Lucas Alario: “You have to give your life for the Argentina shirt”


Lucas Alario spoke to the media following Argentina’s 2-2 draw against Germany.

One of Argentina’s goalscorers in the 2-2 draw, Lucas Alario commented on the team, stating that you always have to give your best to still get a chance with the Argentina national team. Here’s what he had to say:

“I was picked to go on in the second half and to try my best. Every time we are picked to play, you have to give your life for the shirt to have the possibility of still getting picked.

“Every minute on the pitch, be it one minute or 10 minutes, you have to try and show that you’re anxious of being there. One has to make it difficult to the coach with the eagerness to play and your attitude.”


  1. about 6 months ago i saw a comment from one of the user commenting that lucas ocampos was the shittiest player and woud never be a nt material.

  2. Well that was a BRILLIANT friendly and certainly not because Argentina played well. The Ota-Rojo pairing was exposed for the sham that it was and the boys showed a very spirited second half and got back from a 2 goal deficit (last time that happened was against Mexico in a friendly thanks to kun and Messi!).

    Many of you are complementing Scaloni for his 2nd half changes but I still maintain that he’s a USELESS coach and let me explain why.
    You’re a coach who is in the rebuilding phase, so what you need to do is find players for the future not relics of the past and instead of choosing a bright young talent like Licha Martinez (since he couldn’t make the U23 team) you go on and pick a player so useless that he can BARELY make the bench of the worst ManU team of the EPL era!
    Scaloni’s dumbass decisions don’t stop there because not only did he pick a joke of a CB pair but he plays a high line defense to boot since he clearly didn’t learn a goddamn thing from that humiliation he got from Venezuela in the 3-1.
    Then there is his pick of Pereyra who has proven in copa America that he doesn’t belong anywhere near the NT and not only that but Scaloni plays him out of position on the right side with his lack of pace and overdribbling killing any chance that Argentina could generate any width from the right side where Germany was playing an amateur rightback.
    And there is ofcourse him playing A.Correa out of position (seeing a pattern here?!) on the leftside, where he did absolutely NOTHING and was one of the main reasons why ALL of Germany’s 1st attacks came from the Argentina’s left side and I mean ALL OF THEM! Now players play out of position all the time but Scaloni has already tried Correa on the left side in a friendly against a powerhouse (remember the brazil friendly of last year?) and the result was nil. Making mistakes as a coach is given, even the best managers do it from time to time but repeating mistakes ala Sampaoli shows that the manager lacks the very basic intelligence to avoid obvious mistakes.

    Regarding the players:

    In the ATTACK Dybala was useless and like Riqueleme he doesn’t even try to be useful when things aren’t going his way. Lautaro didn’t have a good night but unlike Paolo he atleast fought and hustled and tracked back. Alario turned things around and should be given alot of credit but let’s face it, Germany -and very stupidly might I add – put their foot off the gas (or maybe they RAN OUT OF gas, which is even more embarrassing considering how young they were) allowing Alario plenty of space.

    In MIDFIELD, Paredes brought his PSG version i.e. useless! Improved in the 2nd half but then again couldn’t get any wrose anyways. Paul was a warrior as usual and continues to build his reputation with the NT.
    I see alot of you changed your tune with Acuna suddenly but he is the type of player who has pace, spirit and some skill and needs to be there not as a starter but on the bench atleast. Remember that luxury players like messi, kun and Dybala need warriors like Paul and Acuna to keep the engine churning.

    Defense, Tagliafico is a very good player (as we already saw in the CL with Ajax) but with the NT he’s reckless and often out of position, due in part to Scaloni’s inept tactics but Nico needs to take some responsibility, watch his positioning and stop being so reckless with his tackles.
    Foyth -apart from one misplaced pass – was excellent on the right, always handling the ball with skill and surprisingly didn’t resort to any reckless tackling. Foyth and Paul were the reason why the Germans had ZERO attacks from Argentina’s right side. One big criticism for Juan was his poor marking on Germany’s 2nd goal but otherwise the kid’s a keeper.

    Overall an excellent friendly where Argentina’s weaknesses were exposed while the team’s spirit was once again on display but I still and will continue to maintain that Scaloni isn’t a proper coach and with him Argentina will continue to it’s dubious trophy-less streak.

    • Rojo was a terrible choice but he isn’t a relic. He’s actually a better coach than I thought he would be. Our team actually has a fighting spirit which we’ve been lacking for the past 10 years or so. Scaloni has made a positive impact and we are seeing more consistent choices in our team.

