Lionel MESSI scores, Argentina earn 1-1 draw against Paraguay as Copa America dreams stay alive


Argentina were able to manage a 1-1 draw against Paraguay to keep their Copa America dreams alive.

In a match which saw the tactical book being thrown out the window by coach Lionel SCALONI, Argentina, with the help of VAR and the referee, were able to remain alive. Paraguay took a 1-0 lead going into the second half and Argentina did not look threatening.

SCALONI introduced Sergio AGÜERO at half time in place of Roberto PEREYRA. With the team going all out attack, Argentina were awarded a penalty after VAR deemed a Paraguayan hand in the penalty area.

Lionel MESSI, with all the pressure on his shoulders, was able to convert his penalty and draw Argentina level. Nicolas OTAMENDI was lucky not to see a red card minutes later as his harsh tackle meant that Paraguay were given a penaly kick.

Franco ARMANI saved the penalty, which went to his right and ensured that Argentina were still in the game. Angel DI MARIA was substituted for Lautaro MARTINEZ while Matias SUAREZ was brought in for Rodrigo DE PAUL.


  1. I know it doesn’t change anything and I ain’t the coach but for me

    Armani (not a fan but no change)



    ……..lo Celso……………Paredes


    • Not bad. Though if it depends on wingbacks I’d say we’re in trouble. I want the defense to play conservatively.
      And I also want to see Dybala play soon.

  2. Although the Copa America isn’t going how we obviously wanted it to. I don’t think it should come as a surprise that the team are playing poorly. The disastrous World Cup was only a year ago, and there hasn’t been many matches for the younger players to adapt and become comfortable. The only reason we’re expected to win (other than the fact that we’re Argentina) is because this is Messi’s last big chance to deliver a trophy for his national team.
    Also Scaloni has no tactics, we should’ve brought in a real coach and done a proper recycle (even if that means sacrificing this and next years copa)

  3. This the time cowards change thier
    Username and low minded people
    Keep throwing different line up
    This is has been coming long time
    Argentina needed to change or replace
    Players bit by bit after 2014
    Next manager need time regardless

    • Interesting that you call those speculating lineups as – low minded.

      Why not discuss or ignore the opinions of others if you do not agree, rather than insult them?

      • all the fans in mundo are f**ed up right now…they have no clue what they are saying..they have no clue about the right team..they want 22 players in the field right now…even that will not solve the problem…argentinian fans should learn to be calm…start the same formation next match also so that players will be confident of not losing the spot and they will perform better…changing 4 to 5 players in each match is creating low morale in the players and the the playing style is heavily damaged…no one knows how they should play…so scaloni better be calm and select the same starting 11 of todays match…we will see progress and hopefully we will win and qualify…Vamos argentina

      • The problem arg have is deep than
        Different line ups or players there is
        No identity or way of playing for
        The nt now
        If you don’t have that you could have
        All the best players you want still
        The outcome will be same
        So this is my point Argentina need
        Need Gallardo and the afa must
        Allow him to do on his way and give
        him time minimum 5 years than
        I guarantee you arg will be a team

  4. It is very upsetting to see a clueless coach like Scaloni. He decided to change the team when Argentina had its best moment. I am not the kind of guy who keeps criticizing people that are more knowledgeable than me but in the case of Scaloni or Sampa its too obvious. Why changing Martinez for DiMaria while the other team was stationing in front of their goal? C’mon man a little bit of common sense…..

  5. Just Look where we are at right now vs 2014
    2014 WC Squad
    1. Sergio Romero
    12. Agustin Orion
    21. Mariano Andujar
    2. Ezequiel Garay
    3. Hugo Campagnaro
    4. Pablo Zabaleta
    15. Martin Demichelis
    16. Marcos Rojo
    17. Federico Fernandez
    23. Joze Basante
    5. Fernando Gago
    6. Lucas Biglia
    7. Angel Di Maria
    8. Enzo Perez
    11. Maxi Rodriguez
    13. Augusto Fernandez
    14. Javier Mascherano
    19. Ricky Alvarez
    9. Gonzalo Higuian
    10. Lionel Messi
    18. Rodrigo Palacio
    20. Sergio Aguero
    22. Ezequiel lavezzi

    Now our 2019 Copa America Squad:
    1. Franco Armani
    12. Agustin Marchesin
    23. Juan Musso
    2. Juan Foyth
    3. Nicolas Tagliafico
    4. Renzo Saravia
    6. German Pezzella
    13. Ramiro Funes Mori
    14. Milton Casco
    17. Nicolas Otamendi
    5. Leandro Paredes
    7. Roberto Pereyra
    11. Angel Di Maria
    15. Guido Pizzaro
    16. Rodrigo De Paul
    18. Guido Rodriguez
    20. Giovani Lo Celso
    8. Marcos Acuna
    9. Sergio Aguero
    10. Lionel Messi
    19. Matias Suarez
    21. Paulo Dybala
    22. Lauturo Martinez

    • Our squad now pales in comparison to 2014, where our “oldies” went to the final.

      Paredes, Rodriguez, De Paul can’t even lace the boots of Mascherano, fernandez, Gago, etc.
      We went from Romero to Armani?
      Zabaleta to Casco and Saravia?
      So many names that don’t belong on this time, its amazing!

      We are in decline whether anyone here wants to admit it or not, and its frightening our fall!

  6. Everything that comes up must come down I guess… life is not fair.

    Portugal play like shit and win a euro cup.
    Chile can’t score on us (with Argentine coach) lose to us every game but beat us in a final.

    Sighs…. my parents are Argentine….I don’t have a choice in feeling bad….lol…

    I think I’m done with AFA and all the lies and deception. No ganan nunca mas ustedes….. 😞

    I’m just going to go back to being a Redskins fan…. oh wait…

    • To be fair, there were times when luck was on Argentina side. They won 6 matches when they won Copa 1991, no penalty shootout needed , so they’re on a roll in that tournament. However, in 1993, Argentina won 2 shootouts and only won 1 game at group stage, yet they won the final 2-1 and lifted the thropy.

