Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGUERO, Lautaro start for Argentina vs. Venezuela


The attacking trio start again at the Copa America with one change from the last win.

Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI made one change to the team which beat Qatar as Marcos ACUÑA starts in place of Gio LO CELSO in midfield. Here’s the starting eleven:



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  2. Hello Guys! Have not commented for a while but i am a frequent viewer of this site since 2010 WC.
    First of all Congratulations on the win mates. Lots of you guys are bashing Messi. I am an Albiceleste Fan first then a Messi Fan. Since 1986 i bleed white and sky blew. But I want to say something to my fellow supporters who are bashing Messi.

    Messi is not playing his usual role. Scaloni has figured out a way to have the team atleast perform with Messi. I would take an Albiceleste win anyday over a Messi Brace. It will take time but atlast I see others performs around Messi. Walaah!!!

    We are so used to watch Messi do what he does best that no one else can do. He raised his bar so high so when he plays good like any other players its not enough. I didn see Messi play bad at all today. He did enough for the team to perform well. He fed enough to other players. Messi is the glue that keeps this team together.

    And I think its time Messi changes his role and grow into it. Which he did already. What did we get with Messi tearing apart defenders so far? 4 Final loss. Sorry its not enough. I ve seen it all I dont care how we win but we win. Messi is gonna get better in his new role and Latauro, Dybala and Icardi will become world class undrr him. If we lose we lose this is a new generation and Messi is not done. This generation needs Messi to be the Enganche. The players young and new, we need Messi more than ever atm. If Messi plays like this and its not visible for the naked eye then be it. But if this starts bringing victory I wont complain. Messi will get better at this job with the team. He is the GOAT after all.
    Drop Messi? For who Dybala? Dybala at his best cannot perform Messi’s Average. And if there is no Messi other teams will role us over. There is a Messi threat in all defences. Teams take special precautions when they play us because of Messi.

  3. Messi’s magic needs good surface guys. If you play soccer a lot, you’ll see this is very important, especially with his delicate touches. It’s a shame such pitches are to host a Copa.

  4. Looking ahead to Brazil’s match, in Messi’s current form, I don’t see why he is picked ahead of Dybala in the #10 position he’s playing in.

    It would be interesting to sub out Lautaro in minute 60 for Dybala and play Messi up front with Aguero with Dybala behind them.

    • Messi will always keep 3-4 opponent players around him, it’s the scared factor. Even in his bad days, he’s still among the most important players for us.

  5. Inspite of Venezuela having better ball possession, Argentina won..Probably, that was the game plan..After long time, saw positive intent from Argentina..this is definitely the best game played in the last 1-2 years..

    Unfortunately, the selection of players are not great…many of them returned from injury or niggle..

  6. Except the keeper Armani, we have 100% european team fielded today. That’s good. I don’t trust local players unless they have been playing in Europe.

  7. Good win for us!
    The other game, looking at Chile taking penalties, I think they are too clinical!! We better finish in ’90 mins with any team, I don’t trust on our penalty takers :((

  8. Congratulation, Argentina… Good job! Next match versus Brazil isn’t easy. It will be very tough match but I believe that Argentina will win and go to the final.

    Be the champion! Go Tango! VAMOS ARGENTINA!

    God bless everyone….

  9. 3 Best Moments of the match

    1- Lautaro’s goal
    2- De Paul stealing the ball WHEN OUR FORWARDS PRESS THE ‘RIGHT WAY’ which resulted in the second goal
    3- Paredes pass to Lautaro in the second half when he hit the post.

    .. and FOYTH getting some help from that pigeon 🙂

    • Foyth will be hell of player
      Yesterday he played good
      He had solid game .
      Armani and paredes were
      The most players whom been
      Criticised before copa started
      Both of them has been good.
      So far .
      This generation made me proud
      Already .

      • I don’t think Paredes was criticized that often. Armani has reinstated his confidence level, which is the case of all players.

        • > Armani has reinstated his confidence level, which is the case of all players.

          that was the effin problem during the world cup. Sampa started Caballero and then threw Armani into the chaos expecting him to do well and was crucified when he did poor. Keeper is a position of confidence and that takes raw practice. It was great seeing him shush the camera and do really well today.

          • “Keeper is a position of confidence”

            and it reflects on the whole team performance, but people tend to overlook that.

  10. Why has ESPN been hating on Argentina so much? I thought earlier in the tournament that it was warranted because of our poor showing in the first two games. But this is the title of their front page article tonight:
    Argentina take advantage of Venezuela’s second-string defence in Copa quarters

  11. Too bad chile won, but where are all the cafeteros who were in here talking shit?? You celebrate group stage wins because your country cannot win anything else. Zero wins in the knockout stage when it matters.

    • Gil, if Argentina didn’t call him, he will considering Chile national call-up. He is a good DM. One of our best number #5 in domestic league alongside Marcone and Menossi.

        • Foyth is tough, fighter, sometimes reckless, but clean tackles come with experience, he can be a good CB, FB, or a DM. I see him as a DM or a CB more than a fullback, a year or two and he will be better in clean tackling, this kid is tough. But I still think Ascacibar is the best #5 we will have . not throwing names of players that are not in COPA, but generally speaking, Ascacibar is our boy !

