Argentina eleven confirmed, Lautaro MARTINEZ for Sergio AGÜERO


Argentina’s starting eleven for their match against Paraguay has been confirmed.

Lautaro MARTINEZ will start in place of Sergio AGÜERO. Four changes are made in total from the team’s opening game at the Copa America. Here’s the starting eleven:



  1. -Why do we look so nervous all the time. We can hardly string a few passes together when individually our players are way better than the paraguayans 🙁
    -Why does even Almiron look more dangerous than the best player on the planet currently or even
    arguably all time 🙁
    This national team with Messi around is seriously an enigma because on paper we look really good and can potentially bully many teams. Can’t believe that once upon a time ( especially during Bielsa’s era) our ball possession and creativity were second to none. I miss Veron so much in the middle and the fairly short Ayala was a rock on the ground and aerially 🙁

  2. Report coming out that Lautaro was subbed as precaution than tactical change. Now medical report confirmning that hes not injuerd.
    So; we have to utilize all of our attacking potential to win against Qatar anyhow. Let Aguero and Lautaro start together, Dybala can come as sub for any of these players.
    A 4312 with Messi and two other strikers. Please not Saurez. We will think about rest after Qatar match.



    Dybala Lautaro

    In 4312 Messi and Dybala can play together in this setup. This is the requirement of the situation.

  3. all the fans in mundo are f**ed up right now…they have no clue what they are saying..they have no clue about the right team..they want 22 players in the field right now…even that will not solve the problem…argentinian fans should learn to be calm…start the same formation next match also so that players will be confident of not losing the spot and they will perform better…changing 4 to 5 players in each match is creating low morale in the players and the the playing style is heavily damaged…no one knows how they should play…so scaloni better be calm and select the same starting 11 of todays match…we will see progress and hopefully we will win and qualify…Vamos argentina

  4. really don’t understand what happened to ARG N/T. All does not work and seems dark. You have the best player in the squad along with the best strikers and best defense plus a veteran players that have a lot of experience that guide {lucky accidental coach} the team with old master mind Menotti but suddenly all become frustrated without a clue. Just play with simple strategy , choose the fittest players and place Messi in the middle and put the 2 strikers in front of him with a fit atm and cdm behind him. Control the mid field with everyone runs for the ball and make a pass. Why make everything complicated with the wrong subs and insist on the underperform player in the tournament. Build the chemistry and motivated the players to be at their best

  5. We need change sometimes like this…
    ——-Armani ———
    De Paul———-local—
    —Dybala —-Lautaro

  6. Godín11 and Gonzalo are the reasons why this forum is so toxic. They bring nothing but the negativity to this sub. If you want this forum to be good then ban these idiots for good..

  7. The decline in performances since the previous Copa is shocking. There is no team at all. Last night the first 20 minutes looked good, lots of energy and some nice movements but it all faded quickly. The last 20 minutes were absolute rubbish. We were lucky to get the penalty and not get a red card for Armani’s tackle. A lot of people blame Scaloni and AFA, but apart from some weird subs (Suarez over Dybala, really?) it was the players who were at fault. LoCelso lost possession many times, Pereyra was terrible, Otamendi clumsy and DiMaria a nightmare. And we could mention others as well. Even Messi played way below his usual standard.

    Between 1995 and 2008 we won several U20 WC’s and 2 gold medals. That generation is almost finished. In the past ten years our youth teams won nothing. Players from the generations that filled those youth teams are now in the senior squad. There is only one conclusion: they are simply not good enough. We will have to wait until the current U20 squad has matured before we will have a decent NT again. Don’t be surprised if the Asian champions beat us on Sunday.

  8. Roberto Pereya is worse than Meza,he does not have any strength in his body he should play against school boys in school tournament there he will surely shine.We have good players but there is no chemistry.Just ten mimute aggressive game they get tackled or floored rhythm is gone.They need to go extra mile on the way.They are not determinant enough.

  9. Here is my FAIR analysis of this game after I cooled down emotionally in the context of this new team, manager, and tournament:

    1. A front 3 of Messi, Aguero and ADM simply does not work anymore. We saw our BEST FORWARD LINE UP in this entire tournament today for a brief moment with CFs (Aguero and Lautaro) playing in front of Messi. Messi is MOST DANGEROUS when he has 2 RELIABLE forwards next to him when attacking. Ageuro is RUBBISH as a lone forward but is SUPERB when he has a partner in Lautaro. I was really impressed with Lautaro today he linked up well with both Aguero and Messi and positioned himself perfectly when he received the cut back from aguero which led to the penalty. LEARNING POINT from this match is we must field Lautaro and Aguero together in front of Messi.

    2. The subs for either Lautaro or Aguero should NEVER BE DI MARIA. ADM changes the entire tactic of us going forward. It is DYBALA who should have replaced Lautaro. Although a CF is not Dybala’s natural position but he will always be a better finisher up front than any other of our subs. ADM can be used as a sub but only if we are ahead in the game. He does not increase our attacking threat, at least he can be a better midfielder who offer some attacking threat over our other options.

    3. Call me crazy or not but a midfield consisting of De Paul, Paredes and Lo Celso seemed to be OUR BEST possible midfield option atm. For the brief spell when all 3 were linking up with Messi, Aguero and Lautaro, it seemed very good and we were dangerous

    4. Scaloni was great to change the lineup today 2 use 2 CFs with Messi and Lautaro. He learned from our previous game. He was even more excellent to recognise to swap Pereyra for Aguero in 2nd half and move Messi to the spear of a Midfield diamond to allow Aguero and Lautaro to be our CFs. Where Scaloni absolutely ruined all credibility and exposed again as a TERRIBLE manager is when he put on SUAREZ again. SUAREZ is our WORST player I have ever seen playing for Argentina. How SUAREZ is ever picked ahead of the sub Dybala or even ICARDI who never came, OR EVEN FREAKING LORD HIGUAIN will never make sense to me. SUAREZ is a rubbish footballer player. Not a cliché, but I certainly know I could have performed better than him. He lost every ball, didn’t make a single accurate pass, his touches are terrible and he’s old so not even for the future generation. It makes no sense to play him in any position. If he has any dignity he should have actually not even come to Brazil because he knows hes that shit of a player. In fact he should have told Scaloni to not sub him in if he has any respect for himself.

    5. I think Foyth should be tried as our RB. Neither RB really impressed this Copa and we know Foyth at least has good passing ability, is fast, and wont be bullied. Although he gets carded a lot, at least he’s less in the penalty box as a RB and less likely to get penalties. On the other hand I think Tagliafico is playing well enough to secure him LB position.

    6. Otamendi is always a hot head. But he is more reliable as a CB than our other options. He also has leadership qualities despite being a hot head. Similar to Ramos, we all know he can get red carded but his determination and leadership always makes him a strong addition to any squad. Although Otamendi made a terrible tackle today, I actually think that move would’ve ended in a goal because Armani is that poor defending from close range. Otamendi was lucky Armani saved the penalty otherwise he would have been crucified today.

    7. Armani is once again very shaky. Cant make a save for the life of him. He’s always very nervous. Reminds me of Cabellero. Too late now to change him though. It would be nice to at least test our Musso for once but I doubt that will happen. Despite all criticism, Armani made a tournament exit penalty save today and overall he redeemed himself.

    8. On paper, we should be better than Qatar. Qatar don’t defend with blocks unlike weaker south American teams. They play with the ball which will open up spaces to exploit. Qatar are also not a cagey team which always makes these Copa games tough to get any rhythm out of any build up because theres always a foul committed. If Argentina cannot beat Qatar (despite Qatar being Asian champions and destroying even Japan in the final which are a decent team), then Argentina are simply not deserving to advance in this tournament. That’s the fact we must accept. I hope that we field our best 11 against Qatar. And if we lose to them then at least its not with rash formations and poor subs.

    9. Argentina is simply not going to win games anymore relying solely on teamwork. We have SUPERSTAR players and it is madness to not USE THESE SUPERSTAR players who can at least show off individual brilliance. That on top of some teamwork effort will make us stronger than any other team in this copa because our players at our disposal are worldclass players and we should never underappreciate their ability to be game winners!

    My best 11 for the remainder tournament is:

    Foyth —- Pazella —– Otamendi —- Tag
    —————– Paredes
    —— Lo Celso ————— De Paul
    ———-Aguero ——– Lautaro


  10. Some members are cursing Otamendi but he won every aeriel ball of the match.Otamendi and Tagliafico are best in these two match.Sometime ago some members were praising Pezzela calling him leader in defence but i do not see any special in him.Funes Mori should be tried in next match.Tagliafico surprised me a lot he is a man with will to defend.
    Penalty was not Otamendi’s fault he was playing his natural game actually he did not see that there is a man in front of him.
    Aguero was good today.Martinez was very slow in first half did not expected this from him.Lo celso is overrated or he is not in form.