      Sometimes you have to be the best team to win it, the other time you can struggle and played poorly and still win.

  7. The Argentina National Team literally went from one of world’s best teams,World Cup runners-up against Germany to struggling against Paraguay.
    I never got the clue why we played 4-4-2.
    Most of us in here said that.We lacked ball retention and boy when will Argentina midfielders learn to break the defence and pass through it?Why can’t we use the space?
    Utterly frustrated WITH THIS TEAM!!Using Young players,experienced players nothing ever works for them?Look at Uruguay they have got many 30+ players.Then see France they do so good.I don’t know what game plan or tactics Mr.Scaloni is going with.I was so so wrong when I said Scaloni is better than Sampaoli. Thought he could bring us results.Only fate can save Argentina.

  8. May be we can use a new team 4141

    ####Damian Martinez
    Godoy#J Foyth #A Barbosa#L Matinez
    ##########J Pereyra
    Garre #Lo celso #J Correa#Ocampos

  9. Future Bielsa Lineup –

    J Correa…………Lo Celso……………..Barco
    L Martinez……….Foyth……………….Romero

  10. 1, Choose Eduardo Coudet to be head coach
    2, select players with speed ,height and running ability
    3, Promote Gaich ,Colidio, Benjamin Garre
    4,DM should be J Foyth And Joaquin Pereyra
    5, using Box to box Midfielder instead of No.5
    6, Select young Promising GK

    Coach : Eduardo Coudet
    GK : Damian Martinez, Juan Musso, Walter Benitez, Paulo Gazzaniga

    RB: L Godoy ,G Montiel

    LB : Lisandro Martinez ,Alexis Soto

    CB :A Barbosa ,Cristian Romero, Manmana, Juan Foyth

    Wingers : L Ocampos ,Joaquin Correa, Benjamin Garre, Mateo Garcia, E Barco

    DM : Juan Foyth ,Joaquin Pereyra,Santiago Colombatto

    Play Maker : Lo celso ,Reynoso ,Alexis Mcallister

    Box to Box : Lucas Robertone,Anibal Morena

    Striker:Joaquin Correa, L alario ,Gaich, FACUNDO colidio

    • May be we can use a new team 4141

      ####Damian Martinez
      Godoy#J Foyth #A Barbosa#L Matinez
      ##########J Pereyra
      B Garre #Lo celso #J Correa#Ocampos

  11. after this, all the monsters will be released, because we have enough money from the casino to pay for everything that AFA needs “including paying for everything the AFA president wants”. We will see the original NT argentina. If it fails, what actually fails and if successful, that actually happens. That is why many things are strange with the change of players by the coach. AFA needs money, the biggest problem for Argentina NT.

  12. So much can be boiled down to those pictures of Messi either with the ball approaching 5-6 defenders with NONE of his teammates breaking the space, or Messi without the ball moving in a circle of 5-6 defenders while ALL of his teammates watch from the sides. When we have the ball we pass it side to side, but do not know how to break the lines. We need to exploit space. Otherwise we’re like a foosball table with static players everywhere, hoping without reason that someone will kick the ball in the net.
    Other things… Otamendi, yes, he’s insane. Di Maria has no place on the field. Right side of defense is being overrun – we should not be using wingbacks. Play conservatively there so we don’t keep risking counter attacks which aren’t all that impressive.

    • Yesterday it wasn’t because of his teammate, but the formation. Both Lautaro and Leo were left alone in prediction that Paraguay would have a weak midfield, and that our midfield could deliver the ball to them, but that was not true.

      • I question if we should not have Messi play even higher up because of this. When he drops centrally and 5-6 defenders cover the space around him, there’s a huge bubble on the field that we’re avoiding (because we don’t know how to overcome it). If Messi stays higher up like a striker would we won’t have the same problem – because any team’s defensive line has to be spread out to some extent. We have to pop the bubble! Lol. I mean obviously Messi wil drop occasionally like he always does, but when he drifts into the middle of the field so often, opposing teams have figured out that if they put everyone around him in a circle, we’ll be too at a loss to do anything of value.

  13. I am afraid Messi’s comeback to NT has proven to be wasting time and useless because there is no support both tactically and structurally.

  14. With a true DM, we would have won back the ball much more easier. For all those who said Guido Rodriguez and Pizarro are shit, tell me did France win the wc with Benzema? No, it was with Giroud. If you think football is just about to put all the stars together, go to watch NBA. Here we talk about football, tired to see all those non sense fans here want to have Lo Celso, Paredes and De Paul in the midfield plus Aguero, Messi and Lautaro in attack. Why not also give up a CB in order to have Dybala in attack too? Maybe replace a fullback by Di Maria, how about that?

    • What are you saying? No one said Guido was shit, only Pizzaro BECAUSE HE COST US TWO GOALS AGAINST COLOMBIA. THERE IS A REASON PEOPLE CALL HIM SHIT!!!

  15. Don’t expect Lo Celso to perform like with his club, there he has 1 true DM and at least 1 or even 2 CM next to him so that he can focus on essential. Here he has to defend much more in order to keep the balance. For all those criticize him here, tell me who can play as Riquelme and Mascherano in the same time? Just give me a name of football player who can defend and play as a boss. Makes me sick to see those naive fans who just check if the player can dribble and nice passing but ignore other works.

  16. What is the point of taking Dybala in the Team?? Scaloni could have taken another midfielder in place of Dybala. He is not gonna get a single minute. Wasted spot.

    I think as a last resource lets try Dybala and Messi combo, Not sure how will they fit in a team. I don’t think it will happen of course.

    Its not like we are playing great or something, What worse will happen if Dybala and Messi starts next Match? We are not scoring goals anyway. At least Dybala-Messi with Lautaro/Aguero ahead may strike fear in the opponents. Now none of those 3 will defend i know, But we are playing Sh**t now, So lets try that.

