Lautaro MARTINEZ on Argentina victory: “It’s nice to win”


Argentina and Inter striker Lautaro MARTINEZ, who scored twice in Argentina’s 5-1 win against Nicaragua, spoke after the match.

While it remains unknown whether or not Lautaro will start the Copa America for Argentina, he did talk about the win against Nicaragua. Speaking to the media after the match, here’s what he had to say:

“It’s nice to win and to win in front of our fans. This was important for us. They (the fans, people in San Juan) opened their doors and greeted us very well.”

Lautaro did score two goals but stated that the important thing was to be able to play”

“I scored two goals but the most important thing is that we were able to get some minutes before the start of the Copa America.”


  1. The new Argentina team is definitely better than that of last year: more solid defense, more balanced midfield and no more Higuain in attack, so more efficient. Besides some subs are capable of making the difference like Lautaro and De Paul. A few players have improved quite a lot with their club last year like Tagliafico and Lo Celso. But still same issues still here: I am not convinced by any of the GK, Mascherano not replaced yet and overall the team is still too static. I am afraid that Scaloni will still keep Di Maria and Paredes in the 11, then we are fucked.

    • Both Paredes & DiMaria are world class players that is why they are playing at a top club like PSG. So no need to feel fucked bro.

      Mascherano is not replaced yet, that is a bit of worry. But then he’s too passionate and thus a bit disorganized when he plays for NT, I saw him play in the wing and as AM in the last world cup, lol.

      GK & DM are weaknesses as you said. Hopefully we can overcome the same with collective effort.

  2. Colombia is a very balanced team, may be the best team in this copa, even without their best player Quintero. Honestly I thought they deserved to be one of the semi-finalists during the last world cup. They were also one of the few teams who dominated France tactically, before the world cup. I guess they will try to play behind our defense by using their quick passing, which is their strength.

    To counter that, we need to stay as a bloc behind, very disciplined. Also extremely careful on corners and freekicks because their CBs are tall and strong in the air. A draw is a not so bad result honestly.

  3. I too believe this is the first time I’m seeing all positive team selection baring ansaldi and Icardi but I’m glad that if things goes well aguero and Martinez can nullify icardis absence as well as sarvia and Tagloficio can do same for ansaldi. This team has got everything to win Copa. The 2nd generation with Aguero Di Maria and Messi… Let the GOD has mercy on Argentina and Let Messi lift the Cup. I hope Messi lo Celso duo clicks, I hope Aguero fires those bullets to the back of the net, let Ottamandi and Pezzella be our guardian angels, let all the other 6 players in the field do their duties very well…
    Vamos Messi
    Vamos Argentina

    • Amen

      Let’s not talk about players, who are not called up, anymore.

      We definitely have weaknesses, but we have many strengths.

      I just hope Scaloni doesn’t make any terrible mistake in selection & subs like Sampa in the WC.

      We need a positive result (a draw with good performance would do) in the first match against Colombia.

  4. I always warn against being overconfident which is not the same as being positive.

    ARGENTINA as its been for the past few to many years is loaded with talent and has been let down by poor selections, coach’s utter stupidity and lousy Luck!
    Here we go again, another major competion involving my beloved ARGENTINA………it feels like it’s been a 100 times already.
    It is nice to win sometimes….what else can be said, we know it, players know it and even unseen aliens from planet UNKNOWN know it.

  5. I have that weird feeling too. I think that this is going to be it! Argentina will win the Copa America 2019 on Brazilian soil. Dream would of course being ARG vs. BRA in the final and Messi finishing them off with a hat trick! πŸ˜€ Oh, let’s keep dreaming and supporting. That is all we are able to do. And luckily all we have to do. Let’s just enjoy the tournament.


  6. Colombia aren’t the team that like possess the ball for a long time, so that’s why they aren’t have any Regista or DM that can controlling the team attack from deep. They like fast tempo when attack, depending counter attacks and relies winger capability often. That’s why almost all of their midfielders are hard-worker type, destroyer, and B2B.

  7. After watching Colombia vs Peru match i can say we will easily get past both of them.They are not problem.Urugway looks like a strongest team now they can beat any team but then i think last year they parked the bus against Sampoli’s Argentina in WC qualifier inspite of being second in the group for them Messi is a fear factor.If Messi shows his masterclass we can win easily.Brazil is overrated as always.

  8. Its going to be very tough to win this Copa…! Brazil and Uruguay will get easy opponent in QF but Argentina wont get an easy oponent as we have to play against winner or runner up of other group in QF..! And Uruguay and Brazil will play against third teams in the group.

    QF scenery:
    1: If Argentina winner in the group..probable opponent going to be second in the C group
    Argentina vs Ecuador.
    2: If Argentina runner up in the group…probable opponent going to be second in the A group
    Argentina vs Peru

    SF Scenery:
    1: Argentina vs Uruguay
    2: Argentina vs Brazil

    1: Argentina vs Brazil\Colombia
    2: Argentina vs Uruguay\Colombia

    • Being winner of group is easy for Brazil and Uruguay compared to Argentina. We have to defeat Colombia in group. One of the contender this time.
      IMO Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Colombia are contender this time.