  3. Apparently not many of you remember but Rojo had a very mediocre 2014 qualifying campaign!! Sabella stuck with him because he wanted our defenders to have adequate chemistry!! Luckily, that time it paid off but after that Rojo had series of non stop poor performance including 2015 and 2016 Copa!! Tata was getting lot of bashing for continuing with him. Additionally, his Man utd stats speaks for itself!! Guranteed, He is gonna end up in MLS or China next year!!

  4. I always believe that we should play an inverted winger and a traditional winger. Ocampos should play on right coz he is in dazzling form for Sevilla in this position and vargas on left coz his cross field passes and goals are really good. Vargas giving passes to ocampos who can use his pace and skills to get behind the defense from right side and the space left behind vargas could be exploited by acuna for giving cutbacks and crosses. Hope scaloni uses this setup against Ecuador. It should be like
    Saravia foyth/belari/pezzela. Kanneman. Tagi
    DePaul. Paredes. Acuna
    Ocampos. Alario. Vargas

    For subs, vargas for nico gonsalez and Padres for dominguez

    • No. I don’t think he has become a great player overnight. But based on last night and couple of other games, he brings the balance that is required on the left side. If Tagliafico is playing as a LB (which is most likely), Paredes not covering left, you need someone to defend along with Tagliafico. Acuna did this well last night and probably earned his place. This is work that Dimaria has done well in the past.

      So, it is about balance and not a sudden increase in individual talent of Acuna.

    • He has many weakness. He’s not much technically gifted as others. But he fight like there is no tomorrow. His crosses are good. He can be team player. He’s another Enzo Perez. Tireless.You can’t say he’s good. And you can’t say he’s bad either. An utility player.

  5. Battaglia is the best no-5 we’ve got!! There is a reason we looked so much solid defensively when he was playing for us prior to his injury. Unfortunately he seems to be very injury prone. Battaglia and Palacios injury had some significant impact on our strategy & chemistry in the last Copa!! Nevertheless, I hope Scaloni is progressively realizing that make-shift DM like Pereyra (when on form very useful and versatile), Paredes (he has been quite good on multiple occasions but he is clearly not a DM, however we will eventually pay a hefty price if we are to depend on Paredes for DM duties) , and Mediocre players like 2 Guidos isn’t going to work out either! Is anyone aware of Batagglia’s history of his injuries? If he is made of glass like Gago or Lanzini then Scaloni should forget about him and pick 3 different DMs and stick to them! I would prefer one of them to be Ascaibar!

    In our defense deparment, Rojo gotta go!!! Haven’t we seen enough of him already!!! He seldom makes the Man Utd bench. When Sampaoli had picked him for the world cup , he had spent almost 95% of the contemporary season playing with reserves!! He wasn’t even seen on the bench for the entire season and he gets to be in the starting xi! From a reserve team to world cup starting xi!! It can only happen in Argentina national team!! This guy’s 2014 performance is a one off which is why he needs to be dropped, this time for good!!

    Otamendi on the other hand , age is catching up with him which is why he is declining rapidly and his impetuous behavior also needs to be taken into account which has cost us quite a few times! I still don’t mind having him on the bench as a back up but no way he should start ahead of our young defenders and Pezzella!! Yes , Pezzella public enemy no-1 in mundo. He is our best defender and I am not in favor of dropping him just because of one poor performance. Yes, the loss against Brazil was overwhelmingly painful but we can’t drop a leader in the back and a solid solid solid defender for one bad performance. We shouldn’t forget his face injury right before the Copa played a significant part in his sub-par performance!! Tagliafico is our best LB period! I am not going to write him off just based on a experimental game! He is destined to play for a bigger club and we are lucky to have him!! We should not forget that he is also a solid CB, a versatile defender!!

    Lastly,team chemistry is key to winning any competitions and it can only come with sticking with core set of players and working on a definite strategy. Changing players, formations and strategy every game is not going to yield anything useful!!!Its a same approach Sampaoli took and we all know how it panned out!!!! Hopefully Scaloni will soon make up his mind on core set of players and stick with them until after the next Copa!!!

    • “He wasn’t even seen on the bench for the entire season and he gets to be in the starting xi! From a reserve team to world cup starting xi!! It can only happen in Argentina national team!! This guy’s 2014 performance is a one off which is why he needs to be dropped, this time for good!!”
      Foyth in copa 2019 the same, , not only WC14 performances, he was great in Copa 15 and 16 too, Tagliafico a useless carbon copy of that Rojo. Interesting every big opponents attack and destroy Tagliafico’s side. ok we know he is bad in attack for us, still 0 goal 0 assist but vulnarable in defending too.

      “but we can’t drop a leader in the back and a solid solid solid defender for one bad performance. Pezzella a leader? Its Otamendi, and the main reason Scaloni wont drop him, Pezzella cant dare to pass the ball forward only pass it to Otamendi to solve the forward passing, not a leader attitude at all.

