Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI: “I did not like the referee”


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI hit out at the referee while also speaking about his team.

It was a heartbreaking loss for Argentina but coach Lionel SCALONI is taking nothing away from his team and did not hold back regarding the referee. Speaking to the media after the match, here’s what he had to say:

“I didn’t like the referee. He was not up to the level for a match of this caliber. The small plays (calls) always went the other way. The linesmen and the fourth official kept telling TAGLIAFICO that he was  already cautioned. He had to stop playing and if something were to happen, a decision would have been made.”

Lionel SCALONI thinks the second goal should have been called off:

“It was a play where we had a player (Sergio AGUERO) on the ground, he felt a hit and FOYTH stopped. It’s why I went crazy. The second goal should have been called off.”

SCALONI also spoke about the team:

“If it was based on merit, Argentina would have gone through to the final. It was the best match we played in terms of the level of the opponent, because we created a lot and we suffered very little. Brazil is in the final, they did their thing but in terms of play, Argentina deserve to play the final and we are talking about something else. Sergio’s (AGUERO) chance which hit the crossbar and didn’t go in, Leo’s (MESSI) post… Luck was not on our side. I believe we were superior.

“No doubt, today, this group showed that they feel the shirt. I think we left an image for the future of the Argentina national team and it’s a good road to continue. To play on that pitch, in those conditions, against a superior opponent… It means nothing because we’re not playing the final but if we take into consideration what we did today, everything that will come will be positive.”


  1. Who would be that great coach replacing Scaloni you guys are looking for? Pep Guardiola? Jose Mourinho? Pochettino? Klop? Simeone? Frankly, AFA won’t pay enough (or does not have that much money) to bring these kind of coaches, they will again settle for some piece of shit like Sampaoli…Also it should be kept in mind that managing club teams and national teams are entirely different things…It’d be wiser to keep faith on Scaloni as the team showed some good promise under him…I’d have loved him to show a bit more courage and play Messi-Dybala together from the start yesterday, considering Brazil was the home team and were the clear favourites, you’d have needed some early attacks and creativity to keep them on back foot…that did not happen, Dybala came in when everything was over…Desperately hope, someone for the interest of Argentina football, will show up some guts and announce:- Come what may, win or lose, we are going to play Messi-Dybala together for the full tournament…Someone should understand that the team cannot afford to keep Messi moving around in the middle of the pitch for the most part of the match, he has to stay near the opposition box

  2. Say what you will about Scaloni’s coaching abilities, I personally enjoyed how he fought the referees not just in the post-match comments but on the field. Reminds you of a baseball manager fighting for his team.

  3. I am with Scaloni and co. If we change the coach… again..the new coach will change all the players. We are forming a team. We have a base of young players now. Team spirit also there. Scaloni learning well too. Battaglia, Palacios back and some more additions, we will get stronger.

  4. When you lost to Colombia ,you don’t like the pitch lost to Brazil twice you complaint about the referee.

    Hey guys do you know scaloni is the first Argentina coach since 1975 lost to Brazil twice .

    • Man pitch is horrible in this Copa. Messi already admitted that. You can see how this ball bouncing…that makes issues. May this Brazil used to that. We are not.

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