Lionel MESSI on referees: “They saw bullshit fouls, penalties… And no VAR”


Lionel MESSI was very critical of the officiating which took place during Argentina’s game against Brazil at the Copa America.

Despite himself and the team playing their best game against Brazil at the Copa America, they found themselves eliminated and having to play a third place match. However, MESSI took to the media following the game to talk about the team and the referees. Here’s what he had to say:

“It unsettles you. They are plays that take you out of the game. You see that the referee is not being fair. They never went to VAR. The referees called a lot of bullshit but they didn’t check VAR. It’s incredible. It was like that the entire game. There was a lack of respect from the referees towards us.

“It’s something that has to be looked at and hopefully CONMEBOL can do something about this kind of officiating. The second goal came from a penalty they didn’t award.

“We played our best game of the Copa America. They were never superior to us.

“It angers you because we did very well. They are clear plays that were never looked at, that didn’t go to VAR. They saw bullshit hand calls, bullshit fouls, bullshit penalties… And today, they didn’t go to VAR.”


  1. The referee has been received his money for that match, so it’s what it’s!!! This guy has no heart, no personality and nothing to see as a referee.” VAR is for the team they dicided to win that’s all “.

  2. With Leo still standing with us, I can see the brightness of Argentina next Copa America. The boys will grow and we will rock you in another 340 days or so and we will go to world cup in high spirits and bags full of confidence.


  3. It was more luck that betrayed us at critical times….just wonder if that aguero header or Messi shot or with better luck, both had gone in…that’s the champions luck probably Argentina sadly always miss…in 2014,in 2018 France match when Pavard scored the best goal of the tournament against us and now this…
    Also, not having the courage to play Messi-Dybala from start hit us back big time…Against Brazil, we were underdogs , and this was the most outrageous thing that could have won us the game, if that clicked…because of the lack of creativity in midfield, Messi had to drop deep to get the ball …if Dybala was there , Messi could have stayed near the box which would have created a lot more chances we already had…Bringing Dybala after conceding 2 goals will never pay any results

    For Messi,he should stop thinking too much about trophies and just enjoy his game , which I think he is doing now…Thinking too much about trophies and contemplating too much can mentally affect his game …He should just enjoy being the number one player in the world at this point of time , leave thinking about winning championships which is not fully in his control always…he can only focus in his game and thats what he should do…Sadly, in sports , you cannot do anything much about this except keep on trying and hope something good down the line will surely happen in your favour

  4. Argentina played their best last night so to speak.I was not impressed by the referee’s decision’s.But to tell you the truth the squad was still AVERAGE apart from Messi and aguero.The keeper is average and was at the wc 2018 and the defence was not solid,short passes,sloppy passes,slide tackling early or too late and were like that in the other games too.No creativity in midfield except for messi.No fire power upfront apart from aguero and this has been happening since 2010.Up to 2006 argentina had a better squad.Even in 2004 copa america final brazil equalized few minutes before the final whistle due to bad defending letting adriano turn and shoot and argentina lost on pens and the 2007 final was also due to bad defence.In 2011 copa america argentina were not great.I could go on.Argentina need BETTER DEFENCE BETTER MIDFIELD BETTER ATTACK.And then they will start to win.Even if they have a bad defence but had a midfield that was creative and upfront had great finisher’s then still could win more games.And i said before since 2014 the players seem scared to shoot from outside the box.The only player who shot from distance was pardes and if it had gone in it would have given some confidence to the team.And yes brazil were LUCKY if aguero and messi had scored then maybe argentina would have got a 3rd.And why was dybala always a sub? He is a talented player..Argentina need to get back to the team they once were.

    • With Otamendi as your main defender, you are always vulnerable on counter attacks…that guy needs to be removed from NT immediately…I hope this was his last match for Argentina….Also, for god sake,start playing Dybala in the starting line so that Messi does not have to drop deep…Get Banega back in squad, he can be an excellent sub (since Di Maria is past his prime and don’t have anything more to offer to NT)…Lautaro Martinez is an excellent find this Copa…

      • agree 100%. otamendi is terrible. hes the other teams best forward. they need to find a way to play dybala and messi if ur a coach and cant figure it out maybe u shouldnt be coaching. i love what i saw out of the young guys. i think de paul, foyt, martinez, tagliafico earned their spots.

    • Agree with you except Dybala. We saw La Joya suffered the whole season when he had to drop deep for the sake of her majesty aka Cristiana. Paulo is not a midfield, his best position is Messi’. The only way to utilize both is to play Dybala as a forward and Messi as 10.

      • Paulo is not a midfield, his best position is Messi’ – Sick and tired and devastated of hearing this excuse over and over again, which has been the prime reason to Argentina’s misery in international events close to a decade now…Something to understand , there’s no player in the world (not sure if there ever was) who can replace Messi in his position … but Dybala is too precious a talent to be wasted sitting on bench…he is capable of making a solo run or long range shots which always gives you an edge…in international sports, you have to learn and adjust your game according to the need of the team, wonder when will Dybala and Argentina football management try to understand this simple logic…

  5. Ys it is. VERY poor referreing. Not much or No mercy from referee.y this happening towards us. In worldcup against france this is wht happend. First penlty awarded to france i think var not used..
    In today 2 penlty decisions and 2 yellow cards;no mercy from is clr referee helped home team..

  6. Messi is my CAPTAIN and he is right. They put VAR in place just for these situations and aguero was tripped by Alves in the box, no call! FINE, Brazil counters and scores to make it 2-0.. FINE, VAR is in place to review the pervious play and reverse it… Messi steps up for a penalty with a chance to tie the game 1-1….
    also with Otamendi being shouldered by Arthur! Clear penalty… as the neutral Commentators so easily declared it to be..Messi sets up to make it 2-1 Argentina.
    . casemiro also three conversation sliding fouls, no yellow. Tagliafico, no warning straight yellow with Jesus …
    at that point I knew the Brazilian confederation and the referee had an agreement…. it is what it is…

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