Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGUERO, Lautaro MARTINEZ start for Argentina vs. Brazil


The attacking trio all start for Argentina in the semi-finals of the Copa America.

Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI has repeated the same line-up for the first time as the attack will be lead by Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGUERO and Lautaro MARTINEZ. Here’s the starting eleven:



  1. 1. Happy with the progress of reaching Semi-Final.
    2. Argentina played with intent – many scoring opportunities but unlucky.
    3. After a long time – we see the argentina that we want.
    4. Definitely need some young blood in Defense. Pezella was not physically fit to start with..
    5. Team selection was not upto mark, missed some key players.
    6. Need a fit number 5.Need some fine tuning in midfield.
    7. Overall the team played well..

  2. Head coach : Eduardo Coudet

    GK : Damian Martinez ,Juan musso ,Walter Benitez ,Paulo Gazzaniga

    RB : L Godoy ,G Montiel
    LB : L Martinez ,A Soto
    CB :A Barbosa ,C Romero ,J Foyth ,Martinez Quarta ,Manmanna

    Wingers: Joaquin Correa ,Benjamin Garre ,Ocampos ,Mateo Garcia ,I pussetto

    DM :J foyth ,Joaquin pereyra,Santiago colombatto

    Playmaker : Lo celso ,Bebelo Reynoso, Alexis McAllister

    Box to Box : Palacios ,Lucas robertone ,Anibal Morena ,Nicolas Dominguez

    Strikers: L Alario ,Gaich ,F Colidio

  3. Now please form a team
    without messi
    a good coach until the WC2022
    build for WC2022 Qatar ..

    use Dybala now..
    Go for a solid defence first…midfield too

    Argentina never lacks super quality attackers in the World..
    Lautaro Dybala Icardi Gaich Barco DePaul Locelso Ascacibar Palacios S.Sosa
    C.Romero Foyth Musso W.Benitez Gazzaniga J Correa etc

  4. To Compare sampaoli with scaloni. Sampaoli friendly win Italy ,Brazil only lost to Spain but without messi ,aguero ,di maria .In normal match only lost to France and Croatia which is the world cup winner and runnerup .draw with Iceland .

    Scaloni in friendly match lost to Brazil ,Venezuela draw with Colombia only win mexico C team and some weak teams .IN COPA AMERICA Argentina lost to Brazil and Colombia draw with Paraguay ,only win Qatar ,Venezuela.

    Just look at the results I don’t think scaloni is better than sampaoli. So scaloni should be fired. We need an experienced coach with tactics bear in mind .don’t need defenders scaloni ,Samuel ,Ayala to coach our team .they simply don’t know how to attack and build up a team with chemistry

  5. Argentina played their best match in Copa. But again, 2 shots hit the post while chasing behind from 1-0. How could the luck be always against this team? It was painful to see two shots hit the bar and it is happening all the time since 2002. If those shots went in then we would have been 2-1 up and scenario would be completely different. Brazil got chances and they took those in style, goal post didn’t prevent them. This Argentina is a young team and is in transition, so even the most ardent supporter didn’t expect them to win against the Brazil, who is playing as a team for a while and was playing in their home soil.

    However, it was a good match. Argentina showed that, they can again be a formidable team, given their coach continues. Drastic changes won’t help in long course. But, the curse must be uplifted, if Argentina dreams of winning anything.

    Messi should take any of the Argentine midfielder to Barcelona to have a good combination. Arthur and Coutinho combined well here.

      • Only messi ,Lautaro ,aguero one on one ,no overlap ,no long ball ,no one touch passing and running for others .
        We can’t easily pass the ball from midfield to our strikers . When Brazil score the first goal ,they are playing counterattack afterwards which is a trap for Argentina .they want Argentina move forward to attack that is their tactic not because of our good performance in attack

        • How many games they played together. Aguero was not the first striker till 2018 wc for some unknown reason. Then aguero and messi came straight to play copa. These two with martinez playing only the 3rd match together. What more do you expect? Are u crazy mate?

  6. pls fire scaloni ,eduardo coudet should be our head coach . we need a coach who can build up a new team .we need tall speedy players ,we dont need too much wasteful dribbles ,we need box to box midfielders

  7. Waisted selectn..
    Otamndi suarez saravia marchesin aguro maria
    Missing players ::
    Barboza/ quarta pity gud Lb benitez Icardi a.correa

  8. Sad day. First of all we played brilliantly under an inexpd. Coach and players. I commented earlier tht Otamendi is not playing his best.Arg. never used F.mori instead of him in this tournmnt. Otamendi made 3 big mistks in this tounmnt cost arg.s progression.only luck helps to reach in semi.
    Another imp matter todays game is that ‘this is brazil not veneswla or qatar.yes scaloni used same lineup .one strikr should hve been dropped for a midfldr.

    • I give Scaloni a positive point on that. In last 40 matches we never played with same formation in any 2 consecutive ones. The formation against Venezuela worked the best for Scaloni and he believed that would be his. We didn’t play bad with that, even against Brazil. Should Scaloni fielded another midfielder, we would see the strikers completely isolated and Messi easily normalized, and we would still lose anyway.

      • Ys.if scaloni used rodrigz or locelso in middle it is helpful for acuna or depaul to go fastly through wings.bcz brz back 4 always likes to stik in need 2 strikers i think.and unfortunately we hve no tall striker in frnt and a dragging midfldr in scaloni’s array..

  9. Shame
    Just woke up and saw the score
    Not suprised
    Class of 2004-2007 beat teams like qatar and Venezuela 3/4-0
    And beat Colombia’s and Paraguay’s with ease

    I remember 2004 wasn’t even our best team but they still played awesome

    Hope Brazil win final hate to see Chile win

  10. Even we loss but we played well, this is the best Argentine display in this copa, team fought hard until the end. we need to improve in defense, we need physical strong, tall players…..

  11. While I understand everyone is angry that Argentina lost, there are certain things we should look at as positives:

    1) Scaloni took over as the coach and though this is a new role for him, he seems to be slowly settling in and has also injected new and fresh faces in the team. I see majority of the players playing a key role in WC 2022 qualifiers, CA 2020 and WC 2022. I strongly feel he should continue to be the coach.

    2) Players like De Paul, Foyth, Lo Celso, Paredes, Martinez have set a solid base on which the other players/new players can work with

    3) Though no one expected Argentina to get this far, let us be frank. The semi final appearance itself was a major achievement for this team, though it is ARGENTINA

    4) There seems to be solid chemistry building up and with more matches and experience, I definitely see we coming back to good old days and be real contenders sooner than later.

    5) As for as fresh new faces, there are few more who could be called up like Romero, Balerdi, Palacios, Gaich et al

    6) Last not but not the least, we actually played the best game today and if not for bad luck and few VAR decisions, we would have been in the finals against all expectations.

    So I could see the team is shaping up really weel and foresee a strong future for the team.


  12. I think Brazil let us have the ball as they led 1-0. They wanted to play counter, that’s all. They didn’t play with their full strength yet. It’s always the same way they won us in the past 20 years. I have watched enough of matches like this.

    • I don’t think so. We fought well and took control after the goal. Tite ought to sub Everton by Willian because they need more people in the midfield. Brazil deserve to win but we played really well. Should one of the 2 woodwork hits had turned a goal, we would have reversed the result.

