Referee advised to go to VAR during Argentina vs. Brazil, AFA request


Reports are coming out that the referee during the Argentina vs. Brazil game was advised to go to VAR but refused.

One of the VAR officials during the game, Uruguayan Leodan GONZALEZ reportedly told referee ZAMBRANO to go to VAR for two penalty incidents. The first incident was that of Sergio AGUERO with Dani ALVES and the second being Nicolas OTAMENDI and Arthur. The referee refused both times.

The AFA have requested to CONMEBOL the communication between VAR and the referee.


  1. I think we’re all forgetting how much the rest of SA dislikes Argentina. That is where the bias from the ref is. Even if all the countries hate each other, they all hate on Argentina together. He’d rather gift Brazil a win than Argentina. There should be only European refs doing these games. I guarantee an Italian or Spanish ref would have led to a much different game.

    On a more serious note, it was difficult to watch the referee’s decision making and think it was fair. These games always get heated and physical, but he gave us two early yellows for minor tackles. Then when Casemiro repeatedly tackles Messi, and then one time trips Messi from the front and then cuts out his legs from behind…and nothing. If he has a yellow, he doesn’t make that tackle, or any other over the top tackle. It changes how defenders play, and Brazil was given that advantage all night. It’s amazing that in other sports around the world, the top tier players are the ones who get the calls going their way. I’m afraid Messi needs to learn to roll around on the ground like Neymar more so maybe he’ll have something called his way. I would HATE to see that, but I also hate seeing him get chopped down 100x a game and never see anything from the ref.

    • Most peruvians like me would rather see Argentina champions than Brasil. Bolsonaro was in the stadium and he paraded with brasilian flag around before the game. There is something fishy about this referee.

  2. Several names will be romoured, such as Gallardo, Simeone or Pochettino, but the reality is none above mentioned want to take AFA hotseat. Gabriel Heinze new name to list. However, Menotti does not desire Heinze so strongly

    In addition, castillo also added Macri(président of Argentina) slipped in a note that he would like the coach of the National Team to be Heinze, It is not so easy for Heinze either because he wants to respect his contract until June.

    Castillo also clarified that “Macri’s support has something political and that is not what Tapia and Menotti like. There many permutations and combinations before we see next permanent Argentina coach.

    Info courtesy: TNT Sports

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    • If I was tapia and menotti will
      Let scaloni and his coaching staff
      To continue since they can’t get
      Gallardo or heinze or even Coudet
      Before September so the logic says
      Scaloni especially if he continues to
      Coache the nt for next friendly matchs

      • @godin11 the political corruption destry the argentine football.. from afa to president all are corrupted.. someone said that simone pochettino in the race of coach but they are not bothered to know what are going to the national team.. they will coach the national team after 60+ age.. and i personally think that we never want simione pochettino anymore because they don’t love their country..and in my opinion gallardo is far far better than simione pochettino… i never want these two to coach our national team because they are selfish not only selfish as well as money monger..

        • Avi
          Long time ago I said same
          That pochettino and simeone
          Won’t coach Argentina anytime
          Soon I don’t know if they love their
          Country or not and I don’t give damn
          About that it’s thier problem
          Yes I believe Gallardo is better coach
          Than them but him too doesn’t want
          To coach the nt while tapia and Angelici
          Still running in the afa so the leave the
          Afa limited option to choose according
          To what menotti wants. Personally
          I would love to see heinze coach arg
          But that won’t happen either.
          My conclusion is it’s better to give
          Scaloni the job I’m sure he will do
          Better the guy is really smart look his
          Coaching staff as example as time
          Goes his experience will grow and
          His football idea will improve as he did
          During the copa the nt was getting
          Better game after game

  3. I already prepared my mental state before the match — we were underdog, prone to errors, and referees would favor the host, so not too frustrated by the outcome. In any case, we would loose:

    – if it was 0-0, Brazil would constantly press, we got a lot of cards; a red card was likely to come, and goals will come given quality of our defenders. Actually I think Brazil never thought the goal came that soon. Coz they would think we were stronger than Paraguay and we had Messi. We couldn’t counter them coz our full backs and midfielders are slow. Even if we got close to the goal, I didn’t think we would be that effective as Brazil
    – when the goal came, definitely they would win, all those post/bar hitting we got were half chances. If they got to the goal area, likely Alison will catch all those. On the hand, Brazil’s chances were very clear and open. If they had Neymar, it would be 3 or 4-0

    I never understand the decision to leave Romero out. He was Scaloni’s number one keeper, and suddenly he was out. At the international level, Romero is world class, always saves our ass.

