh….i go with matias suarez

  6. just for make fun and enjoy i will say one vision πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    game one ARGENTINA- Colombia 0-0 πŸ™‚
    media after that will write their “concern” about our dark future in Copa πŸ™‚

    game two ARGENTINA-Paraguay 1-0 πŸ™‚
    media after that will express their happy for win but “concern” about the not so good performance of team πŸ™‚

    game 3 ARGENTINA-Qatar 2-0:-)
    media after will be happy again but “concern” about the fact we didn t score many goals against weak Qatar πŸ™‚

    we qualify first in group with 7 points and after we play against Chile πŸ™‚
    we win 1-0 and we take revenge for our losses in past 2 Copa πŸ™‚
    media still “concern” about offensive performance πŸ™‚

    we play in semi final against Uruguay and we qualify in penalties with Armani save 2 of them πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    media super happy of course but they have “concern” about how we can beat Brasil in final with our poor performance πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    IN FINAL against Brasil we park the bus and Brasil make us not be able go out from our area πŸ™‚
    but without be able they score. suddenly in 94 minute like 1990 world cup
    Messi like Diego start run till center with pass two players of Brasil. he throw the ball in front to Lautaro and he runs the rest pitch and scores as Cannigia πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    media after….who cares. go f..k yourselfs hihihi πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚



    • Messi to save argentina in the final during stoppage time? Dream on, Messi does not have the mental strength to save his team in difficult situations, thats why he never score in injury time to rescue his team.

      • then what was the late goal vs Iran? or vs Ecuador? etc…”thats why he never score in injury time to rescue his team.” why are you lying?

        • Playing against the lowly Iran team, and it wasnt a do or die match, Messi had the mental strength to handle it.

          The Ecuador match was the only time he saved us, but that was a weak Ecuador side.

          Other than the 2 matches above, can you name another match that he saved us?

          But Messi has disappointed me so many times.

          I hoped that Messi would have scored the stoppage time free kick in our wc final against germany but he never did.

          I hoped Messi could score in the copa final penalty but he never did.

          I hoped Messi could score a wonder goal against france to make it 4-4 but he never did.

          Of course there are many more and i dont think you would like to recall.

          He also seldom saves Barca, because he is weak mentally.

          Prove me wrong in this copa.. if he can

          • “I hoped that Messi would have scored the stoppage time free kick in our wc final against germany but he never did.

            I hoped Messi could score in the copa final penalty but he never did.

            btw he scored in 2015…another lie…

            I hoped Messi could score a wonder goal against france to make it 4-4 but he never did.”

            So you wait such things from Messi what Batistuta, Maradona or Cristiano Ronaldo’ve never done in his careers. Cristiano usually a ghost in big finals, then Ramos saves his ass, then he injures and Eder does the job which Ronaldo never cant in all of his 10 international tournaments. Simple stupid logic.

        • >So you wait such things from Messi what Batistuta, Maradona or Cristiano Ronaldo’ve never done in his careers. Cristiano usually a ghost in big finals, then Ramos saves his ass, then he injures and Eder does the job which Ronaldo never cant in all of his 10 international tournaments. Simple stupid logic.

          Batistuta has won 2 copa americas for Argentina, Maradona has won a world cup for Argentina, Ronaldo has won a European cup for Portugal. How about Messi?

          • Yes Batistuta won 2 Copas, but these Copas was not real strong Copas, Brazil and a lot of teams played without their star players, Brazil B/C, with full of them they would have kill that mediocre Argentina, if that ARG was so strong why they failed in WC horribly? Sorry Batistuta was famous to kill weak teams Greece, Jamaica 6 goals against these half-amateurs and so on, and after then when really matters disappears badly, he can scored only from penaltiestoo in WC knockout stages and played in total ghost mode, he lacked good passing and dribbling ability, so strong defenders can put him in their pocket, plus in 2002 old Batistuta cost us the WC.

            Ronaldo won the Euro because of his injury, Eder won it, not Ronaldo, he was a passanger, i dont remember one clutch moment from him in bad situations. If Higuain would have scored his tap-in Messi were 2 times copa champion, and WC-winner, so what is your argument? Eder scored Higuain failed all the time, Ronaldo did nothing more than Messi. Pure luck.

