Lautaro MARTINEZ to start, rumored Argentina eleven


Lautaro MARTINEZ is expected to start as the likely starting eleven has been released.

Three possible changes for Argentina from the team which started against Colombia to start the Copa America. Roberto PEREYRA for Guido RODRIGUEZ, Rodrigo DE PAUL for Angel DI MARIA and Lautaro MARTINEZ instead of Sergio AGÜERO in attack.

Here’s the rumored Argentina eleven:


There’s also a possibility that Milton CASCO could start instead of Renzo SARAVIA.


  1. I had just realized that Marcos Acuna is included on Liga NOS 18/19 team of the season. So that was be the clue why he got selected. I never watch him plays on club competition before.

    • Despite being average, I’m glad Armani was not replaced. There is no definite better alternative in the squad (esp with Andrada’s injury while Musso has just come in) and he didn’t play that badly to warrant a sub.

  2. Lineups are out.
    Marchesin is in goal
    Casco as RB
    Pereyra and de paul the wide mids
    Lauta is striker

    I dont know anything about marchesín.. what do you guys know and are you happy with change.
    ^ obviously i am upset it is not musso instead of him

      • I didn’t watch the game. But I guess Qatar played a defensive game, while we played an attacking game. Remember, we played defensively in the first half and Colombia couldn’t score. In the second half, we dominated, but couldn’t score, but they scored two in two counter attacking plays.

  3. And when someone talked wbout Dimaria or Aguero not performing for national team, they should also talk about messi.
    Di maria and Aguero both scored important goals in WC where messi missed penalty.
    I am die-hard messi fan but if you want to criticise Dimaria,aguero for 1 match performance, you should criticise messi,too.
    don’t do Hypocrisy

    • Ok sir. We don’t criticize just for the sake of it or because they made one or two mistakes in the match. But because they don’t work overall.

      Right now it seems Lautaro would do better than Aguero and similarly DePaul than DiMaria. Do you think Dybala could do better than Messi too?

      • give at least one solid answer..Dimaria, Aguero are performers. didn’t they scored in WC?
        why don’t you try them after WC in friendlies?
        suddenly calling them in team and cancelling them after 1 loss?
        in which fucking idea that make any sense?

        when they didn’t better work overall? in which mtch? give example please

  4. First match in WC,our line up:


    Higuain,Dybala and pavon from bench
    1-1 result

    Sampaoli panicked, next match, A big change::
    line up:
    Enzo PEREZ

    result of panicking, 3-0 loss

    we never learn from mistake, okay we lost a match, why panicking and change the whole team who was practicing for last couple of days??
    just so upset about our coaches

  5. Hats off lionesses! Unbelievable! No words are enough or would justify the character and spirit you lot have shown throughout this tournament. Truly remarkable! Even if the road ends here in this tournament (depending on other results) you are heroes, superheroes in Poch’s words! You’ve made the whole nation proud, you made the fans proud who are not even from your nation and the world appreciates it. I can’t name many, but Correa throughout the tournament, Bonsegundo and Ippulito(excuse my spelling) tonight and that centre half Cometti, wow!! Salute! Proud of you superheroes! Considering all the circumtsances.

    @Cox you must be a proud Argentine now…Enjoy the moments pal!

    I hope our men’s senior team will show half of the “character and spirit” you’ve shown throughout this whole tournament. Youth teams shown flashes of that Argentina spirit recently and hopefully the senior team will finally able to give that famous shirt some respect and make the nation proud which has been lacking for a long long time!

    • my friend today i take one lesson from our women for my life.

      first of all thank you so much.
      i am more than proud for our Las leonas.

      for what i am not proud honestly is myself.
      i am shame for myself because in 70 minute after the 3-0 i change the channel and i watched something else. i learned what happened when one friend called me little after game ends saying me “woaw do you see what happened?”
      i said “i change channel from ungry after 3-0. what to happened”.

      after told me the 3-3 i feel very bad for myself.

      this is not only example to our senior team but to all of us.

      • “this is not only example to our senior team but to all of us.”

        100% true. It is a life lesson for us all. No praise would be enough to honour these lionesses. Not even a movie!

        To say the truth, I couldn’t watch the first game against Japan and I did watch the England derby until that goal around 60 mins mark but tonight I don’t know I wasn’t even in the mood to watch the match but starting from the “National Anthem” moment I was emotional and seeing that centre half crying made it even more. Kevin Keatings commentary made it even more emotional and special. He was so full of praise for these women. Starting from the first goal, I could’nt help myself. And the finale, brought me into further more emotional state. Football! It’s magic! Only it can do things like these, make grown men cry!

  6. really incredible.
    from 3-0 we make it 3-3.

    what an effort.
    we didn t qualify despite that effort but
    anyhow congratulations to our girls.

  7. Argentina have become the first ever side to come from three goals down to avoid defeat in a Women’s World Cup match…! History makers…Proud..!

  8. Am I the only one who prefers the set up in the Copa America Centenario, where we had all 10 CONMEBOL teams along with 6 teams invited from CONCACAF?

    That way you have 4 groups of 4, and you don’t need that BS best 3rd place rule. Simply put being 3rd wouldn’t be good enough anymore.

    If Japan and Qatar, two countries pretty much across the world from us are invited, why can’t 4 more teams be added into the mix to make 16 total?

    Seems like the most logical choice.
    Hopefully it can happen next year.

    I’d love to see Tata Martino’s new Mexico take us on, along with Uruguay, Brazil, a Chile rematch, etc.
    The United States and Costa Rica are always a threat too.
    Panama, Jamaica and Trinidad can’t be taken too lightly either.

    • For me best would be tournament of Latin America (all the spanish language countries from South and Central America + Brazil). However it’s over 16 countries. It’s the same culture circle.

      • @Gonzalo
        In the CONCACAF Gold Cup, it’s 16 Countries including Canada.
        For us its 10 plus two guests.
        That would total 28 teams, an awkward number.

        However, as you say, all Spanish speaking countries,
        that would be as follows:
        From North America: U.S., Mexico & Canada
        Central America: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama
        From the Caribbean: (again ONLY spanish speaking)
        Cuba, Curacao, Republica Dominicana & Puerto Rico

        So 14 teams total from CONCACAF, plus the 10 from CONMEBOL
        would be a tournament of 24 countries.

        That would allow for the same format of the Euro’s with a round of 16 to be played, but the best third place rule would STILL apply, meaning the best 4 of the 6 third place teams would advance.

        Would make for an interesting tournament though.

        • Maybe that’s best idea even if USA, Canada, Curacao, Belize majority of speakers is not Spanish language. Without this it’s 19 Spanish speaking countries including (Puerto Rico) + Brazil. 20 teams makes 5 groups. Harder to makes sensible qualification to final round.

    • CONCACAF federation have their own Copa and it is very difficult to accept this because it decrese their tournament.
      till now CONCACAF refuse the idea of one united tournament with CONMEBOL.
      in future we will see.

      the new format of Copa will begin next year.

      we are in Zona Sur together with Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.
      with one more invited team Australia or Qatar our group completed.
      the 4 best teams qualify for quarter finals.