  12. Messi presence is very useful to make enemies concentration divided when marking and defending. Pass me the weed that you’re smoking with if you say swap him with Dybala. Terrible joke.

  13. Congrats to all Arg fans, Messi and gang deserve the semis and final . I don’t mind Scaloni will continue as the coach as long as Arg win the Copa 2019 . The next 2 games will be his final evaluation. Enjoy the win and good luck…

    You can’t spell SEMIS without MESSI. Welcome to el classico Copa

    • Selamat juga untukmu, Cleanball…
      Betul, Argentina layak ke semifinal, final, dan juara. Semua tergantung usaha Argentina dan God’s will…..

      Tuhan memberkati kita semua….

  14. Millions times i said. We have to clutter the midfield and ask our forwards to press all the time. We need to get under their skins and on their nerves to disrupt their rhythm and slow their speed lets hope for luck to give us an odd goal. If we open the field and play tit for tat they will kill us. It has to be rugby match not football. We have to pressure them and never let them stretch our defense

  15. •It’s soo important to have aguero and Martinez trapping and bring down goal kicks from Armani … it makes up for our lack of midfield play…. and gives up instant field position… we got 4/5 corner kicks off of the the two forwards doing so and making a play…
    • DePaul work load… running, passing and defense is a blessing and cementing his place in la Copa 2020 and beyond
    •Messi presence alone and short passing is more valuable than most “average fans” can recognize … the key is for once we are NOT MESSI DEPENDENT!!!!

  16. I’m still not impressed about this team maybe I need to rewatch the game I see a lot of you guys saying Argentina play a good game they were too slow for me playing like that against Brazil gone be just like the Peru game hopefully we can pull it off I have no faith on this team against Brazil, Brazil is not great but they are way better than us i hate losing against Brazil

  17. I miss wanda very much in copa, icardi should have been picked ahead of suarez then icardi+lautaro with Aguero could have been more deadly, my crush Wanda love you 😍😘😍😘❤

    • AS the Brazilians say, JAY-SUSS is overrated, he’s good but not the flash in the pan that everybody thought he was, Lautaro’s journey has just begun.

    • Lautaro replaced Icardi who is amoung the top5 striker in the world certainly better than jesus , lautaro is the Aguero long term replacement in both city and Argentina

    • This was discussed here before. We said Gabriel Jesus 80 million price tag and Lautaro’s 25 million price tags are joke. Lautaro is already bigger player than Jesus.

    • It could be a slight injury or he is saving his best for last, but like he said, they got the win and that is more important than anything else..

      • Is not shame that messi have ordinary
        Game the guy has been carrying
        Argentina for years what pleases
        Most is we re not solely rely on messi
        Argentina look more a team now
        To more wins we are champion
        After all the criticism arg has been
        Getting just two wins away .
        I have faith in this coaching staff.

    • Like they say,”form is temporary but class is forever “.
      I hope he shine with Brazil and his lights makes all Brazilian blind 😂

  18. Now Brazil. We need a lot of luck to get this one but we should never ever give it up to them without a fight to the end. It will be blood and sweat and tears if joy in vectiry. Brazil we will conquer you in your hometown, viva Argentinaaaaa

  19. Good game, WE GOT THE WIN, and lets continue looking forward and playing better.
    I LOVE VAR…… made the REFS. do their jobs better.
    Beating a confident Valenzuela wasn’t easy but they did it with hard work, plenty of speed and heart. Still waiting for Messi to be Messi but his presence has been enough but it wont be V Brazil, MORE is going to be required.

    I hope Colombia and Chile kill each-other, I hate the fucking Chileans so there is no secret who i want to win.

  20. Some news outlet say’s that argentina ‘s cycle of bad luck and series of loss started with maracana final loss in 2014.
    Hope this win finally lift the curse from the NT and bless them with a lot of luck to make history this time .

    Let’s pray and remain hopeful.
    Vamos argentino.

  21. Player reviews on my opinion
    Only opinions don’t hit me with fires on reply-
    Armani-Bravo Armani,I was wrong about him,well done keep it up.Claiming crosses and made a good save.7.5/10
    Foyth-Nullified a lots of threat from the left side,Brazil also prefers to play a lot from the left.Maybe not a great attacking fullback but,impressive in respect of defending and a conservative fullback.7.5/10
    Otamendi- Not so much to say on him,but he needs to stop sliding uselessly and making final charge at players at wrong times.6/10
    Pezzella- A bit better than before,cleared 5-7 balls with head and feet successfully.7/10
    Tagliafico-Maybe the only player who wasn’t bad not even the best.He needs to help the defense with a bit more man marking Vs Brazil .6.5/10
    Paredes-He is accomplishing the El Regista role.Picking up balls from fullbacks and defense pretty well.7/10?
    Acuna-Made some good runs , Messi and De Paul found him on the left side.But,I won’t pick him for Brazil.Not as good like he was against Qatar.6/10
    De Paul-What a player the MOTM.A lot like Lavezzi,Ppl compare him with Mashce.Mashce lacked attacking traits a lot like shooting and dribbling.Lavezzi was someone who would come back on defense and help The Defense.Very much Hardworking.also with attacks too.8.5/10
    Messi-Not on his best days TBH.Did play accurate passes but was shut down on occasions by 2-3 players at same time.He did contribute defensively if you watch him closely.6.5 or 7 /10(maybe)
    Aguero-Didnt had high scoring chances but,again involved in both goals.Pressed nicely too.7.5/10
    Lautaro-6 Goals in 10 matches already!!Surely our future Striker.And who can not appreciate that wonderful backheel!!8/10
    Di Maria- Lot better than before!! Pressed high tried to play some good balls inside the box.7/10
    Lo Celso-Open Tap In goal.Hopefully he will be effective Vs Brazil.Played some safe passes.For the goal he gets.7.5/10
    Dybala- Played 9 mins.Held the ball well.Will be great as Super Sub Vs Brazil.Nothing Negative done.No rating coz nothing much to say on him for a short period but,did no wrong thing and didn’t get nervous.