            Maradona yes he was an animal in 86, but won only with cheating…hand of God, in todays football that a clear red card, and with hard dopping in his blood, in cocaine intoxication, so he could be always confident, but this is cheating bro.

          • > Yes Batistuta won 2 Copas, but these Copas was not real strong Copas, Brazil and a lot of teams played without their ….

            It doesnt matter how they won it, the fact is Batistuta, Maradona and Ronaldo have won trophies for their countries. Fact cannot be altered, no matter how, you can say that they have played like shit, cheating or whatever, but the fact is they have held the trophies in their hands.
            And it is also a fact that Messi hasnt won anything for Argentina, no matter how brilliant he can play.
            The only thing you can do is to pray that messi will win us a copa or even a world cup, if not you are deemed to lose in this argument.

      • > Dream on, Messi does not have the mental strength to save his team in difficult situations, thats why he never score in injury time to rescue his team.

        lol. oh my…this comment deserves a prize of some sort. A comment with incredible insight and is outright genius should be recorded and shared with the world!

        • > lol. oh my…this comment deserves a prize of some sort. A comment with incredible insight and is outright genius should be recorded and shared with the world

          Beat me with your reason please, it is meaningless to say all those crap.

        • >Fans like you are a curse for this site. Dumb and not loyal. Are you a bra fan in disguise?

          I am a true Argentina fan, but i understand the problems we have, i am not like you who cannot accept comments that reveal our weakness.

          • @ Batigol Messi has scored two late goals in 2 matches against Brazil to win the match never mind both of them was friendlies but late goals are late goals and it was a match winner.

  7. I’m 100% percent behind the team
    And scaloni I’m also glad he left out
    Mecardo I would love see lanzini in
    The squad instead of acuna since
    He is there as midfielder I hope
    Funes mori doesn’t starting any
    Game for the nt I mean I really
    Hope that otamendi and pezzella
    Stay fit and without suspension
    Thought the tournament.
    I’m optimistic about scaloni and his
    Team unlike some people who re so
    Negative please if you don’t like
    Or don’t think this team is capable
    Come out from group or reach final
    Than please don’t watch stay away
    With your negativity because
    Albicelestes will surprise a lot of
    People and hopefully will win.

  8. This list is good. Just need work on it to make then work and gel together. Maybe Correa should have got knock but it ain’t end of the world. Plus it is not about the Copa only . The list made also thinking about World Cup aswell. Well some might argue about GK position in this case. Except GK the list ain’t has nothing to argue about to be honest. Only player unlucky is Icardi. I am happy with it and fully Support to team and coaching staff.
    Vamps Albiceleste

  9. My thought…!
    May be Acuna another DM option for Scaloni?
    Acuna is a useful player, he can play LB,LM,LW or even CM/DM. As we have a shortage in DM position, I think Scaloni consider him in DM position too.

  10. So now tell me best team out of absences:


    Cristian Romero
    Lisandro Martinez

    Nacho Fernandez


    • can i ask you something?
      why you try to convince some people here that no matter what you saying they will have anyway bad opinion about some players of our team?

      i am asking you because really i feel sad for your hard effort to say to some people with “close ears”
      to “listen”.
      really i admire that fact on you.
      i don t have that power to do honestly.

      • @cox4 you can cheer and think positively as much you want but the truth this Argentina team will be very lucky to advance from group stage or may be a early exit in group stage and a horror show is waiting for us. Yes we will cheer Vamos Argentina because i think everyone on the mundo is Argentina fan here but they keep disappointing us again and again. The truth is AFA is run by all corrupt argentine people and soccer mafina in Argentina. This team is going nowhere you can blame whoever you people want it can messi and maybe someone else in future. Messi should have retired from this corrupt federation and should have played for spain i really feel bad for him . But i love argentina so i will support till end . Vamos Argentina . Vamos Albiceleste.
        No bad feelings , we should be fine bro sorry for the rough words but it just my frustration towards AFA

        • MrsInal1235-Then don’t watch if you think they’ll be lucky to advance. Your complaining provides nothing but bad vibes.

        • Mrinal

          I feel like you are so much disappointed because A.Correa is not there.

          Well, will not this be consolation for you if I notice also J.Correa is not there? πŸ˜‰
          So at least he is not worse. LOL. Just kidding again.

