Argentina coach uses two line-ups in training


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni used two different line-ups in training ahead of the team’s game on Friday.

Lionel MESSI lead the attack in one team alongside Matias SUAREZ and Sergio AGÜERO while the other tram had Angel DI MARIA, Paulo DYBALA and Lautaro MARTINEZ. Here was the first starting eleven:


The second team was the following:



  1. Starting Guido Rogeriguez – Pizzarro will be like version 2.0 of Mach-Biglia for God’s sake don’t put both of them in Middle it will kill any creativity.

    At least put Guido Rodriguez – Pereyra. Pereyra even though is not creative player, he is a Box to Box player who covers various areas.which means making himself available as an option for passing in advance positions.

    From outside the safest duo is Paredes-Guido Rodriguez. And then just hope that Paredes shows his great passing range in the middle.

  2. Really for me it doesn’t matter if Paredes is set by Scaloni as CDM. But his main problem is his awareness that is very dull. Awareness, anticipation, and positioning is three main weakness of Leandro Paredes. His passing is superb yes we know, but his positioning when intercepts enemies is bad. For a slow-speed CDM, your standard in your role i think are Fernandinho and Busquets, who excels this role perfectly. Besides being a good passer, you must deepen the half-back role, because we have two aggresive wing-backs, Tagliafico and Renzo. If Paredes can atleast replicate what Busquets did in Barcelona just little, i think no problem if he assembled as lone CDM.

      • Dear mmh007 – Not really..All i meant was football must be enjoyed…I am a big supporter of Messi and argentina..but here we crucify everyone for not doing well…

        This includes Bielsa, Simeone, Pocchetino, Gallardo etc. and not just players..

        • I know you just cant resist to visit Argentina football site cause they’re superior to Portugal and Portugal has zero World cup title. ZERO haha.

          Argentina = 2 x WC , 14 x Copa, 1 Confederation , 6 x u20 WC
          Portugal = 1 x Euro , 2 x u20 WC

          Portugal needs 5 more centuries to catch, and that’s if you’re as lucky your run in Euro 2016 haha.

          Btw, enjoy this site cause I know you’re admiring Argentina football inside, just wouldnt admit. Otherwise you’d be on Portugal forum instead of this site.

    • Neymar injured in ankle & replaced in 20minutes against Qatar friendly now . he is surely carrying an injury & will be shackled in copa with leg injury & personal rape charge drama. wouldn’t be surprised if tite drops him

  3. i am very sad and little bit angry about yesterday.
    it was not fair to lose.
    especially with the way we lose.

    we had the game in our hands and i feel like they stole us.
    we lost in the last moment with a childish mistake.
    if didn t happened that now we suppose speak completely different.
    not about Batista or any other player.

    anyway. life is like this and it can t change now 🙁 🙁

    just anyhow i believe Batista is one good coach and i can t make bad critics for one mistake that kids did. they are kids 20 years old maximum. it is allowed for kids to do mistakes.

    if that was from the normal national team then i suppose speak completely different way.
    more hard and bad way.
    other critics i will make for Caballero. other critics to Sampaoli and other critics to one kid 20 years old.

  4. Riquelme vs Aimar
    Crespo vs Batistuta
    Messi vs Dybala
    The coaches don’t know how to fit them together so they chose the easy path and discard one of them.
    Some don’t want them to play together because their are not versatile enough and are married to their system.
    National team coaches must be flexible and work with players you have and fit a system while at a club you can fit players to your system by buying and selling, what you can’t do at a National Team.
    I am pretty sure our coaches would see Xavi and Iniesta as rivals if they were Argentinians.

    • I’m starting to believe this problem is due to the way Argentines tend to analyze the game. Instead of innovating like so many in Europe have done, Argentina has kept a tactical rigidity that essentially boxes players into one of 11 possible roles on the field from the moment they begin their careers.

      The blame shouldn’t lie with the coaches alone because they get grilled whenever they try to innovate tactically and they become swamped by the bureaucracy of AFA. Just observe how commentators treat Argentine teams that take some risks because everyone has an idea of exactly how games are supposed to develop and what players are supposed to do on the field.

    • you are new maybe here my friend 🙂
      just to inform you to know how it works here
      1. it is forbiden for our coach to make tests. if he make tests it mean he is idiot and clueless for football.
      2. he should use the players that the coaches in here believe it is best to use.
      if he don t use them again it means that he is idiot and clueless for football.

      now you will ask me. in here exist so many coaches with so different opinions. who to follow?

      i will answer you clear to don t make tired yourself.
      whatever you do and whoever you use from the coaches inside here in end the result
      will be always same.
      you are idiot and you don t have idea about football.

      • I’m not new friend. I go kinda way back from 2009(if that is new than maybe I am). It used to be nice place with some good poster. They used to do nice post of analysis and all that. But they disappeared now. I was away for while too with some personal issue but now pop up now and than . Some negative thoughts is fine for argument sake but sometimes it is way too much. Still some nice post and insightful negative thoughts nice to read

        • i know my friend that you are not new here. you are far longer than me for sure. just i start kind of funny way before i enter to my point.
          i begin kind of funny way to arrive to where i wanted.

          i am less time from you here but i have realize those things you wrote.
          you are right.

