Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI press conference, confirms Sergio AGUERO starts


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI held a press conference before his team’s game against Brazil at the Copa America and confirmed that Sergio AGUERO will start.

Speaking before the game, SCALONI commented on AGUERO, Lionel MESSI and more. Here’s what he had to say about the semi final game:

“We will play more in the way we want to play and not think about the opponent. It’s obvious that they are going through an important time, they are playing together and it’s been a while that they have the same coach and that obviously gives Brazil the advantage. But we believe we can do well and go through.

“But it’s obvious that they are a great team, playing at home in their Copa America. Logically, we will try to make things difficult but the numbers are there and you have to respect that.”

Regarding the numbers, SCALONI was referring to Brazil’s record under coach Tite which includes 30 wins, six draws and only two defeats.

SCALONI also confirmed that Sergio AGUERO will start:

“There’s word going around that there will be a change in the team and that it would possibly be AGUERO who would be out of the team. They always say “AGUERO is out, AGUERO is out”. I’m confirming that AGUERO will start. I don’t know why the word is always that AGUERO is the doubt and he will be out of the team.”

Lionel MESSI also has the support of coach SCALONI:

“We are used to him scoring three goals per match or for him to take out five players from the opposition but I am more than happy with him. We and it goes without saying, have confidence in him and he is our banner.

“I believe that the players have so much support for Leo that at times they say that they want to be champions more for him than for themselves, but here, everyone wants to be champion because Argentina wants that. There’s no doubt that the best player in the history of football is missing a trophy with the Argentina national team and it’s for that reason that his team mates say things like that. It’s obvious that we all want to win something with this shirt, there’s no one that wants to win more than someone else.”


  1. Lanzini Ansaldi and Banega were missed.We should not have single weak spot in playing eleven.Foyth is good player this should be his last match as right back.He is more comfortable in CB position.Lanzini should have been called over Pizzaro.
    For oher matches Lanzini Lamela Paredes Messi Foyth Kannamenn Lautaro Icardi Musso Dybla De paul should always be in team.Time to say goodbye to Aguero Di maria and all oldies except Messi thanks for your participation.Lo celso needs to learn a lot he must be creative like B.Silva.
    He should idolize him.Our fullback needs to be offensive so hunt for them should start i do not want one dimemsional player.Tagliafico is good but needs to participate im attack too

  2. I don’t think Brazil is such a difficult opponent for Argentina. We have a fair chance of winning against them. If we play well, we can beat them.

    However I think we need to score a goal first, it would be very very difficult to come back after conceding a goal.

    Let’s hope for a great performance from the whole team and The Messi brilliance. Vamos Argentinaa!!!

    • Completely agree… if they score first, their confidence will be so difficult to deal with defensively..

      Not saying we can’t win, but I think we have about a 35% chance of winning. So let’s hope our boys go out to win! No holding back ! Messi needs to play one of the best performance he can give

    • Why they make excuse of the pitch. In this tournament other nations also playing they play well they don’t blame any excuse for the pitch y we make excuses because we can’t play well

  3. Its been 14 year I been Supporting argentina fc and I am fed up of this . I just want one cup for messi before he retires plzz everybody wake up and win this cup just for messi. I will miss you my men love you messi…

    • I feel the same way. I hope we win this one for our beloved Messi and Argentina fans all over the world. At this stage, there is no easy games! So we just have to deal with Brazil. We can beat them!! I have this terrible feeling that if we go out tonight, Messi might retire from nt, and I don’t want to see that before we win a cup with him!

    • Well kid.. I am supporting Argentina for 25 years now… I have seen them coming close but not able to win in the final… Unlucky as well as the coaches and players lose their head at vital stages.. Let’s pray all will be good this time around.. Vamos Argentina

  4. Cut the bullshit! There is a reason why we love Argentina. This is what we live for. If you are scared of defeat dont support. We are Argentina!! even when we were in dissaray we gave France worth their money in the WC. I believe in my team even though the opposition looks strong. I dont care. I ll hope for a win. If not i ll hope again for next time. When you support you have to support all the way. What stats? Brazil is lucky to not to Face Argentine in the last 2 Copa Americas. Cos they were shit. We will put them on their place Tonight. Ameen/ Amen.

