Rumored Argentina starting line-up vs. Qatar at Copa America


There are still doubts in regards to who will start for Argentina against Qatar in the Copa America.

As we reported yesterday, there were rumors that Marcos ACUÑA would start and now it looks like that is in doubt. Per a report by TyC Sports, one of German PEZZELLA or Juan FOYTH would start and Rodrigo DE PAUL will get the start. Here’s the rumored line-up:



  1. on the official AFA site is the team already




    ………Lo Celso…………….Acuña


  2. Do you guys wanna see guido or paredes as our CM/DM. Guido would be better i think if our fullbacks are going to get forward if not then we should play paredes. if we need a goal in the 50-60th minute we could sub off guido if he ends up starting for an attacking player like a DYbala or someone

  3. 2 min silence for those who are dreaming for Dybala to play ahead of Suarez who excels on scaloni bed. No matter how bad he plays sureshoot feature in the match

    • Stop talking shit. I wonder how many goals could have scored Dybala for instance if getting around ten minutes every game. Our strikers can’t score even having 90 mins, so what’s problem with Suarez.

      Biggest ignarants have the easiest recipe for deeper crisis.

  4. Hopefully Argentina can win but i am not optimistic .The running ability of the team is very weak together with no tactics .Only paredes as a DM who is not a traditional no.5 is not enough . No wingers at all both casco and tagliafico will need to overlap and return for defense ,that is too demanding.

    Lautaro and aguero is the same type .

  5. If this is our 11, then I think we need a lot of luck to qualify. Foyth is a good young player but I think he has some concentration problem with the corners and also a bit nervous which may cost penalties. This is because he doesn’t have enough playing time. A midfield with Paredes as the only DM is very risky. Besides, I guess Lo Celso and De Paul will stay distant with him, once we lost the ball, very hard to win it back. Up front we know that Messi and Aguero contributes a little defensively. Seems non sense to me that we don’t have any defensive players behind them. We need some miracle to beat this very discipline Qatar team. I think a draw most likely happen. I am very pessimistic and relaxed.

  6. Scaloni better be dropping Pezella for Foyth because of fitness issues otherwise I can guarantee this Schmuck will never ever get a managerial role ever in this life. If someone from the defense needs to be dropped it’s either impulsive Otamendi or average Casco!! I would also have Saravia start over useless Casco if he is fit. Furthermore , our players needs to feed the ball to our strikers more often than side passing to Messi all the time. On numerous occasions our strikers have been isolated due to unnecessary balls being side/back passed to Messi. And, No more Dimaria in the midfield please!!!!

      • “Ota still doing great despite the fuck up”

        Sounds funny and a bit schizofrenic. That was not one isolated fuck up, so hard to say great. Take instead of him one less popular defender and if he does once something like Otamendi did against Paraguay he will be immediately burned by Mundo community, even if given his first chance ever.

        Same mistakes – different standards.

  7. We have come to compete, not to take pictures, even if we admire the players of the teams we are facing,” Qatar’s Spanish coach Felix Sanchez said on Saturday.

    “Our main goal is to evaluate ourselves in a tournament of this calibre, so demanding.

    “It would be beautiful to qualify no matter if it is against a monster like Argentina,” said Sanchez, whose contract was extended until 2022 after winning the Asian Cup. “It will be a great step, even though we know they are also trying to advance to the next stage.”

    • A monster loooool we are not even a shadow of a monster it is just our dominant past that still play the scare factor, my neighborhood street team will have a chance against this argentina team

  8. Armani

    This is the best lineup I could think of after the first two games.
    Lets see,

    1) Armani deserves to be in the lineup after the penalty save even though im not a big fan of Armani. Trying a new goalkeeper at this stage would be meaningless

    2) Defence
    Pezella, Otamendi and Tagliafico should all be there except for the right back position. Casco as well as Saravia have failed to impress. So instead Foyth should start as he can play both as a central defender and a right back. He has a good passing ability too.

    3) Midfield
    G.Rodriguez is a must start for midfield. He has the best defending capability among all our midfielders as we have seen in the first match. LoCelso is undisputable in his position, noone can replace him. The other position is a debatable one. We have the likes of Depaul, Paredes, Pereyra and Dimaria. I have chosen Depaul as he is the most creative among the four. Dimaria has not been his usual self and Paredes has only good shooting ability and lacks defensive qualities.