  11. The players which were being called as “supertalented” “better than oldies” where are they? Starting from players like Rigoni, Pavon, Meza, Benedetto, Bustos, Kranevitter and many more (around 50+ more lost players under Sampaoli and Scaloni). Does transition work like this? Enough of this 10 years project bullshit. National teams simply don’t work like that. Each and every country chooses their best available players and some 2-3 REAL young talents for a tournament, but Argentina goes differently because of their arrogance. Its such a basic thing, no rocket science. Whole footballing world has one opinion regarding Argentine players, but people in this forum just don’t understand that. Some trolls in this forum just think the opposite of a simple logic. Tell me a single NATIONAL team who chooses a 10 YEAR PROJECT??? Teams like Brazil, England, Netherlands, France also have so much talented players, but they don’t just pick raw talents(in which some of them aren’t really talented) and give them their prestigious national team shirts. They pick their best available players and work accordingly, and they doing faaar better than us ATM. I repeat this, YOUR 10 YEAR PROJECT WON’T WORK. PLEASE DON’T MAKE ILLUSIONS IN THIS FORUM. BE PRACTICAL.

    Vamos Argentina for life. 🇦🇷

  12. Guys, Please just relax , this is Lionel scaloni. I am the man in charge and I know the things better than you. I know the importance of this shirt.Please be calm and believe me. If you any objections on decision then write it in this forum.

  13. I respectfully request all the members who don’t like veterans to not create this delusional feeling in this forum. You are backing up some players and who really don’t deserve to wear this shirt. Your hate for experienced players is so high that you all were backing such inexperienced coach Scaloni just because he is calling some of your favourite players. But I can tell you that the “golden generation” players were 10× better than these players & there were much more hardworking players like Lavezzi, Mascherano, Zabaleta in that team. Show me one player in this team who can play with grit like Masche.

      • “Honestly, Zabaleta should still be playing. He’s a million times better than Saravia or Casco.”
        Absolutely. He should have been there in the World Cup 2018 too. He was one of the best PL Right back at that time.

  14. I don’t believe in praying to God for such small thing like making a team win a Football match, There are much larger things in life for which we all can pray to God, I mean like Life or Death situations, Nothing is bigger than that.Because he/she has millions of things to take care off..

    But still God flashed in my mind during Lio Messi’s Penalty, Imagine had he missed what will happen???

    • “But still God flashed in my mind during Lio Messi’s Penalty, Imagine had he missed what will happen???”
      But guess what! He scored and saved Argentina from humiliation in front of the football world.

      • I was just thinking how much pressure he may have to endure during taking something like this. Seeing him take that is terrifying. And it was a superb Penalty too.

        • Yea and he managed to held his nerve on that one which was great to see.

          There’s enough power and curl on his shot so the goalie couldnt prevent it even though he guess it right.

  15. Ebo please don’t quit yet
    We suppose be here good &bad time .
    How many tournament those players
    Play when you comparing the players
    That played 6 or 7 tournament
    Where is your logic
    Why you care those players
    who re not long here
    Lo celso paredes de pual
    Just play 2 comparative matches
    Under caretaker manager who had
    No experience.
    You already comparing the players
    Had play more then 70 caps
    And so many tournament
    That is not fair I saw you defending
    Old guard time and time again
    Why re you not saying same to lo celso
    Paredes l Martinez de pual
    You should be consistent

      • Rattlehead: buddy
        You know what I learned tonight
        Some people were waiting
        Argentina to fail for so many
        Reasons to justify thier points
        Certain players were not picked
        Or didn’t start but let me tell you
        Something mate that penalty save
        From Armani will be the turn point
        For Argentina just watch never
        Give up as long as we have chance
        I know Qatar will park the double ducker Bus but we have players who can shout Long distance unlike before.I mean paredes lo celso de pual Can shout from long distance .

        • “Some people were waiting
          Argentina to fail for so many
          Reasons to justify thier points”
          Do you know why some people react like that? Its because of some trolls in this forum who are so arrogant and disrespectful towards certain veterans. They think that its cool to blame everyone “Messi fanboy” “Oldie Lovers” and also label the team as “Club de Amigos”. People just wait to bash these trolls as these trolls bash players of our beloved team. To prevent this I just request everyone to be respectful of our players. Be it young or old.

        • How much did parades , lo celco and de paul shoot in this game????
          They where looking for messi. I dont blame any player because this shit is created by afa and coach. Look at peru coached by gareca we did had the chance to sign atleast one proper coach and what we did the same shit again….
          I think here most of the fans like to eat the same shit again and again by naming it differently rather than removing it ooooooffff

          • @maddy028 There’s a moment in this game in second half when one of our player (I forgot who) has entered the box on the right side and was unmarked, instead of giving it to Aguero who’s completely free and unmark, he passed it back to Messi who’s in awkward angle and ended up using his weaker foot. This is why we will always struggle despite having Messi cause his teammates feels that they need to give it back to him all the time.

            Lo Celso and Parades are more capable than this. Yes, they’re no Riquelme or Aimar but they’re technically better than what they showed in these first 2 matches.

        • You know I really did not want to log back in and read posts here, but I did , and I have to tell you this

          “You know what I learned tonight
          Some people were waiting
          Argentina to fail for so many
          Reasons to justify thier points”

          Why the fuck you think you have a crystal ball to look into people’s mind? and be certain about what they think , Again, do you think that you are the ONLY TRUE HONEST ARGENTINA SUPPORTER ON EARTH? and any one who thinks Messi and Aguero and the seniors are better players is not truly supporting Argentina? you always had to twist words and points to reflect what the member has in mind, instead of coming out with valid points to contradict the argument, I don’t give a fuck if you think that I am or any member here are not honest in supporting Argentina as you mentioned before. Exactly when some one saying something that you have no counter argument, you start saying shit like that, like many here, who do the same. Why the fuck you have to say something like that , how do you know that I, or others are waiting for the moment for Argentina to fail to prove a point? do you accuse me, or them that we want Argentina to lose so we can prove a point? being right to us is more important than Argentina winning? maybe what they are saying is the truth. just maybe, if it is not, then come up with counter argument, rather than questioning their loyalty for the NT. because I am 100000000% sure that I am a stronger supporter for Argentina than you. You and members like you who are making this forum toxic for the NT. Now you can go ahead and accuse me of quitting support for the NT because I don’t want to be on this forum, as if the hundreds of millions of supporters for Argentina around the World who are not members here and Who share my view are not really true supporters of the NT, but they are ‘old guards’ lovers and ‘Messi fan boys’.
          But you and few like you here are the true supporters. and that is why this place is toxic. I said before Meza is much better than many who played the last 2 matches, you were making fun of me few months ago, but you do not remember, Maybe I consider Meza part of the ‘old guards’ too. I swear he was better than many today and against Colombia. You, and many can go ahead and write whatever the fuck you want. I am out

          • Is that all you got mate😂
            You re so angry bro go and have sleep Than we chat tomorrow
            Hey at least i”m not swearing
            I’m not Running away I’m here buddy

        • “I know Qatar will park the double ducker Bus”
          I can confidently say that Qatar will have more possession than Argentina, because Argentina is currently having no midfield at all. Paredes is a liability we have. He is neither helping in attack nor defense & we don’t practically don’t have any other CM after the injury of Palacios.

        • @godin11

          Yes, when someone bash my comments, I dont really care. Everyone has their points and opinions that are equally valid… except when it comes to real trolls that obviously not Argentina supporters. There’s these few users that keeps lurking on this site just to piss people off. You know there’s always these CR fans that love to disguise as Argentina fans for intense.

          If I dont love the national team, I wouldnt be here in first place. I support them win or lose, not only when they win a match or thropy.

          • Yh mate to be real I enjoy coming
            To this blog share my opinion with
            people Like you and few others
            We re all human we come short
            Plus people have different views
            With different things so that’s normal
            We agree and disagree only nutcase
            Take personal thing when others
            disagree Thier point view.

  16. My comments were irrelevant back in 2008 to 2013…… but the comment section today … about as angry as Roy tonight…..can’t post a post result thread because…..arrrggghhhhh (am I right? Or …..) I say this in the sense that a least contributers were all about tactics / formations. Sorry for pullingdls your strings Roy!!! But the forum is about as concise as AFA’s futbol prowess….

    I just about confide in this squad…with the exception of Banega (maybe garay), and it wasn’t till this month that I realised a complete over haul doesn’t work.

    On the postive side….Argentina did something I swear on la camiseta I’ve never seen….played 2 strikers up front. What a piece of LUST…..Kun and Lautaro up front. Messi tiene que ser enghance…..