  5. Argentina is big nation of football
    They can beat any team in any place
    It doesn’t matter home or away
    I believe this team if they Play
    like men they will come on top
    Never give up hope anything
    Can happen 90 minutes of football.
    Even love more cose all the mainstream
    media rights arg off I like my team be
    underdogs for certain games .

  6. It is not the time to cast doubt on our team,


  7. everything today is against us. it is the true and nobody can hide behind his finger.
    Brasil play in their home. they have better team. more organized than us. statistics is in their favor.
    bla bla bla bla.
    generally every kind of thing in this game is in favor of Brasil.

    so what we should do? give up before game? afraid?
    escape and not play?

    we have only 1 way.
    the Argentina way.
    we should fight as we did
    as we do and as we will always do.
    Argentinians we are fighters.
    we born like this.
    in football. in all sports and generally in everything.
    so we will do it again today too.

    whatever will be the result we will keep the heads up.
    this is the correct thing to do.
    this is what i will do and this is what i want every Argentina fan to do after the game.

    whatever the result will be.
    keep the heads up.

    as our last part of national anthem saying.

    Sean eternos los laureles,
    que supimos conseguir.
    Coronados de gloria vivamos
    O juremos con gloria morir !!!


  8. Brazil are the favourites, and that’s the truth.They have a good defense,great individual qualities on midfield and an improving attack.Still there is always a way to get around teams.Remember how a team like Argentina were threating a bus parking team France?They sat back and tried to open up spaces then counter.But, Argentina have faced very few attack minded teams for sure. Against Brazil, there will probably be Arhtur(A Ball Controller and an accurate passes,makes right decisions) along with Casemiro(Another strong guy,who has proven himself as a great DM in Madrid)Casemiro did have one of his worst seasons.These 2 will face Messi and try to stop him to force Messi drop deep and making him incapable of creating chances.Then you have Thiago Silva(Great Defender,best defender for Brazil in last 10-12 years) and Miranda(Old but still doing good things from defense,had to face bench at Inter many times too). These 2 will also be busy trying to handle 2 professional and clinical strikers like Lautaro and Aguero(We hope the front line remains same).This will allow the wingers/midfielders like De Paul and Acuna maybe to push further and find the spaces bcoz If Brazil play attacking their fullbacks will find it hard to man mark the wide players Dani Alves getting old and not on his prime is a positive side for us.We can do good things and bring the best result we want.
    But,for the time being if Tite unlocks the chemistry of Brazil’s attacks it might hurt, us we might not bring the best result.

    My advice would be
    1.keep them under pressure in which they are already in, and score early
    2.Solid defense,no room for error
    3.If we can’t convert goals,Messi magic is the hope left

    I consider Brazil to remain as favorites and go through

  9. “South America’s Clasico has some curious facts hanging over it. Argentina are without an official win over the Selecao since 2004, 15 years ago, playing six times since and losing four of those. Their record on Brazilian soil is even worse, not winning in Brazil since 1964 when they won 3-0.”


    SINCE 1964 …

    • Last official win was 2005, not 2004, the first half of that game was the best game of Argentina I have seen, even better than the 2006 game with Serbia. Best of Roman, best of Crespo, best of Saviola…. and it was one of the best of Brazil too: Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho.

  10. Lautaro and De Paul are NT player and impressed me to hope for the victory today. I always like attacking mindset. 3 men front with Messi, Aguero and Lautaro. Midfield with Paul, Paredes, Celso and backline like last match. I wound mind if Acuna for Celso in first half. but no Paredes and Guido together. That combination doesn’t look well as both are not pacy. We can not efford two slow mid. that system make a gap between front and mid. Good luck Argentina. I am getting a lot confidence to win today against the Rival….!!!