    • A positive attitude is always good…….this team needs to play and fight to get theirs and should learn from seeing how other lesser teams have performed thus far.

  9. Argentina maybe defensively better with this lineup but this is a very weak lineup when attacking. The only player who will provide width is De paul. I don’t know why scaloni picks so much strkers instead of actual wingers. He should have selected at least two pacy young guns who has energy to press. Hope for a comfortable win.

  10. Scaloni is a bit naive. Talks a bit too much in these press sessions and gives too much information. When the team sheet was released 24 hours before Colombia game Carlos Quieroz has a long time to study the Nicaragua game as the central midfield setup was same. With the two DM plan he just followed Henry Duarte’s approach in the Nicaragua game to pressure Guido and Paredes up the pitch and isolate them from the wide and front players destroying any rhythm in the first half (of course there are steps to take to break a press that he did not take but thats a different point).

    And now in yesterdays interview he’s already mentioned what he would like the team to do next. I like the old school bitter coaches who used to give you no information and just looked at you angrily in press conferences, hungry fans be damned. Hopefully Paraguay is just too weak to take advantage though.

    • This time he didn’t give much information..!
      He said..hes not finalized on playing eleven..and he has confusion…some are not fully fit…etc
      He said LoCeslo will be playing where he feel more comfortable, but still refused about his formation…May be 433 or 442. So; he didn’t release hist playing xi yet for the Paraguay match…!

      • Formations is less important than player role/function.

        DePaul will play wide left and track back. Tag will overlap. Pereyra will play wide-ish right.

        Lo Celso and Paredes will play the middle with Paredes helping more in recovery and Lo Celso will play closer to Messi. Messi will play however he wants but hopefully in the final third with help. Lautaro will play a little more forward and will be less static (hopefully) than agüero.

    • > I like the old school bitter coaches who used to give you no information and just looked at you angrily in press conferences, hungry fans be damned.

      Lol yeah

  11. I believe Changing Aguero was a panic decision rather than a well thought out processional one.
    But it doesn’t matter. Hope things works out well. I don’t remember watching Argentina lose a Copa Group Match. So it’s rock bottom. We can only go up. Hope for the best things, to happen tomorrow.

    Kun & Maria as Super subs may work, afterall..

    • They’ve lost group matches before. Just not the first game since 1979. I remember a 3-0 loss to Colombia. Also was there a loss to Team USA in the late 90s?

    • Copa America was a competition for team rebuilding. It was not that important that we decided to not go in Colombia in 2001. Teams like Argentina and Brazil usually sent a B team, that the reason players like Maradonna or Pele never won Copa America. With all the money and media involved now it becomes an important even but in the past it was not that important. Argentina loss many matches in group stage, in ’97 we did not make it to the second round with Passarella who had a great team a year later.

      • Exactly, it was not seen as important tournament back in the day . One of the reason is because Copa used to take place every 2 years which makes it feels less prestigious…but since 2000s, it took place mostly between 3-4 years. 2004, 2007, 2011, 2015… this is why its suddenly feels more prestigious during these period.

        However , in recent years its becoming similar to the older days again… 2015 & 2016, and then 2019 & 2020, only a year gap.

        Also, Argentina has won 12 Copa before winning their first WC , so at that point the WC became the main target & obsession while winning another Copa would feels hollow without ever winning the WC.

        They didnt win any Copa between 1960-1990, but Argentina won the WC in 70’s & 80’s, thus Copa was not treated as important tournament.

        The 1991 Copa winning side for intense, only includes very few veterans … which mean it was used to build a new team from the ground. I think Caniggia & Ruggeri were the only two that has played in major tournaments prior to that.

  12. Scaloni said he wants lo celso to be in a position centrally where he feels comfortable. So clearly he is at least competent and can learn from his mistakes. Lets see if the team improves along with him today

    • That’s a very good sign.

      The new lineup, even if it doesnt work out, shows he sees what is going wrong. It’s up to the players now.

  13. Aguero does press for man city, usually because jesus comes on for him so if he enters as a suber sub he should be able to press pretty well. He won’t have to conserve energy.

    • Aguero is probably tired and burnt out because City was competiting in 4 tournaments (and won 3). I’m big fan of Kun despite wanting Lautaro to start. We need a hungry youngster who will try to proof their worth and will not be playing under the same kind of preasure that our veterans has.

      Aguero is still one of best forward on the planet. He scored more goals in all competition than CR did last season. He’s playing against so many top players and still banging goals, even when City lost in CL quarterfinal, he was on scoresheet. Messi sometimes would play badly because the preasure is too big for him… its always in his mind that “If we win, they’d say its shaky performance, if we lose, we will be crucified”

      If we fail with Lautaro, he’s not going to get blamed and criticized the way Messi and Aguero will be crucified by everyone. Afterall , Lautaro is only a 21 year old kid without a single match in competitive game for Argentina, hence there’s less preasure on him.

      • Whatever is the reason of Di Maria and Aguero apathetic performance it’s good time to try new, younger options. The more because they’ve showed promising performances in their previous matches.

  14. Can anyone explain me how teams gonna reach to KO stages.3 groups 12 teams.Is there two teams gonna elimomated in group stage or something else.I heard Copa America’s group stages are forgiving unlike World cup Please explain.

    • The first knockout round is a Quarter-final (that’s 8 teams.) There are only 12 teams in the tournament so all the last place teams and the worst 3rd place team are eliminated.
      Basically only the very worst teams don’t make it out of the group stage.

      • I preferred the set up in the Copa Centenario.
        Where all 10 Conembol teams play (obviously) and also 6 Concacaf teams were invited.

        That way there were 4 groups of 4, and that stupid best 3rd place rule didn’t apply, otherwise Brazil would’ve still gone through.

        If Qatar and Japan can be invited, why cant 4 other nations be invited?

        I hope this happens again in 2020 Copa America.
        I’d like to see Tata Martino’s Mexico play some of the South American Giants, Like us Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, etc.
        The U.S. and Costa Rica are always a threat.
        Panama maybe, same with Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago.

  15. I feel like the changes we are making in the team may only improve it. Lautaro is more mobile than Aguero while this is crucial requirement now. We need youthfull eager, new hope. De Paul is most creative player in the team after Messi (along with Lo Celso). Pereyra can add necesarry movement in midfield. Casco is good alternative.

    After disappointing lifeless performance of forward line in last match 2 changes there are ok.

    • > lifeless

      The very fact that you fail to mention shitty scaloni tactics highlights your bias. You act as if there was service or any attacking cohesion.. Go ahead and keep pointing fingers at veterans though

      Nonetheless, the changes are good.

      • “Nonetheless, the changes are good”.

        If you say the changes are good… in other words you say the weakest links were changed. Isn’t it?

    • “disappointing lifeless performance of forward line”

      there was no life in the whole team. the front three were isolated because of tactics. It is time you admit that and not redirecting the blame on just the front three. why not call for the exclusion of Messi, because he did not see much of the ball, neither?

      • “why not call for the exclusion of Messi, because he did not see much of the ball, neither?”