  17. -Martinez and aguero should be in pitch together with Messi playing enganche
    -Saravia should start at RB and ACUNA at LB
    -3 midfielders how can and will RUN!!!!!…DePaul runs… dimaria runs.. (even though he is playing like shyt but so is everyone else!) and parcedes is average at best but he will have to play #5
    – the fact that Paraguay was constantly keeping possession in the last 10 minutes against our “pressure” and we weren’t running pissed me off more than anything else that I’ve seen the last 9 years
    – tagliafucko is useless offensively with his fake jordi alba ass and defensively what is he really doing!? He gets beat so easily that Otamendi has to get a yellow to cover his man… put in acuña

  18. Scaloni plz lgve no more chance to leader in backline.plz include mori in back.
    Today it looks like scaloni need to teach players who thy r and wht qualities thy possess.after first half arg. Players regained thr natural field play.passed effectively.
    I think arg. Need to fast thr game. And try to confuse opponts by speed .A slow game helps opponts to develop thr game strategy easily and can build more presr to arg.
    It is better to kept old guards inlast20 mints

  19. Scaloni make catastrophic error against Paraguay, During such an adrenaline pumping moment where Paraguay was under panic, he withdraw Lautaro, It was as if he was our rival coach. This type of mistakes costs in international football, He shown his inexperience. I don’t know what we are playing, how we are playing, We have no system.

    What is we playing? Is it attacking through the Wings(like Sabella did) Is it fast Counter attacking play, Is it one touch passing game. Its none of the above. We didn’t had any clear cut chances too.

    Its not like if we change one player and put another it wont make much difference, The 23 players which we selected are almost the best which we have in those positions, I mean of course players like Battaglia, Icardi, Angel Correa, Ascacibar, Lamela, Lanzini, Palacios etc are good players who are not the team. But even if they were in the playing 11, I don’t think it will make a huge difference.(Come on we have Messi, Aguero who are the Top Players in the World during last season. Even they are helpless because there is no system, We are just playing for the sake of it.)

    I think its better we get out of the Copa in the 1st round itself, Get a new Coach with experience, like Gallardo or Coudet or Whoever with experience. Its not like they will revolutionize our NT. But let them Guide the team for some years like 5 years, make a team which plays a system.

    PS: Don’t Play Di Maria and Suarez in the next match. They literally don’t offer anything for the NT. Thanks to VAR and Armani’s miraculous Penalty save(Miraculous in the sense he generally don’t saves penalties, Somehow he did it, I think that moment he should now bring his River form to our NT Hopefully) We are somehow still alive by a thread in this Copa. And its sad to see us play like this, I feel really bad for Messi too, He is trying a lot.

    • It’s one of the worst tactical substitutions I can ever recall. My god! When the dam is about to finally break because of the force through the middle with your double strikers you go ahead and add wingers and just relieve all pressure? jesus christ! poof! just like that all momentum gone.

      And for 15 minutes that you put the winger on not one ball gets played to him? Harder to shoot yourself in the foot than this. Whether the players are good or bad if you cant read the basic flow of the game you are dead.

      • Yupp, It was indeed a shocking Substitution, In fact the most Foolish, funny thing is He withdrew Lautaro then brought Di Maria, then he withdrew De Paul and put Suarez, So its basically back to square 1 again(2 Strikers) but Lautaro is far deadlier than Suarez.

        Goshh i don’t know. This is ridiculous, We are talking about one of the Most historic NT. A Powerhouse of football. To Coach a team like that the AFA should have definitely put an experienced guy. I really don’t know what Aimar, Samuel and Ayala are doing. Forget Scaloni, What are those 3 doing.

      • I thought ADM did better on the right but to add insult to isolating ADM, Scaloni shouldn’t have moved De Paul right after ADM sub. wtf. Too many players looked lost at that point.

        Still mind numbing to sub out Martinez with that momentum.

    • Hopefully that penalty save will boost Armani confidence by time. He made two great saves not long after. I was surprise he’s able to react to that follow up close range shot. Before saving that penalty, every shot on target has always been opponents goal.

      If he’s not going to sub both Aguero or Lautaro, he should have field Dybala instead cause he has good passing and deadball ability, at least. Suarez offers nothing other than keeping our team to 11 players.

      • Yupp that penalty Save instantly made an impact on Armani i guess. He made a double save(Even though it was Offside). Hope he brings the same for next match.

  20. This Argentina don’t have players to beat a team. You can suggest any formation, but every player under scaloni will look mediocre. This is the first time I have seen Messi playing this bad. He is looking like an ordinary player. It’s time for Messi to drop into midfield and carry it to forward. None of these bunch of Idiots other than him has the ability to do this. They cannot even complete 2-3 passes consecutively. Let’s just pray that luck is on our side when we face Qatar. At the moment Qatar is better than Argentina.

    • Yet some people still try to defend Messi… he clearly didnt look like Messi that we know when playing for Barca. None of our players are able to hold and control the ball for more than 2 seconds and that’s including Messi! I cant believe someone who’s dribbling ability is on par with Maradona … yet wasnt able to hold the ball for 2-3 seconds. His confidence is shot to pieces and it shows on his body language. His first touches has been uncharacteristically bad in these first 2 matches.

      However, he still saved our ass at the end of the day by scoring that penalty. Not exactly easy one, because the biggest preasure was on him.

  21. Yeah, some will still come now and say, Messi’s presence is toxic. Mascherano was bullshit dictator who prevented young players from playing. ROJO is a bench warmer,Romero is useless, Mercado inconsistent, BAnega, so so, DiMAria headless Chicken, I bet Meza is better than most of these fucking player who can not even pass or receive the fucking ball. I bet they are better than these losers we have for a year now. and playing like shit. yeah once in a blue moon they play good, but inconsistent, worse than the inconsistency of DiMaria or Biglia or Mascherano. why, because they are young, they supposed to be good,
    those players who are described till today as ‘old guard’, ‘Messi’s package’, ‘club de amigos’ , ‘pecho frio’ ‘hijos de puta’ players that were disrespected, humiliated and discarded as if they never served their country, were monsters at the ages of the current ‘younger’ ‘better’ ‘ ‘future’ ‘more dependable’ players

    Some say, this guy or that guy should never be close to the NT, he is inconsistent, takes headless runs, has very few moments of magic, they are not playing for the shirt, they come in a package, I don;t Messi because of his friends, I don’t want Aguero because he wants to win for Messi, he does not care about Argentina, they don’t play for the shirt, they are chockers, losers, reached 4 finals in 9 tyears, but did not win any, and becasue of that bullshit the were calling for eliminating the best and take the worst just because they are part of ‘Messi’s club’ , those too are partners of the fucking Media that kept thrashing that golden generation, part of the corrupt AFA, and the part of the reason Argentina is in this situation right now. For fuck sake, since when the mighty Argentina had to depend on winning against nation like qatar to qualify for COPA AMERICA second round ans waiting other results to go in it’s advantage, and hell maybe qualify as one of 2 teams in best third out of three ?
    now you can see why Messi’s club was, will always be the best Argentina generation ever produced. But WE chose to discard them like discarding garbage. humiliate them and spit on them when they are close to the end of their careers. So youo guys better stop with that fucking broken record as it is CLEAR AS A WHISTLE, THERE WERE NO BETTER PLAYERS TO TAKE THEIR PLACE.

    the ‘old guards’ who every one was/is blaming to hijack the team after 2014 and did not give chances for other players to play, put 6 past a stronger Paraguay last COPA, WE as FANS are left with this Argentina team to support, and we had no choice.

    some said It is Ok we are rebuilding for WC2022, Bullshit, using a major FIFA tournament as training ground, yeah it is very smart let us drop our best players , because they are old, reached 3 finals in a row but did not win, they are friends club, they are dicators, they are this and that, to give younger players more ‘international’ experience’ for WC2022. now you can see all that is Bullshit, they were there because there was not any better, and they were the best. even when they lost they still played 100 times better than this bunch of amateurs. What hey played today was street football, hell even worse. players have no quality at all, the coach will not teach you how to pass the ball and receive tha ball.

    let us give the younger ‘promising players’ experience in big tournaments. forgetting that we just humiliated the shirt of Argentina with players like this. Fuck this. I am out of this TOXIC fucking place till MAYBE, WC2022 because I WANT TO WITNESS, the likes of Locelso, Paredes, Depaul, Suarez, Dybala, and the rest of the overhyped gang winning the World cup and succeed where Messi and his package failed. I just hope that it will not be branded as ‘international Experience’ for WC2026.

    • @ebo
      not only after this post but long time you sounds like KidultHood. You are new KidultHood or KidultHood himself.