  11. So after two scrappy wins over the mighty superpowers Qatar and Venezuela many in here actually believe we have a cats chance in hell against Brazil…..? Incredible. What have we seen that suddenly gives us confidence? Lautaro has been playing well and Paredes and De Paul have been good. Pezzella and Otamendi were good against Venez…that is it, and it is by no means enough. Messi has been terrible if we compare him to the real Messi, if not he has been mediocre. Without the real Messi we are doomed when we face a real good team. And to be honest I do not think Messi will ever win anything with our NT, he is too weak mentally. Sad but true, and now he is also declining as a player. But the team is far more important than Messi anyway.
    Like I said after the first game, we lack SPEED! And that will prove costly today. Brazil have speedy wingers that will cause havoc in our defence. Foyth, although I like him, will most likely give away a penalty and get booked. I am so extremely tired of being beaten by Brazil, that feeling of humiliation kills me. 13 years without a win in a competitive game is just far too much. I am so afraid before this game, I have no joy. I am traumatised. 33 years as a fanatico, and I have NEVER ever got to watch a final where my beloved Argentina win. In 86 I never got to see the final, because my family were on a holiday and I was just 9 years old so my parents didn’t care what I said. The 91 and 93 finals were not shown on TV here in Norway. So that means 6 finals with Argentina(90, 04, 07, 14, 15 and 16 + confederation cup in 05) without a win. It hurts like hell.It feels like a curse to support Argentina. The game today feels just like a final. We just can not get a result, I am dead sure. But still, I will always love and support our NT. I will never stop dreaming. But today I am getting ready for even more pain. Why? Because I am traumatised!

    • “Like I said after the first game, we lack SPEED! ”

      That was something blatant and distinct when I compared last Argentina game and the Colombia – Chile rivalry. The tempo playing was much slower

    • You’re not alone friend, we are all in the same boat.
      It is either this curse is broken and they win something substantial and today is a good to start or we keep on going on and just suck it up.

      There is off course another solution available to all of us, QUIT, STOP CARING, drop football and ARGENTINA ONCE and for all. I can speak for myself, I seriously contemplated quitting after the 2016 Copa loss because I thought that a win was finally going to happen and it obviously didn’t.
      I couldn’t do it, I am what I am, an ARGENTINA SUPPORTER dead or alive, its part of me and I cant help but be a supporter of this footballing nation.

    • > Messi is mentally weak

      No offense but this comment is “mentally weak”.

      You don’t get 5 balon dors by being mentally weak

      You don’t carry the NT on your back for a decade by being mentally weak.

      You don’t carry your club on your back by being mentally weak

      You don’t keep coming back and killing yourself for the NT despite all the critique from garbage cunty fans and the media by being mentally weak

      Youre not considered current world and all time best by being mentally weak.

      I could on and on and on…

    • I am a bit more lucky compared to you @Rune. It has been 21 years I support NT, since 98 wc. Never saw my team lifting a trophy. That is a feeling cannot be expressed in words.

  12. “Brazil have eliminated Argentina in each of the last 4 times they have met in Copa America tournaments! 😬 Will history repeat itself again tonight? 👀”

    From Twitter..👆

    • That’s true, but Argentina eliminated Brazil the 2 copas before those 4, so you can say 4-2 for Brazil in the last 6. But interestingly Brazil has the luck to avoid Argentina when they are crap, like the last 2 copas in 2015 and 2016.

  13. I don’t know how many teams have had success playing against Brazil but I do know that ARGENTINA was leading not so long ago in total games won and goals scored…..maybe 4-5 years back.

  14. Realistically speaking a Semi final is a decent result for us, considering the rebuilding stage for is. And Scaloni has achieved that even through scrappy play. But it’s almost painful to watch our beloved team play like this.

    Its a battle of the lifetime which is awaiting. Let’s see what Scaloni gonna do. Perhaps the biggest match for him as a Coach. It’s do or die for him. All the best to all. I still be leave we need a better tactician moving forward.

