Argentina captain Lionel MESSI talks about his national team future


Argentina captain Lionel MESSI addressed his future with the Argentina national team while also talking about the kids on the team.

The veteran and leader of this Argentina team, there’s been lots of speculation about his future in the squad and MESSI spoke about it after his team’s match against Brazil. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s the start of something new, beautiful. A good group is coming, it’s important, they showed at this Copa that they love the Argentina national team and that there is a future. I found myself fitting in well with the group. If I have to help out somehow, I’ll do it.

“Hopefully they respect these kids because they did a huge job, a very big sacrifice. They are the future and we could be calm because Argentina is going to continue to grow.”


  1. I 100% agree with messi argentina need to keep trursting this team and coach defence will improve gradually tema chemistry and confidence will improove gradually and i also belive brazil was never superior to us we played well jzt didnt have the finishing luck which brazil have bcz of our defending mistake it will all be okey soon by tursting and sticki g with same squad

  2. My fair assessment is Argentina played very well and pressured Brazil in their own country but the referee robed us in-front of the word. He forgot about something called Var. the sec goal was illegal because of the Faul committed against us. I think our defense is shaky to say the least.

  3. I was so impressed about watching Argentina last night I believe they should keep the coach I believe if he continue he will turn this team around even tho we got robbed last night it was the best game argentina played in years.

  4. WC qualifiers start in March 2020. If there is to be a new coach after this Copa he will have 6 friendlies to prepare his team. If Scaloni is dismissed in December, the new coach has zero games to get his squad ready…

    • Scaloni will make the squad for the next coach, if he would fail in friendlies no reason to keep him. The players will lose the faith in him, so rather bring a young and more experienced coach with good results. (Gallardo, Coudet), couldnt be worse.

    • I don’t think it would work. New coach will have his own ideas and will need experiments. We cannot afford losing a few games to test out players and ideas. That will put us in chasing position all the way long and ruin our morale coming to the tournament, should we qualify!

      If AFA is keen to sack Scaloni, do it right now or not at all!

  5. as i said before the game everything was in favor to Brasil. EVERYTHING.
    even the referees.
    just to be honest i never could imagine that it could be possible to ignore VAR.
    really that i could never imagine.

    in every competition i have see till now the referees make so much delay of game to check even plays that it is obvious with simple eyes. they was over used that VAR till idiotic limits.

    suddenly yesterday i see and that in my life.
    the VAR was like no exist !!!
    not used at all !!!

    really i could never imagine something like that.
    now i see everything.

    anyway. i am so proud for all the players yesterday.
    well done guys.
    you played like pure Argentinians.
    this was what we all wanted.
    heads up and we continue.
    proud for all of you.


    i feel so empty and sad after the game yesterday.
    i will take a break from here in Mundo and generally for some period till i recover my phsychology.
    i don t have mood to speak about anything. not about Scaloni ,Tapia or AFA.

    i feel tired, sad and empty mentally.
    so i need a break to recover myself.

    so till next time.


    • I was fucking shell shocked too. They literally used VAR for freakish goal kick to ball kick. Now yesterday they suddenly stopped. Like you I am so proud of the boys too. It could have been different result if the referring was fair. Our players got booked easily and they got away with everything. Man I never imagined it something could be corrupt like this in this era. Specially such a big stage when almost whole world watching it. They clearly robbed it from us and those bastards(Brazilian players) trying to justify and talked over it. Smh

    • @cox4 I feel drained too. I’m taking a break from football too. Looks like we’re playing Chile in a friendly game in the US in September. I’ll have been recovered by then!

      Have a good rest amigo 🙂

    • Relax friend.. yesterday me too felt the same. Today little bit relieved. Yeah.. it’s painful. We should be facing Peru if we’re in the final. A great chance indeed. This particular Copa America is kinda redemption for many things.. many people. For Messi.. for Argentina.. for fans like us.. it’s really painful to miss the opportunity. But we have to understand and accept Scaloni is a learner..a beginner.. nothing wrong in it. But demands of modern game never give you breathing space..we can experiment a friendly with a caretaker coach not a full tournament especially like Copa which is more tricky and unpredictable than world cup..we need a coach..a real coach.. not a learner..

  6. Last match will be something like this if Scaloni experiments: Musso—Tagliafico-Funes Mori-Foyth-Saravia—Pereyra-Guido Rodriguez-Lo Celso—Suarez-Dybala-Di Maria…if not Armani—Tagliafico-Otamendi-Pezzella-Foyth—De Paul-Paredes-Lo Celso—Di Maria or Dybala-Aguero-Messi

      • “staying votes r decreasing rapidly”

        As Well as they should.

        I don’t even think we’ll win third place >D
        We haven’t beaten Chile in a Final ever!
        We haven’t beaten Peru since 2013 for the World Cup qualifying in 2014…
        And Messi didn’t even play in that game.
        We weren’t as Messi-Dependent then as we are now.
        We had Lavezzi, Palacio, Aguero, Banega, Garay, etc….

        Ohhh the good old days :'(

      • We will see….
        It’s interesting to see that 60% believe he should stay….

        Actually people who believe Scaloni should be given chance upto 2022WC is increasing…

  7. Anyway, I am glad that Messi likes the team. So we should stay with this team.

    We should just sort out the defence. Otamendo is definitely a weak link. He does make some valuable saves, but he also makes stupid mistakes. Foyth should absolutely stay. He has been our best defensive player.

  8. Di Maria should stay.

    I honestly don’t get the Di Maria hatred in this forum.
    A lot of people simply repeat: “Di Maria is past his prime”. It’s like a mental block.
    I didn’t see Di Maria play that bad. Di Maria did well and got into decent positions.

    What I saw is a lack of positional sense from Argentina players. Brazil players ran into the spaces that they could utilize. Argentina players didn’t. Apart from that Argentina played better than Brazil including Di Maria.

