Argentina lose Copa America opener 2-0 against Colombia


Argentina lost their Copa America opener 2-0 against Colombia.

In what was a dull first half which saw Colombia play better but unable to score, the second half had Argentina creating a few chances but Colombia scoring. Angel DI MARIA was substituted off after a poor first half for Rodrigo DE PAUL.

The Udinese man was much mpre vibrant and was arguably his team’s best player in the second 45 minures. Nicolas OTAMENDI and Lionel MESSI both had chances to give Argentina the lead but both missed from close range.

The breakthrough would finally happen for Colombia. MARTINEZ finally made it 1-0 following a shot from ARMANI’s right side which went to his left. Colombia finally made it 2-0 after a low cross was sent into the area and ZAPATA was the first onto it.

Lionel SCALONI’s team play Paraguay next.


  1. I still think scaloni must HV selected angel Correa or lamela if he wanted to play 4-4-2 …… especially angel Correa he could HV been devastating in the 4-4-2 format…..he can provide width and energy + he can also link well with anyone.
    Lo celso is a wonderful talent but providing width is not his game.
    But those positive glimpses of second half is giving me optimism…..
    I think we will do well… First Paraguay than Qatar than QF than SF and last Final….we r going to win the whole damn thing.

  2. My realistic dream 11:

    Lautaro | Messi
    DePaul | Paredes | LoCelso | Pereyra (midfield diamond with LoCelso upfront)
    Tagliafico | Pezzella/Otamendi | Foyth | Saravia

    Even a back line of:
    Tagliafico | Pezzella | Otamendi | Foyth
    would do.

    We need Foyth’s speed at the right side of defense.

    Since we don’t have a very good destroyer, better play with none. Instead let DePaul, Pereyra & even Lo Celso help in defense. Lo Celso defending in the centre.

    I think the above team will be more mobile and they will be able to link attack and defense much more than the one against Colombia.

    We only have one chance. If we can click against Paraguay, we can go all the way. Else, we can board the return flight so early.

  3. against paraguay match only 2 changes are required; replace di maria with de paul and armani with musso and not necessary to call matias suarez from substitute bench instead call either lautao or dybala if messi or aguero are tired in match as substitutions

  4. Against Colombia, we played Lo Celso on the far right. Not his best position. Also, he failed to give the width we need. We need him playing more centrally and interchange position with Messi. In that case who you guys would prefer as RW who can provide width in the attack?

  5. Some people are FULL OF SHIT . Well I am full of hope and practical expectations. I am seeing so much of a shitstorm here as if we were hands down favorites going into the match !
    If someone says that then they are those visitors on the site who suddenly become active just before the tournament and are not there for the rest of the year to back up their lame arguments. FUCK THEM !
    We are a rebuilding team which finally has got a “somewhat” stable 11 just prior to the Columbia match. We have had no time to gel and not been in a “real test” match with that. Basically this Columbia game was that “tough” friendly that we were asking for since about half the last year.
    I only had quiet hope and honestly did not expect a 1-1 draw would be that bad. I thought we did well enough on the field to expect that with a little tactical changes here and there we should be better.
    I am a DIE HARD Albiceleste fan and as much as it hurts to say but this Copa is only a practice for us to be realistic. The further we go the more time we get to gel as a team. My honest hope is we are ready by the time the WCQ starts and next years Copa starts.

  6. Available options dybla or l martinz could be well used. I think D maria on right with messi as false9 and lautaro in strikg will work.

    Messi Maria

    Lo celso perrera

    Tagli Giudo

    Mori pezella


  7. Armani

    Saravia foyth otamendi tagliafico

    Di Maria lo celso Rodriguez Dee Paul

    Messi aguero

    Lo celso failed to give width as this is not his game…..paredes Rodriguez are too static ……I think we r thinking too much of defence we need someone in the midfield who can link up with Messi….
    Pezella didn’t look fit enough to me ,he lacks match fitness and foyth is also a better passer……but it would be wrong to not give pezella starting spot….there should be some consistency in the team.

    • And I know with this lineup we can be open easily but what’s the point of giving too much attention to defence if we can’t score goals…..
      The point is we will concede against good teams who HV quick and dynamic players no matter what we do….
      The only way we won’t concede against good team is to score first and making them to play in thier own half continuously …our strength is our attack instead of fixing our defence we should take full use of our super talented players in upfront.
      I m not stating that to always be offensive….I want players to defend like ateam too but when we attack then attack whole-heartedly not half-heartedly.

  8. I just watched the highlights of our game after giving the loss some time to simmer in my brain.

    It is a 7:30 minute video and the highlights are all attacks by Argentina until about minute 5:30. We were playing really well in the second half until that goal. It doesn’t mean we were perfect, but we were playing a lot better than Colombia up until that point.
    I have confidence if we start with the same team that started the second half (basically take out Di Maria, even though he is one of my favorites). We will score some goals and win the game. Unless we have a huge mental breakdown we will play well and score.

  9. The brazilian players have their own environment so leave them aside. Who is at the heart of the other two best teams colombia and uruguay? wilmar barrios and nahitan nandez. The two biggest clubs in argentine football Boca and River had to use two foreigners to power their midfield (until recently at least for boca). Even this years league winner Racing Club used Marcelo Diaz to run their engine for the most part. Right in the core of the game there is a huge hole in Argentine football and it has been for a long time.

    The small feeder clubs are too focused in trying to build small speedy skill players in the mould of maradona and messi thinking this is the path to the dollars. unfortunately this model is at least ten years old. most international feeders long time ago realized the impossibility of building messi/maradona. for every one of them it is possible to build ten casemiro’s, torreira’s, lerma’s and you end up earning the same total dollars. But now you have the added advantage of your national squads having complete ball players instead of one dimensional players. I touch on this topic during the U20 world cup also. Argentine football is destroyed by a poor understanding by the feeders of the economics that run the modern game.

    • Good point again mate
      Football is team of balance
      I watched gabriel marcotti
      He was blaming di Maria
      Kun and aguero and messi
      He said they didn’t show up
      They made the team so unabalanace
      I like taglafiaco he and paredes
      Were keep fighting also pezzella
      And otamendi we need to get few
      Things right then we should be alright
      I mean drop di Maria and and aguero
      Play l Martinez & rodrigo de Paul

      • Yea, De Paul and Martniez needs to start. I dont care if we lose as long we’re showing fighting spirit and giving the younger guys an experience at major tournament. The first game we’re too cautious and avoiding to attack in numbers, hence its very easy for Colombia to deal with our attacking play.

      • Bananas, to be honest I would stack midfield and go without true striker. But again I am crazy. If things don’t work I would send in a striker in place of dybala. But I would like to see:
        Tagliafico otamendi pezzela Foyth

        Then I can sub in aguero with fresh legs if this works or doesn’t.
        But again I am crazy and risky.this is why I am not a coach

      • In case Argentina manage to win against Paraguay on Wednesday, then Dybala – Messi combination is something the coach can try against Qatar……Depending how that works, this combination can be used in later important stages…In fact, this should have been tested out in Friendlies itself..Wonder what goes inside the Argentina coach’s head these days…There is no point in throwing out a Dybala when the team is 3 – 0 down and expecting magic to happen

    • We are all bunch of crazies guy because I can never, I will never understand why arguably your two best players cannot be on the pitch at the same time, it’s just mind boggling. MIND BOGGLING. Find a way to have them train together and let them play. Unbelievable. Put Dybala right wide, Messi in the middle and let’s go!!!!It’s insane to have a proven commodity that Dybala is languishing on the bench when you need more, and not less, creativity on the pitch.

  10. Its important to realize a lot of guys got their first major start tonight (not counting friendlies) lot of players were not part of 2018 WC. Plus it was in a hostile territory the brazilian crowd was whistling every time we were on the ball so there were a lot of nerves, but we settled down second half.

    • That’s true about them having zero experience in competitive game but if you cant get over those whisling/booing, then you cant possibly a great footballer. I dont see how players such as Maradona, Ruggeri, Burruchagga, Simeone, Batistuta, Passeralla would ever affected by those kind of things.

      The 1991 & 1993 Copa side had so many young players , yet they won back to back Copa.

      • Those guys had lion hearts
        You can’t compare with this
        Lot . I loved Diego simeone
        And gabriel bastistuta in thier
        Playing days but football moved
        On now days is a lot harder now days to Frank With you

        • Exactly our guys now don’t have those lion hearts, but they can gain them or at least begin to jugar con huevos. We saw it with paredes taking two very good long shots in second half and making much more tackles. Maybe also it was de pauls help on his side.

        • @Godin11

          Saying football used to be easier is completely wrong.

          Its like when Pele claimed football in his days was harder because the ball is “harder” than today’s ball . If you think about it, that statement was so dumb because his opponent was kicking the very same ball aswell! so it applies to both sides , not just you or your opponent , but both.

          When you say football is harder today, you’re saying this from our team perspective, but from our opponent perspective, its becoming harder aswell, so its basically still a balance. Other thing is back in 80’s, you can kick opponents 10 times before getting a yellow… in today’s football, even 2 tackles can earns you a red. Diego was fouled 23 times by Gentile and that guy didnt get sent off. Maradona was fouled 50+ times in WC 86 & 90 and you really think Messi or CR will survive that? not a chance.

          Mentallity plays biggest role in major tournament, and this is where Argentine players always falls short since the 2000’s era.

          Messi couldnt put his easy chance in 2014 final, he was marked by Boateng and Neuer in that occassion and guess what…. a year later he was marked by Boateng and Neuer in CL semifinal, he beat both at once like they werent even there!

          The biggest difference there is the player’s mentallty. Messi has so much success already at Barca since his early 20’s , the preasure is 10 x smaller than when he’s playing for Argentina. However, players like Mascherano, Simeone or Maradona will never be affected by this kind of mental block. They’d just play the game as its just another game.

          • Rattlehead
            Sorry mate first time I started watch
            Football was In 1998 the first game
            I watched was italia seria A
            Fiorentina vs inter Milan
            Batistusta scored a free kick
            That is why I became Argentina and
            Fiorentina fan but I lost in love Italian
            Football but still I have soft heart for Fiorentina . So I don’t know nothing
            Before that but I got your point
            Mental block is biggest problem
            For some Argentina players.
            I hope the new generation have
            Different mind set.

          • Probably, there’s a mental block for Messi while playing for Argentina team…one factor is definitely the setup, and the different approach in the two teams…In Barcelona, there’s a Jordi Alba who can sprint across the left wing so many times to combine with Messi , something that never works in Argentina…but, in international team, its actually difficult to repeat the same club success as they play together so less

    • How sad it appears our great AFA is now behind Brazil Uruguay Columbia and maybe a few more in South America.
      When is that pig Tapia and the rest of the AFA going to wake up and realize we need a real project to develop a team instead of a bunch of walkers waiting for Messi Magic? I understand being upset for not winning trophies but after thinking this through we are now going backwards. We are getting worse. And the AFA keeps pushing the illusion by playing teams like Nicaragua to fool the people

  11. We lost because of defensive blunders and the coaches inability to form a cohesive attacking unit. How many backwards passes, how many sideways passes, barely any mid pressure breaking long balls. I lost track of the number of passes that were butchered in the middle field leaving our attack completely isolated.

    We have an amateur coach that wasn’t able to deliver chemistry amongst players, solid defense, control, passing fluidity, etc. Scaloni hasn’t shown any improvement against any south american team during the friendlies and when we lose against colombia, the typical haters act surprised and beat the same drum over and over and over again.

    These haters quickly forget that this was Aguero first fucking game. I’ve been screaming for months that dumbass Scaloni should have called the core 23 many months ago with minor adjustments after that. Imagine how much better we would be doing right now if these guys had been practicing for months.


    De Paul – Messi – Lo Celso

    Paredes – Guido

    But no, amateur scaloni kept the trial run that haters were begging for. And now when the first game isn’t a miracle, as well all expected, the haters start barking again.

    The only change i would make to starting 11 next match is De Paul for Di Maria and i wouldn’t dare sub in Suarez for Aguero, that was pure idiocy. Martinez should have gone on. I actually don’t think like many of you about the doom and gloom. I thought we looked relatively great in the second half and if we can continue building on that, I think can go really far if not win the whole darn thing.


    • I don’t think the sky is falling. The game went the other way against a team that was better on the night. We looked nervy in the first half and made some really bad decisions passing the ball but Paredes I thought did a really good job of shielding the back 4 when they weren’t giving the ball away.

      The real gross error in the first half was the Armani pass to Otamendi on the box. Almost pulled a Caballero. That was 100 percent his fault and we should have been down 1-0. After that we looked a little timid and Colombia imposed themselves on us. The Defense didn’t look bad so much as it looked insecure at times. This is because of the lack of time they had playing together. And I think that’s the biggest problem the lack of continuity of the back 6 or so.

      Argentina was very strong in the second half and deserved to be up 1-0 after some play that threatened to overrun Colombia. The goal first goal came very much against the run of play because Saravia got caught too far up and lost the foot race. These things happen. And against pacwy teams like Colombia Argentina has long been vulnerable particularly on the right flank. The switch in DM wasn’t ideal but I think came in response to a yellow card, so that’s not really a bad tactical decision as the player who subbed In didn’t find the game maybe. If anything it’s a selection mistake, but who else would have been available that’s clearly better.

      Scaloni I think is responsible for the lack of time together in the back, but it’s a little unfair. He inherited a dumpster fire from Sampaoli who didn’t really give him a team to transition gradually from. A more seasoned coach could have figured it out more quickly perhaps, but I’m not so sure. Tata is a good coach Batista was unsuccessful but showed some success in the junior side. The dude who came before samp was also competent, but also proved incapable. Sabella had a great world cup but in eliminatorias, Argentina was a juggernaut on attack, but a horror show on defense.

      All of this to say a new coach may not be the answer folks think it is.

      • Sabella also took his time to fix the team. I liked the second half play before we conceded. Hopefully we can build from there

      • Agree with this comment very much. There were positive stretches in which we looked comfortable maintaining possession in their half, even if we didn’t convert. The pressure we applied was also commendable – and I think probably fostered the amateur mistake in positioning from Saravia, which cost us the first goal. Which is to say, with more experience in the tournament and a more even handed pace, I don’t think it happens. Neither goal we conceded came during stretches when we were being dominated. They caught us out on the break. I think it would mean much worse if they scored while already dominating. The sky is not falling. We will beat Paraguay and Qatar, and go from there.

      • We’re not better, sure Colombia isnt much better than us, their 2 goals were their only 2 shots on target BUT you forgot the fact that we only had 1 good chances which Messi’s header in scrappy situation. So both sides basically crap. Colombia outplayed us after 60 minutes mark cause they’re much stronger physically, bigger and stronger than our players in general. After an our mark, every 50:50 ball was won by Colombian players, and that was the begining of the end for us in that game.

        To overcome that, you need to have a really good team play and we didnt have that.

  12. We need to make drastic changes for next game


    Pezzella – Otamendi
    Foyth– Tagliafico

    Pereyra – —Guido
    Dybala —-– de Paul
    Messi —aguero or martinez

      • Well, u did comment with your “no comment” expression which was used incorrectly … Or I will give you credit and say paradoxically.
        Overall we no longer have a free flowing have fun style of play…similar to ur style of posting and commenting @cox4 😅
        I believe that the aguero Messi dimaria combo should finally be put to rest.
        If you have a better way of incorporating DePaul that would be great also. Dybala may have not played too well for us in past but should be given chance alongside Martinez.
        If it doesnt work why keep digging the same hole? There may be gold in the next spot.

        • true. English is not my mother language so i suppose i can write wrong.
          so i should have write before no more comment or no other comment.
          so thanks for correct me.

          as about football part yes i have other way.
          keep the same players for all games with one maybe change if it is necessary.
          CHEMISTRY is the key word.