    • I love how everyone goes from
      “This is our year” after beating Qatar and Venezuela
      “Semi’s is a good result!”

      This is very funny.

      I have never liked Scaloni from the beginning, and I still want him out for ruining this great team!
      You score 2 goals against Qatar and Venezuela and suddenly you’re the top ten best in the world.
      Who can understand that?

      All we can do is just hope for the best.

  15. News are coming Lautaro is not going start Messi and Aguero is going to play upfront and Lo celso as no 10.
    Scaloni should start all 3 Messi, Aguero and Lautaro.

    • If Lautaro not starting today…I will kick on Scaloni’s ass. Understand why LoCelso added to the number 10 role. If I was a coach would have benched Aguero…and never a warrior like Lautaro.
      Messi and Aguero playing since childhood…still no chemistry. But Messi has good chemistry with Lautaro and LoCelso…why…? I think you know the answer…!

    • Lautaro is our best in the tournament alnog with De Paul. No brainer should start even ahead of Aguero.

        • I think it’s just rumors and he will start. More afraid about Foyth and central midfield destroying potential.

    • I will forgive Scaloni for leaving EL TORO , only if he has a plan to introduce him in a crucial moment to hit the Brazilians when it hurts them the most. Maybe there is a plan -I hope is an effective one- to use LOCelso as 10 with Messi and Aguero upfront, and introduce Lautaro when the Brazilian defense gets tired. It will not be helpful if we go out on the pitch attacking with all our guns in the beginning of the match. in case of extra time we need to use out players wisely.

      • There are 3 wounded Lions in Argentina team…Messi as he’s not getting to his best…. Dimaria…as he’s sidelined because of his performance…. LoCelso as he lost his starting place. Hope they will show their value in this match

        • Lo Celso was used out of position,mostly. in a more central role he should be fine.

          The only advantage of Argentina team not having an identity and known plans, is that it will be difficult for the opponents to read your tactics 🙂 therfore, I think there is something in store for us to watch tonight, and I expect the team to click big time, hopefully

  16. I still don’t trust Scaloni. This Argentina don’t have any identity. We are very lucky to get to the semi thanks to some individuals brilliance. Messi is the only hope for us to win this game against Brazil.

  17. I think leaving our 3 attackers up top will be a problem for brazil. They are used to teams parking the bus with 9 men and having 1 forward up top. If the full backs and arthur press up and we win the ball its silva marquinhos amd casemiro againdt messi lautaro and aguero. I like our chances very much if we have a couple of those 3 on 3s. If Brazil leave a full back on the left than de paul and foyth/saravia can both mark everton when he has the ball. And if dani alves stays back they will have no width on the right side because jesus is not a winger. If arthur stays back then coutinho will have to carry the ball up the field on his own and we can stop that. I think brazil will be uncomfortable attacking because they know our counter attack will be deadly if they have players caught out of position.

  18. Guys i have a feeling scaloni will not start with messi today
    I hope not but i have this feeling that he would like to finish first half without conceeding goals so he will sacrefice messi for this purpose
    Also this would be a major surprise for brazil cz they are preparing for messi and suddenly there is no messi
    But i hope this doesnt happen
    Just wanted to share my thoughts

  19. Records or streaks mean nothing with this Argentina now.

    Colombia had not beaten us in like 12 years or something… and we get smacked by them this year.
    Venezuela had never beaten us I think…
    and we get smacked by them 3-1

    This is Messi’s worst Copa America, with just 1 goal from a penalty. Just shows how this team is performing.

    Against Venezuela, the first goal was a beauty, but again it came from a corner…
    and the second was a goalkeeping error…
    You cannot say Argentina were the better team.
    We did JUST enough to get through.

    Let’s not forget out of all Scaloni’s matches against South American teams,
    that 2-0 win over Venezuela was his FIRST!!!!
    And it wasn’t even a convincing one!

    Now what makes you think we can beat an established Brazil AT HOME if we can’t even beat Colombia?
    Like I said, I’ll be supporting my country…
    But I’m being realistic!