  6. I m not convinced with paredes.
    He is a very good controller no doubts about that but he need to move alot. Also his lack of playing time at PSG makes me worried. Tagliafico, de paul and Lautaro Martinez is unchangeable.
    I say if we can’t find anyone perfect for that LW than lets Change the formation to 442.
    Messi Lautaro up top.
    Lisandro Martinez , Palacios , Paredes, Rodrigo De Paul and on mid .

  7. some of these comments drive me crazy lol. comparing alario to dybala?!?!
    did they even notice that dybala was playing in the #10 of a 4231 in the first half and a very wide winger in 343 in second. while alario was brought in to add another presence up in the box with lautaro to chase the game?
    just because you sub one person for the other does not mean they are playing the same shapes.
    and acuna over tagliafico in lb? based on what data? this game? acuna and pereyra played in the wide midfield role in a 343 in front of a pivot of paredes and depaul while nico was CB.

    both of these performances are not even comparable as they came out of different tactics.

      • El mongol
        You 100% right about that
        However i can’t deny dybala
        Is disappointing so far for the nt.
        And no matter what system arg play
        There few players shouldn’t be
        In the nt.

        • “However i can’t deny dybala
          Is disappointing so far for the nt.”

          yes this is undeniable sadly. He is very hot/cold. Thankfully he is only plan B though at the moment and not must for XI.

    • “and acuna over tagliafico in lb? based on what data? this game? ” What data? He plays in LB in Sporting, and Tagliafico is bad in NT. No need more data.

      • bit of a 2+2 = 5 inference.
        a) there is no game in NT where acuna has put in a better LB performance than tagliafico.
        b) tagliafico as a LB in ajax has played much superior to acuna as LB in sporting.
        neither of above leads to conclusion that acuna will be better than nico as LB in NT. is it possible? maybe. but that is the realm of prediction not fact or data.

    • Acuna should be in midfield or as an LW. He can also sub for tagliafico if needed. He really plays his ass off trying to win back the ball. I like tagliafico he can really come in handy but I feel he plays well only when he has the right players around him.

  8. My pick for copa 2020

    Gk: Marchesin/E. Martinez/Armani

    In 4-4-2 my pick is. GK
    Def: Saravia- Kanneman -Pezzela – Tagliafico
    MF: De Paul- Ascasibar-Paredes- Di Maria
    FW: L. Martinez & Messi (as false 9)

    In 3-5-2. GK
    Def: Foyth – Kanneman – Pezzela
    MF: De Paul- Ascasibar- Paredes- Acuna
    Messi ( as AMF)
    FW: L. Martinez & Aguero

    In 4-3-3. GK
    Def: Saravia- Kanneman-Pezzela-Tagliafico
    MF: De Paul- Ascasibar- Pity Martinez
    FW: Messi -L.Martinez- Di Maria

    Def: Martinez Quarta, Otamendi, Montiel,
    Def Mid: Licha Martinez ( Can play as CB)
    MF: Lamela, E. Palacios, E. Banega, L. Ocampos.
    FW: Icardi

  9. Surprised how few people are pointing out tactics as a reason for the 1st few goals. Dar dar player x or y dar dar

    Just look at all the counters by germany. Gang of germans running unopposed straight into the higher defensive line, with ALL FUCKING MIDFIELDERS behind the ball. Did you see “golden boy” Paredes just staring at at the attacker just waiting for a CB to jump in? Any other defensive mid would sniff blood and try to get in front of the ball or do anything to disrupt the play. Fuck i miss mascherano. Paredes simply leaves our midfield exposed. i don’t care if keeps passing the ball sideways or backwards, that isnt enough. Otamendi distributes just as well and had more vertical passes. Would love to see L Martinez in #5 for a game. when we suck at defending counters and our midfield doesn’t support the defense, no matter how good a defender is, that is extremely difficult to defend, and any mistake leaves you exposed.

  10. Lets start with the results. At the end of the day, it was a good result.

    1. Management: This is not the first time. We are seeing that Scaloni and company are willing and capable of changing systems to control the game. Sometimes it will work and sometimes not. We started with 4-4-2 type of shape. We got killed from our left back. Tagliafico and Angel Correa was manning that side and they failed. Tagliafico is more attacking down the left for Ajax and they play 4-3-3. It is not working for us. Correa did not cover well and there was lot of space. We also got called overrun in the midfield. Paredes has a jogging approach to the game and cannot cover like Mascherano. Right side was fine. Foyth was solid and did not venture up much and between Pereyra and De Paul it kinda worked better on the right side. Scaloni moved to a 3-5-2 after the first half. Rojo was horrible, that helped his decision. Rojo, left side and midfield overrun, 3 problems were resolved by 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 shape. Acuna is a critical member and he will be there. I won’t be surprised if Dimaria is back too. This is all for the left side issues. Expect Acuna and even Dimaria in the roster since they bring better balance.