          • De acuerdo 100 por cien. Los goles caeron en un momento raro porque Argentina dominaba. Las fallencias en defensa fueron mas por una falta de química que de class. A saravía lo agarro el Colombiano de contra cuando estaba tratando de subir para sumarse al ataque. Ni el contención no el central se ocuparon de cerrar El espacio. Y realmente el tiro al arco fue inparable. Asi es el futbol. Pero no hay que tirar todo a la basura. Asi nunca se va poder. Para mi Scaloni cometió un error tactico que deberia cambiar y un error en el seleccionado. Primero, Lo Celso jugo mucho por el extremo en vez de tocar en el centro buscando sociedad con Agüero y Messi. Segundo De Paul deberia haber arrancado por Fideo. El rol que le pidio Scaloni no es ideal para las caracteristicas tiene fideo.

      • I agree that Lo celso should have been placed further in the middle.

        Maybe you guys are correct about not making drastic changes,
        usually I would agree, but sometimes it is better to make some adjustments early in the tournament. We were having problems with the passing flow first half, mainly because Columbia crowded the middle of the field… When we took off di Maria and played without wingers and more traffic in mid it helped open up the play for us.
        So we did make a change, not drastic of course, we only have three subs per game.
        But if you notice certain things between games you should try to fix or change the things in training. Like Messi said, we should notice the good things and work on them and change the bad.
        Last world cup, Belgium noticed a few issues after first match and I believe they changed 3 starters. Also Croatia who made it to the final made a very big change in attack after their first match and we saw what they were able to do.
        I am a big di Maria fan as well as aguero… I just want to see a different combination. When u have certain talent like we do sitting on the bench 90 minutes and we win then it’s ok… But if we lose it brings up question marks….
        It reminds me of 2006 when we had great players on the bench and pekerman subs in Cruz. I think it was Cruz, whoever it was he brought in a loser and he had great players sitting.

  13. Wow.. I didn’t know Qatar had good touches like that.. I’m watching th game bc I’m starting to sweat Argentina getting through… being Colombian, I can’t stop hearing about the 2-0 and that we won’t get passed the first round. It could be true, but god I pray it doesn’t happen.. I saw the first half and it looked like high school soccer. Kick the ball up and pray someone gets a touch. I’m an Argentine fan, but sometimes we need to be real Argentina didn’t look good and I didn’t see any signs of positivity.. mind you I didn’t watch the second half, since it was 130 in Florence…. I hope no di Maria or AGÜERO we need someone asking for the ball and making runs. I really enjoyed lo celso…I miss a mache/biglia duo… boy do I miss that duo, and to think I used to bitch when I some them in the line up..

      • Chile lost to Argentina in 2016 group stage, they still won the tournament.

        Do you think Chile fans they’re doomed to fail after we beat them at group stage? lol

        Many Argentina fans has zero spirit.

        Spain started 2010 WC with a freakin lost! Argentina in 1990 WC started with a lost and they reached the final , even beating Italy and Brazil on the way.

        This is not the end except if we lose to Paraguay. If we draw Paraguay, then its almost elimination since we could only rely on other teams result while winning the last game just like in WC 2018. For now, Argentina’s fate is still in their own hand.

  14. I don’t know why a country like Argentina don’t have a pacy right back. Are they not coming or coaches just ignoring those players. In today’s world you need to have a very pacy to win games. Argentina don’t even has pacy wingers who are very creative and excellent in dribbling. I saw scaloni playing a 4-3-3. In this system full backs with enormous ability of attacking powess is a must. They also need to be sppedy enough to track back. Midfielders should be mobile and all of them should have the ability to escape from pree. Current Argentina don’t have a single press resistant midfielder. You can’s play effective 4-3-3 without a controller. Even a 4-2-3-1 won’t work in this Argentina. This formation will make Argentina vulnerable in counters unless your two wide players help in pressing. The best formation is 4-4-2. This could be awful to watch but Argentina can at least utilize their strengths with this.

  15. I think it’s time for Argentina to play counter attacking football. If they allow colombia to play like a possesion based football, we will see a different result. It could be frustrating to watch but you have to utilise your strengths to get big picture. The only problem is Argentina don’t have pacy wingers to play this kind of football. I love Messi but it’s time for him to leave Argentina. Argentina will play better without him. Messi is so predictable now.

  16. I know that making too many changes just after a defeat in a tournament is never a good idea. That creates a panic situation. But I would like DiMaria & Aguero on the bench in the next game.

    In DiMaria’s case, its simple. DePaul was far better when he came on. I saw some people said Dimaria didnt get any pass, but then he was never put himself in a place where he could receive a pass which DePaul did very well.

    In Aguero’s case, there is not much chemistry of 5-6 years back to be seen between he and Messi any more. Also Aguero seems to be a bit tired (had a very good and tough season for City) with heavy movements. Furthermore, he was not called in any of the friendlies before, so he does lack chemistry with team mates. And finally Lautaro performed well in the last friendly.

    I really dont understand why Scaloni put in Suarez instead of Lautaro against Colombia. That was the only clear mistake he did in that match. May be as a target man, but then the team didnt send any crosses or long balls. Against Colombia’s tall defenders who posses superb headers it was a bad idea any way. If Lautaro was sent in, I think it would have made a positive difference. Suarez was complete waste.

    DePaul | Messi | LoCelso
    Paredes | Rodriguez
    Tagliafico | Otamendi | Pezzella | Saravia

    DiMaria for DePaul (if DePaul is not performing well or tired)
    Aguero for Lautaro (if Lautaro is not performing well or tired)
    Pereyra for Rodriguez/Paredes

    • I would have also preferred Foyth for Pezzella if it would not be too many changes. We badly need pace in the defense.

      • This is exactly what I have been trying to say in the other coment…yet I was told it’s not a good idea to make changes. I think DePaul and the jnter Milano should play. Aguero can come off as a sub later if we need more fire power.

  17. So finally something to cheer for me, India beat Pakistan again with 7-0 aggregate and proved who is the real father on father day

    • Regardless of the Argentina-Colombia result, deep from inside, I still have the feeling that Argentina will win the Copa America 2019 in Brazil. I knew Argentina as a country in my early childhood just because of Maradona and later with Messi so I desperately want Argentina to lift this Trophy. Hope God will not make disappointed this time.
      Off Topic, sorry for non-cricket lovers, despite beating Pakistan, still seeing as Neutral fan, don’t think India will win this ODI cricket World Cup.

      • Yes England is clear favorite as well as host nation, this Indian team is no where near as 2011 still between India and England one is going to win the tournament, Indian bowling is better than England where England has heavy batting order into the bottom, India heavily depend on top3

  18. Youngest players in the last match were..LoCelso, Paredes, DePaul and Rodriguez. All played well. A midfield of young blood. Pizaro and Dimaria was not syncing with this young blood.
    Lautaro, Foyth, Musachio and Dybala..coming next…! We need more young bloods and energies in this team..!!

    • Losing with young blood isn’t bad but losing with old players meaning thereby no improvement.
      Messi should be only included in front remaining should be young players with wc 2022 in focus.
      Even messi aguero combination is not justified except only subs if needed.

        • @Gonzalo was right before, i bet messi will feel more comfortable if there will be no more old faces, messi clearly looks nervous looking at old guards on pressure moment

          • New surroundig might brings new hope and confidence. The old faces are for Messi reminiscence of all past losts.

      • Yepp, if there was no Messi/Aguero combo then
        That will Magically fix the defense and midfield and will make guido and Pizzaro better DM. and bet will make Armani a better goal keeper, too, hey maybe even make Suarez a better striker.

        laying the blame again on the presence of Messi and ‘his friends’ .

        • There are many morons here who talk about Messi & friends. But I don’t think this discussion was on that basis. There is a good merit in replacing DiMaria & Aguero with DePaul & Lautaro. Didn’t you see DePaul performing better than DiMaria? Lautaro also were on form in the last friendly. So there is merit in it.

          We can even fix the defense, but its too early for the coach. He could have atleast one fast CB (Foyth). He would also need a faster RB.. and a mobile DM/CM.. which he had but unfortunately injury came in the role of battaglia & palacios.

          • ” There is a good merit in replacing DiMaria & Aguero with DePaul & Lautaro”

            Absolutely there is, but DePaul and DiMaria are not supposed to be used tactically in the same manner, as DePaul was used in a more in-ward player than How DiMaria was used yesterday, and that is why we clicked better for few moments when DiMAria was subbed, Depaul should have started instead and Lautaro should have been introduced instead of Suarez. I even think Lautaro can play as a 2nd striker on the left of Aguero, but then Tagi has to work his ass off up and down the left flank. LoCelso was out of position where he should have taken a more central role.
            Tactics were not right yesterday. That might be due to the fact it was first competitive match for the team, and hopefully Scaloni will just change it little bit. as you suggested. Would like to see LoCelso, Messi, Lautaro and DePaul at the same time.

        • You are obsessed with the club of Messi friends more than anyone. No one brought here again any “friends club”. Looking for better options than Di Maria and Aguero is not running any conspiracy theory about Messi and colleagues. Simply we saw De Paul did well even without great passing from midfielders. And supposition is that Lautaro could be more visible than Aguero as well.

          • “You are obsessed with the club of Messi friends more than anyone”
            here we go again, stating an opinion, turns into an obsession !

          • @gonzalo-pity-martinez u r right brother.. Argentina must played with four midfielder.. and lautaro should get a chance ahead of aguero.. midfield will be depaul-paredes-lo celso-pereyra…it gives pace with creativity…and upfront obviously Lautaro Martinez and Messi together

          • @avi
            “depaul-paredes-lo celso-pereyra…it gives pace with creativity…and upfront obviously Lautaro Martinez and Messi together”

            in a 4 4 2 compact that would be promising as it eliminates the pure dependence on wingers to stretch the pitch out wide, and leave the opponent playing on the flanks which narrows down their options to attack and eventually running out of pitch because they will be between our midfielders and the side lines, the above 4 midfielders should be able to close spaces in front of our defense

        • > That will Magically fix the defense and midfield and will make guido and Pizzaro better DM. and bet will make Armani a better goal keeper, too, hey maybe even make Suarez a better striker.

          that sums it up pretty well and highlights how misdirected they are.

    • 💯 100/100 100% agree with you, 100%. The older guys just do not have the fire anymore and you can tell, slow as fuck. No spirit, just going through the motion.

  19. The Only consolation I can come up with for last night’s loss is that this is the first competitive match for a brand new Argentina team with a new mindset after the disastrous WC.

    Players seemed mentally slow like their movement, took them 45 minutes to get into the game for brief periods of creativity, chemistry between the 3 lines was absent, understanding between players was missing, DiMaria played as a starter when he did not play any friendly, he should have been a sub unless he did well in training. The problem was what we suspected from a year ago, Scaloni should have not been changing players every friendly dramatically as he did. HE never picked his main starting eleven in the friendlies, But maybe he was hit with injuries to players susch as Palacios, Battaglia …etc
    So let us hope that he will keep ‘mostly’ the same starting eleven and not go for a radical change in the next 2 matches. Aguero and Lautaro should be our main strikers. HE could start either one but they should be a sub for each other, He could have kept Aguero and introduced Lautaro when we needed goals yesterday. I said before if not Aguero, then Lautaro should be next in line.

    LoCelso can not be isolated out wide as he is not a winger. DiMaria on the Left is not gonna work anymore. I still don’t know why Scaloni used him as a left Winger, Depaul had more pace in him. Some are hitting on Paredes but I think he was OK last night but moving him up the pitch left our defense exposed. Pizzaro’s inclusion instead of Ascacibar was the wrong choice by Scaloni. Our Loss yesterday was due to tactical mistakes on the part of the coach, as Scaloni did not have a plan against the well known counter attacking style of Carlos Queiroz, that’s how they scored 2 goals out of 2 shots on target.
    But all we can do now is support the players no matter who plays.

    • i don t agree with you my friend.
      just opposite Scaloni had plan about the well known counter attacking of Colombians.
      that is why our midfielders played close meters with defensive line which is our weak spot.
      when our team had to attack in second half and our midfielders had to go up to the attacking half then the Colombians expose very hard way our weak CB defenders.

      both goals my friend was same reason and most classic the second especially.

      • “when our team had to attack in second half and our midfielders had to go up to the attacking half then the Colombians expose very hard way our weak CB defenders.”

        So the plan did not work in the second half, knowing that they left spaces behind them to exploit in counter attacking.

        • yes. we risk from begin of second half and instead we score we lose our chances and just opposite we pay the price of risk again.

          see again both goals and watch both Otamendi and Pezzella how they work.
          it is very clear.

  20. This is difficult. I couldn’t say anything yet here, just read the comments. Many very good observations some not so much. I like Sulavvi a lot especially the idea of playing younger, faster, players. The front line had three thirty years lot who indeed, as a group, looked slow. I hope to never ever again see them, at the same time. The most devastating, disappointing, image I have came immediately after the Colombia goal. Please watch Argentina in 1990, immediately after Cameroun goal. They breezed through Cameroun, in only a few seconds, and I think hit the post, or got a shot, don’t remember exactly. They blitz that team team and there was nothing they could have done. Basically, and my point, there is a way a capable team react after taking a goal. Yesterday? Argentina, and painfully so, went a good few minutes unable to string four five passes GOING FORWARD. And that lead me make my point, the conclusion I have reached: Until we can have a good, experienced, competent coach we will continue to suffer. Coach, Coach, Coach, Coach, Coach, Coach and Coach. The past have been, in my opinion, particularly inept. I like SCALONI and I feel for him but he is not made up for this situation either. This is a guy who was doing not that bad by trusting more youngsters, by bringing in Icardi, playing Dybala until. Until he didn’t and found himself forced? by the toxicity? surrounding Messi to go back the old and slow way. Anybody watched the Argentina team that held Brazil led Neymar to a standstill?? Didn’t they look vibrant, spirited? Didn’t they play like a unit? That team on the field yesterday there is no way we look like that, no way. Too much politics, way too much, and it is so sad
    I do not know what’s going to happen. We might compete but we, Argentina, are playing to our historical standing until there is capable personality, Coach, at the helm. A motivator, someone who really know how to Coach. With such person, after taking a goal, there absolutely no defense whatsoever that can prevent us from taking to them and create chance. Look at Germany, France, Brazil or even Mexico. They will the fight to you and try to hit you back, whoever you are, whoever you are, it doesn’t matter. And not nonchalantly pass back over and over, because they just haven’t practiced together how to break an opponent down. Very sad.

  21. I do know 30 yo player might be vital part of winning team but if your entire foward line is compacted with around 32, 31, 31 yo players it is undoubtedly too much. The more if they all together have the mental burden of several lost finals and no more the eager, faith and confidence of past.

    Stay with one of them and add 2 of fresh blood.

    • DePaul already ahead of DiMaria to start…..!
      News coming out that…Dimaria together with Pizaro..trained with substitutes..!
      This team did not practice with substitutes…together with Pereyra…! They were in gym..!
      So DePaul almost conformed for next match..Pereyra’s decision awaiting..!

        • The key is parcedes, whom isn’t a solid holding midfielder. You can tell his heart isnt in defending! Bad angles, positioning and tackling! He has to play higher up the pitch like in the 2nd half. From there he can connect with DePaul, tagliafico (who must make more runs forward but must sprint back after) and locelso. Against opponents like Paraguay and Qatar we can get away with that, one defensive mid. A true 4-3-3 formation.

  22. This blog resembles a earthquake hit battlefield and I sure don’t like this particular smell of napalm in the morning !!Therefore, there is no point adding more agony by bashing our inexperienced manager and his nonsensical tactics. So, I would like to forget our lack luster display from yesterday and discuss some positive stuff that could turn things around for us.