        We can’t change all the team if so which are the players to drop at first: Di Maria – why? Almost everyone agree he was weakest link of the game. Aguero. Because once again we didn’t saw nothing special between him and Messi. Lautaro is too much promising to beat with Aguero’s head still at the same wall.

        Messi? We all are using for him double standards, forgiving everything. You too. You can’t drop all the three. One need to stay. Which one is matter of course.

    • The only difference between Lautaro and Aguero would be their experience. I’ve seen Lautaro scores a long ranger, header, solo run. Experience wont matter if you dont have enough energy to run and press opponents.

      While Aguero getting lack of service in first game, his movement itself was very slow and static. That’s not a good sign. If Lautaro doesnt have much impact , Aguero can still enter after the first half or at 60 minutes mark. If we still lose, at least we’ve try out the other option.

    • Choripan, Ebo

      you two are like twinbrothers: always defending the famous older generation even if they give every possible reason to sub them

      “Experience wont matter if you dont have enough energy to run and press opponents”.
      The words of Rattlehead are saying deep truth.

      You can’t find good excuse for Di Maria as long as he is apathetic on the field and lacks energy that De Paul brought on the same position. If it was about midfielders service…? De Paul had the same service as Di Maria and Aguero. Since when Di Maria or Messi suddenly are players which needs necesarilly midfielder’s service, as some static type of poachers? Weren’t they always players which can drop back to move out themselves with the ball from deep midfield to create something instead wait only for midfield passing. Yes, they were always presentes as such ones. But this time Di Maria’s movement was very scarce and no tactic can be significant excuse for that.

      Why you just can’t admit what is obvious for almost everyone that Di Maria is past his best and we have better options. Aguero’s best times in NT probably has passed as well.

      What this team lack most is passion of youthness and good tactic. 3 players over 30 in final third is too much

      • That doesn’t mean Di Maria or Aguero are done for NT in the tournament. You never know what happend. I have enough imagination to see them being back at some point to score important goal on some phase on the COpa. But ATM I think we have better options. Moreover I suppose we have better options for quite some time.

  16. Press Conference with Argentina manager Lionel Scaloni [2/2]

    What was discussed during the practice at the meeting with the campus? “We talked about what is going to happen, about the union of the group, and that everything begins now. The union of the group is important and it is fundamental that they contribute. It was a positive meeting because the players expressed themselves.”

    Your game idea? “The football idea is to be like that of the second half against Colombia and be a team that tries to have the ball and when it does not have it, tries to recover it. The players may be different, but the idea of the game will be the same.”

    How do you think of the tactics? “At times we will have three midfielders and at times, four depending on the play. The problem comes when we do not have the ball, so most of the time we defend with two lines of four, ideally with three, but sometimes the width of the pitch makes us big and so the idea is to then defend with two lines of four.”

    How is the team? “Logically we would have liked to start with a win but the players are clear about what they have to do in the two games left.”

    About Lo Celso in the line of midfielders: “The idea is that tomorrow Gio is located in a position, where he feels comfortable.”

    The starting eleven vs Paraguay: “I won’t confirm the team until tomorrow, I’ve a lot of things in my head but there are players who aren’t 100%. Let’s wait for tomorrow.” [MARCA]

  17. I am looking for those who wanted Di Maria.
    You dont watch you see stats and you are like he should be in our team…. He deserves to be in our team…. Blablabla….
    No tracking back… Only touched the ball 15 times in First 45 min…. The workrate of our front 3 was low as fuck…. No workrate…

    de paul and Martinez got better workrate…
    I m still mad at scaloni for not bringing Ascacibar or Dominguez.
    And paredes should work more on his Off the ball movement…. I dont know if that how he is playing or it is a tactical problem….

    • “I am looking for those who wanted Di Maria.
      You dont watch you see stats and you are like he should be in our team…. He deserves to be in our team…. Blablabla….”

      I don’t think any one here wanted DiMaria to start or play as a LW, if there is any, then they are the minority,

      It is not time to point fingers at players who flopped, because most did and you would run out of fingers 🙂

      • “It is not time to point fingers at players who flopped, because most did and you would run out of fingers”

        It’s true. Hard to find good player in the game (perhaps De Paul). Still the changes Scaloni does fo Paraguay seems to be most sensible.

  18. Looks like a balanced formation on paper, Whenever there is doubt its always better to go ahead with the 4-4-2 formation. I am not sure but in case if we finish second whom would we face next? if its Chile or Uruguay we are dead, there is no if’s and buts about that. We are not up to their level as simple as that.

    One thing i noticed in our first match was even though we lost rarely did i saw Messi painfully dropping deep like in the past. Scaloni at least managed to carve a midfield with at least little bit more creative players than the like of Mascherano-Biglia-Enzo stale midfield, That is Commendable from Scalonis part, He did flop with his tactics, but still Messi was clearly acting as a Striker in the First half at least. Which is a rare sight in the Argentine NT. Messi rarely plays as a striker for us.

    • We would play second place in group A (venezuela or peru) if we finish first we play 2nd in group c (chile or uruguay) if we finish 3rd we would play winner of grouo C

      • Argentina will have toughest path to Final as group winner.
        Second or third..we will move to other side…!
        Also; third wont guarantee a birth to KO..!!

    • It was great to see messy upfront but At some point during the game, I found myself questioning whether Messi should be dropping back to help the distressed midfield

  19. As much of you feel about the selection of players- I am not questioning Scaloni’s selection of players..but rather his influence,game plan, ideology and so far I have not seen it..

    Whether Scaloni or Menotti have it in them…that is a question?

  20. Colombia lose may give us some luck…??
    I think so.

    Colombia winning our group is most probable. Argentina probably will be second.

    Suppose Brazil somehow lose against Peru (possible), Brazil will be third in the group when Venezuela beat Bolivia(most likely).

    Agentina vs Venezuela in QF
    Argentina vs Peru in SF

    Isnt it good ?

    So the big team against us will be only in FINAL..!

      • Yep, we have 2 WC & 14 Copa, we reached WC finals 5 times and some fans are afraid of Chile? Lol

        I dont care if our last title was in 93 , soon or later we’re going to win again. Spain had to wait many decades to eventually won their 2nd Euro and then their first WC. There’s no reason for us not to have faith on our team.

        As long we shows grit & determination , I’d be happy. Losing isnt always mean a disaster. Afterall, so many teams competing and there’s only one winner.

        Many times the winners are in fact being decided on penalties.

        What I hate & frustrate me would be our players looking dejected and lost mentally before the match even over.

        • I agree with this 100%. Remember how before 2014 Germany was always working on building their team and over many years were doing well in tournaments but not winning? Though the AFA hasn’t been focused like Germany’s, we still have been competing. Even when we were a shambles in 2018 WC, we lost to the eventual winners, scoring tons of goals against them.
          We just need to keep adjusting and working hard and if not this tournament one of the next ones will click and we will end up with a trophy.

  21. Transfer News: Cristian Pavón could be on his way to the MLS to play for LA Galaxy. Key to this transfer happening is coach Guillermo Barros Schelotto who brought the best out of him at Boca Juniors F.C, scoring 7 goals and assisting 20.