    2. Players: Scaloni mentioned this is the last try outs. So we largely have the team. Messi, Aguero will be back. Possibly Dimaria. Rojo and or Otamendi could be there in the roster but should not be automatic starters. Rojo was really poor last night.But he might still be around, as he has speed and can play two positions. However, the central defence must change. Alario was amazing. What a difference Alario, Ocampos and Acuna made. I have not seen such difference made by any player in a game in a long time. The desire is the key. We need players who have the desire, irrespective of age. Alario is not really a youngstar. Very disappointed with Dybala and I am worried about Scaloni’s assessment of he is the future. Dybala lacks the desire, grit and committment to force himself into a game. He is not Messi and I see him throw his arms and give up way too often. For me he is also a sub type of option. Goal keepers are fine too. They are not world class but we have some decent ones now. All in all, we have a team now.

    I loved the way we came back in the game. This will happen. A combination of tactical changes and grit of players made it happen. A very hopeful day.

  11. Some fans are constantly praising Tagliafico but he is an average player look how E.Can eaten alive Tagliafico in left wing,he was helpless.All attack from left.
    When Acuna came Germans were crowding in left midfield area around Acuna, that just little help Tagliafico to breath.Otherwise more attack were gonnna come.

  12. 3 Argentine players are part of The Guardian’s Next Generation 2019: 60 of the best young talents in world football ( Under-17).

    They are:

    1. Bruno Amione (CB)
    2. Matías Palacios (MF)
    3. Alan Velasco (Winger)..

  13. A good performance in the second half. I know it is a friendly and both team are experiementing but still, Germany is a good team and a draw against them is certainly something to build on. I always thought De Paul is more of an attacking player/winger but he did amazing in a more central/ deeper role today. Acuna came on from the bench and did amazing too, making an wonderful cross to Alario which resulted in a goal (those days playing as a left back for Sporting definitely taught him something). Alario was surprisingly our game changer( quite disappointed at Dybala and Correa once again not performing well for the national team).
    Now let’s look at some bad performer
    Rojo and Otamendi. Still don’t understanding why these two still played for us. Martinez Quarta couldn’t be called up for Copa Libertadores, but that doesn’t mean we have to stuck with this CB parnership. Try out Cristian Romero and Foyth there. Even Kannemann could do a better job than Rojo.
    Parades: he is clearly not the typical holding midfielder. He can’t tackle our sprint for counter attack. I am not saying we don’t need him or he is a bad player. But against tough opponent like France, Brazil,… we can’t afford to sacrifice the defensive ability of a holding midfielder. Maybe pair Parades with a more defensive mind and heavy-tackled midfielder or even only playing Parades against teams that don’t have pacy strikers.

  14. Scaloni Copa team should be: GK all of them are mediocre—Acuna—Otamendi—Quarta or Foyth—Montiel or Foyth—Palacios—Paredes—De Paul—Messi—Aguero—Lautaro or Palacios—Paredes—Lo Celso—De Paul or Ocampos?—Aguero—Messi impact subs: Dybala and Di Maria

  15. Argentina best 11:
    Armani – Montiel Foyth Otamendi Tagliafico – De Paul Paredes Palacios – Messi – Lautaro Aguero
    I believe Argentina have to find Paredes, Otamendi and Armani upgrade versions, Aguero will be replaced by Icardi.

  16. Talking points of the match:

    1. What a lovely goal that was! A brilliant team goal. At the end of the team move, there came the peach of a cross and a classic #9 header. Top class!

    2. I don’t think Pereyra was bad as some might suggest. He played as the right midfielder in a 4-4-2 in the first half and did a good job. All our attacks were from his side and he kept the ball well and used it efficiently.(2nd half with the back 3, it was the opposite left side with Acuna where all attacks happened) Delivered two passes on another day Lautaro connects with more conviction and scores and Correa hits the target or scores. I’m not a fan of Pereyra as I mentioned before, but he’s not a bad player at all. The only thing that worries me is his defensive duties and sometimes losing the ball cheaply in certainthat puts team under pressure. For the NT, his defensive duties seems okay better than at Watford where sometimes he’s like a prima donna reluctant to follow his player, mostly an opposition fullback.

    3. These are the core group in defense which already been discussed
    1. Armani
    2. Andrada
    3. Marchesin

    1. Foyth *
    2. Montiel
    3. Saravia

    1. Tagliafico *
    2. Acuna *

    1. Pezzella
    2. Kannemann
    3. Martinez- Quarta
    4. ???

    * can play in various positions

    4. There’s no justification for calling up brainfucks Otamendi and Rojo. Scaloni is solely responsible and he should be giving answers. Those two are stealing a living both at club and international level. Among the plenty of positives and resurgence of this team, these two are the only negatives.