    Defense has been disappointing, so has our Keeper, midfield…
    And our attack has been mediocre at best.
    Brazil have scored 8 goals in 4 games.
    Chile has scored 6 in 4 games.
    We have scored 5 in 4 games.
    That’s only 2 less than Peru.

    Back in 2016, we had already scored 16 goals going into the Semis against the United States.
    If you can’t see were in decline idk what will convince you.

    • Thrashing inferior team and losing to superior or same level team or losing in pressure…! I hope everything is past now.

      This team is getting better after every match. Hope it plays the best football against Brazil. If we win today….final will be a cake walk for this Argentina..!

    • @dontbethatguy Unfortunately, AFA has screwed the NT. We would have Tata still as our coach (or at least through the 2018 WC), but he did not get paid. We do not have continuity with coaches, so the NT will suffer as these guys only play with each other once a month.

      I disagree that we were lucky against VEN. We were by no means far superior like 2016, but the team looked to find cohesion within the system. VEN had plenty of possession no doubt, but really were lacking in clear chances except for a few.

      Armani has been really good for us. He made one error in the Paraguay game (I think) were he passed it to Otamendi when he was closely marked, but his command of the box in the air has been superb.

      Players like Paredes are finding their footing. Foyth is a very good player growing into national team play. Pezzela has been good. Otamendi only real good game was against VEN. Taglifico has been superb.

      I believe you are being too harsh. While Arg is by no means at current level as 2014-2016, they are growing even if today’s game does not go as we hope.

    • “This is Messi’s worst Copa America, with just 1 goal from a penalty. Just shows how this team is performingz”.

      Messi’s individual form is not any indicator of team form. What about group stages of WC 2014. Messi shined while team was poor.

  20. I have nothing to say as I’m confident that this will be a good match for us, no one pressure Messi and talk about him much in this match but I’m pretty sure that this is will be his matches and we will get into final again to play against Chile side, this time will be our third time lucky.
    Vamos Argentina Let Do Your Best and End The Critics, we will always be by your side no matter what.

  21. Very excited for the match.There happens Clash of Titans.Two icons will collide.Both teams are good let’s see who comes on top.I expect same line up.Dybla and Lo celso should come as substitute.
    I think our defence is good

  22. Scaloni getting pro to handling press😉
    Bytheway have you guys seen the new what fucking yellow shit fans did. They are panicking so they disrupt our team sleep in midnight right before a important game.

  23. Probably I won’t watch today’s match live.very rare I miss an Argentina game live. I am already under pressure. I don’t want my BP hits high…!
    I was just thinking…how much of pressure will be there on our players…!

    Lautaro is a guy who like pressure and will perform better when pressure mount. This is my assumption from his under 20 days.

  24. Playing 4312 against Brazil is the best formation we can go with. But this is a double edged sword. It can go either way.
    Playing 442 against Brazil will be an automatic defensive set up. As 4231 and 433 not working for this team…this is the best formation. Even if we losing we will have our moments. Better fight(attacking) and lose…than fear (defensive) and lose…! Whoever score first will have edge.

    Note: Brazil conceded just 2 goals in their last 14 matches after the world cup…! If somebody can kill this team it’s Argentina with Messi-Lautaro and Aguero.

    • Note: Brazil conceded just 2 goals in their last 14 matches after the world cup

      At KO stage, it only takes one bad game and those stats becoming meaningless.

      Brazil came into WC 2014 in great shape, winning 99% of their friendlies and won Confederation cup aswell beating Spain. That doesnt mean anything during the WC itself. Germany was even better prior to WC 2018, winning every games in qualifier scoring 40+ goals conceided just 4.

      Those stats will only create more preasure on them.