  9. After World Cup defeat against France there was rumor about Sampaoli continue as Argentina coach, rest is history

  10. We outplayed Brazil.Can’t you guys see they were much lucky to nit conceed 2 goals and also get penalised or give away penalties ?With Sampaoli we weren’t even close we couldnt even attack with the high pressing stylenof Sampaoli.Scaloni hasn’t been able to make a organized and mistake-free defense.We also need a proper midfielder.Paredes going forward is better.

    We need a tactitian like Gallardo.Scaloni can stay as Assitant or with coaching staff.

    Don’t get biased brothers.Stats Won’t prove we were the better side we actually made Brazil tremble. 2 mistakes they were effective.

    • By the same logic Venezuela outplayed Argentina in quterfinal or Tottenham outplayed Liverpool in UCL final but the fact is Tite tactically outplayed with early lead and waiting for Argentina mistake and punish hard what they did it’s not like Argentina pressuring Brazil defense like liverpool did against barcelona in UCL semi final, if you really think Argentina outplayed Brazil then you’re just consilidate yourself, before the early goal of Brazil complety dominated against Argentina after that they allowed Argentina to play and attack on counter

      • Yeah, you are speaking gem every single time. We’re simply playing to Brazil’s tactics. Even those shots that hit the crossbar and upright didn’t matter much to them because they knew Scaloni already had the writing on the wall; they’re damn confident that those shots wouldn’t go in. Some people even tried to convince us telling that Casemiro’s failed attempts to dislodge Messi off the ball is down to our credit. Hell no. Casemiro likes getting beaten first and then catching up. And man, he did that by not even fouling any of our players, not even once. All of his tackles were inch perfect. And it was Otamendi who ran and shoved Artur in the neck and not the other way round! Brazil deserved to beat us 4-0 since they had 24 shots in total and we were playing without studs and hence no chance of shooting ever, let alone scoring!

        And Venezuela also had 25 shots at our goal whereas we couldn’t pull off even one. Fair enough? Good night and sleep tight..

  11. Waiting for the decision till December? Why AFA?
    If you think he’s done a good job, give him the contract now. If not, find a replacement in three months (september).
    Cycle is already starting. If i remember correctly sept, oct, and december are FIFA international breaks. 6 possible games. Do not waste time and be incompetent again. Give him the contract OR thank him, pay him off and fire him.

    Do what you have to do. The worst decision is wasting time!

  12. We HV gain a lot in this year under scaloni but can we say he has done what was ask of him???
    Our defence never looked comfortable in this copa specially pezella and right back spot…….his main job was to clear the things at back…
    Now again we are back at the square one…..we need 2 good central defenders, a right back, arguably a DM too and tagliafico offers nothing in the attack.

    One excellent thing he has done is to make whole team defend and run like a team ….he should be HVing credit for that.

    I firmally believe that scaloni should be given a benefit of the doubt and should be further retained for the coaching job…….he has impressed me enough for the job…….I can clearly see some teamwork and some spirit in the team….it’s a positive sign .

    • I agree with you. Defense is shaking but we missed Kanneman and Battaglia who both have been Scaloni’s first choices. The positive thing he has done is to make the team run and play as a group. That must continue no matter who will be coach. About ingredients for the squad, we can hope for some emerging stars in next 3 years. France did not have Pavard and Hernandez as their fullbacks until late 2017. We have some good raw CB who can grow. It’s harder to find RB but I believe with consistent playing time, our option either Saravia, Bustos, or Montiel can do decently. That said, continuity is the most important thing now, not the coach nor particular players.

        • @Gonzalo I remember you said we will surely miss Battaglaia before tournament.
          Didn’t talk abaot that during tournament but we need him in next big tournament
          Kanneman plays in Brazilian soil surely he would have been a lot better than Pezzella

          • Nothing changed, we miss Battaglia. Such type is need there as the last instance in midfield.

            Kannemann could have been better than any of Pezzella Otamendi but you never know. I think he was better option.

            Battaglia, Acacibar, Nicolas Dominguez should be the options for DM.

        • I am wondering if Battaglia can play in Acuna’s position. I love to see Paredes as regista and 2 hard working midfielders next to him (De Paul + Palacios/Battaglia). Celso can play on top of the diamond if Messi is absent.

  13. I say let’s stick to this team..
    I’m very proud of this squad we have to remain most of the players and stick to one line up…
    Not rotating too much, we should play the same team for the game for 3rd place and win this game with our heads up…


  14. Before, we had one objective : Make a good team.

    Now we have two objectives : 1. Teach Scaloni to be a coach. 2. Make a good team.

    See, this is what progress looks like. Making one objective into two. Scaloni can screw us for the rest of his life while trying to learn coaching. He only needs to show a little improvement here and there.

    • Looooool.Brother. I will agree anything you say,but Icardi?Until a devil like Wanda stays with him never.He will never live in peace.He had a great first 6 month.Then Wanda drops bombshells on January transfer window,Saying Ronaldo and Icardi can play together in Juve.He is linked with R.Madrid then Chelsea.Inter faced huge problems with Icardi he missed many matches and didn’t even train after February in Inter.In his last 10 appearances he got 2 goals.Wanda is intimidating Icardi his personal life is effecting his football as his wife is his agent.
      I heard you love Beautiful women Mr.Romance King. Marry Wanda and save Icardi.
      Icardi shouldn’t let Wanda handle his profession.He will suffer a lot.Womens like Wanda know nothing about football they can only hurt Icardi

  15. Rumor about scaloni stay until December and many are believing on this, 2min science for them. Still one match left for copa how can AFA says that new coach will be selected even after 7-1 Brazil defeat scholari didn’t fired until the world cup campaign over, since the appointment of menotoni there was cold war between him and scaloni and will become hot after copa, menotoni appointed as general director in March at that moment he stayed with scaloni decision don’t think without menotoni opinion scaloni last till December. I wish Argentina lost in 3rd place match and scaloni kicked forever

  16. we still have a game in hand against peru/Chile my 11
    win or loss

    sub– Messi for Dybala, Aguero for Lautaro ,Dimaria for Delaul/Pereyra…..