    • Dybala should hit the freekick if he does play. We cant get any lower than the first 2 games so any risky starting line up shouldnt even matter anymore. I’d start with Kun, Lautaro and Messi upfront again but just freakin let Suarez sit on the bench and put Dybala in second half.

  17. @gonzalo-pity-martinez if u want to build the team then first recruited a good experienced coach and solve the problems from grass a days Argentina is not provide quality matured players from their grass root level.. scaloni is not that person who build team under his supervision.. at least his tactics not impressed me anymore from the beginning… What idea he want to implement it’s not first recruited a good experienced coach then thinking about the rebuilding process..

  18. Players to get off:

    Casco – lost too many balls yesterday and not making enough support runs or actively defending

    Pereyra – although had good runs and connection with Casco and Messi, was very sluggish and slow for an attacking midfielder. Cannot get past more than 2 opponents with pace or skill.

    Ottamendi – HE IS CRAZY. HE IS JUST LIKE ROJO. Costing us a penalty in almost every game!

    Paredes – He wasn’t to bad yesterday but he was losing the ball too much and getting tackled too often. Did not have the awarness to use his ball control.

    Players to COME IN:

    Dybala – our gem is just wasting away on the bench. I wish he could start. We cannot decide whether he can connect with Messi or not if he stays on the bench. In fact, if he can create without Messi, that is good. Because that was a huge problem yesterday. They kept giving it to Messi right after he passed it on.

    Saravia – although he may not be in the best interests in terms of fitness, anything is better than Casco’s performance yesterday.

    Foyth – he needs a chance to play otherwise we will keep getting red and yellow cards. This man is tall, strong and can defend well. We have to give him a chance.

    Acuña – he has played phenomenally this year. He even got into TOTS in FIFA(I know bot the best source but the fact that he got acknowledged by EA). He will be a great support for Lautaro or Leo, he has pace and skill.


  19. Scaloni ‘s game plan didn’t work. That happens. But then he added Kun and was starting to turn the tide. Only to ruin it by adding Di Maria and Suarez, rather inexplicably. He’s now shown revealed himself to be suspect in his selection, his initial tactics, and his ability to make in-game adjustments.

    But the players have to show more personality, regardless of the coach. So there is plenty to criticize there too. These guys have to find some push-through and then some more (aka juevos)

  20. Honestly we ahould try 4-3-3. Yesterday, Messi and Lautauro were left all alone. At least with 4-3-3, Paulo dybala can have a go and Messi can have support up there. Wither that or a 4-1-2-3(cdm or cam).

    • At this point what we need is SELECTION CONSISTENCY. Coach should continue with same team players as far as possible . There is no point doing sea changes in line up. Team chemistry comes with time. AFA fo god’s sake should now start looking at long term ( definitely change Scaloni as he is limited in terms of what he can offer ; manage to pull in some like Gallardo ) & then build a nucleus of a team which will mount a serious challenge by 2022. There is no shortcuts to this. This is not PES or Xbox where instant results happen. If you analyze during Scaloni last 6-8 matches – players are only getting rotated . So how can we expect this team to settle down. Its unfair to players also & anyone playing well is just exceptional.
      Our strategy should be
      1) Players like Lautaro , Locelso, DePaul , ACorrea , Dybala, lanzini,Icardi, Tagliafico, Palacios , Ascacibar , Parades , JCorrea ,Pity,Saravia, Foyth, CRomero are either proven players at club level or young with talent & easily another 5years of high output . They should start playing together consistently & that’s when the nucleus of team emerges.
      2) Add to that the experience of Messi, Aguero , Pezella , Otamendi atleast till when they last .
      3) pull in seasoned pros who fit specific tasks ( like Battaglia , Prerya , Kannemann )
      4) Make a big bet on 1 young keeper as starting goalie for next 2-3 years without blinking an eye lid . maybe between Ruilli, Benitez , Musso & Gazzaniga . While Armani saved our ass today he is not our long term option . Very average keeper
      We start now in this old fashioned way , we will recover by 2022 . Else we will be in this bottomless pit for years to come .

  21. I said in a post earlier that why are we playing a 4-4-2 against Paraguay, that we should be attacking.
    I got bashed saying that I don’t know anything about football, that last nights line up is the best we’ve got.

    Well, the only goal we scored was a penalty that arguably shouldn’t been given to begin with.

    We are seeing how difficult life is without Mascherano controlling the midfield. We could at least have brought Banega to bring some control, but we put our hopes on a partnership of Lo Celso and Paredes.
    And how has that fared so far?
    We have yet to win a game this Copa America!

    Where are those guys now who said we put out our best line-up last night.
    It was worse than the one we played against Colombia.
    And guaranteed the one we play against Qatar will be the worst of them all.

    • We NEED to play a 4-3-3, there is NO OTHER WAY!

      Who DOESN’T deserve to play after these two games:
      – Di Maria
      – Paredes
      – Casco
      – Rodriguez

      My line-up to win best 3rd Place in our group:
      Armani (redeemed himself last night)
      Lo Celso-Pizarro-De Paul

      Not really the best Argentine line-up we’ve had, but that fool Scaloni has left us with so limited options.
      Pizarro has been tried and tested in La Liga, so he’s the best DM we’ve got.
      Messi, Aguero, Martinez last night was frightening against Paraguay, don’t know why Martinez came off.

      Vamos Argentina!

  22. Before the game, I knew we can only make a draw at the best. There is no DM, nobody able to win back the ball, plus the problem of distance between players, we cannot just have the control of the game. Otamendi has been on the bench for the entire year, his best years are behind him. I know there are many fans of Armani here, he may be super good with his club but I guess his error will cost us later if we keep on using him.