  13. Please tell me if you find something but here are what I saw:

    – we can’t play with style or attacking football, as we don’t have skillful and speedy players to do this, except Messi who’s getting old now
    – we can’t play counter attack, as don’t have world class defenders

    The only way we can win something or close to it now is to have a world class coach but AFA don’t have enough money to compete.

  14. As much as you guys can be optimistic, I don’t think we can win anything in a few years unless we have Sabella at the helm, who can lead an under-dog team to play well against a strong team. With Sabella, we’ll never concede silly goals like these.

    I don’t mind if Scaloni stay. He actually got Aimar, Samuel and Ayala by his side. They’ll all learn. Let them develop a long-term project.

  15. Relax guys.. life is not about incidents.. but how we react to incidents..of course it’s extremely painful.. but things are beyond our hands.. from AFA corruption to amateur coaches..we can’t do anything.. better we reduce our expectations.. life goes no need to think a lot.. cheers..

  16. 1 We need to bring kranvetter back (I hope he will find out a good club ) or find out a proper dm like Dominguez /ascacibar
    2 have to give chance to j correa and find out other wingers
    3 give chance to Walter benitaz
    4 have to find out the best new cb duo
    5 have to find out proper speedy skillful fullbacks
    6 appoint one proper coach who has a style of play

  17. You know people keep saying let’s bring in romero foyth Manama in defence but I don’t know which one among them can actually be world class…
    Otamendi had never been world class it’s just that he plays for city and leaves spaces behind but no one really wants to see that.

    Some say Musso, some say Benitez, some say Gazzaniga, some say rulli but it’s actually Armani…
    Guys said Tagliafico is shit and what not but yet here we are… deep down you all know he is the best lb we got and he is actually really good.
    What about DM?? Ascacibar, Battaglia the two best options.. ik bati got injured but where is santi?
    Look at CASEMIRO today… Did all the dirty work that’s why you need a 5 in your team… Guys say ohh santi gets so many yellow card idc because that’s his job…

    Personally for me on that midfield I wpuld like to see a proper defensive mid like casemiro and I would partner him up with de paul and anyone else on the other side.. I think that spot is free for palacios, lanzini, lo celso, paredes or whoever fits in… the front line for me is perfect tho I feel now is time to try Icardi again, Aguero should now retire. Only player to remain should be Messi the rest can go let’s move on with this kids.
    Wpuld have loved to see Kannemann in this tournament… heard a lot about him

  18. Though I am sad I’m excited for this team. This was our best game in this Copa. I actually hope we take the third place game seriously and try to make this team gel.
    I was trying not to jump to the idea that the ref was biased, but it was pretty hard not to see it. I know that Lautaro was lucky not to get a second yellow but the 1-2 penalties that weren’t even VAR revised?! Along with so many yellow cards but way less for Brasil?!
    I just hope the next game clicks even better for us. I’m excited to see who we bring in instead of the players who flopped this Copa.

  19. Rulli/Musso – Montiel/Saravia Foyth/Pazella Perez/Romeo Tagliafico/Ortega – LO Celso/paredes Sosa/Ascaliber Palacios/Fererra – Messi icardi/lautaro Dybala/Baraco
    Coach- bilesa or Gallardo

    • Rulli makes too many errors please move on from that guy. Benitez for me is the best choice and I bet you he is gonna be the no.1 keeper very soon. Just wait and watch.

      Best thing about him is the desire and passion he has got to play for his country. Never heard rulli or anyone else say anything about wanting to keep.
      This dude clearly said he is gonna be the keeper of this team and I’m sure of it. He really is very good. Has that hard-core mentality like romeros… not really but quite similar at the same time too

  20. To summarize,Brazil deserves to win ,they are more skilfull and speedy .they have team chemistry especially their MF and RB ,LB pass the ball Quickly to their FW .brazil can attack from two sides and at the center. their team cooperation is better .

    On the contrary ,Argentina have several problems unsolved

    1, Running ability is weak ,DM ,Acuna ,Tagliafico are slow at the same time Lautaro, messi ,aguero didn’t defense .only De Paul assisted foyth . They whole team can move forward but can’t come back ASAP

    2, No wingers ,No two sides overlap actually foyth is a proper DM not a RB .Acuna +tagliafico is the worst combination

    3, didn’t know how to attack ,mostly depends on messi ,lautrao ,aguero one on one but Brazil can play no look pass ,one touch football .coutinho nearly score a beautiful team work goal which is what we lack of

    4, too many wasteful dribble and pass back to defense. Every one like to dribble first then look and pass back which is meaningless. We need to pass the ball ASAP then run for rooms which require strong running ability

    5, Otamendi ,pezzella are not good at all especially otamendi always give the ball to Brazil.

    6,scaloni should be fired. His team didn’t have chemistry at the same time he doesn’t know how to attack . When defense his team i don’t think defense better than sampaoli ‘s . We even lost to Colombia ,draw with Paraguay .

    Actually the result is very bad ,lost to Brazil ,Colombia ,draw with Paraguay and only win Qatar ,Venezuela

    • 1 We need to bring kranvetter back (I hope he will find out a good club ) or find out a proper dm like Dominguez /ascacibar
      2 have to give chance to j correa and find out other wingers
      3 give chance to Walter benitaz
      4 have to find out the best new cb duo
      5 have to find out proper speedy skillful fullbacks
      6 appoint one proper coach who has a style of play

  21. Someone wanted Icardi 😆😆😆
    A team with no one to give him service ( ie, ball into penalty box) what the fck he was supposed to do 😂😂.
    He would have been shittier looking than Suarez in this tournament if played.

    Thank God for avoiding that

  22. scaloni is doing good actually…if AFA gives him another year..i am sure he will build a great team that would start winning again…lot of exciting talents in the wing like benitez and musso for GK positions… balerdi, cristian romero, foyth, Lisandro Martinez for the defense and palacios, zaracho, Agustín Almendra for the midfield and pavon, dirussi, ferreira on the wings…if messi and aguero stays and with this new crop of already established players at this copa and with few others in the defense for otamendi, pezzella, armani and di amria…This team can sure win one of the copa or the World cup.

    • I don’t think scaloni is good .look at statistics lost to Brazil ,Colombia ,draw with Paraguay ,only win Qatar ,Venezuela is not a good result .we give him a year to build up a team but still lack of chemistry. Didn’t know how to attack ,only rely on messi ,aguero ,lautaro ‘s one on one attack. Our defense players performEd really bad

  23. Goodness look at all the defensive blunders in the 2nd goal:

    1) Foyth – WTF. Stood there after he lost the clearance. Like he started day dreaming for a second and woke up. Look how he snaps back to reality and starts chasing.

    2) Otamendi – baby giraffe learning how to walk.

    3) Paredes – Look at Paredes start walking and staring at Jesus instead of closing the gap to Firmino or covering Firmino directly. Defensive instinct lacking.

    4) Tagliafico – started jogging instead of killing himself to get back.


    5) Pezzella – not really a mistake but under 2v2, I wish he fouled the hell of him killing the play for a yellow card.

  24. Moving on to our 2019 campaign, I personally feel we have made progress.. we have played our best football in idk 2 or 3 years..we r nowhere close to world class yet but looking at what this team has been the last 3 years I think we should be proud of them. Not just that but a game like today’s for example… I was proud of them because they had that fighting spirit and desire to win which we’ve honestly lacked very much of late.