    • I think this is our best chance to win a trophy in a while. This group of players could become our best since 2006 provided they get time to gel together. Messi has never had a creative player like LoCelso behind him in the NT in the past decade.

      Even in this Copa, except a couple of positions, incl GK, our team is as good as any other team in the Copa. Unless Scaloni makes terrible mistakes like his master in the WC, we have a very good chance, in fact as good a chance as anybody else.

  9. ronaldo has got nothing to do with ARGENTINA …i’m sure there are portugal national team forums elsewhere ..go post there !!!

    • Well, its basically friendly matches with thropy, so nobody cares.

      Portugal fans needs to brag about it in every other national teams websites or nobody knows they just won a friendly thropy.

  10. Why r you guys arguing about Ronaldo.Yeah he won that friendly tournament blah blah… Nicely done he did nothing bad performance but team showed up and all that.
    Argentina I belive are gonna win this time.I see luck is coming on our side.
    Colombia are too much defensive after Pekerman left its gonna be an exhausting game, we need the early lead or else we will be struggling

  11. our Argentina game will become tactical by the players like Messi Lo celsp Paredes andvtjere is physicality too by the players like Aguero De paul Pezella Otamendi Rodriguez then there are playrlers who are in balance like Tagliafico Sarvia.We have very versatile team they can get used to any formation

  12. according to some news that arthur got injured in the match against houndoras so maybe even he might not play copa 2019 but i hope argentina NT performs well in copa 2019 and atleast reach semi finals or hopefully even win the whole tournament

  13. Dutch no matter what always remains as runner up, only Rinus Michles can bring the euro champion. However we have to admit the leadership of CR7 is great to motivate his team mates.

    Pray that Messi will win the Copa and get the ballon d or

  14. Colombia looks strong… the first game will be a big test..

    Praying we do well. We need a strong midfield vs Colombia, so I’m hoping for a 4-4-2

    • Hi – Argentina are still in transition..midfield and Defense are work in progress..Scaloni was trying to get the selection right..unfortunately Kannemann, Palacios are we should consider reaching semi-finals as right direction…

    • Does anyone remember Maradona won Artemio Franchi cup with Argentina in 1993? that’s actually Argentina latest thropy till now. Well off course nobody knows about it cause nobody care about this kind of Super cup thing lol .

      Next year FIFA probably going to setup a mini tournament for top 8 FIFA ranked team so more players could lift a thropy.

  15. Leo Messi: “We are in a complicated group, Colombia have always been a very difficult team for us, even now they are coached by Carlos Queiroz. The same can be said with Paraguay, while I do not know much about Qatar, but they are the current Asian champion.”

      • Messi is going no where before WC 2022, so chill down… check how Ronaldo is performing at 34 +, what makes you think Messi won’t be able to do that? (Unless there’s an unfortunate career ending injury)

    • brazil won 7-0 against houndoras not some BIG NT LIKE FRANCE,GERMANY,SPAIN,NETHERLANDS or even decent teams like south korea,russia,ukraine,mexico,usa SO THERE IS NO REASON TO OVER HYPE THEM MUCH BUT THEIR GKs’ are way too good and have world class players in other positions also but their defense in not that good and they dont have neymar which might matter to them when they face teams with better tactics

    • “Once again Ronaldo got carried by his team”

      So now you understand why Argentina can’t win anything. Messi carry Argentina, Argentina Messi never.

      • then our players have shit mentality, btw Portugal full of talent in neirly every position, goalkeepers, left and right back, centre backs, midfielders and wingers are rated higher internationaly than argentines.
        Armani-Rui Patricio 2
        Tagliafico-Guerreiro X or 2 (Taglia maybe better defensively, but Guerreira much better offensively)
        Otamendi-Pepe or in NT always great Fonte X
        Pezzella- Ruben Dias (crazy talent, his worth is over 50 mills) X, but Dias will be much better
        Saravia-Semedo or Cancelo 2
        our any DM-William Carvalho or Danilo 2
        Paredes-Ruben Neves (worth close to 100 mills) or B. Fernandes X or rather 2
        Lo Celso-Bernardo Silva X or 2, Lo Celso will be as good or not better in years
        any ARG LWF-Ronaldo 2
        Aguero-any portugal SS or CF 1, but Joao Felix will be definitely superstar
        Messi-Guedes, B. Fernandes, Gelson or someone else 1
        And they played home with a tactically brilliant coach (Santos), plays together since years, in a friendly tournament against a historically looser side in finals(Holland)

    • Wait, when Argentina scores 5 against Nicaragua, people said its weak opponent… when Brazil beat team like Honduras by 7 goals, people freak out like they’re beating France lol

  16. Nederland is choker in football just like South Africa in cricket and history can’t be changed

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