    5. Regista/deep lying midfielder/ holding midfielder role:
    1. Paredes
    2. Guido Rodriguez
    Isn’t that enough? We need to field a one dimensional defensive midfielder for old times sake??!

  17. To put it in simple words, Germany Completed destroyed us in the first half, the young Germans were fast and ripping apart us, Thanks to some help from Rojo too. I was just hoping somehow to end the 1st half.

    Second half we completely outplayed the Germans, see we can’t complain that the back 3 or back 5 won’t work for us ever, we can’t ignore any formation. The back 3 formation was a failure against The South American teams, but here against an elite young German team it worked, according to various opponents we may have to adopt different formations, Kudos to Scaloni, He successfully implemented the 3 in the back formation in the Second half.

    We can’t always rely on players like Lautaro in all games, He was not cutting it alone yesterday, sometimes we need a true Number 9 like Alario or Icardi, Lautaro is not that Number 9. To be precise we need to take 3 strikers of different mould in our 23, Lautaro, Aguero and Alario/Icardi. Dybala should be there as a backup to Messi, But I would rather prefer players like Acuna than having soft players like Dybala. Foyth did good by the way, Players like Paredes, De Paul are the backbone of our team. Our defence is a mess still, Otamendi is getting old, Can’t rely on him all the games, Kanneman is not yet tested, Pezzella should be there, Lizandro, Foyth etc bring hope they r young too.

    Note: For God’s sake stop calling the likes of Rojo and Di Maria, they r done, they can’t bring their golden days, anyone who is hoping to see these guys perform like the olden days are hopeless.

  18. Some players are getting unconditional love here like Tagliafico and Paredes . These players always looks helpless in counter attacks from their first day then we will blame our Center Backs. I dont remember when did last last time Paredes had made a sucessful Tackle and getting booked without any purpose. Our defence will never improve till they get help from midfielders and Left backs the way we did in WC 2014 under sabella.
    Licha Martinez and Ascacibar should be tried in midfield, i dont understand why Scaloni is waiting for.

    • “Our defence will never improve till they get help from midfielders and Left backs ”

      “Licha Martinez and Ascacibar should be tried in midfield”


      We need a true #5. to shield the defense. we don’t have good defense no matter who you name. the only promising cb i think is Lucas. maybe Lisandro, but tilting toward Quarta more. as #5 Ascacibar, he needs to be called back to the NT

    • I do agree about Parades. He is more of a deep-line player maker than the typical holding midfielder. Lisandro Martinez and Ascacibar should definitely be given chances at the NT. Though having a player like Parades might not be the worst thing(Imagine playing against smaller teams like Iceland,etc…who would likely sit back then we could sacrifice some defensive ability for more passing ability in the midfield).

  19. First of all Argentina have center back problem. In this kind match coach should try new CB. We need at least 3 solid center back. Foyth is ok but Rojo can be a good in left back but we should not try him in CB.
    Otamendi is not a reliable CB as far i saw. Mammana, C Romero, Balerdi should get chance.

    In mid field we should try another holding midfielder or box to box mid fielder along with palacios and paredes. De paul should play more wide.

    Froward line is ok.

  20. I was one of thos who was critical
    Otamendi and rojo .. the truth is
    Rojo is below average that is why
    He doesn’t even make the bench of
    Shitty utd sometimes .
    Otamendi is brainless scaloni must find
    Good solid young dynamic fast defenders
    Weather people agree or not if it was up to me.
    I will bring c Romero lich Martinez foyth
    And Martinez Quarta those four will be better .
    Having said I know 100% otamendi will remain
    Scaloni’s first choice cb atleast until 2020.
    The two cbs for world cup qualifiers
    In March will be Otamendi & Martinez Quarta pending any injuries.

    By the way yesterday game was exciting
    Arg play some nice staff in second half
    where are those Who was saying
    Argentina will park the bus
    Hear me guys please arg will never park
    The bus .. however is different when you
    Have something to defend it’s normal to Set back and hit countra Attack.
    That is common in football no matter
    Who’s team is.

  21. To summarize the match, it was a game of two halves and both teams didn’t plat at full strength. It’s a friendly match after all.

    Like almost everyone observed, Alario, Ocampos, Acuna, and Foyth were the standouts in this encounter. Hope the team chemistry improves more and more in general and in the final third, specifically, with the return of Messi and Aguero.