    Brazil very smart, they knew this team is prone to errors and they countered them very well.
    Referee tho I must say made me feel like he was on the other side… the otamendi decision.. VAR didn’t even bother… for me penalty… Same thing with Firminos goal .. they didn’t even want to show the replay of what happened to Martinez at the other end.. seems like the broadcasters were paid off or something..
    Hell Fuck that I’m proud because I feel we did really well today and these things don’t matter anymore… our best is yet to come.

    People are heart broken but don’t want to look at the good… man this team is rebuilding and Brazil have a very good defence and keeper.. we are not on their level yet we put on a fight.. Armani vs Alisson… Marquinhos and silva VS Ota and Pezella?? Come on there is no comparison…. Argentina needs new defenders that’s it!!!

    Okay what about manager? People keep saying get Gallardo.. Personally idk how good he is cause I have never watched his games but are you sure he’ll do well? Are you really sure? How good is he? How does he play? Can anyone brief me on that please? And what if he fails to deliver? What you guys gonna do then? You’re gonna come up with some other name and be like let’s get this guy because that’s what you’ve been doing. Ever since I started following this page that’s all I have seen so Gallardo being a success is something I am doubting… if i had an idea of how he plays then maybe I wpuld have a different option but atm no… my pick was always Sampaoli regardless of anything because I felt if given the time he would build a world class team

  25. I am a lover of the Argentina national team because Maradona made me fall in love with football, which really pains me why the AFA is so corrupt, this is a problem, we cannot win anything without adequate financial strength from the organization of a country’s football, Argentina is the source of players gifted with a bad soccer federation. No matter who the coach who handles the Argentine National Team will end like this, because AFA needs money, if only the AFA is very strong in the financial side Argentina will always be one of the strongest in each tournament. If we want to change the situation of the national team to be better, it must start from the AFA, the federation must be far from the football mafia, after that we can see the true strength and playing style of Argentina. As long as the federation is on the verge of bankruptcy don’t expect us to win anything. Today’s football is very much controlled by money. Very!! That is one reason why Europeans dominate the power of football in terms of results. Even Asia with a country that has financial strength can compete with teams from South America and Africa who have financial strength under a team from Asia.

  26. Argentina have talents like Baraco, sosa, N Perez, C Romero, Ortega, Lo celso, Icardi, Dybala and many more but what we need a good coach, build a world class squad, a system and team chemistry which is never possible under scaloni who wasted 1 year completely wish Sampaoli could have got 50% of time which scaloni is wasted

    • Scaloni should go. Only a Manager with Quality (Say someone like Bauza! ) can rebuild this Argentina team.

      If they can’t find anyone minimum in that level (no more madmen too)

      1. Current AFA Holes must stop their shit and go to some other job.
      2. Then instead of finding another Scaloni, current Scaloni better continue, less damage to the mission.

    • You guys always ask for player this player that. Give it a break, the NT played the first 2 consequtive matches with the same formation and we saw the improvement. Scaloni found his ingredients, let him tweak it and we will be ready for 2022

      • 40 straight games without consecutive formations kills me inside to think of it. So frustrating and disruptive to team chem and confidence.

        • Right, and people wanted to kill the chemistry has just been born. Löw got 10 years to build his champions team. It also took Deschamp 6 years. Our great fans and football federation call for head of anyone who do not succeed immediately. Should Bielsa had continued in 2004, we would have won WC 2006. Should Pekerman had continued in 2006, we would have won Copa 2007 or WC 2010. Should Sabella had continues in 2014, we would have won at least one copas. Should Tata had continues in 2016, we would have done much better in WC 2018. Even Sampaoli, if he had been given another chance, we would have done well now. Give it a fucking break and let the team to grow its chemistry with continuity. Scaloni is not a world changer but he is getting better and had something started to click. I don’t say we will be winning Copa 2020 or WC 2022 with Scaloni and co but I am fucking tired of a new coach after every tournament. We can bring the best coach in the world but if you only give him 1 year to win something, we would turn him to an idiot. Very much like what we have done with Sampaoli. That’s why none of the high profile Argentine coaches wanted to take the job. If I was AFA, I would give Scaloni a contract until 2026. We have nothing to loose. No, I am not high on weed. I am very serious.

      • You wanted him to continue with this line up? Seriously ?
        With no Creative Midfielders?
        With no Defensive Midfielder?
        Just waiting for some magic from Front 3 or mistakes from Qatar type teams ? Is that the long term solution this Argentina required now ?
        You don’t see any reason to build a team with an experienced manager
        ( even someone from the legendary Argentina league’s bottom half legendary club managers)

          • You forgot Sampaoli? He was world class with proven records, what did he win? I don’t think he is bad but everyone needs time. We need time to build up the chemistry that has just emerged.

          • We need a new CB. Otamendi is no more reliable. Pezzella can continue. Kanneman will be back. Cristian Romero will be called up. Foyth will develop.

            We need a proper RB. Saravia might have fitness issue and I hope he will grow in Porto. France came to WC 2018 with 2 new, young wing backs after Euro 2016 (Pavard and Lucas Hernandez), so I don’t rule out some new emerging players for our NT.

            We need another hard working midfielder, the like of De Paul. My hope is on Palacios. Battaglia will be back if we want a destroyer. Also, Ascacibar should alway be an option.

            Our attack line is still premier of the world. Messi will be there, Aguero may still be useful, Lautaro cemented his position. Gaich/Barco can be good additions from U-20 team.

            Get some time, we will have a competitive team for the next world cup.

  27. Hey guys, been following this page for 3 years now but this is the first time ever I felt like I need to express my views regarding the NT.

    For me personally there have been many mistakes made by the seleccion, starting with 2016 Copa defeat. I personally feel immediately after that they should have appointed Sampaoli. Okay moving on from that, mid 2017(if I am not wrong) the team appointed Sampaoli who was under tremendous pressure right from the day he signed contract. He failed to deliver but I remember Tapia saying Sampaoli will continue as manager regardless of what happens at the WC and yet he didn’t live up to it.
    Now comes Scaloni, first caretaker then head coach… everyone once again especially the fans have a problem with that… when manager does well you guys go nuts oh he is doing so well and when he fails you people start acting like you never wanted him in the first place.. I mean really?? Is that the way to go forward? People last world cup for example said Banega is shit he won’t even play doesnt deserve to be in the team and now everyone wants him back… the same treatment fans are starting to give lo celso… first you say oh he is the man this and that and just cause he failed to deliver you say he is shit and should never be called up, then do us all a favour why don’t you go and represent the NT. Criticism is a good thing but there is a limit and a time to do it and now is not the time…. if anything then put pressure on the board as fans and not on the team.. then only we can make progress in the right direction

  28. This game was very similar to the friendly game in Beijing, same score, silly conceded. It’s ashamed we played better overall but lost like this. Our defense was pure crap.

    Somehow we always found a way to loose. If we’re very strong, we’ll loose in an unexplainable way. Like Biesla’s team in WQ 2002, first leg, Basile’s final Copa 2007 or the Beijing friendly after 2014. If we played well, the luck we came from Brazil’s side.

    Don’t worry dude, even if the score 0-0 or 1-0 for us, the ref today would give Brazil a penalty out of nothing, and we’ll loose eventually. No way we were going to win this match unless we outplayed them comprehensively to the point the referee will have no chance but giving us a win.

