Exequiel PALACIOS injured, likely to miss Copa America for Argentina


Exequiel PALACIOS is likely to miss the Copa America with Argentina as he suffered an injury during River Plate’s Recopa match.

It’s not the best of news for Argentina as rumors are coming out that there’s a strong chance Exequiel PALACIOS will miss the Copa America. Per a report by TyC Sports, PALACIOS had discomfort in one of his hamstrings. Further tests will be done to determine the severity of his injury.

However, as it stands, the rumors are that PALACIOS will not make the Copa America for Argentina.



  1. And the idiots claim players playing in Europe don’t care for Argentina.. Its the shitty Argentinian league format that hampers Argentina.. Why the f*** they are playing this shit recopa so near to Copa America… Now we again have to wait to know how this young man can perform in world stage.. Shit

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