  17. Lol 😂😂 we won only two matches that’s also against Venezuela and Qatar people in here we don’t need messi we can play better than Messi bla bla bla 😂😂 our midfield has 0 creativity.. Messi is the one most chance created in this copa.. all our goals except Aguero goal against Qatar coming from mistake.. Lautaro couldn’t finish easy chances.. Barcelona won clasico without messi people get mad we won the match without messi but then what happened.. same thing goes with Argentina only two matches won people planning to remove messi from the squad build new team 😂😂

    • IKR
      It’s crazy how people think were advancing when were clearly regressing.

      And Messi is in decline?
      People clearly haven’t watched him this season.
      When has he ever played this good and Barcelona lose that game?
      Just shows the qaulity between Argentina and Barcelona.

  18. Arg played well. I too was very critical of scaloni,after the colombia n paraguay match. With the back against the wall, tge coach has managed to string some combinatuon togetger against qatar.

    I have not seen them playing as a unit for some time now. If this tournament has helped Argentina to find their way forward, i’ll take that. I felt the team seems to have found the mojo back. Hopefully things will get better. I also hope scaloni continues.

    We can argue that, scaloni had close to an year to build a team.But he had to dismantle many old guard n identify a new set of players. That takes time. He has come out of that phase with passing marks.

    The coaching staff amongst them, they have abundance of experience n they can fix the missing links.

  19. Argentina golden generation 2005-07 is done now have to move on and bulid a new team from various generation 2013-14(icardi,Dybala etc) , 2016-17(lautaro, Foyth etc) , 2018-19(Baraco, Sosa etc) and playing around a system. It’s unfortunate our golden generation ends with out trophy but now they Aguero, Dimaria can’t be saving anymore as well as messi decling which is sad to see, we can’t expect to do messi alone like previous world cup qualifier. Argentina lacks peacy players and proper DM which ultimately cost us this copa, Baraco and sosa inclusion in Senior NT should be faster than it could have been

      • I believe so if we give scaloni and his
        Coaching staff time I have no doubt
        Argentina will be successful team
        Last thing arg nt need now is to change
        The management again no need

        • Scaloni didn’t impress me which can date back to The win against mexico in last year .At that time i always say he is not the proper coach .Now i am saying the same thing ,he didn’t improve his vision at all .he didn’t know how to attack ,he didn’t know how to counterattack. If you play counterattack ,you must select Joaquin Correa,ocampos or I pussetto .but he fail to do so

          • Correa will be joining soon. Pussetto and Ocampos may be….theybhave to improve.

            I don’t think we will see a good coach coming to NT currently who can assure a trophy or build a team.

      • I think he will stay longer if only the friendlies will positive. I can’t belive in changing coach just few months before next COpa.

        • Afa should select a new coach and use friendly matches to prepare for next year .

          Fantino is correct. Scaloni didn’t know how to play and tapia is the scaloni of AFA.

        • @gonzalo-pity-martinez when tite take charge the entire Brazil team changed within the 24hrs and when sabella take charge it take few matches to change the squad because they have coaching experience they know how to change the scenario but scaloni face few games but the improvement is very less and it shows he has lack of vision to build.. in your opinion give him time to December and see what happen,if he didn’t change the entire scenario then Argentina wouldn’t qualify for the 2022WC…Because scaloni gets enough time to implement his philosophy and when he took over and till date nothing reflects towards the positive progress..

  20. Here my thoughts and I’ll keep it short and sweet:

    As I hoped for, the teamed gelled as the competition progressed.
    Messi dependency was almost nonexistent and that was a very good thing.
    I posted a few days ago that ARGENTINA tends to play better against better or equal opponents and they did exactly that last night.
    Call it whatever you want, the REF. whether on Brazil’s payroll OR not fucked up the game. Excessive yellow cards when Brazil fouled just as much and even more at times and only got 2.
    It happened so quickly that I don’t even know what ARG player was fouled and tripped over seconds before Brazil scored their 2nd…….there was no replay, WAS IT MESSI WHO WAS FOULED? All i know that whoever it was, was tripped so much so that 4 ARG players just stopped because it was obvious foul.
    Otamendi GETS punched in the throat right in front of the goal and NO FOUL??I have seen that called a PK many times, where was VAR????
    IT was not a humiliation, the boys came to play and the brazilains were shitting their pants every time they were being under attack…… that was a fact.
    Midfield played well while their so-called STRONG and SOLID mids were lost and slow.
    Our defense needs serious work but it could have been different HAD THE RIGHT CALLS BEEN CALLED.
    I hope we get a professional coach and not some AFA puppet ……….lets wait and see whose name comes up and based on that we’ll have a better idea whether Scaloni continues or moves on.

  21. It is true that after 2016copa we must include young player or build a young squad but we failed because after sabella we haven’t a proper coach..Martino was better but he himself dosent want to continue and resign..sampaoli get not more time but he didn’t show some good move..after his appointment as a coach he rotate the squad and change the formation like rabbit,while the world cup vey close to his ass..and with that short time of period he still rotate the squad and changing formation like kid..he never stick with the same formation which could be easy to adopt for the players..after sampaoli afa appointed scaloni as a coach but the entire coaching team hasn’t a coaching experience to rebuild the team for the future..when sabella taking the team the team was just broken devastating and he build the team like dianosour which was lasted till 2016.. but sabella has a experience which scaloni not…if u want to build a team then u must appoint a experience coach who build the team for future..and I think we have enough time before Copa 2020 and WC qualifier 2022 to appoint a experience good coach for rebuild process…. In my opinion in experience coach dosent build a team for future..