    Pezella is an average defender, both goals because of him. Actually I don’t trust any of our defenders. Foyth seems promising, but he’s not world-class yet. I never impressed with Tagliafico; he’s a weak version of Sorin, especially on the attack.

    Despite all these, I still think Scaloni and co should stay, given AFA’s limited budget and Scaloni’s willingness to learn from mistakes. Our coaching team are young, they worked with great coaches like Bielsa, Perkeman, Mourinho (Samuel), …. Gradually we’ll be good, but it’ll take time. Remember they inherited all the failed U20s recently, it’ll take time for the whole system to be fixed.

    • More of a copy-paste comment from a Brazil fan page. Nothing more, nothing less. Apart from those two goals, Coutinho’s squandered shot that came off a ‘mine-or-yours’ pinball situation along the edge of the box and an early save from Armani which was called offside though late, Brazil created nothing. Their most promising player Everton was silent whole night and now if you say Neymar would have made the scoreline even worse for us, let us all say a young dynamic Palacios(who got adapted to our team in no time and made headlines) would have outdone Artur in the middle of the park and the pendulum would have swung our way for a one-way traffic game!

      We gifted them a goal and they gifted us nothing, apparently a difference showcased between a well-oiled team and a newly patched eleven. How is Aguero’s header a half chance? And Messi’s shot that hit the post and then again Aguero a foot away from tapping it in from Messi’s cutback just a half chance? And tell me how many ‘half-chances'(n your discernment) did Brazil create or we gift for that matter?

    • I very much Agree with you WHY THE HELL they REMOVE ROMERO ? the guy was better than david DE GEA in the n.o of oppurtunities he got this season , Plus if u see 2014 WC, CP 2015,16 he was a SUB Keeper But the way he performed outstanding you can see experience and Confidence in Him whereas ARMANI has bad positioning and always looks nervers ….ROMERO need to BE BACK

  4. if AFA wants new coach(Gallardo most probably) then he needs to be hired as soon as possible but on the condition that Scaloni,Ayala,Walter Samuel,and pablo aimar are new coach assistants in this NT rebuilding Process if any good coach hiring is not possible then it is better to continue with Scaloni who made NT perform decently in copa 2019 and reaching semi finals inspite of loss against colombia and draw with paraguay hopefully Argentina wins against chile in 3rd place playoff but replace armani with musso,acuna with guido rodriguez and lautaro with dybala other than that same starting 11 might hopefully start against Chile

  5. well deserved and well done Peru ; salute to El Tigre Gareca for bringing Peru to Copa Final. Respect and happy that every Argentina coach is in the final in row since the last Copa 3 finals while sad to watch that they can’t deliver the same will coaching their own N/T, indeed getting worse and lose all their golden touch.

    Another amazing decision taken by AFA that Scaloni will be in charge until Dec and will have 4 friendly games. What used for waiting another 6 months to build the N/T. Maybe AFA are considering Gareca to take charge after his winning on this Copa ? Menotti voice is still ringing in the ear that the new projects will begin after Copa. When and how only AFA knows.

  6. Proud on Argentina they are winners in our heart , those Brazilians needed to cheat to avoid defeat on their soil history will be evident.
    Just dont call Pezella, Otamendi and any local league players hereafter.

    • “Just dont call Pezella, Otamendi and any local league players hereafter.”

      I don’t see anything wrong with Pezzella though , one weak challenge doesn’t change a thing.

      Regarding “local/domestic league” players I don’t know why you hate them so much. Was it Armani’s fault that we lost?! Brasil’s most eyecatching player of the tournament so far is from their domestic league and I don’t know how many Peruvian and Chilean players are playing in the American continent. They don’t seem have a problem with that. In international football it doesn’t matter where you play as the evidence suggests, I’ve said this 3222216 times and it’s corny. It’s just prejudice from your part..

  7. Still couldn’t believe it happened. Still fuming in anger but proud for my team and boys. I have no regret. Only fair referring could have done a justice for our young players

  8. Last night I wrote that it’s nothing of a surprise to see these kinds of refereeing decisions from a Copa America official. The Rojo red card against Chile( which wasn’t a even foul for me although Rojo was stupid enough to commit to that considering the circumstances), and the Colombia quarter final game in 2015 with that Mexican pendejo in charge the very recent ones in that Copa America refereeing debacles. But to be honest, the last night got to be the worst of all. I hadn’t seen the various angles of that Aguero penalty incident initially. It was a clear penalty to me as was the Otamendi one, which was an obvious one. The yellow card incidents and hesitant to penalize the opposition when serious fouls were committed were nothing new.