      How can you even dare present the old generation here as recipe for current state of NT. How can you do that woth current performances of Di Maria, Otamendi, Aguero and Messi as well. The first two looks totall shit. Aguero had one good moment yesterday. Yet you dare to suggest we are where we are because Scaloni didn’t take Mercado and Banega. What is your arguments is nothing new: “most in form players” or something like that – the same argument I heard before Copa about Otamendi, Di Maria, Aguero.

      Now they looks like “most out of form” players. Banega was well known for his laziness and lack of energy in NT. Do you see him being our saviour? He could have cost us only more goals conceeded. BTW both Mercado and Banega are going now to some exotic clubs in Qatar and Turkey which is even another indicator they are past their best. They didn’t give us any title even on their peak form let alone now.

      Scaloni beginnings were promising. The game against Colombia in September we looked more like a team. The he started to change his teams (one of the reason were injuries of several players like Palacios, Pity and others) what was like back to the starting point again and again. Since the beginning of the year we were preparing for Messi come back what is overthrowing every principal idea, and the team had not really enough time to learn exist on itself, without Messi.

      • It’s sad to say my dear brother ebo
        But gonzalo is 100% correct
        Sorry to say my bro but You lost
        Were here good and bad times
        We will beat Qatar messi will
        Score couple beautiful goals and
        Di Maria will score screamer
        Aguero will finish and mascherano
        Biglia banega mercado romero and
        Rojo will come Instagram and will
        Celebrate 😂😂😂

        • “Aguero will finish and mascherano
          Biglia banega mercado romero and
          Rojo will come Instagram and will
          Celebrate 😂😂😂”
          Sorry to say bro. But Banega is still a much better player than Paredes, whole football world knows that and there is nothing you can do about it. 💯

        • @Godin11

          شايف انه انت و غونزالو اغبياء اذا انت بتقول انه هو صح ١٠٠ بال ١٠٠ يعني هو صح يفكرني انا كدادلتهود معناته انت غبي كمان ليش ما تسال هظاك كدادلتهود يحكي معاك عربي لانهانا اظن انه ما بعرف عربي بسصدقني انت وهو اللي اسمه غونزالو مريضين نفسيا ومشان هيك انا طالع من هالمحل المعفن اسال مامون بيبيتا يترجملك

          • “not only after this post but long time you sounds like KidultHood. You are new KidultHood or KidultHood himself”

            I wasnt talking this sentence bro
            I was meant when he was talking
            About other players anyway sorry
            Bro shouldn’t come in to involve
            It’s heat of the moment
            I’m really sorry if I offend you
            In any how.

            عفوا يا اخى صبحني

      • “not only after this post but long time you sounds like KidultHood. You are new KidultHood or KidultHood himself.”,
        Yeah. But atleast he is one of the most respected member in this forum who respects every player of this team, be it young or old. Even you sound like a person in fantasy. Should we start to call you that now? Gonzalo, please respect veterans and people in this forum who have different opinion than yours. Okay Outlaw?

        • Huh you look like someone who
          Change his username say whatever
          You want say I don’t hide behind the
          The screen.

          This shows your arrogance. People like you can’t handle people who have different opinion than yours. I haven’t changed my username at all. I’m new to this forum but reading comments and articles since 1 year. But just another person who has a different opinion than yours.

          • not only after this post but long time you sounds like KidultHood. You are new KidultHood or KidultHood himself.

            Gonzalo, you seem to me more of the new Kidulthood. All your favourite players are fading away. Starting from Rigoni, Benedetto, Bustos, Meza, Pity Martinez and a 100 others. Atleast Kidulthood’s favourite players lasted a bit longer than yours.

        • “Okay Outlaw?”

          You are enough long here to remember “outlaw” but apparantly not enough honest and resposible for what you’ve said in the past to keep for years under one account. “Copa 2019” is new account of another coward who will bravely throw ideas for team but when it fail he will flee from there not to explain his statements and take the resposibility. Why you hide under another account, you old member who even remember Outlaw? Coward

      • “not only after this post but long time you sounds like KidultHood. You are new KidultHood or KidultHood himself.”

        And you are truly utterly stupid suffering from some kind of Paranoia, as you think any one who disagrees with you or has a different point of view is that shit kidadulthood fucking shit you keep talking about. you asked me last year if I was an older member or had a different username on this site and told you NO, but now you think that again and even accuse me of being that guy who I think comes here and support Colombia. you are paranoid, this is a more proof of you being fixated on certain illusions such as Messi fan boys, or barca fans. just like being fixated on any member here who has an opinion other than yours is that kid shit hood. more reasons to stay away from this toxic place, I will go back to truly supporting the NT away from this place like before, without being around such toxic supporters who have ZERO respect for their team.

        I am sure you are still not convinced so maybe I am that kid shit thing you talk about, why don’t you ask ROY to find out .
        But Imagine if in a month or two another Argentina fan with my views or similar to my views becomes a member here, are you gonna ask him if he is Ebo? just because he shares my opinion? then I feel sorry for you man, as this is complete paranoia with people who differ in opinion with you, but don’t worry you are not the only one who suffers from illusions here. This is really funny, but sad at the same time, if you are not smart enough to figure out from my way of thinking and way of writing for a year that I am not anyone else but Ebo, then I am now more certain that all those hyped players you are supporting are just illusion, as me being kidshithood is an illusion,too

        • “without being around such toxic supporters who have ZERO respect for their team”.

          Respect for the team? It’s your post above which brought here all the angry atmosphere. I’m cold talking about Di Maria or Otamendi. They are consistently shit so no need for anger. Now look at your frustated post above and find one of mine which is so much angry recently.

          • Otamendi played well last night. dominated arials dula and recovered the ball. Despite stupid error, he was good. IN fact, Him and Pezzella were good. What the hell are you talking about?

        • KidultHood was always defending old generation even if they were failing pathetically. This is the similarity. The recipe for few threadbare oldies is to bring more oldies like Mercado and Banega?

          • The recipe for few threadbare oldies is to bring more oldies like Mercado and Banega?

            Yes, because Mercado is still 10× better than Saravia and Banega is 20× better than Paredes. Whole footballing world knows that. Tell any football fan that its otherwise and they’ll troll you very hard. Don’t create a joke of yourself outside this site now, in the real world. Okay Outlaw?

    • Ebo

      the more I read your comment which provoked the discussion the more I’m convinced you are KidultHood. I know he is here. He was throwinh statements without touch with reality:

      “now you can see why Messi’s club was, will always be the best Argentina generation ever produced”

      Did they win WC or Copa for us like some previous generations. Only KidultHood was talking such absurds

      “some said It is Ok we are rebuilding for WC2022, Bullshit, using a major FIFA tournament as training ground, yeah it is very smart let us drop our best players”

      Best players? How is Di Maria looking now like one of best players? Otamendi? Aguero slightly better. Mercado and Banega going to Qatar and Turkey. Where are the best players? What you are talking about? Mascherano? Biglia? WTF?

      “reached 3 finals in a row but did not win, they are friends club, they are dicators, they are this and that, to give younger players more ‘international’ experience’ for WC2022. now you can see all that is Bullshit, they were there because there was not any better, and they were the best. even when they lost they still played 100 times better than this bunch of amateurs”

      So we should play the oldies till his 40 because they WERE best. Yes we need give the experience the younger to get the results of the experience in future. Now neither older nor young are going to win the Copa, so it’s better play with younger ones for the future. This sounds exactly like KidultHood.

      ” humiliate them and spit on them when they are close to the end of their careers”

      So you agree they are close to the end of their careers. If so, they are past his best. You know that very well yet keeps claiming for them.


      • SOme time ago I noticed like you finish some of your arbitrary statements about some of the oldies beins still our best. You finished this with typical for KidultHood “PERIOD”. Which was always his trademark.

      • Why after first game you were looking for tactic as explanation of the poor oldies performance and after the second, when more younger ones has played suddenly you are redirecting the critic towards players and not tactic or Scaloni? Simply you were all the time waiting for the opportunity.

        • Gonzalo, you talk too much. Need to shut up now if you have any sort of self respect left. Your fantacised favourite players have failed. Not 1 or 2 players, but more than 30. Okay Outlaw?

      • No you are KIDADULTHOOD with your non sensicsl asinine opinion of veterans.

        Who do you think was better that veterans at the time – normal human

        I don’t know and I canT say cause no one was given a chance – Gonzalo

        Lol what a cowardly response

      • > Best players?

        by all means specify who was better? And dont fucking say “no one was given a chance”

        > Did they win WC or Copa for us like some previous generations. Only KidultHood was talking such absurds

        Just straight hater crap over and over and over agin. that isnt any measure to determine if they were our best options.