    So just relaxed. Problem is this team will have a tough future ahead, no matter which coach is in charge. Very few of our young guns are in the top European clubs. It’s sad, but it may take us years again from now to win something, from U20 to the senior.

  29. As long as i still have interesting for
    Football will always support arg
    I won’t give up on them but
    football is cruel sh..t happen
    Life goes on I know a lot of our mates
    In here Are disappointing .cheer up
    You know guys we weren’t expecting this team
    To come this far and play so good
    Against Brazil in thier back yard
    I believe Brazil beat Argentina with
    Help of the officials from var to the
    Main referee.
    I have to give big credit for the coaching staff
    They coach their nt when so call big name Managers turned thier back for thier Own nt whichever reason was been.

  30. There should not be any 3rd place match in copa like Euru it’s completely useless hope Argentina lose the match

  31. It’s funny to read blaming referee, lautaro could have been given red card earlier otherwise

  32. Mrinal : “If we could not beat this weakest Brazil side then god save Argentina…”

    –There’s your ignorance pal if you think this is the weakest Brasil side.
    Proven high profile coaches failed to beat the weakest, Brasil B and Brasil C since the turn of this century. So give Scaloni a break.

  33. New cycle of Argentina football must be starts now with young players except messi all Dimaria Otamendi even Aguero are done, if icardi was today against Brazil story could have been different

  34. Another disappointed tournament and another new coach will take over and restart again with a calling of 50 players. The endless cycle are in control. what remains is our faithful and never ending support for Albiceleste that one day the glory will be with us. So hurtful and sad to see Messi body language repeatedly when we lose a big tournament. His waits for a trophy continues

    Maybe this time El Flaco and AFA can bring a better coach which will lead a right path and work whole heartedly and continue with this core team.Focus to re shape defense and mid field. Vamos Arg

    • Bro… Saya rasa Argentina perlu mempertahankan Lionel Scaloni…, walaupun perlu beberapa catatan. Scaloni perlu kesempatan kedua atau bahkan sampai kesempatan ketiga.. Kesempatan kedua Copa America 2020 dan kesempatan ketiga di World Cup 2022.. Saya percaya dan berharap kalau Argentina bisa juara Copa America 2020 dan World Cup 2022..

      Vamos Argentina!!

  35. For any one citing a refree at fault…. Argentina always gets away with calls. You should have known damn well we weren’t getting calls today.

    YOR traga leche de prostis en plena calle, mientras su madre le come la verga a un ingles…. el puto es frances

  36. Argentina needs to win its next match for 3rd place in copa 2019 but it was good to see a new team without much team chemistry reached semi finals when many were predicting a group stage exit humiliation for Argentina now Scaloni or whoever willl be new coach shall have a contract till WC2022 and for copa 2020 and post copa 2019 otamendi,angel di maria and if possible aguero,armani need to be dropped and young players like cristian romero,ascaibar,icardi,alario,simeone,gaich,almendra,nehuen perez,balerdi,nico dominguez need to be integrated into the NT asap by the coach but there must me 2 strikers with messi in starting lineup of NT

  37. I hope some of you have got(or still doesn’t) the notion that mere “experience” counts for nothing. It’s no good if someone is incompetent, unreliable, reckless and got no footballing IQ. Experience my foot.

  38. We were doing great the first should have been Lo Celso for Acuna. Di Maria is a pure crap. Sub of De paul was totally unexpected. Lack of options in mid.
    Guido Pizarro, Dybala, Milton Casco, Matias Suarez, Di maria, Acuna. This players were just wasting an spot.
    Players like Lanzini, Zaracho, ignacio fernandez…. should have been called…….
    Apart from Paredes and Lo Celso no one playes in CM…others are either Winger or Forward…….Thank god de paul did great on tha CM position….

  39. it was a good match , Argentina losing because they were caught up against counter attacks….Argentina needs creative midfielders on the midfield…i am damn pissed off seeing Messi picking up the ball in the midfield for more than half the time, for god sake, he should be staying near the box…Truly, you can’t expect to win big matches like this with Otamendi as the main man in defense…. Dybala , Lo celso, de paul should be given more chance

    I don’t blame the referee , its difficult to give penalties in such high voltage matches…there were clearly not much pressure created by Argentina players as it happened all too quickly..also, with 2 goal down, intensity goes down as is pretty evident for any team…with small changes here and there, Argentina will surely come back stronger

    Get the defense organized (remove Otamendi)
    Try and use Messi near the box instead of allowing him drop to midfield all the time. Get Banega in the squad, he can probably fill up the gap. Argentina would do well to stick to this team , leaving Otamendi and Di Maria

  40. After 2018 world cup almost 1 year wasted still no team chemistry, no system, no confirmed 14 that’s scaloni for everyone who are still supporting him

  41. If we keep this same team we will be a force again. And if we find the right coach and stick with him. Either Scaloni or anyone else we have to stick with a coach. And Messi dont need to retire. He has not done anything wrong. We dont have a better player than Messi. No one does. Messi with this young team for next 2 years will do good for the team for WC.

    • I completely agree. Let the team.continue their WIP. I recall Sabella’s first year was even worse, until the turning point in the match against Colombia. I believe we found a team in the QF match and must continue from there. Another coach now will just remove everything and start over

  42. Argentina need a world class coach to build a team playing under a system, i bet under Sampaoli these midfield could have been fire 🔥️🔥️🔥 or even under martino, Argentina don’t have any system and messi played his worst ever tournament under scaloni, unnecessary dimaria sub makes even Comenterer of ESPN angry ahead of Dybala when need to score but Dybala was brought on the pitch when game was over

  43. Tough loss, especially after what can be considered as the best showing of the tournament by the boys. But Scaloni was outcoached by Tite, and that’s not to say anything wrong about Scaloni we know Tite is a better coach. The back third was severely stretched and showed whenever the Brazilians countered. The strength of wide 4-1-2-1-2 is also its weakness, opening up for the counterattack and caught left footed.

    There’s no need to blow up the team and start all over. The tournament revealed some rare gems in Foyth and De Paul. Otamendi might be done. Pezzella is serviceable but better coming off the bench. Tagliafico is robust on that side of the field, so if the centreback position gets resolved, I’m confident in defense. Midfield requires some introspection. They need someone creative, and Paredes is not there yet. Not sure who can step up anytime soon. Messi’s playing #10 in todays game showed why there won’t be another player like him ever. Too bad the combination of bad luck (2 shots on goal hitting the crossbar) and consistent play by Brazil doomed them.

    On to Copa America 2020. Viva la Albiceleste!

    • Also, I am rooting for Peru to go to the Finals. Nothing like a Peru team out to get revenge for their earlier humiliation, and Brazil losing to an Argentine coach.

  44. Lautaro martinez reminds me of a young luis suare. He does a lot of things very well and im excited to see if he can play with messi and dybala up front

  45. Scaloni is the biggest loser, had Sampaoli got the time which scaloni wasted, Sampaoli accepted Argentina job on tough situation, he had not get enough time to build team chemistry but scaloni wasted a year to build a team, he can’t be forgiven, i bet with anyone if Sampaoli stayed will do much better

    • Tell me what did Scaloni do wrong, kid? Taking Otamendi, the experience some of here craved for to guide the inexperienced and trusting him? That I defo agree.