    For starters, last game wasn’t a knockout game like against France in the world cup or the do or die game against Croatia. It was a very first game and a much needed wake-up call for the whole team and the coaching staff. Sampaoli had a similar wake-up call against Spain but he didn’t learn any lesson from that defeat. Scaloni at-least has implicitly acknowledged his mistakes in the past and does tend go back to basics unlike his predecessor Sampaoli. However, time is of the essence if Scaloni wants to salvage this tournament for us !! Unlike our squad in the world cup, this team is much more balanced and has quick, strong and solid young players. Our ‘yet to hit puberty’ manager will have to drop the static players from the starting xi and replace them with the young and pacy players from the bench. The static players I am talking about are some of the fan favorites here . Whether you guys like it or not Messi, Aguero,Dimaria and Paredes are the ones holding our team back and other than Messi we are going to have to drop the rest from the starting xi if we are to change our gears. Especially with these three oldies starting together it is putting tremendous pressure on our midfield. We have two work horses in Depaul and Pereyra and both will have to be played on the left and right flank respectively. Locelso and Guido will have to take the central role as playing Paredes as a no-5 will only result in disaster. Our attack has to be led by Messi and Lautaro.

    Don’t get me wrong , I would love to have both Messi and Aguero to start but unfortunately Aguero doesn’t have the same speed he used to and we don’t have the midfield like ManCity to cover him. He will have to come off the bench when the opposition players are tired. Dimaria should only be used as an out and out forward but with Messi , Lautaro and Aguero I highly doubt he will get any opportunity to play as a forward and not to mention we have another player Dybala on the bench. I was one of you who wanted Dimaria back in the team to play as a left forward but after watching how having three old static players nullified our midfield , we can’t have Dimaria starting for us anymore. I would not make any changes in our defense, the only area where Scaloni has maintained some sort of consistency . Additionally we might have to go with Armani for the rest of the tournament. He should have been dropped right after the world cup but now it might be too late and could be too dangerous to disrupt the little chemistry our GK and the defenders have. I haven’t watched much of Musso and I don’t know if he can blend in with so little time left, but again young players are different .

    In conclusion, all is not lost here. If our coaching staff could take some bold decision and sacrifice some big names for the greater good and field the right players we have been playing for past few months, we might just be able to turn things around. Lets all hope Scaloni will go back to basics and if we are unable to penetrate from the centre he will get his players to play long balls and crosses. Depaul, Pereyra , Locelso , Tagliafico and Acuna are more than capable of playing long aerial passes , press forward and track back and defend. Once the team clicks and win both of our remaining matches then who knows, anything can happen in the knockouts guys !!!

    • I agree with you. The best team could be:

      Pezzella – Otamendi
      Acuna – Tagliafico

      Pereyra – Guido
      Lo Celso – de Paul

      Messi – Lautaro

  23. Don’t worry guys!
    Under Scaloni, we have yet to beat a South American team
    But we dominate Central American teams, such as Guatemala Nicaragua and Mexico

    So yes, we won’t win the Copa America

    But we can win the Copa de Oro!
    So let’s switch competitions to one that Scaloni can win

    • Yes..but he played with the testing players.
      This is the first time Scaloni uses his best available squad. It will take time to have chemistry between these players. Dont write off this team after just a match. That too against a reformed team, who is the contender for this Copa2019.
      We will see how good we play against Paraguay. If we struggle against Paraguay….then we will talk.

      • Why the fu#% would he just be using his “best available squad” now while in the tournament ! Lol He should have already had the chemistry down playing his best available squad, (minus Messi)for the last year. That is part of his problem…

  24. this team cannot play possession football! we must play like the small team we are. sit deep, long balls, counter attack! this team is laughed at in europe i can tell you! what do you think will happen in the friendly against germany? they will trash us 10-0. i wonder who the new coach will be!i dont see a good coach taking over this team and ruining his entire career for good! pathetic national team! they ruined this jersey for good! we are a tier 2 team.

    • France, England and Portugal don’t play possession football but they made good results. The point is not playing style but how the team should fight. True that in Europe this team is laughed because we don’t play compact, too easy to counter, not organized tactically. Nothing has been changed since Tata.

      • England was playing crap team in WC group stage. They beat Colombia through a shootout . They only played one good team, Belgium and lost to them twice in same tournament. Portugal only won 2 games in Euro 2016.

        People love to show Portugal and Spain superiority , do I have to remind everyone all the time that those two teams didnt progress further than Argentina in recent WC despite playing weaker opponents? Argentina faced two of the finalist inside the first 4 games alone!

        • Absolutely mate
          I’m fucking tired of hearing
          People keep mention the other
          Nations losing one game
          we all Suddenly become
          A pop team where is your
          Logic why don’t you wait
          Till next match.

          • Exactly…and the media never making fun of Germany despite losing to S Korea and Mexico! I mean Germany had 10/10 record in qualfier and they didnt progress further than Argentina!

    • The players who left out the squad will beat this team. You have to give chances to players who play in Europe. Local players don’t have high level experience.

  25. I am not fan of Pekerman or Bielsa. Both sucks in important matches. But give them current squad, we will dominate others. May be we will loose in quarterfinal, but you won’t have to bear the sight of Argentina getting dominated by lesser teams.

    Yes, quality wise, Colombia is a lesser team. Venezuela is a lesser team, we got defeated by both of them. It was not only defeat, we got dominated by them.

    Scaloni did well when we faced abosolute minnows like Guatemala, Nicaragua. Strong teams? Ball does not cross the halfway line.

    Scaloni was a video analyst of sampaoli, who became permanent manager of Argentina till the end of copa. Carlos Quiroz is former real madrid, Portugal, Iran manager. There is no comparison.

    If Romero did not made some fantastic saves, Argentina Iran result would be similar to this match, difference is we domniated that match. Yes if you want to win tournament, your goalkeeper must make spectacular saves from time to time . Armani is a average goalkeeper, he can save what is expected to save , nothing more. Romero was a different animal when wore nt shirt. He was such a source of confidence, it is not even comparable to Armani.

    Biglia and masche, Augusto Fernandez…when we had them winning ball back was never an issue, yes biglia is static and masche was one dimensional. But they could do what their main job was : winning the ball back as quickly as possible. Currently we loose possession, then it takes a lot of time, luck and fouling to gain it back, only to squander it in next 3-4 sideway passes. 50 percent player and 50 percent manager is to blame.

    Messi tried but we are seeing him for a long time…he looks so uninterested. It is not that he can’t motivate , I believe he himself has no motivation at all , I think he has simply given up on nt, suffering from depression for the past failures and criticisms.

    We can’t change our player overnight. The squad is not bad, you can name few players but that’s debatable. But scaloni is not the man to lead them. A manager can bring massive change. Brazil was in shambols until Tite took over, koeman had changed Holland who were struggling even 1 year ago.

    We have wasted one year, we can’t waste the future.

    • True for GK, Armani is good local league player but very different with the NT. If he is selected only at 31 yo, it means a lot of things. If Walter Benitez is not even in the pre-list after the excellent season he made, that also means a lot of things on Scaloni. What I can see on him is he keeps on changing players and system, he tried new players and then go back to the old ones. Not so different from Sampaoli.

      • I dont think Scaloni is like Sampaoli..!
        Scaloni tried different players and found his first team and substitutes except some positions. For me..Scaloni’s team selection is better than Sampaoli.
        In GK position, Scaloni was never convinced by Armani. Scaloni or whoever…after Copa..Argentine GKs should be Musso,Benitez,Rulli..! Gazzaniga if he gets regular playing time.
        Battaglia and Palacios were Scaloni’s starters..! Kanneman and Zaracho were his substitutes almost confirmed for Copa. But…injury hit them..!
        Scaloni had his issues. After finding the suitable players for his formation….he lost players and needed to use new formation to suit available players..!

  26. From Argentina NT bellow the players kicked forever and inclusion
    OUT:- Scaloni with his lovers suarez and meza, S Romero, Dimaria, Benega, Aguero, Otamendi, Armani, Maschrin
    IN:- Icardi, Musso, Rulli, romero(DF), Ascaliber, Foyth, Dybala, Zaracho, Palacios, Montiel, Sosa, Aalmada, N Perez
    Line Up:- Rulli/Musso – Saravia Foyth Romero/Perez Tagliafico – Lo Celso Sosa/Ascaliber Palacios – Messi Dybala – Icardi/lautaro
    Messi and Dybala have to play together there should be no excuse that’s why good attacking coach is needed, juve sack allegri because he failed to utilize CR 7 and Dybala, Argentina need a good tactician like Gallardo or Gareca badly

  27. Realistically Argentina will win copa 2020 and hosting the tournament too. Argentina need good coach and time to build team and system i believe sampaoli could have done better if he had given more time, scaloni is immature compare to Queiroz, Tite, Tavarez, Gareca etc. After the lose against colombia i will be very surprised if Argentina win the tournament i hope something worst like group stage exit not happened. Many were against old guards where many supporting them but i’m middle on the park. Today’s match is proved again old guards are done and should not be in NT anymore, Argentina played better when De Paul came but first 45 min was wasted and mental battle won by colombia which ultimately effects on result. Dimaria, otamendi, Aguero(sadly) time are over and with a new good manager fresh team should be build. Messi isn’t mentally strong like Cristiano but 10times better on skills and sometime skills alone not enough, messi feel disturbed and fear of failure when seeing same player around them be it Argentina or Barcelona after neymar departure. a completely new team is the only solution for Argentina even without messi. My copa line up for 2020 copa which Argentina will win 1000%
    Rulli/Musso – Saravia Foyth Romero Tagliafico – Lo Celso Ascaliber Palacios = Messi Dybala – Icardi

  28. I’m wondering if AFA would seriously consider bringing in a foreign coach…. would be nice if they could afford a top tier coach. I just don’t see it with the likes of Pochentino / Simeone, espcially the latter considering he lost two Champions League finals (poor subs replacements). I stopped watching after the first half last night, and was just hoping they wouldn’t concede 5 goals like back in the early 90’s.

    I still consider that AFA is in a transitional period with the current coach and players. But they really do need to find a solid 11 and get them to work cohessively.

    Today I kind of miss Tata…. but he also absorbed players from the 2014 era. It’s tough being an Argentine fan when you see too many mistakes being made in terms of positioning, poor subs choices, players ommited or chosen, and over all never forming a cohesive style of play. Maybe it’s a part of growing up, but I don’t have the urgency to bash Scaloni (though if we dont place within the top 5 at this tournament he should probably get the boot). I see promise in some of these young cats, i think within 4 years we should be able to form a solid squad, we don’t need the best players in the world to win a Cup. We just need solid players willing to play as a team. I see glinpses of it when Messi isn’t on the pitch and it’s sad to say, would like to see the little guy win a cup but…. maybe it just isn’t mean’t to be.

    I want to believe Scaloni does have good intentions… but will see. People praise Sabella and Martino now were probably the same people bashing them down to the bitter end. I’m grateful for what Sabella accomplished, but in all honesty Argentina was still a mess under him. We started winning but it wasn’t all that pretty and I have to say i feel like Argentinas best performance in terms of defense was against Germany in the final. I honestly feel that was only solid defensive performance I’ve seen from Argentina in my 13/ 14 years following futbol.

  29. Why Messi doesn’t pressing from the start in every game, never does.
    He did only for couple of times.

      • Then there should be no aguero di maria with him. tracking is must now a days but neither di maria tried nor messi. After half time substitution, there was some energy in forward line.

    • Messi is almost 32 years. He doesn’t press nowadays. Playing a front line of Messi, Aguero and Di maria costs Argentina badly. I told before the start of copa that Argentina will miss Alejandro Gomez and Benitez. If these two were there we will see Argentina winning against Colombia.

  30. Maybe most of you will disagree but I really miss Bielsa after watching matches like yesterday. Bielsa or pekerman had clear vision of tactics and how their team should play. Ofc maybe bielsa is a stubborn person but in my opinion a good plan A without a plan B is much better than a coach without any plan. I bet Bielsa or pekerman can find players even from 2nd division league who fit into their system. You know why? Because they have a system. If I have to choose losing matches i prefer to lose matches in style. I prefer being able to say we deserved to win but lost the match because of bad luck. In the first half against Columbia Argentina’s attack was nonexistant.

  31. We don’t have players with technical quality equivalent to Barca and City but it’s not the reason why Messi and Aguero cannot do well. If we cannot attack together, at least we should be able to defend together. If the team press together, win back the ball quickly once it’s lost and we still have a chance.

  32. Well, we won or tied the opening games to the last few tournaments in which we lost in the final. So maybe we needed to lose the opener. I still think we’ll go through to the round of 8. Changes will definitely be made – at the very least for ADM (goodbye, you lost soul). We need something more in midfield to connect the play to the attack, which in this game was simply decapitated. Too much depended on Lo Celso finding Messi or the ball forward. Rodriguez had a few nice touches which felt a lot better retrospectively after Pizarro came on and appeared like he was lost at a supermarket. I hope Pereyra is available for the next game, we need dynamism like his to really boss his portion of the field. And we need L Martinez or Dybala to come on as substitutes, not M Suarez, that was a mistake too reminscient of Sampaoli. Anyway, all this to say I think there’s still much to look forward to and Argentina will have the chance to redeem themselves.

  33. I said that I wasn’t going to post anything because what could I possibly say that hasn’t been said already!
    Disappointing but really what can I do to make myself feel better? Nothing.
    ARGENTINA is obviously not the same team that went to the 2014 WC, older, slower with LOTS of bad memories since then……..they didn’t win when they were a powerhouse so why would you expect them to win now?!

    They say the coach is clueless, as if we haven’t heard that before but where will the money come from to hire a proper one??
    I watched some of Mexico’s game last night, not the whole thing and it pained me to see how they beat Cuba 5 or 6-ZERO with no problems…….that was OUR MANAGER, he won at Atlanta in their ONLY 2ND YEAR OF EXISTENCE and Mexico has been undefeated since he started there…….then again 2 back to back COPA FINALS AND loses to match under him, what fucking gives?!
    Before, I would want to toss the T.V. out the window and onto the lawn after a loss like last night’s but whether I view it as positive or negative, Now, I just take a deep breath instead of straining myself psychologically and physically like I used to.
    I always tell myself, Hell, ARGENTINA would have won all the Copas and WCs and qualifiers they ever participated in if it was simply up to me but its not!!

    • People were complaining about Martino. Even some of us here made fake od calling him FAT TATA and all that. But to be honest we played better under him. Passing was much better even with Masche and Biglia. He was going to change players one by one but what the heck he was discarded by people and AFA

  34. I am not sure if we still have the players to compete at the highest level. I mean, Scaloni is a clown and should never be our NT coach, but there seems to be something lacking when it comes to the players as well. Other NT´s are getting stronger, they are developing….they produce players that are strong physical monsters and that have SPEED(Barrios, Mina, Davinson). Speed is very important in todays game. Who do we have with speed? We still have, like we have for years, a very slow midfield. Also mostly slow defenders. It was frightening to see the unbalance Cuadrado was able to make in the first half just because he has speed and quick feet. Seems like we do not have players like that anymore. Di Maria COULD be that player, but then he has to play either on the right wing or as a midfielder. Looks like Di Maria is in the squad to play left wing, and we have seen the outcome of that a hundred times before. No use in trying it again.
    We also know that Messi is no leader, but there is no point in keep stating the obvious again and again.

    It was a shock to see that Suarez was preferred to Dybala and Lautaro. But then again, we are Argentina, we will always have morons in charge of our NT….morons with their own stupid ideas.

    The lack of speed in this team, and the lack of leaders, are our main problems. We are now slowly becoming a nobody in international football, and unless we start producing speedy, strong players with leadership qualities we stand no chance in the future. I have to be honest; I do not see many players coming up with these attributes.