        > So we should play the oldies till his 40 because they WERE best.

        No one said that. Youre going to the absurd because your argument is weak. THe point here is that dumbass Scaloni spent the past 6 month on dumbshit trial run of players and we lost valuable time. You cried for change and this what we get. a god awful fucking team. And NO veterans are not at fucking fault.

    • don’t pay attention to the Toxic haters. They are full of dog shit and irrational. They make no fucking sense. in the end, just know that they are a minority. Vast majority of people do not think like these irrational. People

  22. Jesus Christ, those midfielders cannot even pass to each other. To make matters worse, they can’t even control the ball. The idea of Messi staying up is great, but then with these midfielders, no service is going to reach him. It’s time Argentina recalibrate how they use Messi. I think Maradona got it right how he planned to use Messi (Even though he got every other thing wrong, the biggest Zanetti).

    Messi needs to be used as an attacking midfielder for rest for the tournament. At least that way they would be able to put some passes together and also he could release players on the wing. Aguero and Lautaro should starts as two strikers and Messi should play the midfielder.

    Having Messi in midfield means defensively Argentina is susceptible. But then you can’t defend any worse than what they are doing now.

  23. Against Qatar, I think what we must got is a fast goal to boost our confidence, like what we did against Nigeria. That’s why we must place two strikers aided by Messi behind. For Otamendi, seems like his days nearly come to twilight. He’s not been a decent passer like he did in City anymore, plus make many risky fouls. I think Mori or Foyth must get paired with Pezzella, but since our last opponent is Qatar, i rather suppose Mori to aided more discipline on defense.

    For me, the suitable one is 4-3-1-2.

    De Paul – Paredes – Lo Celso

    And Armani GK. Since Lo Celso seems looks not well with his fitness, i’d rather put Pizarro to add more balance in midfield if that happen. Tagliafico is immovable and don’t replace him at any cost.

  24. We don’t have a system we really don’t have a system… Scaloni is clueless… I don’t understand when we where playing well with Martinez and Aguero upfront… and again bought Suarez later… it should be 4-3-1-2 and the 3 I don’t kno who if will be but they have to do everything possible to win the ball and pass to the front… also I would like to see foyth as a RB. We were so much good before we won Copa group matches with ease… We lack brain

  25. For GK position…., after conceiding yet another goal, Armani made 2 good saves from open play and also saved a penalty. Not all hope is lost in him. Hopefully that will boost his confidence. Replacing him would be even more risky at this point.

  26. Argentina is a team playing shittyy football. They are not Giants. Their talent pool is pathetic right now. Even a mediocre European team produce more useful players than Argentina do.

    Still the pride not letting them to choose a non Argentine manager ?
    Right now a joker is sitting in that- used to be a- great chair. Even an average quality Asian manager would do better than what the joker can do.

    If not now, when ??

    2011 Copa loss was good, Because they sacked Batista.
    2016 was bad, because joker’s of AfA sacked the best suitable man for Argentina. (Or did he left his own? )

    I hope after 2019 Copa lose (probably by next match, losing or drawing to Qatar) something good happens.

    Hope they will look beyond Argentina. Pride is good, but not what Argentina football require right now. They want Oxygen immediately. If it’s not available from the Country. Just look beyond.

    • We are suffering exactly what Ac Milan and man united are ,fake pride and too much yelling about past glory .We should rather introspect to what exactly is going wrong in Argentine football instead of abusing football pundits who say that “Argentina no longer produces talents which it used to produce once ” or” Argentine team is not ready for big competition”
      They are exactly right ,I lost my sleep for watching this depressive game

  27. In reality it was a day when the GOAT was not in his full flow. Others tried to play into match & obviously had limitations. ADM disappointed – but Suarez is even more useless . I also think Casco not useful . Will prefer Saravia back ( atleast keeping future in mind.. unless its a fitness issue ) .
    For sure we should persist with team ( maybe even Pererya . only change being Saravia instead of Casco ) & pray that continuity will slowly bring some chemistry & fluidity .
    Scaloni is a limited manager . His pedigree shows that . So no point cribbing on that .
    Positives I see :
    – Armani will have a big shot on his confidence .
    – I still believe this team is better than our WC2018 team
    – Depaul has been awesome.

    Post Copa – hope some good sense prevails with AFA & Gallardo as coach & JCorrea , ACorrea, Ascacibar , Ruilli , Benitez players start being permanent players.

  28. —————-Armani —————–

  29. Lionel Messi fired both Argentina shots on target, completed more dribbles (5) and won more duels (10) than any other player, and had most penalty entries in his team (5).

    Still some people in here want to see messi out of the squad..

  30. It atleast what Paraguay planned in 1st half. When Derlis got treatment, Berizzo give some instructions to his kids, likely since they was realizing that Casco always move too far from his post, and Paredes even rarely stand far between our centre-backs.

    When Argentina doing an attack, Almiron and Matias Rojas didn’t move back too deep, because they was occupying the place that Casco and Paredes left behind.
    Like i post before, Paraguay counter-attacks is really fast with Almiron commanded it. That’s why it caused goals for them. Tagliafico did a good job again in the 2nd match, plays consistent and didnt make risky actions, that’s why Romero and Derlis struggled to get past and bent crosses.

  31. I don’t see a team passing and running. Players don’t move to receive the ball and create space. The attacks of our players are too easy to guess.

    • Yea, I think they’re piss that this Copa has taken their holiday time.

      Even a goal down, there’s no sense of urgency to press. The distance between our players were light years apart, thus we couldnt play short passing game. Add to that they’re unwilling to run & cover empty spaces… you got a perfect receipt for disaster.

      The team needs to be more compact with less less distance between our players. Otherwise we can only whip those aimless crosses from the back and opponents will head it back as easy as training warm up.

  32. Since 10 teams out of 12 will qualify… Bolivia already lost 2 games with -5 goal difference… so assuming we do beat Qatar, we will surely top them regardless their latest match result.

    We can only hope that Ecuador & Japan will lose one more game, thus will put them with 0 points after 2 games alongside Bolivia. If only draw Qatar though, our fate would completely on other games result.

    Chile & Uruguay thrashing win does benifit us in this situation.

  33. My only Messi comment is was that heart symbol after the penalty goal an indication to bring DiMaria in? Was that Scaloni’s queue from Messi? Because if it was we are in real trouble when players select who comes in. This would be Sampaoli part 2.

  34. I think we should not focus on only players or formation, but serious thought of a good coach who can get the best of every player selected.

    Almost every starting 11 of Scaloni looks awesome on paper, but it does not show on field.

    • Only good coach can save us
      even without superstars & with 11 players who can give 100%
      who can run and run
      who are young
      Otamendi Dimaria doesn’t fit in

      A good coach

  35. Scaloni is the worst Football Manager Argentina ever had in 21st Century. Please don’t say Batista was worse. He wasn’t. We all knew this was waiting.
    Scaloni has no class. No expertise. He’s there around because he’s cheap & there are not many takers for the job.

    Still some people used to believe Scaloni is the man, just because he used to call people in their “list”, because he gave good representation to Local league heros.

    He knows well to talk. To stay in popular side. Can try politics. But football management is beyond him. Instead of continuing as a disgrace, he should quit immediately.

    And his fans here, please admit it at least now.

  36. Oh man… Qatar offense is fast, they are going to burn the defense… either way I hope we win.. i just don’t want to play a team that will thrash is, save us the embarrassment…. honestly, Idk what formations or what players to put in. Although I do think it’s clear that di Maria and Suarez should not be playing.. Martinez should start again. I don’t think we have an alternative for parades… at least I don’t see any in reserves.. i wish we had box to box midfielders, but those days are over

  37. A good coach will go a long way in fixing our problems.
    A coach with an idea. We need a guy that can decide 8 or 9 players immediately and stick with them.
    A coach with a game plan and tactic and clear idea of attack formations and defense.
    Scaloni change the team every time we play. In order to do this you need many games not just a few we play.
    And give Messi a break. A team with no identity cannot accept him because everybody just relies on him and no identity is formed. Sad but true. Whatever we do, I believe Barco Foyth Christian Romero Ferreyra Montiel Lautaro Palacios Lo Celso need to be the core. Even though they are young they have great legs and can run all day. It’s a start. And nobody Scaloni left off can make a difference if you don’t have a clear idea as a manager

    • You’ve got a point. We need a core, a backbone of players that can gel and get chemistry over the years. It’s very hard to create Chemistry in a national selection given that the games are fewer unlike club football, so a core set of players is important. Some players always play better for their national teams even when off form at their clubs. The moment they don their national colours, they become real beasts.

