Argentina’s positive semi final record in Copa America and World Cup’s


Argentina has a positive record when it comes to semi finals in senior tournaments.

When Argentina play against Brazil in the semi finals of the 2019 Copa America, their track record in that stage of the two largest tournaments is very much on their side. Argentina have played in 13 semi finals when it comes to both the Copa America and the FIFA World Cup and have won 12 of their 13 games.

The team’s only defeat in a semi final has to be traced back all the way to the 1987 Copa America when they lost 1-0 against Uruguay. The rest have all been victories or victories through a penalty shootout.

Olympic Games, 1928: A 6-0 win vs. Egypt

FIFA World Cup 1930: A 6-1 win vs. United States

FIFA World Cup 1986: A 2-0 win vs. Belgium

Copa America 1987: A 1-0 loss vs. Uruguay

FIFA World Cup 1990: A 0-0 draw, 4-3 win on penalty kicks vs. Italy

FIFA Confederations Cup 1992: A 4-0 win vs. Ivory Coast

Copa America 1993: A 0-0 draw, 6-5 win on penalty kicks vs. Colombia

Copa America 2004: A 3-0 win vs. Colombia

FIFA Confederations Cup 2005: A 1-1 draw, 6-5 win on penalty kicks vs. Mexico

Copa America 2007: A 3-0 win vs. Mexico

FIFA World Cup 2014: A 0-0 draw, 4-2 win vs. Netherlands

Copa America 2015: A 6-1 win vs. Paraguay

Copa America 2016: A 4-0 win vs. United States


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