    Overall-Enough to get past Venezuela. Messi was missing.He knows that too he was actually underwhelming but no damage done from him nothing wrong done.Lautaro and Aguero doing great apart from the striker role.Defense firm.Better attacking approach . Game on Brazil . 2nd July 2019.

  22. I can not believe it, there are only two games left.

    If we beat Brazil which is possible, we can the win the copa. Brazil had not played against a strong opponent in this Copa.

    I saw a good game of Argentina today, but there are still many mistakes.

    But with this attitude we hat a chance to win against brazil.

    Only two more games ….

  23. Just basic observations. I think today our best players were our young players. That is a great sign for the future. Foyth Tagliafico DePaul Paredes Lautaro LoCelso and Armani all had very solid games and am proud of the guys.

    Scaloni is a poor manager. No understanding of substitution pattern. Somebody needs to lock up DiMaria in a room and throw away the key until this tournament is over because this guy has NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING to offer the NT. Thanks for the moments but don’t let the door hit you on your way out. One of the most frustrating players I have seen in 40 years of watching NT.
    We now see why Aguero is not called up. While I am grateful for all he has done, whether it is the long club season or age, the guy just has absolutely no legs for more than 30-40 minutes. He can’t beat any defenders it seems, gets dispossessed with ease, and forget about any prolonged high press. That isn’t happening anymore. You want to bring him in as a super sub, that would be great. But Lautaro is the present and future.
    Now to Messi. Guys, you have to be able to judge a players performance from game to game, even if it is Messi. I love him to death, and am fortunate to see his magic, but anybody that thinks this is the regular normal Messi performance even with the NT is wrong. He is either injured, tired, or old. Even his free kicks don’t have any power. He was easily disposessed, and lots of walking. Walking everywhere. Even in this years champions league the guy took over a couple games just with his pace. We didn’t see any of that today. If he is injured I hope he gets better. If he is tired of this he needs to step aside with dignity and grace as he has nothing to prove. And if he is getting old then as they say we all lose the battle against time. But the last two performances were mediocre, pedestrian at best, and that’s going to be a problem in Argentina for him guaranteed. I hope he resolves the issue, but don’t count on him being in the next WC as a center piece. At 35, no chance in hell he is doing that.

    • here we go… start again.
      -call Icardi, call pavon, call pity martinez,call meja…and other shit players..they will play shit and you won;t talk.
      but all blame goes to di maria and aguero..

    • Dead wrong about Aguero. Easily one of our best performers.

      His performance today highlights exactly the opposite of what youre saying… He needs to start every effin match.

    • I agree about Messi, but he ran his ass off.. he was in our own box defending counters at times. He is asked to do midfield work, its oartly why his offense is dull.. but ya, he may be hurt..

  24. Lautaro Martinez : 9 games 6 goals .

    The kid is something special , and I already see him surpassing Messi as Argentina’s all time goal scorer in the next 10 years , if he can keep performing like this .

    I think I should not comment about Rodrigo de Paul .
    Ladies and gentleman we have a new saviour : de Paula .
    I think de Paul is the engine of this arg team ,WTF ….he doesn’t even get tired After so much of running.

    Paredes paredes & paredes ….. Well I don’t know, how everyone feels , but paredes is slowly slowly but gradually peaking as the tournament goes on .

    Vamos tango
    Enjoy everyone & let’s stay hopeful and optimistic vs Brazil encounter.

    • This game finally gave the confidence on the future of NT. Post Messi era , we can definitely have a competitive team at world stage . Suddenly LoCelso is looking surplus & that’s good for the future of NT in terms of the options we have. Would love to see LoCelso playing higher up . But we can wait for now & not tinker this formation .
      If we integrate some of the missed out youngsters here like Palacios , Zaracho, Asascibar, J&A Correa, CRomero, Benitez,Ruilli – I think our future outlook looks promising.
      Just hoping AFA & coach shows some consistency in player selection goin forward. But I still believe Scaloni is not our long time guy & AFA should ideally try & rope in a good long term coach ( Gallardo / Heinze ) & then run this uninterrupted for next 4-5 years.

