Bayer Leverkusen sporting director comments on Exequiel Palacios


Bayer Leverkusen sporting director Simon Rolfes was asked about River Plate’s Exequiel Palacios as transfer rumors intensify.

Speaking with Manuel Veth with Forbes, Simon Rolfes was asked about Exequiel Palacios and while he did not confirm that a transfer was happening, he did have this to say:

“Yeah, for sure, we are looking for good players at a young age. Probably that kid could fit.”

On a possible transfer:

“At the moment, it is not possible to say. But in general for sure we are looking for young players that we can develop. For sure, we are looking for young players at a good age. Where we try to forecast a little bit of their development. We need to have some fantasy on the potential further development of a player.”

Exequiel Palacios has been rumored to join Bayer Leverkusen in the January transfer market.


  1. You cant judge a player by his price.
    High price does not make a player better.
    Lo celso is not a type of player who will sit on bench and wait for his chance. He will definitely force a move if he doesn’t get chance.
    Looks like foyth impressed mou. Lamela also can get chance under Mou as he got a high work rate.

  2. Ansaldi is no Busquet who became slow with age,he is real talent needs to be in NT squad,he will rock midfield and attack.Palacio and Ansaldi for LM role would be great and they can substitute one another

      • I think you have not watched Busquet in recent years,he has become a shadow of himself.He shined in Iniesta ,Xavi era because he was surrounded by midfield greats.Looks like he does not have hunger for game and weak physically.

  3. Ansaldi scored another goal in half time vs Veronain Serie A. Ansaldi deserve a call to Argentina,Lionel Scaloni, are you watching?Please make a call to him to return to national team.

    • No need ansaldi mate
      He is 33 years of age
      Scaloni building solid young balance
      Team. in case you don’t know.
      Arg already have few over 30s players
      Likes Armani otamendi messi aguero.

  4. Lionel Scaloni wants Argentina to be the difficult team to beat so his focus is mainly on the defensive stability or defensive security.So for that he needs to have good defenders and solid goalkeeper.Quarta and Martinez at CB would be best pair.Foyth Tagliafico best fullback choice.Paredes De paul and Palacio best trio in midfield.Messi as playmaker and Aguero,Lautaro Martinez best duo upfront.This is the best we have.
    For gialkeeper spot Andrada looks best choice becsuse he is a threat for counter attack and he does not lose his calm under pressure unlike Armani.Armami is good but he can not sustain pressure.Musso is developping.We have nearly perfect team to win Copa we just need chemistry between players,just like in Liverpool.Liverpool is favorite to win Champion league because their players have a good chemistry between themselves whereas PSG however having best individual talent in their squad will struggle in Champion league due to lack of chemistry and would win only Ligue 1.
    Chemistry is important to be champion.As Argentina gonna have few new players chemsitry is needed between them

  5. Pedicted squad for Copa 2020
    GK- Andrada,Armani,Musso
    Defenders-Otamendi,Quarta Martinez Pezella,Rojo or Kannamann
    Midfielders-Paredes,De Paul,Palacios,Lucas Ocampus,Mac Allister,Any substitute for Paredes most likely G.Rodriguez or Lo celso

    Forwards-Aguero,Messi,Lautaro Martinez,Dybla,Alario
    This is the best squad for Copa 2020.No need to depend on anyone and everyone has a good substitute to be replaced.No need to pick Nico Dominiguez or other new blood.For new blood Palacio,Mac Allister,Musso,Ocampus are already there.

  6. Still really disappointed he was sold for $13m..what a joke. I’d also be lying if if i said im glad hes going to bundis as he’s talented enough to move to mid to high table in italy or spain. Inter would have been great as they are sorely lacking solid attack minded box to box. However, I suppose leverkusen is good stepping stone, 1-2 year max and i hope he transfers.

    • Until every argentine midfielder fail in bigger european clubs nowadays this sum wont be higher. The highest level where they perform well is Udinese, Betis and Zenit.

      • Failure is a term used once a pattern is established. Gabigol fits that category as he scurried back to Brazil. Vietto also as he kicked ass at Villa but disappeared ever since in the next few teams.

        Lo Celso – Did so well year 1 at PSG, he instantly became a fan favorite. Transferred to Betis due to dumbass coach, not due to talent. Fans were fucking furious even to this day. Kicked ass at Betis and now at Spurs he’s taking time to settle in after long injury in a foreign league. Mourinho in the short term is going for stability so he’s using veterans. no fucking surprise there, anything but a failure.

