Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni talks about Lautaro Martinez


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni spoke about Lautaro Martinez’s spot in the team.

Martinez has been one of the constant figures for Scaloni since taking over as Argentina coach. Speaking with Fox Sports, here’s what Scaloni had to say:

“Lautaro Martinez is the present and the future of the Argentina team. We’re very lucky to have him. Along with Messi and Aguero, they are the best three Argentine players and my idea is to play them all together. It’s clear that there are times when they are not all fully fit and this leads to having to vary my choices.”


  1. Alario has a double an important match against Schalke.

    Last 4 start for Leverkusen: 4 goals and an assist. I hope he will play all the matches as starter for Leverkusen.

  2. I see A LOT of people posting lineups. Why is there no love for Montiel in Mundo or Licha? Anybody that watches River knows Montiel runs his ass off for 90 minutes and is very dangerous bringing the ball in attack. Licha is an absolute stud with the ground he covers also. I would go with
    Montiel Quarta Licha and Tagliafico.

    • Licha? As in Lisandro Martinez?
      Yeah Martinez is an absolute stud, someone who plays as comfortably as a DM as he does as a CB or LB, the total package! Scaloni continuously ignoring him yet talks about Guido and an injured Battaglia, which shows clearly where the guy’s head is at.

      Montiel is excellent, athletic, good attacking intent, good defensively and highly experienced (2 copa lib finals) for a mere 22yr old.
      Argentina’s major problem is the right back position and Montiel is easily the best option Scaloni has at the moment especially since Saravia and Foyth aren’t getting any minutes what so ever.

  3. Psg match
    Paredes poor first half but brilliant second half contributed majorly in the second comeback goal for mbappe n third goal was a brilliant volley by icardi but other than that he was sh!t rulli had a decent performance

  4. F*ck*ng Jose again not even using lo celso n foyth as a sub instead using sessesgnon ,Oliver skip n another teen who haven’t played one minute this season. LO CELSO n FOYTH’s careers are officially over at Spurs they need to leave the club in the January transfer

    • Foyth is unlikely to get any time with Jose so he definitely needs to leave, Celso however is a different case. I personally believe that Gio will prove himself and force his way into the starting lineup but don’t expect it to happen before christmas.
      I believe we will find whether I’m right or not in the next 5-6 games.

      • yeah, not good for his confidence. Finally gets a start only to score OG. It’s a strange goal and not sure how the rules apply but the ball deflected off his hand.

      • Honestly Leandro was unlucky with own goal and I wouldn’t blame him for it. As for his overall performance, I thought he was quite solid, his passing was excellent and his defensive work was quite good also.
        Still he needs to leave PSG ASAP and he could easily find another club IF he is willing to take a pay cut and if not then he shouldn’t be in the NT period. Celso took a massive pay cut to get his career back at Betis because he had the drive to play and prove himself and any player who wants to play, nay, START for Argentina (like Paredes does) needs to show that kind of conviction.

  5. Why we never try 4-3-3 ? For a long long time Messi is playing in that formation for Barca.. also Liverpool are almost untouchable under Klopp in 4-3-3. But we miss players like Sorin and Zabalata to make 433 effective. Anyhow sad to see Foyth and Celso fading under the special one..


    Foyth Quarta Otamendi Tag’fico

    Palacios Paredes De Paul

    Messi Martinez Dybala

  6. I think for sure Lautaro has secured his place. Scaloni will put either Aguero, Dybala, Alario, Nico Gonzalez or Ocampos as the 2nd striker. Of course the 1st two are the biggest names but I think the last 3 are more complementary with Messi and Lautaro. Against Uruguay, it was very hard to attack without winger because it was very saturated in the middle.

    The same thing on the midfield, the 3nd midfielder next to Paredes and De Paul is still opened. I think Scaloni will choose between Lo Celso, Acuna and Palacios.

    The defense is already decided, the GK will be a total suspense. It’s quite surprising for a big team like Argentina we change GK almost every game. Unfortunately, I am not sure if any of my 3 favorite Gazzaniga, Benitez and Musso will be included in the 23.

  7. ………………………Andrada

    …………De Paul……………….Palacios
    ……………………..Lo Celso


    • I think this would be better. When we all called for Messi, Aguero and Lautaro trio when we struggled in Copa, Scaloni was little reluctant about that, but he tested and it had its success. Now he wants this as his main formation?
      He should find something else. An attacking midfielder who can score, assist, and defend would best in place of one of Lautaro and Aguero. I will go with your lineup.

      • Agreed. There are few reasons why we should use 4-man midfield formation instead 3-man attacking line. Of course I’m not referring to easy games against weak opponents when we do not risk a lon playing with both Lautaro and Aguero. Anyway I take 4:4:2 as point of reference,

    • Yeah 4312 or so called 442 in diamond like what you put here has always been my favourite formation because I like to see a real 10 behind 2 strikers. I think Scaloni is between 4312 and 442 without enganche, like against Brazil with two hardworking wingers and a box to box. That allowed Paredes to play with less pressure.

    • Well, this could work if lo celso would be at his best…that guy can score goals and can make difference in the game not to mention he is a team player…….but still I would prefer ocampos, Gonzalez or anyone who can provide some width and pace.
      And Armani over andrada any day.
      Saravia hasn’t done enough to be in first 11….at least foyth give us solidarity and good passes( but foyth isn’t playing much that isn’t good).
      Our defence is worrisome….. I just don’t know what to do about our defence.
      Scaloni has a very tough job in his hands.

    • I like your formation Gonzalo but I would do the following subs:
      Pezzella for Otamendi
      Montiel for Saravia (not getting any minutes at Porto)
      Licha Martinez for Paredes
      Ocampos for Celso (team needs width like Shubham said) and…….
      Dybala for Messi! Yeah that’s right, I would sub Lio because I would want to build a team that can function without messi and use Messi for 20-25min increments because in 2022 (if Argentina makes it) Messi will be 35yrs and playing full 90 min will be difficult especially since Lio has never been that athletic to begin with and by bringing him in for 25min he can be explosive, even at 35.

  8. Where is stupid Sampoli who once said it is difficult to manage Argentina.He was constantly choosing wrong players like Pavon Meza and Enzo and doing shit to team.Coaches should be choosen wisely they are brain of team.But now we have good team with good players.That is how a good team is made.Sampoli costed Argentina world cup because of his stupidity.That hothead was trash.

  9. Boom 2-1 trident! Exactly what i wanted to hear from this chap. I know many of you fear or are hesitant given the defensive risk but our best performances were with 2 strikers and Messi in the hole – Chile, Brazil, and Uruguay.

    Hoping to see this in the near future:

    Aguero – Martinez


    Palacios – Paredes (Martinez 😊) – De Paul

    Tagliafico – Otamendi – Pezzella (Quarta) – Foyth

    Gazzaniga (Andrada or Benitez)

    • What a lineup. Finally Arg is fielding strong teams.

      Only thing missing is how to incorporate O’Campos and Acuna if we need width.

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