  38. To be fair, the learning curve for Scaloni is too steep. He’s competing at the highest level with no prior experience whatsoever as a real coach. All teams are defending with 10, and are physically very strong. Even real coaches like Sabella, Perkeman, Bielsa and Tata will be struggling again team like this.

    The reality is Scaloni is no better than Maradona in defense, and way weaker than Maradona on offense. Look at Diego team’s in 2010, we played fantastic until Maradona fell in love with Tevez and didn’t pay attention to the formation against Germany.

  39. ” OUR players don’t play well because of Messi”
    ” they all pass the ball to Messi”
    and all this bullshit, now we know why they do that, because they can’t pass the ball some where else

    even him looked like an average player, they were not passing to him, actually they were passing to the Paraguay players. a bunch of players who can not complete 3 fucking passes. Argentina is in shackles. for the last 2 matches, I have never witnessed such a poor Argentina team in 40 years

    maybe that Messi dependence shit is understood now.

    • What re you trying to prove ?
      Argentina has been hitting
      Lower and lower at least you
      Experience man shouldn’t be
      Like this our team is so shocking
      It’s better to be calm and lead
      Examples don’t be like those
      Emotional people keep throw names
      Or try to expert for everything
      I don’t lose hope Argentina will be
      Force again

      • If we want to be big force ,we have to recruit a good coach along with competent staffs ,introspect our loopholes instead of yelling about our past glories ,have to produce world class goalkeepers ,speedy and skillfull fullbacks and wingers ,creative and press resistant midfielders and ofcourse world class defenders and btb midfielders

        • first mistake we did , is destroy the team we had.
          We could always build, but with no foundation, it will take us a looooong time if we don’t get things straight by next COPA and qualifications

      • “What re you trying to prove ?
        Argentina has been hitting
        Lower and lower at least you
        Experience man shouldn’t be
        Like this our team is so shocking
        It’s better to be calm and lead
        Examples don’t be like those
        Emotional people keep throw names
        Or try to expert for everything”
        Lower than this ? worse than this display, never

        what emotions, reality. what did I say that is wrong?
        I hope if you once discuss the words I say, without going around the subject.
        I never seen Argentina play this bad, I don’t talk about result, I talk about display
        Again, never seen Argentina play this bad
        but if you are upset because I said Banega is better than LOcelso and Paredes, then that is a FACT, because he is better, to you, ROmero was no good, Banega is no good, Mascherano is no good, aguero is no good, Mercado is no good, and so on.
        all because you have that thing burned in your head, it is messi’s club. ‘old guard’,
        and all that bullshit. that Messi’s club proved to be 100 times better than what we have now. that is a pure fact, LoCelso flopped in 2 matches in a row in a major tournament, how many friendlies he played? how many good matches he had, don;t talk about inconsistent ‘old guards’ only, talk aboujt LOcelso, and the rest of players you want to build for WC2022, be fair.
        you and many others were always saying that after 2014 ‘old guards’ should have stepped away for younger players, where are they those players where the fuck are they?
        those old guards that all weher cursing here and calling for them to stay away put 6 last copa against a stronger Paraguay.
        so If you don’t like something I say come up with things that make sense instead of mocking what I am saying and going around the subject

  40. Finally, i see more love for Bielsa in this forum..

    First and foremost, we need to start winning with ease and then think about winning Copa or anything

    • El loco!!!!. Atleast his teams have an identity. This current team has no identity yet, is it a passing team, flair team, counter attacking team, wing play team ? The last team with identity was Tata Martino’s team, atleast it dominated games. Sabella’s team too had an identity, they were ruthless on the break and defensive.

  41. Every Problem is coming from Scaloni

    no planning
    players playing out of position
    sub selection shows scaloni is not even a footballer ..
    Dimaria Suarez subs are even worsen the situation just when Argentina was looking to attack more..
    no tactics — in deep midfield DePaul or Locelso is not their position
    dont have good CDM in team
    no ball play no creativity in field…
    need a proper coach for long term

    Armani keeps us alive though
    Otamendi is very bad..
    Defence is not good enough for is good against team like Nicaragua but in Copa all opponents are tough and fighting teams.

    Even Messi +U-20 squad will be far better than this if Scaloni is not there

  42. Somebody please tell otamemdi that he is in a football field not wrestling ground 😑😑😑😑😑😑 And for heaven sake don’t you guys give the excuse of 10 years project,a project should not be longer than 3 years
    Scaloni should be fired and replaced by someone who can lead

  43. Paredes doesnot have energy and speed needed for single DM.
    He and Otamendi was just waiting for the same place for a pass was a comedy show…!
    I think even LoCeslo will do better than Paredes in a single DM role.

  44. Considering the atmosphere and pressure of not losing, we played an ok game. Yes, the system is shit still. But most important thing right now is getting points more than anything else!

    Though if i want to criticise, i can kill them all. But I’ll only point out 2 things here…

    1) Otamendi is not a sensible defender. His sliding tackes are poor and worse to watch. If Ota were not an Argentine, i would shout out for his red card in every fvking game!! Why this player can’t read match situation? We need to bring someone better in this defensive position. Maybe Cristian Romero.

    2) Angel Di Maria. Yes, You could have won 2014 Balon D’or after that incridible season at Real Madrid only if the award was given based on performance. But the skills and quality you bringing for Argentina since 2014 is one of the big factors of us not winning titles and big matches. So poor in touch, in cross, in runs, in pass, no creativity, nothing…..!!!
    Pathetic to to watch. This tournament should be Di Maria’s last, even if Master Scaloni some how give us this Copa. It’s over for you ADM! You are a burden for Argentina.

    I am in a continent, where watching our matches right now is almost impossible. Still waking up till late, very late night… in every single time to see my beloved Argentina. Unfortunately the team is slowly making me sick. Can’t enjoy football anymore…..

    Qatar is Asian champion. For God sake, don’t underestimate them! But also don’t give them too much respect like we did to Colombia at first half of the match. Score! Just scores as much as you can!! A draw, Argentina will be thrown in garbage.

    • I couldn’t give a more Sh*t on your comment!!
      The whole team played pathetically, your coach is a shit, lautaro is shit, Casco is sht, and all you can point blame to Dimaria who was not even a started!!!
      You guys are the reason for whole mess!!

  45. Plz no more Di Maria aguero otamendi and of course scaloni…all the guys watched why pep benched otamendi in man city…Di Maria just a pure shit..he was on the pitch for morning walk..aguero looking just damn tired and fatigued…if he played like this then pep will played him as a substitute in maximum matches..and the most hurting thing is we never played 3-5 passes between us this is just horrible and for that scaloni is the reaponseble… Within the 3yrs we lost our pride reputation quickly..they played like street football… I don’t know how we recover from this situation…plz AFA recruit a good experienced coach like sabella who build a team for the years..we really missed 2012-2014 tenure..😭😭

  46. I haven’t lost hope, I am just getting very used to our team being average. I’m not impressed with anyone today really but this is becoming normal.

    A few thoughts:

    No speed on field
    Armani, the hated goal keeper, saved us from elimination
    Otamendi almost eliminated us
    Casco, not bad today but passing could be more accurate
    Pereyra, missing in action

    I feel like we are playing like an above average team from Asia. All respect due to Asia of course…

    Why is Suarez being subbed in? Dybala anyone?????????

    Why did we change tactics when we were pressuring their defense?

    The only time I felt some excitement is when I saw Messi aguero and lautaro on field together. Then di Maria and Suarez came in
    One positive is that Messi and aguero tried to defend.
    I hate to say it, but we are lucky we are still in this tournament.

  47. What a complete meltdown in tempo, formation, chemistry, and pressing. No system.

    Some of you peasants 🙂 blaming player X or Y but ain’t saying nothin’ about Scaloni tactical circus. What the hell did we just watch?????

    • I was one of those standing by Scaloni, and his team selection, but he proved to be a coward for not calling Banega and Mercado. We sucked big time in the midfield and on RB, I went as far in supporting his selection as I possible could, but fuck him. Some will still come and say, it is ok, let the young players gain experience for WC2022 as those fucks will be any better , they will be considered ‘old guard’ in 3 years and a half. that is a fucking funny thing, Argentina goes to COPA to gain Experience. as if we were some nation that does not have a rich history in football. is this Argentina? what the fuck was that I witnessed? Qualifying or not qualifying for next round is useless, there is no team, absolutely there is no team. 2 matches in a row with complete disarray.
      some come and still can not see what the fuck is going on, some still think that We could rebuild after throwing our best players out because they are part of ‘Messi’s club’. weak mentalities that are part of the bigger problem.

  48. This is exactly where we were during the WC. I predict that Messi will come up big in the next game and help us qualify.
    I can only hope that we score 3 goals like before (and that we don’t let in 4 goals 😬😬😬)!