          More seriously:
          I can easily find positive points in the squad and have a joy while still I can’t say I’m big optimist before the Copa.

        • first of all i don t have any reason to have bad feelings for you for what you wrote to me. we are fine OF COURSE.
          we are just different my friend. i have different opinion than you of course.
          not about AFA but all the rest.
          we have different culture and this is very normal to see different the things.
          this is not about right and wrong.
          this is how i see things and how you see things.
          we are just very different.
          that s all.

          again no bad feelings about you my friend.

        • Mirnal
          You always moan. I never see you say one word positive. All due respect for you. So you trying to say there is nothing cheer about? Yeah GK is issue but Andrada is good goalie. I hope he can show it

      • cox4

        maybe I’m more tenacious on personal life and so is in here with my attitude. Tenacious or obstinate with all pluses and minuses of that. Plus a little bit too ‘idealist’ to let people think whatever they want if IMO this is something refutable or against facts like the case of Matias Suarez which is taken here as someone who does not deserve because allegedly had played many less minutes than few others called by Scaloni what is not true and I demonstrated this with numbers somwhere below.

        Not always have the stubborn approach (sometimes my family does not let me to answer every somment I would like), but if it is then my interlocutors should watch what they write.

        This is also course because so often I feel like “I must” to replicate while therre are shortages of time and energy.

        • OF COURSE i don t have bad feelings about what you wrote to me.
          you just said your problem about that at all.
          in my country we pay heavy with blood the right to speak free.

          i am the last person that i will say that it is problem to say free your opinion.
          just i have different opinion.
          that s all.

    • πŸ™‚ slow Medfield but all good dribblers and keeping possession.

      Icardi – Benedetto

      Lamela – Banega – Batta – Lanzini

      Martinez – Kanneman – Romero – Montiel

  11. Instead of dybala may be a.correa or icardi could have been included who could have been impact sub in crunch situation. Icardi more useful because he need half a chance to score a goal and one goal can change the match in our favour. Otherwise good selection. Vamos

  12. 23 players can be selected.
    Leave out one of the selected and call one of the not selected. People would complain.
    It’s hard to please all.

    In 2015/16 we lost with penalties. Our goalkeeper was Romero a Pk specialist.
    Some of the people here think they are van gaal.
    Cringe worthy.

  13. Kudos to Scaloni for finally refreshing the team. 14 new faces compared to WC squad. Masche, Biglia and Pipita retired, but he cut Banega, Mercado, Fazio, Perez, Salvio and Rojo and got rid of flop Meza and disappointing Pavon.

    The refresh was long overdue. Last time we had such a big refresh was in the nineties. The youngsters won it in 91 and 93. Let us win again. Would be nice for Messi to retire with a cup.

  14. It looks like some Mundo members even AFA hates or jealous of Argentine players playing in Europe. For AFA its you have to play for NT you should be in local league your performance doesn’t matter. All 3 goal keepers are useless GK should be Rulli , Musso and Caballero for penalties. A correa should be inplace of Suarez he is very good against tiring defence can useful as a sub. Ansaldi inplace of Casco, I don’t why roberto pereyra has been selected this guy is out of form since last 6 months lanzini or lamela should be there instead of pereyra.

  15. and here start the crying…..!!!

    as i guessed after the announcement of the squad start the usual “critics”
    how bad team we have , how shit team we have, how much bad is one player how much shit is the other player and…..bla bla bla bla bla bla.

    as usual the players that left out of squad is the best in the world and some conspiracy from somewhere make our coach take the worst of them.

    well my friends let s get serious now.

    everybody knows that we are not the best team exist.
    everybody knows our weaknesses. we have speak long time before.
    what we are doing is to fix one team quickly for one tournament in one month after.

    this is not the time for that.
    we like it or not this is the reality.

    Scaloni is our coach. somebody put him in his position.he didn t come alone one day sudden and said to everybody “hello guys i am from now on your coach”.
    that somebody have name. he is the same person that bring Sampaoli and the others too.
    he is Tapia the president of AFA and his dog … oops sorry his vice president i wanted to say mr Angelici.

    so why to attack Scaloni for try to do his job?
    good or bad what he knows he is doing. in end according of his work he will be judged.

    he take those 23. ok for one or other reasons he take those 23.
    let s be beside the team and support from now on.

    everybody we want our team win. let s stand up for that team and support.
    they will wear the honor Albiceleste jersey and will go out to pitch to play for ARGENTINA and all of us we love that national team.

    in bad and in good.
    in hard and in easy.