    • It is a double edged sword. But under the circumstances it is our best shot. If we work hard we have a good chance. Aguero and Lautaro must press and Paredes will have a baptism of fire. If we win, we will have a team that will be counted as amongst the best – again

  25. This Scaloni team seems like Maradonas vs Germany CB on right back Otamendi-Foyth—one defensive midfielder Mascherano-Paredes (if he is)-one winger in the left midfield role Di Maria-Acuna-one hard working (rather winger) midfielder on the right Maxi-De Paul and 3 strikers Tevez-HGiguain-Messi… fear ARG wont have presence in the midfield

    • Maxi Rodriguez played mostly as a forward for Argentina (Lavezzi type of forward), and Di Maria also played in that 2010 quarterfinal… that’s basically means 5 attacking players + zero creative midfielder with Masche playing in midfield alone.. so its not exactly the same. Add the fact that a young and inexperience Otamendi was played at the wrong side of the field….. Maradona treated that game as if its PES video game.

  26. He even joked about not starting MESSI but now I am actually scared!
    Good luck to everyone in the Argentina national soccer/football team, and I hope we can win!


  27. Hopefully I don’t get my heart broken 2 times today because I don’t have any positive vibes about both of my team playing today Both team playing semifinal
    Haiti vs Mexico and Argentina vs Brazil.

    • When we got to the competition, we did not have any hope. We wanted to have a team with togetherness, playing time and a system upon which we can build a foundation for the world cup qualifiers. Although we only beat Qatar and Venezuela but I can tell you that there are at least 5 players and young players that we can count on for the future. 5 players, not including Messi, and Tag is a lot. The gap between the two teams(Arg, Bra) is not that obvious. They can beat us but we can beat them as well. having a broken heart will depend of the match, as long as we put on very good fight, positive energy, great potential I wont be so devastated….

  28. I don’t know if Scaloni intentionally wanted to sacrifice Messi for others in attack. From what I saw since the last 2 games, whenever Messi lost the ball, Lautaro and Aguero immediately came after the defender in order to win back the ball quickly, that was really well done. Whenever Messi is in the middle, De Paul had always plenty of time to prepare his action. He said he is happy with Messi’s input, could that be part of the plan? I am really curious to know. If yes, then it’s a genius idea because nobody expected that. Usually you sacrifice others to support Messi. Now it’s completely the opposite thing.

    • ” whenever Messi lost the ball, Lautaro and Aguero immediately came after the defender in order to win back the ball quickly”

      just noticed the situation.

      “Usually you sacrifice others to support Messi. Now it’s completely the opposite thing”.

      That’s something new for us and all that seems to be stunning as Messi is really in the shadow of others.

  29. Day before a match is pure tourture guys. Almost life freezes. No sleep or disturbed sleep. We suffered a lot. We deserve some deserving happiness from our team. But one positive thing is Messi n Aguero now realise the importance of running. Giving as much off the ball running. Fingers crossed..

    • Day before match is pure torture guys. Almost life freezes. -> yes, the whole day revolves around running through the motions, every few hours and soon, every hour, the mind keeps going back to the team and the big game ahead. The tension is unnerving. I check this forum and it does nothing to quell the butterflies.

      M&A now realise the importance of running. Giving as much off the ball running. -> yes, show us how desperate you are. Run and close down as hard and fast as you can. Scare the sxxx out of the them. Just hope when the chance finally comes you still have that extra bit of strength and luck with you.

      Fingers crossed.. -> vamos argentina. Vamos Argentina. VAMOS ARGENTINA!

    • If Messi runs, guarantee, Argentina wins. It means you make those defenders and midfielders unable to put the ball exactly where they want it to go, it means rushed decisions for them but it’s a big if, Messi usually, and lazily, just trot around and let opponents calibrate. Come on Leo, two wins and the big dream is reality. Vamos!!

  30. If we park the bus, we’re screwed!

    I always believe offense is the best defense.

    If we park the bus, Everton will destroy Foyth.
    Firminho and Jesus might be too much for Otamendi, and Pezzella has been no help this Copa America.
    We have no DM to support the defense. Paredes has been at best average,

    Casemiro vs Messi will be an interesting battle.

    We MUST keep possession to at least have a chance!