  25. Great, gutsy, win. It will take, however, playing way better in order to beat Brazil. At the same time I do not think it’ll be difficult for Argentina to raised it up a bit more. At no point during this game against Venezuela did I feel the team in danger, and they play like that as well, no pressure. There was just too wide a collective talent gap. Only thing Messi need to lead by example in playing harder. He didn’t help with first point defense at all. Countless times he was the closest Argentina to the ball up high but he just stood casually walking. Help the defense, defend, the team see their captain working hard and it rubs off. They follow. Vamos Argentina!!!!

  26. Man , am heavily impressed by Argentina’s defence , the defence was rock solid , pezzella, ota, tagi , foyth gave their heart out and fought every sec.
    Foyth man , he is absolutely a jewel , he nullified every Venezuelan attack from the right side , although , except some reckless tackles , he pocketed the Venezuelan attackers, but he is only 21 , and I believe he will grow a lot , afterall this tournament are stepping Stones for youngster .
    Foyth is tall , big and muscley , exactly what we need at RB .

    • I agree with you except FOYTH aight big and muscly. He’s 6’2″ but only 152lbs. Thin as a twig! But he’s does tackle really well

      • Foyth definitely has a future with NT. We shouldn’t lose him like what happened with Mammanna . Very effective tackles & the pace will help us for sure. Agree that there is a chance for PK. Long term I really think this guy can transform into our DM.

  27. It was a hard fought win, plus given the previous meeting where they scored 3 goals against us, it was crucial not only to win but also not to concede. The team looked much better and there was a lot of commitment and some really good build-ups. Messi is completely out of form at the moment, his free kicks have no power and he is missing his accuracy-something very rare for him, also he is not able to generate the same kind of momentum and speed while cutting players. I am hoping that he finds his grove against Brazil but as long as the team wins, it doesn’t matter. Messi always attracts a lot of attention on the pitch, so whether he has a good day or bad day it always helps the team. One thing about Brazil-they have not conceded a single goal in the tournament and scoring first would be a key.
    Scolani should not play Foyth against Brazil, we will need Saravia for his tenacity and ability to go ahead, he had a great game against Neymar when Argentina played (lost 1-0) against Brazil. Foyth had a good game but I am not sure how he measures up against Everton, couple of challenges today were very risky and there was hardly any movement from the right flank. Saravia on the other hand had a great game against Brazil when we played them last time. Tough choice-also Acuna and Lo Celco is something that needs to be addressed, in any case attack attack and score first put pressure on Brazil and see what happens, they cant take the pressure, especially when playing at home. I firmly believe that their defense (as good as it has been) is very shaky, we need our A + game.

  28. Paredes, DePaul are doing great and a revelation in this Copa. But for me Lautaro is man of the match in every game since Paraguay. He changes our fortune. Best of Lautaro is yet to come…!
    His Penalty earning..
    His early goal against Qatar..
    His early goal against Venezuela…
    That takes pressure off from tea.
    What a player he is man. I am a Big fan of him since u20. He’s got fighting spirit.

    • “Lautaro is man of the match in every game since Paraguay. He changes our fortune. Best of Lautaro is yet to come…!”

      I have stressed that many times, this kid is a treasure to be kept well. Some objected when I called for Lautaro and Aguero on the pitch at the same time before the start of COPA, that proved very helpful for US so far. Lautaro is a well rounded forward, he is mobile, and a potent striker. he puts a high work rate, many don’t know that he was chased by Real Madrid when he was 17 years old, but chose to stay with Racing. cool head who did not chase stardom. and did not rush himself into big clubs. HE is one of the prizes that we have acquired out of this COPA. now after COPA he will be a target for the biggest clubs. expect his value to soar

  29. Now that there is no over reliance on messi the team looks amazing. If a team doesn’t give messi attention then he will turn it on and destroy whichever team. And if they keep heavily marking him and giving him much of their defensive attention aguero and lautaro will get good chances. Aguero almost scored a couple of times and lautaro scored plus he hit the post on that fast break.

  30. Man!!
    What a talented player is Foyth. I was wrong to judge him for this game as a RB role. I hope he discipline himself even more with slide tackle in the box against Brazil Everton. We gotta work on how to keep the ball more to be fair. For the first time Argentina looks liked a team. Defending as a unit

  31. Fun fact: Argentina have never ever lost semi-final in history (over U20 WC): quasi 5 WC semis, a lot of Copa semis, 3 olympics semis and six U20 semis…we are a semi final specialists, and imo ARG will beat this overrated Brazil too

  32. What fans has to understand…Foyth played as RB first time for NT…and did better. He nullified almost every attack. But we can’t say with ease like Tagliafico. He will do better against Brazil. Saravia or Caso won’t assure you a better match. So stick with Foyth. He’s defending an area NT is conceding goals freely. Give him some credit.

    • Foyth continues to impress.

      Coach needs to calm him down near the box though – both sides were lucky to not have a penalty against them.

    • Venezuela has a very solid attacking ability through their left flank and our right backline was a weak point. But today they could not capitalize because Foyth committed some fantastic CB like tackle there. Yes, he could have conceded penalty. But we should not speculate what would have happened. Completely agree with you. Foyth did well.