  22. Argentina must bring a good tactician and build a team around Icardi and messi Dybala playing together

  23. Staying with coach longer period benefits the team but how can one continue with zero tactical knowledge manager??? Menotoni and scaloni had cold war which will become hot after copa

      • Tata, Sampaoli, Bauza all have proven records. They could do nothing without being given proper time to build their team. It’s better to stick with an average coach for 4 years than hire and fire a good one every year or 2. Well, AFA will just be more bankrupt with contract pay out money for them.

  24. this what Messi himself said about the corrupted south american federation:
    “[The officials] were tired of making bulls— calls at this Copa and they didn’t go to VAR. It was unbelievable,” Messi said after the loss.

    “It was like that all match. It was bulls— that they were doing it all match. There is no excuse — it must be looked into. Hopefully, CONMEBOL does something about these kind of referees.

    “Because we did everything to try and advance but [the officials] stacked the deck against us. I don’t believe they will do anything because Brazil controls everything, so it is very complicated. But I don’t think we should feel bad for anything. It didn’t happen and we had bad luck.”

  25. I think most people now understand:

    1. To invest in youth generations was right thing.

    2. The generational change was overdue at least since 2016 Copa.

    Neither Messi nor Aguero (even if the second had solid Copa), not to mention Di Maria or Otamendi was ‘spiritus movens’ of our team during the tournament. It’s youngsters who keep our team afloat and fed the optimistic thoughts.

    Many kept repeating for years we have no future beyond Messi’s generation. We see already after hard Scaloni’s renovation short beginnings this is not true.

    If there’s anything optimistic after 0:2 against Brazil and other our tough moments in this Copa it is the way our youngsters pass through that. Even within the short time he had and no doubt with not the best coach on the world we can easily point to name bunch of players that will maintain the burden in upcoming years. This is always easily to repeat this or that player is nowhere near to that of old generation or he is not NT material. But you never know untill he is not given fair chance. With those who were there like De Paul, Lautaro, Paredes, Lo Celso, Tagliafico our NT is not running out of options on every positions. Moreover I could say these are just few of numerous interesting possible NT options.
    Injuries and controversial call ups left in home some of them.

    The biggest difference we saw in Brazil was team spirit we lacked in last years. Now it’s more clear what we missed long time. They just need more experience now, stability under one coach and precised destination for years.

    • Oh yea!
      Losing to Colombia, Brazil, and drawing against Paraguay is the way of the future!

      Not to mention our win against Venezuela was our first since against a South American team since we beat Ecuador 3-1 to qualify for the World Cup!

      The question is would have Argentina played as good had Messi not been there?

      Will we even qualify for the World Cup if Messi gets injured.
      With Sampaoli 2.0, you see a bright future?
      The world see’s the opposite! Why is it so hard for others to accept we need an overhaul in everything, coach, sporting director, players, everything!

      • Yes ,we need to move on from di Maria generation but for god sake don’t accept mediocrity ,our team is lacking behind in many aspects like
        1 there was no linkage between attack and midfield
        2 our players are not at all good in anticipating
        3 our players easily get outpaced and many lack one touch and no look pass
        4 our fullbacks and defenders are horrible
        5 we need to find out wingers
        6 we are yet to find out mashereno replacement
        7 we need to appoint a proper coach who has a style of play and can bring best put of our players like sabella
        8 scaloni isn’t good enough and must resign along with mennoti
        9 must promote a young gk as no 1
        10 we should never call undeserving players to wear our nt shirt
        11 we need a creative midfielder ,le celso hasn’t shown that he is worth of in copa

        • “but for god sake don’t accept mediocrity”

          of course, what we saw is just still pretty raw state we expect to see in future. Changing names itself will not change it all for the better. But we need to understad with this Copa some generation finally come to an end because it’s hard to say Di Maria, Otamendi and even Messi, Aguero looked like irreplaceable, necesarry elements.

          And I find positive in it especially in Messi’s case: the more Messi will lose importance with the age, the more others will take his burden -the situations we have witnessed for the first time and was something positively stunning in it.

      • Not sure how you didn’t see a clear progression in quality as the tournament went on. This was a new team. If this isn’t a suggestion for the future, what is? Loss, tie, win, win, and an eventual loss to the host nation which is much more experienced as a unit. There are going to be changes. No one sees Scaloni as a long term coach. Our defense needs renovation and needs a leader to hold them together. Our midfield needs more than the spirited play De Paul and Lo Celso (at times) offer, that way we don’t need Messi to repeatedly drop back for play to develop. But you would have us drop everyone and everything? That’s unrealistic. If we had been given those two penalties and let’s say made it to the final and won, being scrappy and even disorganized at times, would you say we need to drop everyone and everything? No team is perfect, but the worst one is the one who doesn’t improve as the tournament progresses.

        • There’s not much more to drop. Di Maria and Otamendi no doubt. Aguero is question mark because one year is a lot when you are after 30. Rather we should prepare good successor for him without ruling him out. Messi will stay however the Messi dependecy is finished and I can even imagine him subbed off in some games from now on.

    • For me only two names of old generation are in consideration for post-Copa times. Messi and Aguero. Finally only Messi. Do not expect any of them will be better in 2020 Copa. No way. More or less they are declining. For the reason I could keep only Messi with Lautaro, Icardi, Gaich, Dybala, J.Correa, A.Correa as forwards who needs the playing time instead of Aguero. I could say Aguero had solid tournament, really solid but there was nothing in his playing I couldn’t expect to find among the names mentioned. For sure none of them will give less fighting spirit than Aguero. Not that Aguero has failed on this. In opposite. But you need to acknowledge and catch the moment when your stars more or less quietly cross the line that marks their peak.