    Aged 23, he has already stated that he would prefer a move to Europe, but with a $50m price tag and a huge dip in form no serious interest has been shown, meaning a move to the U.S is highly likely and could be the best platform for him to resurrect his career under Schelotto.

  22. I do not know why this Armani is in squad again and again.He can not save a single shot we have seen this vs France and Colombia.France shooted four goals on target all ends in goal same vs Colombia.
    Musso is far better.Atleast he will save two or three shots.
    I think Armani is very obedient like a 10th class school boy who does everything his teacher says.That is why he is in team.Having the likes of world class goalkeeper like Romero Musso Benitez,you are using a local league goalkeeper who has till now zero save for the team.Goalkeeper is most important position and they are heedless about it.It makes me angry when deserved players are not selected and in place of him the selected player plays shit.Romero Ansaldi Lanzini should be in playing eleven and if they are not,the players who are playing in their position must play well otherwise they are hurting team in two ways.

      • Looks like you have not seen Romero play.He is world class goalkeeper.De gea ruined his chances but De gea had very bad season both for club and country.Musso is also gonna be world class in near future he has all the talent.

    • It is important to have a GK who has some understanding with the defense, and out of the 3 GK, Armani is the most one who played along with them, so he is best choice available. Too late to switch!
      better go on with him, unless of a disaster, it is up to the coach then.

      • For copa no change in goalkeeper pls. Some consistency is needed. Post copa , hope coach ( or new coach) settles on 1 between ruilli, musso, Benitez & then gives a full run of atleast 10-15 matches with almost same CB pair. Too much changes there is only confusing team further

  23. Brief analysis from the loss against Colombia. We struggled majorly because of having virtually no midfield and movement [not many availed themselves to receive the ball] .Tactically we need a regista [ deep lying playmaker who can keep the ball moving and aid in quick transitions from the back, like Jorginho did in Sarri’s system, in this we have Paredes that is fair [reason Chelsea wanted him] bt we need more movement to support him when he has the ball to avail passing options for this to work, i observed attackers and wingers watching when we had possession, no desire to receive the ball under pressure. Many statues.

    We also need a good box to box that is athletic and technical. I believe that Lo Celso fits this role perfectly, he has a feather touch control, good dribbling runs, an eye for a pass and good passing accuracy, he should have been played more centrally but was rather wasted on the wings. Ideally we need a double pivot midfield of a regista and a box to box midfielder. Wish Palacios was available as an option, the 2 Guidos are simply not up to it. Rodri was largely anonymous and not comfortable in possession, to safe and cautious.

    Stylewise we need quick transitions out from the back to beat stubborn teams, without quick transitions, even the weakest of teams can quickly reorganize and defend with their lives hoping for half a chance on the break like on the second goal conceded against Colombia. Without these quick transitions and movement when we have the ball, even the best of attackers will struggle, it wont matter whether Aguero, Dybala, Lautaro, Saurez or Messi, they need to receive the ball first and more often rather than occassionally while under pressure otherwise they will struggle to create or take chances like we did in the first half.

    On a side note, Rodrigo De Paul, what a gem we have! An impact player that changed the dynamic of the game instantly, his style is like Coutinho, might even be better than him given more chances and exposure. Onto the next, make us proud. Vamos la Albiceleste.

    • Maybe that is why Scaloni replaced Aguero with Lautaro, to win the first ball. He is physically stronger than Aguero. He could win the first ball and lay it off to Messi.

      • @Jaseem, that’s another avenue we can exploit against teams that are very physical like Colombia. They always tried to bully and tactically foul us from the start.

      • “He is physically stronger than Aguero.” The exact opposite is true Lautaro is maybe more mobile, but much weaker, Aguero is a bull neirly impossible to outmuscle, Lautaro was very weak in Seria A, spent more time on the floor than on his feet, most defenders beat him in physical baltles, was so fckin frustrating to watch

        • “true Lautaro is maybe more mobile”
          I think this is why he is playing instead. Physically Aguero is stronger, but I think since Lautaro is more mobile, he will be looking for the ball since our defense/midfield is not dependable in transitioning the ball up the pitch. WE all talk about how we need that link between the midfield and the front line.

  24. I am not freaking out like most of you. Argentina have tendency to start the tournament slow. Getting beaten 2-0 seem bad, but that is not the end of everything.

    The World Champs Spain in 2010
    The runner up WC Argentina in 1990
    The Copa America champ Chile in 2016

    all lost their first games.

    The key is not too panic and NOT too make too many changes.

    Spain for example, lost 0-1 to Switzerland in their first game, but they were confident in their players and just made mere 2 changes for their next match.

    All the other 2 teams above were similar, they made small changes only after losing. Normally, every team start a tournament fielding their best starting 11 (on paper). If it does not work, does not mean that it fails.

    That is what I think if I were Argentina, if I were the coach I would make 2 changes at most, not more.

    BUT… I see Scaloni getting freaking out. He likely makes 4 changes. Maybe the 4 changes would do well against the weaker Paraguay, but I am not sure if such moves are good for the team in general.

    His predecessor, though did the same. After a “bad” match in the first game against Iceland, he made what? 5-6 changes to the team against the strongest team in the group, Croatia relying on the inexperienced players. We paid the price heavily. And he himself had to pay the price too as his weakness as a coach got exposed.

    That line up against Croatia was arguably the worst changes a coach ever did to Argentina in the whole Argentina futbol history. The line up was a joke, even the whole world knew about it.

    Now it is the same. All Di Maria, Messi, and Aguero were doing bad, as were all other 8 players overall. He then would change Aguero and Di Maria. Ok Martinez looked sharp against Nicaragua, and De Paul looked better, but does he think that swapping the stars of the team in the right recipe to win the Copa America?

    So he is thinking that inexperienced players would give him better results? I hope he is right, but we’ll see.

    If I were the coach, I would find a way to make the stars and the new players work well together as a team as it might take a match or two to make it happen. They did only have 1 match against Nicaragua to play together! Paraguay and Qatar are definitely weaker than Colombia. They are perfect teams to improve our team chemistry instead of starting all over again from 0.

    It seems that Scaloni is way too similar to Sampaoli than I thought. He decided to do it Sampaoli way, or should I say, the “public/fan/Mundo/Ole/TYC pressure way” after losing the first match.

    I hope we win against Paraguay, though, but again… even if we win, I am not sure if we can win the tournament with the inexperienced players. Copa America is not time to experiment new players. Scaloni already had that chances in a full year since 2018 and will have that chance again after the Copa ends to test new players in 7-8 friendlies before another Copa next year…. but please do not do it during Copa. We are Argentina, we need a trophy. I know some here would be happy if we get eliminated against a strong team as long as their favorite players play good, but not me.

    For me, the 2 that cost us the game were Saravia and Pizarro. Saravia is fine, but maybe he had a bad game or was not fit. Changing it to Casco is fine to me. Pizarro was bad defensively positioning wise, he should not get a chance at all. If not without these two, at worst the score would have been 0-0. No need to panic.

    • Spain had a stacked team of Barcelona and Real Madrid superstars in 2010
      Meanwhile this team has shit players like Armani, Saravia, Acuna, Guido, Pizarro, De Paul and Martinez playing elite football. All these South American Argentinian league farmers should be sent home with shoes tied to their necks. Fucking shame. Such shit players.