    After all, we have seen what VAR can do in the WC, serie a, la liga, bundesliga, UCL,CL and other competitions. Offside goals and onside goals, they can make 99% correct decisions, nothing subjective about that unless it’s that tight a call. Regarding penalty incidents, its always subjective, whether it’s the ref or VAR official. They can do whatever they want with that. Pen, no Pen, it’s their interpretation, it’s their call, nothing else matters. VAR or no VAR it doesn’t change a lot.

    The referee is to ofcourse the villian and deserves all the blame and so too our players for that two sloppy goals conceded.

    • Everything you said was right but can’t blame them for second goal. Foyth literally stopped than realised referee didn’t stop so he tried to catch up

      • Yep, no one can be blamed for the two goals but ourselves. I know the 2nd goal should have been chopped off and penalty must have been awarded to Argentina, but like you said that’s no excuse for our players to go to sleep like that. Not only Foyth, it was a catalogue of errors starting from Foyth to Pezzella(weak challenge) to Otamendi.

      • Extremely unprofessional behavior from Foyth, you cant stand when the game is still in play.
        Anyway extremely horrible decision by refree, i think it was done intemtionally to attract home crowd in the final at Maracana. Foul on Aguero was not even replayed. Shame on corrupt CONMEBOL , the reason south american football is declining and european football has risen above.

        • it happened too quickly for Foyth , i guess…players generally tries to intercept the situations on the pitch, and the way Aguero was tripped, it was always going for a review or the referee should have stopped the, Foyth , probably got on the wrong foot..but , what was Otamendi doing? he should be leading the defense and keeping them alert…only thing he does is give the ball away to opponent forwards…its time to get Otamendi out of the team

    • The whole dynamics of the game changed because of these two calls, nm all the BS no-calls on them and plenty on ARG…… these bastards knew they could get away with cheap fouls.

      • True. I missed the Taglifiaco yellow card incident, but I heard Alejandro Moreno saying that it was a clean challenge and not even a foul. Then, there’s the Acuna-Alves moment. Infact there would be countless like those if we start to dissect the match minute-by-minute.

  9. We got only 2 minutes extra time in the first half where one occasion Brazilian guy was getting treatment for at least 4 minutes. First half we should have gotten more than 6 minutes.

  10. FUAAAAAAA se desarmo Chile con Los “OLES”. hahahah!!! Ehh….can you believe that shit. 5 minutes over time for a second half that wasn’t stopped. Argentina only got 4 smdh.

    • Don’t get your hopes high pal, Brasil always a different beast when it comes to a “final”. They’ll step up a notch or two always and this time being at home, it’ll be even more. In addition to that, Peru’s style will favour them even more. I don’t think Gareca is a gonna park the bus or is gonna ever play that way if I’m not wrong. A comfortable Brasil victory on the cards for me. 3-0 plus.

  11. What if …Arias said to himself “fuck these Chilotes” , ” I ain’t saving or stopping shit” (wearing Argentina Jersey under his goalkeeping jersey) 🤔

  12. Fuck the bastard referee there with Brazil’s faver if Brazil win this copa it will be a gift from Argentina 😔😔😔😔😔

    • Don’t worry, Peru look insanely strong this year! They are thrashing Chile right now. Brazil will for sure have 3 injured players by the end of the final🤣. And it will be well deserved! GO PERU!

  13. It’s high time a tournament is fixed for Argentina.. what do you know…next Copa America is in Argentina…. maybe this one will finally be fixed for us like Chile 2015 and Brazil 2019.

  14. Que pierdan Los chilotes…. hací le rompe el orto la selección y queda en 3sera .

    Also, someone was black out drunk last night and isn’t assuming responsibility for frivolous comments made about others 🤣

  15. not to mention Casimero should have received three yellows for his terrible and shocking challenges against Messi, ref was giving yellows for softer fouls on Argentina, also 2nd incident in the box was not only a pk but a straight red. Nothing went in their favor last night but they fought hard they attacked they tackled they ran they played better than the previous games, not the best performance iv ever seen but it was good enough to win against Brazil which is incredible. This should be a base to build on for next year.