    • No resemblance to Mascherano. But some calls him new Lavezzi because of his hard work for the team and pleasant and joking personality at training.

      • Don’t know about personality, but looking at playing style – De Paul brings more to defence than attack. He is a player that wins tackles, and runs, but not so creative in attack.

        Whereas Lavezzi was amazing dribbler and creative up front who should not have been substituted in the world cup finals.

        • Mascherano is irreplaceable. DePaul is more like Lavezzi. Fantastic support cast who will let the superstars click. Also liked Acuna’s crosses. Havent see that in NT for ages.

  33. I HATE ESPN:
    “Argentina only won by 2-0 from luck”

    Shut up, Venezuela had 2-3 minutes of continuous pressing and those faggot commenters start sucking their dick. Argentina earned today’s win. Our defense was solid, and we were constantly pressing their defence. 3 minutes of being held back does not mean we were “lucky”. We earned those two goals. If the GK makes a mistake, then that is luck. But being there to convert from that is just skill and being smart. Fuck Venezuela, those stupid meatheads lost today. We will continue to fight!


  34. Some of the guys in here before Venezuela game. ” Argentina is trash and they will get eliminated by well balanced Venezuela. Venezuela plays more like a team than Argentina and they have kept a draw against Brazil.”
    These people’s comments after the game.” Venezuela players were playing like headless chickens. They don’t have any tactics. Argentina were lucky have such an easy game. These guys will say the same thing before Brazil game and once Argentina beats them, they will try to find another excuse. My point is if you are true Argentine fan, then support this team even at the hard times. We were the only team who is improving day by day. Current Brazil side is vulnerable compared to their player’s actual talents, so I think Argentina has a chance against them.

    • Messi missing magic. But he’s still doing better than many other players. But the expectation is huge. Also opposition has to worry full minutes to block him. That’s a big advantage for Argentina.

  35. Look at the stats please:
    Acuna- played 68 min, just 10 acc pass, 50 % succ, only 33 touches.

    Lo celso- played 22 min, 62 % succ, 5 acc pass, 1 goal,17 touches.
    Di Maria- 26 min, 70 % succ, 7 acc pass, 18 touches..

    Messi–87 % succ, 28 acc pass, 55 touches!!!

    learn some football from stats…

    • Watch the game instead of the stats. All 4 players you listed played poorly.

      Acuna had a few decent crosses, but was silenced by the yellow card from playing with his usual intensity.

      Lo Celso has had an off tournament. Di Maria was awful in the first game – better today, but by no means great.

      Messi is not himeself in any game for Argentina this tournament. That said, I don’t agree with benching him for Dybala against Brazil. Dybala had an excellent 15 minutes the other day, although he has not played much this season, or very well for Arg in any game thus far.

      Messi has the credibility.

      Really with we had papu gomez, lanzini, j correa, etc. as possible starters if Messi is injured or over worked. The better option would be to play Lo Celso as the 10 if Messi is having another very off game.

  36. Ever since the penalty save against Paraguay, Armani playing like his club River Plate level in NT. Maybe playing back 2 back matches benifit Armani to step up finally, easily top3 player for Argentina in this tournament after lautaro and De Paul

  37. De Paul MOTM once again. Actually he is MOTM every game. Generally say what you want but the youngsters drag us during the tournament: De Paul, Lautaro, Paredes, Lo Celso, Tagliafico. From the older only Aguero keeps good level.

    Most important is we are in semis. It’a already some kind of success regarding the level Argentina showed recently. However there’s the strong impression we are still really vulnerable at the back and only thanks to clueless today Venezuela performance that was not put out clearly.

    Overall slow tempo from both sides, that I can hardly imagine can be enough for winning the tournament. I hope we are growing slowly because against Brazil another improvement is necesarry.

    Hope for the best because we looked again slightly better.

  38. Messi always best Argentina player for every tournament he played since 2008 Olympic sadly messi isn’t top 3 player for Argentina so far and still Argentina in semi final without messi greatness something should be taken as positive instead of worrying, if messi magic comes against Brazil then RIP

  39. Tagliafico was solid today. CBs were fine. Foyth played better than what critics say. He had a tough job there and he did decent.. at least way better than what Saravia does.
    If defense keep the line and Guido Joins Paredes, with Messi stepping up (that he will, against Brazil! ) Argentina can really create upset.

  40. Great Game! Great Performance!
    Go Argentina!

    I still think that playing De Paul and Paredes together takes away from attack. They are good defensive midfielders, but our attack can be better with 2 attacking midfielders like Acuna and Lo Celso.

  41. Today defence looked so solid.Why bashing on Foyth.Every wing attack was nullified by him with the help of his speed and good interception.He is far better than Sarvia.I am disappointed with Messi he is taking too much pressure and losing his accuracy and creativity

  42. Today Argentina helps Venezuela to play like prime Brazil, Aguero expression shows huge difference between man city and current NT. Dybala is more hungary and should play instead of Aguero, Sarvia should replace Foyth and one of Rodriguez or pizzaro played instead of Acuna or maybe Acuna can also play against Brazil.

