Angel DI MARIA for Matias SUAREZ as Argentina land in Brazil for Copa America


The Argentina national team has landed in Brazil ahead of the 2019 Copa America and we could see Angel DI MARIA in place of Matias SUAREZ in the starting eleven.

Lionel SCALONI’s team will be looking for their first senior international title after 26 years and their first match will be on Saturday, June 15 against Colombia. The starting eleven is still not set in stone with coach SCALONI thinking of possibly making a change or changes.

Per a report by TyC Sports, Matias SUAREZ of River Plate is a doubt and there is a chance that Angel DI MARIA could replace him in the starting eleven. Per the Argentine news outlet, here’s the potential starting eleven.



  1. Argentina is surely a favourite to win this year’s copa. Brazil has lost thier main man and this will cost them in big time. No player from Brazil has the ability to change a game like neynar. Uruguay maybe defensively solid but their attack is not that good. Suarez is a finished player. Even lautaro Martinez is better than the current version of suarez. The only reason why he bangs 21 laliga goals this season is Messi. If Messi was not there to feed him, he will end up below 15 goals. Don’t forget that he missed 34 big chances in laliga. For me, Brazil is still the facourite but Argentina is a team to watch. If argentina plays like a team, there will be no stopping of them. Messi alone is a fear factor for most of the teams.

  2. Not much I can conclude from Paraguay. Since its hard to get their Full match replays against Honduras and Guatemala. I just sure about few things, their key players are Gustavo Gomez, Fabian Balbuena, Rodrigo Rojas, and Miguel Almiron. I just little bit surprised they still using old man Oscar Cardozo, than calling Tony Sanabria. Using Cardozo’s height advantage, they truly using him as target-man, rebound the ball to the wingers, and bend crosses to him for aerial duels. But I bet Berizzo rather choose Federico Santander than him in Copa’s group stage. The main unique is, how good Almiron is. He is a decent dribbler, who can get past 2-3 people behind him. If they are attacking commanded by Almiron, they will use ground balls often. If they didn’t use Almiron bcoz he gets marked or isolated, they will smacking long balls from deep, somehow to the flank, or to gets rebounded by target-man. They have fast counter-attack threat, because their pacey wingers, such as Derlis Gonzalez the Copa’15 star, and Hernan Perez. Combined with Almiron, it just take 5-7 seconds to get into Final Third. But if he got marked, again the long balls come. Paraguay barely pairing two strikers upfront, except one of them can playing as defensive forward (you can browse Google if you want to know what defensive forward). This is strengthened by Berizzo’s (Coach) habit, using one striker for example Maxi Gomez in Celta and Ben Yedder (Sevilla) before.
    For me, Almiron role atleast a little bit similar like James. Be steady for atleast mark him with one player, for example Pizarro or Pereyra.

  3. What is the problem of AFA?
    Every team is playing two friendlies where Arg is playing only against mighty Nicaragua!!!
    Same story b4 wc 2018.

  4. The first match against Columbia will be tough. Scaloni have to start with the veteran and experience players. Di Maria and Kun along with Messi and Lo Celso will lead the attack up front.

  5. Pereyra must start instead of Di Maria, particularly if Paredes starts. Pereyra is easily our most versatile player-defence or attack, left side of midfield or right, winger, even second striker or a central midfielder. His presence adds flexibility in the teams tactics depending on the context or flow of the game. If Paredes starts he will most likely play on the left side of midfield to enable his cross through or long ball to reach Messi (remember Banega’s ball for Messi against Nigeria). Pereyra should start on the right of Guido. ADMs absence is critical for maximizing Lo Celso’s strengths in the opposition’s half. If ADM plays Lo Celso will have a lesser role going forward and would be very similar to the role he had at PSG.

  6. Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result each time. This formation was used extensively throughout the last WC both qualifiers and finals. Only a few players are different. This midfield will be exploited by Columbia, Brazil, Uruguay and even Chile. The three pronged attacking system along with Paredes is even worse defensively than our WC squad. Hope I am wrong but I doubt it. Scaloni will not play this squad. If he does we would not have learnt anything from the last debacle.

  7. Who actually thought anyone else let alone Suarez was going to start ahead of Di Maria??!!
    I’ve said it in another post this was going to be the starting eleven regardless of the constant chopping and changing. So why not have this line up against Nicaragua…… I give up πŸ˜’

  8. ESPN poll has argentina at 37% chance of winning the copa. I would like to ask those 37% what team are they watching. They’ve got Uruguay at 7%.
    Dont look past either Brazil or Uruguay. They’ve got quality and depth.
    We have quality just poor management, coaching and habit of changing the stock in the stew.

