Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni singles out Lautaro Martinez and four others


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni singled out five players which he praised during his recent interview.

There are many players which hold a bright future and which can have a big impact in the Argentina national team. Lionel Scaloni has named five of them. Here’s what he had to say:

“There are interesting players, who have adapted very well like Ocampos who came here in the last few call-ups who we would have liked to have had before.

“Nico Dominguez is a guy who could be important. After that Palacios, who we couldn’t see too much of, we believe he can be fundamental for us.

“And Lautaro… But Lautaro isn’t a surprise. Nico Gonzalez can also be important. There are many.”

The five are Lucas Ocampos, Nico Dominguez, Exequiel Palacios, Lautaro Martinez and Nicolas Gonzalez.


  1. Our defense is one of the worst.we can’t expect winning trophies without having a rock solid defense we need to address that fingers crossed

    • Valenti is important player for Lanus. Colomba begins to be important for Estudiantes. Another CB, Lautaro Martinez’s successor in Defensa y Justicia, Hector Martinez (which is actually loaned from River) got his chance as well in Batista’s team.

  2. Nicolas Dominiguez and Nicolas Gonzalez are one of the worst player of the squad.Scaloni should not consider them.They need four or five years to wear the national team jersey.Only Ocampua Lautaro and Palacios are worthy now.

  3. Argentina National Team 🇦🇷

    # SelecciónMayor The soccer players @ rodridepaul , @ RodriBattaglia and @ LParedss worked on Thursday in # Ezeiza together with the physical trainers of the squad”

    Rodrigo battagllia is ver much scaloni plans.

  4. Scaloni sorted out the generation
    Of midfielders and attackers likes
    Palacios age 21
    Dominguez age 21
    Paredes age 25
    De pual age 25
    Lo celso age 23
    Ocompus age 25
    Nico Gonzalez age 21
    Lucas alario age 27
    L Martinez age 22

    Now he needs to fix it the next generation
    Of defenders likes
    Macro sense age 22 he settled well now
    For feyenoord he is developing a good leader at the back especially he is left footed player Very tall strong but not fast .
    Lich Martinez age 21 he is superb player Very versatile can play three different positions Left footed defender very comfortably with The ball but his height will be concern.
    Cristian Romero age 21 very good defender Very aggressive he not nonsense defender.
    Nehuén Pérez age 19 good prospect.
    Juan foyth age 21 already well established For the nt.
    Leandro balerdi age 20 really really good soon he will be regular his club Dortmund.

          • I wish Romero was better but he does not compare to De Ligt right now.

            De Ligt might be the planets best young center back and he has proven it via performances at Ajax in league and the CL. I don’t think he’s terrible at Juve either.

            Give Romero more time and experience before hailing him better.

    • Forwards and midfielders are set but our back 4 and gk is still not fixed ,we need new zanneti and sorin as fullbacks ,new garay and Samuel as cb
      Sensi is doing fine ,quarta needs to find a decent club for regular playtime if he leaves river ,balerdi needs game time ,foyth is still raw and Walter benitez who has been in goal playing 11 of the year needs to be in playing 11 since he is our only gk who has positional awareness (andrada ,gazaniga ,Armani are not good in this aspect )

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