      • Nicely said.. There are lot of f***ing sick bastard coaches here that have their own line ups.. Each and everybody have different line ups… Every cunt needs their satisfaction… Lionel scaloni should use his own line up and stick with it.. The bastard sampaoli was not sticking to the line up…he was making wholesale changes in every game that costs us… Hope scaloni don’t make those mistakes

  5. With those garbage GKs, I don’t care which Guido will start…

    This training lineup makes no sense as I don’t see any potential team chemistry here.

    I bet Scaloni will use three diferent lineups in group stage, just like Sampaoli did last year..

    A clueless duck coaches headless chickens… That’s been our tournament image…

    • Garbage7
      I don’t get why you are not still banned here. Roy has been really kind with you. You always do a negative comment about our team or players. Otherwise you always come up something like this.

    • What? This tournament is bad joke, second Ronaldo never performed with Portugal when it mattered, in 04 final 0 goal 0 assist, in 06 semi final 0 goal 0 assist, in 08 quarter 0 goal 0 assist, in 10 last 16 0 goal 0 assist, in 12 semi 0 goal 0 assist, in 14 he failed in group stages, in 16 final 0 goal 0 assist (but God loves Portugal, so he injured), in 17 Conf semi 0 goal 0 assist, in 18 last 16 0 goal 0 assist the GOAT maybe Eder

  6. Is it only me who thinks why not play Dybala and Messi together in training rather than in opposing teams?
    Why all the coaches play them in opposite teams and expect a miracle on match day?

  7. Paredes first season in PSG, in an unmotivated team, genial passing skills, maybe he an Lo Celso will absolve Messi:


    Last night’s game felt like 2006 vs Germany.
    Argentina has a problem which it seems to not get out of since ages: COACHING!
    Instead of throwing Ferreira in the game just like throwing Messi in the game against Germany we keep them on the bench and throw stiffs out there and lose.
    Ferreira will be the best player out of all these players. And Almada will be also a star.
    Batista handled Ferreira the same way as he did Almada at the Sudamericana.
    Starter–Sub—not at all.
    Scaloni has also caught the curse recently and is making irrational decisions.
    When he called up Pizarro I said it would not surprised me if he starts the first game.
    Our coaches don’t make consistent decisions ever.
    One game you are Datolo + 10 and the next you are not mentioned at all.
    Datolo gets more important than Messi just because he scored a f goal as a sub in a friendly and 2-3 games he is never heard of again.
    Extremes to the fullest, no in between!
    Our coaches, fans declare you Superstar after 1 game, also shit after 1 game.
    Hope for the best.

  9. Pizaro and Rodriguez can play together? Yes..! Pizaro can be a CM in 4-3-3.
    But I think it will be better to use Acuna in midield of 4-3-3 than Pizaro or Pereyra.

    MESSI, AGUERO, De Paul

    This is my Argentine X1 for Copa.

  10. There you go we will see this team as per Scaloni’s team tell us the story

    —————-CM)Paredes———CM)Lo Celso———-

    —-RW)Messi———————————LW)Di Maria—


    What we need to do is support Messi he needs to find the final Third.Messi shall not drop deep and the midfielders must and must help him.Don’t surprised seeing Lo Celso score he got 16 Goals in 45 Appearances better than Higuain.
    All is upto God.
    Lets hope for best

      • I agree with your comment. I don’t just trust Tagliafico. He is too slow and can’t defend to save his life. He cost us 2 goals against the France. If Ansandi started that game, Argentina would probably won that game.

        • You can’t say what will happen,Acuna has done nothing for Argentina till now not that Tagliafico has done a lot but after the World Cup that time Sampaoli fucked up the whole team.Tagliafico had a great season.He also played a great game against Brazil.
          Playing Acuna as Left back is out of his position he is more a Winger and lacks defensive abilities.And Tagliafico is a genuine fullback and also can play as centre back.Really versatile and out and out fullback

  11. if i have to bet about the 11 that Scaloni have in his brain to start in first game those are
    Armani, Saravia, Pezzella, Otamendi, Tagliafico, Lo celso, Pizarro, Paredes, Messi, Aguero and Di maria.

    we will see see soon if i bet correct.

  12. I like the first line up except Armani (it’s Andrada turn), Pizarro. Still prefer Suarez over Di Maria on left wing. Di Maria on LF? Try him somewhere else but not there. His crossing is horrible.

      • Even so, they should not be on the pitch at the same time.
        I think our Midfield should mainly be Guido,Paredes, LOCelso in a triangle formation where LoCelso ahead of both

        • I think same bro
          It should be those three
          One destroyer one good passer
          One good dribbler with good passes
          Plus goals in him that would make
          Perfect balance.

          • If Paredes is in his best day, he will give us one or two killer passes per match, and that all the forwards will need.

    • Andrada isn’t better than Armani both are worst, maschrin is better than both but Armani is the most experience among 3GK

    • Prefer dimaria in midfield … in a 4-4-2..
      like the practice yesterday where
      Pizarro locelso dimaria and parcedes played together with Messi and Suarez up front … and with acuña on left instead of tagliafico

    • I am not a fan of wingers who mainly run to the flanks and cross, but inverted wingers. in that case when on attack, Dimaria and Messi should be behind the striker and interchanging positions. Acuna/Tagi can play wingbacks and Lo celso in support behind all

      • Acuna’s defensive work rate is really bad.
        Only with 3 at back we can use 2 wing backs whereas Mr.Scaloni prefers 4 at back . We suffered against Venezuela even with 3 at back

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