        Paredes – Another fan favorite at ROMA…terrible move to Zenit but he did well enough to grab PSGs attention. Really poor beginning no doubt but he’s done well in recent games…we’ll see what happens.

        Correa – Did pretty good at Atletico but he’s inconsistent enough that he hasn’t cemented starting spot. I’ll give him a free pass in that i think it’s more due to Simeone’s style than his talent. He’s plateaued but still young at 24. Would love to see him transfer to a different team/manager. Anything but a failure.

        Lisandro Martinez – transfer at CB but flourishing in the midfield. If you follow Ajax, you’d know fans are claiming he’s amongst their best players this season. They absolutely adore him (and Tagliafico), hell end up a big club no doubt.

        De Paul – He’ll transfer to a bigger club soon….unreasonable to think he’s not talented or doing well.

        • Licha Martinez is like the busquets of Ajax he is really underrated by foreign media but he is actually the top 3 player for ten Haag he always starts him and also plays him the full 90mins even when Ajax are in a losing situation.only tadic n blind are considered more important as they are the expieienced players who guide the team.

        • Well said for those players. But I think Lo Celso should stay. Actually it seems to me Mou will use him as right attacking midfielder, he will be in competition with Lucas in this position and if Son is off, I guess Lucas will play at the left and Giovanni will play on the right. He will have his playing time. This is a very good team with an experienced manager, great players very unselfish, Lo Celso should stay and fight for his place. If he makes it, he may win a lot of titles with this club and become one of the best. He could be the king of Betis but this kid prefers to take the risk and chose to go to Tottenham, I respect that kind of altitude.

      • @Csabalala

        Seriously man, just because you feel like saying something negative for the hell of it doesn’t mean you should.
        Argentina’s economy is an absolute DISASTER, as opposed to Brazil’s, which is very solid but not as good as it were 5 years ago. Brazil GDP is about 3X of Argentina’s, which explains the discrepancy in player transfer prices. Also when did an Argentine midfielder fail at a big club?
        If you’re talking about Paredes in PSG I would like to remind you that PSG is not a BIG club, yeah they’re rich but they’re also a joke when it comes to europe otherwise they would’ve atleast made it past the QF in the CL at some point in their history. Like Choripan said, Paredes was a fan favorite at Roma (when they were 2nd in serie A fighting for the title) and his performance at copa shows that the kid has the stuff to make it anywhere provided he moves out of PSG.
        Celso was a regular starter at PSG and when he was sold and then started kicking ass in Spain, paris’s most respected magazine “l’equipe” went ape s**t on PSG management and Tuchel for letting him go.
        Ocampos and J.Correa are both kicking ass in clubs that are fighting for CL spot while A.Correa regained his starting spot at Atletico despite the fact that he clearly wanted to leave and he continues to play out of position.
        Lisandro Martinez is gaining rave reviews at Ajax, a REAL big club (despite their disappointing early exit from the CL).
        You make it sound like a player’s performance only counts when it happens at a big club, playing for Betis (mid table) or Udinese (relegation threatened) in their respective top leagues and still performing is something to be praised and not balked at.
        Speaking of Udinese, don’t forget that Inter are legitimately pursuing De Paul for a reason.
        As for Palacios, lets not forget that Real was *this* close to buying him before his fibular injury and his total fee is actually 22 mil euros according to reports in Argentina.

        • Yes, I agree with you on many points. For Lo Celso it was more complicated. Tuchel wants a fast transition football and he doesn’t see Lo Celso as a CM but more as a playmaker. Psg already hired Neymar and cannot have 2 playmakers. I was one of the most angry fan when I learnt that but actually it makes sense. I am quite glad that he went to Betis and learnt with a great coach like Setien.

          For Paredes, as long as Tuchel does not understand he is a regista, he can never get the best from him. You got to put 2 other midfielders to help him, which I think it’s not a problem because they have so many high quality players who are compatible with Paredes like Herrera, Gueye and Verratti.

    • No doubt 13 mln for this class of talent is irreleveant when it comes to talent itself but probabaly something understandable more when we think about Argentina economy.

  7. Palacios might be crucial part and missing link of our current team. Our midfielders are versatile but he seems to be most.

    • I’ll be honest, Palacios rarely impressed me with River, but the few games (4 in total) he played for the NT he really kicked ass. With all that being said the most versatile player is Nico Dominguez IMO, he continues to add new elements to his games, everything from passing to scoring, he just seems to be learning at an exponential rate and I hope to dear god that he continues to develop in Italy because he has the potential to be even better than Cambiasso.

    • And? What conclusion of that, lunatic? You live in psychopatic world of your imagined standards that are as much liquid as your devious mind.

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