  43. Paredes MOTM easily, Acuna great fighter but so limited man, simple a very shaky passer, and def not a midfielder, we drop our possession dominance with him plus De Paul a bit shaky passer too, but yes these two are great fit into Scaloni “dare to be smal”l playing philosophy. Defense better and better.

    • 100% mate paredes the way he is controlling
      In the middle of the park are realy
      Good he is what Argentina has been
      Missing for years

      • He was alone in the build ups today, i wait some changes from Scaloni vs Brazil, and a total counter attacking team, maybe with Di Maria instead of Aguero or Lautaro due to his speed, Di Maria played always great vs Brazil.

        • Argentina will be underdogs
          Against Brazil trust me that
          Is suited us anyway I have believe
          For the coaching staff they will
          Come up with plan that we can
          Beat Brazil I’m sure of that .

  44. Guys! Brazil is next and they are the home team. God help us. Damn! I’m nervous for Argentina. Maybe this is a team that raises its game based on the opponent. If this is the case then we should see a great game.

  45. My player ratings so far in copa

    1. De Paul
    2. Lautaro
    3. Tagliafico
    4. Aguero
    5. Armani
    6. Paredes

    Depaul has been massive. Messi undeperforming but we in the semis. i aint complaining.

    He must be waiting for a revenge against Alison.

    Vamos! La Albiceleste

    • frankly its only Alison I am worried about . Rest of team – its just about who plays well on the day. some magic from messi/ lautaro/ ageuro will be needed to beat Alison .
      Its great to walk in as the underdogs & let the haters continue to hate. We may be able to surprise everyone on July 2nd & snatch an upset win.

  46. One important thing to mention,
    The only team improved from the first game is Argentina.
    It may not make much difference against Brazil, but there is a lesson. Play together for long time.. get better. That’s the way ahead for Argentina.

    Said that battles have been one against Greater odds, Argentina and Scaloni very well can play 2 more games in this month.

  47. Hope critics around…so that Scaloni still learn and improve. Finally he defeated a South American tea..!
    Team grows…why..?
    Our offense improved..with goals. And defense improved with reducing the goals. Even though Venezuela was much harder than Qatar. Still we won with 2-0.

    This is the best match played under Scaloni.
    Brazil will be harder…we will be too..!

  48. After saving panelty in last match Armani is more confident now. De Paul is very good. So as parades . Back line looks good…. All the best team.

  49. We played really well for most part of the game and able to content venenzulea attack from flanks.most of them had a decent game no one was that bad felt more organised in defence and need to improve chemistry in attack.For me the pick of the game was de paul, lautaro , parades and fyoth as rb( even though hes risky against brasil. One matter of concern is poor refreeing in this copa most of them are shit heads and so arrogant to their decesion. Sometimes it feels like its rigged. It was a deliberate hand ball and in var its clear and why this fucking var if they cannot decide??

  50. Whole team played best when Lo celso and Di Maria was in the field. Messi was playing good on that period,too.
    Can someone mention that please????
    why so much hate and so much bias??

  51. •We are growing as a team game by game
    •Played great team defense Other than foyth who was shaky consistently!!
    •Everton would eat him up all game so saravia will start against Brazil
    • defense was weaker once Acuna was substituted by locelso, whom doesn’t play good defense but did score 2nd goal.
    • dimaria’s speed did make a difference as the 2nd goal was because of Angel Dimaria’s defensive pressure
    • another good substitutions by scaloni for second straight game although would have liked aguero to come out first rather than Lautaro.
    • Argentina was long pass threats with aguero and Lautaro up front…
    • only change against Brazil.. foyth out saravia in
    • DePaul and Armani were great today … parcedes Otamendi and Martinez as well

    • “defense was weaker once Acuna was substituted by locelso, whom doesn’t play good defense but did score 2nd goal.”????
      acuna was in the field, we had lower possession,they created more chances..
      also give some credit to foyth about those 3 great tackles!!

      • For real, Foyth held his speed against Marcillo or whatever the dude with the dreads name is. He is young and susceptible to mistakes, but I forsee him keeping up with Everton.

      • •Foyth will not start against Brazil… he can’t keep up with everton as I’m sure the coach will know!
        •acuña is better than locelso for this team situation hands down… acuña plays great team defense.. locelso fell asleep as soon as he came in and tagliafico had to make a great defensive adjust to cover for locelso.
        •Acuña should start against Brazil not locelso

        • Look at the stats please:
          Acuna- played 68 min, just 10 acc pass, 50 % succ, only 33 touches.

          Lo celso- played 22 min, 62 % succ, 5 acc pass, 1 goal,17 touches.
          Di Maria- 26 min, 70 % succ, 7 acc pass, 18 touches..

          Messi–87 % succ, 28 acc pass, 55 touches!!!

          learn some football from stats…

      • •We had higher possession with acuña and better team defense as well…
        you will see…
        •Argentina will start acuña over locelso again against Brazil

    • Foyth was not at his best true….but did better than what Saravia and Casco could have done. Acuna will be helpful for defense that’s true…. nothing else.