    • While Messi is undoubtedly the GOAT and he has achieved really great heights with Argentina (getting to 3 finals is no mean achievement), I strongly feel the team in the presence of Messi is panicking trying to do something for him. He is just another individual and maybe see how we perform in the remaining matches with out him. Maybe the team is playing free flowing game with no bird and expectations what so ever. This might also lead us to discover new talents and build a talent pool with a different generation and set of players. Any comments???

    • I will have to agree to most of your words.

      “If I were the coach, I would find a way to make the stars and the new players work well together as a team as it might take a match or two to make it happen. They did only have 1 match against Nicaragua to play together! Paraguay and Qatar are definitely weaker than Colombia. They are perfect teams to improve our team chemistry instead of starting all over again from 0.”

      I think he is only making 3 changes, Casco, Preyera and Lautaro. DiMaria’s inclusion in the first match under the tactics planned for the first half was not right.

      Lautaro inclusion makes since for mobility reasons. as he is more mobile than Aguero.
      Casco inclusion is not against Saravia, but I think Saravia might not be fit to play a WB and Casco is faster.
      I think he will be using Preyera as a RM/winger with Depaul as a LM/winger in a 4 4 2 which eliminates the need for a destroyer. all four midfielders have attacking roles. LoCelso with more central role to control the tempo along with Paredes while shielding the defense.

    • I generally like your posts. But take issue with the claim that this isn’t the time to experiment with players. The truth is we don’t have the quality and depth of past generations and the old guard is mostly expired. The ultimate goal is 2020, and we really can’t afford to be experimenting in the middle of qualifying. Scaloni may be in over his head, but I’m not prepared to say that on the strength of one completive match. It’s not like he took over the world champs.

  25. I am an expert on Argentina football. I have been watching Argentina play for last 50 years. Here is my analyis tactical lineup
    Enzo Perez
    Di Maria

    This is formation which will win us Copa, Wc, Ucl, La Liga, EPL
    Any trophy. Scaloni should play this lineup and tell Mercade and Taglifico to cross the ball in. We will win for sure. Vamos Argentina!!! Best team in the world

  26. I am really missing Romero today ,that guy has always performed for our nt but today with Armani between stick we concede goal against every shot on target ,I mean how can one coach be so dumb to take this 3rd class Lord gk Armani
    We had several options like gazzaniga ,rulli ,benitaz ,musso but our coach trusts a lord

    • Exactly… we are always blessed with dumb coaches and their choices… no idea y Armani, Suarez selected it should have been correa and Benitez

    • Romero is nothing but a fraud
      What did he win with Arg? Nothing
      And he rots on United bench as well. Useless

      • Shut up fool ! Romero is the only reason why argentina reached all the 3 finals even after staying at bench he profromed outstandingly in all those tournaments. This season he was better than DE GEA

    • Very exactly friend!
      Our gk position after Romero is really so frustrating & a big joke!
      Why Scaloni did this, only he knows!

  27. I had hope but lost all… I believe scaloni is not the right man for Argentina… the one substitution of Suarez shows how stupid his thinking is… atleast he could have subbed Martinez instead… I kno it’s not certain that Martinez will come and score 2 goals in quick time that thinking jus shows he lacks common sense… moreover Armani I don’t find him good enough… look at Brazil its almost certain that they won’t concede any… allison such an asset… benetiz or gazzaniga should have been our keeper or even Romero…

  28. You know guys, Before a match and after a match ( specially a loss) we come close to slaughtering each other here on mundo, we bitch and moan about this player or that, but when match time gets closer and closer the vast majority here seem to band together and get behind the team regardless if our concerns were answered.Which is great !

    Likewise, an influx of trolls and Underminers who appear from no where would come and look for any way possible to get our high hopes down. Trolls

    • Bro that is the consequence been
      A football supporter there re happy
      And bad times I used watch
      arsenalfan tv and the other channels
      Fighting over some thing we discusse
      So that is normal only low minded person Can Take personal with people disagreeing their own opinion.

      So my side I ensure you 100%
      I’m cool weather people agree or disagree
      I”m mean always happy to blog in mundo
      I believe it will be a time we all scream and Celebrate

    • The insecurity of losing and desire to win unites people and then it all turns to a monkey poop tossing contest once the unknown is known.

      Tomorrow will be a good shit show, and it will be glorious!

      • aha , I just saw that, well done to know you are a troll, dogs like you know when they are called > you can now go back and hide, crappy scum, why the fuck you have to talk personal ?

  29. Argentina need to scored. Please put more player to scored not to DM . Aguero and Lautaro can start together in first eleven. Peredes can control DM lonely with supporting from CB Otamendi and Pazella. De Paul and Lo Celco is AM for suppport Messi,Aguero and Lautaro. RB (Casco, Saravia, Foyth) and LB (Tagliafico,Acuna) can overlap support cross to the FW. Pareyra, Rodriguez, Pizzaro, Dybala, Maria as sub for 2nd half if Argentina lead 1st Half.

    • thats what even im saying thy need two strikers up font messi is very good playmaker in the world they can even include dybala on messi’s usual position and give free role to messi to create the game since these good for nothing midfield cant make the game or bring the ball forward

    • We won’t have to face both if we don’t become champion of the group which is unlikely anyway. Getting 2nd position is the best scenario for us, but there is a risk that Brazil may finish second in their group too and we will have to face them.

      I would like Brazil either lose the next game (and Venezuela defeats Bolivia) or win against Peru. Don’t want to face them so early in Copa.

      We need more confidence before we face big teams. Hopefully we will get confidence boosting good wins against both Paraguay & Qatar.

      • Brazil only need a draw against Peru to secure top spot. However, if Venezuela beat Bolovia by big margin, they’ll also have 5 points and could possibly better Brazil and Peru difference. If Brazil lose, then Peru will finish at the top and if Venezuela beat Bolivia then Brazil might even finished 3rd.

      • You are in wonderland. With this team without a system or any style of play even qatar is very tough opponent. Our only hope is for induvidual brillance of our players. We can only hope they show it against qatar and paraguay. Otherwise i cannot see any tactics by our team.

  30. Team looks sound but does the coach have a plan? Nah. Probably awaiting a Messi Magic?
    Anyways, to Argentina belongs this Copa America.

    • Lautaro is a potent striker, he has a great header, and good understanding with Messi. I don’t mind him taking over for Aguero. Certain formation and tactics, needs certain players. Lautaro has more stamina to run than Aguero, We can not afford to have 2 players not running when our defense is shaky. If we had better defense and midfield, then having Aguero makes sense because he will not have trouble receiving the ball. Lautaro will do just fine.

      • He loves seeing Aguero jogging around without doing anything.

        Aguero is a forward and he looks slower in first game than our midfielders and defenders.

        • Aguero might be the more experienced effective striker but will always be isolated if the midfield does not deliver, Lautaro on the other hand, will get involved to get more of the ball. He has more fight in him, younger, hungry for success. for next match we need to fight to win. I even think both might see playing time if we fail to score. Lautaro was used as a second striker with Icardi against Brazil back in November and he was all over looking for the ball.