  23. One year ago I said I prefer to see a brand new team with a predefined playing style, competent coach and totally new players. I said we have to give up the Copa for a better future. I got challenged here by many fans who called that non-sense, they want badly this Copa and now I was right. Even though we made the qualification which I really don’t believe, I cannot see how we can pass the quarter. For once, I am really relaxed and had no expectation on this team. Probably the worst one since I watched football, even the 94 WC team which struggled with the qualification and the one under Maradona as coach played better football. We may be just able to beat Nigeria or Qatar of a bad day.

  24. Beside Scaloni absolutely unable to build up an attack, did anyone notice how Aguero and Dimaria lost possession 90% of the time they received a pass. Tothose people calling for Banega and Mercado , let me tell you this, if Scaloni had a midfield of Maradona, Riquelme, Redondo and Aimar still our forwards wouldn’t have received any decent service. His team is trying to create from ground and getting shutdown everytime. Modern football is fast and aerial. Did you guys notice Messi trying some long diagonal passes to Dimaria but the latter was unable to control any of it. Additionally,He left his best fit destroyer Ascaibar at home and we don’t have anyone who could win us the ball.

    Tapia has to start finding a replacement of Scaloni right now. His no1 target must be Gallardo,even if Tapia has to give Gallardo a blow job he shouldn’t hesitate. If not Gallardo I don’t mind the master Biesla back. He almost promoted Leeds back to First division. We have tried all of his disciples now it time to give the master one last chance. In 2002,We did get eliminated in the first round but we dominated every match.

    • One thing I noticed is that this 4-4-2 formation caused too many clashes in the middle field and possession loss because of the lack of space and the fact that Messi and Lautaro were often forced to go solo against 4-5 defenders(not really a problem for Leo but both of them were getting tackled viciously).

  25. Both the matches against Columbia, Paraguay were physical and Argentina players does not seem to have that power in aerial to dominate these matches…Don’t know if Icardi could have been a solution here…About trying new players, well, they are not showing any significant spark like scoring a goal, or a great assist….like yesterday Martinez played but did not make any significant contribution…as a result, team had to fallback to Aguero…if Argentina won yesterday, they could have tried a new GK against Qatar , but again its a Do or Die , so not very wise to try a new GK (Musso) in a match where qualification is at stake
    For scoring the goals , Messi, for God’s sake , has to stay near the opposition box…you cannot expect a player, to run from midfield with the ball and score or assist every time, it just cannot happen all the time , its an exceptional case…and the forwards are not playing good enough as well…It was not a very wise decision to drop Banega from this side, as he is the only player with some creativity in the midfield and can create chances from the back…Messi cannot do it all on his own

  26. What’s wrong with Messi? I never saw he talked to any player in the field or even in the tunnel. On the other hands, he is so joyful and charming with Luis Suarez? Armani should have seen a red card!! Why you guys don’t talk about that? This team is a shamble, my big concern is how they are going to qualify for next WC!!

    • I dont care what no body says i would of bring back sme of the players that could still play and give it a last shot gabriel mercado eziquel garay banega enzo perez romero lanzini is a very good and creative player marcos rojo cause these new players dont have a clue

    • Messi is less joyful with Argentina because they dont pay him 80 million dollars a year like at Barcelona.

    • I will certainly get humiliated but I think he’s the best football player ever only when he plays with Barca. It’s not his fault, he just need a specific playing style to make him feel good.

    • Lmao do you want see him enjoy with these type of football.. he is the one get blamed every time in media.. he has to everything by his own.. 94 minutes messi got the ball from deep he tried to get the ball to forward but no one come near to help him.. we can watch the match and say see messi didn’t perform like he did with Bara he didn’t enjoy bla bla bla but he is the one who play in the field he is The Who got all pressure he is The Who got all responsibility in his you want to see him enjoy.. he choose Argentina over Spain because he loves his country..if he played for Spain he already won World Cup and Euro.. when AFA didn’t pay salary to their employees Messi is the one who paid their salary.. so fuck your self

  27. Well, let’s hope Ecuador and Japan both lose their games tomorrow. That would put Argentina through for sure in case of win over Qatar.

  28. We lost against Brazil, we draw and lost against Colombia, we lost against Venezuela, and tied with Paraguay. Scaloni is unable to beat a team in south America. All his victories come from Asian, concacaf and African teams with are considered 4th category teams. Tell me how we are going to do in WC Qualifiers? He needs to go…..

    • True, at this point, I don’t see which team we can beat. And only beat those Asian/African teams when they are in a bad day. I don’t even see how we can beat the Korean team of the last world cup.

  29. Why we are facing another tournament being at the same point still. My answer is becuase after every Copa or WC we pretend to rebuild our NT (so was yet under Martino) but this demands time so we are everytime partially stop halfway and go back. After every tournament we are testing new players, while Messi and old generation is “leaving”, then soon we turning round to make room for come back of desired Messi and other stars. We never have enough consequence to keep on the rebuilding.

    So at the and of the day some KidultHood is back to say us: you see the old generation was best in Argentina history, you can’t to be even close with the current youngsters to that achievements of Messi generation. And he suggest to play still with all the old guard including Mercado and Banega.

    No wonder the current youngsters can’t perform the level of old generation. How many times they have played together? Not all. Just core of the same players. We could keep with the eleven against Colombia or Brazil firendly but injuries and other things made that impossible. Scaloni too. Say what you want but even if we didn’t scored against Colombia and Brazil friendly there was something new and good. That was something to continue with.

    • Yes, because Mercado is still 10× better than Saravia and Banega is 20× better than Paredes. Whole footballing world knows that and there is nothing you can do about it. Tell any football fan that its otherwise and they’ll troll you very hard. Don’t create a joke of yourself outside this site now, in the real world. Okay Outlaw?

      • “Okay Outlaw?”

