Erik LAMELA, Manuel LANZINI among names who could make Argentina squad


Erik LAMELA, Manuel LANZINI and Ignacio FERNANDEZ are the three possible replacements for Exequiel PALACIOS in the Argentina team.

The injury bug has started to hit the Argentina national team. Coach Lionel SCALONI has already had to look at potentially using Milton CASCO as a right back as Renzo SARAVIA isn’t fully fit. But now, there’s more concern.

As we reported earlier, Exequiel PALACIOS is battling a hamstring problem and TyC Sports are reporting that three names have emerged as a possible replacement. Two former River Plate players and one present one.

Tottenham are in the Champions League final and Erik LAMELA is one of the names being mentioned to possibly replace PALACIOS. The other is Manuel LANZINI of West Ham United and the third is PALACIO’s team mate with River, Ignacio FERNANDEZ.



  1. Hm, if it was me, i’d rather choose Nacho to adds more balance in midfield due to his versatility. But if the purpose is to added more attacking option, pick Lanzini instead.

    And i know it was happened, but still, i’d prefer Nery Dominguez, Leonardo Gil, or Lucas Romero than Guido Rodriguez. Dunno, just feel sorry about that.

  2. Honestly I really like Palacios but I have to tell that I have the opportunity to watch him in several occasions and I am not convinced. Last night I watch I. Fernandez and I was really pleased. Not because he played well last night but for he is more convincing player than Palacios. With Guido, Paredes, and LoCelso I think we have a decent midfield. Pereyra and Depaul are very good alternatives. If I was Scaloni I would bring a number 5.

  3. i think lamela prefer playing in the right side than left so that’s why i will go with lanzini or nacho otherwise lamela whould hv been my first choice i think lamela can give a lot to the team….i don’t know much about nacho as i m not a regular watcher of south american football but if u guyz are saying it then he must be good…..and whatever little i hv seen of nacho he looks like a good player.

  4. Manuel Roffo; Weigandt, Centurión, Facundo Medina, Francisco Ortega; Sosa, Ferreira, Aníbal Moreno; Ezequiel Barco, Agustín Urzi y Chancalay

    start today against South Corea

  5. Palacios looks like another man of glass after Gago, Pastore, Di Maria, Lamela, Lanzini. Injured for the third time since his first NT call up in September.

  6. If it is 442
    I think this line up is the best.
    Gk- Andrada
    Lb- tagliafico
    Cb- otamendi and pazzela
    Rb- foyth(if saravia is not fit)
    CDM – Paredes (as regista) and Guido
    Rm- lo celso
    Lm- de paul/lanzini ( if he gets call )
    Cam- messi
    St- aguero/martinez

  7. I have stated this multiple times here , Lamela’s only problem is his fitness issues other than that he is a complete midfielder. He can score, assist, press and track back and defend. I would vote for Lamela over Lanzini. The later is more of a attacking mid and we already have plenty of players in that department and moreover Lanzini might not last full 90 mins in a high tempo game let alone the whole tournament. On the contrary Lamela is lot fitter and reliable. He had a very good start to the season, where is scored and assisted plenty, not to mention he is also a natural engangche. He was Spurs main man due to injuries and he did not disappoint. Remember the game against Barcelona?Next season, He should learn something from Lo-celso and get the fcuk out from Spurs . Additionally, the other benefit of playing Lamela is , he will be play in Champion’s league final and that will help him develop his big game mentality which is crucial. As we all know Weak mind results choking in decisive moments. (Higuain).

    And If Saravia is also injured (very unfortunate) please don’t bring back Mercado. He is not the same player he used to be, check Sevilla’s stats this season. If he gets selected then I don’t want him to play as a CB for us ever again!!

  8. Casco is not a RB…..
    It is useless to use him on the RB…. He can play on the RB but can he play like he plays on the LB ? Why not Montiel ?
    I would love lanzini on that LW. He can run riot on tha position….
    Dimaria on LW is useless…. If we want best of him…. Then RW is the position for him …. He can both shoot and cross…

    • Di Maria can drop deep and swap wings.He has shown he links up well with Messi. We need that speed on the left flank.He did cut inside against France and scored that wonderful Goal in the World Cup going on the right side, pretty sure he is better than last season while Neymar was injured a lot in PSG this season.He played more as a Left Winger and WingBack under Thomas Tuchel this season on 3-5-2 system at the start of the season
      Lanzini played 10 games this season he got 1 Goal and 1 assist.He is a great player but ACL rupture cost him badly
      Lamela featured in FA Cup,UCL and BPL providing 6 goals and 4 assists in 33 matches all competition.I would surely pick Lamela he deserves the chance. He is comfortable on the right hand side unlike anyone in the current squad

  9. Guido and Paredes not enough in 442 or 4231. We don’t have players to play 433.
    If Mori, Foyth, Acuna to be considered as an option in DM position… then its fine.
    Lanzini should have been called at the first place. Why cant we call Correa..?

  10. My vote to Nacho Fernandez at first place, Lanzini at second. Nacho is No.10 of RIver and engine of the team thesedays.

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