    I pray that we will qualify out of the group in this CA. But anything is possible with this “team”. This “team” is capable of losing to Paraguay and also of only managing a draw against park the bus team Qatar. When we think that the we have reached the bottom, we possess the great attitude of being able to fall even deeper. I said many times before; even if the 2014-2016 generation broke our hearts and made use suffer losing three finals…we will miss them for years and years and years….they managed to compete at the highest level and they had real coaches with (mostly) clear ideas. The future looks dark now. Very dark. I really really hope I am wrong. I love Argentina NT with all my heart. I have been a fanatico for 33 years. It is far to important for me in life, to follow Argentina and dream of success. I am just so incredibly tired of being let down now. Please forgive me for the doom and gloom post. Had to get it off my chest.

  35. Cox4, i am reading everyone’s posts everyday even though i dont have the mood to comment i somehow felt the need to refer to you now. It is not only that we lost a match. I am almost 40 years old and i have my own reasons to believe that Argentina is the most special team i have ever seen, actually from what i have seen throughout these years i have never felt the same by any other team and after reading watching and searching about Argentinas history and footballing legacy, about times that even i wasnt born, i feel that for me Argengina is football itself, football doent mean shit if Argentina is not around. I really love this team very much, when we concede a goal i feel a pain in my heart even though i dont have big expectations.

    But as i said it is not because we lost a match. It is that we deserved much more since 93, but we end up losing with the most annoying way. We have reached 5 wc finals and we won 2. We have reached 5 finals afger 2000 and we lost them all. But the most heartbreaking is the way we did. We didnt lose to Germany in wc 2014, we were the ones that lost it on our own, we lost two back to back copas to Chile by exactly the same way, penalty shoot outs, being unbeaten in regular time, actually the only copa america after 2000 that we didnt reach the final because we reached the final in 4 out of 5 copas, were the one which was held in Argentina that we lost in qf against Uruguay in penalty shoot out and guess what: We were unbeatable again in regular time in every match. Argentina has reached to most copa america finals than any other team, but still we are one less than Uruguay and havent won anything since 93.

    See what i am trying to say? This seems like a paradox to me, i am trying not to be too emotional everytime a tournament begins but i always fail to do so, i became paranoidal such as ghostdeini, but at least i am not the only one who feels this way.

    I dont want to speak about if we win something anytime soon, but i will assure one thing that is for certain: Posting or not posting, winning or not winning, i will always love and support this team.

    • i will tell you something my friend. i understand very well what you mean.
      i feel you. i feel you very well believe me. i am very emotional person too. we are same on that.
      we have big passion about this team and football.
      this is not bad. this is how we are. i born emotional and i will die same.
      you will be same too.
      for us it is beyond football that is why it will be forever like this.
      and just because to love Argentina the sadness is more than the happy then have no doubt that we will be sad most of times but when we will win and be happy then we will celebrate every cup like there is no tomorrow.

      in Argentina we are very emotional and passion people generally.
      football is mirror of our society.
      this is who we are unfortunately or fortunately. (choose what you prefer)

      as i told you in past maybe Greece and Argentina is very far in the other side of world
      but we are almost same in characteristics of people.
      we are similar despite we are very far in distance.
      that is why we understand each other.

    • something last. i feel more than respect and admire to people like you, Edo , Godin11, San isidro and some others here that they choose the hard road to love Argentina national team so much and deep.

      if for me there is no other road because i am from this country and i can not be something else.
      for you guys is more difficult and hard this support.
      you could choose the easy road to be with the winners (Germany, Brasil, France ,Italy , Spain etc)
      but you choose to love Argentina which the sad is more than the happy.
      and love Argentina big.

      RESPECT and ADMIRE for you guys.

  36. Ofcourse a draw would been fair result. Defeat always hurts. Few point was clear that Paredes has to be more central as he plays normally for his club. Guido couldn’t spray the pass as Paredes. If Scaloni wants him to play little bit left in middle than it’s better Pereyra. Another thing is Lo Celso has to play more central. His bursting run from Middle always gives problem to opposition. It was same in Friendly with Colombia but in right side he looks lost and only functioning with Messi. Second half 10 minutes was promising but team has to be more patient with the ball and fast. Hope to see a better results in next game . It’s happen. Football always gives us revenge. It would be story and a hell of a journey if we can turn this around.

  37. Please everybody stop for a second and look what the rest strong football teams are doing. They have soild football organization, good plan , good coaching stuff and select the best players by their performance . What AFA doing, Brought someone who does not know a shit, he hired 70 years old Menotti as Team Manager, This old guy gave Coaching post to Scaloni, who never been coach, does not have any experience, and even he was not a very good player in his time.This Menotti and Scaloni both screwing the team . So what we can expect from them? Where all other teams are progressing and building stronger team, selecting their best players , ARG is falling and they will give all the blame to Messi. If they do not change to something solid and good, the future of ARG team is in dark hole. They may not win against any big team and may not even qualify for the next World Cup. Wake up Tapia , Wake up. Stop these nonsense and make a better plan and bring experts who fit in the positions and select the best players who can do better job.

  38. Hello….. This is my opinion…

    Argentina win the match, I’m so happy. If lose, I’m so sad.., very sad.. If Argentina win the tournament, I’m very very happy… If lost the tournament, you know, I’m sad..

    But, no matter who the coach is, no matter who the coaching team are, no matter who the captain is, no matter who the squads are, no matter what the formation is, no matter how the play system is, no matter win, no matter lose, no matter what, no matter who, no matter when, no matter why, no matter where, and no matter how, I just wanna support my lovely team…

    Vamos Argentina! Go Tango! Be the winner! Be the champion!

    God bless everyone….

  39. The only thing ill say, is that we are a soft team. We where out runned and we lost the majority of the 50\50s. We can have all the talent in the world, but without hustle and grit we are doomed.

    Scaloni played a 433 against a colombia that had 4 to 5 midfielders and every player there was strong and hard working. What did we have?

    Kun, not a hustler
    Messi, not a hustler (yet he tried)
    Dimaria, not a hustler, he used to be back in 2014.. but not now, he waits for the ball on the wing.

    Locelso, good kid, but played out of position on a thin midfield, he should be central.
    Paredes, our best mid, but his one deficit is he is not a runner.. bad in a 3 man mid.
    Guido, i thought he did pretty good, he saved our ass defensively quite a few times, but he is not a box to box to run in a 3 man mid.

    Our defense was ok, just ok.. they don’t inspire confidence defending nor attacking, but for me, the game was lost in midfield. And too many forwards who didnt help press.

    We need to play 451, or 442, or 352..

    As for kun, love the guy, but lautaro is the future, kun will be old for quatar. Lautaro also works harder. We should invest in the future.

    • Actually agree on anything except Guido was that good. Not horrible but not that good IMO.

      “The only thing ill say, is that we are a soft team”

      Absolutely. Looks like every team on the world can incend the fighting spirit of warriors at least every once in a while and we can’t. I suppose we are too much concentrated on our stars thinking that they will do that all by skills, without fight. Too many players without defensive tasks. We are obsessed with fabulous 3, fab4 and so on that are our fetishes without force any longer. Colombia never had better talents yet they can beat us just like Venezuela not long ago. Both the teams were scoring against us with some MLS and Mexico league players. So it’s more about fighting spirit.

      • Along with fighting spirit they are much organised ,they know their role on the pitch ,they have a good coach who knows exactly what to do ,they are pacy and mobile
        Until and unless we don’t appoint a proper coach we will get humiliated like this
        Lastly we have to select in form players (starting Lord Armani ,not selecting pappu ,j correa ,ascacibar were one of the worst decision

        • No you guys don’t get the problem
          Argentina have is every team
          Played against them put 200%
          Plus our will always be unbalanced
          As long we play together aguero
          Di maria and messi.

          • “Plus our will always be unbalanced
            As long we play together aguero
            Di maria and messi”.

            True, remember myself before WC 2014 waiting to see the trio crushing every team on the world. And then comes friendly against Romania and they can’t scored a single goal. THis was the first time I began to doubt about efectivess of playing together every paper tiger.

            They ahve nothing more to offer when it comes to mutual chemistry.Let’s try something new with De Paul and Lautaro.

          • Pal I don’t want sound too negative
            But Argentina must move on
            From those guys we need
            A team I’m sick of tired seen
            Argentina rely on individual
            Brilliance anyone who has
            Fresh brain can see what arg
            Problem is. It just too much depend
            On messi I mean in term everything
            Weather is financial or playing
            And that is not his fault as much
            As love to see messi winning trophy
            With Argentina at same time I’m looking
            Forward arg without individual stars

    • If Paredes is our best player, then we are fucked for sure, I don’t disagree with you but no matter which system, if we don’t play compact, it’ll be the same

      • C.royal
        I don’t know what love you had
        For Paredes but to be honesty
        He was one the few brights
        We had last night plus it’s foolishness
        To blame one player or pick up
        Him only when you there is
        Players whom underperform
        Time and time again still there.

  40. Even though we lost the Match, Liked the way we played in the Second Half, So there is some glimpse of hope. Some twerking is needed though, They can play with intensity. Looking forward to next match, I don’t expect much changes, Except De Paul may come for Di Maria, Pereyra still may not be fit enough i guess to play in the Middle for the next match. Starting him may be a risk in that case.

    Wanna see Musso in for Armani, Clearly not impressed by Armani, He looks way different while playing for River, Here his entire body Language looks off. I expected him to be better. Hope he shows off and dont pull of a Blooper in next match.

  41. Colombia striker said we have
    Been working years to beat arg
    Well it took them for 12 years
    Everyone come in and saying his
    Piece this team is the worst things
    Like that keep saying negative for
    Just losing one competitive game
    Argentina are not angels they humans
    They will lose games but please stop
    Bashing team like that. the wise people
    Keep stay calm and silent let’s see
    What next game brings what happen
    Happened that match is gone
    There is no point keep throwing
    Different lin ups that is irrelevant now
    Let’s stay calm and support the team.
    Never give up

  42. I take it all with cold. Was sceptic before the game and sceptic now. I’m not much surprised Colombia were the better team. Still we have some potentiall to go far in the tournament unlike a half of people on Mundo suggest that we have no chance. Needs to redefine some principal presumptions.

    • we will arrive till semifinals to play against Brasil.
      then it is matter of day and maybe luck to go further but to say honest my friend what make me sceptic really is our future. not this tournament.

      and to be specific make me sceptic our defense and the quality players that we don t have in this line.
      we don t have CB players with the quality is necessary to be in top level team.
      not for now but for future too.
      you see our u20 team. i don t see there too bright things for our future in CB.

      we don t have now and we don t have clear positive look and for future.
      this is make me sad the most.
      because we will not be world cup winners soon without solid defense.
      everything is start and end with one strong defense in modern football.
      and strong defense without world class CB is not exist.

      this is make me sad as i can t explain my friend.

      • We have bright future in CB’s position….!
        Foyth (Tootenham), Romero(Genoo…probably to Juventus) and Balerdi(Dortmund), etc almost ready..! There are some other exciting options too..! Players we still lack is..SB/WB…positions..!

        • Not sure about bright future but the young material we have on the position does not makes me pessimist: Romero, Foyth, Balerdi, Medina, Senesi, Barboza, Komar, Nehuen Perez, Martinez Quarta, Franco, Martinez Quarta.

        • really from my heart i wish you prove right and me wrong.
          honestly today no of them you wrote i count them as world class CB.
          TODAY. i want those players prove me wrong. i will be so happy.

          SB players is more easy to find generally and it is not necessary those position to be world class. but CB positions is not work same.

          Saravia and Tagliafico is not worse than Zabaleta and Rojo.
          just not Otamendi and not Pezzella or anyone else is even close to Garay or Demichelis.

          i don t go more deep in past because we will all start to cry if i remind other names now.

          • “just not Otamendi and not Pezzella or anyone else is even close to Garay or Demichelis”.

            Remember it took years for Otamendi, Garay and Demichelis to come to good NT level. Remember Otamendi and Demichelis in early ears in NT? They were horrible. Demichelis become world class in his late years, Otamendi in his mature years. Garay was bench warmer in Real, under Batista nothing special.

            Good CBs are growing slowly.

            Now Otamendi reminds me more that Otamendi of 2010 even if he was then RB. He is more reliable with corner kicks goals than on deffence.

      • “we will arrive till semifinals to play against Brasil.
        then it is matter of day and maybe luck to go further but to say honest my friend what make me sceptic really is our future. not this tournament”.

        Yes, I suppose it may looks like that. Luck and disposition of a day is very important.

  43. How many of you know…this is new Colombia under Carlos Queiroz..!
    Under him; Colombia conceded just 2 goals in 5 matches and scored 10 goals..! The two goals conceded were against Korea counter attacking and with many sub players playing including GK..!
    I felt this Colombia is well organized team than Sabella’s Argentina and current WC France…!

    • “our defense is the biggest problem”

      Still And they have the big advantage of phisicality. A little bit like France.

  44. Team anyway is 1 step better than wc2018 team. That is for sure . Some tweaking & we will look much better & qualify. We will not win copa, but if we play well ( like the young Netherlands team who also restructured now) , that’s a great start. More agility by DM role & if FBs can contribute in attack , this team will drastically improve.

  45. Next time should be:



    ……………..Lo Celso……….Pereyra

    ……Messi………………………………….De Paul

    I keep Armani still not because I like him but simply he was not to blame for these goals. Musso is better goalkeeper but as someone said this is not good idea to change goalie every game especially if Musso has no NT experience as well.

    The same with Otamendi. The guy is still the same. Not reliable. Look at him on second goal. Where he was? Similar his behaviours cost us one of the goals against France when he was far back behind the opponents action. Still we should keep the same defence ATM IMO because possible changes might be even more vulnerable.
    Same with Saravia.

    More movement in midfield needed. I mean Pereyra instead of Paredes. Generally I suppose there will be significant improvement if we start trio Pereyra-De Paul-Lautaro.

    • Almost similar to Scaloni’s first choice team; a 433..Pereyra in for Palacios. DePaul in LW.
      I like Lautaro as CF…but the reality is that Aguero didnt get much services in the last match…whenever he got opportunity it was in tight space..there was a header opportunity though…! He tried to assist for that Otamendi header i think.

    • imagine that Otamendi is our best defender on paper.
      we have problem in defense. it is very clear that.
      that is why Scaloni keep the lines behind in pitch to ‘hide” this problem.
      that is why he didn t give order to press in front from begin.

      if we did oposite way then Colombians could expose our problem in very big way.
      our defense is the biggest problem we have but it can not be solved now.
      Scaloni try to hide our weakness as much he could.

      i agree with you about the players for next game.

      • “our defense is the biggest problem we have but it can not be solved now”.

        Our defence doesn’t looks good in fact and this is surprising because at some moment under Scaloni we got to the point when we were convinced about to have finally solid defensive line. Even against Brazil we were really good on this. One goal conceeded after corner kicks made no big difference. There was Battaglia. Maybe he makes the difference.

        • for me it was not surprising because as you said correct Scaloni work to hide our problem. if you remember we look good in defense only in the times and games that midfield players was close meters with the defense line.
          when the midfield players go up to press or to build our offense game
          then the nightmare begins.

          if the opponent team have quality fast players in front and steal the ball then the result is what we saw yesterday or in game with France.

          remember yesterday both goals.
          it happened what i wrote up.
          the biggest example was those goals to understand my point.

          • “if the opponent team have quality fast players in front and steal the ball then the result is what we saw yesterday or in game with France”.

            Yes the similarities were clear.

    • Now everyone want to send Di Maria home. The same vocal majority of fans forced Scaloni to take this so called “most in-form” player who was not single time part of his team before. Of course the fame of old big one, well-deserved (even if burned out in NT since years) always must prevail. That was just friendly but even that team from September playing together for the first time looked better against Colombia than this one.

      I’m sick and tired of people who are changing his mind every single game. One day they praise Di Maria and another want send him home. These are mob rules in here; perfect exemplification of the truth like people can be senseless in the crowd.

      I’m not angry for Di Maria. He is the same since years. Simply past his best. I’m angry for ochlocracy in here.