      • Team chemistry bro and system which Argentina lacks even Quater and Venezuela have clear system and ideas despite limited resources, a world class coach build his team but scaloni wasted a year and called up Dimaria, Aguero i bet you bro Sampaoli will make young Argentina team better with time under a system which did for chilie earlier

      • Over the past year, Scaloni prioritized dumbass player selection instead of building chemistry and a system.

        He (or AFA or both) fucked up big time by starting COPA without practicing 1 effin game with core 11. The 23 a starting 11 were all know a long time ago but instead of building chem and system, it was endless round robin of “trying new players’, which was a wet dream for those sick of veterans. No shit we looked shaky as fuck and dysfunctional. Who the hell is surprised? If we played 3 or 4 friendlies with this group, we would have started off much stronger and i don’t think Brazil, Chile, Uruguay could have stopped us.

        I have been very vocal about my dislike of Scaloni because of that but i’ll give him credit. At least the team showed progress and that matters.

    • With Sampaoli as coach, we would not have come to semis even… Even win over Qatar would not have happened..I have not seen a more dumb person than Sampaoli…his Argentine nationality should be cancelled for the way he mismanaged the team in the WC 2018

    • Best game on my foot it’s only because brazil scored early and their plan was to do Argentina mistake and punish hard which they did exactly

  46. Despite how sad I am to say this, we played our best game tonight of the tournament. Messi was amazing and we were constantly attacking. That is were our mistake was though. We were pushed too far up and ended up crowding ourselves in the final third and left our third WIDE open.




  47. I think Messi played his last international match for Argentina… He should not play for Argentina now. And we should start preparing for new team with no player more than age of 25. So that we can be good in 2022 WC if we qualify….

    • Well that would be the WORST decision. Messi is not disrupting the team, we saw that Argentina can win without his heavy involvement. However you do have a point in terms of motivation. Year after year, tournament after tournament, match after match. Always the same result. Lots of good players, not good enough team.

    • Dani alves at 35 he is still playing…so i think without messi this team would find it hard…since there are no replacement for him as of now =…we can wait till when barco and palacios matures. until then we need messi

  48. First the obvious, the referee was one sided. This is FIFA so they ought to be able to get a European ref or somebody better than this guy from the trash heap. But I’m sure he will make a few bucks to stash in his equadorian bank account.
    Second we were unlucky but played well and the team is growing. They couldn’t win simply because we lacked time to gel, the manager is grossly inexperienced, and the call ups show it. Perreyra, both guidos and suarez offered little to nothing. Also, otamendi and DiMaria are done with the national team. These guys are no longer even above average players, just shitty ones playing off their name and clubs.
    Messi and Aguero gave everything as did others. I think with a bit of time, and moving Foyth inside and calling up Montiel and Romero will help a lot with defense. In midfield you need Palacios, Ferreira and most of all Barco. Barco has speed, is decisive and reminds me of Lavezzi and a young Tevez combined. In forward, Lautaro can play the role of a motion striker so there is absolutely no reason you can’t bring Icardi in there as well also. It’ll be interesting to see what happens but I think Scaloni will be gone if Gallardo commits.

    Lastly, the biggest immediate problem is the defense crumbles in the middle against even mediocre teams because of Otamendi and Foyth playing out of position. Montiel Foyth Romero and Tagliafico should be the defense going forward

    • First off … la tenes adentro. Dios queria que estas en ese país de mierda. You deserve it!

  49. I support Scaloni. Finally we have a team. Some tweaks…we will be best one of the best team in the world.

    I don’t think any other coach would have gifted Argentina a victory today. It’s very difficult.

  50. Scaloni went berserk and made subs losing structure and shape.
    messi, aguero, di maria, lautaro, lo celso, dybala, paredes were at the same time on the pitch!
    Should Scaloni be sacked?
    I don’t care.
    No matter who the coach is we won’t win.
    you will post line-ups, discuss players, coaches, locals vs europeans, old vs young but nothing will come out of it.
    imagine we had probably the 2nd best player of all time and we got only 1 medal.
    other teams have shitty players and they have trophies.
    we are incompetent, corrupt, underachievers, cowards, cursed, everybody hates us, and we hate ourselves.
    no hope!

  51. I am broken, but I am used to it. almost four decades of getting used to it Yes we lost. But a few positive note s:

    De Paul was the best player in our tournament. He should remain.

    Foyth also should remain, has a great future.

    It wasn’t the worst display, we had some tough luck in a couple attacks.

    As I said before, we need a tall physical striker….
    We need new central defenders.
    I like paredes alot, but he needs to train more.
    We need to stop wearing white shorts. I don’t know why we even wear those ugly bad luck shorts still.

    • DePaul was the find of the tournament for us . Eveyone thought LoCelso will announce his superstar arrival ( didn’t happen .. but am sure its matter of time ).
      With no disrespect to Messi , I think Messi should retire now . While he is the best of our generation & gave it all for NT , time to let the youngsters take over.
      Also Thank You Otamendi . while there are so many critics here for him , I always admired his grit & great service for the NT in last 5 years .
      The future should be :
      Lautaro – Dybala
      Palacios – Parades – DePaul
      Tagliafico – Pezella- CRomero – Foyth

      Subs – J+A Correa , Icardi, Benitez , Saravia , Ascacibar, Zaracho, Lanzini, Acuna
      If they get Gallardo – make the coach change NOW. Else let Scaloni continue till 2022.

      • without Messi , it could have been a thrashing today…Messi does not need to go anywhere , this is a new team forming and expecting the team to pull off the tournament would have been a herculian task…the probability was very less, yet the team fought hard…Also from this tournament its clear this team is trying to play on their own , without always depending on Messi which is a very positive sign.
        Messi is the best player in the world still, why would you want him to retire? Win or loss is part of game, but trying is most important, if Messi is ready to try till the last, whats the problem? Do you see anyone better than him around?

  52. It’s disappointing and heartbreak after all, when we lose, whatever the realistic expectations have/had for the team. We played really well, in fact our best football so far in this tournament, I guess most may not have arguments against that. But we weren’t clinical when we had chances and half chances and none of our players would get in the right position when needed to convert. We messed up two moments, Brasil capitalized on that. Fair play to them and deserved to go through by being clinical in front of goal. By no means, it wasn’t easy for Brasil, hell no. This was Argentina’s best performance I’ve seen against Brasil in any senior competition in my life. Offensively and defensively although we fucked up two moments. The players and the coaching staff have my respect, they didn’t go down crumbling like many of our recent heavyweight lineups. They gave a good fight.

    PS: If you think Copa referees and the refereeing guidelines are anything but fair, you clearly have short term memory.

    And for those who want Scaloni sacked for losing against Brasil (with heads held high), I got only one question for you: How many managers in charge of Argentina has successfully defeated them since 2002 in competitive games other Pekerman?(Don’t waste your time with the Batista Olympics story)

  53. It’s ok. Losing match was not our biggest headache. Lose is lose, but it wasn’t that bad. Not just this match, the entire campaign.

    We played well. Without a proper Midfield, we did amazingly well. Improved from first match to last.

    Hope the team will move on and build a strong team. Brazil played this to win it at home, Their RB is 36 year old!
    Argentina is building a team.. hope more solid Midfielders will come into the team in due time.

