Paulo Dybala scores volley for Juventus in win vs. Sampdoria


Paulo Dybala scored for Juventus in their 2-1 win vs. Sampdoria.

Dybala gave Juventus the 1-0 lead through a well struck volley. A cross was sent in which found the Argentina man who hit the ball first time for one of the best goals in a Juventus shirt.


  1. Interesting stats from reddit

    Most league assists in the past decade:

    Messi 141
    Mueller 130
    Di Maria 129
    L Suarez 124
    Ozil 118
    Eriksen 116

    Love seeing 2 argies in the top. No surprise with Messi although I would have thought he had more. Di Maria is so underrated. What an assist machine. Till this day, I haven’t anyone (bar Messi) that could cross like him. Even for the NT, he brought that creative spark. His absence in several finals really freaking hurt.

  2. River hoping to replace Nacho Fernandez with Gimnasia’s Jose Paradela. He could also replace Palacios in the U 23 squad if Palacios is unavailable for the Olympics qualifiers

  3. Lucas Quarta Martinez should not join Inter,La liga is the best league for any defender to grow. I see mid table Serie A teams,their defence is shitty i mean the way they approch or play in the game.But for big clubs that may be different.But in La liga every team defence well.And by the way Bundesliga is most entertaining to watch.

  4. hey guys…sorry to be a spoiler here this time…Can anyone give me any idea what will be the average ticket price for an Argentina knockout match in Copa america 2020 (in Argentine Peso)?

  5. His goal was much better, more technically difficult and rarer than Ronaldo’s great but conventional header. Too bad the media prefers to suck on Ronaldo’s dick, so Dybala’s goal is completely overshadowed.

  6. Looks like many clubs are not ready to allow their U23 players for the Pre Olympics in Colombia next month. This would mean we will find it difficult to form a team and then even more so to qualify for the Olympics. I still feel, the clubs and the country should give importance to the players representing their countries and that too in a major like Olympics. Thoughts from others ?

  7. Dybala indeed is firing now, I have to say in the last match vs Uruguay he did show some intent and shown that he and Messi are compatible with each other. Which in fact is a positive sign for us, Its been long time we all have been waiting for those 2 to click together.

  8. Thanks to Sarri for his trust on Dybala and Hiquain.. or Sarri should be thankful to them. Anyway Great to watch Dybala keep growing and become an important player #10

    • Actually as u said sarri should be thankful to them.dybala was never a part of sarri’s plans as a main team player nor was higuain but both of them literally forced their way into the team both of them especially Dybala saving juve’s ass n Ronaldo’s shame by rescuing them in difficult situations. N now Mr.tapinaldo n sarri are having the credit

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