        • Definitely a #5 before a RB…. he reaches out every time with his hands… which means he has a slow first defensive step…which is monitory for a RB

          • I actually think he was solid and made well timed if risky tackles. He was never overrun and only got into “trouble” when he was left to close without midfield help. Venezuela’s best chances came from play on the opposite side. I think he was a cut above both Casco and Saravía today.

  52. I think it was clear as day that if our offense starts pressurising at the top, the others step up and be counted, Messi can have an off day and we’d still win it (and certainly disrespect to Venezuela)!

    I will be fair in comments – Scaloni also got it right in starting Acuna and willimg to change and play Foryth as the right back. He came out tops in all 3 individual duels against the Venezuela’s left winger!


  53. All hail our Lord and Savior De Paul?!?!!?

    Those subs seemed questionable at first but…. glad they took place.

    I’m baffled at Messi… he should have probably been subbed off to rest….

    It’s strange to say but can Messi be holding back the squad?!?!? Anyway he did press in the second half so that was a plus.

  54. The second goal came at the right game because Venezuela was getting stronger and stronger. Armanikept us in the lead with his save. Otamendi was excellent and so were many others.

    Last time Scaloni made good substitutions. This time he was completely off. He will learn from his mistakes.

    Let’s not get into Messi debates. He has been the best player in the last decade and has set high standards. He rarely plays a bad game, but let’s be realistic: today he was just not cutting it. He worked hard in the second half, had some good passes but his dribbles failed. Hopefully he will be motivated by Brazil as opponent. The team is growing. If Messi finds his form we can go to the final.

  55. Well, Messi did not play that well, by his unreal standards! But the fact that we won was sweet!! That means guys not named Messi have stepped up. I am uber happy with the result today. Considering talks about Argentina at the beginning of the tournament, I think we have reasons to celebrate before our big meeting with Brazil!

    • Messi played well in the second half. And yeah, its even greater to see us winning without much contribution from Messi. Tbh, I was disappointed and worried with Messi’s first half. He somehow didn’t look well. But in the second half, he was much better. Hope he will be close to his best against Brazil.

    • Alejandro Moreno, I never watched him kick a football, hence became a football expert. Ridiculous. However, our team is becoming a team now…

  56. We won!!!

    Great game overall, especially we are getting better in organization and defense.

    What a player DePaul is. Greatest Argentinian revelation since a long time. Scaloni, you deserve a horse coin for finding him and bringing into our NT. He is THE Player we missed badly for a long time! A player who can play attack and defense at the same time.

    Messi looked much better in the second half which is a great sign. Also good to see Dybala on the pitch. DiMaria also looked getting better.

    Overall, a great win and the team is improving at the right time.

    C’mon! Bring Brazil. We are ready!

  57. Where are those guys who bashes Messi due to his poor showing in the first half. Even though he was not at his best, he is surely one of our best players in this game. You have to wait for 90 minutes to see the real Messi.

  58. better than we played in last 2 matches… but is it just me that was disappointed by martinez being subbed for di maria?? why not bring dybala on and give him some playing time…..

    • because the coach wanted to switch to 4-4-2 and DiMaria’s profile suits there better. Copa America is not fantasy football, you know.

      • shame then that only the profile fits…. open goal 3 v 2 and his pass is crap.. at that point we were in no danger of losing the match…

  59. These people in here said messi losses ball too much he can’t even pass bla bla bla lol
    Lautaro – Passes(Acc) 5(71.4%)
    Aguero – Passes(Acc) 10(71.4%)
    ————— Dribbles(Succ) 5 (0)
    Acuna – Passes (Acc) 10 (50%)

    ———— Passes(Acc) 21 (84%)
    ————— Key Passes 3
    ————— Big Chance creates 1
    ————— Tackle(won) 3(3)

      • Acuna played well. Armani kicked most of the long balls to acuna in the first half. Controlling and passing aerial long balls are tough, that’s why his pass accuracy only 50%. I believe u ppl watched the match as u are commemting…

  60. Di maria has deserved criticism but when he plays on the right especially vs a tired defense, he plays very well. He is a great sub on the RIGHT

  61. De paul playing an exceptional game , I bet some other big European team gonna have eyes on him . He defend and attack that’s quality .

  62. HAHAHA, lol,you guys still criticize aguero.
    so many butthurt local fans here, get a life.
    just look the replay and see hou Messi and Dimaria was pushing for the ball,which creates space.
    then aguero shot was a real surprise which causes the gk mistake

    • True, De Paul’s tactical awareness was awesome. If it was Di Maria, he would have lost the possession or sent in a poor cross. What a player we found. De Paul is the number 11 from now to USA 2026.

  63. Our passing and possession has to improve . I am expecting Messi will shine in 2nd half. Also Lautaro and Kun has be 1V1 with Venezuelan Defense

  64. Too many Messi bashers are out including some clever long standing Messi haters! You guys will have to eat your words soon. Messi at 50% is better than most. I am sure we are gonna witness something soon.

    • Yes, our players must be careful. Most of the referee’s decisions have been on point though. Lots of poor fouls. Lautaro & Acuna took unwanted yellows by making stupid fouls.