    There is another Copa Coming. There is one full year ahead without even worldcup Qualifications..
    Argentina can become a very good performing team with a system in place by next Summer. Looking forward to it.

  54. Oh hey what do you know, Brazil has money to pay off a final?!?!? Golea a Chile?!?!?!

    Se quedaron en el 86 !!!

  55. Another sad night full of nightmares for me, i am going trough a shitty time and was clinging to one last hope but it was denied again by these fu$&@
    Good night from NYC

  56. I feel shattered.
    Looks like this generation of players that I like so much will not win anything big.
    Not even sure about Messi. How unlucky.

    We actually didn’t play that bad. But …

  57. The best team for this match is Brazil.. Congratulation, Brazil..

    Well done, Argentina.. Always keep the fighting spirit… Heads up, Argentina! Let’s move on… Hope for the better results for the next matches….


    God bless everyone….

  58. Forros . Verguenza me da hacer …. como lo dije. 1000 dollares de camiseta QUEMO por Twitter . Metanse con la hija de aquella puta en cuba mierdas . Son ña verguenza de latino america HDPs

  59. i have a feeling they will just start the young guys for the 3rd place match. don’t think any of the veterans would care for a bronze medal.
    i think we have seen the last of dimaria and otamendi in the blue and white now. thanks for their service but their time is up.

    it doesn’t matter who the coach is if we can’t really call up two solid world class CB’s and two powerful central midfielders. Foyth still needs at least two seasons of maturing.

    if you’re gonna change a coach call up gallardo now. RIGHT NOW. In the next three months. Or else forget about it and keep scaloni. The other guys, heinze, coudet etc I don’t think really helps. I don’t think their style of football is meant for international cups. and none of the european coaches are coming.

    ps: if i see this referee anywhere i will be sure to kick him in the nuts.

      • yes, it was his problem in all five matches. almost like a mental block or a unreasonable desire. he really wanted touchline hugging width on the left. possibly to hit dani alves in this game. sadly the squad selection did not allow that. i think we went over that earlier. he should have abandoned left side penetration completely since the squad was not there. dybala through the middle was a much better option.

        • Yh I don’t know how dybala didn’t
          Play More minutes for this copa
          No disrespect di Maria was
          Passenger again he didn’t nothing .

      • That wasn’t a bad choice. It was much needed to stop Dani Alves movement as well using him as a chance to get into the box. Dimaria was a textbook option. He couldn’t play his best, I won’t blame the choice

  60. The referee was the worst I have ever seen. They denied us two penalties. FIRST, Lautaro tripped(which led to that faggot Firmino’s goal), and then SECOND, Ottamendi literally getting elbowed in the Adam’s Apple. VAR was not used enough. I hope Brazil lose the Copa America Final as they cheated their way there.

    Team reflection:

    Our team missed a LOT of chances tonight, but we kept fighting. We made good runs but Brazil had the referee’s favor and they were too good on the right hand side(Dani Alves).

    Our players choices were poor. First Acuña to play as support for Lautao? Really?! He is NOT fast, he has minimal skill, he is best fit for a deeper role. On top of that DI MARIA. I don’t hate the guy but he was not the right choice. He is not the player he was 4-5 years ago at the world cup and real madrid. Back then he was one of the fastest players in the world, and one of the flashiest too. At PSG, he has adapted to a more deep and central role, a sudden change to a position requiring good pace and awareness is not ideal. DYBALA HAS TO PLAY FROM NOW ON! He only played about a total of 60 minutes this entire tournament.

    Scaloni Issue:

    I say we keep him as hiring a new coach will just waste all the lessons we learned and will divide the group. All the players are now familiar with each other’s styles of play and can mature together if they have the same coach(GERMANY FOR EXAMPLE HAD LOW SINCE THE PLAYERS FROM 2014 WERE OUR PLAYERS’ AGES, AND THEY BUILT ON THAT).


    Players to bring in:


    players to leave:


  61. Donde estan argentines que se acuerdan de que….acordate que los sangres frios llenan este forum…y ustedes la tienen chiquito, y adentro putos . Por eso viven aca y mueren como siempre aca

  62. That was some BS Referring …….the blind could see what was going on and I said No VAR is there and we should get the calls if they come and they came and nothing.

      • They didn’t even show the replay that resulted in the 2nd goal and the players just stopped BELIEVING its a foul!! that was the same ugly mother fucker in the U20 Loss to Mali and lousy referring in other ARG games……….always quick with the yellow cards like we saw tonight.

  63. Argentina was playing an awesome game against Brasil… Taking De paul for Lo celso was a very bad move from Scaloni it opened up our midfield and caused the second goal…. De paul was a beast he belongs to in Germany national team from how good he is ….. Di Maria for Acun was another bad move…. all he had to do is sub Aguero who was clearly exhausted for Di Maria…. Lo Celso should not wear the jersery the guy is garbage… I will take Banega over him any day ………..Again very bad coaches … and Argentina was the better team until Scaloni made his shitty subs….

  64. Brazilians cheering for Cristiano against Messi’s Argentina in Copa America. That’s sums up Argentina football’s dark days since 1993 to 2019…

    Btw, it’s hard to call this Argentina vs Brazil match rivalry anymore. Because Argentina can’t even score against their yellow rival nowadays, let alone winning matches!! Yeah, only if you consider meaningless friendly matches.

    I don’t know, even in next 10 years they’ll win any sh!t at all. Golden generation, Silver generation… whatever generation you can call them, they just can’t win! And we are all witnessing this poisonous days together. Argentina forget their history, they can’t play football anymore.

    Last suggestion, Scaloni better stay. With a new coach another selection drama will begin. I don’t want that.

  65. I expected a lose…a win against Brazil in Copa KO… never happened..if I am correct. Also it’s been more than 50 years we won against Brazil in Brazil soil.

    But I have seen a brave Argentina…they played.. everything they could…

    This Brazil is very strong defensively…only conceded 2 goals after the WC. And they have best GKs. We lost there.

    For me, I never expected this brave Argentina against Brazil. I thought Scaloni will go too defensively and still lose.. boring.
    Need to defend counter as a team. Some tips from Sabellla needed for that.

    As long as Otamendi plays we will be vulnerable in counters..

    • This is not called Bravery , this is called foolishness especially in this important KO match . Is was a nobrainer to start without proper DM against Brazil.

      • You will feel foolishness after the match. If the result was the other way. You will say brilliant. That’s football. Also there is no assurance an extra DM would have blocked these goals. May be. would have shortened our attacking ability.

      • @Mrinal You are the same as Argentina media pal. When we win games playing pragmatic football, you’ll say/said we’re playing anitfootball; when we lose playing good football, you’ll say, just like you did “foolishness”. Just like the Messi situation we’ve seen a few days ago.

        • Playing good football ,it was Brazil plan to let us dominate the game . If you have watched the match Tite’s stratedgy was to Suffer and Score and they suceeded. Good football all attacking threat by Argentina was came through messi only where was the team play? If we could not beat this weakest Brazil side then god save Argentina. Dani alves was playing like Ronaldhino at 36 and no player was able to stop him.
          Scaloni knew he had to short out our midfield issue but he could not , all the attacks started by the Brazilians ended up in our Penalty box, no one was there in midfield to intercept/stop.