          • Aguero doesnt care much about the national team. He made statement like “I hope I could help Messi to win something with Argentina” , he’s just happy to be playing with Messi and that’s it. It shows on his lack of determination. Plus, he’s completely tired and burnt out because he’s competed in 4 different tournaments with City, won 3 of them.

          • “Aguero doesnt care much about the national team. He made statement like “I hope I could help Messi to win something with Argentina” , he’s just happy to be playing with Messi and that’s it. It shows on his lack of determination. ”

            I don’t know why some just interpret player’s words negatively?

  31. Scaloni won’t confirm starting XI till tomorrow as he will try and repeat the performance of second half against Columbia. Hopefully this time we will not conceded any goal anymore.

  32. I’m not a TROLL

    But I must say….

    I enjoyed the Brazil-Venezuela match…

    especially the two VAR goal reversal decisions.

    “desculpe meus brasileiros”

      • Lets be honest here…….at least ARGENTINA has an excuse and more than one:
        1) No proper coach sine Sabella left.
        2) Different coaches during the qualifiers and beyond and none of them any good.
        3) Corrupt AFA.
        4) Bankrupt AFA

        Brazil qualified first with ease for 2018 WC, loaded team with offense and defense and at least 3 capable goalkeepers.
        That was the team that in my opinion posed a MAJOR threat to ARGENTINA since 2010 and what did they do with all that talent, money and coaching? laid a BIG FAT egg and their super hero was shown for what he is……a crybaby and a blatant DIVER….he was the joke of WC.

    • Mate I enjoy too and probably
      They will struggle against Peru
      But first thing is first arg must
      Win tomorrow then we will have
      Proper laugh.

      • Agreed. We shouldn’t even be talking. We have our own worries. But I have a good feeling about the Paraguay match.
        And to be honest and fair Brazil still looked good as they usually do, unfortunately.

  33. If AFA got any sense they must hire a professional coach demanding lot of money because qualifying for 2022 seems a much difficult task. Not sure we will get any result in Brasil, Colombia, Uruguay, Bolivia n Ecuador in high altitude, Venezuela and Chile. Also reverse fixtures too not easy. Worrying..

  34. If this is the line-up, I would like to see this formation:

    _____________Lo Celso___________Pereyra_______________
    _________Messi___________________de Paul_____________

    , and not 4-4-2 with Lo Celso or Pereyra playing on the right wing. 4-1-4-1 is the modern football system all the great teams in the world play. 4-4-2 doesn’t suit Messi.

    • Lol, Barca played with 4-4-2 and won many important games. There is no system that doesn’t suit Messi. What doesn’t suit Messi is lack of support. He plays football through the ground, not on air. So he needs support from his players. To give a pass, to accept a pass, to score a goal from an excellent key pass, to do a one-two etc. And a solid team who don’t leak goals. And that’s exactly what he lacks at Argentina NT.

      It’s true that Messi himself wasn’t at his best. But then he has easily been our best player in almost all games he played.

  35. South American nt re really strong
    I would love to see some fancy
    European times play against
    South American nt season in
    Season out

      • Argentina out in round 16 and people think how we’re light years behind European teams. Here’s something for you to chewed on.

        WC 2018
        Germany out at group stage = Beaten by Mexico and S Korea
        Spain out in round 16 = Beaten by Russia and cant beat Morroco
        Portugal out in round 16 = Beaten by Uruguay
        Netherlands… I dont think they’re even there….
        Italy…. not even there either

        • Mate I & you re in same company
          I surprise when I see people overhype
          The European nt if you look
          How strong they getting country
          Likes Venezuela Peru plus already
          Colombia Uruguay chile were
          Hard to beat even Paraguay will
          Become strong again trust me It won’t
          Be easy when world cup qualifiers
          Start with the high attitude in Bolivia
          And Ecuador.

          • Exactly, even England beat Colombia merely on shootout. Statistic and result in recent WC shows European teams aint superior. I mean how come Netherlands constantly being hailed as superpower without actually winning anything before and after 88 ? not even make it into WC 2002 and 2018 for intense. Spain last 2 WC run ended with first round exiit and crashed out in round 16, yet the journalists just keep saying they’re one of top favorite.

            Remember that WC only has 4-5 spots for S American teams but they have ALOT more spots for European teams.

  36. It would greatly soothe my soul if Brazil lost or tied but unfortunately they’ll find a way to score and then Venezuela’s defense will crumble and fall to pieces and they’ll end up losing by 3 or more………seen this crap happen once too many times /)

  37. Now this is a much better line up.. Lo celso should be playing alongside messi rather than behind messi.. But still changing 4 to 5 players in each match means the coach is not able to find the proper tactics and its a danger alarm for the team… Somebody should stop these crazy Argentinian managers.. It’s insane to change players like this in every f***ing match

  38. _________w.benitez________




    Sub: musso,gazaniga,saravia,j.Silva,zaracho,palacios,depaul,lautaro,C.Romero,balerdi,lanzini,correa next tournament best lineup

  39. Interested to see how brasil does against a solid venezuelan team that can counter attack them unlike bolivia. They dropped the 2 cdms and put arthur for fernandinho

  40. I really like it the line up
    On the paper it looks really
    Good I hope saravia got second
    Chance I know he had bad game
    But who didn’t I want us to
    win tomorrow So desperate
    I don’t care how.

  41. Best line up even Aguero isn’t there now expect messi everyone runs and Aguero can destroy tired defense when comes i hope Suarez will not use as substitute unless he performed very well on scaloni bedroom

  42. Lautaro….!

    7 Goals from 11 matches for Argentina U20…! Just from 854 minutes.
    26 Goals from 58 games for Racing….!
    9 Goals and 2 assists in 1761 minutes for Inter..! We can say just 19 full matches if time added up…!
    4 Goals from 7 matches for Argentina..! Just started 4 matches…! Total playing minutes for the NT is just 347 minutes…! We can say…yet to finish 4 full match time…!

    Already shown he has good chemistry with Messi.
    What I liked most was his never give up attitude when he played for Argentina U20.
    He has a nose for the goal.
    Hes surely our future. I am 100% about that.

    • Thank you for great info from Lautaro! I hope he can help to bail us out of the situation we are in. I have cautious hope for Messi and co.

  43. I think we need littlebit new System something this





  44. Guys I don’t speak Spanish what do you think the discussion between Scaloni and Messi was about? what the Argentinean TV and Radio say it was about?

  45. Against Paraguay and Qatar this lineup is good. Stick with it for the both matches.
    I am against changing Saravia if hes fit. I believe he will be back to his best by the time of KO.

    Armani and Paredes case has to be evaluated after the next two matches. May be we will need Musso and Rodriguez in KO..!!

    Last match Scaloni realised we dont have mobile DM….now he will realize we dont have proper backup for this system. I was very frustrated of not seeing Ascacibar and Lanzini in this team. They both would have great addition to this team.