    BTW, @Canadien Royal used to talk about Acuna a lot and always compared him with Matuidi in terms of hardworking and that’s absolutely right. Acuna’s performance in last Copa was very good and also put a decent performance vs Mexico.

    Vamos Argentina!!!

  22. There was some sort of troubleness for Ter Stergen because of Lucas Alario.You can see that in Ter Stergen’s body language.That is why i think Alario is best for us.Ter Stergen is very serious about his spot in Nation team that why he was nervous before Alario and more importantly because of his ongoing battle with Neurer otherwise you do not see him nervour ever,even against Liverpoll at Anfield he was quite OK afte conceding four goals.If Alario effets Ter Stergen right now best in the world then we have good player him

  23. Way too many playstation fans here want Tagliagico out. They are gauging his talent based on assists and goals which he’s not been able to notch up for us so far. But even the equalizer last night came thanks to him winning the ball in the crucial spot before finding Paredes who in turn would find the on running Alario on the right.. I don’t mean to say Tagliafico is the only option for us at LB, but you kids have got to admit(although it’s impossible for you) that sometimes the game is beyond those crazy 99/100 PS attributes that you crave for.

    • Agree with Sabarish. Yet Tagliafico has space to improve on his positioning. Still he might be better and better. I see in him material for super LB even if he is already 27

    • They don’t care about defending. All they want from centre backs is to make a hollywood pass once in a blue moon that’ll make them happy, they don’t give a damn about “defending”, which is a centre back’s primary duty and the most important one. The rest are bonus. Playstation fantasies!

  24. Acuna is surprising us all. It seems like without him we could hardly make positive results both against Mexico and Germany.

    We need more hardworkers to secceed against strongest opponents IMO. The formation with two strikers untenable: Messi – Lautaro – Aguero is luxury we need to cut off one and bring hardworker rather. With this performance Alario still has some chances to mingle into the strikers. WHo knows?

    Hardworkers like De Paul, Palacios, Acuna, Ocampos, Ascacibar are welcomed in midflield instead one of 2 strikers. Of course not all them will start but the last two games are good hint we should crowd our team with one more hardworker rather than another forward.

    • I totally agree with your comments.
      our forward striking force is surplus,
      instaed of having cushion seat in forward, adding one midfielder in the team will be valuable.
      the structure can support both defensively & in front-line too.

      4-2-3-1 scaloni should stick with this formation & experiment our players

    • Yes, more defensive forces is needed against teams like Brazil and Germany when we lost 2 goals on both the opponents. Don’t know how would do Ascacibar in attack instead of Pereyra but certainly better than Roberto on defence.

    • Messi is must, we know that. And we know he will not be the hardworker. For the reason we cannot afford to have 2 more forwards to that (wheter it’s Lautaro, Alario or Aguero).

      • You can’t bench Messi due to his lack of pressing. He compensate those with goals and assists along with world class performances. We have to accept that 32 year old Messi can’t run for 90 minutes of the game without giving a break. We can try 4-2-3-1 formation with Messi on attacking midfielder role. I don’t know who will fill the Right wing role but I will give left wing spot to Ocampos. One of Lautaro/Aguero can be our striker for the next copa and world cup qualifiers. We need to find a reliable pivot who can team up with paredes. Foyth should be one of our central defenders. His pace will enable us to stop counter attacks from top teams like France, Spain, Brazil, Belgium and so on.

      • @ gonzalo
        I hope you could be a better manager, your vision of analysing is much perfect.

        Yes, without ball Messi won’t be efficient, because he won’t cover much space, but with ball he is terrible, he is still amazing to watch.
        he can torture opponent defense, killer pass in the 3rd line.
        I prefer lautaro with Messi in attacking line, instead of having Aguero.

  25. Those who are blaming defensive errors on only rojo and otamendi must understand that here one guy (rojo ) never starts for awful united and otamendi has been out of form and has always been rash ,so what was the need of even calling them forget starting them ? And good defence requires organisation which has been missing in our team scaloni needs to fix this we defended poorly in copa too ,our players never communicate with each other while defending ,there must be a responsibility for cbs ,mids and wingers must contribute in defending together

  26. Lucas Alario and Aguero will be terrifying,we need calm headed players upfront,Both are good in this area.
    I do not know what Scaloni sees in Tagliafico he fights but his fights not gonna help us winning the games we do not needs fighters we need players who know how to play.

  27. Tagliafico got outrun by German players,he is not fast,not a good crosser,no brain,he fights like a bull who does not have brain that is not gonna win us any game.He has played 20+ games with no assist no goal.We need intelligent players who can see the upcoming danger way before it actually happen.Tagliafico should be substitute.Rojo works good in Left back,he is not a CB player anymore after Mourinho left him in MU.Rojo should be used in left back.Foyth needs to be a CB his ball playing skills are good.Our best CB pair is Quarta and Foyth.
    Acuna is perfect for left midfield,no need of Lo celso there.