  49. The problem is not limited to is the ideology, system and planning of the management..unfortunately Scaloni and team are not able to transfer it..

  50. To summarize a few problems
    1,Poor coach without experience
    2,No tactics
    3,lack of speed and running ability
    4, change too many players in a year
    5, some of the players are overrestimated
    6,many good Europe players didn’t selected
    7,Ten years project won’t work
    8, clumsy Paredes to be a No 5 is very wrong
    9,Some players are obviously useless before copa america still selected

    To rebuild the team ,we must

    1,Tapia step down and cancel ten years project, even four years are too long
    2, appoint an experienced or promising coach
    3,ensure all the player should have running ability and speed.
    4,pls don’t always dribble and then pass back to GK .pls pass the ball ASAP and then run for space
    5, select tall ,speedy and cooperative players who can play one touch ,no look pass tactic such as Joaquin Correa
    6,using Box to Box midfielder rather than Traditional No 5
    7, set up a domestic team and a foreign team respectively then cooperate with each other
    8, Build up a team with whole team attack ,whole team defense bear in mind.

    • I’d take bielsa back in a heartbeat over what we are seeing today.

      We are missing Joaquin Correa and many others badly this tournament.

      4-3-1-2 PLEASE!

      ………….De Paul…..Paredes……LoCelso…………
      Tagliafico………Pezzella…….Funes Mori……Foyth

  51. Many fans here are pathetic and don’t have any idea about modern football. It’s not FIFA. ADM made 2 incisive runs from the right side after suarez was subbed in. Final ball was not that good. Messi tracked back, challenged. Aguero pressed. Paredes and Lo Celso tracked back and most possibly had the role of double pivot in final 15 mins. They played their heart out. But they are not able to construct passing game because this midfield with the inclusion of De Paul is playing for the first time. Its real football and u need to gel together to play beautiful football.

    There is one problem. Argentina was always best in intercepting and dispossessing opponent without committing foul. This is an individual skill. Modern players with European League experience don’t have that skill. That is why Redondo, Cambiasso, Gago, Mascherano was special. Battaglia and Ascasibar are of that kind, Guido Rodriguez commits more fouls. In that aspect coach needs to find someone.

    Scaloni reacted pretty well with the situation. If your defender who plays under pep in Man City, the champions of most competitive league and commits a sliding tackle from behind in ur own penalty box then what would the coach should do???

    • A coach can said to players that if we are counter attacking then plz look for quick passes.
      And why in the final third they all look for Messi……I can pinpoint 2 situations where de oual could hv take the shot but instead he was looking for his father Messi.

      • No coach in modern football dictate individuals. We haven’t won anything for ages and our supporter and media would tear a player apart for his miss like what we did to Higuain. That’s why players search for Messi option to protect their ass. Even if Messi misses, our supporters start lecturing and urge messi to retire.

        These supporters are garbage.

  52. I am happy for the result and point. We could have lost…!
    Every Argentine player face showed they are under great pressure….! Why…even lose will not eliminate them today…why they fear too much..?
    Go more direct…4312. Stay tight…try with two attackers. Only option left for this Argentina.

  53. This is what happens when u play all season as a second striker….lo celso has incredible talent but it’s not easy to suddenly play in the midfield when u was playing fucking forward with ur club…..

    Perreryra is not good enough for argentina ….I think we HV much much better players than him….

    We need pace in this squad …..everyone is just too slow.

    I think we shouldn’t hv made this many changes….I really feel bad for saravia….his confidence must HV been shattered…..I can understand the decision of di Maria and aguero…they are experience one but saravia’s was harsh one.

    • J.Correa and A.Gomez could be very valuable.

      Lo Celso is not ready to be our CM, Lamela/Lanzini/Banega are all better than him for now.

    • “Perreryra is not good enough for argentina ….I think we HV much much better players than him….”

      like who???
      let me give you a hint, like Banega who is one of the best midfielders in la liga but all were calling for him to be excluded, as he is part of the ‘old guard’
      Banega is waaaaaaaaay > Locelso and Paredes.

  54. 4231 didnt work…! 442 didnt work…!
    When Aguero and Lautaro playing we got advantage..!
    So..? 4312 Messi behind Lautaro and Aguero. Dybala can also play in this setup. May be as sub in next game.
    I thought Messi was happy when he played with Lautaro and Aguero upfront. Messi like 433 or 4312 badly.

  55. Everytime we won the ball, we will stop for 5 seconds giving more than enough time for opponents to mark our players properly. There’s no teamplay , not even between Kun and Messi who actually connected well during 2010 qualifier.

  56. Prime example as to why Argentina needs to start over with a blank slate – with only players young enough to be in their prime by world cup 2022 and a new coach.

    No Messi until the team is able to compete for the world cup on their own. Then, bring him back into the fold. There is a psychological block with him there as a captain, carrying the weight on his shoulders. He is undoubtedly the best of all time, but this isn’t helping his mental state or the team.

    Lo Celso clearly has some sort of health issue today – he did not run much but was nearly dead by the end of the game. I’ll reserve judgement based on that.

    Why change from 2 strikers (Martinez / Aguero) when we were finally causing the defense issues!?!?

    Very much missing Ascacibar in this lineup + speed on the wings. (Pavon, Correa, Cervi, Acuna, Barco, etc.)

    • I agree with you on Messi. All this is not good for him. That is why I was hoping for him to not come back before 2020, at the earliest, with the qualifying for Qatar. This way you give young players, like Dybala, to really assert themselves. But all this is pointless, quite frankly, without an actual real coach. The past three have all been, individually, a joke. Last time we had a real coach, Martino, Argentina looked like Argentina, respectable.

  57. At least, it’s a better result from the last match.. Well done, Argentina.. Go to the next round or not, hopefully, Argentina will win versus Qatar.

    Vamos Argentina! Go Tango! Be the champion!

    God bless everyone….

  58. Di Maria should be sent home TONIGHT
    And Otamendi, WTF. Supposed to be the leader at the back – an absolute disaster of a defender.
    Cant count how many times I saw Messi between 4-6 Paraguayan defenders and ALL OF ARGENTINA stands to the side and sees if he can get out of there, or if they can just magically avoid the defense. The lack of movement is beyond reproach.

  59. Messi , Aguero and Di Maria needs to retire from NT. They didnt set good example for the younger players, nor they’re trying to lead them. They just walk walk walk the entire game without pressing when we’re not on the ball. When Messi tries to make some run, the other guys will never make any move to provide close passing option.

    The Copa next year will be at home and Colombia , I’m afraid AFA is going to continue to milk money from Messi appearence and claiming this would be his latest chance to win , which is at home. That would give as a FAKE hope.

    I dont believe the players aint good enough, there are many teams that technically inferior but they play MUCH better football cause they’re determined and has a proper coach.

    How’s Mexico and South Korea can actually dominated Germany? because Germany not as good as their hype? well, one of biggest reason was because S Korea and Mexican players were willing to run their ass off not just settle to play at walking pace!

  60. What the fucking dick head scaloni is……complete shit. When we where creating good with two strikers and lautaro doing extremely good this dickhead substitute him and bring in angel di maria in rodrigo depauls position who was doing comparitively well in that position and moved him to right wing???? And after 10-15 minutes moved dimaria to right wing to accomodate suarez????
    What a dick head he is. This is not a team at all.theres no plan, noidea , no philosophy and no tactics.
    Even a fan from india whos not well versed in tactics can see this why the soo called greats in argentine football is???

  61. Fieras..aparte del penal, jugo gratis Argentina con los fouls que cometio. Le Regalaron un punto simplemente porque es Argentina….

    Man…what’s going on with the team / coach. Why take out Lautaro..smh. Oh well, hope once and for all they can start rebuilding for the world cup and the future. Maybe we can stand a chance for WC 2026….

  62. There should not be any excuse of rebuilding or new players if Argentina played such poorly against medicore team then they must be worst team compare to Paraguay, scaloni need to be fired

  63. Honestly we can keep talking and complaining about the formation and lack of tactis and style of play from scalene, the subsitions, the non use of dybala, scaloni and suarez’s sex life but it really does not matter because even if we fixed all of this we would still be hammered by brazil or Uruguay

  64. The best moment of the match was Armani playing in midfield and giving that Paraguay guy a karate kick haha. Thank you Armani for giving me a good laugh. That’s the only thing I could enjoy today.