    • Well said. This place turns into a a nursery where all you see are crying when a team name is released.

      Instead of trying to be remotely positive you got your naysayers who just want to shit on the team.

      Hey, boludos, this is the team we have. Support it.

  16. Overall a balanced team. Other than Armani , I haven’t watched the other two GK, but reading comments from our Mundo fans , they sure don’t look like the best backups. Defense looks good , we have 4 centre backs (unlike the WC where we went with 2 full time CBs only)

    Since I haven’t seen much of Matias Suarez,my question to our mundo friends is what does Suarez brings to the table that made Scaloni pick him over Icardi(arguably the current best no-9). If we are looking for someone who can help in build up the play we already have Aguero ,Dybala and Lautaro. Icardi might be out of form but just one goal would have brought his confidence back. I am genuinely interested to learn more about him, because you have to bring something on the table to be able to get picked over a hit man like Icardi!!!!

    I am also glad that Mercado has been finally dropped for good. He was of no good to us, we can’t just pick him because he scores odd goals (which is once in a blue moon). The new guy on the block Milton Caso, How good is he? Sometimes unknown names can make a big impact and hopefully he is one of them.

    Additionally, how many of you are worried that we are going with one no-5 and if he happens to get suspended then we have to count on slow Paredes to take over the no-5 role and we all know that is not Paredes forte!! Again, overall a balanced team, I would say. With good formation and right tactics we could finally end our trophy drought!!

    • 1)Andrada is a good Goalkeeper, He will surely start ahead of Armani.
      2)Aguero, Lautaro, Icardi are silmilar players in terms of playing position(Aguero is versatile though) but Matias Suarez can play wide on wings when required, he can run his heart and help defense unlike other stikers, he can drop deep in short he can be a helpful player as a sub.
      3)I don’t know much about Casco but he is versatile can play on both flanks like Ansaldi.
      4)If it’s a 4 man midfield I think no 5 won’t matter much but yeah with a true no 5 playing like Guido team will be more balanced but without him and 4 man midfield of Pereyra-Paredes-Palacios-De Paul it won’t affect much. Also Foyth can play as a DM.

  17. Overall the team selection is good. Much better than what I anticipated. Really appreciate preferring Foyth over Mercado. But still I got 3 questions to ask.

    1. What is the idea of selecting 2 aged GK?? Musso could have been selected instead of one of them. The young guy could have gathered some tournament experience.

    2. What is Dybala’ role in this squad. I am certain that he is going to be used as a super sub, but in which position? Is he gonna play CAM or FW? If he is gonna chip in as a CAM then Messi will be used as a second striker, and from here my 3rd question arises.

    3. If Messi is playing as a second striker then for another FW position we already have 2 players Kun and Lautaro. So what’s the use of Suarez there?? Correa could have been a better option as he could have covered the RM position since that position lack players in this squad.

    • Same question about GKs and Dybala.

      As for Suarez role: he play more like winger now and his NT destination is to be on the left wing. So was in last 2 friendlies. He is kind of Lavezzi here, not striker.

      • So whats the thought process of covering RM spot?? Is it Di Maria. Well, if yes, then it’s interesting. But how much value can Suarez add to the NT? I didn’t see something very promising from his limited time in NT so that’s the reason for my doubt.

        • Maybe the RM position is really destination of Di Maria. De Paul, Pereyra can play there too. No matter who – Messi will monopolize the the area anyway.

          2 games and ’78 minutes of Suarez did were promising. Watch the games one more time. I can’t say how much value can Suarez add to the NT. Just consider Suarez have played 2 good games, 78 min (unlike for example De Paul who didn’t impressed in NT so far at all and no one questioning his call ups). Andrada 67 min., Foyth 90 min. Casco 106 min. Guido 111 min. Palacios 120 min. De Paul 136 min.

          These are not decisive differences.

