Atletico Madrid keeping tabs on Mauricio Pochettino as Diego Simeone replacement


Atletico Madrid are reportedly keeping tabs on Mauricio Pochettino to potentially replace Diego Simeone.

Currently in 6th spot in La Liga, rumors are constantly circulating about Simeone’s future in Spain. Per a report by the Telegraph, should he leave Atletico in the summer, the club could be bringing in Mauricio Pochettino.

The former Tottenham boss is available but rumors are going around that Pochettino would prefer to find another managerial position in England.


  1. I see, people have almost forgotten that there was another young Argentine prospect who played last night.
    It was Mateo klimowicz , the no.31 of stuttgurt . The kid was signed by Stuttgart from instituto Cordoba at a young of 17, the same club from where dybala was first signed by palermo.
    Klimowicz is technically a gifted player and have a fantastic vision and ball retention ability, just like dybala. I hope he follows the path of dybala who was a raw Jewel of his boyhood club .
    The moment he entered the pitch, last night, he bought a dynamisms to the play on the right side, as it was through only Nico Gonzalez on whom Stuttgart relied their attacking threats on, although he missed a sitter right at the end after a fantastic counter-attack by Stuttgart which at the end was headed beautifully by Gonzalez to lay it on the plate for klimowicz, unfortunate that he didn’t score.
    All the Argentine players were exceptional last night, even the commentators were saying like as if palacios was a player who had been playing for Leverkusen for years and that’s a really good way to start off, hope palacios makes a real good out of this team to seal a place in the NT.

  2. Nico Gonazalez was awesome vs Leverkusen,Sttutgart’s attack only looked lively when N.Gonazalez had the ball.His bursts of runs and chance creation was good but Sttutgard never really cared to attack from left wing area

  3. nice game in Germany. Was waiting a while to watch this debut. Looks like leverkeusen have a bit more disciplined role in mind for palacios than in river. Sitting a bit deeper than a proper box to box but also required to move up and create more than a true DM. lot of responsibility so if he does well in this I think it will be better for us.
    Honestly I am really liking and preferring the new disciplined organized roles that locelso and palacios are being given in their new club / coaches and hoping they both do well in that.

  4. talking points i noticed from bayer vs stuttgart
    palacios passing n vision is world class level
    alario is really similar to icardi he deserves to be a starter so he needs to leave the club
    nico gonzalez was disappointing until the end where suddenly he sprang to life n provided a sublime cross for the stuttgart goal n also played down a header into the path of his teammate but his teammate bottled it otherwise it wud have been the equaliser n nico gonzalez wud have had 2 assists.

    Meanwhile back in spurs LO CELSO OUT WITH A THIGH INJURY hope its not serious n fortunately spurs are entering into a break n wont play until 10 days lamela is also injured with a groin

  5. alario has an amazing header ability something which argentine attack lacks he is a tall physical figure in the D-box but he really shud leave bayer n look for more regular playing opportunities like maybe in serie A clubs.
    nico gonzalez was shaky n sloppy at first misplaced runs, sloppy dribbles n poor passing but later he grew into the game n played gud touches

  6. palacios is definitely the diamond for argentina his passing,vision simply brilliant his defensive positioning cud improve. but palacios is definitely more talented than kai havertz who also is talented but both have different playing styles. i like the way palacios is demanding the ball mmore like lo celso n also he seems like he is commanding others. i tnk bayer coach peter bosz cud expolit a patnership between palacios n havertz both of them seem to have an understanding. i feel bayer players need to pass the ball more to palacios so he can use his brilliant vision.

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