      • I thought I would leave it for after the Copa, but I really found it difficult to understand why Scaloni chose ADM over Pity or J Correa. ADMs best days are gone. His greatest ally was his lung busting stamina and his ability to run at full tilt at both spaces and defenders. A great servant of the NT but sadly Father Time has taken his greatest strength just a little bit which is enough to expose him.

      • And you were the one who praised meza ,Suarez ,Guido who are underperforming now ,so it is not just others who are changing mind ,its you too (no offence )
        And coming to the point of Armani ,he did a caballero today ,his positional awareness was worst have seen ter strgen anticipating such shots much before the forward kicking ball ,he (Armani)always moving left towards the forward and concedes goal
        Bdw I have always said di Maria is useless in left side ,he should come as a sub or play in right side ,exclusion of j correa ,pappu Gomez ,ascacibar ,benitaz is haunting us ,injury of battaliga and zaracho was a big blow too ,scaloni is clueless and not ready to lead nt ,afa should have appointed someone capable to lead immediately after sacking sampaoli
        PS I know there is a comparison between te stegen and Armani but a gk if Argentina should be world class its a pity that we always omit in form players

        • Armani? Show me one comment where I’m claiming for him.

          Suarez is underperforming playing 10 minutes? So what about those who started yesterday. Suarez is good player. Funny thing is that people are looking for another excusions for Di Maria after all those poor his performances while have no patiens for Suarez who is getting little minutes in NT. Now I hear Di Maria was poor because he never played with this team. He was playing with Messi, Aguero, Lo Celso and Paredes in club, Tagliafico, Otamendi – that’s enough. How many chances with the team Da Paul got. Not many really. Still it was clear he is much better than Di Maria.

          • The fact you associates me with Armani is best prove of your prejudice to me and belief that I’m supporting every local player in NT. You see what you want to see. I’m not going to response for dishonest peoples comments.

          • Guido?!!!

            Now show me one my comment where I’m claiming for Guido or you are just liar.
            Show me!

            Even few days ago I’ve wrote Guido is neither enough good defensively nor offensively, he is not destroyer we need and that my hierarchy is:

            3.Nico Domiguez

            and that Guido is 6 at best

            stop with these lies

          • Then why you write to me about Armani. Suggestion is clear- he is local player and this must mean: “my player”, which is not true.

  46. now to speak about yesterday.
    i am speaking to the real Argentina fans again. for the rest i don t give a shit.

    Guys. so many months we are speaking here that our team is new. we are build one new team after the Messi generation. for the future.
    there was not enough time before Copa to create what we dream. we knew that long ago.
    we was saying last months too that our team for one reason or other go to Brasil
    with one new roster without chemistry and with no specific way to play and no specific tactics.

    the last is the only thing i blame Scaloni. NOTHING ELSE.
    he waste valuable time last months.
    FOR NOTHING ELSE i blame him NOW.

    our players is not the best in the world maybe but these are what we have.
    we have one new Messi, Maradona, Mascherano, Batistuta, Simeone , Ayala or else
    that we hide him and we didn t take him in Brasil?
    there is no world class player that we left him back home.
    we can say many names here with players that we have hopes for future but NOBODY can make the difference NOW.

    i will keep only few positives of the team and i will wait next game.
    Guys support the team and stand beside. not oposite.

    we are not the best team in world but we are playing something specific anymore.
    we need desperetely CHEMISTRY.
    but this is something we don t have unfortunately and this is something we need time and games to find it. we can t go back to Sampaoli way. that way we never will find the chemistry missing.

    we should find the best players and use them all the time. that way game after game they will create one good team. stick to one plan with the same players. this is the way.
    the old fans that have see ARGENTINA for decades knows what i mean.



    • This what Scaloni tried. He tried different players in all of his matches to find the best possible eleven for Argentina. His first team was..if I didnt mistake; a 433..!

      IMO, this is what Scaloni conluded.
      First the LW, he tried Pity Martinez and many…but finally he thought DePaul is the best option. Still, Scaloni might have thought Chemistry between Messi-Aguer-Dimaria is the best option to try than Depaul. But he forget they are not the same young players like in Sabella’s team. Scaloni failed there to include Dimaria first time in his team instead of his choice DePaul…! Dimaria needs space. If the opposition plays tight defense he cannot run or dribble..even his control and pass fails..! DePaul can do better in this case.

      Second; In his 3 man mid; Battaglia and Palacios injured. Zaracho could have been the sub for one of the CM also got injured at the same time. So, he was forced to go back to 442/4231 to make defense strong…! But we lost fluidity and in second half when Paredes played little higher the pitch, there should have been a real DM at back. Battaglia would have done better, Rodriguez would have done better, Ascacibar could have done better.

      Third; The GK position is not yet finalised by Scaloni in his tenure. He used many players except Benitez…!
      He was in confusion who has to start..Armani or Andarada. Andrada got injuerd and he stuck with Armani. He was not satisifed with Rulli…! Scaloni tried Musso late. Probably after Copa we can see..3 of Musso,Benitez,Rulli,Gazzaniga(he should play regularly)…in team.

      Scaloni done mistakes…same time he was forced to do some…I will just watch rest of the Copa….to see how Argentina and Scaloni will bounce back…! If Scaloni has something in his mind….he will bounce back.

    • Agreed. We will be there in bad days and good days. Unfortunately, I am watching since 98 and U have not seen good days except olympic gold medals. I don’t think we played really poor. In the middle of the game if a DM comes as sub then he needs 5-10 mins to judge the pace of the game. So, Pizzaro was static but can’t blame him. Our attacking was lacklustre. Because they haven’t played enough as a team. Chemistry was missing. If this team cross group stage, I believe this team will play good football.

      However, Argentina till I die. Vamos Argentina.

  47. Stop your hate comments now (including myself)…..!
    Comment if you can improve this team….else please top writing till Copa ends for Argentina…!



  49. There is so much hate and so many enemies of Argentina in this site.
    i have the experience anymore to understand them. they are coming only when Argentina play in one tournament and they put off their hate after we lose one game. after they go back to their holes to wait one other game or tournament that we lose for do the same.

    one Argentina true fan is easy to recognized.
    not about if he write something negative or positive.
    it can happened especially after one loss.

    the people are not ARGENTINA fans is recognized easy about the way they write.
    THE WAY YOU WROTE. not if you speak negative.

    other thing to speak BAD and other thing to say something NEGATIVE to see in our team.
    this is the one way to understand and there is one second way to understand but i will not say it now to the real Albiceleste fans here because if i say it then those mouses will read and correct it and after they will be able to hide themselves better without we will be able to understand them.

  50. Cesar Luis Menotti and Carlos Bilardo: Argentinian football’s opposing ideologues
    The mood when Cesar Luis Menotti and Carlos Bilardo met at the Arena Hotel in Seville in March 1983 was amicable enough. There was no animosity, no feud. There was, though, a hint at what was to come: Menotti, never one to hide his beliefs, told Bilardo that he had held back the development of Argentinian football by ten years.

    Bilardo brushed off the comment. He had thick skin. And he had admired the performances of Menotti’s World Cup-winning Argentina team in 1978. Bilardo had met with Menotti to seek his advice. The former had taken over from the latter as Argentina coach and could hardly have been more different. Both represented opposing schools of thought: Pragmatism against idealism, Anti-Fútbol against La Nuestra and, within a few months of their meeting, Bilardisme against Menottisme.

    It was a clash based on ideological disagreements more than any personal differences, but it began with what Menotti, principled and respectful, deemed to be an insult to his professionalism. In Seville, he had advised Bilardo to select Alberto Tarantini and Hugo Gatti in his squad for his first game as coach, a friendly against Chile. Bilardo ignored his advice and left them out.

    Furious, Menotti wrote an article for Clarin – an Argentinian newspaper – chastising the methods of Bilardo. Any bridges that had been established between the two were burnt; they were, from that moment on, enemies, or were at least perceived to be.

    One’s ideas were antithetical to the other’s. Bilardo was a tracksuited, unapologetic pragmatist, a student of the founders of anti-fútbol, a man with little concern over aesthetics, just focused on winning and little else. Menotti, meanwhile, was a chain-smoking, erudite romanticist, an outspoken liberal, an advocate of beautiful football and freedom of expression.

    They perhaps summed themselves up best in their own words, even if both played up to caricatured versions of themselves. Bilardo’s philosophy was simple: “I like being first. You have to think about being first. Because being second is a failure. For me it’s good that if you lose you should feel bad. If you want you can express it by crying, shutting yourself away, feeling bad. You can’t let people down: the fans, the person who signed you, everyone. Football is played to win. Shows are for the theatre. Some people are very confused.”

    By ‘some people’, Bilardo perhaps referred indirectly to Menotti, who preached the importance of aestheticism and romanticism, and rejected suggestions that football should be little more than a Darwinian struggle. “There is a right-wing football and a left-wing football,” he said. “Right-wing football wants us to believe that life is struggle. It demands sacrifices. We have to become steel and win by any methods.”

    A footballer, Menotti said, is “a privileged interpreter of the dreams and feelings of thousands of people. You can lose a game, but what you cannot lose is the dignity earned by playing good football.”

    There was a perception that the two represented, in effect, the light versus the dark, that Bilardo was diametrically opposed to anything expressive and that Menotti was undyingly devoted to entertaining the people, as if in some footballing utopia. The reality, though, as is often the case with such distinct dichotomies, was far more multi-layered and complex.

    Menotti, in the build-up to the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, attempted to publicly assert his convictions. “If we could win the World Cup the way I would like us to it would inspire others to reassess the way we play the game – our basic philosophy,” he said. “Perhaps it would also stop us relying so much on violence and cynicism, which are the tools of fear.”

    There was a perception that the two represented, in effect, the light versus the dark, that Bilardo was diametrically opposed to anything expressive and that Menotti was undyingly devoted to entertaining the people

    His comments were made in reference to the military junta that led the country at the time. Menotti was vehemently opposed to this regime and looked to ensure that his team were distanced from the ideologies of the dictatorial government.

    When the World Cup came, though, it appeared that Menotti had embraced an element of pragmatism. Certainly, his team did not shy away from gamesmanship. Menotti insisted that his ideals remained intact but the consensus in the final was that the Netherlands were the idealists. Brian Glanville wrote that the tournament had been “disfigured by negative football, ill temper, spiteful players and the wanton surrender of Peru”.

    Bilardo, meanwhile, was equally capable of confounding his reputation. He won the World Cup eight years after Menotti, playing functional, effective football, and depending to an extent on the brilliance of Diego Maradona. But it was he who in 2005, bemoaned the paucity of technically gifted players in the modern game. “The quality of play has definitely deteriorated over the years,” he said. “Modern football is all about running. Technique is a foreign word. Nowadays even 12-year-olds are obliged to win. Actually enjoying play is immaterial. Rushing, running, wrestling and writhing are top of the bill; creativity and ingenuity are now old hat. Unfortunately, it is the truth.”

    Evidently, Bilardo, despite how he was often portrayed, was not intent on seeping all of the enjoyment out of football. His passion for winning and his unerring competitiveness may have outweighed his desire to entertain, but the term Anti-Fútbol does not tell the whole story. Nor can the dichotomous relationship between he and Menotti be taken solely at face value.

    The two were rivals, certainly, but to consider them exact opposites would be reductive. In reality, Bilardo and Menotti were characters just as nuanced as the true parallels of Argentine Soccer each bagging a world cup.

    • Good post chalz. Thanks for that. What we don’t appreciate enough is that both these personalities were great coaches – because they had an ideology and vision, they had conviction, they had authority and courage, they had knowledge, and they had great tenacity and persistence. Criticism and pressures did not bother them. No matter how big a player may be, they were the bosses. What they said had to be followed. No questions. They may be a little eccentric but they got the job done. Argentina has a great lineage of coaches. Last WC, maximum number of coaches were Argentines (5 or 6). But unfortunately our NT has never had a coach of that calibre or status since Pekerman who quit because of the brawl after the QF and not because of the loss. We have largely paid the price ever since. And lest we forget the coach is the most important member of the side.

  51. We come to this conclusion now according to our brothers in here not my opinions-

    1.This is the worst Argentina side according to many in here .
    2.Some of us claim the 30 minitues of Argentina Football was pretty good.
    3.Di Maria should be sent back to Paris(I agree Papu Gomez is currently the best Left Winger we could’ve had)
    4.Pizzaro,I also said this guy is worthless.we can see now he was Just standing in the pitch watching the goals go in.Guido Rodriguez was the best player on the pitch.
    5.Messi body language means he is not a true leader.Maybe he is better than Ronaldo in technical ability skill or being a great player,but Ronaldo is a true leader.
    6.Finally we can’t build from back only Guido Rodriguez,Paredes and Lo Celso were trying hard to make something.Messi took a run but couldn’t get the time for the shot his header was a tough one could have scored.
    7.Team has a long way to go and a lot more develop.

    No complaints now from me from now on!Win ’em All or Lose it all.

    • M3ssi isnt true leader? Ok I agree but when Portugal scored the winner & won Euro did CR play ? Or am I watching a different game?

      Portugal only won 2 games in Euro 2016, TWO.

      In 2008 CL, CR missed a penalty in semifinal against Barca and missed his penalty in the final against Chelsea. The only difference between them would be the facf CR teammate was able to win the game while the same cant be said about Messi teammates. He had 2 directs assists against France , we conceided 4 goals and those 4 goals was Messi’s fault ???

      This is the logic I couldnt fathom from some people.

  52. After watching the game last night I was disappointed, but did not want to react right away. I have read the posts in this and the previous thread and I guess all points have been made. However, I don’t think the AFA or Scaloni is the main culprit here. The main problem is the mindset of the players. In the first half they played without a heart, without speed and determination. All 11 of them. Our playing is so slow and predictable we could lose to anyone in this tournament. DiMaria can go home, utterly useless.

    The second half was much better. We played more on Colombia’s half and even managed a few decent passes and shots. The best player in the world was surrounded by 3 players every time he got the ball. That means others are unmarked, but we did not use that. LoCelso tried, but we need much more creativity and speed in midfield.

    In terms of quality we just do not have the best players. Barrios is much better than Paredes or Rodriguez and Mina and Sanchez are impressive and fast CB’s who easily outshine Otamendi and Pezzela. Aguero is maybe the best striker in the PL, but Zapata made more impact in just a few minutes.

    If we progress to the next round (and that is a big if after last night) and meet Colombia again, it’s hard to see us win. We haven’t lost a Copa game in regular time for many years, but the times are changing. Of course I will continue to support Argentina as I have for decades, but I won’t get my hopes up after this dismal performance.

  53. Apart from all this crisis talk guys I want to say that let’s not give up on our team like that.We know that win will come and players will take there motivation from this hammering and we played quite decently for 35 odd minutes in second half.lets wait till the group stage is over and please don’t spread negativity a lot.lets everyone take a single minute out of our schedules everyday and pray for this team.all what Leo Messi needs is a bit of luck rest I am very sure he will again drag this team to the final again.and yeah Matias Suarez?? When dybala and Martinez are on bench,but still team needs us the most at this time and let’s not stop praying to God for our beloved footballing legend.
    Vamos Argentina.

  54. Argentina will arise one day from its ashes, until that fine day let’s all keep our hopes flying high.
    We all have waited since 1986 …. Now that’s 33 years!!! …. we have built our patience … Let’s wait our time… Maybe it’s just few days or few years only.
    Many have left this blog after the regular disappointments … Let the few of us remaining keep the confidence in this team.
    If we are disappointed just think about the great footballing nation – Netherlands who has not won anything. Think about Hungary and Poland who have disappeared from football scene. Atleast we have a team playing every world cup. Our time will come. Maybe not this time … Maybe this time who knows.
    Argentina no matter what.

