Paulo DYBALA on being with Argentina national team: “Always beautiful being here”


Argentina’s Paulo DYBALA is one of the latest one’s to arrive and train with the rest of the team.

Upon his arrival, he was asked about being with the Argentina national team as well as comparing Lionel MESSI and Cristiano RONALDO. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s immense joy. It’s always beautiful being here. I’m enjoying it, I always give my maximum and I give my all to be here. I believe we have to work in a calm manner to go as far as we can and to have a good tournament.”

DYBALA was also asked about his Argentina team mate Lionel MESSI and his Juventus team mate Cristiano RONALDO:

“They each have their own characteristics, their way of playing. They are both great and phenomenal. I don’t compare them, I just enjoy.”


  1. still think the following is the best
    Montiel#otamendi#Barboze#L martinez
    ###lo celso###J correa
    messi#############di maria

  2. the main problem is scaloni . just compare scaloni with batista ,it is totally different .

    no matter what result argentina u20 will have ,the whole team shows us spirit ,ability,skill and speed.i am not saying argentina u20 will win the trophy but this team under batista really impress me alot .

    batista’s team is really logical and tactical. two tall and fast CBs (perez , medina) with 193cm Centurion as replacement .RB and LB are offensive with running ability. In midfield ,ACTUALLY batista did not use any traditional no.5 instead he used Anibal moreno, F Vera ,almendra both are box to box .sometimes using santiago sosa who i think is look like Biglia rather than mascherano.

    Batista ‘s team is using two box to box in MF together with two wingers (pedro de la vega, Urzi,Barco)somethimes julian alverez. Maroni Is the number 10. GAICH is the main central forward . you have wingers and offensive RB,LB so that you must use a strong and tall striker supported by julian alverez as a false 9.

    as i always say traditional no.5 is outdated. Argentina must use box to box MF with wingers. Barco,Gaich,DE LAVEGA and URZI are fast for counterattack. every things are logical.

    But scaloni is different , No tall strong FW ,No suitable messi’s replacement . DI MARIA and DE PAUL are different . the main problem is running ability . Most of the players are very slow and dont run too much. Not enough box to box MF and speedy attacker .with this list you should imagine what tactic scaloni will use?I dont think this team can play possession football nor counter attack nor highline compression nor one touch tiki taka. it seems scaloni still struggling at the tactics and formation. He always said argentina is not the candidate for this trophy .i should say he is very clever to become argentina’s head coach even if he has no experience at all

    • Sosa, Vera, Moreno or Almendra are not fast midfielders, rather slow than fast. Portugal midfielders were way more faster, athletic and energetic. Fausto Vera is a classic 5, Santiago Sosa too.

  3. Another impressive performance and result. A real professional performance! So mature. I haven’t seen such a solid Argentina defence without much compromising on the attack junior or senior level for a long time. Sabella’s team may have a say in that. They had so much fighting spirit. Everybody knew their role, gave their 100%( bar the sub Maroni). Even Julian Alvarez who wan’t easy on the eye, but worked tirelessly.
    It’s not everyday that you’ll see an Argentine defence not shaky. But boy, this defence is so solid, never looked shaky at all. Even the best of Argentina teams both junior as well as senior looked shaky defensively over the past couple of decades( who were rather attack oriented ignoring the defensive duties), but not this side!

    They were always looking for forward passes, not trying to make easy passes backways and sideways just for the possession sake. And they passed it with considerable tempo.

    Medina once again was solid and very impressive as well as Ortega. Ruffo also deserves huge praise considering the error he made in the first game and how he recovered after that. He has still a lot to improve but he never caved in, he kept coming for the balls in the box and crosses, albeit not 100% successful, he still showed a lot of character. Kudos to him! That was a brilliant finish from Gaich whether he meant it or not. He was once again instrumental.

    This team also showed they can adapt depending on the situation. They can control the possession as they did in the first half against Portugal and they can sit deep and soak up the pressure and see the game out comfortably. Proper game management! Portugal didn’t even have a clear cut chance( atleast to me), only half chances, particularly 2 of them. They never looked like scoring. That tells you about this Argentina side!

    • Wait with the praises till ARG wins the U20WC or at least reach the final, this is not much so far, 3 teams have quality players in the whole tournament: ARG, POR and FRA the others are below par, Italy players not even play in Serie A, so less than a final would be a faillure overall.

      • Yes, this time less than final is a failure. France is better than Argentina in this tournament. If we play in final it will be Argentine attack vs France Defense.

      • I’m just enjoying the moments Csabalala. I’m not saying we’ll win it or should win it (the WC), but I’m really impressed by this team even if it’s just two group stage matches. Like I mentioned in my comment above, I haven’t seen an Argentine side perform like this, with such tactical flexibility, solid throughout the pitch. It’s clearly a positive sign and you have to give credit where it’s due. If not now, then when? Imo, no words are enough to describe their performance, it was so refereshing, so good. A “TEAM” performance! Football is all about moments (to me atleast), if we can’t enjoy these moments, we never will. Trophies will come, they’re only byproducts.

      • Just like Barcelona always dominated possession and created many chances. They always win right? no they’ve beaten 0-3 and 0-4 many times in CL despite 70% possessions. Argentina dominated Portugal as scoreline suggest. It should have been 4-0 if Gaich didnt mess his other two easy chances.

  4. News coming out that Saravia is not in good shape..! The same position we don’t have any backup..! Casco currently ahead of Saravia at RB positon..!

  5. our main problem is midfield till now…. let’s see what Scaloni has developed in the midfield of this team.