      • Picture quality on my TV wasn’t that good… we had 2 De Pauls right? Which one are you referring to?
        He’s damn fit! He was even right there pressuring with the 3 of them, got the ball and made that pass to Aguero!

        • Yup second that on Lautaro as well. There are players that need time, cannot fit in with the NT and there are those who just fit right in and start scoring. No questions asked about them. Immediate call-ups and starters. Thank god for Lautaro!

      • @PAimar,

        Today, I once spotted De Paul playing on the right. A few moments later, I found him recovering a ball on the left! What a performance from him! We have been waiting for our players to step up for years. De Paul is definitely leading the queue by example.

  65. Suppose De Paul still can do better if shift to left wing. However he and Lautaro are our brightest points on the Copa

  66. Aguero and Lautuaro are straight. Messi is the dead weight.. .how ironic, they finally build a team to allow him to be up front and he has been a no show between the last match and the first half….

    He needs to get involved…. a goal may turn it around it not. FU#KIN BENCH HIM! Put in Celso or Dybala!

  67. I think we have to be patient with Messi. Something is not going right with him! But I believe a man of his calibre can turn things around. This team right now with the usual Messi would be deadly!!

    • You might be right but it’s high time to do something. He can’t play like that against Barzil if we make the semi

  68. Man this team is so trash Brazil will probably have a field day with this Argentina this team will get trash by Brazil all I see is a team who clueless kicking ball with no plan it just bad.

  69. ACUÑA, de Paul and Lautaro are the good surprises so far. Credit to Scaloni for making the changes and sticking with them.

  70. Good game overall so far. Lautaro & DePaul the best so far. The only thing missing is Messi at his atleast 80% best. Although Messi attacker is not at his best, Messi the midfielder is doing great. Some great passes from him in the final third. Hopefully we will see the best of Messi in the second half. We need a firing Messi against Brazil in the SF (hopefully, we will be able to maintain the lead in the second half).

  71. We are growing every match except Messi. His game gets worse and worse. He loses the ball many times and looks unmotivated. Never thought I would write this, but bring on Dybala for Messi.

    We started excellent, but somehow lost pace. Too many fouls, too often players on the ground. Neutral viewers will be bored by all the fouls.

    From our perspective however, so far so good.

    • “Never thought I would write this, but bring on Dybala for Messi”.

      I never thought Messi can play someday like that, even at his 38 or so. He barely can keep the ball few seconds

      • You a far bigger Messi hater than Argentina supporter LOL, Messi plays so average so far in this Copa to his standards than Maradona in all of 3 Copas, and that tournaments with peak Maradona, 32 years old Diego hardly even lived.

        • What has Maradona to do here.
          Messi plays below every standards.
          Every player on the world would be long time ago subed if looked so apathetic.

          If you compare him with Maradona that means his standards ar far higher. If he is on average of his standards this Copa that means his standards are nowhere near to Maradona.

          Watch Maradona 1994. Was better than Messi here. Besides Maradona is different example. Everyone knows he ruined his career early by several addictions. This comparison unfit.

          • but i want to see that Diego or any Diego without cocaine (self-confident on the highest level with that shit) but he cost us that tournament, Caniggia faked an injury too and the team collapsed

  72. We are clearly the better side. Defense looks good. Lautaro seems to be our best in the tournament.

    • he sacrificed himself to build up attack… lol he is doing dirty works..if you want to see him score you shoul put him near the box..but his role in argentina differant tha last times..this times his job is drop to the deep connect with midfield and build up attack..

      • He has failed to dribble or pass so many times so far in situations he usually kills. He is not his usual self.

  73. Good game!

    One observation with Paredes, twice in 12 minutes he finds himself in a great attacking position but has no idea what to do.

  74. I really like Lautaro. He has that old school albiceleste vibe in him. True grit with skill and speed. A real fighter.

    I think that Aguero will thrive when having a striker partner in the box. This might be the tournament we’ve been waiting from Kün. He’s healthy now and somehow the pressure isn’t that high this time. Argentina has been playing outside of the headlines and not in that pressure cooking craziness of the past decade or so.. nobody expects anything from them so et’s hope for the result now! Don’t care how, just win the damn game and advance.

    Vamos Argentina!!

  75. This lineup is scary. I don’t think this team will get past venezuela. Sorry to say this. But Argentina will definitely get out from this competition. I hope I get proved wrong. A front line of Dybala, Messi and either one of laurtaro or Aguero could be scary. Messi can play as a false nine. Lo celso, paredes and guido rodriguez would be enough to break venezuela’s press and counters. In this way, Lo Celso can play his natural game.

  76. Posting after a long time again!!! Some of you know me since 2004
    Read you guys everyday!!

    Hope for a win. Nothing more, nothing less. Which ever way it comes.
    Messi is due for a great game. Some defining moments

    On the topic of Messi, I see he is playing at the official enganche position now. In the hole, behind 2 strikers. I don’t see him complaining at all. He just wants to win something with the NT.

    I am liking Lautaro. Looks like one who is doing well for the NT. It was much needed.

    I see Di Maria easily being dropped and not getting any minute.

    So there is no Messi club etc. Now the 11 needs to run and fight for their life.


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