Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI talks Copa America, Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGUERO, more


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI gave a press conference after announcing his list of 23 players for the Copa America.

The Argentina national team coach had a lot to say in regards to the team and the injection of young blood. Here’s what he had to say:

“When we took over, at first in the first six matches when I was interim coach and after that when I was confirmed, our idea was that any player would have the chance to play with the Argentina national team. The change (of players) was made but without closing the door on anyone.”

The coach also commented on Milton CASCO getting called to the team:

“He was called for the matches against Venezuela and Morocco but he got injured. We knew that he was training and he didn’t lose his physical conditioning. He gives us options. We all know that he can play on the right just as much as on the left. He was an option that we always had.”

Regarding the goalkeepers:

“We believe that the three are at a very similar level and surely we will take the decision which we believe at the opportune moment. In the case of Chiquito Romero (Sergio ROMERO), when one takes a decision, you do it thinking it’s the best and he is not part of the list. We believe that the three that we called are teh best and hopefully they respond to that.”

Lionel SCALONI also spoke about Sergio AGUERO finally getinng called to the Argentina national team:

“I didn’t change anything following my press conference after I announced the squad against Venezuela and Morocco. I know him after having been in the previous coaching staff (with Jorge SAMPAOLI) and I know him better than anyone else. We needed to give those two matches (Venezuela and Morocco) to Lautaro MARTINEZ. But with AGUERO, the numbers speak for themselves. We are happy that he’s with us and we have to put the pieces together for him to be able to do what he does with his club.”

He also spoke about the change of players in the squad:

“The easiest thing would have been to play itsafe, with players who had experience but we believed that we should try and find a certain balance of players who have played several matches and others who have the chance to show us because if not, the famous future will never be produced. The end will show us.”

SCALONI also spoke about the captain, Lionel MESSI:

“We spoke days after the Champions League elimination but only to talk about how things would be planned. I’m not one to get involved in his club, we spoke about how the week of training would be here and nothing else.”



  2. Except GK selection I have no contradiction with the squad. Armani is motionless keeper. Rulli I would prefer based on his current performance and age. Only request is please don’t go with 3 men back and select 11 common starter. Do not follow sampaoli to select different 11 for every match. Good Luck for team Argentina. Looking forward to grab a trophy.

  3. By not including MEZA, MERCADO, Pity MARTINEZ and PAVON, Scaloni has earned my respect!

    He needs to earn some trust on player selection – that’s why he includes SUAREZ and uses ARMANI – if these two players play well in the tournament, the nobody can ever argue his player selection going forward.

  4. Hi guys..
    I am not a fan of scaloni but I can say that the list is the best we can get. I would have put a younger GK, brought Ascacibar or another player instead of Acuna. The fact that he brings a DM proves that he understands the weakness of the team. Overall he can’t please everyone. I hope that we stick with this team for the qualifiers.

    • Personally Emmanuel Mammana is the man! And benitez. If he takes marchesin and acuña out, we can win. But now, we have a low chance. All the other teams like Brazil, Peru etc. have young defensive players, and experienced attacker, which is best for balancing and development.

  5. If locelso fails or injured who can close tht one near locelso bcz someone who can hold passand dribble like him. If pity get selected can fill this gap…how sad….

  6. Disappointed with the exclusion of pity martz and inclusion of dybla. Same old front line.messi always want hus old mates as partners. Aguro maria .i think messi as false9 working with maria on right can bring something exciting. And if pity thr he can be a gud sub for locelso.

    • Farmer pitty don’t deserve to be selected, even in worst season Dybala is 100million plus player, who is MLS flop pitty?

      • I agree that pity isn’t ready, at least right now but we will miss the versatility of Ángel Correa… and Matías Suarez is a waste of a position. Rather have J.Correa how would be a good sub for dimaria

        • i liked the young Matias Suarez very much in Anderlect. He was a very good speedy SS, LWF with a lot of talent, then he suffered a serious injury in 2013 and missed the next 12-18 months (dont remember correctly, but very long time) Sevilla and Lazio wanted to buy him before that. Now he is good again.
          Look at his best goals, full of talent and creativity:

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