        You are enough long here to remember “outlaw” but apparantly not enough honest and resposible for what you’ve said in the past to keep for years under one account. “Copa 2019” is new account of another coward who will bravely throw ideas for team but when it fail he will flee from here not to explain his statements and take the resposibility. Why you hide under another account, you old member who even remember Outlaw? Coward

      • “because Mercado is still 10× better than Saravia and Banega is 20× better than Paredes”

        I thought Mercado is 20x betterthan Saravia. Isn’t it? LOL
        so I could use argument that people like you are using usually against local players. If they are so good why they go to Qatar and Turkey clubs now?

        I know now, KidultHood is like cancer, he gives metastases -you are one of those.

    • It’s because AFA wants to play safe and Scaloni wants to keep his job, so calling back Otamendi, Di Maria and Aguero seems easier. Players choice is important but the coach has also his input, I don’t see anything from Scaloni. Really nothing. I wonder what he has done during all this time. It’s weak, static, no running, no pressing, a team cut into 2.

    • Now there is no turning back either, We have to carry on with what we have got and gradually we will get better…But first we need an experienced coach, Without which we are not going to reach anywhere. No matter who plays, Old or New.

    • You’re idea is failing. the veterans aren’t.

      you cheered for some radical change and we spent the last months on a dumbass trial run of players that made you wet your pants with joy. Instead of building chem and and idenity, you cheered for player selection And then we perform awful during copa, your same lame hater self comes out of hte wood word to cirtisize veterans. what a fucking joke of an opinion..

      • ” Instead of building chem and and idenity, you cheered for player selection And then we perform awful during copa, your same lame hater self comes out of hte wood word to cirtisize veterans. what a fucking joke of an opinion..”

        I remeber you at some point of Scaloni’s renovation, when none of the old generation were called up, you were tottally boycotting the team and Scaloni’s work. You were so angry and resentful. The only reason of that was the fact the oldies weren’t there. You regained your interest with old guard come back. So who was for changing players? I wanted to see still the same team that we saw against Colombia and Guatemala.

        • Nice job spinning this towards me but i’ll indulge. you still have address my comment though.

          Lets see who i wanted that wasn’t called up right away.

          Messi – only a batshit moron would exclude.
          Aguero – hands down our best striker. Not a knock on Martinez but i think Aguero still beat him. I really want to see Martinez + Aguero again. Such an exciting prospect.
          Otamendi – Pezzella and Otamendi are our best. nothing you can convince me otherwise.
          Romero – id still take him, never let us down during his tenure.
          Banega – he’d probably be doing better than Paredes right now or at a min, we’d have a “like kind” sub for Paredes. I just love how that fat bastard can hold the ball under pressure so goddam well and he distributes really well.
          Di Maria – hate me all you want but i still like the guy. i thought he did better on the right, dumbass scaloni shouldn’t have switched him and De Paul

          The reason why i showed such frustration is for the EXACT same reason why we’re fucking terrible right now. We have no identity, no system, and no chemistry which improvement is only possible through friendlies and training. And now look at us.

          You on the other hand, threw chemistry building and tactics into the toilette and kept cheering for the dumbass priority of selecting new faces.

          We all knew our games would be absolute shite without proper chem building and tactics and now after the horrible performance, you dare single out the veterans? Thats the problem, you’re so hyper focused on hating the veterans that you have lost sight of the real problem – SCALONI / TACTICS / CHEMISTRY

  30. I know many of you have been actually following Argentine football for a long time. Considering the current generation of players and over dependency on Messi, I am sure qualifying for WC 2022 would not be easy as all the South American teams have become pretty strong. Having said that, can you all (following Argentine football closely for last decade or so) list out few names, who will definitely be stars in the years to come and who are in their early 20s. This way, at least we can start focusing on nurturing them and following them closely and plan our path accordingly.

    • Musso, Rulli
      Montiel, Lisandro Martinez, Lucas Martinez, Foyth, Nehuen Perez, Magallan, Mammana
      Palacios, Zaracho, Santiago Sosa, Kranevitter, Robertone, Matias Vargas
      Ezequiel Barco, Lucas Alario, Julian Alvarez, Cristian Ferreira, Gaich, Angel Correa, Tuco Correa, Pavón, Giovanni Simeone, Driussi, Pity Martinez, Thiago Almada

      Missed a lot probably, but tried to give you potential “realistic” names

  31. Not long ago I (and few others) was saying we need to build a new team because Messi is slowly passing his best and he wil be no longer dragging us.

    We are just witnessed the situation. If it was some time ago and our team was struggling Messi coauld have drop deep take the ball and do something by his driblings passes and so on. That was happening even under our shitty coaches like Bauza or Sampaoli in qualifiers. Now Messi is not that fast. He is also mentally broken. With all that still best player on the world and still with chance to be WC winner in 2022. But this will not happen if we won’t build team independent of him which can win by itself.

    Di Maria is shit. So is Otamendi. Messi doesn’t looks like during last season in Barca. To me Aguero slightly better. With all that it’s clear only Messi and Aguero or one of them should have been here on Copa.

    One the other hand the younger players doesn’t looks better (except De Paul). But they are our future. Potentiall is there, a lot of potentiall stayed home: Ascacibar, J. Correa, Palacios, best players of U-20 team….

    Why we are another tournament without cohesive team. Scaloni bagan promising. But after first firendlies he changed the players too many times. To that since beginning of the year everyone was talking only about Messi and other oldies come back.

    • Everything is fine with your comment except the word “oldies ” .Pls have some respect for our veterans and according to your logic if di aria ,otamendi ,messi ,ageuro etc are oldies then suarez too is , isn’t it ?

      • Yes, SUarez is oldie as well. But you know I’m not referring to him by saying “oldies” not because he is better than Di Maria or Aguero but becuase he is not part of the threadbare group. He is no one important now at the end of the day. Scaloni is giving him only little minutes every game.

        • He is no one important now at the end of the day.

          Just a few days ago, he was a better player than many others. Now that he has failed miserably he is not important. Some of you people have a fetish for unknown players from unknown clubs. Then the age doesn’t matter. Then they are even young when 30+. Then the 10 years project goes to hell.