    Personally, I think we’re going to lose, and it’s going to sting like s**t, but that’s based on our bad performances against well…. everyone.
    As long as it’s only by 1, it’s not TOO bad!

    • Brazil has like 2500 passes vs Arg 1500. Against Venezuela we had 60% and Brazil are far better. We ain’t beatng them at possession dude.

      • I think no one talked about beating them in possession.. he has a point, parking bus simply means decimation. Not parking the bus doesn’t mean, having 50%+ possession.

      • Yes I agree with Choripan, and we don’t have players for that. No need to park the bus too deeply, but defend together in a more advanced position and try to counter attack. Even we get stopped, Aguero and Lautaro need to come after the defenders like what they did since the last 2 games. I think Acuna and De Paul will have a lot to do in this match, they need to block the wingers and fullbacks who attack well, offering the 1st level of protection to Tagliafico and Foyth.

        • Possession, defensive superiority , past record will move out of question if Lionel Messi can play his own game…its that one or two moment of magic that we’d need from him to seal the match in our favor … and Brazil , with all my respect, is not as strong as France in 2018 WC, who could make a comeback any moment…if Argentina could score 3 past them, there’s no reason we can’t beat this Brazilian side

    • Well it depends. True you can’t just park the bus and that’s it, you have to have a strategy, you have to do it selectively. You cannot lose possession 9-1, but 6-4 is not that bad, France lost the possession game a lot and still win the World Cup and conversely won it big in the Euro and lost to Portugal. If we are fully parked we must prepare ourselves, and in practice also, for devastating counters then we will make them cry. Brazilians get frustrated very quickly once you score on them and things are not going their way, they start rushing and therefore missing even gimme. My biggest worry is taking a goal first or early, if they score on you they tend tu bury you. Vamos Argentina 🇦🇷 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷!!!!

  31. Conserving Aguero and Lautaro will be the right thing to do, maybe using Messi in a bit deeper position to cut this Brazil defense into 2. And then using Aguero and Lautaro energy to press Thiago Silva and Marquinhos. Those 2 don’t like being under pressure. They suffered a lot against Mane and Firmino, even Lukaku gave them lot of troubles. I watched a lot PSG champions league game during the past few seasons, I guarantee that their CBs are very vulnerable. Should press them as much as we can.

  32. Full blooded attack is our best chance. I am glad that Scaloni thinks that. For God’s sake please don’t get in Lo Celso/ADM for Lautaro. Our team is peaking, getting better with this formation and group of players, game after game. Ironically I think Messi will be much better against Brazil than against others because Brazil will like to play their own game and not try like others to contain Messi. That will give Messi more space and time. I am certain Messi will shine and take us through.

  33. Argentina should play with their strength,which is attacking.They should attack .If they concentrate only defending it will be dangerous to them..So Argentina should attack Brazil when ever chance is getting.
    Come On Argentina

  34. This is the first time in this tournament that there is less pressure on Argentina than the opposing team.we all know Brazil is superior to us in many aspects.But pure passion, hardwork and determination is going to bring us glory!!!!!

  35. Kun and Lautaro are in excellent form and ahead the clash the team is full confidence ; its a good sign. A great game plan; individual talents and collectiveness plus luck is the key to wins this and goes to final. May the force be with us. Enjoy the game. Whatever happens it will be resonate in long years to come.

  36. Aguero Lautaro Messi upfront sends opposition in extra pressure ..
    Brazil defence and Midfield will be tracking messi Aguero and Lautaro…

    we need just good supply from midfield towards Our strikers…

    messi must show his proper game against Brazil …
    score a goal first..
    Brazil will be under huge pressure and more nervous..
    and then score second
    and then third..

  37. If scaloni sticks same 11 against
    Venezuela I will say he is brave man
    I Would love see that. some may say
    It’s suicidal no is not if we we have
    Kun messi and Martinez up front
    Brazil will scare so thier full back
    Won’t go forward they will be caution too . Whoever score first will likely
    To win the game

  38. Scaloni’s words:


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