  46. They should play 4-3-3, try to atleast retain possession. Both Qatar and Paraguai will struggle technically against Argentina. If you can’t beat them physically, beat them technically and retain possession with your most gifted players. I think de Paul should be a try on Midfield (yeah fuck your stupid theories) city plays with Silva-Gundogan-Silva and guess what, it works. Di Maria should be given a chance and a good coach should motivate a player of this quality, he is a GOOD PLAYER FFS (Remember UCL final in Lisbon). The defence should be faster with Foyth, they shouldn’t press to High but definitely get the guts out of the slow Cardozo. Attack and Midfield should be Energetic on counter-pressing when losing possession to get the ball as fast as possible, and slow the tempo in possession. Also I believe Armani is just not good enough. And yes De Paul can play as attacking mid, he did it some times.

    They should go (with potential/reliable substitutes):
    Saravia – Foyth(Pezzella) – Otamendi – Tagliafico
    Lo Celso – Paredes(Rodriguez) – De Paul(Pereyra)
    Messi – Aguero(Lautaro) – Di Maria(Dybala*)

  47. I have spoken about insanity being a state where you do the same things hoping for a different result. I have also spoken about ADM and the need to leave him out from the NT in this year, and Aguero the next year and Messi the year after next. I have spoken about the need to have Pereyra in the starting eleven. He is the most versatile in 20 outfield players. Most flexible can play defensive or attack. Can play right or left in the midfield. Can be a No. 9. Have spoken about Scaloni being a good guy without courage. Honest to the core. But can’t sub Aguero with Lautaro or Messi with Dybala when the “stars” are not effective not because they are incapable but because they are not having a good day. I can’t see Paredes as a long term solution unless he does something worthwhile. His undoubted talent notwithstanding. Palacios and Zaracho will beat the living daylights out of Paredes.i have spoken about Lo Celsos diamond. De Paul on the left. Pereyra on the right. Guido Rodriguez in the base. This team will win us everything. Scaloni has to rise and prove who is the boss. The matter rests with him and no one else.

    • Insanity is going through dumbass trial run of player selection and changing players + formations every game prior to Copa America. Insanity is establishing a starting 11 and 23 squad just 10 days before the 1st effin’ game of Copa America. Now that is true insanity 🙂

      I fear for Pereyra health as he just an alarming injury. Were really missing Palacios right now and another B2b…

      • Sometimes Choripan we don’t need a starting eleven. We need a starting 16. Slightly different for Plan A, Plan B and maybe a Plan C- depending on the opponent – their specific strengths or the context of the game. Yes Pereyras health is an issue but he is a strong lad with proven physical capabilities over many years. Completely agree with ur point about badly missing Palacios. I would also add – we are badly missing Zaracho as well. We have very talented boys. Unfortunately we could not take some of them to Brazil. But even this team will do very well. They have a lot of capability. Scaloni must get the right formation and the energy in the team.

  48. I am praying for a win, as I am tired of my friends mocking me for going around with the Albiceleste shirt on 🙂

  49. that squad is good for the next game but armani and sarvia is the two i am worried about my teamwould of beeen armani otamendi pezella tagalifico and casco midfield prades locelso dybala messi free role martinez and augero

    • Airel ability of armani is really poor. He just can’t jump when the shot is in the air. Don’t know why he took him. He can only handle set pieces and corners with his height and doesn’t offer anything else. Scaloni is doing to many changes and he is slowly becoming sampa 2.O. Hope he understands the issue of gk.

  50. two changes is more than enough.

    Saravia should not be changed. there is not obvious reason to put Casco in
    except if Saravia is injured but as i know he is not.

    • If he is not fit, then yes he should be changed.
      if he is fit, that is a 50/50 call IMO as Casco is not a RB, but he got the speed to push forward and track back

      • exactly this is my point.
        just if Saravia is fit (we see him with Colombia and he is ok)
        then is idiotic for me to use one other player of other position if it is not emergency.

        very Sampaoli move if happened 🙂 🙂

    • I think he went for Casco because Saravia is not fit, we know that he was struggling before COPA and some thought he would not be there. Casco has more speed in him.
      overall, using Preyera as a RM will make his job a little easier.

      • Is Casco very pacy? If he is very fast and an attacking minded right back, then I don’t care putting him ahead of Saravia. I don’t follow Argentina’s league so I don’t know much about these local players. Can we rely on Casco when defending against pacy wingers?

      • Still I suppose Pereyra will play more in the middle than as RM,even as LCM. Not sure about that but this is more likely IMO

        …….Lo Celso…………..Pereyra

        Messi………………………………..De Paul

        • Preyera is one of the few players we have that can play in multiple positions. He can easily play on both wings, and as attacking midfielder and as a CM. If he is fully fit, he will be great. It is a great lineup over all

          • I think Scaloni will going to use him more in the middle and burden him with more defensive tasks as Paredes is not destroyer of high class.

          • I think we do not need a destroyer in this line up. Scaloni is going for the kill. Paredes was among the few good players last match and he was basically all over. We need a win, and that line up has enough attacking power. I think he will start the game as 4 4 2 and transition to 4 2 4 in attack using DePaul and Preyera to stretch the defense with Casco and Tagi pushing forward supporting the wide forwards when cutting in-field, and fall back when we lose possession so the midfield will not be over run and go back to 4 4 2 . DePaul and Preyera will have their hands full and LoCelso with more central role close to Paredes as deep lying playmaker .

          • “I think we do not need a destroyer in this line up”

            Yes, Paraguay is weak. We need to win by few goals.

  51. one of the main problem is the GK , Armani never looks confident …. all on target shots taken at goal seems to be going in, any replacement there?

  52. 4-1-3-2
    —————— Lautaro | Messi ——————
    DePaul —– | —- LoCelso —- | —- Pereyra
    ———————— Paredes ————————
    Tagliafico | Otamendi | Pezzella | Casco
    ———————— Armani ————————-

    Good 👍

  53. I’d be very happy if Lautaro & DePaul does start. Even if we doesnt qualify, I’d still satisfy knowing we’ve tried our best and finally move on from Di Maria & Aguero .

    Lautaro has yet to play in competitive match so this would be great experience for him regardless the outcome. Di Maria & Aguero has been in countless tournaments, same with Messi but we still need him obviously.

    • WE could have just not participated in this COPA and play 3 friendlies if that was the case, WE don’t want to use this COPA as training camp, WE want to compete and win. specially in Brazil ! Major tournaments are not for practice, they have friendlies for that. Lautaro will be good regardless. and I am sure he is not looking at his participation as ‘great experience’

      • Yea and how’s Di Maria & Aguero performance in previous game? Any contribution? No.. so are we going to keep starting them till 2022 ?

        Saviola started in Copa 2004 at similar age and he hit a hattrick. Tevez was also 21 at the time and scored in quarter & semifinal. We didnt bring Crespo at the time, and we’re still scoring freely. Even Delgado scored in final.

        How the hell you would even know that our young talent is really good or not if you refuse to play them in first place??

        Mbappe was playing in farmers league and France started him in WC.