      • hes a scum the 1st challenge he literally grabbed him and pulled him with his arms and legs it was a wrestling move, I couldn’t believe he was not given a yellow for that.
        even in Spain he gets away with murder against Messi

    • Yes, not only penalty but red card for that hooligan Brazilian tug. They are a team if tugs and dirty play. Casamiro or whatever has name played dirty game against messi. The whole world respects our game yesterday and our bravery penning brazil in their own half. The post denied us twice, we had 2 penalties never been called. Their sec goal is not valid. They simply bought this one

  16. I feel good about our young players and Messi and Kun.

    The ref was taking bribes. It is clear. Even Brazilians know that.
    The mighty Brazil bribing a referee for an outcome. Miserable turds

    • It doesn’t matter who plays them in this Copa, Batman and Superman, they will still cheat and win it.
      That bastard could have tried to hide his intentions but he didn’t even bother, VAR tells him to check, TWICE and he refuses, you fucking kidding me

  17. This cunt basardo refree robbed us victory he should be banned forever with life long prison sentenc. He broke millions of innocent hearts.

  18. Stop this drama if Argentina played with same squad under scaloni against Brazil out of 100, 99 times will lose

    • Wrong. We were the dominant team for most of the match. We had the most attacking chances. Brazil had a couple moments of magic here and there but other than that it was pretty even. We should have gotten 2 penalties and you are gonna deny that?

    • Did you watch the game??
      Sure, they scored early in the game and ARGENTINA did not drop their heads and fought tooth and nail ONLY to be cheated by the REF.

      “””FACT”” the foul on Kun was serious enough for VAR to relay it down to this SOB and he did NOTHING, resulting in their 2nd goal and STILL ARG refused to bow their heads and kept on fighting AND again another incident happened and that MOFO ignored it again!!
      The whole dynamic of the game would have changed, Brazil was defending for their lives every time ARG ran at them.

    • Think of the match PSG vs Man united this UCL.. A shocking penalty given against PSG allowing Man u to qualify to the next round…the defender in question had his hands on his back from where he could not literally do anything to touch the ball…yet handball given

      Now , enter Copa America and these sort of fouls inside the penalty area not given :- absolute disgrace

    • Do you have any agenda against Scaloni ? he’s doing pretty well as a starter … he’s much better than that piece of shit Sampaoli

    • You can’t take truth. Referee was clearly biased. More news will come after Copa.

      Your hate against Scaloni made you to comment like this. Actually we would have one 99 out of 100 with this squad. Only referee and luck prevented this time. We were better team. Watch the game again…

    • EVEN i Thought like that till the Qatar Game but the WAY the guy Scolani picked up the team in such a short tym and the team started perform they were jus unlucky and REF was a Bitch soon i hope the refs career ends . But however this Chile’s Game will Decide wheather Scolani stays or Leaves.

  19. Sad day again for us but to be honest I’m kind of pride of how the team did react after the first goal. The dazn commentator was also saying that it was a foul on Otamendi. I remember a match against Brazil I think it was in copa America in which they did score the equalizer after the player set up the ball with his own hand. I though those days are over because of VAR……

    Anyway I’m still looking forward to watch the Saturday match. Most of you will disagree because there is actually nothing to win but still I want to see these guys grow together and get some chemistry match after match.

  20. Funny fucking thing is they used VAR all the game to disallowed goals now they stopped using it in our game. Don’t know what to say. They needed whole CONMBOEL to beat a young rockie Argentina team. Imagine we invest those young lads with proper nursing and a well managed staff than they will need whole world to beat us

  21. FUCK YOU, I HOPE YOU GET YOURS VERY SOON. no corruption my ass.
    Besides, how could he refuse???? obviously they seen things that he didn’t and that’s the whole damn point of VAR and he refuses?? the BLIND CAN SEE WHATS HAPPENIN HERE .

    • and that is the same cocksucker from the U20 ARG/Mali game, causing confusion right before that free kick with their 2nd goal because he didn’t know what the fuck he was doing.

    • Foul on Otamendi was pretty obvious , when it was shown on Television replay…At the very least, I can understand the foul on Aguero not being called, as an immediate counter attack broke out…But , when you don’t use VAR on the one for Otamendi, u know there’s something wrong out there,

      • We have been had, cheated, bamboozled, hoodwinked ladies and gentlemen!!

        Forget whether a pk or not, AT THE VERY LEAST, this low life ref. would have stopped the play right there and then after the Kun foul and these motherfuckers would NOT have scored and that would have changed the dynamic of the whole game…..and off course there is the 2nd NO call.

        and here I was SO HAPPY with VAR, stating that justice will be awarded whenever an infraction occurs….such horseshit.

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