    The best thing about the Argentina national team is its attacking quality. Yet Scaloni usually goes for just two strikers. We must play three strikers – Messi, L.Martinez and Aguero. We saw them link together well even for a brief period in the second half of previous game. But both Martinez and Aguero should take up defensive duties too. Messi as always will play like “Messi” which we all are relying on.

  9. Wow ! Never imagine that Albiceleste was so worried to play against Qatar. Looking back 33 yrs ago, how Maradona destroyed up and beat England. And at present we are witnessing how the coach make the n/t lose and nothing to be proud of. All is gone and we dream in the glory of the past.

    Let’s keep the head high and trust that we can move to Copa QF with right tactics and fit players.. Shameful to pack the bag so early.

    • Argentina was anything but fearful in Bilardo era, but in 86 the team started to click and Maradona played in God-mode, but in Copas Diego best result was a 3th place plus a 4th and a 7th…then without him ARG instantly won 2 Copas in a row. With Bilardo in 81 matches 28 wins 30 draws 21!!! losses only 47% of the points, the worst ARG ever had with long term coach, with Diego Maradona Bilardo had won only the 35%!!! of the matches, Menotti 62% of points, Coco Basile 63%., Passarella 67%, Bielsa 70%, Pekerman 60%, Sabella close to 70% and even Maradona had much better winning percentage as coach than Bilardo, fun fact

      • did you take drags ? or you think football is mathematics theory?
        with Billardo we win 1 world cup and we reach final in the second !!!
        if we add the fact that beside Diego we had one of the most poor roster of Argentina history then the rest is just nonsense.

        if we put you as coach instead of Scaloni and we arrange 10 friendly games with Nicaragua then be sure you will have 100 % wins.
        so you will be the best coach in Argentina history !!!
        better than anybody !!!

        get serious my friend.

      • Bilardo knows well the strength and weakness of his players unlike Sampaoli and Scaloni. In 86, the team scored many goals and played dynamic football. After that most of the players got older and Diego had issues with injuries, of course they played less well in 90 but still reached the finals with lot of luck and this fighting spirit. Copa was used as experimentation and World cup was the ultimate thing. stupid enough to use this 35% as benchmark.

    • Bilardo reached even the ARG record “the most matches without scoring in a row”…7 matches… since Copa America 89, 4 matches then 3 friendlies in a row, and the most matches without winning with 9 matches and all of these with Maradona plus Pumpido, Ruggeri, Sensini, Burruchaga, Caniggia, Balbo…

  10. I think second half sub should be like Lautaro for dybala , so Messi and dybala can change positions to play in that hole b/w midfield and attack , but dybala upfront is more better than dybala in hole.

    I think 4-3-1-2 is the best formation for this version of Argentina . It’s not like 4-3-3 is done for Argentina cause we need explosive speedy wingers to play 433, di Maria is done , de Paul not a natural winger, we need someone like pavon , j Correa , A Correa and may be papu to stuttgarts Nico gonzalez to play 4-3-3.

    Scaloni’s snubbing of ascacibar is the biggest mistake , he would have made our midfield more stable , coz paredes without a proper 5 cannot play to his level.

    Anyway to all the mundolites and la albiceleste fans , let’s stay optimistic and hope that our ” bad angels ” finally unleashes them to make the KO , irrespective of whoever we face.

    Vamos .

      • Let’s be a bit logical , I assume that scaloni prefers suarez over dybala , but at least, to this point he got a lesson that subbing him in the last two matches didn’t worked out, as he planned , so it’s time , dybala steps up and by the blessing of god produce his best , irrespective of coming on as a sub or starting the game.

      • I agree. I don’t see any difference between Scaloni and Valverde. Valverde loves Rakitic more than his wife while Scaloni has some affair with Matias Suarez. Scaloni gave bad message to hardworking players after snubbing Alejandro Gomez for Matias Suarez.

        • Rakitic fought his way to the starting XI unlike matias suarez. He is the only midfielder at barca who can fire a shot from distance with accuracy.
          Talking about long range goals, Guido Rodriguez is also very good at that.

  11. Its been long time we have started a game with 2 Strikers right?? When was the last time we had started with 2 strikers after Higuain and Aguero combo…Hope it goes well.

  12. good decision to play lautaro and aguero together which was a spark in second half of paraguay game. also good decision to stick with same midfield trio which needs continuity. maybe saravia for casco would be better but anyway, we win and we go through and pray for colombia to beat paraguay so we play venezuela in QF. Vamos!

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