  55. Well this Argentina lacks a leader. Messi is the most talented and indvidually the best player in the last ten years. But he is neither a leader nor a motivator. I hate to say this. Ronaldo is technically inferior to Messi but he is a true definition of leadership. Scaloni is not the right man to coach this team. His selection was questionable and match tactics are bullshit. A major overhaul is required. Someone like simeone or poch would be better suited to Argentina.


  57. Only one thing to say “Argentina played like Argentina only 30 minutes but if we recall that 30 minutes this squad made this pitch a living hell for Columbia”
    the first goal is the turning point but with some ticks here and there this looks good Gimenez would’ve been a better option of as far as possession is concerned but I don’t know why Paredes is this slow. I think we are short of 1 or 2 impact player like lanzini and marcone/Gimenez.
    Scaloni forcing Armani to change his game that’s why he is not performing on his river level, he always gets tensed to play with foot.Should think of other options than building from back , building from back by Otamendi is good option that will free up Armani.

  58. Di Maria is not a left winger . Bench or right wing

    This is worst Argentines team I seen in 29 years

    Only Messi and maybe Aguero Will get into the 2002-2004-2006-2007 squads

  59. Except Messi’s opportunity to score, the other 2 shot are from Paredes, if we depend on him to score, it means we are fucked. Paredes is the player with the least playing time of the 23 with his clubs in 2018-2019 . Just feel bad to see how this team has become. I don’t care if we lost, but at least with altitude. I have feeling that the Colombian coach was making fun of us.

  60. Before this match, I have already said in a post that I am not optimistic against Colombia. It’s not just the result but especially how we lost. We were not aggressive, we didn’t play tough, we were even unable to keep the ball. The Colombian players seem relaxed even at 0-0 as if they knew they would beat us in any case, as if the match was totally under control.

    Personally it’s the worst Argentina team since I watched football in 1986. Even between 91-94, there were promising young players like Batigol and Redondo

  61. What I said in a post 2 days ago unfortunately it realized. Always the same problem, too distant between players, nobody came after the opponents once they lost the ball. The CBs too slow, the 2 DM too much in the same zone, too much responsibilities for the 2 FB. Colombia is one of the most tactical teams in the world, they can play Italian football and win a game. On 1 side, we were not brilliant, on the other side, we didn’t prepare well enough. The fact is if players stay far from each other, you can never attack and defend well no matter how good the players are individually. That’s Scaloni’s job and it’s not well done.

    • We beat them 3-0 under that clown Bauza. If Colombia can improve there’s no reason or excuse for Argentina not to be able to improve aswell. Appearently though, the tendency to give the ball to Messi in midfield is still there.

  62. what went wrong –
    1.i always said di Maria is useless on the LW. When De Paul came in Marias Place.
    He was doing some damages. We were doing fine. Finally Guido Rodriguez was comfortable with the ball. Then boom He was substituted.
    After that the whole game changed.
    2.Then after conceding you bring Suarez. I mean what are carrying in that head coach ?
    It was like giving opponents some time to relax. It should be Dybala or Lautaro.
    3. If you wanted to play on long ball. Why didn’t you call Icardi ? Him and only him can control those long balls. Cause he is physically strong.

    I wish we had Ascacibar. He can run whole day and wont even break a sweet. Player like him can cover place o two players because they always moves.

    Colombia was better team. Their defense was amazing. They were on the move always….

  63. Hello Am posting here after long time.
    Even if we lost there were some sparks in this game
    We played much better invthe final 1/3rd and 2/3rd area , after a long time (and this is thanks to Messi as he comes down to offer creativity)
    The first goal came against the run of play also thanks to a very poor right back and goal keeping.
    The second from counter attack but again from the right.
    Our Defence is a huge problem….And we have not moved an inch forward in our midifeld powers.the only hope is Lo Celso but he lack experience.
    De Paul was good too.
    We must accept the reality that we only have couple of world class players or who are above average. The team reeks of mediocrity which includes coaching staff and AFA

    Subbing out Aguero was a jaw droppingly stupid change.

    At least if we can keep good defence and the front 6 plays together for some games this team could improve.
    We still have hope. In 90WC we lost our first match against Lowly Cameron but still got dragged to the final but then we had a reliable defence and a penalty specialist gk in Goichochea.

  64. I watched the highlights again. The team has not played that badly. If Messi’s header gone in then it would have been a different scenario. I think Rodriguez was not poor either. Rather, his substitution created a hole in the midfield. Pizzaro was out of position. And a defensive midfielder do not usually settle down in a match when game is in full throttle. If he was subbed at half time then Pizzaro had the time to settle in. So no blame to Pizzaro either. Armani did not have much to do in either of the goals. Aggressive goalkeeper come out to negotiate the crosses but u cannot blame. It required two outstanding saves.

    I think our attacking players were sub par. No connection with each other. Paredes played well. Fullbacks were average.

    They played first match as a team with a strong opponent. In second half attack was much better. It will come together, if they are allowed to play together. Only De paul may replace ADM. Foyth may play as RB or DM. He played high stake games unlike Paredes or Rodriguez or Saravia.

    We have lacking playmaking ability in midfield and we have plenty of attackers who are brilliant. Can we put Messi in midfield to bear the burden of playmaking role? Like Requelme did. Requelme never supported defense. That may create space for Lo Celso or Dybala to open some space in final third.

    I think this team played much better then the world cup 18. But attackers lacked intensity. It will come surely in the second match.

    But Scaloni must not make amateurish decisions. He has been good till the last match. Hope he will sort it out.

    • Messi header was our only dangerous chance in 90+ minutes. There’s almost no attacking display from Argentina. The two wing back has to make overlapping run , otherwise we’re too predictable when attacking.

      Colombia both goals came from the left flank. We’re still stuck with giving the ball to Messi in midfield and pray for him to either run the defenders on his own or come up with magical pass. Way to predictable in long stretch of the game.

      • Messi was 5 yards away when the ball was falling for a rebound, the angle he was in there while making contact with the ball with his head,I thought it went in.Yet that’s the closest for Messi

  65. It was a tough match, Irony is when we started playing well we conceded. We miss players like Battaglia, Palavios and Pereyra in the Middle.

    And i don’t know about others but Paredes and Lo Celso should be played, Players who really disappointed was Guido Roderiguez, he didn’t offer anything and Di Maria (Don’t start him for next match, And this was suppose to happen, I don’t know why people cant see that. Still expect Di maria to perform well. Which may not happen anymore.)

    Defense was okay and the 2 goals we conceded all happened in a Sudden. Cant blame the GK too. But Armani almost pulled of a Caballero during the 30th Minute. For gods sake just Clear the Damn ball. If you are not good with your feet then don’t try to be good. Just Clear the Ball.

    Something is missing, They can play well as they showed in the Second Half. I think the player we miss the Most are Palacios and Pereyra, They could have added variations in the Middle.

  66. This will happen when you leave in form players for locals. Alejandro Gomez and benitez should be there instead of these bunch of idiots. This is the weakest argentia I have ever seen. I’m sorry for leo but he played shit today just like most of the argentinian players. I still have hope for this team. They can win on the next two matches and go to semi final with ease. But they will face brazil in semi final if brazil tops their group. I beleive we will end up being third place or fourth. We don’t have capabilities to become the winners. Maybe for next year, with a tactically better coach and better youngsters we can win copa. It’s time for older generation players to retire except Messi. I think he still has some left until 2022 world cup.

    • We should not be too critical to the team.. This happened so early that it is good for the team especially now they have time to rethink and recover… De Paul for dimaria.. Paredes shifting to dm position and peryera in for the midfield can solve our issues.. Vamos Argentina

  67. Long post alert!!

    As we all know, our defense looked extremely vulnerable in last world cup . Slow aging players couldn’t adapt to Sampaoli’s high line defense and mad tactics at all. Sampaoli got fired and Scaloni took over right after the world cup . His defensive tactics gave us sense of security in the back and few games later most of us wanted him made permanent. First few games he had players like Battaglia, Ascaibar, Palacios & Co who covered our backline exceptionally well, but to our bad luck non of them could make it into the team. However the more games we played under Scaloni, his inability to get his players press forward got exposed more and more. Midway in his tenure it was evident he has absolutely no idea how to attack. His inconsistent team selection has always been a big worry and instead of working on team chemistry he wasted one whole year playing fifa in real life . What kind of coach selects players based on single game performance and drop players he has been sticking to for a whole year. He dropped some regular players for one match wonders. Many here were quite happy to see Icardi and Ascaibar dropped because they weren’t being played by their clubs. Some of you thought them not being picked was justifiable. These are professional players , just because they haven’t played for a short while doesn’t mean they are finished. I was very vocal when he dropped Icardi and J.Correa for Suarez. They had played so much with this team that they wouldn’t need much time to gel . Remember form is temporary class is permanent. One month of training session would have brought both Ascaibar and Icardi up to speed. Do you guys know why Sabella was able to bring the best out of most of his players? He was consistent in his team selection which yielded extremely good team chemistry. He even stuck with below average player like Sosa for quite a few games. But Scaloni is completely the opposite. He selects players based on one game.

    Today ,Carlos Queiroz capitalized on Scaloni’s poor tactics and inability to attack . He outwitted him in every department and made him look like what he really is , an interim make-shift manager. Our regular players who have been playing consistently good looked like B-league players today just because of Scaloni’s inability to read the opposition’s game. Most of you here are already asking to kick Saravia out. He was never good when pressing forward to begin with but he has been very reliable when defending but Scaloni’s poor tactics exposed him also. Dropping him for next match will again bring back the same problem. Non of our midfielders were able to win back possession without fouling the Colombians. Good managers when unable to penetrate though the middle go for long aerial passes and then get crosses into the box . Our wingers and full back couldn’t do either and were completely lost . I have stated multiple times here Dimaria is more of a forward now. He is useless as a winger. He doesn’t have the pace in him to track back and defend anymore. I don’t even remember the last time he put a proper cross without losing possession. The best position to make best use of Dimaria is as a forward and take advantage of his goal scoring ability. Yes he didn’t get any good passes today but he wouldn’t have made any difference even if he did.

    The only way to turn around this abysmal performance is to put hardworking wingers on both flanks. Depaul at left and Pererya on right . Even though Pererya plays mostly in the left flank but considering his work horse attitude and versatility he shouldn’t have any issues playing in the right wing. Acuna another good crosser can sub Depaul but we have very few players than can play on the right side that is why Lamela could have been so much useful but Scaloni’s team selection has left us very weak on the right flank. Goal keeping was dreadful today. We all knew Armani is our weakest link. I have been a big critique of Romero but not even selecting him as a back-up keeper was a big mistake. Armani seems to be weak in his head and mentally weak players will hurt you (Higuain, Palacio, Meza & Pavon)!! Lo-celso was absolutely useless in the right wing today. He is more useful closer to the goal but Scaloni again has selected so many players in that forward position that Lo-celso was forced to play wide right making him almost useless. With Depaul and Pereya on the flanks and Messi and Aguero as fowards , best position would be to play Lo-celso as a CM beside our average DM Guido Rodriguez. I won’t bash Pizzaro for his 15 mins today, nobody should be judged based on 15 mins game time. Next match,it has to be between Lo-celso and Paredes and only one should start next to one of the Guidos. Paredes slowness and inablity to make proper tackles is a big worry. I also don’t understand our manager’s substitutions , why wouldn’t they play their inform players? Lautaro has been in excellent form but this man decides to bring in Suarez instead. If it’s because of height then why didn’t you select the 100 million hit man Icardi in the first place?? Both Icardi and J.Correa would have made much more impact than Suarez, who is only useful when defending a lead as he is not the kind of player you bring in when you desperately need a goal. Scaloni’s stupidity and inexperience were totally exposed today. The only good thing about this match was this is the first game and not a knockout match. I hope Aimar, Samuel and Ayala will put some sense in this man and get us out of this situation.

  68. Being a gud fan of messi i never agnst him.but at this moment im totally nervous of his approach .His bodylanguage shows everything wht was gping to happen. He never looks to be a gud leader in fields. He cant be a motivator for his compnis.Looks always tired when playing for NT. not enthusiastic in field.

  69. We should not be too critical to the team.. This happened so early that it is good for the team especially now they have time to rethink and recover… De Paul for dimaria.. Paredes shifting to dm position and peryera in for the midfield can solve our issues.. Vamos Argentina

  70. 2nd half we took off our wingers and did much better.

    Guido Rodriguez should never play again for Argentina … Period.

    Di Maria didn’t perform because the ball rarely came to him. Yes he didn’t pass well, but he didn’t have many options. Still I don’t think He shouldn’t start next game.

    The idea of a winger is to open up the field, yet Columbia counter that with extra midfielders.

    We need to play football and allow Messi to blend in, not pray for Messi to do something and blend in

    The pizzaro substitution was confusing from the moment that his number was on the board till the moment he allowed a goal literally in front of him.

    We have to find a way to incorporate dybala and DePaul next game.

    1)check this out : Valentin Vada … how an earth ignore this player in the NT ???

    2) Franco Ascobar from Atlanta united Right Back : 1.8 m 24 year old
    3) (luciano Acosta) passing master.
    4)Emiliano Rigoni from FC Zenit …. 26 years old far better than dybala and the rest over rated player
    5) Emi Buendía from Norwich Fc 22 year old midfield player…

    there is a huge list of players who have been ignored by Argentina selection !

  72. Total disappointment. I commntd earlier tht messi carries his buddies infront. Aguro and maria. Same old combo.tht is not gud for a young team looking for future. And in middle thr is a questn remains if locelso fails who will carry tht roll. Nobody to handle tht position.bcz messi needs a defnt help from tht position.
    Throwing giovanni simioni and pity martnz for messis buddies makes a huge gap between yougsters and seniors.Scaloni made mistake in final couple of matches befor copa by including suarez aguro and dimaria in to already well going young unit.

    • And yeah Aguero is City’s first choice fwd because he’s Messi’s friend. Same for DiMaria at PSG. 😂

      Are you acting like a mentally retarded or really one?

      • Malabari wht the hell r u talking? The way aguro and dmaria comes back to Nt shows the truth. These 2 with messi comes back with this juniors cant be a good unit in 1 or 2 games..Tht is wht i aimed.thr is no need to get back aguro and maria.

          • As a forward dmaria played well in years. Without a pure No.9 dmaria is a waste in left wing.Argtn coaches never experimented him on right near messi. Messi need quick passes in miiddle.dmaria can do this. Arg need to find another good player on left tht is good. May be it is pity or lanzini correas..

  73. At least Scaloni’s team is better than Basile’s team with Simone,Batistuta and Redondo as players back in 1994 when Arg lost 5-0 to Columbia at home soil. History repeats again

  74. Well, it was an unfortunate loss. I just didn’t get two substitution made by Scaloni.
    – Why was Pizzaro brought in on place of Rodriguez?? What was the point for this substitution??
    – Why Aguero was substituted by Suarez?? Lautaro could have been a much better option there. That guy is a goal getter. Whenever we saw him play most of the time he scored for NT.

    Hopefully Scaloni doesn’t follow the sampaoli footsteps and goes in a panic mode to change the whole team and formation in the next match.

    I think it will be better if we stick to the same formation and team ( with 1or 2 changes) in the next match. De Paul should start in the next match instead of ADM. On the later stages bringing in Lautaro and Pereyra will be important.

    Let’s gel together and trust in the squad we have, we know it’s not a bad squad. Hope things will get better.

    • Ditto. While I have a long term approach that is not very popular. This is not the time to talk about it. In the middle of an important competition for gods sake give the team some time. First competitive match for an inexperienced manager, brand new midfield replacing Mascherano /Banega and co. Give them a chance. 3 changes – (2 mandatory please and 1 optional) – mandatory-play De Paul/ Pereyra as the left side of the diamond in place of Di Maria and give Lo Celso a central attacking role leading the diamond. Optional – Paredes to be replaced by Pereyra (assuming De Paul replaces ADM) who plays on the right side of midfield with Guido Rodriguez being the base. And please bring on Lautaro at the end of the hour mark even if Aguero needs to be subbed.