      That happens to both Messi and Aguero. More or less gradually they are declining and we need depend more and more on their successors. Scaloni took first steps on the path now we need to continue. Messi should stay but again rather with some break to give trial for other options on the position.

      • Aguero should play one more year for Argentina. Upto next Copa.
        We have to use Lautaro and Dybala together for long time. They are our best young forwards.

        Dybala, Lautaro ready. We need to find some more energetic forwards. We will do it.

        • Aguero and messi will stay and
          We need now for thier experience
          Aguero played really really well
          For this copa I really hope scaloni
          And coaching staff stay . the man
          Is really brave the future of Arg nt
          Looks really good .

      • We should pick our defensive line (whatever 4 you want) and have them go everywhere together for the next year. To work, to the grocery store, to the mall, everywhere. Make them remember where one another is at all times until their minds gel together and become a real unit. Lol. I’m most curious to see what we develop in midfield.

        • “first be a goal machine in Argentina (Lautaro Martinez), then we can start to talk about that guy”

          who was the goal machine for Argentina on the tournament? Aguero with one goal?! Messi with one penalty goal? Aguero had solid tournament only thanks to his hardworking (he missed plenty of chances against Qatar) – it is the thing that Gaich gives you always.

          Gaich gives other advantages other forwards does not.

          “The guy is hardly a PD player” So was with Palacios before he was called up.

  26. It is tapia who want scaloni to coach until the end of this year .But Cesar menotti want to use another coach before the copa america .actually Cesar menotti has a plan which is to build up a local team which may have weekly training to support national team .And this plan suppose to start only after copa america .

    Cesar menotti didn’t travel with the national team to Brazil ,he didn’t involve in making player list and tactics. I think he is right ,scaloni didn’t have the potential to coach national team .lost to Brazil twice ,lost to Colombia ,lost to Venezuela in friendly and draw with Paraguay speak for itself. You guys think if giving scaloni more time ,our team will be better .that is your imagination only ,the truth is our team didn’t improve a lot but we have given scaloni a year.

    • First…Menotti had health issues..that’s why he didn’t travel to Brazil. Second…Clubs already objected allowing players to leave for NT every week.
      Third…you can make a good team from this local players..may be… will be a maximum of Mexico level.
      Finally…Menotti may have won with local players…but now time past … almost every good players playing in Europe… quality players can’t stay in local league…

      Can you train European based players…?

  27. Messi had a helluva game against Brazil and the team was extremely unfortunate not to be awarded two penalties. Yes, both were penalties, clear as day. No point arguing it was a conspiracy. Much simpler to chalk it off to stupidity on the part of the officials. Opinions about the demise of this team and that we were going to be crushed 4,5,6 to nothing, posted on this website and elsewhere on the web, were DEAD wrong. How would things have turned out if we had a trained defensive line and just one or two more pieces in the midfield? We dominated stretches of the game not just with physicality but with possession and class. There are things that have to change, of course, and they will change. At least we have something real to build from. Moreno (the commentator) asked at the end of the game if Argentina were in a worse place than they were last year at the World Cup and said there was no change… He’s an idiot. Last year we relied on aging team and had no idea who would be part of the next generation. If we can get an experienced coach who can drill this Argentina team into shape, drop superfluous names and add other role players, we WILL have a chance to contend for the title next year. We were almost there this year, after all the unbelievably negative opinions and media thrown at the team every day leading up to and during the tournament. Let’s at least be bitter for good reason…

  28. Argentina need good Director, Good coach who can select good players, read opponents and build chemistry with team. All are absent at this moment. Their Director is 80 years old, who thinks back and do not expect good things from him. The amature coach does not know how to select players and build strong team.They all need to start from the scratch, but I will give some credit to scaloni for take this team to Semifinal.Their offence is very good and can harm any opponents. If their defence was good, they could beat Brasil, But old MENOTTI must GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
    I hope whoever become coach he will fix the defence, get right players. Players who are strong and can hassle and know how to defend.

    • I must clarify it is Cesar menotti who are against scaloni .menotti didn’t involve in select players and tactics .he even didn’t travel with the team to Brazil .his project suppose to start after this copa america. So pls don’t blame on our champion head coach

  29. According to media ,even Cesar menotti want to fire scaloni .I must say this team didn’t have any tactics at all .mostly depends on messi one on one to creat attack . No overlap, No first touch no look passing .No long ball ,No two sides Highline compression. Not to say tiki taka .
    Argentina want to play counter attack but without solid defense that is useless.

    Did you see Jesus ,coutinho ,firmino ‘s chemistry? They are skilfull and cooperative with each others .Their RB ,LB ,Midfield easily pass the ball . I think 2:0 didn’t reflect the whole difference between the two

    • Scaloni MUST go!!!!
      He’s Sampaoli 2.0!

      Just individual talent carrying this team, just like in the World Cup.
      Thing is, we have less talent on the team than before.

      Dani Alves, a fullback at the age of 36, beat three of our guys like they weren’t even there.
      Gabriel Jesus our whole defense destroyed, sent two of our guys on the ground.

      We don’t have the players to play as Uruguay with counters.
      We have the players to have possession, like Banega, Alejandro Gomez, Caseres, wingers like J. Correa, defenders who are good with the ball on their feet like Rojo even, Garay who had a fantastic season, etc.
      Amazing players on the bench like Dybala.

      This team is just a mess, and look how LOW we’re going, blaming the referee for our loss.

      Why can’t we blame Scaloni instead of the referee?

      • Compared with u20 Batista ,i think Batista ‘s team really impress me .They play as a whole team ,they have tactics .Batista using two box to box with two wingers and a tall striker GAICH . They have a solid formation ,don’t forget Batista only take over the jobs for a few months.