          • I’ve said he is better option on LF than Di Maria (no other) and this is true. It’s hard to be worse.

            BTW Old members under new accounts are cowards that compelled to make new disguise after their old predictions had failed during several tournaments. If you remember “Outlaw” and put disguise of this unknown account “COPA 2019” which was never in here before you one of those are cowards.

    • I agree eziquel garay have a great season with valencia y did they leave him hme marcos rojo banega romero lanzin very creative player y he wasnt picked enzo perez i feel we could give them a last shot

      • Did Di Maria or Aguero or Higuain reached final on their first tournament in 2010? They were thrashed by Germany. New generation needs time to gets experience.

  32. I disagree with anyone who says we should start Messi, Martinez, and Aguero upfront. A lot of people criticizes Scaloni substitution when he subbed Martinez, but he did it right. Here is why.

    Messi, Martinez, and Aguero, none of them, I mean NONE of them can defend or have the defensive instinct like Rodrigo Palacio or Cavani. If we think about Palacio or Cavani, or Rooney, they all could easily play as midfielder when we need to defend. None of Messi, Aguero, and Martinez can do that job.

    Yes we looked more dangerous upfront I agree, but we looked extremely vulnerable in the back. When we tied the game 1-1, Paraguay almost scored again from PK when those 3 were on. That’s why Scaloni decided to play it safe a bit by replacing a forward, Martinez with a midfielder, Di Maria.

    Y’all only think that the trio of Messi-Martinez-Aguero was a threat for Paraguay, BUT they also was a threat for us!

    How many threat Paraguay had against us when one of the forwards was sacrificed for a midfielder? Answer: 0!

    Think about this: Had we kept the trio of Messi, Martinez, and Aguero, it was a high risk/high reward thing. We could have won but we could have lost too. And had we lost, we would have almost certainly been out of the tournament.

    When Di Maria came on, the attack was not as dangerous as when Martinez was there, but he covered the left side defense area, or in other words, Paraguay could not counter attack us anymore. So it was more balanced.

    However, the trio of Messi, Aguero, and Martinez can be tried again against the lowly Qatar IF for some reason we find it difficult to score, but those trio should not play if we play an elimination game against stronger team who is good at counter.

    For me, I like it when the team play Paredes, Celso, De Paul in midfield, and Di Maria, Messi, Aguero upfront. For me this is the best line up so far. De Paul and Di Maria both are versatile, they can always change position. The key with this line up is De Paul is more offensive minded than Lo Celso, so Lo Celso has to defend more instead of being given a number 10 free role.

    I think Scaloni gets too excited with the development of Lo Celso and has made him his second most important player (after Messi) so far. So far, Lo Celso has failed as he does not have what it takes yet to be the engine of the team. He is not like Riquelme, or Aimar, or even D’Alessandro. Even Pastore in Copa America 2015 performed way better than Lo Celso so far.

    Also Di Maria, if starting or playing at anytime, must defend too like he did yesterday. That way only Messi and Aguero don’t need to defend that much.

    Qatar game can be the turning point for us. Scaloni almost paid his mistakes by making 4 changes. The first half with those 4 changes was one of the worst performances of Argentina. It is similar to the Argentina-Croatia game.

    • Your points are right in theory but the problem is we can’t even score a freaking goal at the moment!! At this point i would rather score heaps with a dodgy defence and win the game by outscoring our opponents! We cant score!! The morale must be terrible in that dressing room. You always feel confident and invincible when you know youre about to score heaps. Everyone plays better as a team.
      Starting Messi Aguero Martinez (MMA) and getting early goals can at least allow us the plan to bring on ADM to balance the midfield and play more safe to defend a lead. We cant seem to get the lead with messi aguero and ADM anymore unfortunately.
      Besides, over the past decade, as frustrating it has been, Argentina went to 3 back to back finals when Messi played as an attacking midfielder. He’s always had to sacrifice his position up front to bring the ball up front because he was never getting any service.
      Sampaoli made sure Messi would be a forward and look how that ended up.
      Messi of 2015 was a true right winger who would slot as the number 10. As of late, he’s actually been a brilliant attacking midfielder for barca. His heat map shows this and it hasn’t even affected his goal count scary enough. Our best midfielder right now for Argentina is Messi. It makes so much sense to use him again as the spear of a midfield diamond with 2 CFs in front of him.
      If you were Paredes, Lo Celso or De Paul, you would feel more confident knowing messi is the passing lane in front of you.
      It’s all psychological in these tournaments.
      All of our recent managers have been using weird alogrithms and formations to try and “balance the team” and have emphasised on defence so much and end up sacrificing our attacking threat. Funny thing is we can’t defend for SHIT!!!!
      And on top of that we can’t even score! Sabella made a system to our strengths and knew the only way we can win games if we outscored opponents

    • the problem is we can’t defend well so do attacks upfront well even with the 2 pure strikers as the mid field is vacant and confuse between defend and attack due to lack of speed and stamina. Our best option is 4-3-1-2

  33. My favourite lineup for Copa 2020 :


    De Paul-Barco-Lo Celso




    And subs :

    GK :

    DF :

    MF :

    FW :

    I choose Armani due to penalty occasions.

  34. Here is my FAIR analysis of this game after I cooled down emotionally in the context of this new team, manager, and tournament:

    1. A front 3 of Messi, Aguero and ADM simply does not work anymore. We saw our BEST FORWARD LINE UP in this entire tournament today for a brief moment with CFs (Aguero and Lautaro) playing in front of Messi. Messi is MOST DANGEROUS when he has 2 RELIABLE forwards next to him when attacking. Ageuro is RUBBISH as a lone forward but is SUPERB when he has a partner in Lautaro. I was really impressed with Lautaro today he linked up well with both Aguero and Messi and positioned himself perfectly when he received the cut back from aguero which led to the penalty. LEARNING POINT from this match is we must field Lautaro and Aguero together in front of Messi.

