Tottenham coach Mauricio Pochettino: “The dream is to coach Argentina”


Tottenham coach Mauricio Pochettino has stated that he would like to coach the Argentine national team one day.

Speaking in an interview with Canal 7 from Mendoza, the former Argentina international spoke about coaching Argentina, the current coach and the future.

Here’s what he had to say:

“The dream is to one day be able to coach the Argentina national team. As an Argentina, that’s non-negotiable. Your country, your shirt, your flag… That is always a priority. What is clear is that the circumstances have to come naturally for it to be able to succeed. Today, it’s difficult because my future and my circumstances has it that I’m in England.

“But personally, it will always be a dream or one will always wait for the moment to get the chance to train their national team.”

On his name being thrown around along with Diego Simeone’s name and Marcelo Gallardo’s name as one of the candidates to coach Argentina after last year’s World Cup.

“They are two great coaches but Argentina have other great coaches as well and they could be up to the level to coach the national team.

“Myself, no one ever called me. I saw it in the press because logically I follow what is being said in Argentina and at times my name is there but no one communicated with me.

“It wasn’t an easy situation for the AFA, taking decisions is not something easy and even more so in football to be able to find that leader that could carry the job and allow Argentina to recover and be where it deserves to be.

“The current coaching staff, which is now confirmed, could bring Argentina back to their winning ways.”


  1. Pochettino is very goid coach he does have world class squad at Spurs if we compare Spurs with the likes of Man City,Liverpool Chelsea or Barca.Even he defeated Man city in UCL.Let him has his evperience as a coach in Tottenhm.Someday he will be back as Argentina coach.I like Pochettino because he always gives chance to Lamela to be in playong 11,he is grooming Lamela.Fans need to respect Pochettino.
    You can not always get what you want.This is life.

    • As you have read most of the comments in here we do not respect Pochettino regardless of his good work with the Spurs. It’s a matter of selfish thinking ($) but giving a lip service to the press saying how much he would love to coach NT. Put it flatly: Just a bunch of crap. That’s what’s creating a bitter relationship between him and us the fans.

  2. ………..Armani………….



    How is this team???

  3. I saw a lot of haters here, I don’t even want to argue with them, just look at the players who were nobody before having him as coach and then become international player. More than half of the England team in WC 2018 had or have him as coach. The proof is here. You like or not. Tactically is he poor? It’s the same formula and formation used by France and Netherlands. Nobody’s perfect but I don’t think he’s overrated.

    • yeah, he’s a great coach. The negative sentiment is mostly an emotional response to his avoidance of the NT. Im sure most would welcome him and rejoice if he wanted to coach NT.

      • “The negative sentiment is mostly an emotional response to his avoidance of the NT.”

        Of course it is, nothing against his quality as a coach

  4. Pochettino will not and should not coach NT . He is one of the most overrated manager in the PL he cant win anything with great squad.
    He always looks helpless in duiring tactical change . he looked helpless against man city, arsenal, new castle , Olympiacos, Leicester. His team is always dependent on their best player VAR or some individual screamer from Son or Lucas moura. Even a coach like valvarde outclassed him at wembley last season. IMO tactically simeone is a much better manager than Pochettino.

  5. Aaah it is just a day dream, Poche,Simeone will not leave their big income and take over N/T.. All the success at Spurs and be ready to replace Zidane at Madrid. I think this kind of article should not be posted in mundo again; it makes us like a fool and stupid to know their aim and ambition.

    I was looking for words like these , I thought he did not say something like that, but they came at the end of the article, at least he had the decency to throw his support behind the NT coaching staff, regardless. Otherwise I would have given him the middle finger(s). One to say thanks and the other to say, but no thanks 🙂

  7. Pochettino will not be Argentina coach
    After scaloni i can bet it will be Gallardo
    Or heinze no one else.. but I’m dreaming
    Scaloni stay long and more importantly
    Win for us 22 in Qatar.. I know that may
    Look bleak now but never rule out
    Anything in football I know isn’t pleasant
    To watch Argentina now but at the
    Same time isn’t unwatchable as some
    May claim.. I’m sure as time goes the nt.
    Will improve in terms for everything.

    One thing I like scaloni team
    Is the bravery look our currently
    Midfielder leo parades is deep playmaker
    De pual and lo celso are attacking midfielders.
    Plus playing two attackers with messi
    Behind them .. without proper destroyer
    Some will say that is suicidal .
    But what scaloni did is. He made the players
    To defend as unit which is much better
    Than having double 5 and still get beaten.

    • “I don’t know why these fools keep running their mouths?”
      Exactly, we don’t need them. let them stay at their clubs making the $$$,
      Sampaoli was the one that deserved the respect for stepping up to the plate. he f…d up big time, but at least he gave up his success at Sevilla and came to the NT. and left empty handed.

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