    • No need of LoCelso..what’s this. Scaloni used LoCelso in almost all of his matches. As per my knowledge our midfield will be;
      Acuna will be a sub player. Ocampos too.

  28. 8Otamendi not looking as a good leader in back. Trying other CB pairing quarta will be better. Giving a chance for Ascicabar in middle give paredes more freedom to play front line. Occampos depaul acuna palacio j correa these players looking good in wide areas.
    I think Leadership in backline is very important . Someone needs to take the responsibility to motivate/guide other players in backline.

  29. Hi Guys,

    Absolutely love Argentina but the defence is woeful. No offence but we are always conceding most goals from the left side, why does no one ever question Tagliafico? Yes he looks like he is battling hard but his defending and positioning is piss poor and his attacking hasn’t got us anywhere ever (he was by-passed for the Alaric header).

    • He was our only good defensive player. What can he do if he has to constantly run around everywhere because those two useless cucks Rojo and Otta are just not doing anything?

      • Tagliafico could have done what Acuna did.Taliafico has no skill,no talent but he has fighting mentality.My question is why that mentality or spirit is nno bringing any talent or skill in him.Do not be a headless chicken

        • Why does the same taglifico performs very well in Ajax? He provides assists and scores goals when playing with Ajax and is a constant threat when attacking. Can you please tell me a single pure left back who is very good in offense and defense?

  30. I can see what Scaloni is doing. He starts improving his team chemistry because he starts to find his core.

    In my opinion this is our best 11:
    Armani; Foyth, Otamendi, Pezzella, Acuna; Paredes, De Paul, Palacios; Messi, Aguero, Martinez.

    Key subs: Di Maria, Dybala, Lo Celso

    He actually likes Lo Celso that much but De Paul has been what Lo Celso should have been.

    Tagliafico is great for Ajax, but Acuna is better than him in all aspects. Not necessarily 100 % Tagli’s fault, but Argentina left side often looked weak against certain teams that has strong right side players including last night or France in the WC or Brasil in Copa.

    Low and Scaloni have different tasks. Low has pretty much found his best team and Low never shows his best card in friendlies. He uses friendlies mainly for experiments.

    Scaloni has started to find his core but these cores of: Otamendi, Tagliafico, Foyth, Paredes, De Paul, Lautaro (6 definite starters) need to play as much as possible together. If you add Armani, Aguero, and Messi to that, that’s 9 players. His task now is to find 2-3 players that are reliable enough to join our cores.

    He has set his eyes on:
    Marchesin/Andrada as Armani’s back up

    Rojo/Kannemann as option in CB (Rojo did poor, doesn’t deserve it)

    Perreyra as rotation player in midfield (Perreyra did poor)

    Dybala as the number one replacement of the forward should any of these 3: Messi/Aguero/Martinez is not available.

    But Alario was the answer instead.
    I don’t think Scaloni is experimenting anymore. He has found his teams.

    Players who did well last night like Alario and Ocampos could be called again as back ups.

    Players who did poor last night like Rojo, Correa are in danger to be cut.

    Last but not least, I am tired of winning in friendlies against Germany seriously. It is not funny that we won what? 7-8 friendlies against them in the last 7 years or so but have the record of 0-4 against them in real tournaments.

    For me the draw last night was satisfying. Germany hid their best cards. They had nothing to lose. I would take 2-2 against them than for example 3-0 against their B team.

    • Midfield is good. Paredes de Paul and lo celso…. not pereyra. We should have acuna as a sub for lo celso as well. Palacios and nacho Fernandez can be subs as wel

  31. I am tired of little boys, Dybala and correa did nothing all game. Acuña, ocampos and Alario did more in 5 minutes than them all first 45. Its not the first time. Correa cost us a goal last time he played, his defense sucks. And dybala has had how many chances to take the bull by the horns? No more dybala please, lautaro does a much better job, defending, asking for the ball, holding it, scoring.

    I really liked alario up front, lautaro free behind him helping us create and both ocampos and acuña did well. They hustle and contribute to offense.

    Paredes had a weak game.. he was not at his usual level.

    And as always, DePaul was MVP.

    Well done scaloni, your second half corrections where spot on.

    Vamos Argentina! Con Garra!

    • Its literally the first time these new guys are playing together. Instead of trying to shift blame to the you youngsters, look at the two experienced players in the back who are doing jack shit.