    2. The subs for either Lautaro or Aguero should NEVER BE DI MARIA. ADM changes the entire tactic of us going forward. It is DYBALA who should have replaced Lautaro. Although a CF is not Dybala’s natural position but he will always be a better finisher up front than any other of our subs. ADM can be used as a sub but only if we are ahead in the game. He does not increase our attacking threat, at least he can be a better midfielder who offer some attacking threat over our other options.

    3. Call me crazy or not but a midfield consisting of De Paul, Paredes and Lo Celso seemed to be OUR BEST possible midfield option atm. For the brief spell when all 3 were linking up with Messi, Aguero and Lautaro, it seemed very good and we were dangerous

    4. Scaloni was great to change the lineup today 2 use 2 CFs with Messi and Lautaro. He learned from our previous game. He was even more excellent to recognise to swap Pereyra for Aguero in 2nd half and move Messi to the spear of a Midfield diamond to allow Aguero and Lautaro to be our CFs. Where Scaloni absolutely ruined all credibility and exposed again as a TERRIBLE manager is when he put on SUAREZ again. SUAREZ is our WORST player I have ever seen playing for Argentina. How SUAREZ is ever picked ahead of the sub Dybala or even ICARDI who never came, OR EVEN FREAKING LORD HIGUAIN will never make sense to me. SUAREZ is a rubbish footballer player. Not a cliché, but I certainly know I could have performed better than him. He lost every ball, didn’t make a single accurate pass, his touches are terrible and he’s old so not even for the future generation. It makes no sense to play him in any position. If he has any dignity he should have actually not even come to Brazil because he knows hes that shit of a player. In fact he should have told Scaloni to not sub him in if he has any respect for himself.

    5. I think Foyth should be tried as our RB. Neither RB really impressed this Copa and we know Foyth at least has good passing ability, is fast, and wont be bullied. Although he gets carded a lot, at least he’s less in the penalty box as a RB and less likely to get penalties. On the other hand I think Tagliafico is playing well enough to secure him LB position.

    6. Otamendi is always a hot head. But he is more reliable as a CB than our other options. He also has leadership qualities despite being a hot head. Similar to Ramos, we all know he can get red carded but his determination and leadership always makes him a strong addition to any squad. Although Otamendi made a terrible tackle today, I actually think that move would’ve ended in a goal because Armani is that poor defending from close range. Otamendi was lucky Armani saved the penalty otherwise he would have been crucified today.

    7. Armani is once again very shaky. Cant make a save for the life of him. He’s always very nervous. Reminds me of Cabellero. Too late now to change him though. It would be nice to at least test our Musso for once but I doubt that will happen. Despite all criticism, Armani made a tournament exit penalty save today and overall he redeemed himself.

    8. On paper, we should be better than Qatar. Qatar don’t defend with blocks unlike weaker south American teams. They play with the ball which will open up spaces to exploit. Qatar are also not a cagey team which always makes these Copa games tough to get any rhythm out of any build up because theres always a foul committed. If Argentina cannot beat Qatar (despite Qatar being Asian champions and destroying even Japan in the final which are a decent team), then Argentina are simply not deserving to advance in this tournament. That’s the fact we must accept. I hope that we field our best 11 against Qatar. And if we lose to them then at least its not with rash formations and poor subs.

    9. Argentina is simply not going to win games anymore relying solely on teamwork. We have SUPERSTAR players and it is madness to not USE THESE SUPERSTAR players who can at least show off individual brilliance. That on top of some teamwork effort will make us stronger than any other team in this copa because our players at our disposal are worldclass players and we should never underappreciate their ability to be game winners!

    My best 11 for the remainder tournament is:

    Foyth —- Pazella —– Otamendi —- Tag
    —————– Paredes
    —— Lo Celso ————— De Paul
    ———-Aguero ——– Lautaro


    • You are right.
      —— Lo Celso ————— De Paul
      ———-Aguero ——– Lautaro ;;;;; These 6 players together is some threat at least. But we would be stupid for hoping them to gain enough match experience in the middle of an important tournament.
      If only this or the future coaches give them some time together, they would be able to penetrate. Unfortunately that may not happen.

      However may I disagree with you on the aspect of having world class players. We dont have. How many of our new youngsters would walk into the first 11 of some of the other major NT’s or clubs. I do feel for Lo Celso, but he still have to gain lot of experience.

      Plus, we have a very poor defence and an eve poor GK. Which other NT goalie would let in all the first 3 shots he face in a tournament??? Am grateful to him for the penalty save.

      Imagine a teenager, who has not yet passed a driving test, being offered a Ferrari. This team with Messi is something like that. Most of our players and our coach has nil experience to be in such a big tournament. Neither is there a system or scope for that, with such a ridiculous FA on top of it all.

      • Fair point and I agree.
        It’s too late to talk about our political problems with the AFA. We can only talk about what we’ve got and how to make the most of it.
        We will only ever have inexperienced managers because no experienced manager in their right mind would come coach Argentina when they know they won’t get any support and likely not even get paid!
        At this point though id even take Mourinho to manage us!
        Was never a fan of his style but at least he can defend which we desparetely cant do right now. Besides hes recently said he wants to manage a NT team next and he’s always talked highly of Messi. He is also fluent in Spanish.

        • Honestly though, Mourinho would contribute one thing for sure.. He will make the defence stronger. Plus, he might also forget this obsession that Argentina should play possession, and would be happy to score with counter attack.
          There is a big plus on this, In my opinion.. Ever since Mourinho used the trivolte (Cambiasso, Zanetti and Motta)to stop Messi in the CL semifinal of 2010, Messi face a parked bus almost every game. This is a big pain for any team who have Messi. Even teams which are willing to play open games, the moment they lose the ball, they will get compact. The best wayto manage this was to be defensive and wait for counter attack.
          Messi is also the best passer of the game. Him passing for a counter attacking team is kind of very scary.
          But I dont think AFA will go for a foreign coach. This is an association who puts Argentine pride above everything else even when they pick 23 players (if not Garay would have made our defence better now). They may not use a coach from Europe.