          BTW I’m big fan of De Paul and want him to start (or Suarez)

  18. Scamloni is the worst mangers of Argentina history. He is worst than Baldi. How can you select players from amateur league over European leagues? No A. CORREA, Cristian Romero, RULLI, Benitez, Pupu Gomez, Ansandi, LANZINI, ICARDI?????? Messi should stayed retired rather than being puppet from Argentina media. No way, this team wins Copa America with Armani and Scamloni as a coach.

  19. …………………….Andrada
    ………Lo Celso….Paredes…..Palacios
    Messi……………………………………..De Paul/Suarez

    this is en vogue opinion here now but I agree that Di Maria on the left wing is like headless chicken and should be considered only for right flank.

    • Lautaro is not good to be considered ahead of Aguero, seems your hate against messi generation is too big, Aguero is best striker in the world and only argentina fans like you put him on the bench don’t reply me with past performance we saw lautaro against Napoli for inter or against venuzuela for argentina shirt

    • I wouldn’t shape it in a 3-3 like that. I understand the concerns behind parades but I don’t mind that selection. My reasons are following-
      Parades suffers in three man midfields or when a back three is used and he has to cover vertically as well as horizontally. In a four man midfield where he only has responsibility for central coverage I don’t think it is a bad idea.

      Secondly, Scaloni will play compact football and try to direct counter. Probably not with pace but with straight line vertical passing, much like Sampaoli. When there is more field is in front of him and not much retreating is required Parades is an asset more than Guido. If you are playing possession football which is open to being countered he might not be right choice by himself but I do not think we will play like that this tournament.

      Anyways it is a guess. We will see.

  20. “Stop with this penalty obsession.”
    How can you say this after 4 out of last 5 Copas ARG failed in shootouts (3 finals plus one quasi final vs Uruguay in 11)? +++ ARG knocked out in 95 vs Brazil in shootout, in 99 quarter final vs Brazil Ayala missed a penalty that cost us the Copa, in 93 we won 2 penalty shootouts before won the cup, just like in 1990WC, plus WC 2006 quarter, WC 14 semi-final…

    • We should prey our defense and attack saved us, Argentina don’t have Ederson and Alison two word class GK and one sitting on the bench wish on of them was Argentine. Armani in shootout then no chance at all, river failed in Club World Cup against UAE club.

    • There is the saying in football that there’s no saved (by goalie) penalties, there are only missed by executors. This is true. If players are shooting the penalty kicks precisely then even best GK has nothing to do. So in one game Romero may looks like penalty dominator (as was in semi against Netherlands) and on the another (like 2015 final penalties, 2016 final penalties, 2011 penalties) has nothing to say if the penalties are executed assuredly.

      I saw too many big goalkeepers losing with his team on this to exagerrate that issue. There should be better goalie insted of Armani/Marchesin but it’s more important how they do during regular time than on penalties.

      • Much more worrying is DM question. Paredes is not real No.5 while Guido without experience and I don’t think he is the kind of warrior we need. He is nothing like Battaglia or Ascacibar. I’ve said that before last WC “we will suffer for leaving Battaglia” and I want to say this time we will suffer for leaving Ascacibar in case of Battaglia injury.

        • ofc ARG would have suffered with Battaglia too in that chaos, and now with not enough discipline and green Ascacibar even, Stuttgart was maybe the worst team and the worst defence bulit around this player, whos hiatus will cost us another disaster, of course cmon man, he is world champion only in winning yellow cards, period, we cant rely on a player like him, in the most impotant stages Ascacibar would be suspensed, and then?

          • Something tells me that that will not take long time you will have to be ashamed for the opinion.

          • which oppinion? Because Ascacibar will be the world best DM in some years or what? This current guy with current form dont miss, and not guarantee a better team, a world class DM will miss from Copa, yes

          • You wont be ashamed after U20 WC or after Olympics 16? Who did miss from these teams? Not defending genius Ascacibar, its 100%, he was there as key player in these painfully underperforming teams…defensively too…

          • You may back to 2016 comments (not mine) on Mundo and will see Ascacibar was one of 2-3 our positive points.

  21. I am very happy for one thing;
    There are 12 players who is 27 or less…! This is the cross mark I think can be played in next WC easily.
    At least a good team in the building process…!

    More interestingly they are divided into 5 DF, 5MF and 2 FW…! A vision ?

