Sergio AGUERO to be included in Argentina Copa America team, Mauro ICARDI out


Per reports, Sergio AGUERO is expected to make Argentina’s Copa America team while Mauro ICARDI will likely be left out.

There’s lots of rumors as to who will make Lionel SCALONI’s final cut of 23 players for the Copa America and reports are intensifying about the inclusion and exclusion of certain players.

Sergio AGUERO is one of the names who will reportedly make the trip to Brazil while former Inter captain Mauro ICARDI will have to wait before being included in a tournament squad for Argentina.

A report by TyC Sports claims the following names as confirmed:

Marcos ACUNA
Giovani LO CELSO
Rodrigo DE PAUL
Lionel MESSI


  1. I don’t think this Icardi exclusion is a surprise. It was never in question since late last year that barring injuries el toro was definitely getting selected. And if you were going to take a third striker it would always have been someone who offers more versatile and flexibility outside the box and especially good in wider areas for overall 23 balance. So a bit of a half striker like profile. So again not icardi. The real question in my view has always been between aguero and icardi for this tournament. I think scaloni went with form and that is fine.

    Some clarification on the report:
    (A)The debate between pezella v foyth is because of injury concern of pezella per the report. NOT because foyth is superior to pezella. Frankly losing both pezella and kanneman to injury would be an extremely scary situation. I don’t even want to think about it.

    (B) Marchesin v Musso are being debated for #22. I would have much preferred dropping armani and taking both marchesin & musso along with andrada personally. I never expected benitez to be called this round since he never got a call up so far.

    (C) Last spot is between Angel correa, nacho,pity, el coco, and lanzini with currently correa having advantage. This is a tough one. If 442 gives us the best chance this cup and will be our baseline formation then we have to think from the point of view of choosing someone who works best in a mid 4, can stretch the wide areas and pitch in defensively as well. I don’t think lanzini’s body will hold upto that workload and pity is in a bit of bad patch right now. Actually based on the requirement I think lamela is the best fit but his body is also hit or miss. Fernandez has never played in this squad so you can see why angel is the front runner here.

  2. I think people have the right to be critical and pessimistic.
    I think it is a good list which with some tweaks could be better.
    All that is left is to support the team to the fullest!

    • Ghost, I see your new profile picture and think the same: it’s someway beatifull come back of Andrada after 2011 WC – once our big hope on the position. I’ve never gave up on him. THe talent always was there waiting for better place and times.

    • And remember that 2011 U-20 WC team. Really good one. Especially defensively. We have few players of that team on this list: Andrada, Pezzella, Tagliafico, Pereyra. Lamela was on long list. Battaglia could be there if not injury.

        • Still waiting for Matias Laba reemerging in Argentinos Juniors after spell in USA. He was one of best on that WC. Galeano had good moments not long ago. The same with Nervo. And of course Facundo Fereyra in Europe. Cirigliano disappeared totally. The same Carlos Luque. But biggest disappointments is Adrian Martinez – one of crucial players, who missed decisive quarter final game for cards. He is completely nowhere now, after seasons in Olimpo

  3. As far as the NT, if any tournament selection is concerned the luckiest player is Mori,(Out of nowhere he is now selected, Had not for the injury Mori would have defently started the 2018 WC too) Milton Casco falls in that same category too.

    And the unluckiest player is Icardi(Bcos of his own doing this time by the way, but still unlucky,he debuted under Sabella but have only played less than 8 matches in almost 5 years, which is a shame considering his goal scoring ability)

    It is what it is. Just hope Pezzella and Otamendi stays fit and start for us. Feel almost secured under their combo in defence.

    Rulli was surely suppose to be our Starting GK for long time after the Romero Era, But that didn’t go well. Andrada was once hyped to join Barca. Then he got lost. Now he seems to be back on track at Boca. He should start for us in Copa. And just hope he don’t make any school boy errors like most of the World Class GKs r making nowadays all around the world. Be it De gea, Ter Stegen etc etc.

    • Lisandro Martinez was the optimal choice when you think to have universal player for CB, LB maybe even DM. Unfortunately negative propaganda in here after his only game in NT spread opinion that he is not NT material. He is. Even without Ajax

      • Negative propoganda in here don’t matter at all.

        Here there r multiple rules if some one young(who’s playing his 5th match) don’t perform in 1 Match he is crap and don’t deserve to play in NT,

        If some one who has played 100 NT matches and consistently give bad performance, but plays in World Class, it’s not a big deal, he should again be tried.
        Eg-Di Maria

        So it doesn’t matter, Lis Martinez will be our backbone in defence along with Foyth soon. Whether we like or not doesn’t matter. How long we r gonna rely on the likes of Di Maria, Otamendi etc etc let’s see.

  4. Where we goona use Dybla.He wasted one player position.Matias Suarez should be dropped no need for too many CF.Suarez should be dropped for J cortea amd Lanzini

    • Matias Suarez is ok. He will be left winger here rather. He is most versatile of our forwards. Take him much like Lanzini

        • So where I’ve said call up for Armani is good?
          Better care of yourself predictions.
          Remember your predictions before decisive Argentina games on last WC? SHould I bring them here once again.