        But scaloni is different , scaloni ,Samuel ,Ayala combination didn’t work .they have no tactics only rely on a few player’s talent one on one .the whole team lack of running ability ,cooperation. I am a fan of possession football but i am not against counterattack instead of possession .Atleast you should show me the speed ,the solid defense,the no look passing cooperation and different team formation .

        Scaloni’s team didn’t show me any improvement in attack and defense but he take up the job for a year. So it is the same time giving chance to others who really know how to play .

        Eduardo coudet is my cup of tea ,from Rosario central to racing ,he build up a solid team himself which is also appreciated by Cesar menotti .I think AFA should give him 4years contract . On the contrary ,If scaloni continue ,i am afraid Argentina even can’t qualify for next world cup.

  30. after a long long time i want to post my feelings here.another tournament had passed and Argentina and messi got nothing.but i think now messi is more determined that he will continue till his last strength.a very good news is that messi have another copa in next year on his home soil.this could be his last i think afa should continue to scaloni.because he has plan.he is spending some time with this team.and importantly next year have another copa as well as it’s important that he should continue.if scaloni will get a year then he might get a proper team as well as a proper formation and that’s Argentina need.if argentina gives scaloni more time may argentina have better result.otherwise new coach coming with new players new formations new i think scaloni needs at least one year.

  31. what really really upset me is the ease of how Dani alves went pass 3 of our players like a piece of cake and passed the ball to an unmarked player for a tab in. I am not sure Messi or Scaloni or even Morino can do anything about it. I am not sure how to solve this problem.

  32. We will be always with you argentina fc and messi . Messi has to be with Argentina and all the players of Argentina we will support you always til death love you Argentina love you messi. We r doing good step by step keep it up and keep traying. We have lots more to do n lots more to win best of luck messi and other players. We done well with Brazil and we r growing up.

  33. I think now it’s time forM the new coach or Scaloni to start replacing the senior guys. My best 11 will be:
    Benitez(Musso)-Foyth(Bustos), Kannemann(Magallan), Lisandro Martinez, Tagliafico-De Paul(De La Vega), Palaccios(Almendra), Zaracho(Nico Dominguez)-Lo Celso(Vargas)-Messi(Dybala), Lautaro(Correa/Gaich)

  34. The defeat hurt no doubt but was it something to be encouraged about?
    There was one case where the team made a fantasstic play to build to De Pauls wasted shot, but other than that, it was just individual talent from Messi dribbiling into the team and same from Aguero.

    I see the same as when we played against France, just individual talent, nothing collective.

    How can Danli Alves get passed two of our guys that easily?
    How can Gabriel Jesus single-handedly destroy our whole defense by himself?

    • Several things we learned….
      – We think our defense is improving…. yet we conceded 5 goals and scored 5…
      Our Goal aggregate is 0. How is that improvement?
      – Alisson has got Messi’s number. This is his third clean sheet against Messi. Coincidence? No!
      – Brazil’s midfield is more promising than ours. De Paul, Paredes, Acuna got nothing on Coutinho Casemiro and especially Arthur, who is becoming one of the best in the world.
      – This team is not that different from Sampaoli’s… Just individual talent carrying the team.
      – Lautaro has yet to appear against a Big team.

      What we need:
      – A new DM ASAP! I think Caseres of Villareal is that guy.
      – A good RB to provide width when Messi goes into the midfield. Look how Alves carries Brazil’s right flank. Montoniel could be that guy.
      – Messi, Aguero and Dybala HAVE to play together. If people think Lautauro is a good addition, imagine Dybala instead!
      – We need Otamendi out, and Pezzella too. A new CB pairing.
      – Bring back Romero!

        • Everyone is going through the stages of Grief after such a loss.
          First is Denial.
          – Saying this team is headed in the right direction, after beating Qatar and Venezuela! >D
          – Next is anger…. so get ready for all the s**t talking soon.

          This team is just like Sampaoli’s, but again people are denying it bc it has their favorite players.

      • I think we should bring Mammana and Montiel.




        Lo Celso
        De Paul




        I think personally our main goal is to find a way for Dybala to start. Honestly, I think he should start as a sub for De Paul. Yesterday De Paul wasn’t to great. He moved the ball but it was short lived and he ended being beaten by Coutinho’s acceleration.

        • Any good Manager can play Messi and Dybala together its not hard.




          Pity Martinez


      • Spot on having no CDM was suicidal Paredes done excellent even do he was out of position, Imagine him playing with a proper CDM he would be fantastic. And no RB brings me back to my point squad selection was awful and as bad as 2018. Too muh useless players. But yeah a new CB pairing is crucial.

      • Several things we learned….????
        -Consider the match by match…we have improved.
        -Alisson didn’t do much to stop Messi in this match.
        -Arthur Vs LoCeslo, Coutinho vs DePaul, Casemiro is special. Palacios. We have good midfielders.
        -First time same x1 plays after 40 games.
        -Lautaro just started. Wait and see the coming years. No going back.

  35. I say this group stays together with the call up of some more national team players. This is the way to go!


  36. My Selection next year would have mainly young players but a Veteran sprinkled in.




    9.Mannaman/Foyth/Pezzella/ Lisandro
    11.Acuna/Ansaldi/Mac Allister


    13.Asciabar/Marcone/Guido R
    14.Lo Celso
    16.De Paul

    17.Palacios/Banega/Lanzini/ GonzaloMartinez/Zaracho/Acosta



    23.PapuGomez/DiMaria/Cervi/ Barco/Lucas Ocampos/A Correa/Salvio/Matias Vargas/Pavon/Correa

    The (/) are for different alternitives but If there’s no (/) that means they are in the squad 100%. That’s also 23 players but with alternitives for players who I feel aren’t gauranteed. Lemme kbow what you lot think below. Also show your 23 man squads.