  66. That Brazil Team looks so Average

    It’s our team Makes them look ll like Monsters

    Overall good Copa

    Positives (Paraedes,Lautaro)

    Negative (As always our Defence is Shit)

    I still don’t trust Scaloni ,

    We Need a Proper coach with strategic Way of Play,preferably a Bilardista.

      • What are you on about

        What game were you watching?

        Our defence were all over the place

        The first goal reminded of the Mbape runs at the World Cup ,our back line was panicking

        A good defensive team wouldn’t panic like the way we did

        It hurts me to say our Defence would never Alows us to win anything

        If Foyth and Tagliafico our our Future Full acks ,then we are Fu**ed for an other 20 years

  67. Oh my! So it was all referee’s fault? We weren’t anywhere close to a poor Brazil side. Why are we complaining about the ref?

    • “We weren’t anywhere close to a poor Brazil side”
      Did you watch the game today..?

      It was clear he wanted Brazil to go through….If you can’t see that…in your inner mind…you wanted Argentina to lose..!

    • Did you watch the game??? Didn’t you see the two fouls, 2, and back to back, on Messi and another player, Messi outside the box, the other player inside the box, a clear tripping?? You did not see that?? Few Argentina players stopped playing because they expected, and rightfully so, a call. Brazilians take advantage, go down and score the crucial second goal. Argentina had the momentum and was threatening very hard, the grand puta gives Brazil a helping hand by not calling any of those fouls, and possibly even a penalty for the clear tripping. No VAR check, nothing. And then another possible penalty foul, on the corner, on Otamendi and no call, no VAR check, nothing. I guarantee you, if the game was 0-0 and Argentina was on the other side VAR would have been checked and penalties given to Brazil, guaranteed. Yes the referee was very biased and bailed out Brazil with those two no calls. If you did not see that then it’s too bad, may be you should root for a team other than Argentina. So proud of the team, they fought hard, would have equalized if not for the grand puta.

  68. Don’t want to hear we are not lucky this sort of thing .. we had played enough luck game since 2006. Brazil had a plan and they executed brilliantly. We had no plan . Scolani must go . He had a chance but he wasted . Bring someone experienced like oskar pekerman or sabella. I heard he is ok now . Or bring mourinho if no local coach available…

  69. What a fine fucking waste of time football has become, I used to love football today I see nothing but crap, Argentina have more midfield than Brazil for sure. Brazil midfield non existent, they have defence/attack that’s all, smash and grab. Just shit football all over the world now. A player like Riquelme today cannot exist. I’m done.

  70. i want to slap that ref so much!!!!!!!!!! was VAR switched off for this match?????? why only our players get yellow cards????? We were always gonna be vulnerable on counterattacks we don’t have much of a midfield….. and we are passing the ball from def to front too too slow. But considering how young this side is there are some promising things…. and i still don’t get why di maria instead of dybala they don’t give him nearly enough time to do anything….. and we didn’t go down without a fight and that is nice to see.

  71. The referee is favoring Brazil. On The second goal Messi is fouled on one side and he does nothing they go down and score and kill all the momentum Argentina had, all. But we’re still fighting and then a clear foul in a penalty area on Otamendi and he doesn’t even check the VAR.
    It’s over. Brazil 2-Argentina 0. The score doesn’t reflect the game. Best Argentina game in a long time.

    • Very corrupt. A penalty foul on Otamendi not even VAR check. On the second goal, a foul on Messi on one side not call, and watching a replay right now, at the same time another foul in the penalty area, not called either and no VAR check. Corrupt.

  72. At least we went down fighting. We created more chances than Brazil, but it wasn’t to be. As expected we were hit on the counter. They can leave the field with their heads held high. We finally have a team again.

    • I think the same. Scaloni’s head had not falled yet. Game after bronze will likely the decisive one.

  73. It is a mental block. I never seen Argentina winning a competitive match against the yellow bananas. Never in last 20 years copa America. I hate to loose but Lionel Messi was below than Dani Alves in the whole tournanent. Why he need to take every free kicks, especially which are to be shot from left side? I don’t understand. And he plays at allan’s level with Argentina shirt and Allan plays at messi’s level with Brazil shirt… Ridiculous. He should understand that he will not win anything with Argentina.

    • He played a bit better today but he will be crucified again. I don’t blame him for this loss, honestly they tried and the referee was very biased. They hit the bar twice, two inches on the right side and it’s 2-2. Brazil is way farther away ahead right now, with the same coach since 2016!! Someone said losing to Brazil over and over in Copa sucks, yeah it really does suck. I said it before, I think Messi should just retire for good from the national team. The team is in good hands with exciting young players. Damn i’m watching the replay again, two back to back fouls on Argentina, on Messi and another player in the penalty area, literally two back to back fouls, and you can see Argentina players stop playing expecting a call. Brazilians keep playing and score. Very bad refereeing.

  74. VAR was banned for this game.
    Germany vs Argentina 2010 all over again.
    Our coaches think putting more defenders better defense and putting more attackers better attack.
    No shape.
    You can’t throw 6-7 attackers into the field man.
    After Colombia game I said don’t fool yourself thinking we are going to win!
    You are damn fools if you thought we would win.
    I have one last advice for you:
    Don’t do it to yourself anymore!
    We will never win!
    Doesn’t matter who the coach is.
    Doesn’t matter who the players are!
    If you hope that we’ll win then you are a fool!

    • Agreed. We will not win ever. That defense of Ayala-samuel conceded 3 goals against Brazil in 2007. In 2004 Luis Gonzalez scored in 89th minute and Argentina was 2-1 in front then Adriano the bastard scored the equalizer on 92nd min. We are cursed. Cursed, cursed, cursed. The players, the supporters, the team everything are cursed.

      • To summarize,Brazil deserves to win ,they are more skilfull and speedy .they have team chemistry especially their MF and RB ,LB pass the ball Quickly to their FW .brazil can attack from two sides and at the center. their team cooperation is better .

        On the contrary ,Argentina have several problems unsolved

        1, Running ability is weak ,DM ,Acuna ,Tagliafico are slow at the same time Lautaro, messi ,aguero didn’t defense .only De Paul assisted foyth . They whole team can move forward but can’t come back ASAP

        2, No wingers ,No two sides overlap actually foyth is a proper DM not a RB .Acuna +tagliafico is the worst combination

        3, didn’t know how to attack ,mostly depends on messi ,lautrao ,aguero one on one but Brazil can play no look pass ,one touch football .coutinho nearly score a beautiful team work goal which is what we lack of

        4, too many wasteful dribble and pass back to defense. Every one like to dribble first then look and pass back which is meaningless. We need to pass the ball ASAP then run for rooms which require strong running ability

        5, Otamendi ,pezzella are not good at all especially otamendi always give the ball to Brazil.

        6,scaloni should be fired. His team didn’t have chemistry at the same time he doesn’t know how to attack . When defense his team i don’t think defense better than sampaoli ‘s . We even lost to Colombia ,draw with Paraguay .

        Actually the result is very bad ,lost to Brazil ,Colombia ,draw with Paraguay and only win Qatar ,Venezuela

  75. Brazil got two breaks and took their chances. But Argentina played with personality and Heart. I their fire and now their disappointment. Scaloni will keep his job. And we will look at this game as the begining of an era.

    Argentina were unlucky. Brazil clinical. But I’m proud of what I saw today.

    Sometimes the ball doesen’t go in.

