Angel Correa scores, assists for Atletico Madrid in win vs. Real Betis


Angel Correa scored and assisted for Atletico Madrid in their 2-1 win vs. Real Betis.

A substitute for Atletico Madrid, Correa scored at the start of the second half. He would steal the ball off the Betis defender, dribble around the goalkeeper and score into an open net. He would play a part in the second goal as he would provide the assist for the game winner.

Correa is often used as a substitute for Diego Simeone and since 2015-2016, he has scored 13 league goals since coming off the bench. No player has scored more.


  1. Brighton’s Schelotto seems a hard worker. Good option for Right back. Can support Messi very well both offensively and defensively. Looks like right side version of Acuna. Sadly Lo Celso lacks the physical demands of the modern game. Can be a super sub.

  2. Fedracio Fernandez of Newcastle should be choosen over Pezella and Rojo by Lionel Scaloni.Fernandez has good understanding of the game and he can secure our back line.Foyth Tagliafico Fernandez Otamendi in our backline will be strong enough to win Tournaments.Scaloni please watch this man Fernandez he would be brain of our backline.Fernandez Otamendi or Fernandez Quarta would be best for Argentina.

  3. Entire tottenham defence is a joke. I can’t understand a “so called” great coach Mr. special one is using S.AURIER, VERTHONGHEN,TOBY, SANCHEZ, ERIC DIER ahead of Foyth. ERRIKSEN, NDOMBELE ARE NO USE OF THIS TEAM. Still LO CELSO IS NOT Getting playing time. it would be great for Lo CELSO If he goes back to Betis.Can you guys tell me how many argentine players will be coming to europe in this winter transfer from Argentine premier league.

    • I think should be fine for Foyth, Mourinho used to have a CB playing on 1 side and let another fullback more freedom. Verthonghen or Foyth on 1 side. He should have some playing time.

      However seems challenging for Lo Celso and Lamela. I guess both of them are seen as Lucas’s sub and Mou likes 2 wingers with an advanced box to box.

    • Biggest Joke is the Manager himself. Self Proclaimed “Special one” Mr. Mourinho!! I will surprised if he is able to keep his job at the end of this season!!

  4. hey guys…sorry to be a spoiler here …Can anyone give me any idea what will be the average ticket price for an Argentina knockout match in Copa america 2020 (in Argentine Peso)?

  5. Off topic, but Chimy Avila is a very impressive player! I have been watching him for a while and this guy is very good, fast, strong, good technique and lots of grit, he has a fighting character, i know that we have an ambudance of wealth when it comes for strikers, but i would like to see this guy being called up for our beloved team, he is young only 25 years old. I think that it is a matter of time that bigger team than osasuna will be interested for him, he has 8 goals for la liga already.

    • Maybe after Copa he should be given a shot but not before as there are at least 5 strikers ahead of him. Copa is next year and we need stability and consistency. Crucial for our players to gel and that is only accomplished through playing with each other as much as possible.

      We sucked ass in Copa because scaloni kept trying new players and formations. Hope he learned his lesson. WC is a long process, he should be tested then.

  6. Dele Ali should not play so Lo celso should get chance but Lo celso can hardly impress Mourinho, Son is only helpful when he gets good through ball as his speed is good otherwise he is average player.Aurier is so big he can not move properly,Foyth is best there.Mourinho is taking much time to select best player of Spurs.Dele Ali and Son are not desciplined player

  7. Will Tottenham’s loss against Chelsea open doors to Foyth and Lo Celso? Foyth is clearly better than Aurier. They are also in need of a play maker. Son’s suspension makes things worse for them. Gazzanigga was giving everyone a good impression but disappointed with that unnecessary kick.

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