  37. Team is growing, we fought hard until the end, we need continuity, this team will win copa 2020 I have no doubt ( lautaro Martinez, De Paul and parades are the three pillar of the team)

      • But I not keen about mamana because of his short height …. I personally want facundo medina our U-20 central defender as sub for taglafico because he actually left back and very strong player..

  38. I had no hope before this copa, I saw a team growing match after match. We were not ridiculous against Brazil. They had only 4 shots and scored twice. We fought and we lost, unlike in 2018. I am actually quite proud of this new team.

    The foundation of this team is here, we just need some new players progressively replacing the senior guys. I think a new coach is really necessary, he may continue what Scaloni has done during the copa. Scaloni has done his best, with no experience and no much gathering with players, it would be unfair to accuse him of being unprofessional. I think he should stay as coach assistant.

    • I agree. I was shocked how much of a team we became by the end of our tournament. Our passing was great. The only thing was that we pushed too forward and have to practice converting chances more.

  39. The decision of AFA is to respect the contract that ends in December

    Problem with this decision is once the contract ends no would prefer to take over when there such short time to prepare for next Copa which is due to take place in June.

    This is very disappointing

    #argentina #albiceleste #selecciónargentina 🇦🇷 #1stpalbiceleste


        • i’ve been a die hard argentina fan since world cup 2014-watched us lost 3 finals,,embarassed in the 2018 world cup,,,and eliminated in the 2019 copa semis. After the brazil match i declared “all right this is it, i’m done with argentina, i can’t take this shit anymore,its been too long” But three things showed up in my mind that makes me want to still support this team next year.

          1)I thought about how well this team(most of the starting XI players only)actuallly played together and showed lots of determination even though the coach is a complete shitty retard who knows nothing about being a tactican and leader.

          2) I also realized that this argentina team 80% consists of young new players-who don’t have the heartbreak and burden of the old generation who lost those 3 finals in a row-so i believe this team(at least most of them), will get back up again and can win the copa next year with at least way better odds than this year.

          3) The last thing is that messi was mad, very mad,,,and it motivated me,,,because it most likely shows that he’s still going to be wearing the shirt at least until the next copa in 2020. i always remember messi crying after that 2016 final and retiring after that. but in 2019 he showed a different attitude and showed that he is determined to win something with argentina. Look i know messi was super shit vs brazil and basically the whole copa 2019,,,but i know that messi will eventually show that magic he has at some point eventually,,he just needs another extra push to accomplish that,,,and believe me ,,,messi will help argentina win the copa next year..



          • “Look i know messi was super shit vs brazil and basically the whole copa 2019” – You don’t understand much football , bro !

    • Scaloni should be out ASAP .The 2:0result didn’t reflect the whole difference between the two teams . Actually Brazil try to play counterattack in 2nd half .Did you see Tite ask his players come back for defense in 2nd half? Which make Argentina can easily pass the ball in midfield. If Brazil use different tactics such as high line compression ,i think our defense may make more mistake. Afterwards Brazil may beat us by 3:1

  40. The lack of CDM was clearly a problem to the team one of the most important positions look at how many attacks casemiro stopped. But Scaloni does well sometimes but his selection were terrible he brought useless players like Funes Mori, Pizzaro, Casco, Rodriguez and Suarez each spot is important and they were wasted. Paredes, Messi, Lautaro, Tagliofico and Dybala should all be starters next year.

  41. Don’t get seduce by Argentina ball position and dominance against opponent last match same thing happened for Venezuela against us the fact is Tite is much better coach than scaloni who is not enough to win against top teams

  42. FIFA is corrupt and water is wet. No way they were gonna let Argentina win. Now next years Copa, Brazil will get shit on from head to toe.
    While this loss bothers me, the fact that I could see the team growing in front of me was fantastic. I really think you have great midfielders in Barco, Palacios DePaul, Paredes, Lo Celso, Zaracho, and a few others that can be the core of our midfield for 6-7 years. Gonzalo Montiel will be a star as will Foyth. Cristian Romero needs to calm down a little and even guys like Magellan will contribute too.
    Brazil on the other hand looked like a heaping pile of crap.
    Messi’s been on good teams and bad. He knows this group is going to win something and he wants to be a part of it.

  43. Guys who were the player suppose to cover right flunk when we concede the second goal..That ugly Brazilian was totally free!! Otamendi mofo can goa this time and color his hair with his shit!!

    • look at all the defensive blunders in the 2nd goal:

      1) Foyth – WTF. Stood there after he lost the clearance. Like he started day dreaming for a second and woke up. Look how he snaps back to reality and starts chasing.

      2) Otamendi – baby giraffe learning how to walk.

      3) Paredes – Look at Paredes start walking and staring at Jesus instead of closing passing Lane to Firmino on the right or covering Firmino directly. Defensive instinct lacking.

      4) Tagliafico – Caught on counter. started jogging instead of killing himself to get back.


      5) Pezzella – not really a mistake but under 2v2, I wish he fouled the hell of him killing the play for a yellow card.

      • Yes, the defense cannot resist to the few really dangerous attacks from Brazil. That’s more a problem of players individual quality. Foyth need definitely more playing time with his club. I also wish that Magallan and Lisandro Martinez will have more playing time with Ajax next year. Together with Tagliafico, if they train on daily basis, it could be a good thing for the NT. Paredes and Acuna need to be replaced by Palacios and Zaracho

  44. And they say this man is not a leader and what not ! He will be there till we need him I am sure. His confidence in the group us EXCITING ! I think he will be amazing the next time we play. Argentina is in good hands from what i see. With more playing time and good friendlies I am very optimistic we can get together a fighting group that can win back the ball and we already have a group to dispatch it to the goal. I totally lovvvved De Paul and he is a keeper for 2022. Lo Celso will find a way to gain a better position. I am super optimistic and yes at this point I will give Scaloni and the guys a longer rope.

  45. Captain messi is spot-on. The young players showed alot of heart and determination. I believe we will do it in our home infront of our supporters next year.
    Scaloni deserves to continue.