  76. Sad think is that we have played good game. Maybe our best in the tournament. If it was against weaker opponent we could have win easily. Still Brazil was slightly the better side plus we we were unlucky and referee decisions suspected.

  77. Fuck yellow banana they cowards
    The soon they scored they started
    Play rugby any faul they acting like
    Child the referee is fruad fuck him too

    • I’m sick of this shit football played today..and people praise this fucking shit, the only reason I watch is to see Argentina, other than that i’ll never bother to watch this crap.

    • Horrible refereeing. He killed Argentina momentum with that stupid no call just before the second Brazil goal. Two back to back fouls, in front of him, on Messi and another player in the penalty box. You can see Argentina players stop because it was so obvious that at least one of them will be called and play stopped. And play is stopped no second Brazil goal. No second Brazil goal Argentina get an equalizer, Brazil is unsure and start rushing aimlessly, Argentina counter and score the winner et voilà. Instead the grand puta ruined everything.

    • In summary we played well. Jus that Brazil was more clinical. Our players were much better than expectations. This team will only grow from here. Hope there is no mass rotations anymore & core of team remains.

    • Life sucks. When you want Chile to win Brazil, it will be Brazil. Damn it. Doesn’t matter to me. I hate both Brazil and Chile. Wanted so much for us to win here and thrash the Chileans at the final this time. Shit.

  78. now we are playing with
    messi Dybala Aguero Lautaro Dimaria

    no number 5 from the start..
    in midfield only DePaul played..and played like a tiger

    and the Referee..sweet ref …wife of Tite

  79. …..when scaloni was hired he had known the weakest point of the team is defence but he failed to reconstruct that…….we r still conceding stupid goals…….

    • Spain 6-1
      Nigeria 4-2
      France 4-3

      Sure it’s being fixed. But it will take time to balance the attack and defense.

      We have Otamendi he always go higher hup..same time Tagliafico also higher up..!

  80. Brazil can easily pass ball through our midfield our DM is really slow .Actually Argentina should not play 433 ,they should play 4141 two wingers cover defense.

    Another thing is they always dribble and look then pass back .we need to pass the ball asap then run run run

  81. dear primera managers, please start building more center backs and proper central midfielders. It doesn’t matter if even pep comes here.

  82. Fak Manchester city ..that club made Otamendi a star!! he is nothing but a mediocre player…he never protects Argentina…both goal that mother fucker could stop!!!!!

    • His best season ever was with Valencia before going to Man City… still a good game today and overall a valuable player for Argentina now and into future.

  83. tired of this, hitting the post twice and they scored from their only chance, been this way for 30 years now

  84. Messi is really playing a good game so far I’m not mad with this sub di maria for acuna , this is one of the best Argentina side I’ve seen in a while .

  85. Brazil Targeting our Left Hand Side both Acuna and Tagliafico are crab Defesively,

    Can Someone Tell me what is Taglifico Capable of?

    By far the most Overrated player I’ve ever saw

    when we are in position ,He always Hides and Doesn’t make himSelf available,He Hides all the time

    When is one on One defending his terrible never wins a ball

  86. With Brazil you can never say it’s only 1-0. They are very dangerous. We have to use the natural, easiest point of attack for or against anybody: The wings. This is how Brazil scored, from the wing. From the wing, faster, and no waste of time and energy, Wing, center, wing, center, on and on and on. Use the wings please it’s the fastest way to create chances. The team look solid but i’m extremely nervous, we need to tie the game and be very very careful. Remember Colombia. Coach must give them strict instructions on defending and that is where, one more time, the wings come in handy again. It doesn’t require too many players forward, you can keep four back at all time to counter Brazil counters. Vamos Argentina!!!!

  87. Looks like a game I have seen a hundred times before. Brazil take the lead, we almost equalise, so unlucky with Aguero’s header……and then they will counter attack us to death…2-0 or 3-0. Willian will score. Who will get sent off first? Acuna or Tagliafico?

  88. Lo celso for Acuna. We’re still in it guys! I pray for a better 2nd half. God helps us, let Messi and friends go thru.

  89. Seems Brazil will score again. Without goal no chance for Argentina. You have to put the ball inside the back of the opponent’s net! Argentina can’t finish, that’s the problem. Good play means nothing! 45 minutes remains….another deafeat waiting?

  90. Team spirit is good. We’re a bit unlucky with the header from Aguero, but the match is pretty even. Lots of passion and many fouls by both sides. As long as it stays 1-0 I still fancy our chances, but Brazil will sit back and try to hit us with a counter. For now, I would put Dybala in stead of Acuna. The latter is a red card waiting to happen.

    • This is like I see that so far. We must to avoid second goal for Brazil still trying to score.

      • True, but we’re not creating anything through our left flank. Dybala will provide passes and crosses from the left, but indeed leave us a bit exposed. However, we need to score a goal.

  91. I got 10 authentic jerseys, posters, Maradona autographs, starting line ups. I swear it. Yall are gonna see me burn it in a barrel via Roy’s Twitter account.

  92. Argentina loses semi final rarely, seems it’s happening after the current score line and Brazil will park the bus and play on counter which turn more difficult to score against them

  93. Love to double dip. I watched the last 15. And I guess from this day …hence forth….Argentina needs to play well….and that’s that. Because apparently Argentina = silver. And money to pay off whomever is non existent, Brazil is terrified, the fans are terrified. The result should remain. I blame it on gonzalo, and every other 4agit. Roy, malabri, ebo, godin(fuck urugay). Malabrasi, Cox, what’s that other old faggot. Eh….they better end up 3rd like i told yall. Or hahah it’s an ip thannngg

  94. The corruption of south america is unbelievable, what kind off referee is this he reminds me of the ref of italian Mondial final 1999

  95. 2nd half is ours !!! Vamos we got this ! They can’t play out with our pressure and our confidence is rising so long tagliafico or foyth don’t make any game changing mistakes

    • Acuña is the weak link.
      Di Maria in for Acuña de Paul moves to left Di Maria on right.

      Lautaro is playing well. So is Agüero.

  96. both teams tried to be physical and aggressive in the first 15 minutes to dominate and our back line was the first to crack. ugh!
    so close to being a draw with the parades cracker or the aguero header. still there seems to be some good fight in this team

  97. I never seen a cunt referee like this. His giving everything to Brazil. How wasn’t that yellow card for Casemirro. Anyone in right senses would smell this shit out.

  98. Horrible defending on the goal making Dani Alvie’s look like Zidane otherwise great game. This team is redeemed!

  99. I tuned in at the 21 minute. I’ve stopped at 27th minute. BRAZIL is terrified, Argentina is paid off.

    Eh fuck all yall rainbowfairies and Roy. EL ESTADO DE FUTBOL ES EL ESTADO DEL PAIS Y USTEDeS maricones argentinos que se guardandan en forums norte americanos. Mierdas me cago en la boca de tus madres hijo de putas. Argentina es una mierda . Doy gracias que naci en EEUU

    • Putos, gonzalo llevas la corona de mierda puto. Ahii.. nte qcordas del futbol 1995. Viejo del orto. Putos

  100. rumor is there is a special VAR camera just on d’maria to see what impact he will have in this game if called upon !!

  101. My beloved Argentina, just know, that no matter what happens today, I will always stick by your side. May luck and skill be ever in our favor, my prayers are with you!


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