          • You may be right but didn’t Tapia recently reach out to Guardiola to see if he can manage Argentina. I think right now they would gladly take a foreign manager who is well experienced.
            The scary thing is Messi has become the goat by playing in possession based teams who ALWAYS face parked buses and compact defence. Imagine if Messi played in a counter attacking team with so much space to exploit

          • I think he did it on the full knowledge that Pep was fully committed to MCity..
            Sabella did play counter attack with fab four during our WC14 qualifiers and we were really good then.

  35. Messi’s wife and children should be held hostage maybe then he will deliver trophy to us
    Enough is enough!!!! Shame on you you fraud!!! Look at Ronaldo, and look at you!!! I am sick of it

  36. Otamandi, parades, Peyera, Saravia, Armani, both guido, Armani, mori, acuna should never be called again for National team. They are simply are not good enough to play at the national team label let alone start the game. Argentina needs to hire a proven commodore coaches like Gallardo, Luis Enrique or even José Mourinho.

  37. Scaloni+Suarez love affair costing this summer better scaloni resign the job and marry with him

  38. The way Argentina playing only a idiot think of wining copa this year now only hope group stage exit not happened which will be the humiliation for Argentina, with a good coach like Gareca or Gallardo even Mourinho if possible Argentina not only win the copa 2020 but also possibility of wining world cup 2022. New coach must have used Messi and Dybala together juve fired alegri for not utilizing cr7 % dyabala together.
    Rulli – Saravia Foyth romero/pazella Tagliafico – LO Celso Sosa Palacios – Messi Dybala – Icardi

    • Yes and there are many examples from last night’s game which show the exact same thing. Almost more laughable when Messi drops to the defending line to get the ball, and in front of him are ONLY PARAGUAYAN players… Scaloni and the rest of the team need to take a geometry class and have the lessons drilled into their head a thousand times

  39. Gustavo Gomez shows what captain is.
    Always became first-man to complain with referee, knows how to delays the pressure by debating with official, buying some time with unnecessary diving, and toying with enemies temper.
    Still penalty give us hope.

  40. Messi
    Dybala Lautaro

    My final hope. Dybala and Messi can interchange position too. Let them explode.
    Let Aguero and Dimaria be super sub. But Dimaria only at right…!

  41. Age catching Aguero, Otamendi is finished and Dimaria can perform only in Farmer league yes our young player not performed well but they aren’t playing under any system just look at Gareca peru which have much weaker squad but the way playing like a beast what Argentina missing a good coach, if old guards picked for copa then they might have performed better but it is never going to be the solution, wish we get Gareca after the world cup then we could have won copa this year nevertheless Uruguay is wining this year

  42. All these people that talking bad about Argentina how miserable can you be to talk bad about this team for your whole life , you come here to troll instead get a life

  43. Notice to mods: Godin11 and Ebo are Brazil fans disgised as fake Argentina fans. They should immediately be abnned because they only spread negativity and troll here. They don’t know anything about Argentina. They don’t even know capital of Argentina I bet. Fake fuckers. Ban the idiot trolls now.

    • Yes Armani is more important than Messi. Messi is just a fraud captain. Cannot perform without Xavi and Inietsa

      • @FocusedOJ89

        Seriously, what do u get from spreading negativity about messi and that too in argentina fans page. U r in the wrong page brother. U have become one of those most irritating fans who know nothing about football but still creates controversies and arguments on irrelevant topics. Please just rise above this hate man.

        • I love Mesi but he is not talented enough to be starter at Argentina
          Team loses everytime he plays
          On top of that they gave an autistic mute like him captain armband!!! No wonder they lose all the time

  44. Next match lineup should like this

    SARAVIA Pezzella Mori tagliafico

    Foyth Guido RODRIGUEZ Di Paul


    AGÜERO Lautaro

    Sub: Dybala for Martinez, locelso for Di Paul.

  45. Messi has reached 4 major tournament finals including the WC.

    Bielsa = 1st round exit in WC. Stop glorying his tenure as if we actually won thropy with him.

    • With Bielsa we didn’t win anything but be honest wasnt it beautiful to see how Argentina dominated the whole qualification? How we beat Brazil in style? Not great to see how they score after great team play goal after goal? We dont have any plan under scalonis leadership. Our team can’t keep the ball for fcking 3 mins. They can’t find each other on the field. There is no movement without ball. The coach is responsible for these things.

  46. -Why do we look so nervous all the time. We can hardly string a few passes together when individually our players are way better than the paraguayans 🙁
    -Why does even Almiron look more dangerous than the best player on the planet currently or even
    arguably all time 🙁
    This national team with Messi around is seriously an enigma because on paper we look really good and can potentially bully many teams. Can’t believe that once upon a time ( especially during Bielsa’s era) our ball possession and creativity were second to none. I miss Veron so much in the middle and the fairly short Ayala was a rock on the ground and aerially 🙁

    • Even the 2014 WC champions Germany is going through a rough phase , lost to Korea in 2018 WC group stages…So , be in life or in football, there’ll be tough phases…This team is clearly going through transformation, and they’ll need some time to adjust to pressure of international matches…Biggest problem is the coach Scaloni in Argentina, who has looked more like a physio than a coach.
      AFA’s stance with Dybala is clearly not understandable…he played all the friendlies after WC 2018 , why wasn’t he tested in some different positions like CF in Aguero’s position or midfielder? With Messi in the side, he’s clearly not getting the position he’s most comfortable in, but he’s too precious a talent to be wasted like this in the bench…why not get Dybala ready to play as a proper number CF or partner Lo Celso in midfield…why this was not tried till now is clearly not understandable and we have the same old problem ‘Messi-Dybala cannot fit together in the same team”

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