    • For most of the part, he’s doing well but he shouldnt be playing in right wing position to beginn with. He should be in center alongside Parades. I was expecting him to laydown some great passes for Messi and Kun but then he’s placed on the right, wtf Scolani’s thinking? are we expecting Lo Celso to put on crosses?

    • Lo Celso is just another player; don’t expect him to be the saviour of the team.. he need to strength his muscle and pshyically good enough to fight in the mid field. Creativity and penetration from the mid are lacking; they can only defend well but could not control the mid field plus can’t distribute the ball on wards to strikers.

      • Beg to differ cleanball. Lo Celso is a quality player. Mark my words. Will discuss again. We make him play in a sub optimal role, which is not his strength , and then we say he is not good enough. That is not fair.

  75. Guys, let’s face the reality. No time for complaining about things beyond our control such as player selection, formation etc. I am tired doing so. It is time to give the best support for Argentina. Let us pray that miracle will happen and God help us go through until final stage. Vamos Argentina!!!

    • Why are you here then? this is a comment section so its a place for people to state their opinions.

      So many people claim they’re done with national team, yet they keep coming back here, why?

      Or you’re expecting this to be like FB page where every posts would be like “go Argentina!” …

  76. As far as for selection, yea its close to the best if not the best. Everyone has their preference so there will never be the best squad that fits everyone’s wish…but its still solid squad.

    Aguero has been competing in 4 tournaments for City, he’s physically burnt out and it was obvious. He’s not suppose to be this slow regardless the lack services. He never really try to sneak behind the center backs and very static for his standard, no pace whatsover.

    Colombia isnt much more talented , only two shots on target proof they’re not exactly superior team but they outplayed us physically in long stretch. After 60 minutes, every 50:50 situation (both aerial and ground) was won by Colombian players.

    That first goal was very similar to Baptista’s goal in 2007 final. Everything was in balance (we’re actually better) and then we got countered once and they scored within their first real chance. I already predict we will conceided another after seering our players has became much slower than them.

  77. First of all our fullbacks are not attacking threat.Neither Tagliafico nor Sarvia they are defensively good but they can not defend for 90 minute without conceding goals.They are average.That is why i wanted Ansaldi here.Attacking threat put pressure on opposotion.Di maria is a waste now should come as a sub.Aguero looks lazy so Martinez should start.It is true Messi is something else with Barca he needs to be creative.Pizzaro responsible for both goals.Our pure dynamite upfront is not getting proper help from fullbacks what we can ecpect from player like Tagliafico and Sarvia(offensively).I think Casco can help but i do not know much about him he is another domestic league player.We are missing Banega.

    • I do agree with you that this is one of Argentina’s biggest problems. I’m not expecting Dani Alves and Marcelo, but if you can’t help at all Messi, di Maria, de Paul, and who ever else plays as a winger will suffer.

      I don’t understand how a country like Argentina can’t produce a competent right-back since Zabaleta. Hell, Zabaleta should still be playing.

  78. @batistuta4vr, you are blaming and fuming about everything. You are suggesting that Messi is being a bitch; I m sure if the coach ask Messi to play in the midfield he would. One of the reasons that Guardiola wanted Messi higher up or in the false 9 role is because of his finishes…you talk about Dybala, he’s played in Messi’s position before and failed to perform. Messi is not being a bitch, that’s why he sometimes comes down to get the ball…if Messi plays in the midfield as you’ve suggested and Dybala fails to score or Argentina loses you’d blame Messi for not scoring or going further up. I love Argentina and want them to win, maybe only players I have always had a problem with is Di Maria…I think he is a weak link on the team…other than that I just sit back and support them team. Everyone is trying to figure out what’s best way forward for the team. Every time Argentina loses it is down to Messi. Let’s hope that Argentina find the best team in the future.

    • Ignore the troll. He didnt count Belgium and Netherlands in 2014 as real teams so just ignore his existence lol. Sabella’s team dominated the qualifier and while we didnt have to play Brazil , we did won in friendly with Messi’s hattrick. We also beat Uruguay and Chile in Copa 2015 & 2016 group stage respectively. So he clearly havent watch football since maybe 1993.

  79. Don’t be too serious, we all knew how the players had been selected, neglecting the best and in form players and prefer the farmers league and expecting to win the Copa with non experience coach and appoint the veteran technical director that can’t even travel to Brazil but can easily submit and choose the starting XI. Let’s keep the feet on the ground and face the reality… just enjoy every game and hope miracle happens.

    I have following Arg since 1978 although that does not mean i understand more but at least i do suffer more to watch again and again how AFA systematically destroy the national resources talented players that should be making their name in international level by winning more trophies for the nation not just for clubs. Just a stupid blunder to appoint such a coach while you have a world recognition coach in hand. An act of obtuseness . We never learn how Maradona, Batista, Sampaoli,Bauza have digger the grave more deeper, certain names have to be erased from N/T

    But whatever it is keep the spirit high that the glory of 1986 will come visit us one day and we have a luck to witness it… Vamos

    • If you think about it, winning major tournament especially the World cup is never an easy task. You can even play a perfect tournament and still lose! Italy and Brazil won all their group games in 1990 while Argentina was struggling, yet Argentina eliminated both of them at KO stage. That’s football. Italy didnt even conceided a single goal up to semifinal second half when Caniggia’s header found their net! Think about Brazil winning Copa 2004 and WC 1994 finals through a shootout… luck plays big role aswell.

      Netherlands and Spain has produced so many top players, and Netherlands never win WC with their latest and only thropy was won in late 80’s! Spain only had 1 good run at World cup which was 2010 and they’ve been producing great players aswell before that. So to constantly labelling Argentina team as a failure, we need to look at the bigger picture. If we’re a failure, then what about great teams that never win WC or havent win it for many decades?

      Spain only reached round 16 in 2018, exited at group stage in 2014 , yet so many idiots think Argentina is far behind Spain in recent years.

  80. I watched the game full highlights again… them team is a mess,they didn’t have played 5 passes between hurts a lot.i don’t know which tactical idea scaloni implement it,neither they defended like mammoth nor they attacked like a team.. tottaly clues less.. before start of the copa all the member here hating paredes,but he is the one of 2 player who scored above 7 points and his point is 7.2 and he is the highest..and i request scaloni that don’t go for di maria,he is just nothing and physically not powerful though..and there has been lot of gap in the gap and there are no such co ordination between midfield and the defense.. i personally prefer de paul-paredes-lo celso-pereyra,and give lautaro a chance with messi..i believe lautaro would done better..and i am saying that we need a good experience tactical coach immediately after copa and i will prefer Gallardo any day..and filled up the squad with young star from the age group of 18… it is sad to see argentina humiliation like this..each day i cried when we loose to the mediocre team…and one important point is the team play like tortoise like it is football or chess?

  81. Im not sure if anyone remembers this but when tottenham played ajax in the first leg pochettino brought foyth in at right back and he was great on the ball. He put in a great cross and made some very good passes so maybe he can play right back because its not like saravia offered anything going forward. And foyth is a better defender

  82. How about the missed goal on the ref. When we should have had an indirect free kick in the box. That was a terrible missed call and who knows what would have happened.

  83. I have not commented on this shitty forum for years. Everyone, praise sabella days that team could not control games had so many easy games and got to finals and lost to the first real team. The midfield issue in Argentina started since Riquelme did not want to play for Maradona. Argentina did not have the best players in the world back then. Brasil, France, Spain, German, Holland,there collective game was couple gear higher than argentina even though Argentina had the better players. The culture in Argentina team is the main issue. Sabella exiled Veron, Riquelme, and Tevez. We had Maradonna as a coach. We had Romero as goal keeper. We had Biglia as the most boring player on earth. I know no one give him credit but Mascherano held that team together for the past ten years. I remember last world cup they were crying to introduce Lo celso and Paredes. Man those two players are not good. Banega is way better and he is not good engough. Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Icardi, ect.. Bring who ever you want that midfield is crap. I never blame Messi. But Messi needs to become the new Riquelme and run his ass a little bit…..While dybala needs to become the number 10. I do not understand until today while Tevez and Messi could not play together. it is because Messi is being a little bitch about his position. Iniesta could’ve easily played Messi position… Anyways there is avery bad culture in Argentina. You have stars who think they are the best the world ever produced and they simply are not. When we had Riquelme, the world had Rhinaldino, zidane, pirlo, iniesta, xavi, ect…. and they were magic… when we had higuain the world had christiano, Ibrahimovic, Ruud van, Klose,ect… in ever era argentinians do not have the best players but the stars think they are…. Even Messi the best player in the world he is clueless when it comes to Argentina because the coaching and the culture are so toxic and evidently politics have killed the game since the 90’s. We had Maradonna for a coach !!!!!! Riquelme did not play 2010 or 2014. Honestly, what i love about Sabella he realized the shitty culture and yes the team played disgusting soccer all the way to the finals. However, i think he realized that is the most he can get out of this shitty culture and for that he is the best tactician since the 90’s. Anyways, if lo celso is the future am pretty sure Mane senegal will destroy them

  84. The last time we win something I was 13. Yes, I am that old.and I mean a trophy, not a medal. It’s been a tough few decades as a fan. My comments on players are as follows:

    1. Pizzaro, should not be on the national squad.
    2. De Paul should start as our left winger
    3. Foyth should be given a chance to start

    And finally, if we play like this then we might as well go back to three defenders and find a way to implement dybala with Messi and aguero . I still have hope

    • The last time we win something I was 13.

      Sorinxcrespo. It is not normal for a team to play 6 finals with out winning a single one of them.
      When the team lost three finals in row i said to my self a chance like this may never happen again in our lifetime.

      • We are the same age brother. Young Man hug… Lol. I agree, I said the same thing. You are lucky to get a chance like that one time، let only two or three.
        All my life we have had defensive issues….but We now not only need a defense we also need a play maker or someone to connect the back line to the strikers. We have a lack of rhythm. Do you remember out 20 plus pass goal back in 2006, I think against Serbia which had the best defense in Europe at the time? .do you remember right backs flashing forward in a blink to support the strikers and give them additional outlet? I’m sure you do…. I think at this point we need an entirely new system

  85. AMAZING! Did you guys see how easy it was to save that first goal? IT WAS A LONG SHOT. WHY ARMANI?! THAT FUCKING COCKHEAD CAN’T DO SHIT.

    • Yes, Pizzaro is culpable on 2nd goal too, as it is obvious he lost his mark .
      they had 2 shots on goal all match , scoring 2 goals.

      This loss was tactical for the most part.
      Let us hope for a rebound in the next 2 matches

      • He shouldn’t be in the nt
        I knew long time he isn’t good enough
        To be honest we were getting momentum
        But they scored when they switch the ball
        I felt something going to happen
        I can’t blame Armani for the goals.

  86. Sad.. Very sad.. But, it’s OK.. Hopefully, Argentina will win the next matches to bring the Copa America 2019 trophy for us..

    Vamos Argentina! Go Tango! Be the champion!

    God bless everyone….

  87. Everybody complaining including me about the result. Some people say they should bring this player, or that player and coach sucks. But let’s be honest about where we are.
    First is there any clear player we left off that would change this game? Forget about the score, we were dominated for some 70 minutes. Icardi wouldn’t make a difference neither would Banega or Higuain. Everybody saw DiMaria today and he did nothing also. We can’t even get a decent coach to run this team. There is very little to be hopeful for other than a Messi miracle. I mean don’t get me wrong LoCelso is great but they shut him down easily and this team doesn’t know how to make a long pass or break a press. They struggled against the Nicaragua press.
    This is what we are now. I feel sorry for Messi. But really it’s time to give all the kids the table. Our future is very young and when you are bringing up guys from the Mexican league you are in trouble. This team needs to be Benitez Montiel Foyth Romero Tagliafico Palacios Barco Lo Celso Ascacibar Lautaro Dybala. If they lose they lose but at least everyone can agree these are most of our promising future and you have to start somewhere.

  88. It’s so weird watching Argentina losing like that. I don’t want to be an a**hole, but I think we should have banega, higuain,icardi, Papu, Romero and mascherano. Let’s face it ,this is a competition we used to dominate, now I am not really sure of our future, we can use try-out team for friendly but when it come to serious matter I would rather have the “friends clubs” than a bunch of Leo Suarez, Guido p, Guido r, saravia, and not so fancy Armani. This team is not even close to a good Peru, but anyway let’s support them maybe this year luck can help us. Vamos Argentina

      • LOL, this team would have lost by 6 0 at least against the faster, more clinical Croatians.
        Cuadrado ‘alone’ owned our midfield tonight, imagine if they were playing against Luka, Rakitic and Kovačić
        enough BS of the ‘friends club’ fantasy, they are long gone, and what is left is the team we seen today.
        Amazing how many are blaming the loss on Dimaria and Aguero, as if they are midfielders or in defense.I got to understand that some are suffering from a syndrome called ‘friends club’

    • Competition we used to dominate huh. We haven’t won it since 1993. We have been in decline for a long time.

      • We’re finalist in 4 of the last 5 Copa, which mean we’ve always been strong contender regardless the actual thropy. We lost 3 finals in 2000s on shootout.

  89. Guys chill out there nothing
    To be stress it will be any game
    Next week fuck it Colombia were
    Better than us so in 1999 when they
    Beat us 3-0 we all know arg has been
    Declining last few years at least
    Myself I don’t stress for them no
    More الحمد لله I mean I get used it
    But I always support Argentina no
    Matter the situation

    • I do to, but it is so frustrating as this could have been so easily avoided if that crackpot Scaloni had not brought in Pizzaro and started Musso. Armani is a mediocre keeper and will always be. Musso is young and can actually move. Pizzaro is a pussy, he could have easily blocked that first goal, BUT HE LITERALLY STOPPED, IN FRONT OF THE BALL(he was closer to).

      • I was shocked at his negative movement as he could have easily blocked that shot. and some are asking why we had Mascherano an Banega for long time, it’s clear we had no alternatives. Because the alternatives been displaying for the past year what they are capable of.
        For a whole year have you seen any suitable alternatives to the so called ‘friend’s club’ at that specific period of time? maybe next year they will be better, but were they better, then?

        Either way, let us hope that We will fight for the next 2 matches.

        • Yh bro let’s hope better outcome
          The Rest of the tournament
          I moved one from the past
          Mascherano was legend
          The jury still out we can’t judge
          Our players One competitive match .

        • > and some are asking why we had Mascherano an Banega for long time, it’s clear we had no alternatives.

          Yeah, its clear to normal humans.

          > For a whole year have you seen any suitable alternatives to the so called ‘friend’s club’ at that specific period of time?

          They’ll never answer this. Ive tried and then its “no one was given a chance so i dont know”

  90. Colombia is better than Argentina under Carlos Queiroz therefore accept the defeat and focus on next games, if it was Brazil or Uruguay then noone complain about much but the face is Colombia under Carlos Queiroz much better chance to win the copa than media favorite Brazil/Uruguay, can’t write off Argentina either after one game where Chile won the copa 2016 losing first game against Argentina beating them in final who knows Colombia vs Argentina again final in copa 2019 let give some credit to Colombia too

    • @Romance King Bhai eto chap nis na..aage ekta valo coach drkr j kina Valo tactician hbe..r dimaria aguero era e chole na..aguero EPL e etai last season khelbe trpr thke 2nd striker hoye jabe jeta Suarez ar hoye6e…r di Maria physically not good Ami sbsmy de Paul k prefer korbo..j midfield ta Ami post kore6i oi midfield combination hole r agueror bodole lautaro k namale amra Baki 2to match jitbo

  91. International football is so cut throat. The tiniest change can go wrong and you lose all balance. Everything was ok the first half except juan cuadrado was able to physically beat di maria into the space left in the middle because of the width in the argentina 442. Fideo was just unable to stand his man up leaving cuadrado with room to overrun parades and guido causing both of them to commit to technical fouls and yellow cards (for guido which proved crucial later) to catch up.

