Argentina lose to Brazil in Copa America semi final but not without controversy


Argentina played their best match at the Copa America but lost 2-0 to hosts Brazil.

It was a heartbreaking match for Argentina. After Brazil had scored in the first half following some great play by Dani ALVES, Argentina picked up the pace and started playing considerably better. Despite Brazil pressuring a lot and seeing much of the ball, Lionel MESSI slowly started creeping into the match and taking over. Lionel SCALONI’s team had one chance in the first half, a Lionel MESSI free kick which found the head of Sergio AGUERO but his effort hit the crossbar.

The referee was strict, whistling at every opportunity and more often than not, in favor of the Brazilians.

By the start of the second half, Argentina started gaining momentum and chances. After a nice sequence of play, Lionel MESSI hit the post. SCALONI’s team kept growing in confidence but were also exposed in the back. Next game the second goal but not without controversy.

A lovely play involving Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGUERO and Lautaro MARTINEZ saw AGUERO run inside the penalty area but get tripped up by Dani Alves. Juan FOYTH was convinced there was a penalty and appeared to stop playing. However, the referee didn’t whistle, didn’t go to VAR and Brazil would go on to score through a counter attack.

Another penalty or at the very least a VAR shout was denied for Argentina. A corner kick was sent into the area and Nicolas OTAMENDI was clearly elbowed in the throat. The play continued and was eventually stopped. Replays showed that OTAMENDI was indeed elbowed but no VAR on the play.

There is still the third place match which takes place on Saturday against the loser of Chile and Peru.


  1. I am not sad more like mad but I have no remorse. It took 13 men and entire CONMEBOL to beat us. Mighty my dick. Fucking robber. This is when I only miss Don(RIP). If he was alive and AFA president than I don’t think anyone would dare to do that. It was surely set up so Messi and Co doesn’t get through in Final. Ref was showing yellow to our players right,left,central everywhere. But they get way without even telling off. I don’t know if you guys saw this too!?

  2. Look at those two fouls .Aguero ‘s definitely is not a penalty .When messi pass the ball to aguero who is kicked by dani alverez .But pls look at the ball which is kicked back by marquinoz. If the ball is passed through marquinoz to aguero at the same time aguero is kicked by dani alverez that is definitely a penalty .As to otamendi’s corner controversy It is obviously not a penalty .he never touch the ball or even the ball is flying in his ddirection

  3. Lost to Brazil twice a year ,lost to Colombia draw with Paraguay .lost to Venezuela in friendly match .It is not an acceptable result .even cesar menotti want to fire scaloni .

    Actually i don’t think Argentina can beat Brazil .Augero’s case definitely is not a penalty so do otamendi

  4. I think we are forgetting the injuries of battaglia and Kannemann as those two were starters in Scalonis 11.
    People say Scaloni has wasted a whole year but for me personally I have seen progress.
    Ik the AFA is bankrupt and full of shit but if there is one thing I would love for them to do is organise more friendlies against European teams. TOP EUROPEAN TEAMS like Portugal, Spain, Italy, Netherlands etc as that will help our players develop faster and will also give us an idea of what the actual position of the team is.
    If u keep playing small countries from Asia and North America and then start struggling in big tournaments my friend you’re not making any progress then.

    It’s just a request to the AFA. Please organise better friendlies for the betterment of this team

  5. I have big faith in this team. Lautaro, DePaul,Paredes,Foyth, LoCelso every other young players shown that they are capable of playing at high levels.
    Palacios, Ascacibar, C.Romero, Balerdi, Correas….this team will improve sure.
    Hope Montiel and Pavon improve. We need them as we miss certain types of players.
    Barco, Gaich(too early…!), and some other young also can be tried.

    Some say Scaloni’s endless players selection is an issue….I think that made Palacios, Battaglia, Lautaro, Foyth, LoCelso, Paredes, DePaul as our starters.

    The actual problem was none of our previous coach was integrating youngsters into our team. They stuck with oldies. And now almost everyone gone…we have to form a new team. This is what Scaloni trying.
    Any other coach would have struggled in this situation. Low, Deschamps, even Klopp at Liverpool needed time to form their teams.

    Adding to that….we have shortage of good players in some areas. Any coach would fail without proper players.

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