          BTW where is Hulk in Brazil squad:

          “Brazilian player Hulk has changed himself completely.Now he has become more deadly.Copa is gonna to be tough for Argentina if they do not call worthy players to NT.Brazil is best team in world right now.
          Hulk is gonna to be selected in Brazilian team.He changed himself completely. He can handle two defenders easily.What these Brazilian eat?Argentina needs to take good care for their players”.

  5. 3 left backs ,3 center forward his plan to go with 4-4-2 what is happening.Pereya Acuna should not be there.Armani looks good gk but needs positional awareness he is quite acrobatic.Oh shit where is Ansaldi J.Correa and Lanzini.Needs to get rid of Di Maria may be.

  6. Acuna, Aguero, Andrada, Armani, Casco, De Paul, Di Maria, Dybala, Foyth, Funes Mori, Lo Cleso, Marchesin, Martinez, Messi, Otamendi, Palacios, Paredes, Perreyra, Pezzella, Rodriguez, Saravia, Suarez, Tagliafico

  7. No stable GK, I don’t know why it is pezella or foyth? Or it is writing mistake? Pezella is 1000times better than foyth.. and why not scaloni select Jonathan correa?my opinion Jonathan correa better than Matias Suarez and currently Jonathan correa played just brilliantly.. why Argentine coach’s are make the differentiate mistake always…it hurts a lot as a fan..

  8. Foyth or pazzella but funes mori confirm…..
    Am i seeing this right ?
    Pazzella should be the confirm one….and foyth should be their instead of mori…. I hate mercado but sometimes he score goals out of no where…..

  9. Andrada, Armani, Musso, Saravia, Mercado, Pezzella, Otamendi, Funes Mori, Tagliafico, Acuña, Paredes, Lo Celso, Palacios, Guido Rodríguez, Pereyra, de Paul, di Maria, Lanzini, Dybala, Messi, Agüero, Lautaro, Matías Suárez

    That will be the list 95% of it

  10. i think angel correa should be selected instead of dybala…
    and really feel bad for icardi but it is the right decision …there is only 2 place for CF one is for the best aguero and other place is for our future martinez

  11. German PEZZELLA or Juan FOYTH !!!!!!! If Scaloni is confused about whom to pick between these two then we are doomed!! How can a coach be confused about whether to pick his best defender or not !!

    Scaloni stuck with Icardi for the most of the games but now he is going to drop him just because he isn’t in great form? Form is temporary , Class is permanent Fool!! Does he have any fcuking idea that having a high profile striker in the D-area draws attention of defenders which leads to freeing up space for others and that is how games are won!! Poor Icardi is cursed, best no-9 in the world and still doesn’t get picked!! This situation reminds of me Pekermen sending Julio Cruz against Germany when Messi was forced to sit and watch from the bench!! We have won zero trophy for quarter of a century because of our imbecile mangers and AFA!! SMH. This imbecile wasted the whole year playing real life FIFA with our team!!

    • This is probably the most accurate comment I have ever heard. Scaloni doesn’t realize just how much better a world class player’s bad form is better than a normal player’s good form. That is what separates world class players from low league players. Simply having the presence of a striker like Icardi can do a lot of great things. If Messi and Masche had been left out in 2014 simply because they had the worst season in their respective careers, would we have gotten to the final? Form is temporary and it can always change. This is why football is called the beautiful game!

    • “Ángel Correa corre con ventaja sobre Ignacio Fernández, Gonzalo Martínez, Erik Lamela y Manuel Lanzini. quienes pelean por esa última plaza”

      • definitely have to call in a right footed player, Messi, di Maria, lo Celso from these 3 two will 100% start, likely every 3, same movements, cut inside from right, no need another left (and one) footed player, the 23th will be a sub, so the best choice a very versatile one, but hardworker too, useful defensively (Angel Correa or Lanzini) who can play ZM, AM or LWF so rather Lanzini, only injuries worries, but not so deep fear for a sub, so 5 players can play in left wing in 4-4-2…Di Maria, De Paul, Lanzini, Acuna and Pereyra and maybe even more in 4-3-3 with Matias Suarez

        • Lanzini would be always good choice if not his health problems. To have both Di Maria and Lanzini called up is much risky. Very likely at least one of them will be out.

    • No, but we have no better option rigth now, Battaglia is injured, Biglia and Mascherano are old, and Guido Pizarro or Marcone not better, but older and have less energy, Nicolas Dominguez, Caseres and Ascacibar are too green but future projects

      • Ascacibar is not too green in comparison to Guido Rodriguez. Several players called up by Scaloni have no more experience Ascacibar has. Spend one season in Europe, played on Olimpic Games, U-20 WC, Copa Libertadores, debuted in senior NT. Taking Guido instead of him is even more risky. To leave Ascacibar in home while Battaglia injured is mistake, same as was to leave Battaglia out of WC 2018.

        • Honestly in my opinion, for this Copa, banega is still our 3 top selection in midfield .. along with locelso and parcedes due to his defensive tackling, composure, experience and passing …he should be there

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