    Locelso is a Attracting Midfielder ….
    he must be used in that position where he plays for Betis …..

    players in defence are almost clear-
    Saravia Otamendi Pezzela Tagliafico
    Foyth is also an option

    Palacios Pereyra Paredes Guido Locelso (any 3) are players who can start in midfield

    Dimaria Messi Aguero will surely start….

    sub – Dimaria (suarez) Messi (Dybala) Aguero (Lautaro)

    I think Aguero (start all game) will be a trump card this time as he is fit enough..

    • Aguero and Dimaria surely start? I don’t think so.
      I see Scaloni starting Lautaro ahead of Aguero. Dimaria most probably will be a substitute.

      • no way Lautaro will start ahead of Aguero, he is not ready, spends more time on the floor than on his feet, i see a lot of Inter matches, but could be an impact sub.

    • Sheeeeit..why stop there?

      I’d like to see Messi – Aguero – Dybala – Lo Celso on the pitch together. Not sure how it could work but they are by far our best attacking threats in front of goal and outside the box.

      And it’s not insane. That was everyone’s dream team when Dybala emerged. When Sampaoli played Messi – Dybala – Icardi, i was over the fookin’ moon.

      But sadly, our coaches and players haven’t been able to make it work. Dybala once said that he occupies the same space as messi, and found it difficult to adjust. Im sure hes right in some ways but i cant imagine that its unsolvable. Thats one thing i think Sampaoli could have done if he stayed, finally making those 2 click.

    • Wont happen, we need player who can run alot throughout to accompany Messi, need a player that could press opponents when we’re not on the ball , because Messi doesnt run alot, he’s timid with his run since 2014, saving energy for accelerate only when he feels the momentum.

      Having Dybala alongside him wont help since Dybala also doesnt have the strength and endurance for 90 minutes , let alone 120 minutes at KO stage ( in case ). He’s technical player which basically in the same vein as Messi. Even if they click, I dont see how Dybala could be mobile enough in later part of the game.

      He could replace Aguero or maybe Di Maria (if he play on the right side), Aguero is prone to injury and we shouldnt use 3 forwards when our midfield has been known for being static and doesnt make alot of run.

    • I like all time attacking… like 4-3-3 attacking formation
      Saravia. Pezzella. Otamendi Tagliafico
      Palacios Lo Celso
      Messi Di Maria

  6. I liked Pezzela’s comments rather than Dybla’s comment at least Pezzela commemts are right Yes Argentina are not candidate for copa he is getting real here.It is the first step towards devlopment to accept the reality.On the other hand Dybla is happy go lucky guy.No wonder he is getting sidelined by both club and country

  7. Wonder how many playing minutes Dybala will get in the Copa or any other major tournament as long as Messi is around. Accommodating both would be a great challenge for Scaloni or any other coach. Juventus compromising on him in favour of Ronaldo is very short sighted. IMO Ronaldo will fizzle out in the next season (or two at best). Can already see his decline towards the last part of the season. Hardly a surprise given that he has lost his legs at 34.

  8. Icardi should be selected ahead of Dybala, I’m going to miss my crush Wanda Nara in copa 😭😭

    • many of our U-20 players are very much attracting European clubs….till now Argentina U-20 team showed glimpses of maturity and solid display…Barco Gaich are really good…
      this 2 man can easily enter into senior squad…

    • Is it maturity or cowardice?……dybala’s usage of words are acceptable but just look at pezella’s choice of words o my god!!!….it’s totally disheartening for fans ….winning or losing is different thing but losing before the tournament is unacceptable

      • So what do you expect , that all the players leave all the training and sit with the media and start to bash about themselves till the tournament starts , and be like ” yeah we are the best team in the tournament.” , ” We are the only one who will win copa America.” and blah blah blah…….
        Pezzella words were very true and absolute spot on, a leader doesn’t underestimate his team , but at the same time he also doesn’t overestimate his team too. He just said the true words , we are not favourites , cause we are in transition mode and to earn back that status and respect , you have to work for years .
        “A tree is not grown in a day .” It’s need time and patience.
        I think if somebody has the incorrect way of interpretating messages in wrong approach , then that’s the problem with you buddy.
        No disrespect.

        • Exactly, even Burruchaga and Valdano constantly praised Maradona back then (because who doesnt)… and it doesnt mean they’re not tough mentally.

          Having players like Messi or CR will always be adventage even if they only walk around on the pitch, cause opponent teams will always have to double or triple marks them.

          What Argentina lacked is creativity and initiative from other players when Messi is completely locked down by opponents.. or when Messi trying to find someone to pass to or play one-two which he does in every game at Barcelona and makes him double effective, that player doesnt seems to exist in national team after 2016.

          • ur point is right but have u seen cr7 fellow forwards manduzic,bernerdeschi or whoever how they run back for him and in barca how suarez works hard for the team……i m ok with the best player not running but other forwards has to work more ….
            and don’t forget we won’t play possession football that means we will be withoust the ball for more than half the match against quality oppostion…..the only difference between the best european teams and south americans is work rate…….
            and of course it is just all my personal opinion….so don’t take it seriously.
            and yeah i m absolutely agree with u on the part of initiative….nobody takes initiative to take the ball from messi when messi is surrounded by 4-5 players and take full advantages of the spaces created by messi’s magic

        • @rohandip u won’t agree with me and u don’t hv to…. everyone has different opinions ……being pessimistic is always hazardous no matter what your profession is… the name of facing the truth people tends to get negative…….boy i didn’t want pezella to say we r the best i just want him to say we can win the whole thing.
          we all know that team is in rebuilding stage but this shouldn’t be use as excuse…..if people get excuse to lean on more often than they will lean on it…its natural

  9. one more player that he living in his world and he don t understand what jersey he is wearing !!!

    what on Christ some players thinking?
    that they are going a school trip in Brasil?
    we are going a holiday trip?

    how low we arrive my God.
    How much low my beloved national team arrived God s shake !!!

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