        • “Yea and how’s Di Maria & Aguero performance in previous game? Any contribution? No.. so are we going to keep starting them till 2022 ?”

          and who talked about this ?
          How what I said relates to your comment above?
          and where I said not playing young talent?
          But if you want to go that route, then I will follow the same logic as you are,
          Uruguay is maybe no.1 candidate to lift this year COPA. right? then look at their most effective players:
          muslera 33
          godin 33
          caceres 32
          lodeiro 30
          suarez 32
          cavani 32

        • Our main problem in the past 3 years was using players out of position.
          Changing tactics implies changing players that fit such tactics. WE do not have that many players who can adapt to multiple different positions under multiple different tactics/formations.

    • @Rattlehead,

      I prefer Lautaro and De Paul too. Di Maria’s NT career looked dead to me in the last wc. I was surprised to hear about his good performances in League1 recently. I saw him again in the last match against Columbia and I saw the same washed-up Di Maria from last wc. Besides, De Paul connected very well with Messi.

      Lautaro too have a good understanding with Messi. I couldn’t watch the second last friendly before Copa. I only watched the highlights. I saw there Lautaro making runs and Messi finding him inside the box three or, four times. I think Lautaro complements Messi more than Aguero does. Besides, Lautaro is a much better header of the ball than Aguero. Of course, Kun can come off the bench and make a difference. But I would prefer Lautaro as a starter.

      • “I saw there Lautaro making runs and Messi finding him inside the box three or, four times.”
        “Lautaro is a much better header of the ball than Aguero. ”

        that was absolutely true,
        Locelso/Messi/Lautaro was great combo in the 2 friendlies

    • using copa america for training wheel practice is a disgrace. we should be doing everything possible to win, and not hyper focus on 3 years now, especially when so many variables change within that window.

  54. Walter Kannemann on Sampaoli:

    Walter Kannemann was on the list to be part of the Argentina National Team but the fracture in the second vertebra left him out and he recognized that it was a very tough decision. “Losing the opportunity to fight for an injury is difficult, losing the Copa América is one of the most difficult sporting things that touched me,” he said.

    On Lionel Scaloni’s decision not to wait, he said: “It was logical, it’s not the one I liked the most, the one that left me happy because one as a player played the way it came, but you have to think about the team” .

    He also gave his opinion about the coach of the National Team: “He asks for sacrifice beyond the tactical work or the propositions of the matches, one has to have the sacrifice, help the partner and the desire to leave the country as high as possible. possible”.

    If an omitted player talks so highly of the coach, that’s a very good sign. I also liked what Scaloni told his players. Sacrifice. Yes, that’s the first and foremost. Our team for the past couple of years lacked it. Many a time, you see forwards shooting when passing was a better option (DiMaria was one of the culprits)

  55. Good attacking line up with four attacking styled midfielders against a sub-talented Paraguay team… Casco will start as well from what I hear. We can start some positive momentum going forward … dimaria coming off the bench will be a boost with his speed running at tired defenders… I just hope we score early to take some pressure off and we can start having fun!

  56. Wow, the exact lineup I wished, except Foyth not there, after watching our first match.

    Scaloni seems to be a coach with good ideas. I hope he won’t spoil it with another Suarez sub.

    He can’t be faulted for the missing team work and cohesion. It won’t happen overnight. You need to play with the same team for a year to accomplish the same.

    If we can get a confidence boosting good win with the new team against Paraguay, we would be able to go all the way. 👍

    Vamos Argentina..

    • Yes, great lineup. I don’t know much about casco to be honest, but I thought saravia was in bad shape regardless…I like lauturo, I feel like he wants to prove himself….I also like DePaul.
      31 hours to go muchachos

    • I even like the idea of replacing Saravia, he was amongst the 4 players who played worse along with the above 3.

      However, I’m not sure if Casco is the better option. How is he? I guess he may be a better defender than Saravia and with Pereyra at RM, we may not need our RB to attack much. In such case, another good decision by Scaloni.

      • Agreed, and again we have to remember that not only was scaloni hired as an interim temporary coach, he also came in time of controversy. It was uncertain that Messi would return.. and being a new coach for Argentina isn’t easy for many reasons. One main reason is that we have guys playing all around the world to watch and scout. It’s easier for let’s say a Portugal coach to pick a team. He has 2 definite players and about 30 guys around the world playing. When it comes to argentina, we have 3 definite players and 300 playing around the world to choose from

  57. I like De Paul and Lautaro over Di Maria and Arguero. We should use young players if old players don’t fight.

    I think we should give Saravia another chance, he is still young. Remember Otamendi was a disaster in 2010 but he has been so good after that.

    I think Scaloni is a shit because he uses Armani. There is absolutely no reason to use such a wasted goal keeper.

    • The thing is even the best GK in the world wont be able to perform well in a new team without much practice. Understanding with the defense is an absolute necessity for the GK.

      Hence Scaloni can’t use some other GK, apart from injured Andrada who was with the team for quite some time, for this Copa.

      Hope we will have better GKs once the Copa is over.

      Overall, I’m quite happy with Scaloni if his starting 11 is what mentioned above. Atleast he can see the same mistakes that we all can see unlike Sampaoli.

    • DiMaria should never be used as a LW as he is past his days for such task, and the team can not play in such tactics anymore. I prefer DePaul on the left and Preyera on the right as they can cut in-field and give us numerical advantage in the middle when needed.

      • Ebo, once again I don’t know what was subject of our discussion (apparently we had both different points) but we will use PROBABLY 4:3:3 just like against COlombia in second half. Yes, we had left winger there all the time and the winger was De Paul. He was in final third playing wide (I see him there watching the second half once again) . To that dropping back, cutting into the middle not because of other tactical tasks than Di Maria or that he was positioned in midfield but because of his energy and activness Di Maria lacked. On LW he was doing all the things Di Maria could do during his best performances in the past.

        • “because of his energy and activness Di Maria lacked”
          This is true. I like that in him as he has the stamina, Scaloni should have went that route starting the game, DiMaria should not have started. I hope I made this clear. The blame is squarely on Scaloni not on DiMaria.

          It is just a discussion, Bro.

  58. We all have our own ideal lineups but this isn’t bad. Pereyra will bring balance and dynamism to the midfield, De Paul is clearly a strong, forward-minded, hardworking player, and Lautaro is ambitious and will not be afraid to tear apart the defense. I think we will see a lot of success with this starting 11. As the games goes on we may even see Messi drop a bit more centrally, that way Dybala can come on. Who knows. But we’re good.

    • By using DePaul on the left and Preyera on the right slightly behind Lautaro and Messi, we have enough attacking power. I think this is gonna cut it. I like those four in the midfield PEREYRA, LO CELSO, PAREDES, DE PAUL;

    • He is taking off our DM for a more attacking player. Every midfielder player now has a purpose and role in attack. Not sure what your issue is

      • ” Every midfielder player now has a purpose and role in attack.”

        This is exactly my thought, too. and those are the best available for such task, they all are known for tracking back quick and attack, I hope Preyera is fully fit

      • We need to attack to win against Paraguay. If we play the mentality of defending, we will end up losing against paraguay. An early goal is a must and I want to see Argentina leafing by two goals before half time.

    • Bro, I think you are still pissed at the Colombia match, Like many, But this is the best lineup when not using a destroyer because We don’t have any. the midfield four have good attacking skills.

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