Alejandro “Papu” Gomez with 2 goals in Atalanta win vs. Sassuolo


Alejandro “Papu” Gomez scored twice for Atalanta in their 4-1 win vs. Sassuolo.

It took the Atalanta captain just six minutes to open the scoring. A lovely run and dribble into the Sassuolo penalty area followed by a great finish saw the visitors grab a 1-0 lead.

Gomez would score his second goal before half time. A pass in to the on running Argentina who’s shot beat the goalkeeper.


  1. Papu is good, yes, but c’mon guys… And I hear all these comparisons to do Maria and others, but let’s be real:
    Papu does not play in top level football most of his season, example, what team is he playing in this video??????
    Don’t get me wrong, I like him, and I like his team, Atalanta, but he is not playing in a top flight club such as Manchester, Madrid or Paris.
    If he plays inter or ac and has two goals then we can talk about him joining the ranks of aguero Messi Martinez rojo and company……

  2. “Nacho Fernandez are big omissions of recent years in NT keeping great form year after year. Just few days ago Riquelme has said Nacho is currently best player of local league and this is true. Both are scoring and assisting and played in NT not much more than against Singapore.
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    Nacho scored 6 (imo all of them from penalties) and gave 4 assists in last 81 PD matches…stop lying, he is not a creative player, rather hardworker, but his physics are not for elite football….Palacios from way deeper position scored 4 (not penalties) and gave 8 assists in 2200 minutes…against your huge lies statistics is needed.

    • “but his physics are not for elite football”

      his physics is just like Di Maria

      most creative River player and it’s not about goals and assists it’s about being involved on most goals. Palacios is another story (creative too) but even Palacios is not that important now in River as Nacho. Actually of the top he is one of most consistent players in recent years in local league. |Generally best River player for few years if only stay health.

      • > his physics is just like Di Maria

        He ain’t “just like” Di Maria. Not the same level. Hell no.

        It’s strange though that Gomez didn’t make it but something happened. Even in 2018, that incident with Biglia where Gomez recklessly kneed Biglia in the back. That was really weird.

  3. I do not see any good left winger.Ocampus Matias Vargas they are not good enough.Only Buendai seems good or we should use De paul at Left wing.

    • Ocampos at least hard-worker, press and defend good just like Angel Correa, lazy mediocre footballers like Vargas and Joaquin Correa would be out of the question. Scaloni will realize it. They can play only in SS due to lack of workrate and defending skills., but who need another SS with same characteristics next to Messi and Dybala?

    • good point, by 2022 , most likely 50-70% of the current squad will be replaced.that is 3 whole years when most will be hitting 30 or close to hitting 30. ONLY those who are exceptional would hang on till then. WE need a squad of average 25-27 years old. IMO, vast majority of the current players won’t make it to WC2022.
      The tricky thing, is that Argentina might be playing the qualifiers with some players who won’t participate in the WC itself. Hopefully we would have solid group of players when the qualifiers begin so we don’t lose momentum

      • Except for the generational talent, players come and go whether age, form, etc. Equally if not more important to focus on the core system and tactics as opposed to players.

  4. This place becoming a real joke
    Apparently any player who has
    Few good game has to be in nt
    Squad. EMI Buendía had couple
    Good games all suddenly scaloni
    Has to call him pep Gomez perform
    Well at Atlanta Walter Benitez playing
    Superbly Erik lamela hard working
    Player must be in x11 .
    It’s impossible to call all arg inform
    Players. Let the coaching staff do
    Thier work .

    • Matias Vargas is a misery, he is not even on spanish Primera Division level, lost the ball machine, and i dont see that great through balls neither, slow, miss easy passes constantly…he and Joaquin Correa are not NT-materials as i said long ago. +Pity Martinez, Meza (at least these two will never be called in again…and Gaich ofc).

      • Csabalala active when something wrong happen to a player and looking for every possible excuse when they score or d=generally do better. Ok, let’s see wheter none of Gaich, Pity, J.Correa will never called up again.

          • But who know before getting the chance to a player if he is mediocree or not. Maybe only prophet Csabalala knows such things other than post-factum. LOL

          • Munawar

            “I agree to this point of csabala that whoever promotes and accepts mediocrity in our nt is the biggest enemy of our team”

            I saw you were willing foR last months to see Nico Dominguez and Vargas in NT. If they will turn to be mediocree players within some time is that mean you are enemy of our team?

        • “+Pity Martinez, Meza (at least these two will never be called in again…and Gaich ofc)”.

          So Gaich will also be never called up again? I bet not only Gaich but also Pity Martinez.

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