  32. Friendly game is more about to pick up the lesson rather than point. Trust that Scaloni and his gang learned a lot from this game. A good goalie, reading the games and excellent subs should be appreciated and lighten the mind. Acuna,Alario and Ocampos bring the difference after an awful start on first half. The last thirty minute in second half and towards the end shown the team character. Full combatant spirit by the player. Certain players have put their footstep at N/T under Scaloni and few need to be write off by Scaloni. The youth did brings the potential and positive impact to Arg football. 80% of the mid and striker of the team is already cemented and the rest 20% is more on solving the defensive sector. Vamos Arg.

  33. Our Biggest problem is the Defense and Mid-Field. We cannot blame Latauro and Dybala when there were no creativity in the middle.
    We needed either a Palacios or Lo Celso instead of Pereyra and No Rojo.

    Saravia- Foyth – Otam – Taglia
    Palacios – Paredes – DePaul

    But i like it when Ocampos and Acuna came in.
    Alario was effective but also got support from the midfield

  34. Foyth must be played as CB, it’s high time to find replacement of finished Otamendi, Rojo should not be called up again. Musso must be given no1 spot in NT, pareya is useless and never call up again. Few Intectuals saying Germany C team, D team then what about Argentina, i don’t want to bring messi or aguero here but for god shake Argentina played without any river/boca player plus lo celso is out for injury. Imagine Palacios, Montiel, Quartza, Macalister, Lo celso against Germany.

  35. Guys please don’t Overpraise Alario, he is just another Suarez who could cost us a lot. Lautaro, Icardi, Aguero should be our 3 striker and aguero long term successor must be found from U20 level maybe Gaich or someone others in future.

    • You are high. He was the one good player for us today that made use of his time on the ball. If you want to blame someone then that should be Rojo and Otta. Literal wastes of talent. They ruined the game.

  36. IAM not an expert but will give my view
    1)First 15 to 20 minutes we played procession football with pretty high line like those in sampoli days and it went awful as usual. we don’t have the players at the back to play these games
    2) There’s a lot to improve in the back it’s like we are getting panicked and do brainless things on their counter .we where completely exposed
    3)First half as usual we dint played like a team at all and we couldn’t resist their pressing and we did lost many balls which to very extent parades was responsible.they pressed him high and he dint track back
    4)I have to give credit to scaloni first I thought it was Argentina as usual but his substitution was good and entirely changed the game.we played like them and pressed them and forced mistakes from them which I liked very much
    5) even though Germany is far ahead as a team we are not very far behind a little touch ups and some regular games will be enough. Our experimenting time is over now is time to deliver.
    6)Mareshi was good and I loved his passes especially long passes with less height so our players got first touch
    My pic of players from this game
    De Paul

  37. A lot of people will blame Argentina for this tie, but I think this is a great display, agreeing with Godin 11. Germany was STACKED today, with their best players. Many of our players were injured or not available. Partly putting the blame on out back duo, Otta and Rojo; but other than that we were solid all out. We had more possession, we were clinical, and we had flair. So overall good display maybe, maybe if we had NOT SELECTED ROJO AND OTTAMENDI. Csabalala I am looking at you because you always criticize even our good performances.

  38. I don’t care what anyone else say
    This game was big positive for
    A lot of reasons first we wont see
    Otamendi & rojo pairing CB together again.
    Second was the spirit togetherness fighting.
    Third we played beautiful passing football.
    Fourth scaloni adaptation he made
    Good changes both personal and information.
    The stand out performers are
    Young foyth. paredes. De pual
    Acuna tagliafico alario.
    People talk about destroyer but
    What more important than that to have
    Someone who willing take the ball
    Under tide spaces and play one touch passes
    Keep it simple and that was paredes.
    At the end Argentina deserve to win
    The game.

    • Bro destroyer is very much required against quality side ,and I am not saying to drop paredes because he was the only who was trying through balls but we need to give him more attacking role along with a destroyer to compensate his less work rate and defensive capabilities

  39. This result has clearly angered some posters. Those who idolize Otamendi and Rojo have little to nothing say. The result also angered people because the D.T. did EVERYTHING right in the second half and managed to get a draw.

    You know who you are.

        • LoL! You summed it up perfectly.

          There’s something wrong with those two guys and there are a few others who do it another way: spreading false propaganda and stuff. Trying hard to convince “they was no team spirit,tactics, blah blah blah” and quoting their idols and believing almost all the stuff they say in media but ignore or swallow one little thing they say about the current NT and the coaching staff. For instance, Messi among other senior members have only have positives to say about this NT and coaching staff. Sometimes it can be BS, but this time absolutely not! If he doesn’t believe in this Team he would’nt have performed in the way he did in the last Copa America and said those things he would’nt usually say. Those propagandists/fanatics believe 100% what Messi say except those and what he said about the biased and incompetent refereeing! They would close their eyes and ears during that time! showing their true colour!

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