  46. Had NT been given few extra friendly games, so they would be in this condition at the begging of the COpa, they might have been favorites to lift the trophy.
    Sad, it was closer that I though. This game should have been won.

  47. Our team is growing. Half job is done.
    Rest half includes, a good right back, discipline in defence, two good wingers.

    Defence is more about positioning and discipline. Less tackle, more interception and containment. That’ll come from more practise.

    As for wing backs and wingers, we simply do not have players. No other way than to wait for right players to arrive. We made pitch incredibly narrow today. There was hardly any space in the middle.

  48. Copa America 2019 squad:
    Out- Scaloni, Otamendi, Armani, Dimaria, Maschrin, Suarez, Acuna, Rodriguez, Pizzaro, Pareyra, Aguero.
    IN- A Coach, Rulli, Icardi, Sosa, C Romeo, Baraco, Ascaliber, Perez, montiel, Ortega.

  49. Need to win the bronze match to build team confidence, the two goals were mainly Pezzella mistakes. The problem still Otamendi and Pezzella (and old Garay) our best centre backs, if we drop them who will play? 0 kilometers, talented but bench-players like Foyth, Romero, Mammana? Funes mori is not better, Lisandro Martinez seems too short. Drop Di Maria, Aguero as super sub for next Copa. Bring back Icardi and Correas, no more 30 years old local players, only under 23 years old talents from there. Something like this: Benitez/Rulli/Musso—L.Martinez/Tagliafico/Acuna—Otamendi/Pezzella/Foyth/Romero/Funes Mori/Mammana—Saravia/Montiel/Bustos—Ascacibar/Battaglia/Dominguez—Lo Celso/De Paul/Lanzini—Palacios/Paredes/Zaracho—J. Correa/A. Correa/Barco—Lautaro/Icardi/Aguero—Messi/Dybala/Pavon…dont know enough or not but period our best…and no more idiot experimenting a la Maradona Sampaoli Scaloni, if finally Scaloni start to build a new team keep, if not fire him, Germany match will be very important if he”ll come out with brand new players i will kill him…

  50. Tbh as much as i disappointed to lose
    Against Brazil it will be more devastating
    To lose another final I couldn’t imagine
    How i would feel.
    Lose another final against Chile for
    Penalty kicks I hope somehow peru
    Win it

  51. Argentina need a good tactician, they have talent no doubt, a proper DM absence cost against Brazil

  52. Messi is the best captain Argentina can have right now.We Created better chances than than Brazil,Hit the bar twice.Got fouled. Alves!(Played a great game,but I hate the fact he fouled Aguero and tripped him) Arthur also pushed Otamendi on the Penalty Area during corner.CLEAR PENALTY!!!
    All are BS as Messi said.How many times did Messi dribble past the midfield and made great passes I counted 4-5 times!!!He was on great form The whole team was.Paredes and Acuna yellow cards changed the game.Whenver a midfielder gets a yellow card the transition and tempo of game changes.Casemiro fouled Messi 3 times when he went past him.Yet another heartbreaking day.But I will never quit as an Albicelsete as a Messi admirer.Brazil were lucky enough to not get yellow cards and nit concede goals,I bet Alisson almost had a heart attack when Aguero hit the bar and Messi volleyed it on the post.Casemiro,Alves fouled a lots of time and were lucky to enough to survive from getting penalised.
    We need improvements surely we did great.The Right Back area playmaker roles and defensive mistakes must be lessened down.
    I told you all Scaloni is not an idiot but yes his decisions were quite wrong regarding selections.I hope we appoint Gallardo and Scaloni can stay in the Coaching staff.

    We still have 3rd place match
    I want Chile. And want to see Musso,Funes Mori,G.Rodriguez,Dybala start.
    Messi can play as a super sub.

    Argentina will rise from theses ashes of being defeated so many times.They will dominate again.Mark these lines.

    Vamos Argentina!!!

    • We are gonna battle Peru most likely. Both teams are physical but I think Vidal seals the deal in these kinds of matches. For us, Paredes is basically like a Vidal but he isn’t aggressive enough. Sure yellow cards, but Vidal does it without getting called a foul on.

  53. We can be sure that Messi will play Copa America 2020 on home soil. Bring in some new young players (not all at the same time) and grow as a team.

    Agree that the VAR should have had a look at the penalty situations. On the other hand we were lucky Lautaro was not sent off. He had a yellow already and could not control himself.

  54. Good job, lads. you have done the best. We appreciate your tremendous effort. now, heads up! do the best for 3rd place. after that, regroup, reinforce and focus on the next targets, copa america 2020 and world cup 2022. vamos argentina!!

  55. Di Maria, otamandi, guido Rodriguez,Saravia,acuna, Armani, mori, pezella,Suarez should never come back to national team from today. They bring nothing to the table..This team need to overhaul this roster with world class coach and youngers from European league.

    • Armani wasn’t that bad.I say we need to stay more active and lessen our mistakes on defense.Bring the Likes of Papu Gomez,Pavon,Icardi and better midfielders like Banega.Paredes was doing well Lo Celso has failed to impress.Acuna? Don’t know about him.M.Suarez is the worst selection of Scaloni along with Casco.I hope Messi tells Barca to sign a promising Argentina player,they can build Chemistry with Messi.It would be great for sure.Someone like A.Gaich maybe to Barca B

  56. Well words Messi. This is what I am saying here….but very few agree. Messi sees future and improvement in this team. Team spirit. Everything there. We will still improve. We need to adjust a little bit. This is a learning curve. We are coming from bottom low to high…we are growing..

    • I agree … we were underdogs that outplayed the home team and with acouple Proper VAR officiating calls could be in the final… nothing to hang our heads at… just refocus to qualifying and la cola America 2020 and continue growing

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