  9. If Pereyra and/or Rodriguez can become our box to box midfielder like Vidal or Schweini in this Copa, that would be great.

    If Paredes can become our regista (deep lying playmaker) like Pirlo or Xabi, that would be great as well.

    If Pizarro and/or Rodriguez can become our destroyer like Masche, that would be great as well.

    We can play different defensive combos using any two from the above 4 midfielders.

    That means we have solutions for different problems. Any way, Scaloni seems to be a smart coach. Hope he won’t disappoint in the Copa.

  10. I’ve watched Uruguay – Panama and think that Uruguay really is favourite of the tournament. Even when played without his biggest stars like Suarez, Cavani, Torreira they showed organized, collective football of much more chemistry than us. Panama is weak but still a little better than Nicaragua. We will not attain the level of organization within the short time before we possibly face them. The only thing that make us competitive to them now are individual skills of few players.

    • We are definitely the best team of the Copa, there are many who have better all around team. But we have more individual quality up front. If the rest of the team can be solid, we have a very good chance.

    • I agree that Uruguay is being overlooked. They’re solid defensively, compact in the midfield, and have strong veterans up front in Suarez and Cavani. They can drag a game out to the very end – and I think are the kryptonite to a team like Brazil (dynamic, always pushing forward). They should finish first in their group with one of Chile or Japan in second.

      • You guys are counting out the South American champions, Chile and the asian champions, Qatar !!! Of course Argentina has a solid chance as does a handful of others… and yes Brasil at home is the favorite … Uruguay is Uruguay ..15 Copa championships, 2 world championships… with their style, so long the game is tied or they are ahead, is deadly! Argentina has the two best players in this tournament and can NEVER be counted out

        • I don’t think Chile is any longer the same talent we saw a few years ago. They will put up a fight, but I don’t see them going very far this time. And Qatar, am I discounting them? They will score one or two goals in the group stage.

    • > We will not attain the level of organization within the short time before we possibly face them. The only thing that make us competitive to them now are individual skills of few players.

      I think we all knew that was coming. no surprise.

      im sure Colombia used friendlies to build chemistry.

      Unlike Arg, we spent the past couple of months on dumbass player selection even though we all knew who would make the 23 (except few players).

      Core players like Lo Celso, Messi, Aguero, Martinez, Otamendi, Tagliafico, Paredes, Saravia should have been on the pitch practicing for months now.

    • Yea, just like Germany and Spain were favorites for WC 2018, did they progress further than Argentina? in tournament you only need one or two bad games to be eliminated. Brazil didnt even make it to round 16 in 2016 Copa and they’re fav aswell.

      Chile lost to Argenitna in 2016 group stage, but Chile still ended up winning the tournament.

  11. What’s going worng with scaloni, why De Paul is so underrated probably best individual season for Argentinian player along with messi, Aguero, Lo Celso.

    • Chemistry between Messi, Aguero and Dimaria will be key here. They are playing together for years..!!

      But I will love to see Depaul-Lautaro-Messi-LoCelso combination..!!

  12. You have to start di Maria With the skills and experience he has attained over the years,… In my opinion almost every other position in the starting 11 is up for contest other than :
    Lo celso, di Maria, Messi, aguero

  13. Paredes or Pereyra…Scaloni still not decided…! Foyth to start ahead of unfit Pazella.


  14. I’m skeptical of Guido given his lack of pace but will hold out judgment until he’s had his chance in the tournament. Personally I’d like to see Lautaro or Dybala in for Suarez rather than Di Maria – so two strikers with Messi playing ‘behind’ or a creative force that can link well up and down in the field, in Dybala.

    • Dybala is never a midfielder. We have seen how he struggled in Juve when Max pulled him far from the box. La Joya’s best position is behind the striker, which is Messi’s. In my opinion, Dybala is a sub at best.

      • I didn’t mean to say Dybala should be a midfielder. I was only pointing out his ability to link up well and also hold up play until others are level. We saw how effective two creative players can be, in Messi and Lo Celso against Nicaragua, and I think the more of that, the better.

  15. Good decision also with Tagliafico.
    Both Di Maria and Tagliafico should be given chances this time,its different than before.They had great seasons with their clubs.
    We need to handle Colombian Fullbacks and Wingers with more activeness and attention.They have tremendous pace and physique.We need to stay attacking and stay on proper instructions and positions.Don’t leave spaces on the flanks I repeat Don’t.
    Colombia have strong players.They will be compact and strong, hard to open up or break down their defense.As Messi says that Colombia always cause problem for us.
    But we know! We have the potential and possibly best of the players who will be on the game and give everything to win there.

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