  22. Argentina playing XI –
    GK – Saravia Otamendi Pazella Tagaliafico – Lo Celso Guido Paredes Dimaria – Messi Aguero.
    On paper this line up is the strongest in copa 2019 than anyother team only things matter how they played on field, expect Goalkeeper Argentina better than Brazil in every department and expect Defense Argentina better than Uruguye in every department, out of three Argentina, Brazil and Uruguye one is going to win copa 2019.

  23. don’t know why AFA always appoint m. fu.ker coaches???
    where there is, you have best options in goalkeeper position, likewise musso, benitez, rulli, than why Armani, MARCHESIN? & they will be 35+ at the time of 2022 world… what a brainless Scolani is…
    surely this is gonna b a disastrous copa because of goalkeeper selection…

    • Argentina don’t have any worldclass GK it’s a fact, a worldclass striker like Icardi not selected because of competition but the above GK you mentioned aren’t world class neither they have best season expect benitez and error prone too, better prey that our U20 GK ruffo and protao trun world class like edearson and Alison.

  24. Romance Take:
    GK – Esteban ANDRADA, Franco ARMANI, Agustin MARCHESIN. I’m not happy with GK selection as there is no young GK in the squad whom we relay on 2022, Rulli/musso should be selected as 3rd GK atleast if not starter.
    DF – Renzo SARAVIA ,Milton CASCO, German PEZZELLA, Juan FOYTH, Nicolas OTAMENDI, Ramiro FUNES MORI, Nicolas TAGLIAFICO. Looks unbalanced according to me, Sarvia Otamendi Pazella tagliafico looks good but back up not promising, no proper RB and one extra CB, montiel or marcado should be selected instead of one of Mori/Foyth.
    MF – Leandro PAREDES, Exequiel PALACIOS, Roberto PEREYRA, Angel DI MARIA, Marcos ACUNA, Giovani LO CELSO, Guido RODRIGUEZ, Rodrigo DE PAUL, Paulo DYBALA. Starting XI wise there is no problem in midfield but 2sopt is wasted on MF position Acuna and Dybala, Lanzini should have been more useful than these two.
    FW – Lionel MESSI, Lautaro MARTINEZ, Sergio AGUERO, Matias SUAREZ no question about Forward it’s the best selection compare to any department still correra deserve to be the part of the attack.
    Overall decent selection if not good but it will better if GK selection was done properly,

  25. Happy with the squad selection….I loved the inclusion of Foyth instead of mercado.
    If I have to nitpick I would say a younger goalkeeper in the mix and J.Correa whose pace and dribbling can cause fouls which messi can take advantage of.

    • These are 3 good players: Andrada, Casco, Suarez and only one who should not be there: Armani.

          • where is saravia back up then??? Acuna supposed to play as LB disappointment in Casco selection and montiel exclusion

          • I didn’t noticed there’s noe Mercado. So you have the answer why Casco is there: because he play both sides Lb and Rb, unlike only Rb Montiel. Now I must justify Scaloni a little bit

  26. I like the kind of outfield 10 selected by Insider (no comments on GK ). In his kind of rough 442 shape parades deficiency can be covered by the other 3 mid and you don’t lose the creativity by using a destroyer like guido.

    It’s really on the bench where I am concerned. I understood the logic of the rumored list but including Casco here is making me scratch my head. Lets run through the scenarios:
    a)You are concerned with having cover for saravia and decide casco can slot in on the right because he has played one or two games in his career there. This is clearly wrong as depth of Montiel or Mercado is better option. Best case Mercado since it gives you CB depth as well.
    b) You are concerned with Tagliafico health because of long club season and need back up LB. This is fine then but you still decide to keep acuna. Possibly you are also thinking of DePaul cover but for this you already have Pereyra (who can play all over midfield and is needed), or even DiMaria.
    c) You want an aggressive three man back formation in order to play from behind as plan B and need an extra wingback. Both of Acuna and casco provide this ability in that case. You cannot carry both for a plan B.

    This is a headscratcher really. One small selection like this with so many impacts. You lose the ability to carry someone like Correa now who can play super sub roles or even add more midfield muscle in pure 442’s which is best for shaky teams like us.