    However that is fine as the scoreline was balanced. All scaloni needed to do to adjust was insert dePaul in the same framework. Many people commented this and we were happy to see this as second half opened. The effectiveness of this was obvious straight away. In the opening thirty seconds, cuadrado received the ball in an area he had dominated the whole first half but this time DePaul challenged and poked the ball free leading to a break for argentina. If Paredes was accurate by 1 meter for his shot in the end we would have been up in 45 seconds of second half.

    If that was all the change Scaloni had made we would probably have been ok. However there was one more tiny thing he did at the half. He moved his back line up by 5 meters to better challenge and press for the ball (proof below). He also left parades with instruction to push higher for the ball and to move into the space in front. We saw this play out with leandro moving to a bit more advanced positions in the second half when team was in possession..

    For twenty minutes Carlos Quieroz struggled to adjust to this but he showed why he is a superior coach and the huge disadvantage Scaloni has. First, once the tactical advantage of Cuadrado was lost he inserted jefferson lerma to stop the bleeding in the middle. Then James was pulled back just a bit and given room to try and hit the space behind the slightly advanced argentine line now and he was able to find Martinez on the wing with room. While Saravia will be blamed for this any half decent dribbler has an advantage over a full back one on one when he has 10 meters to run at him and another 10 meters behind him.

    Paste this link in your browser. Here you will see two comparisons. The argentine back line at minute 20 about 20 meters from the center line (the patches on the grass tell you distance). In the second image you will see the argentine lines just a little bit more advanced, 15 meters from the half and attacking the ball just before James unleashes for the goal.

    paste link

    This is the tiny difference in modern football. Scaloni showed his cards too early and Carlos Queroz the old fox hit him back. Hard to blame a person trying his best on the job especially when no one else wanted or actually still wants the job. Anyways all is not lost. Still first game and we can make it through. Please Scaloni forget about the nonsense of beautiful football everyone gets on.I will say again, the most important thing in modern international knockout tournament play is structure and tightness first. Being able to keep everything IN FRONT of you. Remember how in the messi, aguero and scaloni interviews all mentioned the importance of taking space away. The only thing i said was PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THAT when game starts. You forgot that.
    Please not again.

  92. Scaloni is too young to do job at this level against a manager like Carlos Queiroz, for me Colombia becomes favorite after defeating Argentina, after copa Argentina should select a foreign manager like Mourinho if want to win world cup and end 26 year trophy draught sticking with Argentinean manger too long isn’t solution at all as menetoni is the general director Gallardo is realistic choice only draw back under Gallardo is might have included too many River plate players into the NT

  93. How many times have I said it.

    I even took a break from Mundo because I just couldn’t bear the “experts” here saying we are building a team for the future.
    What we are building is a failure.
    How can the assistant of one of the worst coaches in Argentina’s history Sampaoli be deemed good enough to lead this team?

    De Paul, Paredes, Armani (REALLY HATE that guy!!!!!), Funes Mori, Paredes (yes i put him twice cause he sucks!!), Rodrigues,Acuna, Suarez, etc.

    See what happens when there is NO BANEGA!!!!! HE IS THE CONTROLLER. One of the best midfielders in La Liga not called up. WHAT THE F*** IS THAT SCALONI!!!

    Putting Di Maria on the Left Again??!!!!!!
    HOW MANY TIMES does that have to fail in order for managers to realize he belongs on the right?

    No Romero, No Banega, No Rojo, this team is DESTINED to fail.
    Where is Garay, who had a fantastic season?
    Pezzella, Foyth are just NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

    We beat Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Irag, Morocco, etc but have NOT beaten a South American team in over a YEAR. A YEAR!!! WE ARE F****D!!!!


    • > I just couldn’t bear the “experts” here saying we are building a team for the future. What we are building is a failure.


      > NO BANEGA!!!!!

      so stupid to leave him home.

      > De Paul, Paredes, Armani (REALLY HATE that guy!!!!!), Funes Mori, Paredes (yes i put him twice cause he sucks!!), Rodrigues,Acuna, Suarez, etc.

      De Paul pretty good dude. lets see what happens.

      > We beat Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Irag, Morocco, etc but have NOT beaten a South American team in over a YEAR. A YEAR!!! WE ARE F****D!!!!

      These games are the basis for some mundoers when they say ourScaloni fixed or made our defense solid

  94. Di Maria er en af Argentinas bedste spillere, han bliver desværre brugt forkert på banen. Husk VM 2010-2014 der spillede han på midtbanen i en 4-3-3 . Desværre er Scaloni ikke dygtig nok som træner, Di Maria som angriber sammen med Aguero er ikke godt, da de vil løbe i samme mynstre. Selv Maradonna kun se det da han var træner. Få Diego Simione til at træne og sætte holdet de sidste kampe. kan vel lånes/lejes under copa

  95. Scaloni’s first real test does not go well for him. I will only talk of the Copa and not other long term aspects. Five things : 1) The difference between De Paul and ADM is too obvious. I hope ADM is never preferred over Pereyra or De Paul in the remaining matches 2) In spite of all his talents Paredes is simply not well rounded enough. His lack of mobility and defensive contribution leave too much for the out and Out DM to do. Whoever the DM is he will always look bad with Paredes by his side 3) We must play with a midfield diamond with Lo Celso leading the diamond (AT THE CENTRE OF THE PITCH). 4) I am not certain this way or that about Guido Rodriguez. He certainly did not cost us the game, both goals came after his substitution. I am not sure if not Guido then who? 5) Last 2 competitive games – not counting friendlies(Colombia and France) – 6 shots on target -all went in. Not blaming him but Armani has to prove that he is worth it

  96. Instead of criticizing Argentina players let give some credit to the Carlos Queiroz team performance, after the match i would easily predict Colombia have much better chance than brazil or Uruguay to win the copa, Argentina did mistake to continue with interm manager where colombia hired tactical genius and they have class players to without aging squad like brazil/Uruguay

    • Colombia two goals were their only 2 shots on target so its hardly a dominant display. Its Argentina that never reach the level they wanted which made Colombia looks strong.

  97. Now Scaloni will remember the name of Ascacibar…! Hes the successor of Mascherano. When Battaglia got injured, the first thing Scaloni should have done was integrating Ascacibar into this team. All of sudden Pizaro included in this team. Was Scaloni used DiMaria before this match? How will Dimaria have chemistry with Paredes and Rodriguez when you almost never played with them..!
    DePaul has added good improvements in this team. I will suggest the same team. But Depaul instead of Dimaria…!

    • Ascacibar was supposed to be there, I am still amazed as why not have him instead of Pizzaro?
      the only true destroyer Argentina can afford.

    • Everyone is talking about a poor Argentina side getting beat without giving credit to a superior Colombian side that totally outclassed us.

  98. It was an awful performance, but I don’t quite get the hate on Armani. One pass to Otamendi in first half was bad but went lucky for us. Came out to a cross well in 1st half. Both goals weren’t his foul, there wasn’t much he could do about either of them.
    Few times he did smash the ball out, but let’s be honest, Argentina is not Barca to play their way out of high pressing opponent.

    This should have been a friendly game to hammer out problems in the starting 11. Also, give them coffee or red bull, they need to start running.

      • Not saying these weren’t savable by a perfect parade, but I wouldn’t blame him for letting it in.

        A save of the first one would be considered spectacular. Just check out the view from behind the striker, it went in right by the post.

        2nd one I suppose he could have cut the pass but I think he rightfully assumed that’s on the defenders. He could have came out closer to the striker and block the shot with his chest (like Ter Stegen tends to do) but again, that would have been a top class save.

        I would say defenders are far more to take the blame for both of them. At the same time, from a goalie of Argentina NT, you are right to expect a world class save now and again. He is yet to do that for Argentina.

        I think there are worse problems to solve before next game.

  99. The Argentine National Team is nihilistic performance art at this point. Down 1-0 with minutes left — with Paulo Dybala and Lautaro Martinez on the bench — the manager takes off Sergio Aguero for a 31-year-old striker with two caps.

    • And he started Di Maria even though he hasnt been playing in NT for sometime.

      We used to have faiths in our young talents like when we introduced young Messi, Kun, Tevez, Saviola, Lavezzi, etc back in the day. Now it has been the same few players upfront forever. We already squandered Icardi & Dybala in 2018, now we bring Lautaro just so he can watch the game live from the bench!

  100. We should start Lautaro De Paul in next game & move Messi further upfront. We basically played 4-5-1 instead of 4-4-2 since Messi decided he should a midfielder. I dont care if we lose and out early as long we shows guts and attacking display! Today we played conservatively like we did against Croatia, hence we got same exact result!

    France has Benzema but they’ have guts to play 19 year old talent, while Argentina stuck with Di Maria & Aguero for more than a decade!

    Lautaro has zero experience in major tournament yet Scolani decided to have Kun all the time so he could reach 100 caps for Argentina and keeps playing till WC 2026! Great idea. When he did replaced Kun, he puts another version of Palacio instead! Suarez!

    • Kun wasn’t a problem, he barely got any service. He played ok despite many others underperforming. If anything, Martinez instead of Suarez for the Aguero sub was the problem. Or sub on Pereyra to allow Lo Celso to push up more.

      • Aguero did look heavy footed & put on alot of weight . Slow and not mobile enough . Not sure what happen, but he & Di Maria just seems off from begining.

        Lautaro should have came in after the break.

        Messi needs to stay near opponent box , that when he’s most dangerous, not playing in midfielder position. He should present himself as passing option aswell for our #9. He shouldnt just contain to walk around in midfield and chipping the ball forward all the time. He really shouldnt limit himself just for that.

        • Them being rusty is by design. What do you expect when they barely got any practice time? Thats were amateur Scaloni messed up, he should had these guys practicing for months now

  101. This is the risk of employing an intern coach. Look at Colombia. They dare employing a foreign coach. Why AFA did not opt to hire someone experienced in international football coaching instead of sticking to local Argentine coach? Terrible decision.

  102. I will love to see only one change in this team…! Depaul for Dimaria….in starting x1.
    Play like second half but Rodriguez as DM not Pizarro..!!

    I would have loved to see Musso in place of Armani…but he just came IN…If Armani cant show class in next 2 matches…we will see the change….!

  103. Argentina were DULL as ususal.Rubbish defence,BORING midfield and no firepower upfront.Aguero is one of the best strikers in the world but can not score when there is no supply ball to him.And no point playing long ball upfront when strikers you got are not tall enough.Even if argentina had tall strikers,football should be mostly played across the ground.Colombia’s first goal was beautiful.Since 2010 argentina are too SCARED to shoot from outside the box or have not got good players who can score from distance.I wish Gabriel batistuta(THE BEST STRIKER EVER FOR CLUB/COUNTRY) would come out of retirement and show this USELESS argentina team how to shoot.And its not just strikers they lack but midfield is Dull and defence is weak.And also goalkeeper is below average.I was thinking of going to the world cup in qatar 2022 to watch argentina who i have supported since 1986 but thinking probably be a waste of hard earned cash.I HOPE by then the team is much BETTER than it is now.The last time argentina had a good team was back in 2006.

  104. Every good team they play well and do good not only they are good player but they have good coach. Scaloni can be assistant coach but not main coach. He picked some wrong players. Benitez or Romero should be number 1 goalkeeper and he did not pick them. Saravia is new , he is ok, but argentina need more aggressive and right back . Argentina needs to reshape for next 2 games. They have to keep this game on the side, and come up strong next two matches and should play better than this.

  105. I felt this Colombia as more like Sabella’s Argentina…!
    Solidity in defense and excellency in counters..!
    I see them progress into the final of this Copa…!! Only unlucky will prevent them from that..!

  106. To be realistic our team now is not a candidate. Much has changed. Must admit the players and coach quality aren’t world class. We always have hope as we’re Argentina but let’s see if we’re able to recover for the second match.

  107. High time for Messi to pull up his socks next match…There was clearly lack of intensity in his game today…Perhaps that loss to Liverpool still playing on his mind… He missed a open net header , should have scored there

    Others…crap as usual…But lets continue to rout for our team …next match is a do or die against Paraguay, lets hope something magical happens…1,2 goals from some good strike can turn things around

  108. 45th-minute up until the first goal showed promise.
    everything else was a disaster.
    —-Lo Celso—-Perreyra—–Paredes—–De Paul——
    I always assume for the worse.
    My defense mechanism say to me don’t be a fool to believe we are going to win a title because you are going to get hurt.
    I not optimistic we are getting out of the group.
    I have to prepare mentally that Argentina will play only 2 more games.
    No faith because faith fucks us over again and again!
    I expect the worse.
    Do it too because your heart will get broken if you don’t and that is not good for your health.
    Sorry for being such a downer.

    • I not optimistic we are getting out of the group.
      I have to prepare mentally that Argentina will play only 2 more games.

      Ghost. I feel the same and i am relaxed for the first time in decades( being older helps) i am not expecting anything from this team.

      • Guled
        I put Andrada in my profile picture and he got hurt.
        I feel like I am a curse.
        So now I put the other teams in my picture so that they lose and we can win.
        See how crazy we have become?
        This team has made me crazy man.
        There is no cure to this!
        You can’t stop supporting something that is engraved into your heart so you are trapped in a groundhog day torture and cant escape.

      • Unfortunately, watching Qatar-Paraguay today makes me feel the same way 🙁 … but, in sports, there is always a big team concept , and I dearly hope the football giants of Argentina finally wakes up … Come on team, play for that jersey really means a lot

  109. I guess this is an urgent message to AFA and it’s about time to have very good coach . The team and fans are suffering. The team has the same problem since 2018 pre world cup. Defence, Defence and Defence. Without Otamendi defence is terrible. Pezzella what a poor performance. He seems he never played big games, can not even pass the ball. Armani was almost did the same mistake what they did in world cup. I do not understand why they keep the same type of play ? It’s clear there is so much problem with the team from the selection of players and technical. There was not clear attacking plan . Very disappointed with D Maria’s performance. The team chemistry was missing. I hope AFA should appoint a very good coach right after COPA , Otherwise they might not qualify for the next world cup. Competition will be very high and it will not be easy for Argentina with this team and without strong defence, they will not go anywhere.

  110. Di Maria is done i don’t care what any one thinks he’s too hot and cold… also need a real destroyer next to Lo celso I wish we brought Lamela to play on the right he is a workhorse and not too old will still be in his prime for WC… De Paul was top 3 left wingers in the Seria A he should start next game

  111. Against Paraguay, First, drop Armani and sub him with Musso! Armani is a joke. Second, replace Saravia with Foyth. Third, no more di Maria and Suarez!!

  112. Nothing changes. The odd looking mannequins dressed in our beloved shirt aren’t going to shake up the world anytime soon. They just dont get paid to care. Hate it when they say they care when they clearly dont. Dont bullshit us.
    I feel for Messi in that respect.
    Anyway the positives were De Paul coming on for Di Maria who just doesnt want to be anywhere near a football pitch.
    Peredes taking advantage of a shooting opportunity when the typical thing for all our players is to look for Messi.

    Negatives – fullbacks were slow in going forward and tracking back. Saravia has his pay cheque move to Europe, he wont need to bust a gut like he’s done in the past. Both goals came from his end.
    Why on earth play Lo Celso far right? Not sure what the idea was behind there. Surely they’ve seen his impact from central at Betis??
    Both Guido’s and Peredes are slow but we knew that.
    Maybe 15 minutes into the 2nd half we were picking up the pace and creating with some impetus. Maybe…

  113. poor performance by our team fight no go ! stupid passes at times ..d’maria ?? really ?? been watching argentina since early 80’s ..think this is the worst bunch i have ever seen ! argentine football needs a reset ..from a once great team that were feared the world over we have become just another team .

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