  65. Amrani saved Argentina from elimination today, excellent 2nd half performance after lautaro subs game was shifted again towards Paraguay to honest this team under scaloni can’t win copa

  66. He killed the game with di maria sub. Suarez sub was fine because he’s tall and pretty big and di maria got to move to the right. However he killed the game by wasting 15 mins with di maria on the left unfortunately. Dybala would have great sub he can play right winger where de paul was. Its not like di maria better defensively than dybala. Very disappointing. Also taking out lautaro after he was playing great was not a good move. Him and Kun started playing great together

  67. I would argue Dybala can fit in the team. But, when your team can’t hold the ball and keep three consecutive passes, you put the motherfucker SUAREZ not DYBALA???????????

    We had some momentum around 50th – 60th minutes or so, but motherfucker SCALONI’s substitutions ruined it!!!!!!

  68. Can’t fucking believe it. What the fuck are they practicing about. What was the plan? No build up play! No 1-2! Ridiculous. We will crush out with even Qatar you will see. I am worried we will be hammered by any other good side. What an piece of shit play

  69. worst subs ever only the first one was the right one, the other 2 total waste.. no urgency watsoever in last 20 minutes… that sums up this team.

  70. If the DiMaria substitution isn’t an indictment as to how awful a coach Scaloni is then I don’t know what is.
    We are playing nothing but street ball. No coaching whatsoever

  71. Guys, what’s the name of the trainer (staff) that was standing next to Di Maria when he getting subbed in? He handed him a bottle of water. He’s a big guy.

    • Yes v much. Did it exactly when it mattered. All critics ( including me) silenced for ages now . A big thank you Armani.
      Even if we draw today , if we win against qatar( not easy going by their performance today) & Colombia does us a favor, we shld be 2nd. But Colombia will be v relaxed & may be happy with a draw

    • Ya locelso so ordinary today. Is it the formation to ensure more defensive stability in midfield. Maybe he is jus asked to ensure pass completion & track back. Not get adventorous

  72. Hey guys what the
    the worst thing here are the fans like u guys..
    Not a good first half now someone has to step up… We have to support we have to score now 2 goals…

    I can’t believe mist of the comments here and you are calling yourselfs fans..

    I’m a supporter since 1986 and always will

  73. Pathetic to say the least,where are the lo celso fans? Can’t make one pass to save his telling me babega can’t play in this team? Only DePaul look decent out there the rest are all garbage on a the recycle bin from the Chinese store on Canal street. No back up in midfield . Fire this guy and hire a proper freaking coach or s Abella backfor God sake

    • Qatar look better than us ..I repeat this is not the Argentina I grew up falling in love with..I look like a damn fool with my Jersey one right now
      Thank you Scaloni

  74. I miss banega lo celso don’t have no vision his passing accuracy is so off the ball always bouncing he struggled to control the ball when they pass it to him

  75. Damn it’s really sad to see this Argentina.. there’s usually hope looking at the bench, but our midfield is just not the greatest.. it’s 3:30 am here in Italy, can’t believe I stayed up. Even if some how we win, we are no team to challenge for the Copa.. unfortunately, Messi needs to be our creator… he’s barely touching the ball. How do you have the best player in the world and not have him touch the ball. Unreal..

  76. This is the consequence of having stupid people in charge. After the debacle in Russia, and after all the assessments, what does Tapia do?? Select a Sampaoli assistant. After the horrible coaching job that he certainly was a part of, he was appointed head coach anyway. And this is the consequence.
    No matter what happens there need to be a house cleaning.
    An experienced, proven coach, is needed.
    This is fucked up.

  77. I think we can all agree we have no midfield. We have defenders or destroyers in midfield positions or forwards in midfield position. Lo Celso is a forward, Paredes guidos and perreyra are defenders and DePaul is average but at least he doesn’t look like DiMaria who looks lost

  78. This so called new generations is no where near the level of oldies. Scaloni is a worst coach I have ever seen. Argentina should have called good experience players that played together for years in this tournament instead of amateur local leagues players..

    • “instead of amateur local leagues players”

      They are to blame even if you can hardly find any in starting eleven

  79. I said that guys. Teams are built. If you play friendlies with some players and play tournament with different players, you definitively don’t know what you are doing…. Scaloni is Sampa 2.0

  80. hmmm. pull messi back to midfiled with lo celso and de paul and bring aguero martinez and dybala in front coz right now we are losing badly in midfield can’t keep the ball, no creativity no vision and play 4 3 3 at the end of the day can’t get any worse.

    • Agree with that 100%. Why is this so difficult for Scaloni to see? I would definitely bring in dybala, NOW, and put Messi, and firmly, in HOLDING MIDFIELD, in the exact middle. The defense goes to him, and after a pass or two, he tries to give forwards good balls.

  81. Lo celso and perreyra need to step up.
    We can still win the game….these guys are just nervous……I still believe in them..
    But casco is the worst right back I have ever seen.

  82. A normal coach if unable to penetrate from the centre would make his players play long aerial ball game, but this imbecile Scaloni has no fucking idea how to build up an attack. Scaloni wouldn’t have lasted a month had he been coaching a European club.

  83. All the team disappointing. De Paul slightly above the poor level, thanks to his presence here and there. Pereyra did nothing.
    I can hardly find reason to keep still Paredes. In NT he is neither creative nor good defensor.

  84. Argentina needs a good coach to play in a system, under scaloni Argentina didn’t play like inter⬇senior team lebel even against mediocre teams




  86. No fear, No Threat, No communication and No camaraderie. This team is stomach churning to the max! Idea to put Messi closer to the goal is good but 3 tournaments far too late.

    • Every tournament the line up is changed sporadically. I guess no option but to go for it in the second half, need a draw absolute worst case scenario.

    • Yes, I was in US and watched our quarter final against Venezuela at Foxborough.

      I also remember our best game against USA in semi-final.

      Maybe we should have stayed with Martino

      • and the ‘oldies’ who many were anxious to get rid off, and saying that they are no good, put 6 past a stronger Paraguay.

  87. Even if we had Riquelme, Maradona, Redondo in the midfield, we would still play like shitt under Scaloni!! Sampaoli all of a sudden going crazy in the world cup is all making sense now.

  88. We can blame Scaloni. But this group of players should be able to perform better, even if Britney Spears was our coach. This is disgusting. The worst Argentina NT I have ever seen. A total disgrace. We are 100% incapable of creating anything. No chances. No coherent play. We are witnessing something we will never forget. Looking forward to the second half now. Will be great to see the mighty Matias Suarez!

  89. I guess the pep talk didn’t work. I think it’s time to readjust our expectations of our NT. Let’s just say we are Bolivia or Equador. At this point our under 20 team is better than our senior side

  90. Someone please tell me how this filthy dirtbag b*m has ended up in our goal again???? I am absolutely fuming. I have never seen him make a save in our sacred colours.

  91. Banega, Icardi, Dybala, Aguero, Di Maria, Rojo, Romero, Gomez, Higuain, Correa. Stop telling me you are building. You do not build with crappy players.

      • I am not able to watch the game, but fans need to stop giving goalkeepers crap for every error they make. It was the same story with Caballero, who was treated horribly at the WC, for an error that he wasn’t even responsible for (it was the defender who gave him the pass in the first pass who was at fault, I think it was Mercado)!

  92. Let’s stop trolling. When a mediocre Paraguay can outplay us, it’s a problem of coach. Period.

    I just don’t believe our squad can’t have any shoot on target against this Paraguay.

  93. We have to get even in the first half. This was on a counter. And they just missed scoring a second goal.
    No panic, if anything, more space opening up now. Vamos!!!

  94. More double pivot shit. Put in Dybala for Paredes and see what happens.
    In any case this team is going nowhere and you can say goodbye to Scaloni after this match if we lose

  95. They’re walking all over us now smh , been a fan since I was 8 now I’m 26 never see them lifting a cup the senior team not u20

  96. Like I said 2 articles before. Lo celso, Parades, all these new players are not good. I do not want to hear about any formations anymore. The team collapsed since mascherano left. Icardi , Dybala, Di Maria, Tevez, Maradonna, bring the dead if you can and they will be better than these fringe players.

  97. This lo Celso I see everyone in love with I think he is a good player he got time to improve, but he ain’t got no vision that kills the team

  98. I like this team, very agile. I think this is our best team for Copa. Maybe our style is more European football, but it’s efficient enough and we just can’t expect Lo Celso & Paredez to become Riquilme & Lucho.

    • Those were the minutes when Argentina played… Martinez and aguero played together and Messi lying lil deep… scaloni then subbed demaria lol then his son Suarez… game over… awful defense still going for high line… was very lucky indeed… cacaso was not able to play one pass properly… we don’t have a system we really don’t have a system… scaloni jus have to use common sense.

  99. Saravia was good against Brazil. Why removing a player after just 1 bad match? thats confidence killer. No one will play freely now.
    same goes to guido,too. I was total against him after first half last match, but he did started playing good in 2nd half!!
    so crazy these coaches

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