    • I think Foyth will be used as RB\DR incase Saravia has issue.
      Foyth-Pazella-Otamendi or Otamendi-Pazella-Mori could be used in strange situation, especially at closing stages..! May be a 5-4-1..! Just an option.
      I dont think Casco will get minutes in Copa especially in KO..!

  27. FYI: Casco can play both side. RB or LB. So that’s why they chose him. I loved it they choose Foyth over Mercado. Good visionary

  28. satisfying list……dybala’s selection is questionable…….i can understand the casco’s selection, scaloni doesn’t trust acuna to play full back for whole match……then again why he selected acuna may be bcoz of his crossing abilities….hv to admit his crosses have some serious power and bent….he can be useful as sub

  29. Why Dybala selected ahead of A Correra who supposed to seal his spot after morocco game is the question to be asked, if icardi punished for recent form, Dybala also deserve it now fuel arise icardi not selected because of messi, if morocco friendly isn’t criteria for consideration then suarez not deserve for selection, i still can’t understand why Dybala and Icardi, Suarez and Correra got different treatment

  30. – We got 2 years younger in average from the world cup: 27 vs 29
    – I read a story that de Paul is to the squad what Lavezzi used to be: good vibe guy.
    – I believe in Andrada.
    – Hope no more injuries: doubtful, usually someone gets injured in training camp.
    – Not all the starters in the first game will start in the last game: Suspensions, injuries, drop of form, better fit.
    – Please for once! Scaloni stated they know how they want to play today. Use the training camp to work on it. If the first game doesn’t go well like against Bosnia or Iceland. Don’t panic and scrap plan! Try to improve but don’t throw what you prepared completely away.
    It would be a waste of time.

  31. Disappointed with GK selection, scaloni avoided older players but why there is no young GK, it’s sure this 3 will not be in 2022, Rulli should have been selected

  32. I predict Scaloni’s first eleven…!
    Formation will be 4231..…!!


    Changing to 4132 with Messi and Lautaro upfront and Palacios joining DePaul and Locelso in advanced role.

    Impact sub: Aguero, Dimaria, and Dybala.

  33. Di Maria, De Paul, Acuna all are competing for 1 spot. Our right side again looks weak, Bar Messi.

    If he is going for 4-4-2 straight formation. Then Di Maria may have to be utilized in Right side along with on Top.



    Di Maria-Lo Celso-Guido-De Paul


    With Messi roam around in a free role. (Don’t know whether Messi and Di Maria both Can operate in similar spaces)

    If he goes for 4-4-2 Diamond formation then it’s another story by the way.

    Surprised to see Foyth. Was thinking Mercado to get the nod. Foyth will get gud tournament experience.

  34. No correa, no lamela, no lanzini, no creative force…once again force messi to create the game and if we loose blame it on him

    Fuck this line up

  35. Decent team selection. Suarez is a weird choice. Played few minutes in NT. Would have preferred Icardi or J. Correa.

    • Suarez have played 2 good games, 78 min (unlike for example De Paul who didn’t impressed in NT so far). Andrada 67 min., Foyth 90 min. Casco 106 min. Guido 111 min. Palacios 120 min. De Paul 136 min.

      These are not decisive differences.

  36. Even small issues will make team lose a match or tournament.
    1: Penalty savings…Rulli should have been there.
    2: Real DM… Ascacibar could have been an option.
    3: Impact player from the bench… Lanzini and Icardi could have changed a match than any one in the list out of top 11.

  37. It’s a good list except 2 inclusion. One I can say that coaching staff has plan or something but Marchesin inclusion has no purpose. Musso inclusion maybe justified more as a visionary about the situation of our GK issue. Marchesin will be retired after Copa than again look for new GK. Same goes Armani

  38. 4-4-2
    aguero Messi
    Dimaria locelso
    Tag otamendi pezella saravia

    Not bad… very capable of winning against anyone IF they are in sync

    • What Scaloni tried was 433 mainly…and the list shows he’s not going for 433. May be a 4231. Otherwise he should have dropped one of Dybala and Dimaria.

  39. Matias Suarez Dybla Acuna Pereya and one of Tagliafico or Casco should be dropped and in place of them Lanzini J Correa Ansaldi Banega should be selected.Guido Rodriguez is good selection anyway

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